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We have exciting news! My Patriot’s Network is bringing you an exciting Channel in the new year called Patriots: On the Street.

All year, MPN has been building a state and county group platform so we can help unite Patriots across the country. We have created groups for every county in America to help unite Patriots as we begin to put together national tasks for Americans to engage in to help fight the rising unconstitutional lockdown being aggressively forced upon the nation. We the People are demanding change.

This year, many volunteers have come together on the MPN platform and formed the State Moderators Team. These volunteers have not only helped build the county groups,  but also have been helping coordinate and educating those in their communities on how to ‘step up’ and be an active leader of change within their communities.

Parents are sick of pornography being taught and accepted in the schools. Citizens are tired of sleep walking Sheriffs and elected officials who are not standing up to defend their rights as more unconstitutional mandates and forced vaccinations are being imposed upon the nation. People are tired of unconstitutional rules, regulations, codes, and laws forced upon them. America is tired of suppression, oppression, censorship, and punishment based upon years of constant lies and deceit.

Patriots are sick and tired of the mainstream media and AP press lying to them about the true status of America as the nation wakes up to the fact that media is in bed with Big Pharma, compromised politicians, anti-American corporations, insurance companies,  and more -all profiting off the ongoing lies.

Doug White has been chosen by our State Moderator group to be our Patriots: On the Street advocate Leader. We are going to send Doug to various events to help educate the nation on what is really happening around the country in regards to Patriots standing up against tyranny.

We will have more to say about the new Channel coming in to a New Year! Stay Tuned!!

Stephanie Sledge

Team Leader for MPN State Moderators


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