Ep. 3373b – Trumps VP Pick Will Stun The World [DS] Believes That Illegals Will Vote They Wont

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➡ This podcast episode discusses potential political changes, including the possibility of Biden being replaced and Trump’s surprising choice for Vice President. It also mentions a special offer on Charlize calming facial cleanser, a product that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. The host speculates on strategies for the 2024 election, suggesting that Trump may be planning to ensure a fair vote by using paper ballots and requiring ID, which would prevent illegal immigrants from voting. The episode ends with the idea that the people’s support is Trump’s greatest strength.
➡ The text discusses various political strategies and predictions, focusing on Trump’s influence and potential future actions. It suggests that Trump has been setting precedents and manipulating situations to his advantage, even after leaving the White House. The text also discusses the possibility of Biden stepping down and the implications of such a move. Lastly, it touches on the ongoing border crisis and its potential impact on Biden’s reputation.
➡ The text discusses the current political situation in the U.S., focusing on immigration policies and media bias. It suggests that the Biden administration should reinstate Trump’s border policies to secure the border and criticizes the use of government funds to house illegal immigrants in hotels. The text also accuses the media of being biased and manipulating stories, and criticizes social media platforms for censoring certain information. Lastly, it suggests that the truth is being suppressed and that people are waking up to this reality.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including criticism of a person’s leadership and allegations of corruption, a health solution proposed by a California doctor for gut health, and political issues involving Trump, the Taliban, and potential war threats. It also mentions a federal report revealing the U.S. government’s financial aid to the Taliban and speculates about a possible false flag operation involving Russia. Lastly, it touches on misinformation about the origin of COVID-19.
➡ The text discusses Trump’s belief in a better future by eliminating corruption and the deep state. It also highlights his reliance on public support and his plan to awaken people to take back their country. The text further delves into concerns about illegal voting and the potential manipulation of the election system, suggesting a need for a secure voting process. Lastly, it emphasizes Trump’s confidence in having the last laugh, indicating his belief in the patriots’ control over the situation.


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They are now realizing that they’re going to have to remove Biden. And yes, they are building the narrative. CNN is now talking about it. Other fake news outlets are talking about because they’re building the narrative. And I do believe there is a change of batter, of cut coming in now. Once again, who is it going to be? Who’s going to be this change of battery? Well, I do believe most likely it might be Michelle Obama. But what’s very interesting is what happens if it’s Hillary Clinton. I do believe these are the only two people that does Hillary Clinton, does she have enough of the people behind her? Can she actually carry this through? Well, this would be a little bit difficult because her poll numbers are absolutely awful.

People realize that she paid for the Alpha bank hoax and she was involved in the russian dossier. And yes, Obama’s were involved in this. But once again, think about what people know about Hillary Clinton. Now. Would be very interesting if there was a rematch of Trump and Hillary Clinton again, because he could expose everything that she’s done. But it would also be very interesting if Obama was front and center, because if you go back to when Obama came into the White House, he started the insurgency and once again, he can’t run again, but he can have his wife slash husband fill that position.

And Trump can focus everything on the Obama’s. Remember, Trump always went after two people. He went after Hillary Clinton, he said that she belonged in jail and he went after Obama saying he wasn’t a citizen of this country. And he hit Obama quite a bit. So this is going to be very interesting. But you can see the deep state players. They know they have to remove Biden one way or another. And I do believe they will remove him if he doesn’t step it step down. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we could see that Trump is putting out more and more names of who he wants as VP.

Now, I do believe this is a complete and utter distraction with all these other candidates. You have to remember the 12th amendment. The way that reads is you cannot have the president and the vice president from the same state. So when you look at the candidates, just remove those individuals that are from Florida. So I do believe that he’s just throwing these names out there and he’s convincing the people that, oh, yeah, this is where I want you to look. In the meantime, I do believe his vp pick is going to stun the world. Because think about it.

Go back in time. The entire plan was to do what? Take control of the country. Wake the people up. And it’s all about the 2024 election, because this was all about taking back this country, period. Exposing the deep state. Expose the deep state. Show everyone their plan to destroy America. Show everyone how they run a two tier justice system. Show everyone how they are a tyrannical government, they are dictators. Everything I do believe that he is doing is based on the 2024 election. He’s been doing this from the very, very beginning. Think about what he put into place to go after them.

He brought, he made them bring his tax case all the way up to the Supreme Court. So the Supreme Court would rule that, yes, you can get the tax from the president, from the corporations and family members. Think about what else he did. Pence was front and center. He made a really big deal about certifying the election, about how the vice president has the ability to send the results back to the legislator. He was thinking about the 2024 election. He was thinking about, how can I stop them from actually not certifying the election? Well, he forced the DS to do what? To change the law.

Pence did his part. Remember, this is an information war. And how do you win in information war? Yes, you’re going to throw out misinformation and disinformation. You’re going to have people in this war doing certain things, because you need to convince your enemy to do something they normally wouldn’t do. Because if everything’s based on the 2024 election, you need to think ahead and you need them to do things to make the path clear so you can actually win the election where they can’t send the results back to the legislators. You need to win the election by using paper ballots and have it completely and utterly transparent in one day.

How do you do that? Even though you know they’re going to be bringing in the illegals? Remember, their plan is to use the illegals to vote in this election. Trump already mentioned that they won’t be able to do this. Well, how do you stop them? Do you say, hey, you’re not allowed? Or do you need certain mechanisms in place to make sure the illegals don’t vote? Can illegals vote if you’re using mail in ballots? Of course they can, because all they got to do is fill it out. You can have all the illegals fill it out.

They can fill out multiple of them and they can submit them. They can instruct them to do this. Can you have the illegals vote if you have one day voting where you have to show id and you’re using paper? No, because I think most of these individuals will not show up at the polls. They’ll be too afraid. I mean, think about it. They know if Trump wins, and we’ve known this from one of Obama’s ambassadors, most of these individuals are going to escape to Canada. They know that Trump is going to round them up. If the military is guarding the election and we’re using paper and everyone must show an id, do you really think the illegals then can show up? No, they can’t.

And I do believe this is what Trump is most likely planning. And how do you plan something like this. How do you make it so the people are okay with it? How do you create the circumstance where we only use paper, we don’t use the cheating system? Well, if he decided to destroy the cheating system, it would be very, very obvious and everyone would be yelling and screaming. So you always let the enemy do what they do best. If you know the playbook and you know what they’re going to do and you know they’re going to bring us to war and you know there’s going to be a cyber attack, you let them do it.

You don’t interfere with your enemy. You let them do it. All you got to do is create the narrative. All you got to do is force the deep state down this path where they’re panicking. All you have to say is, we’re going to make it too big to rig. All you got to do is get the people on your side. All you got to do is have the people vote for you. And how do you do that? Well, you’re watching it right now. You’re watching Trump’s and the military’s plan to get the people on his side.

The people, they are his power. The people will force the deep state into doing stupid things. They will destroy their own cheating system. They will then put everything into place where we have to use paper. They will stop their illegals from voting. They will not be able to blame this on Trump. I mean, they might try. I mean, they like to blame him for everything. Even though he wasn’t, he hasn’t been in the White House for four years, they still like to blame him for everything. But again, the people aren’t stupid. The people understand. They understand what’s going on here.

So I do believe that what’s going to happen is that they are going to do everything that makes it so very legals cannot vote. Just like Trump brought them down the path to change the law about the vp sending the results back to the legislator, just like he made the deep state players, where they brought his tax case all the way up to the Supreme Court, where they made it possible to go after their own tax returns, to go after their own corporations, to go after all of it. I mean, really think about what he does here.

He makes them do it onto themselves so they can’t complain. And think about all the precedents that he’s setting right now. He made them set all the precedents, so when it’s done to them, they can’t complain. This has been the plan from the very, very beginning with the focus on the 2024 election, and you could see everything is working out now. I think the last thing that Trump is probably going to do with the vice president, I think he’s going to most likely turn this around. And I know people are like, oh, no, not pens. He’s a trader.

Well, think about it. Think about the speech that Chris Miller gave with Pence, that they had the biggest military option. Now. Remember, Chris Miller became the secretary of defense after the elections, November 9, 2020. He was then put in the position of secretary of defense. Why would Trump do that? Because he knew January 6 was coming. He knew that was going to be the completion of the insurrection. He needed everything in place for that moment. Who was controlling what the military did? Well, that was Chris Miller. And as soon as January 6 hit, the insurrection was complete.

The overthrow of the United States government was complete. Trump took control of everything. Who helped him? Pence did. Pence did everything Trump wanted him to do. Just like DeSantis, just like Vivek, just like all of them. This is an information war. That’s what we’re in. Why? You don’t think the good guys use misinformation, disinformation in an information war? Of course they do. You don’t think they have certain people doing certain things? I mean, think about it. We’re taking back the country. We’re at war. Do you really think those people that are true to this country, do you think they would give up their reputation? Do you think they would do things that put them in a bad light? Absolutely they would.

Why? To save this country. Think about our founding fathers. What did they do? They gave their lives. They had wealth. They had their farms. They had their homes. They gave their life for freedom. So are these individuals today, are they giving up everything for this country, for freedom? Well, they’re giving up their reputation. I know that people go, oh, look what he did here. Oh, look what she did. No. Is that so terrible? If you’re going to be one of those people that actually fought for the country? Absolutely not. And I do believe this is why Trump is creating the garden of heroes.

All those people. Yes. From the past, but also the present. To honor them, to show the country they gave up their reputations. They put theirselves out there to take back the country. And I do believe that most of these people are going to be honored in the garden of heroes. And I think people are going to be stunned with the vice president, because think about it. If they actually brought Pence back into the picture, what would happen to January 6? Remember they made Pence look like the hero. What would happen to January 6? How would people perceive this? Think about this for a second.

Now, once again, we don’t know who Trump is going to actually pick, but from the evidence, we can see that. I don’t think it’s going to be any of those people on the list. I think it’s going to be someone that is going to put the deep state in a downward spiral and they won’t be able to recover. The fake news won’t be able to recover. People might be angry in the beginning, but I do believe when Trump said, it doesn’t matter who I pick for VP, it will make no difference. I think he’s setting it up one way or another.

But we’ll have to see how this all plays out. We’ll be talking a lot more about this a little bit later. But first, let’s talk about Hunter Biden because we know that this entire thing is to show that, hey, look, there’s two tier justice system. That’s what the deep state is trying to do. And I do believe the other part of it is they’re trying to put a lot of pressure on Biden to step down and they’re going to continually do this. But when you look at the entire Hunter Biden case, this is an open and closed case, just like Joe Biden with his classified documents.

But they let him off the hook. Remember, he was a senator, a vice president. He took classified documents. He’s not covered under the president presidential Records act. He’s guilty. The same thing I do believe is going to happen here. I do believe that he’ll probably get a slap on the wrist and it’s going to look very, very different from what happened to Trump. But remember, Hunter James Biden? They lied to Congress, so shouldn’t they go to jail for that? Paul Sperry put this out and said Hunter Biden could be taken to federal custody for violating conditions of his release on felony charges in Delaware and California by committing another crime under 18, US 1001 when he allegedly committed perjury in a Capitol Hill deposition on February 28.

And he’s absolutely right. And what’s very interesting is they are playing the video of Haley Biden throwing Hunter’s gun away in a grocery store trash can. Johnny Maga put this out and said the prosecution just played surveillance of footage of Haley Biden throwing Hunter’s gun away in a grocery store trash can. Hunter said he was meeting a drug dealer named Mookie the next day over text. Well, that tells you everything you need to know and we need to remember something very important. Who knows everything about Hunter and what he did with Rosemont Seneca, with everything that Joe Biden has been doing with receiving funds from all different countries? Well, that would be Obama.

Obama always knew about this. He knew exactly what was going on. Because if you go back to 2016, there was an investigation of Hunter Biden. Paul Sperry put this out and said Obama admin investigated, subpoenaed Hunter Biden and his partners at Rosemont Seneca in 2016, criminal probes led by both Sec and DOJ. After turning over 1700 pages of docs, Hunter’s lawyers asked Sec to keep probe quiet to not embarrass his father, the vice president. So you don’t think Obama had any idea what was going on here? Of course they did. Do you think Obama might be using this against them right now? I do believe so.

I think they’re trying to push Biden out one way or another. And I think they’re pushing very, very hard. They want him to step down on his own. But I do believe in the end, he’ll be so stubborn that he’ll stay in there and they’ll have to use the 25th amendment, which will then put Kamala into place. Now, like we said before, if Kamala is in place, will they be able to replace Kamala with a white woman, Hillary Clinton? Well, I don’t believe so. So there might be two parts of this plan. If Biden said he isn’t running, could they replace Biden with Hillary? Yes, I do believe they can.

A white man for a white woman, no problem. If they remove him with the 25th amendment and they have Kamala Harris as acting president, can they remove Kamala where she’s saying she’s not going to run and bring in Hillary Clinton? I think people would be very angry. The left would be very angry, and they would say, oh, look, white privilege once again. So if you look at the DS, would they do something like that? I don’t think so. So I do believe that’s where Michelle Obama comes in. But we’ll have to see how all this plays out.

But what’s very interesting is we could see that the border crisis is just getting worse and worse every single day. And I do believe they’re going to blame all of this on Biden. Even though he says he’s locking down the border, we know that this isn’t true whatsoever. The border is wide open and all he has to do is put everything back into place that where Trump had it. That’s all he has to do, and the border will be secure. Build the wall, put all the security measures back in place, reverse all the executive orders that you reversed and just put it the way Trump had it.

Remember, Trump said everything is great. He just got to keep doing what you’re doing with the economy, keep doing what we’ve been doing at the border, and the country would be perfect. Instead, they reversed everything. And that’s how people can see it now. And when you look at New York City as a sanctuary city, you could see it’s a complete and utter disaster. Do you know they’re out in New York City? 135 out of 680 hotels in New York City. They house illegals. They’re now sheltering illegal immigrants. Where are they getting the money? Well, from the government.

That’s why the hotels have no problem doing this. It’s just easy money. And you’re going to see a lot more hotels actually take on these illegals and shelter them because it’s easy money. You don’t have to wait for the american people hoping that you can, you know, sell a room. You’re just going to fill them up and the government just going to pay you. So, of course the hotels are going to do this. Now, Trump, we know that in the end, he’s going to deport all these illegals. He’s going to use the military, he’s going to use all different laws to round all these people up and deport them, and he’s going to round up millions of them.

Now, what’s very interesting about this is that the Biden Harris headquarter decided to take what he said and turn it all around. So they put out, Trump calls for mass detention camps, are rounding up millions of Latinos. By the way. He never said that. Charlie Kirk responded to this and said, joe Biden’s official campaign says all Latinos are illegal immigrants. That’s pretty much what they said. I mean, think about it. They just destroyed themselves. That’s how stupid they are. Unbelievable. But don’t worry, we have the illegals. You know, those people that came into this country illegally who broke the law, well, they’re blocking Times Square and call for abolishing ice.

So let’s see the law enforcement that’s supposed to basically find them, deport them. We have the illegals protesting and saying we want to get rid of them. I mean, does this make any sense to anyone? Up is down, down is up, right is left, left is right. This is the Democrat world here. It’s a crazy world. And I think this is the whole point of it, it’s showing the people, look who they really are. Look what they’re doing right now. They’re making this world crazy. They’re making this country crazy. They’re filling it with lunatics. Everything that they say doesn’t make sense.

And this is waking up a lot of people. And Trump, he actually showed everyone, look what the Biden administration, look what the deep state actually is. They are pro invasion. They are pro human trafficking. They are pro child trafficking. They are criminals. They are pro criminals. This is what Trump put out on truth. Crooked Joe Biden’s order is pro invasion. Pro child trafficking, pro women trafficking, pro human trafficking, pro drug dealers, and they bring death and destruction into our country. It’s really pro illegal immigration. And Trump, he decided to give Biden the solution to the border.

And it’s very, very simple. And he says this out on truth. If Joe Biden truly wanted to sign an executive order to stop the invasion, he only needs a single sentence. It would say, I hereby immediately reinstate every single border policy of President Donald J. Trump. And that’s all he has to do. And it’s very easy to do. I mean, it was very easy for him to actually remove all the executive orders and everything that Trump did. So it should be very, very easy to put everything back, because all he has to do is dig them up and actually reinstate everything and say, I reinstate everything that Trump did.

But again, they don’t want this. Why? Because they want to use the illegals for chaos. They want to use the illegals to get them to vote. But I do believe this is all going to backfire on them in the end. Now, what’s very interesting is that every day that passes, what do we see? We see that the deep state players, they are very biased and they use the media against us. And they have been doing this for a very long time. It just didn’t start when Trump came into office. You just started noticing it. They were doing this a long time ago.

They would leave stories out. They would lie to the public. They would use the intelligence agencies and the people that watched MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and the rest. Everyone believed what they were seeing, but they were lies. They were there to create a narrative to make you think that everything is okay, to cover up the crimes of the deep state. And this is what they’ve been doing for a very long time. And what’s very interesting is that James O’Keefe, he went undercover again, met up with GMA producer Nick Sarone, and he admitted that the networks are deliberately liberal.

Bias, and they manipulate the stories. Now think about this. We had the Biden administration manipulating social media. We have the intelligence agencies manipulating the news, and we have all of these individuals that they brought into all these different networks manipulating certain stories. They’re creating a certain narrative. This is called propaganda. And they’ve been doing to the, doing this to the american people for a very long time. And those people that they don’t like, though, that, that certain information they don’t want out there, what do they do on social media? They censor those people. We saw it during COVID we saw it during the election.

We’re still seeing it on tick tock. We’re still seeing it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. The only place you can have the truth is truth social. They’re not censoring the truth. Rumble is not censoring the truth. Bitchute is not censoring the truth. And you could see that this is where they have the problem. Now, what’s very interesting is that we had Doctor Phil, he interviewed Trump, and they decided to put up a promo of the upcoming interview on Tick Tock. And doctor Phil explained that tick Tock ran it through their algorithm to make sure it, you know, met all their policies, and they decided that they were going to censor the promo.

Why? Because it had Trump in the promo. Censorship right there tells you everything you need to know and actually think about what doctor Phil is doing. He’s waking up a lot more people. When people hear this. They go, wait a minute. They decided not to run this because Trump’s, Trump was involved with it, because they showed him absolutely ridiculous. Just like recently American Airlines, a flight attendant went up to a passenger, said, hey, by the way, it’s against our policy that you’re wearing a Trump shirt because, you know, a lot of people don’t like it. It wasn’t against our policy, it was against the flight attendants policy.

And American Airlines actually responded to it saying, no, we don’t do that type of thing. We don’t tell people what they can and cannot wear. So basically, a certain person on the airline decided that they didn’t like what this person was wearing. But again, you’re in a free country, you can wear whatever you want. Just like you could say whatever you want as long as it’s not against the law. So once again, you could see where all of this is coming from. And you could see those people that are installed around the world, the dictators, they don’t like people actually asking questions, countering their propaganda, telling the truth.

They don’t like that. So what do they do? They block them. They censor them. Look what’s happening out in Germany. Germany’s ruling left wing SPD party says replies to their post on X will be blocked going forward because of hate comments and right wing propaganda. Basically, the people are talking about the truth. The people are showing the people that their government is lying and they don’t want the people to see this. So what do they do? They basically block. They censor. That’s how, you know they are a dictatorship. And it’s becoming clearer and clearer every single day.

They did it here in the United States. They’re doing it out in the EU. They do it all these different places because they’re trying to maintain control of the narrative. But again, in the end, they’re going to lose control of the narrative because there is just too many people telling the truth. The number of digital soldiers now basically out powers the fake news and the propaganda that they’re pushing out there. Because every time they push propaganda, it doesn’t take that long to debunk what they’re saying. It used to take a year, two years, three years, five years.

Now it takes basically a couple of minutes to debunk what they’re doing right now. Just like what’s happening out in France with Biden. He’s a complete and utter disaster. But I do believe this is punishment for him. I do believe he’s feeling pain every single day. Because think about it, the people are seeing this. Yeah, maybe CNN, MSNBC, they might have not been showing this, you know, very often. But think about what people see on social media every day that passes. People see that this person is a complete and utter mess, that this person can’t run the country.

This person is a liar, a cheat, that he’s in bed with foreign governments taking money, that his son is a crack addict. He broke the law. Let’s talk about our health. I just found something fascinating. What if you could restore your gut health with one simple fix? According to one doctor in California, there may be a way. In fact, he believes it’s so powerful that it could be like a power wash for your insides. Doctor Gundry, who is a world renowned heart surgeon, reveals the root cause of weight gain, food cravings and low energy in a short video he released to the public, which you can watch right now by going to the newgutfix.com x 22 or by clicking the link in the description box below.

That’s newgutfix.com x 22. What’s even more fascinating is this video also reveals how you can transform your gut with this one simple thing. Find out now by going to the new gutfix.com forward slash x 22 or click the link at the bottom of the video. This is what people are seeing every day. And I do believe Trump of the patriots, they’re making these people feel pain every single day because the people are seeing it. The people are seeing it every single day. And this is something they never wanted the people to see. They didn’t want people to know they had 20 show companies.

They didn’t want people to know they were accepting foreign bribes. They didn’t want people to ever know any of this stuff. Now people are going to know all of it. Why? Because they screwed themselves. They went after Trump to get his taxes. Trump held out and he forced them to go to the Supreme Court. Now, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Bush’s, you name it, everyone can be investigated. What would happen if they get rid of presidential immunity? Would Trump be able to use this against everyone? Absolutely. We’ll have to see how that plays out. That’s going to be very interesting.

And even if he doesn’t, even if the deep state doesn’t get his immunity gone, Trump still can go after these people, because remember, they were all citizens where they overthrew the United States government. So once again, no matter what happens, he still can go after him. But I do believe what he wants is he really wants to get them on everything else. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we could see that since we had this entire Afghanistan debacle where Biden basically killed a lot of Americans, lost millions of dollars worth of equipment, we now have the US sending millions of taxpayer dollars to the Taliban.

So a recently released federal watchdog report shows that us government has sent at least 11 million to the Taliban since 2021. Withdrawal of us troops. But experts and even the federal watchdog estimate the number is much higher. The us government has continued to be the largest international donor supporting the afghan people since the former afghan government collapsed and the Taliban returned to power in August 2021, the federal watchdog cigar wrote in its report. Since then, the us government has provided more than 2.8 billion of humanitarian and development assistance to help the people. Afghanistan. And that money, just like all the other money that they’re sending all over the place, it never reaches where it’s supposed to go.

I do believe a lot of it is laundered someplace else. And yes, it’s also used to fund terrorism. And this is what Trump has been talking about. For a very long time that there’s been the funding of terrorism around the world. Who’s been funding terrorism? Oh, that’s right. The deep state players. So when you look at terrorists and everything that has happened around the world, who created this? Who’s controlling this? It’s the deep state players. And I do believe Trump now is now working with many other leaders where they’re removing these terrorist groups. And I do believe we see this in Ukraine, we see this out in Gaza, Lebanon, we see it out in Taiwan very, very soon.

But think about what’s happening right now. War is now being pushed. We see the Biden administration backed by Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest. And those people that aren’t elected, they are now pushing war. They are now firing missiles into Russia, and they want Russia to do something. Well, what did Russia do? Well, they sent their warships. To where? The Caribbean. They are going to have joint exercises with Cuba and Russians. They’re bringing no nuclear weapons aboard any vessel, and they are going to be docked in Havana. Sounds very, very similar to what happened during the cuban missile crisis with JFK.

So right now, they brought their ships there. They’re right off Florida’s coast, but there are no nuclear weapons. What do you think Biden and the deep state players, what’s their next move? Because we could see it building slowly but surely, but it looks like the deep state players, they are now planning for some type of false flag. Why do I say this? Well, in the past two weeks, Ukraine has taken credit for at least two separate strikes on a peculiar target. And this is inside of Russia. They hit radar facilities. They didn’t hit, you know, the petroleum facilities, they didn’t hit weapons.

They hit radar systems. So that is very interesting. And they hit them with drones. And these drones had an impressive flight range of 1200 miles. So why would they do this? Why would they hit far into Russia? And why would they take out their radar systems? Hmm. That’s very interesting. Now, once again, do you think Ukrainians, they did this on their own, or did they have help from us and european forces? I do believe they had help. And most likely they probably used drones from the US or Europe. They were supplied to Ukraine. So what did they hit? Well, first, the targeting of a russian nuclear defense might make the Kremen believe they are being prepped for a nuclear strike.

Second, the Vornes DM stations are used to identify false positive alerts of a nuclear attack. Third, Armovir and other stations could be used to record ballistic missile activity well outside russian airspace. So it looks like they’re taking out their radar systems that detect nuclear weapons, nuclear missiles. Now, is this being done on purpose to have a false flag? Because again, Russia would not know what is happening and would they think that they’re being hit with some type of nuclear weapon? Or maybe they’re going to be sending in a non nuke and they think it’s nuke. Something is going to happen here because it’s very interesting that this is what they decided to do.

And it looks like they’re trying to set this up for some type of false flag. And we’ll have to see how this plays out because it seems like that this is definitely building. And remember, going back in time, Trump continually said, listen, I know all the players, this is going to be a nuclear war. He was just doing an interview with Hannity. He mentioned a nuclear war. So I do believe that, yes, we are approaching this point in time. And the deep state players, they’re setting it up to create this false flag and try to get Russia to do something where they think something is about to happen and they might do something to counter it when it’s really not happening.

But we’ll have to see how this all plays out. This will be very, very interesting. And what’s very interesting is we can see the deep state players. They’re up to their old tricks with the virus once again and again. They put out a lot of misinformation and disinformation. Remember in the very, very beginning when they told us that the virus Covid, came from the wet market? And if you go back to 2020, Trump let everyone know that, no, it was a lab leak. Now, of course, the fake news. What did they do? They attacked him over and over and over.

But now we know today he was telling the truth. Take a listen to what he said back in April of 2020. Patriots are in control, put this out. But, yeah, we have people looking at it very, very strongly, scientific people, intelligence people and others. What gives you a high degree of confidence that this originated from the Wuhan Institute of virology? I can’t tell you that. I’m not allowed to. You’re a good looking guy. Look at that guy. Looks like a banker from Wall street. You can see I’m an old man and I have grandchildren that I want to see taken care of.

And I love them and I want them to know that they can have the same life that I have had. It’s very nice. What are you going to do about that? We’re going to make sure that they have the same, you know, you’re, I mean, I can just see how, how incredible you are by the emotion of that and the way you ask the question. We’re going to make sure they have the same life that you had, or better. We’re going to make it say speaker one. Now, what’s very interesting is Trump just didn’t say, yes, love, they’ll have the same great life.

He said, it might even be better. And I do believe it is going to be better because we’re going to be getting rid of the deep state, getting rid of the corruption, getting rid of the private, what, central bank. And yes, we’re going to turn everything around. Now, Doctor Phil, he was also interviewing Trump. And doctor Phil asked him a very interesting question. East this is coming from Doctor Phil. They turn the judicial system against you, the intelligence community, the media has turned against you, print, tv, radio, Internet. How do you deal with that stress? Trump says, one, I don’t like thinking about it.

Out of sight, out of mind. I don’t know if it, if that makes sense. Number two, I have tremendous support. I have the people’s support. That’s what this is about. See, Trump, he, I do believe he’d be panicking if the people weren’t on his side. But think about the plan that he put into motion. It was about waking the people up. It was about the people taking back the country. It was about the 2024 election. If he saw the people weren’t coming to his side, I do believe he’d be worried. But since he sees the people coming to his side, the people are rallying with him and he’s going to the blue cities, the blue states, and people are coming out en masse.

I do believe he now realizes, and remember, he has his internal pulse. He realizes that this is exactly what we needed to happen. This is the counterinsurgency, it’s the military, it’s the people and the president to go up against an insurgency. And that is what we see happening. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting and true, the vote put this out. Everyone is worried about the illegals voting. Yes, this is all part of the deep state plan. They want mail in ballots, they want the illegals voting. They want to cheat again. And this is what they’re pushing.

But Trump, he did say something very, very interesting. And he said that the border invasion is no accident and that the reason for it is because it’s probably votes. They probably think these people are going to be voting. So he’s saying that they aren’t going to be voting. So the question is how aren’t they going to vote? Because once again, if we’re using their cheating system, if we’re using the ballots, if we’re using mail in, how are we going to stop the illegals from voting? They will have the illegals send in their votes. They’ll fill out their names, they’ll be counted and they’ll try to hide whatever the machines did, whatever the ballots with whatever they inserted.

So how do you have an election where you make sure the illegals aren’t voting? I do believe you need to get rid of the deep state system. You need to get rid of the bail in ballots. How do you do that? Can you just say we’re going to get rid of it? We’re not going to use it. Yes, you can put that into law. But is every state going to do that? No. How do you do it with every state? I do believe there has to be attack. I do believe there has to be an attack on the national infrastructure.

And I do believe you need to allow your enemy to do it. Let them destroy everything. When they realize they don’t have enough votes. They don’t, I shouldn’t even say votes. They don’t have enough ballots to cheat. They don’t have enough legals to cheat. What do they do when they can’t cheat? Can they just allow him to win? Yes, they could do that. They can say, okay, we’re not going to be able to do it. Just let him win. We’ll get as close as possible to make it look like he didn’t win by a lot and we’ll use our cheating systems to do that.

But we’re not going to be able to override the amount of people that are voting for him because just too big to rig. Do you think the deep state is going to allow that? Absolutely not. Do you think the deep state will say, you know something, we’re not going to let, we got to stay in power. We can’t allow him to win because we’re all going to be thrown in prison. He’s going to come after us. So we’re going to have to stay in power and we’re going to have to shut down our own system. We’re going to have to make sure that nobody votes, that nobody can use the system.

And I do believe he’s counting on this. I do believe he’s counting on them destroying their own system. Where then people say, you know something, we can’t use it. What else can we do? How can we guard the elections and do it in one day to make sure that everything’s on the up and up? Because again, they’re going to put out the story that the systems, they are now infected. We don’t know if we’re going to get the right results. How are we going to get the right results? We need to make sure paper, voter id.

How do you keep the illegals out? Voter ID, in person, voting one day voting, guarded by the National Guard, guarded by the Marines. Working with the National Guard. I do believe that’s where we’re headed right now. And we know that the deep state players, they will do everything and anything to cover up their crimes and to stop Trump. But the people, they’re starting to see what’s happening. The people, they’re starting to realize that there’s election interference, that there’s the rigging of the election, that the 2020 election was rigged and most likely the 2024 election is going to be rigged.

See, once you have the people on your side, it’s much easier to do the next thing and the people will go along with it. Trump, he put this out on truth. He says, human Events editorial board it was rigged. Let us count the ways. No one ever said it would be easy to take America back from people who hate its foundational principles and are willing to knife them, not just for President Trump, but for anyone who has the audacity to support him. There is but one solace. Such people may be able to temporarily force obeisance, but they have forever fortified the right to respect.

They may have power, but they have surrendered moral authority. They can make us pretend to take them seriously in public. They cannot stop us sniggering behind our hands. And we are, because this is still a joke, a bad joke, a sinister joke, but a joke. And come November, we’re willing to bet President Donald J. Trump will have the last laugh. And I do believe he’s going to have the last laugh. Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. Sa.

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