Ep. 3367a – The Economic Narrative Is Right On Track The Problem The People Will Not Buy It Crash

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➡ This report discusses the current economic situation, health issues, and the housing market. It highlights the unhealthy foods that are causing health problems in America, despite medical advancements. The report also criticizes the Biden administration’s economic policies and the rising housing prices, comparing the situation to the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Lastly, it introduces a natural pain reliever called conalidine, which is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and lack of side effects.
➡ The article discusses the worsening economic conditions in the country, with 70% of people believing it’s getting worse. It suggests that the Biden administration and the Federal Reserve are manipulating data to control inflation and convince people that the economy is improving. However, the author predicts an economic crash closer to the presidential election, which could lead to a shift in political support. The article also suggests that the Federal Reserve’s system is flawed and contributes to wealth inequality, and that a move away from the Federal Reserve note could lead to permanent inflation.


Hi and welcome. You’re listening to the X-22 Report. My name is Dave and this episode 3,367A and today’s date is May 31st, 2024. And the thought of the episode is, the economic narrative is right on track. The problem? The people will not buy it. Crash. You know, we are living in the most advanced era in human history. There has never been more medical breakthroughs than there are right now. So why are millions of Americans more unhealthy and overweight than ever before? According to U.S. Board Certified Physicians and expert nutritionist Dr. Amy Lee, one of the main reasons is three harmful foods that are being passed off as healthy foods all over the country.

Wait till you hear this because these foods can cause weight gain, clog, your digestive tract, deplete your energy, and wreck your skin. They are banned in other countries. Yet shockingly, they are still legal in the U.S. and it’s time someone shone a light on what they are. Dr. Amy Lee does just that while explaining how the side effects from these foods are wreaking havoc on the health of millions of Americans. The great news is, it’s easy to stop and reverse this damage by simply learning which foods to avoid and how to spot them.

And by doing so, you can experience easier weight loss, smooth digestion, and vibrant energy. To find out these three fake health foods, go to 3harmfulfoods.com forward slash x22. That’s the number 3. 3harmfulfoods.com forward slash x22 or click on the link in the description below. After years of extensive study, Dr. Amy Lee put together a revealing video totally free to the public so you’ll never get duped by these foods again. Find out all you need to know to regain control over your body at 3harmfulfoods.com forward slash x22 or click the link in the description below.

Get right into the economic collapse financial news. As this occurs, the people aren’t going to buy what the Biden administration, what the Fed is selling, and this is going to backfire on them in the end. Just like the entire green news scam, the great reset, it’s not going the way they thought it was going to go. Actually, it’s a disaster for them. Remember, California, Germany, those are the templates. They’re going to show you, look, look how great we’re going to make it. Now, before I forget, this is your last chance to get your freedom gear.

Don’t go this summer without getting your patriotic gear lined up. Freedom Collection ends at 11.59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time tonight, so go to PatriotsApparel.shop, that is PatriotsApparel.shop, or click the link in the description. Does California look great? Does Germany look great? Now they look like complete and utter disasters, and the people in these two areas, they understand, they realize, because they’re experiencing it every single day, that it is a complete and utter disaster. The tax rate in Germany right now has risen to a century record under the left Green Liberal government.

It’s a disaster, and I wouldn’t be surprised where we see people taking to the streets saying, enough is enough, we can’t take this anymore. I do believe we’re gonna see this in this country where people are gonna get so pissed off that they’re going to say, enough is enough, you’re destroying my way of life, I can’t pay my bills, I have no job. People are going to get very angry, and remember, they never expected to do this while the people were awake. They expected to do all of this while people were afraid in their homes, or there was death and destruction from a war.

So this is all backfiring on them, and what can you actually see? You can actually see their agenda and how they’re trying to push it on you. I mean, just think about it. Today, we see that Gen C teens, they really don’t want to have a car, because what do they sing? They say, well, it’s way too expensive, I can’t afford that. Plus, I have my little app for Uber or Lyft or whatever it is, and I can just call a car any time I want. Now, think about it. Think about what the World Economic Forum has been telling us.

You will own nothing, and you will be happy. See, in the end, they don’t want people to have any type of mode of transportation, because they actually want people trapped in their little smart cities. When I say little, I really do mean that. I mean little. They’re not going to make huge cities for the people. They want depopulation, and they want to keep just a couple of people in there to do their work. That’s pretty much it, and you can see we’re heading down this path. Plus, they don’t want us eating the food that consists of cattle, consists of chickens.

They want us to eat something else. They want all that food for themselves. Remember, these individuals, they believe everything in this world belongs to them, and we’re just cockroaches living on the same planet. And what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to reduce the number of cockroaches, and keep the cockroaches contained, and have the cockroaches eat something completely different than what they’re going to enjoy. Remember, this is about control. It’s not about making the world green. Anyone that believes that, they’re going to end up in a smart city, and they’re going to be scratching their head in the end going, how did I get here? This is what normally happens when you look back in history.

People go, oh no, no, don’t worry. They have our best interests at heart. And they look back in time, and they say, oh crap, they really didn’t. But we fell for it. And you can see that there’s another fire which has killed millions of chickens. So let’s see. They’re going to put something like four million chickens down. They’re going to kill them because of the bird flu. We have a fire in a warehouse of chickens that killed millions of chickens out in Illinois. I mean, it seems like they’re actually really pushing this.

And I think people now can see it. Just like people could see the entire economic system completely and utterly falling apart. And actually, this breakdown of the system, it looks very, very similar to 2008-2009. The number of new single-family houses for sale has surged to 480,000 in April, the highest since the 2008 financial crisis. This came after new home sales were down 7.7% year-over-year last month, the largest drop in 13 months, excluding the 2008-2009 housing crisis. This is by far the largest supply of new homes in U.S. history, notably the number of new homes on the market has more than tripled in 12 years.

Meanwhile, the median price of new homes is at 433,500 and remains near record highs. New homes are becoming the only option for buyers. And this is starting to look very, very similar to 2008-2009. And we’re going to see almost the same thing happen as we get closer and closer to the presidential election. And what’s very interesting is Gallup did a poll and right now they asked the question, talk about our health, if you suffer from daily pain, I need you to listen to this message very carefully. What we know about pain relief is changing forever as we age, aches and pains are normal, and we’re all searching for an effective way to relieve pain without side effects and addictions.

Let me be frank, we have all seen the horrors of the opioid crisis. You may even be affected personally. And that’s where a pioneering medical scientist comes in, Clint Winters. You may have seen this world-renowned expert featured in national media as he unveils a natural pain reliever that has taken the world by storm. Yes, I’m talking about conalidine, the 100% drug-free way to get full body pain relief without dangerous pills. As you read this, the conalidine has become the go-to pain reliever for over 1 million Americans and hundreds of professional athletes.

It’s so powerful it was even named the official pain reliever of the UFC and those guys know a thing or two about managing pain. Now get this, Clint explains how conalidine is the only compound on earth that optimizes your body’s natural painkillers called endorphins at any age. When taking daily, your body will fire back to relieving pain like you were in your prime in no time. And let me tell you, I was skeptical but it works. I have not felt this great in years. It’s just like my daily aches and pains just faded away.

My back, neck, joints all feel great and renewed. Best of all, conalidine doesn’t make me feel the least big rocky. I feel great, alert, and ready to take on the day. And the best news, conalidine has no documented side effects after 14 years of extensive testing. Hear me when I say this, conalidine is absolutely the future of pain relief. So whatever you do, make sure to click on the link below this video and check out Clint’s amazing informative report on how conalidine is changing lives by providing safe and powerful relief at one tenth the cost of pain pills.

Now here’s the best part. When you click on the link below, today you can access the only conalidine product in the world for less than a dollar per day. Clint has provided this private link until midnight tonight. You are days away from finally beating pain forever. Go to tricono.com forward slash x22 now and see for yourself or click the link in the description. Do you think the economic condition in the country are getting better or getting worse? Well, May 2024 they said better 26% getting worse 70%. Now let’s look back to October 2020.

Getting better 42% getting worse 53%. So think about it, four years from 2020 when Joe Biden first came in, now there are 70% of the people saying that yeah it’s getting a lot worse. And this is a complete and utter disaster. And the people they realize that it’s not going to get better. It’s just gonna continually go down this track. And pretty soon as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, we see layoffs and we see the market come down. That number that says the economy is getting worse is going to go from 70 to about 85%.

And this is going to be a complete and utter disaster for the Biden administration. But you could see that the entire narrative of keeping inflation under control as we approach the presidential election is now being pushed out there. And yes, what are they going to do to control the inflation? They’re going to manipulate the data. And that’s exactly what they do. They manipulate the data, they manipulate the calculation, they remove things from the calculation to make you believe that yes, inflation is under control. And looks like we are now right on schedule for all of this.

The COBC letter put this out and said April PCE inflation, the Fed’s preferred inflation measure was 2.7% in line with expectations of 2.7%. Core PCE inflation was 2.8% in line with expectations of 2.8%. Both headline and core PCE inflation were unchanged last month. So is the Fed going to lower the rates right now in the month of May, which were going into June? I don’t believe so. It’s not time yet. They need a couple more indicators showing that inflation is coming down. Now, what’s very interesting when you look at this and you look at the inflation gauge, which is closely tracked by the Federal Reserve, they are now seeing it’s right on schedule, which means most likely they will say, okay, we’re going to have a rate cut.

So I do believe what’s going to happen. June will probably see inflation come down again, or it will meet expectations. July will probably see it come down or meet expectations. And then we hit August. And I do believe you’ll hear talks about how they’re ready and prepared to actually cut the rate. And I do believe Biden administration, the Fed, they’re going to use this to convince everyone that the economy is great. And Biden is going to use it to convince everyone that his policies are working. In the meantime, what are we going to see? We’re going to see gold move up.

We’re going to see Bitcoin move up. We’re going to see the economy completely another buckle under the weight of the debt, under the weight of inflation, under the weight of high fuel costs, under the weight of layoffs, you’re going to see an economy that is going to completely and utterly implode. And I do believe as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, we’re going to see a crash in the market. Now, I don’t mean it’s going to come down, it’s going to go to zero. I do believe you’re going to see a crash come down five, 10,000 points, it’s going to scare the people.

Trump is going to make an announcement. Listen, if we continue down this path, and you vote for Biden, or whoever else is running, the economy, the market is going to crash. I do believe this will scare the people enough, where people are going to say, Well, I don’t want this to go further. So I might have to vote for Trump. Now, I do believe we’ll see a dead cat bounce and people go, Oh, it’s all right. Everything is fine. See, Trump is just out there telling everyone this. Biden will make a really big deal about it.

And then all of a sudden, you’re going to see it come down once again. And that, at that point, that will convince the people that point in time, the people will say, Holy crap, I see what’s happening right now. Now I’m very, very nervous. And I understand that Biden can’t fix this. He lied that everything was fine. Trump continually came out and said, No, no, if I’m not elected, the market’s going to crash. So I do believe the people they’re going to see this and the people are going to say, you know, something, we can’t allow this to happen.

And remember, this entire time, people are going to experience the economy breaking down. This is why people aren’t buying what Biden is selling right now. This is why he has to manipulate everything. Actually, the Fed has been doing this for a very, very long time because if they didn’t manipulate, if they just kept everything the way it was going back to 1971, everyone would notice you would see 3000% inflation, you would see the GDP numbers in the toilet, the unemployment numbers would be in the toilet. When people looked at the fiat currency, the Federal Reserve note, people would look at it and go, okay, this holds no value anymore.

And people would start to understand if they didn’t introduce credit, because they had introduced credit, because without credit, how would you survive, try to survive on the cash that you have, most of the people cannot. That’s why they had to introduce credit, then more credit, then more credit. That’s why they had to extend the payments. That’s why they have to do the buy now pay later, they have to continually do this because you cannot work within their system the way it is. So they have to figure out ways to extend everything.

So you don’t notice it. But what’s been happening is Trump, the Patriots, they have accelerated everything. And now people see it, they’re experiencing it because it’s crammed into four years, instead of being spread out over 16 years, or even longer. So now people get it. And I do believe Trump, the Patriots, their entire plan is to destroy the Federal Reserve note in the end. And this is why we see the Biden administration going after the Federal Reserve note, Wall Street Silver put this out and says, is Biden intentionally destroying the dollar? Biden’s top aides are now calling to dethrone the dollar.

If they do, it will plunge us back to double digit inflation that could last for years. For 50 years, it’s been an article of faith that Washington would do whatever it takes, including war to protect the dollar. If that’s changed, it would mean throwing away the dollar’s hard earned reserve currency status, unleashing permanent inflation. And yes, that is where we are headed. We are headed away from the Federal Reserve note. Remember, it is not a US dollar. This is created by the Federal Reserve. It is loaned to we, the people with interest attached.

That’s where your taxes are going there. Your taxes are going to pay for the interest and to keep the criminals operating. And I do believe once we get rid of the private West Central Bank, the country is going to see something that it’s never seen before. Plus, I do believe everything stems from the private West Central Bank, the corruption and the way the economy is where it keeps 99% of the people down and the 1% up. And we’re seeing the wealth gap. It’s getting bigger and bigger every day that passes because in the end, what happens? All we see is inflation from a central bank system.

And then the system completely implodes. Remember, when their system implodes, what do they need to cover it up? They need some type of an event. They need something where they could say, look over there, not over here. Normally, it’s a war. They announced the great reset, the green news scam during the plan, Demick, because they thought, oh, we can use the plan Demick and we will keep people afraid. They’ll stay in their homes. We’ll tell them there’s no vaccine for 12 years. People will die off. People will kill themselves.

The supply chains will dry up. This will be the perfect scenario where we could say it wasn’t us. It wasn’t the central bank. It was this dangerous virus. But it all backfired. Now they’re going to try to use war. Do you really think this is going to work? Do you really think the people are going to buy this? Absolutely not. In the end, the people, they’re going to see the truth. And Trump, he’s going to show the people the truth every step of the way and you’re already seeing it.

And I do believe in the end, the party and the central bank will cease to exist. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. Thank you. [tr:trw].

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