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➡ X22 Report podcast episode discusses potential threats to the U.S. as the presidential election approaches. It suggests that the “deep state” might use cyber attacks and a sonic weapon that makes people feel ill, as depicted in a Netflix movie. The host also speculates that these tactics could be used to manipulate the election results. Lastly, the episode mentions a data breach at a car company and promotes an online security service.
➡ The article discusses various issues, including the controversy surrounding Epstein Island, the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, and the alleged manipulation of immigration for political gain. It suggests that the government is using companies like Blackrock to house illegal immigrants in New York, with taxpayers footing the bill. The article also mentions resistance from citizens and states like Texas, who are taking measures to secure their borders.
➡ The text discusses concerns about illegal activities and corruption within the government and celebrity circles, including child trafficking and other crimes. It suggests that these issues are being exposed and people are starting to fight back. The text also mentions the tracking of cell phone data to Epstein’s private island, hinting at potential evidence of these crimes. Lastly, it talks about the rise of new social media platforms like True Social, which are seen as alternatives to mainstream platforms, and legal battles over free speech in Australia and Scotland.
➡ The Hate Speech Act is causing controversy, with many people upset and claiming it’s being used unfairly. In other news, a major car company suffered a data breach, exposing the personal information of 100,000 people. Meanwhile, political unrest is growing in countries like Turkey and Canada due to high inflation and dissatisfaction with leadership. Lastly, there’s concern about increasing discrimination against white people, with some claiming it’s being encouraged by the government.
➡ The governor of Wisconsin vetoed a bill that would have required kids to play sports according to their biological sex, which some believe is harmful to girls and women. There’s controversy over the date of Trans Visibility Day, which fell on Easter, a major Christian holiday. There’s also discussion about the ongoing legal battles involving former President Trump, including a gag order preventing him from speaking about certain aspects of his case. The article suggests that these events are causing people to question the actions of those in power.
➡ The text discusses the political climate surrounding President Biden and Trump, suggesting that Biden’s popularity is decreasing due to various issues, including his health and handling of the economy. It also mentions potential election fraud in the 2020 election, with claims of missing
documentation and unverified signatures. The text suggests that these issues could lead to a change in leadership, possibly involving Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama. Lastly, it discusses the possibility of Elon Musk endorsing a 2024 candidate, hinting at a potential endorsement for Trump.
➡ The text suggests that there are concerns about Russia potentially causing problems for the U.S., possibly through cyber or sonic attacks. It also discusses the idea of a counterinsurgency led by Trump, aiming to unite the majority of the people against a common enemy. The text implies that the current state of the country is deteriorating, with the constitution at risk and the country potentially becoming a third world nation. The author believes that Trump and his supporters are in control and will eventually triumph.


Hi and welcome. You’re listening to the x 22 report. My name is Dave, and this episode 3300 20:00 p. m. Today’s date is April 2, 2024, and the title of the episode is 20. Did the deep state project the attack on the US? Trump just countered the deep state election strategy. Let’s talk about protecting ourselves online. A popular car manufacturer and its customers became victims of a data breach recently that exposed the private information of 100,000 individuals.

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Give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news. Now the deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters. It looks like they are now projecting out what they’re going to do as we get closer and closer to the presidential election. And we could see that they’ve been putting out movies letting everyone know that, look, there’s going to be a cyber attack because they put out a Netflix movie called leave the world behind, and there was a cyber attack.

And what’s very interesting, a cargo ship was cyber attacked, it ran aground, and all of a sudden we had a cargo ship lose power and then went right into a bridge. That’s very interesting. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we know that there are problems in Cuba and many other places, and they’re calling it the Havana syndrome, where there’s this sound or some type of sonic weapon that makes people feel ill.

Now, what’s very interesting about this is that there was something like that in the movie leave the world behind, where all of a sudden people heard a noise and people started to double over. Now, what’s very interesting about that is now 60 minutes is running a story about this weapon, which is very interesting. Now, once again, it is the fake news, but they are blaming it on Russia and they’re saying, oh, yes, this is something that is real.

Now, are they projecting out there that they’re going to be using something like this on the United States? Because go back to the movie. It’s very interesting that they’ve been talking about a cyber attack. The World Economic Forum said there was going to be a cyber attack. And what happens if they decide to use this on the american people, doesn’t kill them. It just makes them feel strange and makes them double over.

What happens if that’s the attack on the american people? Remember, we’re approaching war right now. War is going to continually build up. I do believe it’s going to get a lot worse as we get closer and closer to the presidential election. And what happens if the deep state players decide to use this invisible weapon to make people feel sick and say it’s from Russia? Would people be very concerned? Would people go, holy crap, look what’s happening here if it happened to a couple of towns.

Yeah, it would now couple that with a cyber attack because this is what happened in the movie, which I find very, very interesting. And remember, there’s another movie that’s coming out which is showing that the United States is in a civil war. Isn’t this what the deep state always wanted, a civil war? So I do believe they’re projecting out into the ether of what they’re going to try to do here as we get closer and closer to the presidential election.

Now, I do believe Trump of the patriots, they know that they’re going to try to do all these different things. And again, what is this really going to do? This is going to wake up the people. Remember, you have on one side, Biden administration, the fake news, the corrupt politicians saying, we must go to war, Russia’s attacking us. You’re going to have the other side, Trump, the patriots, saying, no, no, no, we can have peace.

All you got to do is elect me and we can have peace in 24 hours. Now, as this builds up, I do believe people are going to choose peace in the end, even though they can’t stand Trump. And I’m talking about the DS right now. Actually, they’re probably going to like him a lot better than the other people who are pushing war. And we could see that war now is building up at the Middle east because of what happened out in Syria with Israel and Iran.

And we can see that they’re now bringing in this story about this weapon. And I do believe they’re actually pushing all this. But what’s very interesting, as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, we know the deep state players, they’re going to actually come up with all different types of tactics to try to cheat, to try to manipulate the elections any way they possibly can, and most likely have a change of batter.

And I do believe Trump of the Patriots, they’re prepared for all of this because I do believe what’s going to happen is the economy is going to fall apart. People are already looking at Biden saying he can’t even make it to the second term. And it look, doesn’t look like he has the ability to actually be the resident. So I do believe what they’re going to do, and that’s why they had the bridge incident.

They’re going to try to blame the economy on the bridge. This will allow the change of batter to come in. They’ll have a cover story and they’ll try to pump up Michelle Obama. If you notice, there’s been polls now showing that Michelle Obama is pulling the same as Biden. And there’s a reason why they’re doing all of this, because they know that this is coming. So they’re building this up right now.

And I do believe what they might try to do. Maybe they’ll do this with Biden first or maybe they’ll wait until the change of batter. But I do believe they are saving Taylor Swift for the right moment to endorse these candidates. Now, I do believe Trump at the patriots, they have something that is going to counter all of this. And this is going to be very, very interesting because I do believe Trump, he’s been countering their election strategy from the very, very beginning.

Remember, the military knows exactly how they cheated. The military understands that they’re going to try to cheat again or they’re going to try to postpone the election. They already know that there’s going to be a change about it. We were told about this a long time ago. And now with all the evidence about Biden’s treasonous crimes, since that is all coming out and people know about the shell companies, people know about how he’s accepting money from foreign governments, and he doesn’t really sell anything except the secrets of the United States.

Hunter Biden is guilty. People know that the laptop now is real. The intelligence idiots, they lied about it. So this is all falling apart for them. And I do believe, as the pedophilia information continually comes out, and people learn about the honey pots, and people learn about Epstein island, people learn about who has gone down there. I do believe everything that they have put into place is going to completely implode on them.

And this is going to be very, very tough for them in the end. This is why I do believe in the end, they won’t be able to have the elections. And I do believe this is why they are now planning and getting ready to postpone the elections. Because think about it. Wire just came out with information about who has been traveling to Epstein island. They’ve been tracking all the phone, the phones that people are carrying, and they know where all these people have come from, how many times they’ve been to the island, where they went on the island.

And in the end, this is going to be a complete and other disaster for them. And really think about it, this information is being tripped out. People learned about Nygaard, NXIvm, Weinstein, Wexner, and they are learning about Diddy. They’re learning about all the people that are connected to Diddy. They already knew about Glenn, Maxwell, and Epstein. And when you start to put all this together and you start to see who has been working with them and who visits the island and where they get the girls or the boys and everything else, uh, this is going to be very, very difficult for them in the end.

And it looks like even though they try to cover up everything where they, you know, cemented in the tunnels and Epstein island, that is not going to work for them. Because, again, there were phones present on the island, and, you know, people like to take pictures. And where do you think these pictures went? Really, think about it for a sec. We’ll be talking about all of this in a little while.

But first, let’s talk about what happened out in Florida. Because the Florida Supreme Court right now, they just ruled on abortion, and the ruling is six to one, and they are upholding the 15 week abortion ban and allows heartbeat Protection act to take effect, protecting unborn children with a heartbeat. So once again, it looks like the deep state players, they’re having a little bit of a problem. And their entire mission to get everyone, to allow everyone to have an abortion, well, it looks like it’s completely and utterly falling apart, because we know what they do with the baby parts.

We know what they are really doing with the black community. And once again, their entire agenda their entire narrative is completely and utterly falling apart right now. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we can see that the deep state players, they are continually bringing in illegals into this country. Yes, they’re going to be using for chaos. Yes, they’re going to try to use them for the election.

Yes, they want to replace the american people. They’re trying to do all of these things. But in the end, I do believe it’s going to fail. But look what they’ve been doing with Florida and Texas. They’re trying to actually transform Florida and Texas because again, they can’t have Florida and Texas vote for Trump. So they need to bring in their foot soldiers, their illegals who are not part of this country whatsoever and bring them into these states and actually try to transition the states into what they want.

So Wall Street Silver put this out and said some 347,000 migrants allowed into secretive system fly directly to airports in Florida and Texas with Florida receiving the vast majority of the 325,000. The Biden administration is destroying this country. And that’s absolutely true. They are destroying this country. But you know that Trump with the Patriots, they’re not going to allow the illegals to vote because again, I do believe the deep state players, they’re going to try to cheat.

They can’t use the mail in ballots. That whole thing is falling apart on them. They don’t have a virus. Yes, they’re going to try to say there’s other diseases and yes, we have to be careful, we have to say, but all of that’s not going to work. I do believe the people are now hardened against all of this because they saw what happened with COVID So I think in the end, what they’re going to try to do is they’re going to try to use the illegals to actually send in the mail in ballots.

But again, they’re going to realize that it’s not enough. They don’t have enough of the states doing this. And in the end, I do believe they’re going to try to actually shut down the elections to make, you know, to make it seem like we can’t have the elections right now. Because remember, the only reason they would do that is to stay in power. And you could see that this is one of the reasons why they won’t be leaving the White House.

Remember, they projected this all out. They’re saying that Trump wouldn’t leave the White House, but actually it’s going to be them. But you can see as they bring in more and more illegals. They need places to keep these people. And this individual on tick tock has a very interesting conspiracy theory. Or maybe it’s the truth. Letting everyone know how they’re going to house all of these people. Wall street apes put this up on x and says the homes that Blackrock has been purchasing, a huge amount in New York being set up to house illegal immigrants.

Each home will average bringing in $150,000 per month to house illegals. New York just declared that they’re going to pay homeowners $125 a day to house a migrant. $125 a day per migrant per bedroom. And at 3750 per migrant, that means that the property will now be bringing in $15,000 a month. You want to. You all want to come with me down another rabbit hole of how the US government is using private industry to f over the american people.

This is going to be a quick video, but I wanted to put it out because I want to hear what people think. The basic gist is that the United States government is using Blackrock to permanently house all the illegal immigrants they’ve been letting in. So you know how companies like Blackrock have been buying up large amounts of the single family real estate and a lot of the properties that they bought are in the state of New York.

And New York just declared that they’re going to pay homeowners about $125 a day to house the migrants. $125 a day per migrant per bedroom. That means the taxpayers of New York are going to be paying 3750 per migrant per month. Now think about all those houses that Blackrock bought. Let’s say they got a four bedroom. That means they can house four migrants. And at 3750 per migrant, that means the property would now be bringing in 15,000 a month.

And if any of those migrants have a family, that’s additional money on top of that. And Blackrock doesn’t have to worry because the money is guaranteed by the government in New York. You have to think, so far in Biden’s presidency, anywhere from twelve to 15 million illegals have crossed over. And then because of all the incentive programs that New York created, you enter this country illegally, you’d have to be stupid not to go to New York.

You’re going to get paid, you’re going to get fed, you’re going to get housed. All for the price of either a bus trip up there or maybe you can catch one of those flights that Biden’s sending under everyone’s radar. So it looks like they have figured out a way to house all of these people that have illegally come into this country, actually the tyrannical government are now importing their army.

They’re invading this country. But people are fighting back. The people out in Chicago, they’ve had enough Wall street apes put this out and said Chicago is no longer asleep. Residents destroys committee on immigrant and Refugee rights we have an administration that is run by criminals who hate America. I like to start off with something Edward Snowden, a whistleblower, once said. He said, when exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.

Everyone in this room recognizes that what’s happening surrounding the nonstop influx of illegal aliens is criminal. Everyone recognizes that something evil is among us. And Americans are not ready for the fundamental impacts this will have. In fact, we can’t even fathom it because we’ve never seen anything like this, right? Never. We have an administration that is run by criminals who hate America. Yes. That is why they protect these criminals.

Yes. Police have been instructed from above to not mess with them. Right. So no matter what these criminal aliens do, they have always going to be released. It’s not an accident. This is by design. So the people, they are waking up. They know that the tyrannical government hates them. They know that they’re criminals. They know that they’re supporting criminals. I mean, you think the people now understand? You think this is going to work in the favor of the deep state? No.

This is all going to backfire. This is what the deep state realizes. Actually, if you really think about it. This is why they’re invading this country. Remember? They’re invading the country to take it over, because this is how much they hate the people. If the people aren’t going to be on their side, that means the people then are against them, which means they can’t count on the people to, to follow what they’re saying.

And they need to bring in their foot soldiers to force the people into what they want. And yes, criminals hire criminals. But we can see out in Texas, the Texas National Guard, they have now taken control of the El Paso border, and now they’re putting up razor wire and new fencing, new anti climb fences, and they are now protecting that area. So basically, they’re doing everything the Biden White House doesn’t want them to do.

And in the end, this is going to be a complete and utter disaster for the Biden administration, because, again, they’re going to have to then fly the people over the border and into this country. And when people see this, the people gonna go, wait a minute, you’re actually picking up your criminals and now dropping them in the country. And they’re, this is, this is completely illegal. This is against the constitution and the people, this is what they’re seeing.

They’re seeing the invasion. They’re seeing it firsthand. What do you think these people going to do? You think they’re going to go get a job and be upstanding citizens? No, they’re the ones who are going to be causing the chaos. They’re criminals. But again, all of this is falling apart for the Biden administration is falling apart for Obama, for the deep state, because every step of the way, everything is being exposed.

The more the people know, the more the people see it, the more that people can then fight back against it. And it’s already working out in Chicago, it’s working in New York. The people are fed up because again, how in the world are you going to take back the country if you don’t see the system, if you don’t see the criminals, if you don’t see what they’re actually doing and how they’re trying to destroy the country and how they completely hate all of us? You would never take back the country.

That’s why the people needed to see this. The people also needed to see the human trafficking, the child trafficking and the pedophilia network. Because when you put those people that are treasonous and you put it together with all that, it forms an incredible clear picture of these people are truly evil. Liz Krokan put this out and said fake anti trafficking advocate Ashton Kutcher expects subpoena in Diddy’s child trafficking probe Ashton Kutcher is reportedly expecting a subpoena over his long time good friend Diddy.

Sex trafficking probe months after the fake anti trafficking advocate was slammed for his convicted rapist best pal Danny Masterson, it should be noted that Kutcher attended many of Diddy’s parties and it’s been alleged that sexual abuse, including child sex trafficking, took place at his bashes. Last year, Kutcher wrote a positive pre sentencing hearing letter for his convicted rapist friend Danny Masterson in attempt to get him a light sentence.

Kutcher, who laughably found the anti trafficking organization Thorn, which he resigned from after the Masterson scandal, had the goal to testify before Congress in 2017, pretending to be an anti child sex trafficking activists with crocodile tears and all, before blowing John McCain a kiss. Side note McCain also ran a fraudulent charity, the McCain Institute, pretending to combat child trafficking. Below is a photo of Kutcher and Diddy at a fundraiser from Madonna’s charity raising Mount Wowi.

The organization allegedly helps vulnerable african children. Last year, the Ethiopian Real Federation asked Malawi president Chakwara to investigate Madonna’s charity raising Malawi and to restrict her and her associates access to children until an investigation is done into child sex trafficking and other areas. Are you noticing the pattern? Yet? There are celebrities, politicians, and many other elites who run sketchy and or fraudulent charities that pretend to combat child sex trafficking, all while they’re close friends with rapists, pedophiles, and are sex traffickers.

Time to wake up, people. Stop worshipping false idols. And she’s absolutely right. And she’s done an incredible job investigating the entire network. And now it’s all coming out, which is very, very interesting. Green lives matter. Put this out on accent said rapper Ali Vegas elaborated on gay black male contracts implemented in the music industry circa 2018. This seems extremely relevant now that we know that Diddy was blackmailing all these musicians in the industry.

The idols that people worship and celebrate are compromised and perverts. Diddy and Epstein are only the tip of the iceberg. They need something to hold over you, so they could always bring you down. A lot of these rappers be girlfriends, be the bigger players. How did he get so big so quick? He got dug in, literally. So all of these individuals, they are now compromised. There’s a lot of honey pots, I do believe, around this country.

And now we’re seeing it all unfold. Now, what’s very interesting is that Wired magazine, they decided to track all the cell phones. They ping them, they got the data, they went back in time, they got the information. Just like 2000 mules. When we had Katherine Engelbrook, they decided to go back and look at the cell data, and they were able to track the mules, and they knew exactly where they went.

The data is very, very accurate. So wired went back in time, and they started to track the visitors to Epstein’s private island. And there are maps, and it shows all the people on the island. And there’s a lot of people on the island. And they also show where they came from, and they show from all the different areas where. Where they flew to, how they took certain boats, they took a plane, and they were able to get to the island.

So that is very interesting. And also it shows how many times the people visited the island. Most people just didn’t visit once. They came back over and over and over again. Uh, that tells you everything you need to know. So think about it. Epstein island. We know that Epstein was trying to cover up everything on the island. And there were people on the island destroying evidence? But think about what the cell phone data shows us right now.

It shows us that these people went to the island with their phones. It shows us that most likely they took pictures there. Right. That’s very interesting because if we go back to post 3220 March 26, 2019. Very interesting that this is coming up right now. It says sometimes it’s good to go back once you’ve gone forward. So, yeah, we went back, we got the cell data, now we can go forward.

Then let’s go to post 999. April 3, 2018. Why is Epstein spending 29 million to bury the tunnels underneath the temple on Epstein island? Problem. Phones were allowed in. These people are stupid. So this is from 2018. Phones were allowed in now with wired. It shows us that, yes, phones were allowed in. They were on the island. Were they filming certain things? Did they take them down into the tunnels? I’m sure there’s pictures someplace.

And I do believe the Patriots probably have them. And, yes, we might see them very, very soon. Remember, there was also cctv cameras all over the place. Because how do you blackmail the people? So if you have the phone data and you have the cameras, well, then you can basically put them both together and show, look, this stuff isn’t fake, it’s real, because one actually proves the other one is true.

And I do believe this is going to be a huge problem for the deep state players. Now you understand why you have Rob Reiner. You have all these other people out there screaming at, yelling at Trump because they have the most to lose. Because, again, how many times you think these people might have visited the island? Probably multiple times. You think they’re a little panic right now? You think they’re a little bit worried because, remember, when Trump gets back in, uh, yeah, people are going to see quite a bit, and they’re afraid of what is going to happen.

And again, they’re going to try to shut down all of this, because, again, they don’t want this information out there. So will they try to shut down communications? Most likely in the end, when this, when this evidence comes out, they will try to shut things down. And we could see with true social going public and merging with DWAC, true social now has a lot of money. Devin Nunes puts this out on truth.

He’s pointing to just the news, and it says true social has 200 million after merger to finance expansion. So what do you think they’re going to do? They’re going to ramp up coders. They’re going to start to really add a lot of different functions to the platform. They’re going to harden the platform, they’re going to get prepared for what is coming, and they could do this very, very quickly.

So we’re going to have rumble, we’re going to have x, we’re going to have true social. And all of this is going to go up against the deep state players social media platforms. And this is why the deep state has been trying to go after x with everything that they have, because, again, it’s a very big platform, a lot of people use it. And what’s very interesting is that the e safety commissioner out in Australia demanded a post should be taken down or deleted.

And basically X said, yeah, we’re not going to be doing this. And right now, x, they faced an $800,000 fine if it did not remove a post written by a canadian man, Chris Elston, in which he misgendered and made disparaging remarks about an australian citizen. Now, Elon’s platform is suing the safety commissioner over free speech. So this all backfired on Australia, and it doesn’t look like it’s going too well for them.

Now, out in Scotland, we know they went ahead and they put together their hate speech law, which the people aren’t going along with, actually, they’re protesting out in Scotland, and Michael Schellenberger puts this out and said, the Scots are fighting back. The world is watching and the people, they’re pissed off and angry. And it looks like this entire law, the Hate Speech act, is completely backfiring on them.

David Atherton put this out next, it seems whose my Yosef Hate speech act has completely backfired on. Thousands have reported his notorious hate white speech from the 20 February of 2023. You can either dial 101 or fill in the form here. And it looks like the bluff is now called. The police in Scotland won’t charge JK Rowling over trans comments. And the author, JK Rowling, vows to stand with any woman who calls a man a man.

This whole thing is completely going down the toilet right now. Yes, they’re trying to implement this. Yes, they’re trying to push it. But you think the people are going to take this? Absolutely not. Just like they didn’t take the vaccine passports. You see, again, this is not working in the best interest of the people. It’s working against them. It’s only working for a very tiny little group, and it’s working for the government, the tyrannical government of all these different areas.

So if the people counter their narrative, well, that’s hate speech. So we’re going to arrest you. So they’re going to have to arrest the entire country. I think that’s really what they want to do. In the end, if you really think about it, they want to put all the people in jail because, again, they hate the people. They don’t like what they stand for. And you could see out in Turkey talk about protecting ourselves online.

A popular car manufacturer and its customers became victims of a data breach recently that exposed the private information of 100,000 individuals. This included sensitive information like Medicare cards, driver’s license, passports, tax file numbers, and other personal details. A hacker group took credit for the breach, claiming they stole 100gb of sensitive company and personal information. This is why I protect myself with today’s sponsors, Virtual Shield one, and I absolutely love them.

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You need the identity theft protection that Virtual shield one offers. Thanks again to Virtual Shield one for sponsoring today’s video. Be sure to sign up by visiting virtualshield. com x 22 or simply using my link in the description down below, because every sign up with that link gets up to 67% off with a 60 day risk free trial. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind. It’s not going too well.

And the people are really pissed off at Erdogan because, listen, they. They don’t want them anymore. The country is a complete and utter disaster. Inflation is very, very high, and the people out in Turkey, they’re pissed off and they’re angry. It’s all backfiring on that right now. And it’s going to get worse and worse because the people aren’t going to stand for this. I do believe you’re going to see protest out in Canada against Trudeau.

You think things are all of a sudden going to get better out in Trudeau? People are going to be able to make a living and afford the food. No, it’s going to get worse. And if he keeps pushing the agenda of the deep state, the World Economic Forum, well, the people are going to say, you know something? We reached the precipice. We’re fighting back. We had enough. You’re out of here.

This is why he’s losing so many seats in Canada right now. This is going to happen in France, it’s going to happen in Spain. We see it already happening in Turkey. It happened in Argentina. This is going to spread all over the place. What do you think is going to happen in Scotland to all these installed people since they’ve been pushing this hate speech act? This is going to be a complete and utter disaster for them, just like it’s a complete and utter disaster for Iran.

It looks like Israel is doing exactly what Trump did, removing certain generals that were involved in all the different war activities, instructing terrorists. Wall Street Silver put this out and said the following. Israel kills top iranian commander, General Mohammed Sahidi. This general was in charge of all war active activities across the Middle east. That is very, very interesting. But the iranian foreign ministry, they have reportedly delivered an important message to the United States through the swiss embassy regarding what they claim to be their role in the illegal israeli attack on the iranian embassy in the syrian capital of Damascus.

So this is becoming very, very interesting. And it looks like war is now definitely building out in the Middle east. But I think what Trump of the patriots, they’re, what they’re doing here is they’re removing all these people, just like Trump removed their top war general. And I do believe, yes, war is going to build up, but in the end, when Trump is elected, he’s going to have peace.

Because, again, what is this all about? This is about removing the threats. This is about showing the people, this is about waking the people up and showing who the warmongers are and showing who the peacemakers are. And I do believe people are going to see this very, very clearly as we move forward. The other thing that people are seeing right now is that everything the deep state is doing, they have flipped the script and now they have made white people the only people you can discriminate against.

Now, think about why they did this, because they, what they’ve done is they’ve taken a race, the black race, and they said, look, look what the white people have done to you. They built the country on slavery, they kept you down. They. Everything that you see here has to do with slavery. So you need to go after the white people. This is what the deep state does. They pick a race, they build them up, they make up these fake stories to try to push their race war.

And you can see this is exactly what they’re doing, actually, out in UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley is accused of systematic racism after banning white people from California community farm, co owned by the university, on Saturdays, libs at TikTok responded to this and said, so anti racist that they’re racist against white people. White people are the only group you’re allowed to discriminate against. So once again, they picked the black population on purpose.

It’s because they could use the race and the slavery card to convince people that the US should be destroyed and the constitution should be removed, because it all revolves around racism and slavery. All this is false, of course, but they needed the people to do this. So if you look at all the people, you see the white people, antifa and everything, they’re all on board with this type of narrative.

And this is why they’re going after all the statues. This is why they took down the Francis Scott key bridge. They’re pushing this, and they want to push this very hard, because, remember, what do they want to do to this country in the end? They wanted to make it into a third world country. They want the constitution removed. They want all of this destroyed. Actually, those people that are part of antifa and those people that are marching, you know, for Hamas, they tell you straight out, America needs to be destroyed.

Actually, Trump is showing everyone, look what they’re doing. They’re turning this country into a third world country. But as they’re removing all the statues, we have representative Guy Reschen Thaler. He’s moving to rename the Dulles airport after Trump. Hey, that would be pretty darn amazing if we did this. I do believe in the end, when all said and done, I do believe Trump is probably going to get a monument, probably in DC, or maybe they’ll even carve his face into route Mount Rushmore, because again, he took every sling and arrow.

He went up against the deep state, which is the tyrannical government, and he got the people behind him. And we fought the second revolutionary war. I do believe that’s what he’s going to be remembered as, the president that fought against the tyrannical government and won the second revolutionary war. And I do believe the people are going to honor him in the end. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is you can see the deep state players.

They’re not just using the black community, they’re also using the trans community to basically push their agenda and actually say that, hey, we’re on your side, we’re all for you, so you could do whatever you want in this country, and we won’t arrest you, we won’t do anything, just like the illegals. And this is why you could see the deep state players out there always saying, that we will protect you.

But if you’re going to protect one, you’re going to harm another. And this is exactly what we’re seeing. I mean, look what’s happening out in Wisconsin. Charlie Kirk put this out on X and said Tony Evers, Wisconsin’s Democrat governor, has just vetoed a bill that would have protected young girls by mandating kids play sports according to their biological sex. He rather your daughter was beat up and injured by a boy in a dress than offend someone’s feelings.

And he’s absolutely right. So basically they’re signing this to protect the trans movement while they’re going to hurt the girls and the women, the true girls and the true women. So they’re going to protect this little group and give them permission to hurt girls and women and they’re okay with this. That should tell you everything you need to know. But since they went ahead and they made March 31 trans visibility day, this is completely backfiring on them.

And by the way, yes, Easter just so happened to fall on March 31. But I do believe this was already known because, again, you know when Easter is going, when it’s going to fall, what day it’s going to fall on, and you know it all the way up to what, 2099? I’m actually, Easter doesn’t fall on March 31 until 2086. That’s the set. That’s the next time this happens.

So someone knew that this was going to fall on Easter when they implemented this day in 2021. If you really think about it now, it could have been the good guys or the bad guys to show people, look, they really don’t care about your religion. They don’t really care, but this is completely backfiring on them. Rasmussen reports put this out on X and said democrats now have yet another problem.

Trans visibility. Easter somehow coincidentally landed on one of the central holidays of Christianity, which Gallup says is 68% of the US population, while 70, 71% say the region is important, 45% very important. What a stupid move. And it was a stupid move. Now, again, why was this done? Why did they pick March 31? Because they knew, or maybe the good guys knew that it would fall on Easter right before the elections.

Hmm. Isn’t that interesting? Because remember, this is about having the people fight for their freedom. You’re fighting for the freedom of speech. You’re fighting for the freedom of press. You’re fighting to have the freedom to own a weapon. You’re having, you’re fighting the freedom to be secure in your home and your personal items, and you’re fighting for the freedom to have whatever religion you want. And this is what people now are recognizing.

The people can see it and the people, they’re really awake right now. And this is just going to get worse and worse for the deep state place, because as time goes on, you’re going to see a lot of the D’s start to wake up. Just wait, wait, because we know there’s events heading our way. We know they’ve already said out in Niagara Falls there’s state and emergency. Now, it doesn’t mean there’s going to be an event on that exact day when the solar eclipse happens.

And again, the solar eclipse has nothing to do with it. I do believe they tell you these things because around that period of time, something might happen. Now, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen on the day when they, you know, talk about the Super bowl, they talk about other things. It usually happens maybe a couple days later, because when people see nothing happened, they go see nothing happened.

And then two, three days later, all of a sudden you have a shooting. Because still there’s a group of people that are still there. They didn’t leave. And it’s a much smaller group and I think it’s a little bit more controllable. But we’ll have to see what happens. Maybe they’ll do something else, maybe nothing will happen. But again, you know that they’re planning for events because again, they’re getting desperate.

That’s the only reason they have events, because they need to scare the people into doing what they want them to do. And if they were in complete and out of control, and people believe the narrative that people would just do what they wanted, but the people don’t believe it. So they need to use events to actually convince them. But the people are so awake right now that these events are not working, just like it’s not working where they’re going after Trump, where they have all these indictments.

Remember, the main goal for them is to convict him. They’re trying to convict him and they want him in jail. That’s what they’re really trying to do. But again, that’s going to backfire on them, too, if they are able to pull it off. So Trump right now, he’s posted 175 million in New York civil fraud case. And he put this out on truth. He said the following. I had to pay New York state in order to appeal a corrupt decision by a bias, crooked and highly overturned judge.

It’s supposed to be the other way around. You appeal before you pay is a crooked New York judge allowed to make you pay for the privilege of appealing a wrongful and corrupt decision? Not in America. But again, people now are seeing it. They’re seeing the tyrannical government. They’re seeing the corrupt, they’re seeing the criminals just like you’re seeing the criminals in New York. Once again with Da Bragg, with Judge Merchant, because again, information is coming out about his daughter and he doesn’t like it.

So what he’s doing is he’s going to expand Trump’s gag order barring him from making public statements about the judge, judge or da Bragg’s family. Julie Kelly says the following merchant is is conflicted all over the place and should recuse. He wants a gag order to prevent Trump from exposing his daughter’s lucrative contracts with Democrats, including someone tied to a key witness at the trial. Lara Loomer put this out and pretty much lays it out.

She says the following Lauren Merchant’s mother and judge merchants wife work for the Trump hating New York attorney General Leticia James. Now that Judge Merchant has expanded the gag order tonight on Trump, preventing him from speaking about the judges family. After I expose Lauren Merchant, it’s time for me to introduce you all to Lauren Merchant’s mother. Meet Lara Merchant. Lara Merchant is the mother of a radical leftist political operative, Lauren Merchant, whose father is Judge Juan Merchant.

The rabid TD’s suffering judge presiding over Alvin Bragg’s lawfare attack against Trump was a special assistant attorney general under New York. New York Attorney General Letitia James, another major conflict of interest. Lara Merchant was employed by the New York state attorney general from 2009 to 2022. Leticia James was installed into office in 2019 after running on a campaign to get Trump. I wonder if they ever met. Do you think they all go on family date nights to the voodoo shops in Chelsea, New York to put pins into Trump dolls? I think about that sometimes.

Receipts. I have provided a copy of Judge merchants mortgage satisfaction document to prove that he and Lara are or were married. That’s very interesting. And Mike Davis says the following about merchant says putting a gag order on a criminal defendant is a clear violation of his constitutional rights. This Democrat judge won’t let the law get in his way of his partisan pursuit of Trump. Why doesn’t he want the public to know his adult daughter might be profiting from this trial? Isn’t that interesting? Trump, he put this out on truth.

He said the following I was just informed that another corrupt New York judge, Juan Merchant, gagged me so that I cannot talk about the corruption and conflicts taking place in his courtroom with respect to a case that everyone, including the DA, felt should never have been brought. They can talk about me, but I can’t talk about them. That sounds fair, doesn’t it? This judge should be recused and the case should be thrown out.

There has virtually never been a more conflicted judge than this one. Election interference at its worst. But you can see everything that they put into place is not working. I mean, Mark Elias, it looks like he’s the mastermind of most of this. And everything he tries to do where he’s attacking Trump, it seems to fail every step of the way. And what’s very interesting is that Trump decided to retruth Brian Kate’s article about Mark Elias.

And this is what Brian says. A week ago, I wrote an article about Mark Elias and the lawfare against Trump failing. Today, it got reposted by Trump top Democrat lawyer Mark Elias. The party’s go to guy for rigging and stealing elections, has every reason to be scared. And let me just read a part of the article and why he’s scared. If you cannot see the opponent you are fighting with any accuracy, then the strategies you will end up deploying against them will fail.

Also, you will not accurately predict or see your opponent’s moves against you. This inability to see Trumps accurately or understand what counter moves would be made has led to this present situation where the outrageous, over the top civil judgments against him in New York City generated massive support and sympathy for Trump at the blatant unfairness of the ruling. And yes, this will continue as time goes on, because every time they try to attack Trump, it’s not going to work in their favor.

And the people see him as the victim. They see that these cases are all hoaxes. And the people see election interference. They see the victim being attacked every step of the way. They see Biden attacking his political opponent. That’s what the people see. And it’s becoming clearer and clearer every single day. So if Biden is losing and the people are seeing him lose every step of the way, do you think the people are going to vote for him? Do you think the people are going to say, this is the guy that we need? Actually, most of the people think that he’s probably going to die in his second term, or he’ll have dementia and he won’t be able to function, which means Kamala Harris will be then president.

So there was a poll from MailOnline found that just 38% of likely voters are confident that Biden would still be alive at the end of the second term, 33% are not confident he’ll make it. So the people are looking at the situation saying, yeah, this doesn’t look good whatsoever, and it looks like Biden’s not going to be able to make it. Which means as the economy breaks apart, as we get closer and closer to war, as people see Biden trip up the stairs, lose his mind, you think that people can be like, yeah, this is the guy.

This is it. Even the Ds, they’re going to go, you know, you know something, this is not the guy. And this is why they’re going to have to bring in the change of batter. Actually, when you look at Wisconsin and Patriots, Ar control put this out on x wins Wisconsin Democrats have organized a group to vote uninstructed against Joe Biden in today’s primary due to his handling of the cause of situation.

So how is the establishment going to sell 81 million votes this time when Biden doesn’t even have the support of his own base? You think he’s going to have the support of the base when the economy starts to really break down? I mean, that’s why they had the bridge event, because they’re going to try to shift this away from Biden. But the people already know that the economy is breaking down because of Biden.

In the end, this is going to fail big time. And today we have Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin. They’re going to get their say in the presidential primaries. Who are they going to pick? This is going to be very, very interesting. I do believe they’re going to pick Trump, and I do believe we know that they’re going to pick Biden. So I do believe these two individuals, they are going to go up against each other until something happens to Biden and they have a change of batter.

But you can see every step of the way, more and more evidence is pouring out that there was election fraud in 2020. Kaneko the great put this out and said, Mark Wingate, a Fulton county elections board member, testifies that he voted against certified in the 2020 election because the county did not verify the signatures on 147,000 mail in ballots. I asked what did we do for signature verification? And the comment I got back frankly floored me.

We didn’t do any. Additionally, the county could not provide any chain of custody documentation or surveillance footage for mail in ballots or drop boxes. I had other board members that had requested and obtained the chain of custody documentation from the department, and none of that was ever delivered. There was never any surveillance tape, an inch of footage delivered to the board. He also says there was a problem with the voter registration rolls that still exists in Fulton county.

So if we don’t have the chain of custody, if we don’t have this information, the election should be called off and reversed and we have to take it again with paper ballots because how is this a certified election if there’s no information on the election? It makes no sense. What, what happens if you had a recount? This doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. And this shows you how bad the election fraud is.

George put this out and said New Mexico federal judges issued a 300 page ruling in favor of election integrity activists who argued that the state violated federal law by refusing to provide election records. The judge also awarded attorney fees to the Patriots secretary Oliver. And the attorney general violated the public inspection provision by refusing to timely produce voter data in response to voter referenced February 2022 and May 2022 voter data requests.

Voter reference is entitled to a reasonable attorney’s fees, litigation expenses and costs accrued in this prosecution of claims made under the National Voter Registration act. So once again, if they can’t produce any information, the election cannot be certified and we should have that information right there. But again, if you’re cheating in the election, what are you going to do? You’re going to hide that information or destroy that information? And it looks like that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

We see it out in Arizona, we see it out in Georgia, we see it in Pennsylvania and many other states. It’s all the same, the same exact pattern. And once again, the people have the right to see the results. They have the right to see the signatures. They have the right to see it all, because this is the people’s election. It’s not the deep state election. This is why we can’t use the system.

This is why the deep state cannot be in charge of the election, which means we need a way to get out of their system. But we know as we approach the presidential election, the deep state players, most likely they’re going to use certain tactics to try to build up their candidate. Can they build Biden up enough? I don’t think so. I think his poll number is going to drop like crazy.

And I think the poll numbers that they’re putting out there right now where they’re bringing in Michelle Obama, I do believe this. Her set, they’re already setting it up. Oh, look, she can be a candidate. It’s no problem here. They can’t make it look like she’s way above. That would look ridiculous right now. She’s not even running. And I do believe they’re saving probably Taylor Swift for the right moment.

Now, either she’s going to endorse Biden and that’s going to switch over to Michelle Obama, or they’re going to wait for Michelle Obama and tell us what is going to then endorse Michelle Obama to give her that boost. But I do believe Trump, he might already have something or someone to counter all of this because he put this out on truth. He said the following. Musk may endorse a 2024 candidate in the final stretch.

And this was during the interview with Don Lemon. So do you think Elon, in the end, if he sees Taylor Swift endorse Michelle Obama, do you think he’s going to come out and then endorse Trump and say, this is the guy? Remember, he has millions and millions of people following him. This would be very, very interesting. And this means that Trump would counter the deep state’s election strategy.

Hmm. Very interesting. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we know that the deep state players, they’re putting out movies because they’re late. They like to tell us what they’re going to do. Just like we saw in the beginning scene of leave the world behind, the cargo ship was cyber attacked. It, I think it was called the white line, which was the first lathe ship, it ran aground.

Then just a couple days ago, we had a cargo shoot ship that was hit by something. The power went out and it ran into the bridge. And it just, just so happened to be the Francisco key bridge, which was the God, the guy who created the national anthem. I mean, was that message? Absolutely. But during the movie, there was a sonic attack after the cyber attack, and you could hear it and people would double over and they would feel pain.

Now, there’s also information that there was something like this in Havana and affected the soldiers there. And CB’s news, 60 Minutes, they ran a segment that sought to blame the Havana syndrome illness, which largely occurred during the Trump administration on Russia. Hmm. That’s interesting. Are they projecting what they’re planning to do? Because it’s very interesting that they decided to run this piece and we’re approaching the presidential election.

So the Havana syndrome remains a lingering mystery in many minds, despite the unclassified us intelligence review published last year that concluded it was very unlikely to be the result of hostile foreign actions. You think this is a weapon of the deep state players? Most likely. But Paul Sperry says the following. The lawyer who pushed to 60 Minutes, the story rushes behind the debunked Havana syndrome is the same anti Trump dem lawyer who rep.

The anonymous impeachment whistleblower Erica Chermella. Mark Zaid is now repping anonymous FBI official accusing Russia of attacks. So basically, are they setting the narrative? Are they setting all of this up and telling people right now on 60 Minutes that Russia is responsible for this? Because think about what’s happening. The presidential election is approaching. All of a sudden, we have a cargo ship. It was hit by something. The power went out, crashed into the bridge.

Now all of a sudden, they’re bringing this Havana syndrome into focus, blaming it on Russia. Will this be the attack on America? Will there be a cyber attack? And then will there be this sonic attack on the american people? Or will there be a sonic attack on the american people? First, so this way they can broadcast out there that Russia is doing it. They have the ability to do this.

And they could show the people in different towns doubling over, and then we have a cyber attack and then blame it all on Russia. It looks like they’re definitely projecting something out there. And remember, in this month, they have a movie coming out called Civil War. This is what they really want in the end. And yes, with the insurgency, they’re going to try to push the civil war.

But again, you have to remember Trump this entire time, he is building the counter insurgency. He has the military, he just needs the people on his side. And once he has all the people, and yes, that includes the DS, the counterinsurgency is then complete. And no, the people aren’t going to be fighting each other. The people are going to be united against the common enemy. That’s what the counterinsurgency is.

I mean, will he get 100% of the people? No, he’ll probably get probably anywhere from 90% to 95% of the people. The rest of the people, they’ll be lost. We’ll have to explain it to them later on. But you have to remember what the deep state is doing. They’re trying to make this country a third world nation. They’re trying to get rid of the constitution. This is what Trump and the patriots have been showing the people.

They’re allowing the deep state to do what they do best. Why interfere with an enemy while they’re in the process of destroying themselves? They’re make, they’re trying to make this country into a third world nation. That’s why Trump continually says it. He put this out on truth. He said the following under crooked Joe Biden, we have become a third world nation. Our borders are gone. Our legal system is weaponized.

Our elections are corrupt. It doesn’t get any worse than that. MaGa 2024. Absolutely. And I want to go back to a couple posts, and since he put this out at 810 in the morning, I want to go back to February 22, 2018 and post a ten. It says, how do you break up something this big? What happens if low, mid senior non corrupt patriots learn they were sold out? What happens? Who is waiting with open arms with a plan to reorg under a single entity with a direct os by trusted patriots who are trusted patriots who understand intel collection? Would that be the military? Hmm, interesting post.

992, April 3, 2018. Drops will go fast. White House clean marker. Everything is planned. Years message, Unity awakening. We fight Lexington, Concord, stay together. Absolutely. We’ve been told that this was going to take a long time. A counter insurgency takes a while. You need to wake the people up. The people need to see the system, and the people are seeing the system. You can see out in Chicago, New York, they’re actually calling the people criminals, the tyrannical government.

They’re calling them criminals, and the criminals are letting in criminals. The people are getting it. They’re understanding. And as time goes on and the system breaks down and people see it, the people see the economy break down. The people see us going to war. The people see events. The people see what Biden, what Obama, what the deep state wants to do, where they want to bring us to war.

This is when people are going to push back in the end, because they’re all going to hit the precipice one way or another. People have already hit the precipice, but a lot more are going to hit it when all of this comes down around them, which means Trump will finally have the counterinsurgency and will be able to go up against a deep state as soon as everyone votes for Trump.

And I do believe the only way to do this is to not use their system. Yeah, we probably can use it and overwhelm it. But I do believe for some reason, Trump really wants to win and shove it in their face saying, look, I got it all. I got the people, I got the electoral count, and I just didn’t win by a small margin. I brought the freight train and I just rammed it into you and look how much I won by.

I do believe all this is going to happen one way or another. Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .

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