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➡ The X22 Report podcast episode talks about rising crime rates in the U.S., a tactical flashlight for personal safety, and political issues. The host believes that corrupt politicians and big tech are causing panic, and that secrets about pedophiles and other crimes are being exposed. He also thinks that Trump will win the next election and that Obama spied on Trump. The host suggests that the public needs to be slowly informed about these issues so they can make informed decisions in the next election.
➡ The article discusses allegations against Joe Biden and his family, suggesting they have been involved in criminal activities and have lied to the public. It also mentions that Biden’s actions have led to problems like open borders and a struggling economy. The article suggests that Trump is using these issues to gain public support for the 2024 election. It ends by discussing concerns about free speech and censorship in the U.S. and Europe.
➡ This text talks about concerns over government overreach and censorship, especially in relation to social media. It suggests that the government is trying to control what people can say, even if it’s not true. The text also discusses issues in Haiti, where there’s a power struggle and potential for a civil war. Lastly, it mentions concerns about child trafficking and pedophilia, suggesting that these issues are being slowly revealed to the public.
➡ This text talks about various political and social issues, including lawsuits, child abductions, and government corruption. It suggests that there’s a plan to expose these issues and bring down those responsible. The text also discusses the idea of open borders and gun control, suggesting that these are part of a larger plan to destabilize the country. It ends by suggesting that the military might need to get involved to maintain order.
➡ Brazilian leader Bolsonaro and former U.S. President Trump are facing legal challenges, with Bolsonaro accused of faking his COVID vaccination data and Trump facing multiple indictments. Trump’s business is also under threat due to a political attack, which is causing people to leave New York. Trump is appealing these decisions, but the process is expensive and he may need financial support from his followers. The situation is seen as an example of a government targeting its political opponents.
➡ Stephanie Lambert, a lawyer, found evidence of foreign interference in the 2020 US elections in the Dominion voting system and reported it to law enforcement. This has led to a call for a congressional investigation into the integrity of the election system. Meanwhile, Google has been accused of interfering in US elections to favor Democrats, and there are concerns about the influence of social media companies on election outcomes. The article also discusses potential candidates for vice president and the need for justice and law to return to the country.


That’s sand. You’re listening to the X 20 Future report. My name is David. This episode 3309 bn today’s date is March 19, 2024, and the title of the episode is all three movies playing at the same time. Guardian of pedophiles panic in DC Spygate justice let’s talk about protecting ourself. Law enforcement agencies across the country are struggling to contain the steadily rising violent crime rates. Carjacking, homicides, robberies show no sign of slowing down and have affected politicians and residents alike, leaving many Americans fearful of their safety.

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Completely complimentary with every order. That’s Fighterflare. com. That is Fighterflare. com. Or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse, political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters, they are now panicking because if you really notice what’s happening right now, all the movies are playing at the same time. And the people, they’re starting to realize what’s really going on.

And when you really look at it, you can see guardians of the pedophiles, those individuals that are guarding their deep, dark secrets. Well, that’s being exposed to the public right now. And I do believe with Haiti and everything else that we’re seeing eventually with Epstein’s black book, I do believe we’re going to see a lot more. There is panic in DC because they realize that Trump, he’s going to win.

They couldn’t stop him. He’s the GOP nominee and they realize, holy crap, everything that we tried to do is not working. And the people, they are now siding with Trump. And now we have Obama, which is Spygate, FiSA gate, treason, you name it, that is now coming into focus and people are starting to learn about that. And I do believe once Jim Jordan starts to expose the crossfire hurricane documents, all of a sudden you’re going to see something that you haven’t seen before.

Now, of course, those people have been doing research and been looking at everything. They already know this. But think about the rest of the population that really knows nothing about Obama and what he’s been up to and how he tried and how he did. Actually, I should say, how he did spy on Trump. So in the end, when you see all these things happening, this is about exposing everything that these people have done.

Because remember, if the people don’t know how, then are they going to say, you know something, we can’t allow this to happen. How then are they going to vote for Trump? How then are they going to say, we have to take back the country? If they don’t know who’s treasonous, they don’t know what the criminal syndicate is, they don’t know who the pedophiles are. If they don’t know any of this, how in the world are they going to make a logical decision during the election? They won’t be able to.

So this is why we see all of this information coming out. And I do believe this is why Trump and the patriots made sure that there were MAGA patriots in the house to expose all of this. Because remember, if the DS controlled the house, nobody would be seeing any of this. Remember, if the deep state was truly in control, none of this information would be out there. It would be hidden.

Nobody would know about Joe Biden’s shell companies. No one would know about Hunter Biden and how Joe Biden was working with him to launder money and deal with foreign governments. No one would see, hey, look, they blackmail people. January 6 was a gigantic hoax. They’re the ones who had the insurrection. No one would know about Obama, which is now coming up, that, yes, he spied on Trump. He orchestrated the whole thing.

He was behind the 16 year plan. He orchestrated the whole thing, and he’s continually doing this. No one would know any of these things. And remember, to bring the people into the fold, you just can’t dump all this information on them. You got to bring it up slowly. And I do believe in the end, with all this information coming out in the end. The people will say, yes, we need to have justice.

And I do believe the rule of law is going to return to the land because what are the people seeing? They’re seeing a two tier justice system. They’re seeing what they’re doing to Trump. If they can do that to Trump, what do you think they’re going to do to the rest of the people? Because remember, they’re following their 16 year plan. Trump and the patriots, they’re not interfering with the enemy.

Why interfere with the enemy while they’re in the process of destroying themselves? You don’t, you let the people see it. You let the people make their decision. Remember, Trump, he’s creating the counterinsurgency. And the people, they’re part of it. And it has to be the people that take back this country because the constitution is based on we the people. So I do believe the plan is working. And yes, we’re going to see crazy things.

Yes, it’s going to get darker. But think about it. It’s going to wake up a lot of people, especially the DS. Yes, there might be a lot of Republicans are awake, but do they know everything? No, there’s a lot of independents that are awake. But do they know everything? Do they know how treasonous Obama has been, how he’s been working with foreign governments to destroy this country with his insurgency? No, they don’t.

They have no knowledge of that whatsoever. They might have hurt certain things. But again, I do believe the proof is going to be coming out and they’ve already started this. And you can see Obama, he’s been traveling around, talking to certain individuals. And I do believe that this is part of it because he’s panicking, because now information is going to be coming out and he’s talking to the elites and most likely they’re formulating a plan.

Remember, how do they cover up their crimes? How do they cover up everything that they have done? They use distractions. So I do believe most likely they’re planning for a major distraction, which I think we already knew that they were going to do this in the end no matter what. Because, again, they rather have war, they rather kill millions of people than actually have the people see their crimes.

So I do believe as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, we’re going to see more and more chaos. And you can see they’ve been ramping up the gun control and they’re already now arming the illegals in this country. Think about the 16 year plan. They wanted to take the weapons away from the people and they wanted their foot soldiers to have the weapons. Think about that for a second.

Most of these illegals, they’re not going to get their weapons legally. They’re going to get it on the black market. But what they’re doing is they’re making it easier for the illegals to get the weapons. We’ll be talking a lot more about this a little bit later. But first, you could see the fake news. Well, they do what they do best. They are the fake news. And what’s very interesting, when it comes to the left and the left commits a crime or does something, they always like to blur out their faces saying, hey, listen.

Yeah, we blur out the faces of suspects that are under 18, even killers. But when it comes to the right, what do they do? They show the children, they show the teenagers that are under 18, they have no problem doing it. And Muknis put this out and said, the media, we blur the faces of suspects that are under 18, even killers. And when you look, yeah, they’re blurring out the left, those individuals that commit crimes.

But on the right, when you see the Covington Catholic school kid and you see the other kid that was at the Chiefs game where he painted his face, they didn’t blur out their faces. Not at all. They showed them no problem. So again, you could see the fake news. And Trump said it from the very, very beginning, they are the enemy of the people. Why? Because they work with the criminal syndicate, that is why.

They are the bullhorn for the criminal syndicate. But they’re losing their power big time. They don’t have the pull that they used to have. Actually, it has declined so much, they can barely keep a hoax going. More than a couple of minutes today. That’s how bad it has gotten for them. And it’s going to get a lot worse, especially as the maca patriots expose everything that they’re doing.

Remember, this is about educating the people in this country, because remember, the people thought, ooh, the Obama administration, there were no scandals. Joe Biden, look at this. He’s been politics for a very long time. Upstanding citizen. Look at his taxes. He’s perfect. Now people are starting to realize, wait a minute, he showed us the taxes that he wanted us to show us, but he left out the 20 shell companies, he left out the money laundering, he left out the collusion with foreign governments.

He left all of that out. And he lied to the people. Plus he kept classified documents in multiple locations, lied to the people again, and then actually dictated the classified information to his ghost writer. I mean, really think about this for a second. What do you think is going to happen to Obama because he’s on deck? You think the people are going to learn a lot? Oh, I do believe so.

But look, there are people that are continually testifying against Biden. And right now, the oversight committee, they released the transcript of Eric Sherwin, a Hunter Biden business associate who also was the bookkeeper for then Vice president Joe Biden. And here are the key takeaways for this. Eric Sherwin’s testimony reveals Joe Biden’s claim there was an absolute wall between his government duties and his family’s business is false. Joe Biden’s claim he had no interactions with his son associate is false.

Sherwin admitted to having access to Joe Biden’s checking account and corporate account through the end of 2017, but never saw any loans made out to his brother and sister in law, James and Sarah Biden. Sherwin odly said that a grandchild may have put money in Joe Biden’s checking account. Sherwin had no visibility on key foreign payments to the Bidens. During his interview, Eric Sherwin stated he prepared financial documents and bookkeeping tasks for then Vice President Biden.

Joe Biden did not pay Sherwin for his professional services, which included paying bills, tax preparation, and financial disclosures. Then VP Biden and his staff often met with Eric Sherwin at the White House regarding bills and financial matters. And Eric Sherwin would help with guest lists for events at Vice President Biden’s naval observatory residence while providing free financial services to VP Biden. Sherwin was appointed to the commission for the Preservation of America’s heritage abroad in 2015, the same commission that Dem donor Elizabeth Naftali was appointed to after buying Hunter Biden’s art.

So that’s very interesting. And then Eric Sherman confirms that Joe Biden used Robinware four five six email alias while serving as vice president. So there’s confirmation all over the place. And the people, they’re learning, they’re understanding. And what’s very interesting is that we can see the House Oversight committee. They haven’t brought any charges against Hunter Biden. Remember, he said he was going to testify in a public hearing.

He backed out of that. And I think at this point in time, the oversight committee, maybe they’ll give Hunter Biden one more chance. What it looks like they’re doing, if he skips again, they should bring a criminal referral, just like they did with the Trump administration. So James Comer, he’s floating the possibility of criminal referrals. If Hunter Biden skips public hearing. Now, once again, yes, they can bring criminal referrals, but again, who’s going to actually do anything about it? Not many people.

Because, remember, it’s the criminal syndicate. And I think James Comer knows this and he knows that nothing’s going to happen. Because, again, you’re in DC, you’re in the belly of the beast. So not much can happen when the criminal syndicate controls everything. But what’s very interesting is that Trump, during his rally, he used the word bloodbath, and he knew that the fake news, the corrupt politicians, they use bloodbath over and over and over, and it looks like he did this on purpose.

Number one, to call attention to what’s happening here in the United States. It’s a bloodbath under Joe Biden. Number two, I do believe he’s pushing the deep state down a certain path and having them set the narrative for what’s coming for the 2024 election. Because again, they’re now using the idea that Trump is going to incite violence during the 2024 election. I do believe he has now set them up for all of this.

But when you look at what Biden has been doing, what are the people noticing? They’re noticing the actual bloodbath. And that’s coming from the DS, it’s coming from the treasonous people that are in DC. Libs of TikTok put this out and said, you know what the real bloodbath is? It’s illegals invading our country and committing murder. Remember their names? Lake and Riley. Christopher Gad. Elizabeth Medina, Melissa and Riordan Powell.

David Hatrick, Cindy Golding. Cheston Edwards. Deborah Brandau. Nazareth Tamer Clara. So, and the list goes on. There’s many, many more names. So people, now they see the bloodbath. And actually, Dan Scovino, he put out a video and it shows Biden’s border bloodbath. So Trump, he turned this around, he flipped the script on them, and he’s using this against them. And the people of this country, they’re seeing the actual bloodbath that Biden has caused.

And is this helping Biden? Is it helping the DS? No, this is Trump’s campaign that you’re witnessing. He allowed the enemy to do what they do best. He didn’t interfere with them because he knew to get the people. All he needed to do was allow the enemy to open the borders, crash the economy, infiltrate the schools, have it all exposed, try to bring us to war. Once the people see this, Trump just had to do the opposite.

And he would say, listen, you like the open borders, or do you want me to shut it down? Oh, do you like the economy crashing, or would you like me to improve it? Where you have a job, inflation is very, very low, unemployment is very, very low, and the economy is doing well, and you have more money in your pockets. See, Trump is using all these issues against them.

And this is his major campaign. And even when you look at the indictments, he’s using this against them. Look, they’re attacking a political opponent. Look at the two tier justice system. I’m the victim. If they’re doing this to me, can you imagine what they’re going to do to you? And people, they’re seeing it. They understand it. And Trump’s winning the hearts and mind of the people. And the people are watching this.

They’re looking at the issues, and Trump is giving solutions to what’s going on. Biden can’t give solutions. He caused all of this. And I think the people recognize this. And if you start to look at the polls, the people have no problem calling these individuals that are coming over the border illegally illegals. No one’s calling them newcomers except for the deep state players. The people of this country are saying, no, they are criminal invaders.

They’re illegally in this country. Rasmussen reports did a poll and they said 62% okay with illegal to describe border crossers. Joe Biden has expressed regret for calling Venezuela born murderer suspect illegal. But most voters think that’s what such foreign lawbreakers should be called. And yes, that’s what they should be called. Actually, they should be criminal invaders because most of these individuals, they are not here to make the country better.

They’re not here to make a living. They’re here to destroy the country. And that’s why the deep state players are bringing all these people in. But you have to know that the deep state players, they’re going to have to basically control the flow of information. This is why we have Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum talking about misinformation, disinformation. That was the big subject there. How can we get the people back on our side? Because we’re losing the people.

The people are believing all this other stuff that’s true. We need to give them lies. And how do we get them to believe the lies? Well, once the people are awake, it’s very, very difficult to actually have the people believe the lies again. So what are they doing? They’re taking this to the next level. What you’re going to see with all these laws out in Europe, instead of just censoring people.

They’re going to be arresting people. We already saw it in Germany, where a schoolgirl decided to speak out, put out a little video using the Smurfs, and they came in and they took her. They arrested her. The same thing’s going to happen in other countries. We’ll be talking about that in just a sec. But here in the United States, we know that there’s a case going on with the Supreme Court, Murphy versus Missouri.

And Rand Paul says this is the most consequential free speech case in US history. This isn’t just about social media companies. It’s a critical examination of government overreach. The Biden administration and FBI’s efforts to influence big tech into silencing dissent tramples on the First Amendment. Our focus must be on preventing government censorship, not compelling private entities to act as censors. This case could redefine our free speech. But again, the people, they have the right to speak frequently.

The government doesn’t have the right to censor because the contract that they swore allegiance to where they took the oath says you can’t violate the people’s rights and there are consequences if you do. So I don’t see the Supreme Court ruling in any other way except for the constitution. Just like they ruled in Trump’s favor with the ballot, nine to zero, because the government has no right to say, I don’t like what you’re saying because I have the truth, and what you’re saying is not the truth.

Well, that’s their opinion. But again, nobody cares what the government’s opinion is. It doesn’t affect the people because they’re not allowed to say what we can or cannot say, even if it’s misinformation or disinformation. So once again, the government is overreaching as they’re overreaching with everything. But again, what’s going to happen? And we can see this happening out in Europe first, because remember, they don’t have a constitution like the United States.

Remember, we’re born with these rights. So instead of just censoring, what they’re going to do is they’re going to take it to the next step. They’re going to start to arrest people. And we’ve seen this going back in history. N. Wilkness put this out and said, beginning next month in Scotland, it will be a crime to speak, post an insult if it causes someone else to have hateful views.

That includes any insult that might end up stirring up hatred against illegal aliens under this law. A negative comment about illegal immigration could be a crime, which means they’re going to fine and they’re going to arrest people. What do you think Canada is doing? Remember what they do. And I’m talking about the central bank, the World Economic Forum, the deep state players. They push their agendas in all these different countries, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, France, Canada, because their constitutions are not like the United States.

Think about COVID and the vaccine passport. They pushed their draconian measures in all of these different areas first, and then they tried to push it here in the United States. They’re doing the same thing with free speech. They want people arrested. They don’t want people countering their narrative. And if you’re going to counter their narrative, well, we can’t have you on these platforms. It’s not enough just to censor you.

We have to make an example of you so other people don’t do it. So this is what they’re really going to do. And you can see this is what they’re pushing because when you’re losing, this is what a tyrannical government does. And all tyranical governments throughout the world, this is what they do. Go back in history when people were going up against their narrative and people were fighting back.

What did they do? They arrested people. They threw him away. They put him in prison, never to be seen again. What do you think is happening right now? Look at Navarro. They are throwing him in prison. He’s a political prisoner. He’s a hostage just like everyone else from January 6. This is what they do. But I do believe the people now, they’re going to see other information. They’re going to see other things that the deep state has been doing.

They’ve seen Joe Biden. They’ve seen his treasonous crimes. They’ve seen him lie. And now it’s branching off, and people are going to start to realize, wait a minute, there’s a whole pedophilia, human trafficking, child trafficking network that has been going on right under our nose. And yes, I do believe that’s what’s happening out in Haiti right now, all the violence. Because remember, think about Biden. Think about the UN.

They lost control of Haiti, and they’re trying to regain control. And the people of Haiti. And yes, they’re gang members. Yes, they have taken control. Yes, it might be chaos right now, but it means the deep state players, they’re no longer in control. They’re trying to get back in control, but it’s not working. And the violence in Haiti continues to rage. The country now is divided between political players jockeying for unelected political power.

In the transition council that was proposed by the caribbean regional leaders and the gang rebels that control as much as 80% of the Capitol, a lot of the action seems to concentrate around former police officers and gang rebel leader Jimmy Chereserior, also known as barbecue. And after barbecue, called for a revolution against the haitian elite and threatened politicians that participated in the transition council, the haitian police recognized itself and attacked the gang.

With big operation on its controlled territory, barbecue rejected foreign solutions for an electoral roadmap with a path to peace. And right now, you can see the United nations, the US, and other countries, they’re panicking over this because they have lost control of Haiti and it looks like they’re going to have a civil war and they want full power there, which means they’re going to be exposing what the deep state has been doing there.

And I do believe people are going to learn quite a bit. But the other thing that’s very interesting is that the dominican republic, they built a twelve foot tall border wall to protect them from gangs and crime. So they’re on the border with Haiti. They built a wall to keep out people. It’s amazing how Ukraine, Jordan, and many other countries, they’re able to build a wall, but here in the United States, they tell us walls don’t work except all the DS.

They have walls around their. Hmm, that’s very interesting. But again, why are we seeing all this? Because I do believe this is the introduction into what they’ve been doing with the children. Child trafficking, pedophilia. Remember, you can’t dump this on the people because most of the people would pop. They wouldn’t be able to accept this. But if you drip the information out and you show the people what’s been going on in these different areas, people then would accept it little bit at a time.

Post 31 25 March 20, 2019 the attempted coup treason opens the public door to more serious crimes. The pill must be easy to swallow. The lead in the public must be prepared for what is about to come. The Clinton foundation, what were they doing in Haiti? Think about it. Julian’s rum put this out and said the global elite’s entire power structure is a pedo blackmail system. If that falls apart, they fall apart.

And he’s absolutely true. And remember, go back in time. Trump put this out on his Twitter feed. Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents, fast trial, death penalty. Did he know? Absolutely. And think about all the people that Biden has been bringing into his administration. This is his pedophilia network, not his personally. It’s the deep states network, remember, their entire system is made up on blackmail and bribes.

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Just go to getnateppath. com x 22 for the special offer plus free shipping and get it while supplies last. They find these people that have fetishes. They find the pedophiles and they bribe and they blackmail them. And then they can control them. And think about all the people that he brought into his administration. Most of these people have major, major problems. Andy no put this out and said a drag queen LGBTQ star who was invited to the White House is now being accused of sex crimes by four young men.

An additional accuser has sued Shangela for rape, but that case was settled out of court. So again, look who he’s bringing in. Look who’s in his administration, and look who he’s propping up because he needs to keep these people in line. Remember this is their entire system. Let’s go back to post 29 November 1, 2017. Down below it says the pedo networks are being dismantled. The child abductions of satanic rituals, I.

E. Haiti and other third world countries are paused, not terminated, until players in custody. It’s amazing how all of a sudden we had an overthrow of the government there by the people and they don’t want Biden to get involved with anything. That’s very interesting. Then we go to post 49 four. It shows movie posters. The first one is guardians of the pedophile, then panic in DC and then FISA gate with Obama.

And we have Comey, we have Hillary Clinton. And down below it says all three movies playing simultaneously. Do you find it interesting that everything discussed in the past is somehow making news of late? And I do believe this is going to continue down the line. And yes, this is about exposing it all, because once you rip this apart and once it’s exposed, their entire system comes crumbling down, their house of cards comes crashing down.

And the first part was to actually show the fake news, which Trump did, and then show who the liars are, the criminals are, and show what they’ve been doing. And that was Biden. And now we’re going to get into Obama, we’re going to get into Hillary, and we’re going to see a lot more. And during this period of time, people have been seeing the grooming that, people have been seeing the infiltration.

It’s all building right now. And people, it’s much, much easier for them to accept it because they’ve been seeing it play out. They see it in their schools, they see it in colleges, they see it everywhere. And once the people know, it’s game over for all of these people. But you can see the people that they bring in. They don’t like this country, they don’t like the Constitution, and they would really like everything just completely destroyed.

James O’Keefe went undercover and he interviewed the associate director in the office of the secretary of defense. And he says, why not? And this is what the associate director said, why not just have an open border tear down the wall? I think we should repeal the second amendment and take the guns all away, says Jason Beck, who has a classified security clearance and works for the Department of Defense.

So basically, this is how they think, and this is why they have these people in there. Remember, it’s the swamp. You don’t bring in the people that fight for the Constitution. If you’re going to bring people into the criminal syndicate, you bring in people that hate the constitution that want to destroy this country. And that’s why you see what we see today. And you can see that Hollywood is part of this.

Hollywood wants gun control because again, who controls Hollywood? The deep state players as part of the criminal syndicate. So now we have Hollywood and the Brady campaign. They’re going to prevent gun violence by teaming up with CBS SWAT to include gun control messages during the show. So really think about this now, what they’re trying to do, because remember, as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, what do they got to do? They got to really push gun control and they actually have to give the weapons to the illegals that are coming in.

So we have the US district Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, appointed by Barack Obama, rule that an illegal immigrant has the right to bear arms under the second amendment of the US Constitution. This ruling came about in the case of Hariberto Flores, who faced charges under 18 USC section nine two, federal statute that prohibits noncitizens without legal status in the US from possessing, in or affecting commerce any firearm or ammunition, or to receive any firearm or ammunition which has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.

So basically, she has now ruled that the criminal invaders coming into this country, some are human traffickers, child traffickers, criminals, terrorists, they’re allowed to get weapons. That’s interesting. But those on X, they had something to say about this. The Patriot voice wrote, I want to read that again slowly and tell me how we are not being set up for some serious action on our own soil with armed foreign invaders.

This is a communist ruling which is sure to purposely embolden criminals that are coming over our border by the millions. Another user commented, I don’t want to hear one more liberal crying about guns and banning them, not after the illegal army Biden brought in just got the ghost sign to get locked and loaded. Whatever your view on guns is, you can’t possibly think this will end anyway, other than bad.

Another said, I’m a federal felon and I find it ludicrous that I don’t have a second amendment anymore. But someone who breaks federal immigration law gets to have a second amendment. So these people aren’t citizens. They’re in this country illegally. They’re not vetted. And when you put them through this system, what is this going to spit out? Nothing. Even if they were murderers in another country. And most of these people, first of all, they’re not going to go through the legal channels.

They’ll get it other ways. But those other people, they’re going to get their weapons and they’re really here illegally. They broke a law. And why do they want them armed? Because this is part of the 16 year plan. The 16 year plan was to disarm the american people and allow the illegals to be armed. So what they wanted to do is they wanted to confiscate all the weapons from the people, but they were going to allow the illegals coming in this country to have weapons.

Why? Because these are their foot soldiers, that’s why. And now I think it’s becoming clearer and clearer to people what this 16 year plan really is and what they are planning to do. It’s an insurgency and you have to arm your insurgents. And remember, they didn’t take the people’s guns away. Now, I’m not calling for violence because the people of this country are not going to go out with their guns and shoot people.

But we know the deep state players, they will try to do us harm because look what they did in 2020. They murdered people, they looted, they burned buildings down. And the deep state loved it. The fake news loved the violence. They’re the ones who committed the violence, not the patriots of this country. It’s like going back to the revolutionary war. Do you really think the colonists were burning down their towns? Do you really think the colonists were looting their own businesses? No, it was who? The tyranical government.

They came in and they looted, they pillaged and they killed. What do you think is happening now? A tyrannical government with their foot soldiers are coming into the neighborhoods of the american citizen and they’re looting, they’re burning and they’re killing. You see similarities? I do. And I do believe they’re going to build this up and you’re going to see more and more violence as we approach the presidential election because again, they’re going to have to ramp everything up right now because the presidential election is approaching.

They weren’t able to get the weapons away, so the only thing they can do is arm the illegals. Which means what are they trying to push? A civil war. Why do you think they’re releasing a movie called civil War in April? Because they’re trying to tell you everything they’re about to do now. Do I think there’s going to be a civil war? No, I don’t think so. I think the people aren’t going to go along with this.

Will they defend themselves? Of course they will. Will they defend their homes? Will they defend their families? Of course they will. But who’s going to be doing the attacking? It’s most likely going to be the deep state players. And if you have millions and millions of people causing chaos, well, can the local law enforcement handle this? No, I do believe this is going to have to go to the next level, and that will be the military, because you have an illegal invading force in this country now with weapons.

Who has to get involved in all this? I do believe it’s going to be the military. Yes. They’re going to have to be called out, because they just can’t sit idly by and watch the country be destroyed by an invading force. Think about it for a sec. And I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they’re leading the deep state down this path. So it makes it a lot easier to round these people up.

And when the people see this, what do you think they’re going to do at the polls? You think they’re going to vote for Biden, who just had all the illegals causing havoc? No, they’re going to vote, or maybe Michelle Obama. They’re going to vote for Trump, who’s saying, this has to be stopped. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see Bolsonaro is like the brazilian Trump.

They are continually going after him. And now he’s being indicted. Very similar. Trump is being indicted multiple times. He’s being indicted over allegedly falsification of his own COVID vaccination data. Now, Bolsonaro has always said that he wasn’t vaccinated, so why would he have to falsify this? This makes no sense. But you can see what they’re trying to do. They’re going after him just like they’re going after Peter Navarro and John Roberts.

He decided to keep Peter Navarro in jail. Peter Navarro responded and said, one of the three Dem judges was on both the panel that received my appeal and the panel that ruled on the appeal. The ODs of this are less than 1%. And you can see they’re making an example of Peter Navarro. He had executive privilege. And again, they’re doing this on purpose, because, again, what does a tyrannical government do? They imprison their political opponents.

They indict their political opponents, they go after their political opponents. And this is exactly what you’re seeing right now. And right now we’re seeing there’s a lot of pressure on Trump because what is the deep state doing? They’re using these ridiculous trials where there’s no victim whatsoever and they’re making him pay an enormous amount of money, which violates the 8th Amendment. Charlie Kirk put this out and said Trump’s business consistently turned a profit.

They consistently repaid the loans. Now a hugely successful business is on the brink of no longer existing, thanks to the calculated political attack from Stonnellus goon Letitia James. But there’s a bigger story here. While New York liberals gloat about Trump’s difficulty posting a half a billion dollar bond, they are destroying the core pieces of the state’s previous prosperity. New York lost more than 101,000 people last year. Since 2020, it has lost more than 600,000.

At first, they were fleeing lockdowns. Now they’re fleeing taxes, urban decay, tyranny. Governor Kathy Hoekel is begging businesses not to move to other, better states to avoid New York’s political reprisals. She promises that this is the only business New York will destroy over politics. She knows this looks like pure political retribution, but why would anyone be dumb enough to believe her? New York is a failed state. And what’s very interesting about Trump’s bond is that the bond issuers, they can’t even issue this bond because they don’t want buildings as collateral, they want cash, and they’d never issued a bond this high.

It’s completely and utterly ridiculous. And we could see that this is causing a major, major problem. And you really have to think about it. Why do you have to put up money if you want to appeal? Why do you have to put up the whole amount? This goes against the Constitution and everything, but again, it is New York. Mark Levin put this out and he says, why are there no republican multi billionaires offering to lend Trump the funds to file his appeal in the outrageous case in New York state? Are none of them liquid enough to help or join with others to help? This is an outrage.

Now, I do believe we’re going to have to see how this plays out. And since Trump has been taking every single sling arrow, I do believe the people might have to step up and help trump out in a way that they all can. And really think about it. Go back to the 2020 election. Let’s just use the number of 70 million people that voted for Trump. If 70 million people gave $7, Trump would have enough to appeal it and the people would help the president that’s been fighting for him.

But let’s see how this plays out. And if we have to go down that path, then I think the people need to step up. Because think about it, he’s been hit with everything. He keeps saying I’m in the way. I’m taking every sling, every arrow, and I’m taking it for the people. So if he’s taking all of know for the people and the people, they don’t want Biden.

They want to take the country back. I think it’s the people’s responsibility to show the dPA players, well, we’re going to support Trump and it’s not going to come from a couple of billionaires, it’s going to come from we the people. And all we have to do is give $7. And actually he can have his appeal and we can then destroy the deep state. Because once he has his appeal, it’s going to show that this whole case is BS.

But let’s see how this plays out and let’s see where this goes. But Trump, he put this out on truth. He said the following. Judge Angoron actually wants me to put up hundreds of millions of dollars for the right to appeal this ridiculous decision. In other words, he is trying to take my appellate rights away from me when I have already won at the appellate division. But he refuses to accept their already made decision.

Nobody has ever heard of anything like this before. I would be forced to mortgage or sell great assets, perhaps at fire sale prices. And if and when I win the appeal, they would be gone. Does that make any sense? Witch hunt. Election interference. Then he put this out. The corrupt political hacks in New York, judge and AG are asking me to put up massive amounts of money before I am allowed to appeal this ridiculous decision.

Never done before. No jury, no victim, full disclaimer clause, happy banks, election interference, witch hunt. And then he said I shouldn’t have to put up any money being forced by the corrupt judge and ag until the end of the appeal. That’s the way the system works. And yes, this is completely unconstitutional. And when you look at the 8th Amendment, it is a violation of the 8th Amendment. But they know how this game works.

It will take time for Trump to actually go up against this, and by that time, everything else would be sold off and he wouldn’t be able to get it back. Mike Davis put this out and said Biden. His White House council staff, Jay Bratt, Jack Smith, Matthew Alvin Bragg, Fonnie Willis, Nathan Wade, Tish James and others are running a criminal conspiracy to politicize and weaponize our justice system against political opponents, interfere in the election, and violate Trump’s civil rights.

There must be a serious legal, political and financial reckoning after Trump’s back in the White House on January 20, 2025. And he’s absolutely right. And Trump said, if I weren’t running for president and leading by a lot, none of this legal lawfare would be happening. Election interference. MAGA and I think people now can see the election interference. It’s very, very clear. And with everything that they’re doing right now, there are no victims.

And that’s key, because if you don’t have a victim, how are you bringing a case? If the banks are happy, Trump’s happy, everyone made money. How do you have a hearing? It makes no sense. And I think the business people of New York, the people of this country, they see it very, very clearly. So with Fonny Willis, we can see Trump now is fighting back. Remember, the judge, he knew that they were completely unethical.

But again, the judge donated to Fonnie Willis her campaign, and he had to make it look good, saying, oh, you know what, okay, let’s get rid of Wade and you can stay fonny, because of course, they have to continue the case because that’s what the deep state is saying. But it looks like Trump’s lawyers are asking for an appellate review of Judge McAfee’s decision against Fonnie Willis. Technofog noted, Judge McAfee rules that only one potential liar can prosecute the case, but not both potential liars.

Instead of curing the appearance of impropriety, it allows it to continue. If Nathan Wade goes, why can Fonny Willis stay? McAfee doesn’t give an answer, and that is true. So Trump and seven co defendants collectively accused of RICO conspiracy today asked McAfee to issue a certificate of immediate review of his order denying disqualification of Fonny Willis. Their certificate, if issued, would allow defendants to seek an immediate appeal of the order.

Because in order for Trump to appeal the order denying disqualification prior to trial, the defendants must obtain a certificate of immediate review within ten days from the date of the order. Trump’s lawyers ask for that certificate. Let’s see how this plays out. This is going to be very interesting. And the other thing that’s very interesting is that Trump, he is now suing George Stephanopoulos for defamation over the Nancy Mace interview.

Because again, George Stephanopoulos continually said that Trump raped E. Jean Carroll. Now, remember, these were not criminal trials and there was no ruling that said he raped E. Jean Carroll. So once again, Stepanovalis is actually putting out misinformation and disinformation. And now we can see that Trump is going after him saying, yeah, I’ve been defamed, and he does have a case there. And the victim is. Hmm, that’s interesting.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that the Michigan attorney, Stephanie Lambert, she was arrested in DC following a court hearing after she gave the evidence of numerous crimes to law enforcement containing internal emails from the Dominion voting systems. So Lambert is defending Patrick Byrne in this election fraud case. She saw something very interesting in the Dominion system. She gave it to law enforcement and now AP is out there saying that she leaked information.

Stephanie Lambert put this out and said, I gave the evidence to law enforcement. The discovery file from Dominion contained evidence of numerous crimes. The constitution does not permit secret Serbians to run our election. Local clerks are to run our election and transparency is prevented by vendors dominion. So she saw that there were foreign entities accessing Dominion and they were running our elections. So she went ahead and referred this to legal authorities, which she should do.

Patrick Byrne responded to this and said, my attorney, Stephanie Lambert, was going through Dominion discovery documents. She signed an NDA, but she found evidence of ongoing crime and reported to law enforcement. If she found a severed head in discovery box, she had a duty to report to law enforcement too. And he’s absolutely right. But you could see they’re panicking and they’re calling it a leak. It’s not a leak.

She had discovery. She found evidence of another country involved in manipulating our election and she sent it off to law enforcement. But again, the deep state doesn’t want you to do that because what happened in 2020? Oh, that’s right, the elections were rigged. And we see there’s more and more evidence continually coming out. We see that the Barry County Sheriff Dart Leafs has made a bold move by sending a letter to US Representative Jim Jordan urging congressional investigation into what he claims as evidence of foreign interference in the 2020 election.

Sheriff Leaf alleges that the electronic voting machines were accessed by foreign nationals across the United States, including Michigan, to manipulate the election results. In his letter, the sheriff details ongoing investigation and expresses concerns about the integrity of election system both locally and nationwide. The sheriff asserts he is ready to submit critical portions of his investigation to Congress for immediate review. So now we’re starting to see foreign governments interfere in our elections, in the election system.

So that brings us back to the question, can we have a fair election if the systems are compromised by foreign governments and the deep state players? No, we cannot, especially when we have the social media companies interfering in the election. The New York Post put this out and said Google interfered in US elections to help Democrats 41 times since 2008. Elon Musk responded to this and said, this article understates the magnitude of the problem.

Google interferes to help Democrats thousands of times every election season. This is to be expected when their censorship, also known as trust and safety teams, are far left and they have far left political views. And he’s absolutely right. And we can see that this information now is getting out there and more and more people are going to see it, which means the poll numbers of those people that believe the elections were rigged in 2020, they’re going to start to move up.

And in the end, the people, they’re going to agree with whatever Trump says needs to be done. Because again, once you have the people, the people are going to go along with what needs to be done. But you can see the deep state players, they are now shifting everything. Right now, CBS, they’re putting Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blossie Ford, back in the media election cycle. Why would they do this? Well, because their motive appears to be restimulating the gender vote in the election year.

So they’re pulling out all the stops. We have Obama. He is having surprise meetings around the world right now. He went to the UK. And remember, he used to follow Trump around. He was a shadow president. Remember, he went to China, he went to India. Every time Trump went someplace, Obama followed. He was the shadow president. And that reminds me of post 4832 October 7, and it says shadow president, which we’ve seen.

Shadow government, which we’ve seen, which is actually happening now. Information warfare, irregular warfare, color revolution, insurgency. So I do believe we’re heading down this path and we’re going to see this play out. And I do believe the Obamas are going to be brought into the light and people are going to see everything that they have done. And I do believe Trump needs to show the people all of this.

And I do believe he’s prepared to do this. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that Trump, he has ruled out choosing the VEIC for vice president. Now, it’s being reported that he’ll be maybe in a cabinet position, but he’s not going to be vice president. I do believe we need a vice president that can withstand the deep state players. Because remember, Trump has been getting hit over and over and over.

He’s been receiving all the slings and arrows and he’s been hit very hard. So I do believe we need someone in there that can withstand everything that Trump is withstanding. Because if you just bring in someone that never experienced all of this, I don’t think it’s going to work out. So if something happens, you want someone in there that can withstand hit after hit after hit. And once Trump is finished with his presidency, you want someone to take his place where they can receive hit after hit after hit, and they would stand strong.

And I do believe most likely that might be Flynn. Now, there could be other candidates that they might bring in, but again, he’s been hit pretty hard. And I do believe he would make a very good candidate for vice president. But let’s see how this all plays out. But I do believe in the end, what we’re going to see is we’re going to see justice return to this country.

We’re going to see the rule of law return to this country, because everyone now is seeing the two tier justice system. They’re seeing there’s a set of laws for the deep state, the criminal syndicate, and there’s another set of laws for everyone else. And that reminds me of post 31 80 March 25, 2019 and it shows blind justice. So it has the statue where she’s holding the sword.

She’s blindfolded and she’s holding the scales. And down below it says, blind justice under law will return to our republic. There is a reason why a sword is held. So she’s blindfolded because justice is unbiased and should not be based on a person’s appearance or other outside influences. Lady justice holds scales to represent the impartiality of the court’s decision and a sword as a symbol of the power of justice.

So the sword shows authority, including the power to punish injustice. And I do believe in the end, we’re going to see justice because, again, when you have the rule of law and you have the hard facts and the world knows what these people have done, oh, in the end, you’re going to have justice. And I do believe that day is approaching, and I do believe the people are going to take back the country.

And the people, as they see all this play out, moving towards the presidential election, the people, in the end, they will be on Trump’s side, and the deep state will have nothing except their foot soldiers, which means it is game over for them. Because if you don’t have the people of the country, you have nothing. Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening.

Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. Close. .

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