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➡ The X22 Report talks about the current political situation, focusing on Trump’s potential return to politics and the strategies being used against him. It also discusses a product called Nightwatch Pro, which is a night vision binocular with advanced features. The host believes that there are attempts to manipulate the upcoming elections and that the truth about certain events, like cell service outages, might not be revealed. Lastly, it mentions some issues at CBS and the investigation into Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden.
➡ The text discusses allegations against the Biden family and their involvement with a financially troubled hospital operator, Americorps. It also mentions the release of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal activities and the potential implications for other high-profile individuals. The text further discusses issues at the U.S.-Mexico border, suggesting that the current situation is an invasion and that past presidents have deported illegal immigrants. The author believes that the public is the jury in these matters and that they will ultimately decide the fate of those involved.
➡ The text discusses concerns about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to control information and narratives, particularly by the government and large corporations. It also talks about potential changes to defamation laws in Florida that could negatively impact conservative voices. The text suggests that these actions are part of a larger effort to suppress alternative viewpoints and control the narrative, which is seen as a threat to free speech. Lastly, it mentions a new weight loss supplement and its benefits.
➡ The article discusses concerns about vaccinated blood donors and the potential side effects of vaccines. It also mentions a rise in deaths among young people in the UK and suggests that the government may manipulate numbers to downplay the issue. The article further criticizes the media and pharmaceutical companies for not being transparent about vaccine risks. Lastly, it discusses political issues in the US, including the mental fitness of President Biden and potential future candidates.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories and political speculations, including the idea that the 2020 election was a sting operation, the potential for illegal immigrants to vote, and the possibility of cyberattacks causing outages. It also mentions that Trump is gaining popularity among various communities and suggests that we are entering a new phase of political strategy. The text ends with the assertion that these events are part of a larger plan.
➡ Trump is currently leading in electoral votes. He’s gaining support from the public and is actively engaging with them. There’s a belief that paper ballots and voter IDs should be used to prevent election manipulation. The possibility of cyberattacks on the election system is being discussed, but it’s believed that measures are in place to ensure the people’s votes count.


20. Hi, and welcome. You’re listening to the x 22 report. My name is Dave, and this episode, 3289 B. And today’s date is February 22, 2024. And the title of the episode is Epstein. Back in the news. Cell service outages. We’re in phase two. Phase three on deck. Let’s talk about being prepared. If you have ever wanted to see in pitch dark with high tech Night vision, now’s your chance.

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Use code 15 off at checkout to unlock 15% off only@nightwatchpro. com. Once again, that’s Nightwatchpro. com. Or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse, political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters. They are now struggling to get Trump out of the race. And you can see we’re already starting to see things happen in this country.

All of a sudden, the cell service completely went out. Now, again, there’s stories about solar flares, there’s talks about attacks, and then all of a sudden we have pharmacies where they’re saying there was a attack on pharmacies. I do believe in the end, what they’re doing right now is they’re building the narrative, because I don’t think they’re just going to spring a attack. I think what they’re going to do, just like with COVID they started to build the narrative.

Oh, something’s going on in China. Oh, look, people are dead in the streets, people are wearing hazmats, picking up the dead people. Oh, someone traveled here. Oh, look, maybe Covid is going to spread. We have a case in Europe. We have a case in the United States and San Francisco. Oh, we have another case over here. So what they’re going to do throughout this entire year is they’re going to build the narrative to get people used to it.

Like, these things can happen. And I do believe this is just the beginning of this. Now, this could be a solar flare that knocked out the cell service. It could be a cyberattack that knocked out the cell surface. Will they tell us the truth? Most likely not. But we know that this is coming. So I do believe what they’re actually doing is they’re building the narrative. Because again, if they can’t get Trump out of the race, the only alternative they have is to shut down the elections.

Because again, they know if he’s out of the race and someone else is in his place, they’re easy to beat and easier to control. See, Trump is an outsider. They can’t control him. The people are with him and they know that, hey, if it’s another person, we don’t got to worry about this. But they’re already seeing the writing on the wall. They’re already starting to realize that Trump is not going to back out.

He already said he’s not going to quit no matter what they throw at him. So they already know that he’s going to become the GOP nominee. And that entire plan to stop him has failed, which means Nikki Haley will eventually drop out once he becomes the nominee, and that will be over with. And I do believe they gave Biden that chance. And now once that fails, which it will, they’re going to move to the next phase and they’re going to try to do something else, which I think we already starting to see, this change of batter.

They’re going to try to cheat. They’re going to try to make the illegals us citizens. They’re going to try to put them on a fast path. They already have a bill, but I do believe the house is put in a place, the patriots in the house are put in a place to block the bills, not to get things done. Because remember, you’re dealing with the swamp. You’re dealing with a criminal syndicate.

All you can do right now is block everything. Can you expose? Yes, you can. Can you investigate? Yes, you can. Can you bring people to justice? No, you cannot. And I do believe that’s exactly what’s happening. Now. When do you bring people to justice. Well, don’t you have to clean out the criminals? Don’t you have to remove the people that are running the system right now? Don’t you have to bring in those people that follow the rule of law that not part of the criminal syndicate anymore? Yes, that’s what you have to do.

So at this point, what we’re witnessing is the exposure phase, the awakening phase, and we need to continually block everything that they’re trying to do. And the more the people see, the more the people wake up. And what you do is you bring in more and more evidence. You show how the Bidens, how they’ve been running a criminal organization when they have a change of batter. You show that the Obamas, they have committed treason.

Hillary Clinton was included in that. You back up that information with releasing information about the DNC and the hack with Russia and how that was fake. You bring in Julie Assange, the server to prove that everything that they said was a complete and utter lie. You bring in Epstein information to show that, yes. See, these people that were treasonous, these people that were criminals, they’re also involved with Epstein.

And, yes, we have them on video, and it’s videotape. It’s not digital. So this is the original. And yes, there’s no AI involved in any of this. I do believe all this news is going to be coming out, and I do believe the timing is going to be absolutely perfect. And Trump, he actually sent a message letting us know that we’re in phase two. And it looks like there are three phases.

Phase one, phase two, and phase three is on deck. And I do believe this phase that we’re in right now is to block, expose, wake the people up and take back the country. And that is where we’re headed. And in the meantime, the deep state players, what are they going to do? They’re going to try to stop this. But is it going to work? No. Trump, the patriots, they want them to go down this path.

They’re actually pushing them down this path. Why? Because it will work to the people’s benefit. Will it be scary? Yes. Will people be confused? Yes. Will people get their vote? Yes. Will Trump counter their entire plan? He will. How? Because he will just negotiate peace, and that shuts down everything. Now we’re going to be talking a lot more about the cell phone outages, the pharmacies being hit. But first, before we get to that, let’s talk about CBS right now, because they let go Catherine Harridge, and it seems that something is going on with CBS right now, and they are now keeping Katherine Harridge’s information and her sources.

They’re not allowing her to take it. And what’s very interesting about all this, a former CBS manager who spoke about this said he never heard of anything like this. He said, the fact is, in past departures, journalists took all of their files and office contents. Indeed, the company would box up everything from cups to post its for departing reporters. He said the holding of the material was outrageous and clearly endangered confidential sources.

So why do they want her information? What was she investigating? Why did they get rid of her if she’s an incredible investigative reporter? I guess the same reason they got rid of Tucker Carlson. They don’t want people actually exposing anything. So what do they do? They need to remove them. Remember, we’re in a presidential election year, and they don’t want certain information getting out there like the information that’s getting out about the Bidens.

And what’s very interesting is that Joe Biden’s younger brother, James Biden, he was in closed door testimony, and the House oversight Judiciary Committee was asking him a lot of questions. And what’s very interesting, he said he had nothing to do with Joe Biden’s business or Hunter Biden’s business. He wasn’t even involved. However, after the investigator showed him an agreement that featured his signatures alongside those of Hunter Biden and his business partners, James Biden then said to the legislators that I don’t remember signing anything like that.

So he started to change his story. And again, he is now caught in all of this because he is involved. This is documented proof. What, he doesn’t remember the signing of it. He doesn’t remember receiving the money. Of course he does. So he went from, I have nothing to do with it that I can’t remember. Well, that’s a nice excuse, but it’s documented proof, just like you see the documents with Joe Biden.

The only documents you don’t see is anything against Trump. The oversight committee put this out on X and said Biden’s brother used his name to promote a hospital chain. Then it collapsed. This weekend, Politico released a bombshell report on the Biden’s interaction with Americorps, a financially distressed rural hospital operator. Reminder, we’ve previously revealed how Americorps wired a $200,000 loan to Jim Biden’s personal account. And on the same day, Jim Biden wrote a $200,000 check to Joe Biden.

So the question is, why is Politico putting all this out there? Where is this information really coming from? This is very interesting, but Elon Musk put up the best meme. So it’s Hunter Biden, who’s naked, is standing behind the FBI looking at the board, and it has all the pictures from his laptop and everything else and connecting all the dots. And Hunter Biden says, see anything? The FBI goes, nope, not yet.

I think that tells you everything you need to know. And that’s what people are saying. They’re seeing the two tier justice system, and they’re seeing how the criminal syndicate protects their own and how the criminal syndicate goes after anyone that challenges their criminal syndicate. But I do believe in the end, we’re going to see more and more evidence. Remember, this is the court of public opinion. Forget about the DOJ, the FBI right now, they’re not going to do anything.

They’re part of the criminal syndicate. What Trump wants everyone to see right now is how criminal they really are. And he wants the people to make the decision because, remember, the country is run by the people. It’s not run by the DOJ, it’s not run by the FBI, it’s not run by DC. The country is run by we the people. The people make the decision. And that’s what Trump is doing right now.

He’s showing the people, the people right now, they are the jury. The deep state is on trial right now. And Trump, the patriots, they are now showing you who the criminals are and the case is being made against them that, why do you think all this evidence is coming out? Do you really think the deep state is in control? Do you think they’re the ones who are controlling everything that’s going on here? Absolutely not.

They would never put this information out if they were in control. The information is coming out. So you can make a decision. You are the jury, and this is the most important case in the entire world right now. And yes, as the case continues on and you hear more and more information, you’re going to hear things about Jeffrey Epstein, you’re going to hear things about Obama, you’re going to start to put all of this together, and people are going to say, whoa, wait a minute.

So you’re telling me that these people who had shell companies that were laundering money, they’re also involved with Epstein, and these people also sold uranium to Russia. Now it’s in North Korea, and they sent over pallets of cash and nobody asked questions about it? Yes, people are going to learn all about this. But you can see Jeffrey Epstein. He is now coming back into focus, and it looks like Jeffrey Epstein had surveillance room in the New York mansion where staffers monitor his victims.

And guess, and this is according to a lawsuit. So a lawsuit that was filed by two Epstein accusers said that Epstein would give his abuse victims car services and cell phones to track their every move, find dirt on them, and offer hundreds of dollars in hush money to silence them. So this is very interesting. So there’s surveillance footage. I wonder who’s on this. Hmm. This is becoming very, very interesting.

And then we have Florida. Florida Senate passed legislation to permit release of Epstein. Grand jury documents now awaits DeSantis approval. DeSantis put this out on x and said all files related to Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal activity should be made public while the federal government continues to stonewall accountability. I’m glad that legislature has taken action to release the grand jury. Matilda from the Florida state case. I will sign the bill.

Wow, this timing is absolutely perfect, isn’t it? Because we’re heading into a presidential election. We have Biden and all these other people, and we’re starting to see the case build against these individuals. And now we have this information coming into the fold. People are going to start to learn a lot. And the people are going to start to understand that, yes, these are truly criminals and they hurt children and they’re involved in pedophilia, human trafficking and child trafficking.

Put it all together, you’re starting to see the perfect storm that is forming right now. And I do believe Trump and the patriots, they’re going to be going after all these people, then add into the fold in all of this, Obama, because I do believe that is coming. Yes, you’re going to see a lot of people’s names. But I do believe the last part of this is to expose the Obamas of how corrupt they are and what they’ve been doing to this country.

Hard for people to believe. Hard to believe that we’re going to be heading down this path. But I do believe in the end, this will all be exposed. And I do believe the clock is now ticking down, just like what’s happening at the border. The people, they understand that the border should be shut. They understand that we need a wall. You can see it from the polls now.

I mean, you don’t even have to convince the people anymore. Whatever Trump says, oh, we should build a wall. You know what the people are going to say, that’s a good idea. Let’s do it. Because we don’t like what we’re seeing. I mean, look at all the different states right now. Look at Massachusetts. They’re spending $64 a day to feed each migrant, and they’re on track to spend 1 billion by 2025.

Who’s getting this bill? Well, you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to raise taxes because how do you pay for all of this? You just can’t keep spending without money coming in. They’re not getting the money from the federal government. So they’re going to go to the people. And this is when the people are going to get pretty darn pissed off. Rasmusser reports put out a poll and they said nearly two thirds see invasion at U.

S. Mexico border, including a majority of Democrats. So the people see it, the people understand it, and the people are going to push back. And we can see there’s a lot of governors right now that are sending Texas assistance because they’re the ones who are shutting down the border. And actually, Texas is showing the rest of the country, look, this method works. So why don’t we do this in every single state? This is something, the deep state players, they don’t want anyone to see this because they’ve been telling you that the border is secure.

And when you actually secure the border, their gaslighting turns into one gigantic lie. And we have Christy nome, the governor of South Dakota. She is now sending National Guard to the border. And they’re calling it a war zone, which it is. It is a war zone. But, you know, in the end, what Trump is going to do, all these people, they are going to be deported. I do believe these people are being tracked.

And I do believe since November 3 and January 6 when they had the completion of the insurrection against Trump, I do believe once the military took control, they’re tracking all these invaders. Remember, these are people that the deep state are bringing in. They’re not bringing them in. They’re actually invading the country right now. And remember, Trump said he’s going to be deporting all these people. He also said those people that are in favor of ISIS or Hamas terrorists, we’re going to be deporting them, too.

DC Dreno put this out and said the following. If foreign visitors openly cheer for al Qaeda terrorists, they should be deported. Trump says, if they cheer for ISIS terrorists, they should be deported. If they cheer for Hamas terrorists, they should be deported. President Trump promises to do that if reelected, and he will do this. And what’s very interesting is Douglas McGregor, he went back in time a little bit to show that, yes, this was done before, in 1929, during the aftermath of the stock market crash, Hoover deported 9 million Mexicans that were here illegally.

After that, FDR deported another 3 million plus million. Truman deported roughly 2,000,001. 5 under Eisenhower. So in the past, illegals were deported very, very easily. And I do believe Trump, the Patriots, they’ve been tracking all these people. And especially when the deep state players use the illegals to create chaos, they’re going to know exactly where they are very, very easily. And yes, they’ll know where everyone else is.

I do believe they’ve been tracking everyone and they’ve been monitoring the situation, because, again, remember, the deep state players, they overthrew the United States government, and then they decided to invade the country. I mean, really, think about this. Hey, isn’t that the same thing they did out in the Middle east? Yeah, pretty much. But you can see the deep state players. They’re going to try to control information, and we’re already starting to see this.

And yes, they’re going to try to control it with cyber attacks by shutting things down. But in the beginning, what they’re going to try to do is they’re going to try to use AI. And again, AI can be programmed in any way that you want. It could be very, very biased. It could be logical thinking. But again, you shouldn’t be trusting AI. Perfect example. Look at chat, GPT and ask them questions about Trump.

And then look at Google, their new AI system, Gemini. It refuses to show pictures and achievements of white people, and even if you asked, it will show, like, the founding fathers who are black. So once again, they are now creating something that’s completely biased, pushing their narrative. Now, Google came out and they apologized for all of this. But again, why was this happening? It makes no sense unless you purposely programmed it to do it.

And here is the person that actually did it, Jack Krasik. And if you look at his tweets, well, it tells you everything you need to know. Here’s the first one. White privilege is effing real. Don’t be an asshole and act guilty about it. Do your part in recognizing bias at all levels of egregious. This is America, where racism is the number one value our populace seeks to uphold above all.

And this goes on and on and on with this person. So you can understand why the new Gemini AI system is very, very biased. Because they made it woke. That’s pretty much what they did. And they want to use this AI system and many other AI systems to actually control the narrative. That’s why we have Biden and his team creating AI, and they’re going to sell it to private corporations to control the narrative.

And of course the government will say, we have nothing to do with this. But again, they programmed the AI. They sold it to corporations. So the government does have something to do with this. Very interesting. The other thing that’s very interesting, it looks like Florida is trying to pass a new law that is going to lower the legal standard for defamation. Stephen Miller put this out and said Florida is on the verge of passing a new law to dramatically lower the legal standard for defamation.

This after leftist judges and juries have been imposing one insane, vengeful verdict after another against innocent conservatives. At the moment, there is no parallel ecosystem on the right, there is no Florida equivalent on the right of a NYC jury. On the left, a jury of conservatives will bend over backwards to reach a fair conclusion. If Florida passes the proposed law to lower the standard for defamation, expect leftists, plaintiffs lawyers to spend the next generation bankrupting every prominent conservative based in Florida.

If you want to go after corporate media, then pass a law narrowly tailored at them. This law will mean conservative influencers, podcasters and alternative media companies based in Florida are going to get wrecked solely because they are conservative. I mean wrecked. Reject this law before it’s too late. And I do believe he’s absolutely right. If they want to go after the fake news, then it should be tailored to the fake news, because once again, this will hurt a lot of other people.

But you can see there might be people in there that want to control the narrative, that are trying to control what people say. Just like Justin Trudeau out in Canada. He doesn’t like alternative media, of course. What does the deep state call alternative media? Conspiracy theorists. That’s their word that they used. But once again, alternative media has been right many, many times. So conspiracy theorists are actually truth tellers.

The fake news. They are liars and propagandists. And Trudeau was out there saying the following. He believes there is a deliberate undermining of the mainstream media by conspiracy theorists. And he said, remember the good old days when we had complete and out of control with the fake news? He didn’t really call it the fake news. It was the mainstream media. We were able to keep the narrative, control the narrative.

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When it comes down to it’s about controlling the narrative. That’s their main objective, no matter what they say. Because again, in this country, in the United States, we have the first Amendment. It doesn’t say you have free speech as long as you don’t hate someone, as long as you don’t curse, as long as you don’t oppose the narrative. No, we have free speech. The people, they have the ability to research, they have the ability to question, they have the ability to say, I don’t believe you.

That is fine. If you don’t like alternative media or you don’t like the fake news, you can turn them off, you can go listen to someplace else, or you can actually counter their argument. But that’s what a free society does, a tyrannical society. They shut down those people that are countering the narrative. And we saw this during COVID we saw this during the election, and we’re going to continue to see this because there’s a tyrannical government that is now pushing all the buttons, pulling all the levers.

And that’s why we have digital soldiers to counter what they’re doing. Remember, their weapons are the fake news. Their weapons are the social media platforms that they can control. The weapons of the digital soldiers and the patriots are other platforms where they could speak freely. And people, they seek out the truth. A lot of people now, when they see the truth and they see propaganda, they start to think well, wait a minute, who’s right here? And you can see it’s not working for the deep state players anymore.

In the past, when they had complete and out of control, no one would be able to counter it, no one would hear it, no one would see it. So they were able to push it. Now that they’ve lost control, they don’t have that ability. But I do believe in the end, what they’re going to try to do is they’re going to try to get that control back. And I don’t mean they’re going to be censoring this person, that person, the other.

I think they’re going to basically try to shut down the whole thing so they can have complete and utter control. But I do believe that is going to fail in the end. Just like the gun control move has been failing over and over and over again. And once again, we have gun owners of America. They’re taking on New York to the Supreme Court over their mistakenly named concealed carry Improvement act.

Again, whatever it says, it is the opposite. And basically what it does, it makes it so you can’t conceal and carry and it convinces you that you shouldn’t, which is a complete violation of what the Supreme Court ruled and it’s a complete violation of your constitutional rights. And once again, this is what all these states are trying to do. But again, it’s not going to work in the end.

Just like Covid didn’t work in the end, the bioweapon didn’t work in the end. And now as time goes on, you’re finding more and more information. And the Red Cross, they confirmed to an undercover journalist that unvaccinated could unknowingly get blood from vaccinated donors. And vaccination status inquiry aims to screen out donors with vaccine side effects. So they asked the people, well, you took the vaccine and you took a couple boosters.

How do you feel? You got ringing in your ears. You have problems. Well, you’re ineligible to give blood right now. What does that tell you? That tells you everything you need to know. Now, I know on their website, on the Red Cross, they say they wait for a two week period, especially if you have a vaccine that replicates. But again, they wait to see. And if you still have symptoms, well, then you’re ineligible to give blood.

Well, if vaccines are so safe and effective, why would you have that question? Because you don’t have that for the unvaccinated. Don’t you find that very, very interesting? Because again, the Red Cross spilled the beans and their entire narrative is completely and utterly falling apart and they can’t stop it. And it’s going to get worse and worse for them. I mean, look what’s happening out in the UK.

The UK has a problem. Excess deaths are up a staggering 22% among one to 14 year olds. So this trend started in 2021. So they didn’t have any of these problems until 2021. What did they get in 2021? Oh, that’s right. The bioweapon and vigilant news put this out and said in 2029%, fewer deaths than expected. 2021, 7% fewer deaths than expected. 2020, 216 percent more deaths than expected.

2023, 22% more deaths than expected. So what is the UK government going to do? Well, they’re developing a new method to count excess deaths. Really? What are they going to do? They’re going to manipulate the numbers so they can say nothing’s happening here, even though you’ll still have these deaths. It’s almost like the unemployment calculation or the inflation calculation. They manipulate the calculation to make you think everything is fine.

That’s their solution to all of this. Instead of saying, you know something, maybe it’s the bioweapon, maybe we have a problem, but they can’t. You know why? Because the pharmaceutical companies and the corrupt politicians, they’re all part of the criminal syndicate, so they’ll never admit that. If anyone’s sitting there expecting someone to tell you, oh, my God, by the way. Yeah, I’m from the pharmaceutical company. The vaccines are dangerous.

Don’t use them. If you’re expecting to see this on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, it’s never going to happen. Not right now, because they’re all part of the criminal syndicate, because they’re controlled. So once again, people, they’re starting to understand this. And as time goes on, more and more people are understanding this. Why do you think people aren’t taking the boosters? Because if everyone believed that Covid was going to kill them, they’d be taking booster after booster after booster.

Why did the percentage of people taking boosters drop off dramatically? Because people no longer believe them. They were questioning it, and now they see their friends and family get sick and die. And now they’re starting to realize we have a major, major problem. Just like Tiffany Henyard, she has a major problem. Remember this individual? We talked about them a couple days ago? Well, this was the Illinois Democrat mayor who actually shut down businesses that wouldn’t donate to her.

And now she’s being investigated by the FBI, and she should be. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, we see all these groups marching around the patriot front group, the neo nazi group. And what’s very interesting is that Lori Loomer actually was filming them. And these people, they took off their masks and they started to say and call her different names. And they actually said they are going to support Biden.

So these people aren’t for Trump. These are extremists from the Biden regime and most likely the Patriot Front group. They’re the same exact thing and they are going to cause trouble when they are called out. So I do believe we’re going to see chaos because things are really going to start to break down, especially when the deep state players, the DS, start to lose more and more control of everything when they realize they can’t win the election.

I do believe these people are going to be called out. And this is why Hillary Clinton was out there talking about the Insurrection act. And I do believe it’s the actual opposite of what she is saying. But we’ll be talking a little bit more about this a little bit later. But first, let’s talk about Fannie Willis. I do believe that the judge might not disqualify her. And Don Bob put this out and says, I pray I’m wrong, but get ready for the doesn’t rise to the level of disqualification ruling from the judge.

Sean Davis responded, sent the same but I suspect you’re correct and most likely this might happen. We’ll have to see how it all plays out. Hopefully they do disqualify. But if they do disqualify her, they will actually bring someone else in her position. But you could see, again, this has to do with the court of public opinion. The more the people see, the more the people see that it’s corrupt.

It works in Trump’s favor. We’re in phase two of the entire plan where it’s waking up the people, exposing the two tier justice system. And Rasmussen reports put out a poll showing the people are on Trump’s side. It says nearly half of all national voters believe Fanny Willis should be barred from prosecuting the election interference case against Trump and his associates. So the people, they’re starting to understand, and they’re starting to realize, just like the people are starting to understand, that Biden’s mental ability is declining rapidly.

Now, it’s going to take a little bit longer for the DS to come on board, but they’re slowly coming on board to all this. And I do believe it’s going to be ramping up right after Biden becomes the nominee. And I do believe at this point. That’s when the deep state players, the fake news, will start to push the idea that he’s not mentally fit or they’ll be using, I think, his age to say that’s why he’s bowing out or maybe both.

And maybe they’ll have to take him out in the 25th amendment if he doesn’t want to leave. But again, Rasmussen reports put this out and said only 54% of Democrats disagree that Biden is getting less mentally sharp. And it shows that 36% of those ds, they believe that he’s having a problem. Then Rasmussen reports put out another poll and said 61% of voters think the media is helping Biden cover evidence of a mental decline.

So, yes, people are understanding, people are on board with this. And the people see that, yes, there is a major, major problem with Biden. I do believe this is going to build up once he becomes a nominee. And I do believe that they’re going to be pushing this to remove him, to bring in the change of batter. And we’ll have to see how Biden reacts to this because we know that Obama’s, they’re going to be pushing him out and they’re going to instruct the fake news to start the push and we’ll have to see how this all plays out.

But I do believe it is coming. And we see that the candidates that people have been talking about, like Kamala, Newsom, any others? Well, these candidates are not polling very, very well. There was an Emerson College Hill survey and this was done in Georgia. Yes, I know it’s one state, but it said, okay, if Biden was out and there was Newsom that came in or Harris that came in, would these people do as well as Biden? And actually Newsom only received 32% compared to what Biden received, which was 42% and Harris received 41%.

So Biden is still the leader over these candidates. And I think the Biden administration, Obamas and the rest, they know that these candidates can’t do it. They have their own internal polling. A lot of these polls are rigged. So they know that these people aren’t going to be able to pull it off. And I do believe this is why they’re going to shift to Michelle Obama. But again, they’re going to keep this a secret till the very, very end and then actually bringing her in probably very close to October.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the October surprise. But once again, you can see that the deep state players, they’re going to have to try to cheat any way they possibly can. And I don’t think the cheating is going to work. I don’t believe the mail in is going to work. I don’t believe they’ll be able to get the illegals a fast path to citizenship. And the only reason they want that is just in case they have to show up in person.

Otherwise, yes, they can use these people to mail in the votes. But again, is anyone going to say, oh, my God, look, the illegals are voting no because they control the election system. The election system is controlled. They have their people in place. They use their system. The mail in system is their system. So who’s going to check? Just like who checked during the 2020 election? No one did.

But I do believe it was a sting operation. I do believe Trump, the patriots, they collected all the information and they have the information on all these people. But once again, if that came out, the optics weren’t good. Plus, you needed to wake the american people up. You needed the people on your side. And that point, he didn’t have enough people. He had a lot of people. But I think he wants to unite the country and he wants to show the country who the true enemy is.

But you can see out in Chicago and DC, Dreno put this out and said Chicago’s elections are rigged, but they’re about to get much worse. Cook county is now emailing voters and asking them to sign up for permanent vote by mail. If you move and someone doesn’t change their address, you’ll be automatically receiving their. Hmm. Who else will be receiving those ballots? You think it’s going to be the illegals? Absolutely.

And remember, the deep state players, the DS, they are now pushing the courage to serve act, which means they want to bring in the illegals, bring them into the armed forces and give them a fast path to citizenship so they can have all these people vote in the election, even if you can’t use the mail in ballots, because I think they know that something else might happen where they might have to go in person.

So do you want the illegals have the ability to vote? Absolutely. Is this going to work? Absolutely not. I do believe the House will block this and this will never pass. But Julian’s rum, he put this out on x and said, step one, make the military woke to lower recruitment of american citizens who respect the constitution. Step two, staff the military with illegals who don’t respect the constitution.

Step three, deploy the military to forcibly remove Americans constitutional rights. Step four, civil war. Now, I don’t believe they’re going to be able to bring the illegals in and bring them into the military, because I don’t believe this bill is going to pass. Maybe they’ll just bring them in anyhow, because again, they don’t follow the rule of law. But again, I do believe what’s going to happen is Biden.

When chaos erupts, he will order the military, order the National Guard to round up certain people. And I do believe you’re going to see the neo nazi groups, the Patriot Front group, which is actually part of the deep state system, they’re going to try to get the people out on the streets and then have them round up. Do I think this is going to work in the end? Absolutely not.

But you can see the deep state players. They’re building the narrative. And we mentioned this yesterday, that Trump is leading the GOP in a certain direction, and it’s a pro putin direction. And they’re saying that, yes, Russia is going to be controlling the GOP and they’re going to interfere in the election. But again, there is no proof this is not true. Just like we saw back in 2016.

Actually, the information came out that Putin was all for Hillary Clinton. And this time around, Putin said, no, no, I want Biden in again. I want this weak fella who can’t remember crap. Why would I want a strong leader that makes no sense whatsoever? I want Putin. So again, this whole argument is completely and utterly falling apart. But what’s very interesting is that self service, it went out across the United States at t.

We had Verizon, T Mobile and cricket and many others. All of a sudden, it went down. Now, there was speculation that it might have been solar flares, and now there’s more information saying that it might have been a attack or a DDoS from China. Because when you look at the information of who’s attacking who, it looks like it’s coming from China. Now, remember, you can use certain ips and mask where it’s actually coming.

But the other thing that’s very interesting is that the story after the cell outages, we had the pharmacies across the United States, they reported outages in the wake of a cyberattack. So what’s very interesting is what I think the deep state is doing right now. They’re trying to build the narrative that we might have outages. And, yes, they will use the word attack. Yes, they will say, we don’t know why this is happening, but I do believe this is the introduction to what they’re going to do in the end.

And we might see more outages as we go throughout this year, and we might see certain power outages. They might say the water system is hit. And eventually people will get the idea that, yes, we’re being attacked somehow, some way, and then we’ll have the big one as we get closer and closer to the presidential election. But it looks like this has already begun, and we’ll have to see how this plays out and what story they come up with.

This should be very, very interesting. And I do believe they’re already formulating a story. I see some news stories about attacks. But again, I do believe this is building the narrative to get the people used to this and on board, that it’s coming from different nations. And they’re the ones who are going to be attacking us. Because, remember, Trump has let us know that we’re headed towards World War II.

And if we’re headed towards World War II, we’re going to see some type of an attack somehow, some way. And I do believe that this has already begun. We’re moving into the month of March. And as we move down this year, they’re going to have to really ramp up the narrative, just like they did with COVID It started up, what, in December? And all of a sudden in March, April, that’s when it was full blown.

So here we are once again. And this time, they can time it very, very specifically to a date and time, because, again, they love dealing in invisible enemies or invisible attacks, because what they do is whatever they say you think is happening, even though it’s not happening, because it’s invisible. Oh, look, there’s a virus. Can you see it? No, you can’t. Oh, look, people are sick. You just believe it.

Oh, look, there’s a attack from Russia. The cyberattack from China. There’s a cyberattack from North Korea. Do you see it? No, it’s invisible. You’ll just believe it. So this way, since you know it ahead of time, you know that this is all going to be BS, but they’re going to try to make it look very, very believable. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that Trump, he put something out on truth.

He said phase two of South Carolina. Interview with Laura Ingram tonight at seven. And since he said phase two, enoch on telegram looked at post 797 and the truth was put out on 221. This post is put out on 221, and down below it says phase two. So is Trump letting us know we’re in the second phase of this plan? I do believe so. When you go to post two, four, 3.

December 1, 2017, it says what? Saudi Arabia controlled US puppets, string cuts, Ds dropping all around over sexual misconduct. First stage, coincidence. Directly after Saudi Arabia. Do you realize the war has gone public? List who will not be running for reelection. Coincidence. Phase one, easy to swallow. Loss of power, influence. Good time to prosecute. Just wait until next week. You are all the patriots. And then we know we’re in phase two, which is the awakening phase, the exposure phase.

If we look at phase three, this is post 27 24. This is February 14, 2019. It says a trader’s justice. Phase three, panic in DC. Rats everywhere. For those who decide to save the taxpayers some money, there is no escaping God. And I do believe we’re going to be heading into phase three. And yes, the rats, they’re going to be scurrying off. Actually, we’re already starting to see this happen.

But I do believe the people, they’re waking up, they’re seeing what’s going on. And remember, this is the court of public opinion. Now, we could see that Trump, now, he is gaining momentum on a lot of different areas, especially the blue states, the jewish people, the black community, the latino community. And Trump, he put this out, and it says from the National Review, Trump beating Biden by nine points among New York jewish voters.

Now, normally, the jewish people are very liberal, especially in New York. And now Trump is actually taking the. Hmm, that’s very interesting. What happens when there’s an event because of open borders and they’re terrorists and maybe they’re Hamas or someone else. The jewish people will definitely side with Trump at this point, just like the black people, just like the Latinos and everyone else. But Trump, he also put out another poll from decision desk headquarters, and it says Iowa and Ohio previously, battlegrounds are trending towards becoming reliable strongholds for Trump.

He has a 10. 9% based on seven polls in Iowa and 11. 4% lead based on eight polls in Ohio. And then shows a map. Trump hits new high, 312 electoral votes for Trump and 226 for Biden. Letting you know he’s winning, he’s winning. The people, the people are waking up. The People are thinking logically. And Trump, he put out a video when he was at a rally coming off his plane.

And the song is, hold on, I’m coming. And he’s meeting with all the people, and he is coming. He’s on his way. And the people, they’re watching it all play out. The people will make their decision. I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they are leading the deep state players down the path they want. And in the end. I do believe we need to go to paper ballots.

We need voter id. This will actually counter everything the deep state is trying to do. Do I think all these paper ballots have watermarks? Absolutely. Do I believe the deep state does not want us to go to paper? Yes. Do foreign governments want us to go to paper? Absolutely not. Why? Because how do you manipulate the elections? And if the country is attacked, which I do believe it’s going to be attacked, because Trump is letting us know what we’re heading towards, World War II, that means the military, in some capacity, will have to guard the election, because, remember, the elections are part of the national infrastructure.

And I do believe we’re already starting to see the narrative of cyberattacks already build. And even if they don’t call it a cyberattack, people will get used to the outages. People will understand that something’s happening. Maybe the next time they’ll say it’s a cyberattack, but we’ll have to see how this all plays out. But I do believe they’re going to be building the narrative so they can actually tell you when it actually happens that, oh, yes, see, here’s the big one.

They hit us. They hit us hard, and now we can’t have the elections. And I do believe Trump, the patriots, they have countermeasures in place. So the people, their vote counts, their voices are heard, and the people are able to send the message to Trump, we’re taking the country back, and we are going to take the country back. Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening.

Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .

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