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➡ The X22 report talks about the rising crime rates in America and the popularity of a self-defense flashlight. It also discusses concerns about the economy, with the author suggesting that the government is using the IRS to collect more taxes as the system breaks down. The author criticizes the Green New Deal and carbon taxes, predicting that people will resist these changes. The article ends by questioning the effectiveness of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, suggesting it’s actually causing more inflation and is part of a push for a green energy agenda.
➡ The government’s push for reducing emissions is expected to cost a lot more than initially thought, and people aren’t happy about it. The economy is struggling, with people finding it hard to pay their bills due to rising costs and increasing debt. Meanwhile, the government is canceling student loan debt to win votes, but this is ultimately paid for by the public. The IRS is also being used to collect more money as the economy worsens, causing concern among citizens.
➡ The founding fathers wanted us to create our own money, not borrow it. They knew the dangers of letting others control our currency. Today, we can escape this control by using alternative currencies like gold and bitcoin, which are not controlled by central banks. These options are growing in popularity and are a safe way to keep our money away from government control.


Report. My name is David. Episode 3280 09:00 a. m. Today’s date is February 22, 2024, and the title of the episode is IRS. Are the foot soldiers for the central bank? Another state accepts bitcoin. Let’s talk about being prepared. Blue cities are experiencing soaring crime. Despite what the media says, many cities are seeing as much as 20% to 30% spike in violent crime. Unfortunately for America, crime rates have exploded since 2016 after a 30 year decline and show no sign of slowing down.

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The fighter flare also comes with a built in lighter belt cutter, digital battery life indicator, glass breaking hammer, solar power compass, multiple lighting modes, an extender for zooming in or out, and a built in power bank for cell phone charging. If you order the amazing Fighterfly flashlight today, you’ll get three bonuses like a complimentary 100% lifetime guarantee replacement, access to Prepper’s Peak, exclusive newsletter for weekly life saving prepper tips and free express shipping.

Don’t miss out on this incredible offer. You can experience the incredible protection the Fighterflare flashlight offers at an exclusive 15% off discount only by using code 15 off@fighterflare. com or click the link in the description. Let’s get right into the economic collapse. Financial news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, the private west central bank to World Economic Forum. We know that they’re trying to bring us into the great Reset, the Green New Deal.

And when they destroy their old system or try to destroy their old system, we know that they’re going to have to continually collect taxes. But what happens when the system is dying? What happens when the system crashes? Many people aren’t working. So I do believe this is why the deep state, the central bank criminals, this is why they’ve implemented the IRS. And I’m talking about their foot soldiers that are going to go after people.

Because again, what happens with a system that is breaking down? You need to collect board more taxes to make sure that government can function. And I do believe this is why they have implemented the foot soldiers of the IRS. Now, I do believe what’s going to happen as time goes on. They’re going to go most likely after every single person, because if you go back in time to kings and queens and when they were running out of funds, what did they do? They sent their enforcers out to collect.

Nothing’s really changed. We still have a private west central bank. The IRS was created because of the private west Central bank and these are the enforcers for the deep state and the private west central bank. So think about what we’re experiencing right now. We’re experiencing the entire system falling apart. They’re trying to move us into the great reset. So, yes, they will use their IRS foot soldiers. And actually that is now confirmed because of James O’Keefe, which we’ll be talking about in just a sec.

But the other thing that’s very interesting is as we move down this path towards the presidential election, we know that deep state players are trying to push their green new scam. And as the economy breaks down, they’re going to be implementing more taxes again to pay for the system. Because as the system breaks down and people lose their jobs, they need to collect more money. And we could see they’re preparing everyone for what? The green new scam and carbon taxes.

Now, I do believe in the end this is all going to fail because the people aren’t going to accept this. People might have accepted this if there was a great war and there was death and destruction everywhere. But now since the people are awake, they’re not just going to sit back and take it. You could see this out in Europe with the farmers. They’re out there protesting. Remember the deep state players, the central bank to World Economic Forum.

They want to take control of the food supply. They want to feed us bugs. So they made a move on the farmers. And the farmers, they saw it. Why? Because they’re awake. There’s no death. There’s no destruction. There’s no pandemic. There’s nothing. So they can see exactly what’s happening. And the people out in Canada who are struggling, that can’t make ends meet, well, very, very soon they’re going to see something very, very different.

I do believe this is going to piss a lot of people off. And what’s happening come April 1 is that Trudeau’s carbon tax is increasing to more than 17% per liter of gas. And I do believe the people are going to be very, very angry with this and they’re going to push back very, very hard. And you could see the DS and the central bank and the World Economic Forum.

They are going to push back very, very hard, and they’re going to pressure Republicans into protecting Biden’s radical green energy agenda. There is a leaked confidential 66 page document from a top environmentalist association obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, and it reveals that Joe Biden’s deeds, well, they’re going to put a lot of pressure on the Republicans to protect their green energy subsidies that Biden secured. So the document, a February 2024 board memo prepared for board members of the American Clean Power association, is striking in how specific and aggressive, aggressive it is in detailing plans for its members to push republican lawmakers to oppose any GOP effort to repeal all or parts of Biden’s named Inflation Reduction act policies.

And remember, the Inflation Reduction act has nothing to do with inflation. Actually, it’s going to cause inflation. Any bill that they put forth is always the opposite. So once again, they’re going to put pressure on the Republicans because again, if they lose the election, if anything should happen, they don’t want all this roll back. Because remember, their entire plan is to do what? Bring us into the green new scam.

And if you look at the pages of this document, all over it, it says, the American Clean Power association. So this organization that consists of more than 800 companies from across the clean power sector, they’re committed to pushing this agenda and making sure nothing is reversed. But I do believe in the end, they’re going to lose complete and utter control. And all these rhinos, I do believe they’re going to be voted out in the end.

So their entire plan is not going to work. Maybe right now they can try to control the Republicans, but I do believe the patriots that are in the House right now, they’re not there to change anything. I do believe they’re there to block anything the deep state, the central bank, the World Economic Forum is trying to do. And they’re doing a pretty darn good job right now, and we could see that moving forward.

I do believe things are going to change, especially with the economy, especially with the green news scam. I think things are going to really change when Trump is back in office. And that’s when you’re going to see everything completely change. Because what people are noticing right now is that everything that Biden has said, everything that Deez has said, everything the fake news has said is turning out to be one gigantic lie.

Remember when they said, oh, the Inflation Reduction act, oh, this is going to help us with the economy. It’s going to reduce inflation. Well, this has nothing to do with inflation. And also they said this was going to pay for itself. Well, it turns out that the inflation Reduction act has to do with the green new scam, and it’s costing more and more money right now. The CBO, they revised their cost of Biden’s energy policy and it has now jumped to 466,000,000,000.

So once again, he lied to the american people. And this is going to cost quite a bit. And remember, this has nothing to do with inflation. It has nothing to do with controlling inflation. This has to do with the green news scam. And you know what’s very interesting about this whole entire push here? Well, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did an impact assessment of four fuel standard proposals and compare them to the cost of doing absolutely nothing.

Guess what? Following roughly 150 pages of fear mongering, discussing things like gasoline spills, 27 references to cancer, and the hypothetical benefits of proposed actions, what did they find? Well, net benefits for passenger cars remain negative across all alternatives, versus doing nothing at all costs are always much greater than expected. And in this case, we are already starting from a negative benefit. And so here we are. The Inflation Reduction act that Biden told us would pay for itself not only delivers negative benefits across all time frames in reducing emissions, it is now expected to cost 466,000,000,000 more over ten years.

So there you have. It has nothing to do with inflation. Everything that they said is false and it’s going to cost a lot of money. Again, they’re trying to bring us into something that people don’t want to go into. There is no demand for evs. The government is trying to force it on people and the people are rejecting it. And this is what governments normally do, tyrannical governments, they try to force something on the people.

And this is what our founding fathers fought against. And you could see that at this point, the people are not going along with it, which means the deep state, the central bank, the World Economic Forum, what are they going to do? They’re going to double down? What do you think they do? But again, the people will continue to push back. And what are the people noticing? The people are noticing the similarities between 2008 2009 to right now, everything is really starting to break down.

Wall street silver put this out and said mortgage applications to purchase a home plunged by 10% in the latest week. From the prior week, mortgage applications were down by 9% from the already depressed levels in the same week a year ago. Housing markets still frozen. That relatively small increase in mortgage rates caused mortgage applications to replunge after they barely risen from their record lows going back to 1995, a sign that housing market remains frozen because prices are still too high and potential sellers are still thinking that this too shall pass and potential buyers have figured it out.

And yes, the people, they’re having a huge problem right now, especially those people that are selling too. Because remember, if you sell, you have to get a mortgage at a higher interest rate. Talk about our health if your New Year’s resolution is about health or fitness, you’re not alone. A recent study reveals 50% of Americans want to improve their fitness by exercising more this New Year’s and more specifically control their weight.

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Com once again, that is trimwithx 22 dot or click the link in the description. So this is a problem for both sides right now. And we can see this economy, the system that we’re in. All it does is put people into debt. And as the system breaks down, it gets worse and worse for the people. I mean, I think we’ve seen it as clear as day right now.

Going back to when Biden came into the White House. Everything flipped around, inflation picked up, fuel prices went up, the economy started to break down and people really started to know this. Now add on top of that layoffs with everything else, people are starting to really see this. And this is becoming very, very difficult for the people because credit card bills are increasing because of the interest rates, people are having a very difficult time making the minimum payment, energy costs are going up, insurance costs are going up and people, they’re struggling right now.

Peter Sengong put this out on x and said. New York Fed warns of mass defaults as households debt hits a record 17. 5 trillion. That’s up 3. 4 trillion since the pandemic. Almost 30,000 per household. On top of the 10 trillion in new federal debt, almost 80,000 per household in all, the average american household is now carrying over 400,000 in debt. They make one 6th. That debt is clearly unsustainable at this point.

And it’s the only thing holding up the economy. Absolutely. And we can see since the economy’s breaking down, people can’t afford their student loans, people can’t afford their mortgages, people can’t afford their rent, they can’t afford their bills. What is Biden doing? Well, he’s trying to buy votes. And what did he do? Well, he went against the Supreme Court once again, and he decided to cancel 1. 2 billion in student loan debt for about 153,000 borrowers.

And who pays for all of this? Well, it’s we the people. But again, people don’t notice this because they really don’t see it. Can you imagine if every time the government would say, okay, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to take out more money. We’re going to send it over to Pakistan. We’re going to study gender biology to see who’s a male and who’s a female.

We’re going to study bees on the highway, and we’re going to cancel debt. Can you imagine if everyone received a bill saying, hey, since the government did this, now you owe $200 more, $500 more, $800 more, $1,000 more. Do you think the people of this country would say, you know something, I don’t think this is right. You see, that’s when it really impacts the people. But why is Biden doing this? Because he’s trying to buy votes.

Actually, NBC News put this out and said those who receive the relief are expected to receive an email with a message from Biden saying, I hope this relief gives you a little more breathing room. Basically, he’s buying votes and he’s using everyone in this country to do it. Think about that for a second. But as the system breaks down and taxes start to dry up, because if you have more layoffs, people aren’t working.

If people aren’t working, you’re going to have less going into the government. We’re already starting to see this. Tax receipts are down. So what do they got to do? They need the IRS to go after the people. Remember, they’ve been telling the people, no the IRS are only going to audit the wealthy. The IRS is not going to come after you. Well, do you really think that’s true? When the system’s breaking down and people don’t have the money to pay their bills, do you think the first thing they’re going to do is give the money to the government or they’re going to use it for food or they’re going to use it for themselves? And this is why they implemented their foot soldiers.

And James O’Keefe, he went undercover and he was speaking to the criminal investigation of the IRS and he actually spilled the beans. Take a listen to what he said. Access to everybody’s bank account. They see the amount in your bank account? Yes. I can’t. Is it constitutional to do that? I doubt it. They are assholes. Really. They are the definition of an ass. All of them. They have no problem, like going after the small people, putting people in prison, like destroying people’s life.

Really? They have no problem doing that. They said that we were all nice when we started. Now look at us. They are like robots right now. All of it. I can’t wait to give this news to all of my friends. Please don’t tell them my name. Do you think that you would, like, have to have everything, right? No, not with IRS. I think they can audit, like, whoever they want.

That’s actually. It’s a bit invasive, right? Yeah. Like in. In six months, they were able to capture half a billion dollars. Do they have warrants to go into the accounts to find that half a billion dollars? You said the IRS doesn’t control the AI. Who does? The Department of Justice and the inspector general. It’s like he went into the army. When I went to the criminal investigation unit, the guy telling me, like, the first person you shoot, you’re going to remember.

But after that, you’re going to shoot, like, hundred people. You’re not going to remember any of them. This absolutely confirms that the IRS was put into place to go after the people, especially when the system’s breaking down. They don’t care about the people. They’re going to come for their money. Remember the currency that we hold today, the Federal Reserve note? It’s not the people’s money. Look at the bills that you have.

It’s an instrument of debt. It belongs to the Federal Reserve. That’s why on top it says the Federal Reserve note, it is theirs. They are loaning us their pieces of paper or their blips, and we have to pay it back with interest. They are the loan sharks and the loan sharks, they have muscle. It’s called the IRS. And if you don’t pay them, they come after you. That’s how it works.

Our founding fathers never wanted it this way. Our founding fathers wanted we, the people, to create our own currency. This way we’re not borrowing it with interest. The founding fathers, they knew about the money changes. That’s what they called them. They knew from the very, very beginning. And this is why they put this in the constitution. Because if they didn’t know, they would say, yeah, anybody can create the currency.

We don’t care. But they knew. And this was never, ever supposed to happen. And the only way to remove ourselves, I’m talking about the people of this world, to remove themselves from this system is to go to alternative currencies. You have to use a currency that the central bank does not control. And I do believe right now there’s two of them. There’s gold and there’s bitcoin. And we could see there’s a lot of institutions now that are now dealing in bitcoin.

Yes, a lot of these institutions, they’ve dealt in gold and now they’re taking on bitcoin. And remember, gold and bitcoin, they are completely decentralized. And we see that Idaho, they’ve become the latest us state to introduce a bill to protect the right to custody and trade of bitcoin. And I do believe this is going to spread, and it is spreading around the world. And soon it will be very, very easy for people to move their fiat currency right into bitcoin.

Remember, if you put it into bitcoin, it’s electronic. You can travel anywhere. The governments of the world cannot access it. And that is very important. The same thing with gold. I’m not talking about paper gold. If you have gold and the government doesn’t know where it is, they can’t access it. And this is very, very important because moving forward, you don’t want the government, you don’t want the central bank to have access to any of the things that you have.

Because if they do have access, like central bank digital currency, they can just flip a switch or actually push a button on a computer and they can shut it down or they can monitor what you have in the bank. Actually, when you listen to the IRS individual, he said, yeah, they use AI to see what you have in the bank. So your accounts aren’t really private, are they? Is that against the constitution? Absolutely.

But again, this criminal syndicate doesn’t care. The deep state doesn’t care. The central bank doesn’t care because again, in the end, they want their money and it’s time for the people to break away from this. And I do believe that’s what this is all about. We’re bringing the system to its knees. And the system that we’re bringing to its knees belongs to the private west central bank. And Trump is not doing it.

He’s allowing the Fed to do it. He’s allowing Biden to do it, the ECB to do it. This way, it could be blamed on them. And then when they’re at their weakest point, because what are they going to do is they’re going to say they’re going to crash the economy. They already did it. Trump can come in and use that leverage against them and the people can use that leverage against them.

And I do believe we’re getting closer and closer to that. And soon the private west of central bank, the way we know it today, will cease to exist. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .

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