Ep. 3215b – J6 Election Narrative Imploding Dog CommsTrump Opened The Door Of All DoorGame Over

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➡ The episode discusses an alleged criminal syndicate involving Joe Biden and other high-ranking figures and claims evidence will soon be released. Additionally, a breakthrough keto powder that aids with weight loss is promoted. Lastly, the host anticipates economic collapse and political instability, suggesting that the rising hardship will eventually reveal the truth to the public, and Donald Trump’s role will be vindicated.
➡ The text talks about the patriots’ control of the American House and their ongoing efforts to expose truth and initiate investigations into apparent cover-ups by certain individuals and groups. The narrative relates to a wide range of topics, including elections, COVID cover-ups, possible distractions, and growing public awareness against “woke culture”. It also tackles issues concerning human trafficking, the increase of whistleblower revelations, and the belief that these revelations will contribute to a broader understanding of ongoing societal issues.
➡ The text discusses a range of issues including human and drug trafficking due to an open border policy, pedophilia, child abuse, and political plays in different countries. It also mentions the impact and manipulation of information by media outlets and their influencers, with a spotlight on Media Matters allegedly creating false narratives to manipulate corporate advertising funding. Lastly, the text referrs to violent protests in support of Palestine and posits that these incidents are orchestrated by a single group tied to the deep state.
➡ An Ohio man claiming a hate crime against him by an Israeli ally was arrested for fabricating the incident. Narratives involving hate crimes and Palestine issues are accused to be manipulated for political advantage. A letter from Osama bin Laden has gained attention on TikTok, citing anti-American and anti-Israel beliefs; critics argue that its purpose is to shape public opinion in favor of Palestine. Alleged efforts by deep state actors to control narratives are being challenged by public skepticism and pushback. Meanwhile, accusations that September 11 was an inside job involving the CIA resurface, suggesting that bin Laden’s role was manipulated for broader political intent. Biden’s Washington Post op-ed calls for visa bans on Israeli extremists and advocates for Gaza and West Bank consolidation under one governance structure. Despite these manipulations, the narrative shifts drastically as the public awareness grows and resist these attempts.
➡ The narrative of the Capitol insurrection on January 6 is being challenged, as recent video footage allegedly shows police facilitating entry for protesters into the building. Opinions suggest that the violence displayed was instigated by deep state players including BLM, Antifa, neo-Nazis, and allegedly even Capitol Police and the FBI. This information raises skepticism about the exact role of government agents in these events, a topic that’s receiving attention from both GOP and Democratic voters. Additionally, consequences are expected for those involved, with key Democrats likely to announce retirement.
➡ The passage discusses suspicion of orchestrated chaos in events like January 6 riots being blamed on Trump supporters, ongoing efforts by Marjorie Telegreen to subpoena and investigate those involved, allegations of FBI and other institution’s covert involvement, and political controversies involving Mike Johnson and Rolex. It also includes speculation on a possible shift in Democrat representation from Joe Biden due to his declining approval ratings and concerns about election interference.
➡ Trump’s anticipation of presenting evidence in court concerning the alleged election fraud and the likely impact on public opinion forms the core of this message. Additionally, it encompasses expected pushbacks from the deep state, Trump’s 2024 presidential prospects, and his immediate course of action post-election victory, which includes establishing peace, confronting the deep state, and averting a looming economic crash- all in the interest of foiling deep state plans and restoring the truth to the public.


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Simply go to Keto with X 22 Dot to take advantage of this limited time before they sell out. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news Now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, Big tech fic news, the puppet masters. Their entire narrative is completely imploding on them. Think about it. Everything now is pointing to Joe Biden. Everyone is starting to realize that he’s a criminal. They might have thought it in their heads going back in time, but now they have the proof.

They have the proof that he has 20 shell companies. They have the proof that he’s been dealing with foreign nations. They have the proof that he lied to the American people. And he had the criminal syndicate lie to the American people when he said, oh no, that’s on 100 Biden’s laptop. Everyone now can see the system. Everyone now can see the criminal syndicate. And they just didn’t lie about Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden. They lied about Obama. Yes, he’s involved in all this, too. And I do believe that information will be coming out. And you can see that all these players, they’re part of the system. And now their system is exposed. It’s falling apart, and they’re going to have some type of an event. And you can see they’re prepared and ready for distractions. And we’re already getting one today.

And it seems that Dan Scavino put out some messages letting us know that, yes, they have distractions ready to go. Now, what’s very interesting is we can see that the January 6 tapes, they were released to the public. So now the public is seeing the real January 6 and what really happened on January 6. And the people are starting to realize, hey, wait a minute, there was no insurrection by we the people.

It looks like it was an insurrection by, oh, that’s right, the deep state players. Because remember, they had to cover up their true insurrection on November 3. And now the people are realizing that the election went along with this. So the election narrative is now falling apart because remember, this is all connected. And think about the charges they have against Trump. They’re charging him with January 6, that he started the insurrection, and they’re charging him with election fraud.

Coincidence, isn’t it, that they’re charging Trump with all this and they’re the ones who are actually behind all this. And the evidence will be coming out, letting everyone know that they’re responsible for all this. Remember, Trump, he opened the door of all doors, and now all he needs to do is produce this evidence so the people of this country, the people of the world, can see exactly what happened.

Because what they thought happened actually didn’t happen the way they thought it happened. Because the deep State players, they actually had the narrative at that point in time, and they convinced the people that, hey, Trump was responsible. Trump was trying to get involved in the elections. He was trying to rig the elections. But everything is going to now turn around. Everything’s going to be pointing to the deep state players.

And Trump, he set it up perfectly. Because how do you wake the rest of the population up? I’m not talking about the Republicans, the independents. Yes, there’s still Republicans and independents that have to be, hey, before I forget, X 22 is launching the second official X 22 merch. Drop this Black Friday called We the People. This launch consists of all new items. Everything is going to be limited quality.

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It’ll include everything from the site. Plus, during the launch, we’ll be unveiling the mystery items, and these will be new products that we add to the drop. So head over to X 22 store. com or just click the link in the description. Woken up. But I’m talking about the DS, remember, this is the United States of America. We’re all Americans here. And I do believe Trump needs to unite the country, which I do believe he’s going to do, because he’s going to show the American people the truth.

The truth will always win in the end. It will always beat the propaganda. And you don’t have to blurt it out there and try to force it on people. All you got to do is bring it out into the open and let people see it and let people make the logical decision, let people wake up from it. And I do believe this is exactly what he’s going to do.

Now. How is he going to do this? Well, if they’re bringing charges against him in a court of law, he’s going to introduce it in a court of law. And yes, the DS will be watching. They’ll be watching their CNN channel, their MSNBC, the CNBC, and this will be televised. And people, they’ll start to hear the truth. Now, of course, the deep state players, they don’t want these people to hear the truth.

They’ll try to block it. They’ll try to do whatever they possibly can. But you know what happens when this happens? When you try to cover up the real crime, it gets out there, just like they tried to cover up the riots in 2020. And people started to realize, hey, you could tell us it’s protests all you want. You could tell us the riots are a myth. But we see what’s happening.

We are experiencing what’s happening. Same thing with the economy. They could tell you the economy is great, it’s strong. When you go to the supermarket and you pay double, you know something’s wrong. When you go to the gas pump and you pay double, you know something’s wrong. If you lose your job because the economy’s breaking down, you know something’s wrong. If the stock market crashes, you know something’s wrong.

It doesn’t matter what they say, because the people, when they actually experience it, they know what’s going on. And I do believe Trump and the patriots, they have these people exactly where they want them, and they’re being brought down this path. And the people are being brought down this path at the same exact time. So people can see who the true criminals are. Remember, this is not about a four year election, just fixing everything and going back to the way it was, because that’s not going to fix the country.

The only way we could fix the country is to show the people the absolute truth of what’s going on here. And the only way to show the people the truth is have them go through it and see it with their own two eyes and experience it. Because without that, talk is cheap. Talk isn’t going to do it. You need to feel the pain. You need to wake up.

That is what is happening right now. And the people are going to wake up because you know why? This is going to be a slap in the face and it’s going to be multiple slaps because the people need to see what’s really going on here. Yes, people are going to deny it. Yes, people are going to get pissed off. But in the end, just like Michael Rappaport, how he’s screaming and yelling, how he doesn’t want to vote for Trump.

In the end, when the truth is right in front of them and they see it, yes, they’re going to resist, but eventually they will say, okay, I have no other choice. I have to do this, especially with war approaching, especially with the economy breaking down. And I do believe Trump and the patriots, they have these individuals exactly where they want it. Because now, if you notice, the patriots have control of the House.

Now the patriots are releasing the information. Let the people decide what’s fake, what’s true, and you know what? When they start to review the tapes, when they start to review what really happened there, the people are going to say, you know something? They thought we were stupid. Now I see it. Now I understand why they were hiding this information. Remember, the COVID up always gets you. They covered up the entire incident with hiding everything, with creating an unselect committee that actually edited the videotapes, that actually tried to control the narrative, why do you think they deleted everything they did? Because they were covering up their entire scam.

So when you have a cover up like that, what happens? People realize and they understand, wow, now I understand why they were doing this. Now I understand why they hide all of this. Because they were covering up what they did. And yes, this is all going to lead to what? The elections, because that’s what this revolves around. It revolves around the elections. And Trump, he needs the people to see the truth.

He needs the people to understand that these people, they’re responsible for all this. And yes, they cheated in the elections. They overthrew the United States government for those people that still don’t believe, you’re going to see more and more of this as time goes on, as we go through 2024, those people, the DS especially, they’re going to start to see this. And yes, it’s going to be very, very painful for them because they just don’t want to believe.

But when they get the facts, when they get the truth, when it’s documented, they will believe it. In the end, no matter how much they resist, they will accept it. Just like Michael Rappaport. You’re going to see a lot of people like this and we’re going to be talking a lot more about this because we can see that we already have an event already starting out because as these tapes are released and people are starting to look at it, they need a distraction.

This is what they always do. And we know from the different comms, like dog comms, we know that funerals are on their way. We know they’re going to probably use this to distract from the people. Probably going to have a double funeral coming up right now because we know that Rosalind Carter, she just passed away. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy Carter’s right behind her because Dan Scovino did put out a double post about a dog going into a pile of leaves like he’s being buried.

And it wasn’t just one dogcom, it was two. So it looks like they might be trying to stretch this out because they need to distract from everything that’s going on right now because remember, more and more evidence is going to be produced. And the more evidence that is produced, the more distractions they need. This is how it works. This is how it has always worked. Now, we’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later when we’re talking about the election.

But first, let’s talk about what’s happening with the Miss Universe pageant because as we know, they were introducing men in the Miss Universe pageant. And once again, the people aren’t going along with this right now. The Miss Universe just filed for bankruptcy. So you go woke, you go broke. It seems like this is a common theme that we’re seeing right now. And I do believe as more and more of these corporations, because that’s really what the Miss Universe is.

It’s a corporation. These businesses, as they keep pushing and pushing and pushing, you’re going to see a lot of different businesses go bankrupt because of this, because they’re trying to push something on the American people. And the majority of the American people aren’t going along with what they want. Remember, from the very, very beginning, it was the minority using the fake news as their bullhorn to convince everyone that they were the majority.

And this is what the people want. But now the people, they’re realizing that the fake news is just that, fake news. They are not the minority. They have lost the bullhorn. And now the people, they’re starting to see the truth. And every day that passes, more and more people see the truth. The other thing that’s very interesting, remember when there was that leaked audio of Sheila Jackson Lee berating one of her staffers? Well, very interestingly.

And Marissa Hansen put this out, the staffer that she was berating on the recording? Well, it seems that he was found dead days after the audio was leaked of Sheila Jackson Lee berating him. Coincidence? I think we start to see a lot of this. It’s just very interesting that this person all of a sudden has. Hmm. That’s very interesting. The other thing that’s very interesting is we could see Representative comer.

He is completely and utterly going after Biden right now. He put out a statement on X, and he said if resident Biden has nothing to hide, then he should make his current and former staff available to testify before Congress about his mishandling of classified documents. So, yes, why doesn’t he testify in front of Congress? Remember, under the presidential Records act, he was not a president. He was vice president.

He was doing this under Obama’s presidency. He didn’t have the right to keep the documents. And if we go back in time as senator, he didn’t have the right to keep the documents. And it doesn’t matter if he knew. Didn’t know. And he was cooperating. He still had the documents and they were being moved around. And he knew he had the documents. So he knew exactly what was going on.

And think about it. Everything that the people are now learning, they’re starting to see his pay for play scam. And as this is continually exposed to we the people, the power that he has is completely disappearing. And that reminds me of post 36 five. This is November 19, 2019. It says pay for play only works when you hold a position of power. It’s only a matter of time.

And that’s absolutely true. And we could see that as more and more evidence comes out, his power structure is actually disintegrating around him. And this is why I do believe the DS, they’re prepared and ready to remove him. Now. I do believe there might be many candidates that are coming in and out, but I do believe eventually what’s going to happen is everything’s going to turn to Obama, and we’ll have to see how this all plays out in the end.

Because think about everything that’s going on with Iran, everything that’s going on with the border. This is everything that Obama set up in the 16 year plan. And we know that Trump is using this against them and pointing out their entire 16 year plan to the American people. So people could see this very, very clearly. Now, the other thing that people could see very, very clearly, they see the human trafficking, the child trafficking, the pedophilia.

And actually, this is building and building and building, which I do believe they’re getting prepared and ready to release information because you need to bring people into the fold. You need the people to understand what’s going on. A lot of times in the very, very beginning, if you drop all the information all at once, like the Black book from Epstein, a lot of people would have a difficult time believing it.

But if you drip the information out, you keep showing the people, the people then say, okay, I see the pattern now. I see what’s happening here. And when you drop that information later on, the people do not have a difficult time accepting it. And what’s very interesting is that Stacey Abrams brother in law was arrested in Tampa for human trafficking. Jimmy Garner, the brother in law of former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, was arrested on allegations of human trafficking.

Tampa police said they arrested Jimmy, 57, for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a 16 year old girl. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s absolutely unbelievable. And as more and more people hear about this, they start to look at the border and they say, well, wait a minute, are we seeing a lot of human trafficking and child trafficking at the border? Yes, we are. Actually, I just did an interview with Tara Rodus and Mary O’Neill.

And Tara Rodus, she was down at the border. She was working for HHS, and she saw the child trafficking. And she reported this. She’s a whistleblower, and she reported all of this. So we know that this is true. We know it’s happening right now. And we could see the deep state players. They’re not just doing it here in the United States, but they’re doing this around the world.

I mean, just look out in Africa, the people attempted to cross the fence that separates Morocco from the Spanish enclave Sueta Le Monde. So you could see this is happening all over the world right now. And it’s driven by Soros and many, many others to bring people and to blend the nations. And we can see that what comes with this is human trafficking, child trafficking, gang members being brought over the border and drug trafficking, everything.

So people can actually see this. And what’s very interesting about all of this, since we can see what’s happening in all these countries with the illegals that have been brought into these countries, because what they tried to do is they tried to outnumber the people in the country. They tried to use these people to overthrow the governments in these countries. Looks like it’s some type of Arab Spring that’s going on, because we’ve seen this before, and this is what they do.

And I do believe they’ve been setting all this up in all these different countries to do the same exact thing. But what’s very interesting about all this, and since we’re seeing the pedophilia, since we’re seeing the child trafficking, the child sex abuse, the French commission has called for the end of the statute of limitations on child sex abuse crimes. So the French commission is examining sexual violence against children, and they’re looking to remove the all time limits on the prosecution of people suspected of raping or sexually assaulting minors.

And the timing of this is very, very interesting. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see that Trump, he has gone down to the border of Texas. He is now serving food to the border Patrol agents. And again, Trump has gone down to the border. He’s at ground zero. Where’s Biden? What has he been doing? What has Kamala been doing? Absolutely nothing. But you can see the governor of Texas.

He has now endorsed Trump to be president. And once again, you can see that he is the people’s president. He’s down there. He’s working with the Border Patrol, because they know when he was in the White House, the border was secure, the wall was being built. We didn’t have this type of problem. And we could see that those individuals, they are with him. They’re not with the resident, they’re not with the deep state players.

But you can see the deep state players. They want an open border. Trump, he needed to show the American people, look how bad the open borders are, look what it does to this country. And I do believe most likely we’re going to see some type of an event in this country coming up. And it looks like it’s building and building and building. But you can see that the deep state players, they’re trying to control the narrative in this country, because once again, they’ve lost the narrative.

Because now there’s many different platforms. X is no longer under their control and they are panicking over this because they know there’s millions of people on this platform and they need to somehow, some way control it. It’s not going to happen, but they’re going to give it a try, just like they always do. And I think in the end, when they can’t control the narrative, they can’t censor, they can’t shut down the platforms, most likely they’ll probably be moving to a communications blackout.

But you can see they’re going after Elon. They’re going after X. Charlie Kirk put this out and said the following because he’s responding to Elon Musk, who said the split second court opens on Monday, X Corp will be filing a thermonuclear lawsuit against Media Matters and all those who colluded in this fraudulent attack on our company. So media Matters, that entire organization, was set up by Soros to go after certain outlets, to go after certain influencers, and to actually try to shut them down.

That is their mission. Charlie Kirk responded to Elon Musk and said, no more than ever, stand with X and defend free speech. We must boycott the ex boycotters. Apple, Comcast, Disney, IBM, Lionsgate, NBC Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, make it hurt. End subscriptions, don’t go to their movies. Light them up in the comments. And he’s absolutely right. Cancel the new set of AirPods, cancel the iPhone. And you could see that they created this entire story that X is running these companies ads next to hate speech, next to antisemitic speech.

Joe Bernaroach put this out and said Media Matters created three accounts and followed 30 accounts similar to the ones in the article. Then they constantly refreshed the timeline of post 13 times the number of ads served to this user, as opposed to the median 50 impressions served against the content in the article. Out of 5. 5 billion served the whole day points to the fact of how efficiently our model avoids content for advertisers.

Data wins over allegations. KaNacOA the Great said the following an executive discloses that the content highlighted in Media Matters article constituted a mere 50 out of 5. 5 billion ad impressions served throughout the entire day. In reality, virtually no authentic users encountered these ads juxtaposed with the mentioned content, except for the Media Matters employees who intentionally exploited the system to locate such material. How did Media Matters achieve this? They created new accounts, each following only a small number of accounts, posting objectional material.

By relentlessly refreshing their timeline 13 times more frequently than an average user, they were able to capture the screenshots of major corporate advertisements alongside the targeted content. This revelation exposes Media Matter’s calculated strategy, generating these screenshots as leverage to compel major advertisers to withdraw their ads from X. Deceptive, manipulative and evil. Absolutely. Elon Musk responded to this and said, exactly. Kanacoa the Great said, the saddest part is the major corporations that fell for the manipulation deception.

Although these companies know that the ad views represent 50 of the 5. 5 billion views in a day. And this is all manufactured outrage. And this is really an excuse for the modern corporate political establishment who believe in censorship of all dissident voices, to silence the only big tech platform advocating for freedom of speech. Regardless, onward. Then ALX put this out and said Media Matters screenshots show at Apple ads being served next to this content.

X tells me that they analyze their logs and there is no evidence that the Apple ad was served next to any of those posts in the chain. This analysis encompassed all possible placements. The sweep also analyzed post two posts away is media Matters using fake screenshots. Elon Musk says they pulled a scam and he’s absolutely right. Then Libsa TikTok chimes in and says, Here are some of the old blog posts from the president of Media Matters, Angelo Carusen.

He made fun of trans people, mocked jury and Jewish gold, and praised a member of the KKK. Media Matters led a campaign for advertisers to leave X because they claimed ads were appearing near white supremacist contest. Media Matters is trash. And yes, this is how they set it up. This is how they game the system, because they need to bring down X. And how do you do it? You go to the money source.

So they knew if they went to the advertisers and they can prove this, these major advertisers would say, absolutely not, we’re not advertising on the platform. But once again, they’re not controlling the narrative. They don’t have control over the social media platform, and their entire mission is completely and utterly falling apart. And the people now see this. Think about it. Millions and millions of people have now seen what media Matters has done, and now Elon is going to be suing them.

And all of this information is going to be coming out. And the people are going to learn the truth because they’ve been doing this for a very long time against many, many people. And think about it, everything now is completely and utterly falling apart for them because they are no longer in control. And the people they’re seeing the truth of the matter. Yes. The January 6 tapes, they are coming out, and people can see the difference between a violent insurrection and those people that are taking a tour in the Capitol.

Let’s just go to what is happening now with the pro Palestinian riots, because really, that’s what they are. Because remember, it’s the same exact people that we saw with BLM. It’s Antifa, BLM, neo Nazis. It’s the same group of people. Yes. There’s illegals and criminals all involved in this. It’s the same people doing the same exact thing. So when you look at January 6, when you see the destruction, it was an inside job.

When you look at BLM and you look at the protests, it was the same exact people that were in January 6, the same people that were destroying and looting and burning. It’s always the same group of people. These people are the foot soldiers of the deep state players. Andy, no. Put this out and said a violent pro Palestine protest is occurring in Chicago. The militant leftist protesters have shut down eight lanes of traffic on Lakeshore Drive.

Then he put this out. Violent pro Palestine protesters storm a building at the University of Michigan. And once again, people can see the difference now. And they’re doing the same thing as Smollett did. Remember that whole hoax where he said, oh, Trump supporters jumped him and beat him up and put a noose around his neck? Well, it looks like it’s happening again, and this time it has to do with the Palestinians.

Andy, no, once again, put this out on X. And said a Muslim man in Ohio had a viral story about being seriously injured by a car driven by a person who screamed, kill all Palestinians, and long live Israel. Police investigated and have arrested him and his brother over the hate crime hoax. And once again, we’re starting to see the same exact people using the same exact pattern, and they’re trying to convince the people, look, we are the victims, and it’s all the Trump people.

It’s all the all, it’s all the same exact people trying to push this. But look what happens. These stories, they don’t last. They are debunked very, very quickly. And we see it’s getting worse and worse for them, because why? They’re not controlling the narrative anymore. They have lost control over the narrative. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that on TikTok, it looks like this letter of Osama bin Laden has been released.

Now, this letter has been around for a very long time, and they’re using this now. And TikTok, which is controlled by China. They are now trying to push a certain narrative, because in this letter, it has something to do with Palestine. And once again, you can see that they’re trying to push everyone into a different area, so you don’t realize who is really responsible for what happened on 911.

And I do believe that was an inside job. CIA. And now they’re trying to push everyone. They’re trying to back everything with the Palestinians, and they’re trying to control this narrative, and it’s not going to work. Actually, the people are already pushing verY, very hard against what they’re trying to do. And I do believe this is coming from the deep state players trying to control this narrative. So what’s in the letter? The letter is Osama bin Laden’s raving about why they attacked America.

No sources are cited. He simply goes on and on about the evils of America and Israel through the lens of his religious beliefs. Bin Laden. Bin Laden hated Jews, Americans, gay people, just to name a few on his hit list. He believed that anyone who died on 911 deserved it and wasn’t innocent because they paid taxes to a country that committed acts against which he had grievances. He was filled with hate.

But because the first segment of his manifesto mentions the Palestinians, these kids with no critical thinking skills suddenly see him as a beacon of truth. And the letter goes on to demand that everyone convert to Islam. It discusses how we’ve separated church and state in America and says, that’s a bad thing. Bin Laden cites such things as usury, gambling, intoxicants, incest, sexuality, homosexuality and disease as uniquely American issues.

And basically he says, if you don’t convert to Islam, we don’t need you in this world. Now, once again, I do believe this individual was controlled by the CIA, and the CIA needed to take him out before the military could. Now, what’s very interesting is that all this is being pushed using TikTok. And remember, Trump was right about the dangers of TikTok. He let everyone know that this is a national security issue.

And it looks like Trump was right again. Now, we’re going to be talking a little bit more about bin Laden in just a Sec because it’s very interesting. Let’s talk about protecting our wealth. Are you new to investing and have savings you need to protect right now, with the Middle East War, the Ukraine war, maybe Taiwan soon, you need a new playbook that’s safe. Allocate some gold now and avoid the frenzy, panic of the unprepared.

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But first, it looks like Biden put something out in the Washington Post. I don’t think it’s Joe Biden himself, as we all know, but he said in a Washington Post op ed that the US was prepared to issue visa bans against Israeli settler extremists attacking targets in the West bank if Israel continues to launch airstrikes and increase its ground assault in Gaza in an effort to root out Hamas, which killed over 1200 Israelis and kidnap hundreds of civilians, amass terrorist attacks On October 7, Biden called for a two state solution amid the conflict and also suggests that both Gaza and the West bank should be consolidated under a single governance structure, while threatening to issue visa bans against extremists attacking civilians.

So this is very interesting, but it looks like they might have agreed to a ceasefire where they’re going to be releasing 50 hostages taken by the terrorists. And we’ll have to see how this all plays out. But the IDF did put something out that’s very interesting on X, and said the following, taking a brief and what should be an unnecessary pause to remind anyone who is confused. Osama bin Laden was a genocidal terrorist personally responsible for one of the biggest crimes in modern history.

Like Hamas, al Qaeda used anti Semitic radical ideology to justify the wholesale murder of thousands of men, women and children. This has been a short letter from the IDF. So we have two instances where bin Laden is being mentioned. Because, remember, I do believe, and I think a lot of people believe, that 911 was an inside job. I do believe the CIA was involved in this. The deep state players were involved in this.

And this reminds me of post one five four, and I’m just going to read the top portion of it. This is November 14, 2017. It says, who financed 911? Who was bin Laden’s handler? CIA. Who was the clowns in America tasked to Hunt, kill, capture Usama bin Laden? Well, the CIA was handling him and did not want the military to take him out prematurely, if at all. Why not the military intelligence? Because Osama bin Laden would have been apprehended and returned to the US for interrogation and trial.

Intelligence gain would have exposed CIAS and other bad actors involvement in funding, training, arming, and assisting the terrorist. If we found Osama bin Laden eliminated his security. Why would we immediately kill him and not take him alive? Military intelligence would have taken him alive. CIA wanted him silenced. Why wouldn’t we want to capture Osama bin Laden alive and extract other possible T level events? Military intelligence would want to do that.

CIA would not want that because then their plans would be exposed. And it looks like they most likely took him out because they didn’t want him talking. And we can see this is exactly what they do. And it’s very interesting that they’re bringing up bin Laden, which actually ties into 911, because I’m wondering, is certain information about to come out about all of this? Because when you start to look at what’s coming out, people are starting to learn the truth about January 6, about the election rigging, about the overthrow of the United States government.

They’re learning that the Russia, Russia, Russia thing was a complete and gigantic hoax. The Alphabank hoax was another hoax. So they’re starting to realize that these people, it’s all the same people. They’re all tied together, and they have done things to the country, and now the people are learning all about this. They’re understanding the system, they’re seeing more of the system. And I do believe we’re going to see a lot more information come out, especially what’s going on right now.

And again, this all leads back to the deep state players. It leads back to Obama, and they’re trying to cover up for all this. They’re trying to distract from all this. And it looks like information is going to be produced. And I do believe information is also going to be produced about what happened with COVID Because remember, COVID was used to actually cheat in the election to actually overthrow the United States government so they can go ahead with their other agendas.

Remember, COVID was initially used to overthrow the United States government because they needed the mail in balance dropboxes. That would then lead to their other agendas, which know the bioweapon depopulation, control over the people and everything else. But you could see that it is now falling apart. The people are awake, and the people aren’t buying what they’re selling. Because when you look at the boosters right now, only 3.

6% of Americans got updated COVID-19 shots as of October 31. So the people right now, they’re not doing what the deep state players want them to do. It’s all completely and utterly falling apart. And as more and more evidence comes out, the people are learning, and they’re learning how bad these people really really are. And I do believe as the evidence pours out, people are going to start to realize, okay, I know who the treasonous people are.

It’s all the same people that have done all of this to us. And just with the January 6 tapes, people are starting to see this because, remember, they never wanted this information out there. They thought they were in control. They thought people would never, ever see this. And now the people are. Trump put this out and said, congratulations as speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, for having the courage and fortitude to release all the J Six tapes, which will explicitly reveal what really happened on January 6 and what really happened on November 3, because, remember, it’s all connected.

Charlie Kirky put this out and said, and just like that, the J Six Committee’s violent insurrection Narrative has crumbled. The Capitol Police facilitated the protest passage throughout the building. The vast majority of J Sixers should be immediately released. Absolutely. And when you start to look at these videos, you can see the people. They’re just taking a tour of the Capitol. The police are just standing there. They’re directing them.

They’re waving high. This isn’t violent insurrectionists. They didn’t have weapons. All of this was made up. Ryan Cunningham put this out and said, apparently the insurrection was so bad, it included a pat on the back and a handshake from a Capitol police officer while he gave directions. And now what you’re seeing, you’re seeing two different stories that were told, and you’re seeing two groups of people. Actually, there might be more, but let’s just use two groups of people.

You had the MAGA supporters, the people that supported Trump. They thought the election was rigged, that Trump was cheated out of the election. And then you had the other group, which was the deep state players. They were made up of BLM, Antifa, neo Nazis. Yes, the FBI, Capitol Police, and they were involved in the violence. They’re the ones who created the violence. Salty Texan put this out and said, on January 6, a masked man wearing an earpiece and a walkie talkie was caught on video removing a glass window from the Capitol.

When he realized he was being recorded, he pushed another man and blamed him. He has not been added to the FBI’s most wanted list, arrested or charged. Why? Because he was a confidential human source. Remember, part of the FBI. This is why they didn’t want people to know what was going on. But now that we know there were Ghostbusters where the confidential human sources were dressed up as MAGA supporters, their entire story is falling apart.

And think about all those people that have been suffering in the prisons. Remember, this was the deep state’s insurrection. They’re the ones who had the insurrection and they wanted to keep all these people quiet and they wanted to make an example out of them. Brandon Straka put this out on X and said Matthew Perna hung himself because the government refused to acknowledge that some people walked inside the Capitol and wandered around.

The government wanted everyone to believe that every person who went inside Capitol did so to do harm. And he’s absolutely right. And this newly released footage of Matthew Perner seen in red sweatshirt shows Matthew walking calmly in the Capitol shooting a video. Matthew pled guilty to initial charges believing he may face six to twelve months in prison and basically hung himself because he didn’t want to stay in prison.

It’s just awful what they’ve done. Think about it. Think about what they’ve done with COVID January 6. To the people of this country, they are guilty of treason. And Trump, he put this out on truth. He’s pointing to a New York Post article. He says FBI lost count of how many paid informants were at Capitol on January 6 and later performed audit to figure out the exact number.

Remember, to do something like this, you don’t just wake up one morning and say, hey, you know what? Let’s bring in the confidential human sources. Let’s set all this up. It had to be planned for a very long time. You needed everyone in their positions, the people, these confidential human sources, they needed to know what had to be done. They needed to dress up like MAGA supporters. All of it was orchestrated and they were trained to do this.

And the other thing that’s very interesting is that as these videotapes come out, you find out that, yes, some of these individuals, I think a lot of them, they were undercover agents. Citizen Free Press put this out and said, here’s a January 6 video they had never shown the public. A protester is uncuffed by Capitol Police and then fist bumps another officer down a hallway away from everyone.

Because what did they come to find out? They come to find out that these individuals are either agents or they were part of this entire plan. And once they realized who they were, they let them go. But the people are waking up and the people are starting to realize what’s really going on here. And the people understand that this wasn’t driven by Maga. It was driven by the deep state players and their system, the criminal syndicate.

Rasmussen reports put this out and said, how likely is it that undercover government agents help provoke the Capitol riot. It’s likely Democrats 59%. Independence 62% GOP 74% all voters 65% 65% now suspect feds provoked the riots? Absolutely. John La Ferva Put this out and said, Officer Akalino Gannell under oath, I was bleeding from both hands, had a mame foot hit on the head, sprayed with peppers and bear spray, beaten punch, push pulled and assaulted.

Then you see the video. None of that is true. So all these people, they kept the lie going. All these people lied about everything. And the unselect committee also lied. They edited the videotapes, they lied to the American people, and then they deleted everything. Why would you delete all the evidence if it’s going against Trump? If you have everything, why would you go and delete the evidence? Because it was all made up and they didn’t want people to see it.

So does that mean it’s really deleted? Absolutely not. Paul Sperry put this out and says, lies. Damn lies. And the January 6 Committee Representative Luria perpetrated false rumors started by the New York Times that USCP officer Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, a fabled debunk by both the coroner and the Sicknick family. Paul Sperry also said, what did Liz Cheney know and when did she know about her USCP Hero cup witnesses giving false testimony to January 6 committee? Did she try to corroborate their accounts with the video evidence that committee withheld from the public? Did Shaney cover up the contradictions? Of course they did.

They knew the truth. Why do you think they were editing the videotapes? Why do you think the videotapes weren’t released to the public? Why? Because we’re too stupid to understand what was going on. No, they didn’t want the public to see. That’s why when you commit a crime and you don’t want people to see the truth, you cover it up by hiding the evidencE. That’s what criminals do.

So now the people are seeing this. Luke Rosiak put this out and said, how many are dead? Because DC prosecutors spent their time on 65,000 January 6 court docs instead of violent crime. In December, a rapper shot at people outside a library. He was arrested by USAO. DC didn’t prosecute. Six months later, he killed someone. No one died in January 6 except the unarmed woman shot by police.

But many have died since as prosecutors started simply ignoring the arrests brought to them by the city police. 72% of misdemeanors and 53% of felonies simply dropped while they went after trespassing charges. The concern has gone from the notion that the DOJ might target you if you are conservative to now apolitical and Democrat City dweller crime victims not getting justice because normal criminals cases don’t check the boxes of an FBI hungry for political warfare.

Absolutely. Now, what’s very interesting, since all this is coming out, you can see that you’re going to see a lot of people announce that they’re retiring. They’re not running for reelection because again, their entire system is exposed. It’s falling apart. Congressman Clay Higgins put this out on truth and said, prepare to be shocked. This release will reveal the insidious truth that the Left and the corrupt officials at FBIDOJ do not want Americans to see.

No less than five to ten key Democrats will announce they’re retiring from Congress. Don’t doubt me. And I do believe this is exactly what’s going to happen. Let’s go back to post 24. It says any person, and by the way, this is November 1, 2017, any person making statements they will not be seeking reelection was put in submission for the betterment of the country. Not all will be prosecuted and all will do as told.

You will see more of this occur and even on the D side. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. But once again, I do believe they’re building up to chaos. I do believe the FBI, the DOJ, they have to cover up everything that they have done. And what do we see hapPening? Well, it looks like the Patriot Front Group has turned into a neo Nazi group because they’re doing the same exact marching.

Brand new flags, brand new outfits, and they’re marching in the streets. Why? Because they’re trying to make it seem like these are Trump supporters. These are not Trump supporters. These are FBI agents, neo Nazis, whoever they are, they’re trying to create the idea when chaos starts. Oh, look, it’s the white supremacist. Oh, look, these are all undercover people, just like in January 6, just like during the riots in 2020.

All of this is being prepped for what is coming. Now, what’s very interesting, since Mike Johnson decided to release all the videotapes, they’re going after him saying that, oh, yeah, he’s not rich, but look, he’s wearing this expensive Rolex that costs $18,000 or whatever it is. But when you take a closer look at his watch right now, it’s not a Rolex. It’s an imitation of a Rolex and it’s fossil.

It looks very, very similar, but it’s not a Rolex. Watch. So their entire narrative is completely and utterly falling apart. Representative Marjorie Telegreen put this out on X and said the following. I’m calling on Speaker Johnson to create a January 6 select committee. Releasing the tapes is not enough. There needs to be an investigation and accountability for all of the lies to see and lives ruined. Every member of the January 6 Committee, Nancy Pelosi FBI DOJ DC Police Cap Police January 6 witnesses lied all need to be subpoenaed.

Criminal referrals must be written and prosecutions must happen under a Trump DOJ. I’ve said it all along, MAGA did not do this, and she’s absolutely right. And all of these people should be called and they should all be subpoenaed and the evidence should be produced so that people can see the actual documents, the actual videotape. And that people need to understand who was responsible for all of this.

And they should create a January 6 committee and not delete the evidence, but actually show the evidence to we, the people so that people could see it all. And we should see their emails, their text messages. Let’s see what they’ve been talking about and how they created all this. And they should bring in, just like she said, the FBI under oath, they must answer and produce all their emails, their texts, and everything they’ve done.

And not just the governmental email addresses and phones, but their other phones and the other way they communicate, because we know that’s what they do. Now, very interestingly, Dan Scovino, he put out two posts, and it’s a woman opening up the SUV back door. A dog jumps out and runs into a pile of leaves. And it looks like the dog is being buried. Now, it’s very interesting that he put out two of them because we come to learn that former first lady Rosalind Carter, first she entered hospice, but now she passed away at 96.

Does this mean that Rosalind Carter and Jimmy Carter, they both passed away, and they’re just waiting to make the announcement for Jimmy Carter. And we’re going to have a double ceremony, which will probably go on for five, six days because he is a former president. It’s starting to seem that way. Let’s see how this all plays out. It’s going to be very, very interesting. Or are we going to have it like, first her, a week go by and then all of a sudden we have Jimmy Carter? Because they need to distract from what’s coming out.

Think about what’s coming out right now. JANuary 6 evidence. Yes. More is on the way. So they’re going to have to have distractions. They’re going to have to keep people busy looking at something else while the evidence pours out. Because remember, this all leads to what? It leads back to election interference. And we can see election interference in Arizona. Remember, Kerry Lake is going after these people. She’s showing everyone, look, they cheated in the election.

And she is now trying to bring the case up to the Supreme Court. And it looks like Maricopa county responded to Lake’s brief. We the people, Arizona alliance put this out and said Maricopa county admits they did not do any LNA testing. Testing before October 11 was not by statute, which states notice must be given and conducted under observation of the political parties. That’s very interesting. Then we have Rasmussen reports.

They put this out and said, why is voter discovery of 2020 ballots with perfectly filled in ovals a huge problem for 2024? They’re a likely indicator of multistate counterfeiting, an operation, something that requires special proprietary ballot software to print because of precinct votings. So now people are starting to learn about what is going on with the elections and people are seeing the cheating. This is why the percentage continually moves up and up and up when people say, hey, was the 2020 elections rigged? Yes, 62% say yes.

Are the 2024 elections going to be rigged? Yes, absolutely. Now think of January 6. Now think of November 3. All of this is now tying in together. Then think of all the cases that they brought against Trump because now they’re interfering in the election. And yes, we have an election fraud case. We have a January 6 case. This is all going to backfire on all of them, on Deep state, on everything that they tried to do.

It’s all going to backfire. It’s going to Boomerang on them. But you can see that right now with the New York case, this whole thing is going down the tubes for Letitia James, for Angoron. And remember, once this is appealed, people are going to see the truth. People are going to go, wow, what a waste of time, what a waste of money. These people are corrupt. Why didn’t they follow the rule of law? That’s what people are going to notice.

In the end, Trump, he put this out and said this rig case should be ended immediately. Proof has been conclusive. Businesses will never come back to New York. They’re all watching this hoax. The judge and attorney general should be sanctioned political witch hunt. And he’s pointing to an article and it says Angoran’s co judge, law clerk Allison Greenfield, attended anti Trump events endorsing Biden. And Tish James, spurred On by impeachment Leader Dan Goldman, all connected.

DAN GOLDMAN There he is again. And you can see that everything is connected. It’s all the same deep state players. They’ve been going after Trump for a very long time and they can’t get them and they’re getting pissed off. They’re trying everything and it’s all falling apart. Why? Because they’re not in control of any of this. Actually, Trump is turning this all around. They’re the ones who are on trial.

What do I mean by that? Well, think about the public. It’s the court of public opinion. They are the ones that are on trial. And you can see everything that they have tried has completely failed. They tried to remove Trump from the ballot in Colorado. Well, that didn’t work out. Trump, he put out a statement on November 17 and says the following. We applaud today’s ruling in Colorado, which is another nail in the coffin of the unamerican ballot challenges.

With this decision, Democrats 14th Amendment challenge have now been defeated in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and New Hampshire. These cases represent the most cynical and blatant political attempts to interfere with the upcoming presidential election by desperate Democrats who know cricket. Joe Biden is a failed president on the fast track to defeat. The American voter has a constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choosing. With President Donald J.

Trump leading by massive numbers. This right was correctly preserved in Colorado today. And we urge the swift disposal of any all remaining Democrat ballot challenges. Onward to total victory in 2024. We will make America great again. Absolutely. Now, what’s very interesting is that we could see that they’re preparing to get rid of Biden. And the way to do this is to convince the DS that his poll numbers are dropping.

He’s never going to be able to beat Trump. And they’re doing this because why? The evidence is all coming out against Biden. The economy is failing. And they know that Biden is not going to be able to pull this off. And you can see that on MSNBC. They’re already building this narrative saying Trump beats Biden for the first time in more than a dozen polls and his approval rating drops to the lowest level ever recorded.

So MSNBC, CNN, all the rest of these different fake news stations, they’re going to be convincing their people that it’s time to make a change. Forget about Biden. He’s not going to be able to pull this off. Let’s look at another candidate. And I do believe they’ve already started this entire narrative to bring in the other candidate. And I do believe they’re prepped, ready to go. Just a couple more weeks and we’ll probably, in the new year, we’re probably going to see a new candidate emerge.

And does that mean that’s the last candidate? No, I don’t think so. But we’ll have to see how this all plays out. But it looks like Trump, Scavino and the rest, they’ve been leading up to something. And Karma Patriot explains on truth Dan Scavino and Trump have been consistently posting about the poll numbers and court case audits in these particular states for over a month. Something is coming.

And yes, they’re looking at Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Very interesting, isn’t it? Aren’t these most of the states where Trump lost? Absolutely. So think about what Karma Patriot just said. Think about what Trump and Scavino have been doing. Then think about the election fraud case. Trump was at a gala in Mar a Lago. D. C. Drano put this out and said, and this is what Trump said at Mar a Lago.

We have so much evidence of election fraud and I look forward to introducing it in my trials. Very interesting. And that reminds me of post 37 24. I’m going to read the first couple of lines here. December 18, 2019 it must be done right. It must be done according to the rule of law. It must carry weight. It must be proven in the court of law. There can be no mistakes.

Good things sometimes take time. He needed the people to be on the same page. He needed the people to have the ability to accept what he’s going to show them. And he needs the people to do certain things. And the people wouldn’t do the things he needed them to do if they didn’t accept that the elections were rigged. But I think we’re at that point where the people are going to accept what needs to be done.

And we could see that this all revolves around the 2024 election. Rasmussen reports put this out and says, does mail in voting make it easier or harder to cheat in the elections? Easier. Men 53% Women 49% 18 to 39 55% say easier 40 to 64 years old 53% say easier 65 plus 41% say easier. All voters 51% 51% of all voters say it makes it easier to cheat in the elections.

The people are now coming on board. Now think about it. We’re at 51% right now. When they start to see the evidence that Trump submitted to the courts, the percentage numbers are going to skyrocket. Remember, Trump has declassified everything he is about to show the people who actually cheated in the election. He’s going to show the people that they overthrew the United States government. They overthrew the duly elected president.

The big lie was the lie coming from CNN, MSNBC, and all the other politicians, because they’re all part of the criminal syndicate. Because now when people go back in time, the hunter Biden laptop makes sense. The 51 idiots who said, oh, yeah, it’s Russian disinformation. All of this is going to start to make sense. Then take that and move to the Dominion machines. Take that and move to the ballots.

Take that, move to COVID. Everyone is going to seal this. Then take that and move it towards January 6. All of this revolves around the rigged election, and everyone is going to learn the truth. Why? Because everyone is now seeing the lies of the deep state players. They’re seeing the system clandestine. Put this out and said every major media narrative was a lie. Russiagate, fabricated by the Clinton campaign.

COVID made in a lab and the vaccines were neither safe nor effective. Ukraine, catastrophic failure. January 6, false flag event staged by elements within our own governMent. Hunter’s laptop, real, not Russian. Disinformation. Election fraud, real. Significant. Admitted irregularities in swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Social media censorship. Real. FBI DHS was meeting and communicating with private tech companies and instructing them to censor accurate information on their platforms.

If the entire mainstream media are parroting the same thing at the same time, historically speaking, it’s virtually guaranteed to be a lie. Absolutely. And the people, they see the truth. See the Trump, he needed the people on his side. He needed people to see all this. We’re not finished. 2024 is going to be a very rough year. People are going to see a lot, and the deep state’s going to fight back with war.

But Trump’s going to use this to a disadvantage. Why? Because they’re in control. Look what Trump put out on truth. He said, 2024 is our final battle. With you at my side, we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the warmongers from our government. We will drive out the globalists. We will cast out the communists, Marxists, and fascists. We will throw off the sick political class that hates our country.

We will route the fake news media. We will evict Joe Biden for the White House, and we will finish the job once and for all. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I want to go back to two posts here. This is post 36 10 November 20, 2019 Control of narrative equals control of public opinion. Trump needed this entire pause this time to actually control the narrative, because now he controls public opinion.

Control public opinion equals power. How do you control the narrative? Information warfare. Post one six, seven, POTUS opened the door of all doors. Expand your thinking. What is the Keystone? The Keystone is Trump. The people working with the military. That’s the power of this country. He needed the people to catch up. He needed the people to see it all. He needed the people by his side. And he’s already letting everyone know he’s not going to wait to be inAugurated.

He’s going to do things way before he gets into the Oval Office, as soon as he’s elected. Now, how can he do this? Well, is he the commander in chief? Absolutely. Listen to what Trump says. You know how beautiful the inauguration is, and you’re walking up these beautiful stairs to Capitol. Everything’s so beautiful. As I’m walking up, I’ll be signing about four or five different documents. I’m not going to wait to get to the office.

I may even have a very tiny little desk put on the 20th stair. So think about what he’s saying, because as we approach the 2024 election, he’s telling people, listen, vote for me. Once you vote for me and I’m elected president, I will have peace in 24 hours. What do you think the deep state is going to do? They’re going to push war like you’ve never seen before.

Trump, he’s going to start to do things as soon as he’s elected. He’s the commander in chief, he’s the president. He will counter everything that they’re going to do. And remember, this is made up of the Central Bank. It’s made up the World Economic Forum. Remember, they’re going to have the attack, they’re going to have war, crash the economy to actually cover up everything that they did. And once again, just like with COVID they never expect all of it to be countered by Trump.

He’s not kidding when he says he’ll have peace in 24 hours. It’s already done. But the whole point of this is that the people need to see all of it. The people need to go through it. And once he has peace, the central bank is done, the World Economic Forum is done, the deep state is done, because this is their cover up. This is what they wanted to use to bring us into the great Reset, the Green New Deal.

Once it’s countered, and we don’t have death and destruction, what do people see? The people see the truth, they see the deep state, they see their plan, and they’re screwed. They’re done for. It’s game over. The Patriots are in control. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening. Be well. Be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .


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