Dozens of Banks Are Closing- Is Yours on the List?

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➡ Dan discusses the imminent closure of numerous bank branches, affecting both customer service and accessibility particularly for the elderly and low-income individuals. He expresses concern regarding market inflation, reduced customer spending, and underemployment in the postal service, all while criticizing the apparent discrepancy between these realities and positive consumer sentiment figures.
➡ Bob, a 97-year-old man, fell while taking out trash, spent the night outside, was taken to a rest home, and died a few days later, prompting reflections on individual purpose and the human desire to live a fulfilled life amid trials.
➡ Hospitals across the country are being affected by escalating ransomware attacks, leading to postponements of surgeries and services, and prompting inquiries on secure, offline cash handling and concerns over utilities’ control over smart meters.
➡ There are warnings against sharing personal information such as emails and phone numbers due to privacy concerns and doubtful program benefits. Meanwhile, disappointing customer service experiences and changes to store operations and offerings underscore rapidly shifting consumer landscapes.
➡ Michael Lembeck is a trusted real estate expert specializing in multifamily units who provides insights into the current challenges of commercial real estate, including a surge in vacancies. Also, despite popular belief, housing has become unaffordable with no signs of improvement, even with potential lowering of interest rates. On a different note, Elon Musk will start delivering the cyber trucks from 30th November, which includes a unique clause of a $50,000 penalty for reselling within a year.


Hey, it’s Dan. Welcome back. This is I, allegedly, and I’ve got a good one for you today because dozens and dozens of banks are going to close and is yours next? Are you on the list? Hundreds of banks are going to close, actually. So lot to cover today. Please, as always, hit the like button on these videos. Share it with your friends. Subscribe to my channel. Also, don’t forget to join our email list.

It’s the first link below. And at the end of the month, we’re going to have an email sent out and announce our holiday giveaway, which you do not want to miss. Now, let’s get right into it. It has been no secret, especially with channels like this, that we’ve talked about the shenanigans with banking and how bank branches, they’re getting rid of as many as they can. There was a report filed about the consolidation of bank branches.

I want to get the name of this thing right, because it was just unbelievable. But it was a PDF talking about how, hey, expect your bank to be gone. And it was the great consolidation of banks and acceleration of branch closures. Now, this was an industry insider PDF that was circulated about what to expect. Now, I have been sent so many things. There is a list of bank of America branches.

There is a list of Chase branches. There’s a list of Wells Fargo branches, plus smaller independent branches. And you can look at the links below to find those. But what’s concerning about this is that they’re getting rid of normal service. They’re getting rid of our ways of getting cash, making deposits, and having service. There is a bank in Arizona right now that is basically employee free. And you walk in there, and there is basically two small rooms, a phone, and you can sit there and you can talk to somebody at the bank.

It’s basically like online banking, but you’re sitting inside their branch. What does this do for people? Seriously? Because when you go into the bank, if you need a cashier’s check or you need to get some cash, you’re going to go buy something. You’re going to take Dan’s advice and have cash to buy that car, or you’re going to go buy precious metals from the pawn shop. Okay? How much can you get out of the ATM? Oh, my ATM limit, dan’s $500.

Okay, well, maybe you want to buy $3,000 worth of gold or silver or coins or whatever. Okay? The point is that you have to have the ability to have service right now. And man, oh, man, it’s disturbing how they’re getting rid of these right before our eyes, and we’re not supposed to think about this. Now, the one thing that I hate is I hate when we’re told how great something is when we know it’s not.

Now, the inflationary numbers, okay, you guys can do whatever you want with those. We all know that. Things are through the roof right now. When you see food’s gone up 25%, insurance has gone up 22%, fuel has gone up 20%, these are numbers you can’t ignore. But you know what? Gas went down $0. 12 last week. Who cares? In the last three years, things have gone through the roof.

And we were just told that consumer sentiment is fantastic. You guys feel good about everything? Do you really? Do you really? Everybody I’ve talked to with the holidays right now, every single person, not one of them, and I’m talking from my friends that live at somebody’s house to rich people have said that they’re spending less this holiday season, regardless of their religious beliefs, regardless of what city they’re in, it’s going to be a lighter year.

Yeah, you know what? We’re just going to have a lot less this year, okay? And these are people, some of them, that can totally afford to do whatever they want, and they’re cutting back. So with these bank branch closures, you’re going to see this effect. And I’ve told you, the guys, this time and again, you’re going to see this affect the poorest people and you’re going to see it affect the elderly.

The poorest and the elderly get affected. When you have branch closures like this, it’s terrible because people can’t travel far. You have to have the ability to get cash. So many people get their Social Security check or their government check and they cash it. And it’s sad that they have to go to a check cashing service and then pay a fee. And it’s awful. It’s absolutely awful if the bank is not convenient for them.

But if you don’t think that these banks know what’s going on and that this is all the big master plan, you are kidding yourself. Because think about this. I have a brother that went and shipped something via FedEx at the main terminal here in Southern California, which is in San Bernardino, and it was dead. Absolutely no one there. He was the only one there at the main terminal to drop anything off the ship and said, is it always like this? No, just incredibly slow.

We’re not open 24 hours. We’re open basically a normal eight to five shift. Okay, think about this, guys. It’s a holiday season. It’s TVs and big purchases and things like that going through the main hub that used to be what was that? Norton Air Force Base, whatever that was out there in San Bernardino, California. If I’m getting it wrong, I’m getting it wrong. But you know what I mean? That was purchased by FedEx, and that’s what they use now.

They probably bought it for a dollar and nobody’s using it. Okay? There is a freight recession, which should disturb you, but where this recession goes to is the United States Postal Service as well. The Postal Service right now did not do their normal yearly hiring that they normally do, okay? They hired a lot less people, and they want you to understand. There’s a great story below about this, about the risks.

Please understand the risks that you have to look at with having less employees. What risks do I have with you delivering me my mail? And I was talking to a buddy the other night at dinner. Remember when mail was everything? I mean, you didn’t get email. We didn’t have any such thing. In the early 2000s, we really relied on our mail, and it was so important. And you would look forward to those Christmas cards and you would look forward to birthday cards and things like that and having things shipped to us.

And now it’s just a broken part of our business, broken part of our lives right now, but so much so that people are not sending things. And the United States Postal Service is letting you know that things are going to be delayed. The numbers how about this? Have you ever heard of this? Because I’ve never heard of this. They may revise the delivery dates for packages and for online purchases to make sure you get them before Christmas.

I have never in my life heard of that. But everything’s great. Remember consumer sentiment? You’re happier than ever right now with everything that’s going on. Who believes that? Who believes that? So, again, you’ve got to take matters into your own hands, get your own finances in order. I want to talk about something that I want to relate to, because something personal happened to me that really broke my heart today, and Charlie Munger died yesterday, okay? And he was Warren Buffett’s partner.

And I’ve given this guy a hard time for years, okay? And he died at a hospital, peacefully, at 99 years old. But there’s a lesson to be learned with Charlie Munger. Yeah. He had billions of dollars. It’s not the lesson. The lesson is that this guy had a purpose in his life, and the purpose was that he lived his fullest life. Now, he looked sickly in the last six months.

He did not look like the Charlie Munger of even two years ago, okay? So that’s very sad. It’s very sad to see a guy like this go and you hope that you’re the third distant cousin and that you’re going to get a million dollars or something from this guy. So anyways but most of us are not. So with that being said, it’s very sad for Charlie Munger and his family, which relates to a man that I knew that ate every other day at a restaurant in Huntington Beach.

His name was Bob. Bob was a retired attorney who retired, I think, 27 years ago. Bob was 97 years old. Bob just passed away last week, which was shocking to me that Bob passed away, because I see this guy all the time at this restaurant, and Bob drove himself. Bob was a retired attorney. My late girlfriend had his 95th birthday party for him now. Again, a purpose filled life.

Getting up, driving yourself, going to eat at the restaurant, seeing everybody. That’s what you need to be doing. And again, Bob was not wealthy, but Bob had he was in California. When you become a member of the state bar, they give you a bar number. The higher your bar number, the newer an attorney you are. We used to joke that Bob’s bar number was six because he was so old and he was such an old time attorney, but just an incredibly nice man.

Bob lived on his own. And Bob asked his friend Mark two weeks ago, hey, listen, I think my blinker is out in my car. You got to fix that for me, man. I don’t want to get pulled over and have them take away my license. Guy’s 97 years old was worried about that. Bob got up, took his own trash out and fell, taking out his own trash and couldn’t get himself up and stayed there through the night, which is awful.

His neighbors find him and say, well, let’s call an ambulance. No, get me inside. They call him an ambulance immediately, take him to a rest home. And he died just a few days later. And that was tragic. But again, his life being cut short was awful. And at 97, yes, it was cut short because the guy lived and did exactly what he wanted to do. But lessons to be learned by Charlie Munger and lessons to be learned by Bob, because you have to do what you have to do to get by.

My girlfriend, my late girlfriend, had stage four cancer for seven and a half years and worked every chance she could, taught students, did everything she could to help them get through the bar exam. That’s what she did. And I know that that prolonged her life. I know that that made her life better and gave her joy when people passed. And you have to look at that. You have to be able to do something in your life, because when you look at people that have dramatically changed their life and the one that was sent to me lately was Bobby Darren, the singer, who died very young because he had an illness.

But Bobby Darren was very close to Robert Kennedy and Senior. And Robert Kennedy, when he was taken out by Sir Han sirhan, it really affected Bobby Darren. And Bobby Darren said, you know what? Nothing in this world is worth this. Nothing. I have sold everything and went and moved for eleven months in an 18 foot trailer in Big Sur just to clear his head and to get to the meaning of life, you have to get to that point.

You have to get to a purpose filled life. Be a good person. Be a person that are you trustworthy? Are you somebody that I would want to be around? Think about that, okay? Are you somebody that you’d want to be around? Are you just a drunk? Are you just a loser? Is your word no good? You have to be a good person. And I’m telling you, people will want to be around you.

I am blown away by people that have had really solid lives, and it’s because they lived them and they were purpose filled. Next thing, whenever I do a video and we talk about ransomware or we talk about a certain subject, it is amazing to me the stuff that comes out of the woodwork after that. Right now, there are half a dozen hospitals in the country that are under ransomware attacks since yesterday’s news.

Now you’ve got Tulsa, Oklahoma. You’ve got places in Kansas, you’ve got places in the south. But read the stories. They’re all different areas and different places. But think about this. You’ve scheduled surgery. Hey, we’re going to do it after Thanksgiving. And I have a friend that’s going to have his hip replacement done. And I’m thinking, gosh, this is the date work is scheduled for here, his time off, everything.

Imagine these poor people that have done that. And because of the ransomware attack, it’s done. Okay, got to postpone it, have no computers, have no way of doing this. And you, hey, listen, I can’t even joke about this. Listen, Doc, just do it, man. You know how to do this. You got to have all the equipment and everything and access to all of this so that they can anyways get to everything.

It’s nuts. But this is delaying everything. And these ransomware attacks are getting more and more brazen. They’re getting bigger. And you’re seeing municipalities shut down. You’re seeing hospitals shut down. And it is awful. And it’s wild to me that we talk about something, and then it just escalates. So share your thoughts on this stuff so far. And again, all these people, when you look at the banks and you look at the online banking and I’ve had four people call me this morning and say, how much cash should I have? Give me an idea what we should have in our house.

And I just got off the phone with my budy Dave, and I said, you need to have $2,000. You’re a guy that needs to have two grand in his house. Some large bills, some small bills. Get 100 and ones and even get a roll of quarters, have it inside the house just in case. Now, again, guys, you hope that things are going to be quick if something there’s a power outage or anything like that, but it’s not going to be quick.

I have a tremendous amount of people sending me information about Excel and the power company. I want to remind you guys of the smart meters and the problems that they had in Texas a couple of years ago when these people, they would just shut down the meters. It was too cold or you couldn’t pay your bill. Shut it off. Well, you’re going to pay $15 more a month.

I am telling you this right now, guys, I would recommend paying $15 more a month not to have the smart meter on my house that they could flip it off at a moment’s notice because they will do this, okay? So share your thoughts on this, and you’re seeing more and more places that have the smart meters. And I’m never going to have it on my house. And I would tell any family member or anybody, but, guys, I live here, okay? Not worried about frost.

Okay? So the people that do and you guys know where it’s cold, do something about this. Make sure you protect yourself with stuff like this. But if you think if there’s a possibility that could happen oh, yeah, it could happen right now, protect yourself and be ready for craziness right now. I want to thank Jen and Steve, who are in different ends of the country, who both sent me a warning about how hey, don’t give out your personal information when you go to the lumber yard, when you go to the small store, when you go to the grocery store.

Try not to give out your email address and your phone numbers and your tracking information to this stuff because it hasn’t helped people lately. And they’re tracking people, and the benefits have not been beneficial at all right now. They really haven’t. So tell me if there’s any program that you’ve signed up for lately that’s been good. I’ll tell you one that I dropped, and it was the CBTL coffee company.

Man, I used to go there all the time, five, six days a week. I bought a CBTL coffee maker years ago, and when they would break, they would send you out a new one. The last time they sent me out a replacement. And I buy coffee all the time. I’m platinum, and I’ve spent thousands of dollars there on coffee and their coffee pods. I went to contact them to say, hey, listen, it’s broken.

It’s leaking water out the side of it, and I think it’s really unsafe. Yeah, but you had this for one year and six days. You guys didn’t respond to my email. Yeah, we’re not going to honor it’s beyond the one year mark. I said, really? Okay. So at first I was going to lambast them and I thought, no, just not going to buy another thing from them. But what is out there that’s good right now, seriously? Blake wrote me about a pet boys in Pennsylvania that is not selling anything.

Now, here’s the one thing that I believe in, in that I’ve told so many women family members that if you go to all the different auto parts store this time of the year, that if you buy, you go to one like O’Reilly. Okay? And I’m not advertising for them, but if you go to O’Reilly and say, hey, I want to buy windshield wiper blades, they will install them for free for you.

And what this does, guys, is it makes sure you get the right ones. Okay? Oh, and then they’ll put them on right there in the parking lot for you. How great is that? Well, Pet Boys is done not selling any merchandise. They’re going to sell tires. Well, what about service? Blake says no service, nothing at the Pennsylvania store that he was at. No merchandise, no service, just good old fashioned tires as something tried to bite me.

Okay, so telling you guys, this is just the sign of the times, of everything that’s happening. And again, you’re not crazy during this time, this is happening. But again, consumer sentiment is better than ever. Just a couple of things to end this video. And the first one is Michael Lembeck is my go to guy for everything in real estate that is multifamily two units and above, that’s who I contact.

And Michael’s got some great stories about how the commercial real estate industry is completely upside down and you’re going to see more vacancies than you ever dreamed of. And also consumer know we’re being told how great it is and it’s awful right now, it’s completely off. So check that story below. And the Wall Street Journal has a great article. And the article is this. Think about this. Let’s just play a game and let’s talk about interest rates are going to go down, okay? They’re going to start dropping interest rates.

Who can afford these properties right now? Seriously, do you have a good job? Is your business doing well? What’s your savings account like these days? I got a couple of hundred thousand dollars for a down payment. People are hurting right now. So let’s play the game. That the unaffordability problem. Nobody wants to talk about that. Housing is unaffordable right now. It is a huge problem. People cannot afford the real estate right now.

That’s out there. And it’s only going to get worse right now. But let’s lower interest rates and it’s going to fix it for you. Okay? So final story is this Thursday, the 30 November. Elon Musk says that they’re going to start delivering cyber trucks. So that will be interesting to see what the cyber truck finally looks like when it hits the road and what people are going to pay for this.

And everybody has to sign a liquidated damages claim. If they resell it within a year, they will pay $50,000. It will be interesting to see if somebody tries to sell the car during this time. And it’s going to be interesting to see if anybody gets one of these things and what it’s really like. So you want to see it? If you get a video of it, send it to hello.

Would I allegedly please join the email list? I hope everybody’s good. Okay. Take care of one another, be kind to one another. Have a purpose. Driven life, guys. You’ll be much happier. You’ll live longer, too. Just like these other people did, okay? Like subscribe. Onward and upward, guys. I’ll see you very soon. I appreciate each and every one of you. And thank you for being here. .

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