Divine Reckoning: Prophetic Revelations for Today’s World Leaders

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Video Summary:

In a revelatory message, the speaker shared prophetic insights from the Lord. These insights pertain to global leaders and nations.

The Lord’s voice, likened to thunderous waters, serves as a call to righteousness. It condemns false idols and reiterates His sovereignty.

He emphasized imminent retribution for national wickedness. This signals a season of divine reckoning.

Spiritually, significant shifts are underway. These shifts remove long-standing evil influences from regions, allowing unencumbered leadership decisions.

However, the Lord highlights that certain leaders will persist in corrupt ways. A specific call for repentance was addressed to numerous world leaders, including Putin, Xi Jinping, Macron, Biden, and Kim Jong UN.

Furthermore, the Lord conveyed America’s imminent rise from adversity. He emphasized rapid changes leading to freedom and renewal.

Revisiting a 14-year-old prophecy, the speaker confirmed its fulfillment through recent events in Israel. These insights underscore the timelessness of divine prophecy and the importance of spiritual vigilance.


Video Transcript:

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You today I want to share with you a word of the Lord, a prophecy that I received from him on October 5 of 2023. So I’m just going to read it as the Lord gave it to me. The Lord said, My voice is like a mighty rushing water.

It is thunder, says the Lord. At my voice the nations fear saying, who is this who thunders? We have not believed there is a God. We have set up our own gods and we bow to these Gods.

And I, the Lord God, will respond, I have come, so you know that I am God and there is no other. O, how the nations rage. For there are nations that will be thrown down because of their wickedness, and they will rise no more, says the Lord.

This is the season of reckoning. This is a season of recompense. This is a season of rejoicing for my children, says the Lord.

There is a mighty shifting in the spiritual realm where I have commanded my mighty angels to pull down principalities, powers and wickedness in high places. These principalities and powers have rolled over regions for many centuries and have influenced nations. Now that their influence is removed, leaders of nations can make decisions without their influence.

Some leaders will continue in their corruption, deceit and manipulation because they are bloodthirsty and power hungry, says the Lord. These will be the ones who will be held to account during this time of reckoning, says the Lord. To those leaders of nations who will turn from all wickedness, I will spare them, says the Lord.

For I say even the leaders of Godless nations will turn and be spared, says the Lord. Now when the Lord spoke this, the nation that came into my spirit was Japan. Then the Lord said, yes, the leaders of Japan will turn from wickedness and I will spare this nation and cause a great outpouring of my spirit to flood the people of Japan.

The Netherlands will also see a great outpouring of my spirit, and what was filth and stench in my eyes will become a crown of glory to me, says the Lord. I have heard the cry of my remnant for the nations and your cry has risen to my throne as a sweet aroma through your prayers. For all who have been praying for a specific nation, just know that I have heard your prayers and I am acting in this now season, says the Lord.

I will remove wicked leaders and replace them with those I have chosen, says the Lord. Those who have been held in the bondage of darkness will see a great light and they will be awakened from their darkness. Now when the Lord spoke that the country that came into my spirit was North Korea, he said, yes, north Korea will be set free from the bondage of darkness and forced atheism, says the Lord.

Kim Jong UN’s days are numbered along with the wicked tyranny that has held the people in thick chains of bondage, says the Lord. The Lord said to the leaders of China and the CCP, I say this your days are numbered. I have seen your wicked plans against the United States of America and your plans for global takeover.

But I say you will not have your way, nor will your plans succeed, because you are kicking against the God of the universe, the God that you deny even exists. But you will see that I do exist and my power is greater than yours, says the Lord of Host. For truly this is a time of reckoning for those wicked leaders who have held their people in bondage.

The Lord said, all through my scriptures I have done this. So this is nothing new. It shows that I am a holy God who patiently waits for leaders to turn to me.

But when they do not, I call for a time of reckoning. Pharaoh, King of Egypt, had his day of reckoning at the Red Sea, said the Lord. King Herod had his day of reckoning.

When the people called him God, and he did not correct them, he received praise and glory that belonged to me alone, says the Lord God Almighty. His reckoning came when worms ate his bowels and he died. Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, had his day of reckoning, says the Lord.

Now I want to read in scripture in Daniel, chapter four, verses 29 to 33, which shows how Nebuchadnezzar had his day of reckoning. All this came upon King Nebuchadnezzar at the end of twelve months. He was walking about the royal palace of Babylon.

The king spoke, saying, is not this great Babylon that I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty? While the word was still in the king’s mouth, a voice fell from heaven. King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is spoken the kingdom has departed from you, and they shall drive you from men, and your dwelling shall be with the beast of the field. They shall make you eat grass like oxen, and seven times shall pass over you until you know that the most high rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he chooses.

The lord continued. He said, the King of Assyria had his day of reckoning. So I want to read the scripture where he had his day of reckoning.

In Two Kings, chapter 19, verses five and seven, and then 35 and 37. So the servants of King Hezekiah came to Isaiah, and Isaiah said to them, thus you shall say to your master, thus says the Lord, do not be afraid of the words which you have heard with which the servants of the King of Assyria have blasphemed me. Surely I will send a spirit upon him and he shall hear a rumor and return to his own land, and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land.

And then in verse 35 to 37, we see this happening. And it came to pass on a certain night that the angel of the Lord went out and killed in the camp of the Assyrians 185,000. And when people arose early in the morning, there were corpses all dead.

So Senecronib, king of Assyria departed and went away and returned home and remained at nineveh. Now it came to pass, as he was worshipping in the temple of Nishrok, his God, that his sons and drumelek and sharazzar struck him down with the sword and they escaped into the land of Ararat. So when you look at the pattern of why these leaders had their day of reckoning in the Bible, it was because they blasphemed God.

They took his glory and they directly came against God’s plans. So the leaders of all the nations, you need to take note and you need to repent. The Lord also continued.

He said, My arm is not too short to hold the leaders of nations into account for their wickedness. So I am calling all the world leaders of the nations to repent and turn to me, says the Lord of hosts. And then he began naming a few.

So I’m going to just read what the Lord gave me. Putin, I call you to repent, says the Lord. Xi Jinping, I call you to repent, says the lord.

Macron, I call you to repent, says the Lord. Charles, King of England, I call you to repent, says the Lord. Biden, the one I call illegitimate, I call you to repent, says the Lord.

Zelensky, I call you to repent, says the Lord. Matarella, I call you to repent, says the Lord. Steinmeyer, I call you to repent, says the Lord.

Kim Jong UN. I call you to repent, says the Lord. Now these are just a few that the Lord named.

He is calling every wicked leader across the world to repent. So I have put forth this word of the Lord so that the wicked leaders of the nations will not have an excuse when their day of reckoning comes. So if they turn and repent, the Lord will spare them and bring it a great outpouring of his spirit.

Now the second prophecy that I want to bring to you was given to me in the middle of September and I had not released it yet. The Lord said, what I have in store for your nation will astound you and astound many. The reason I say astound is because what is about to occur will fulfill many prophecies all at once.

For I have given prophetic words to many of my prophets that have not yet come to pass. And then suddenly they will have their fulfillment all at once. So look and watch and record what will happen in the next few months, says the Lord.

For I say the United States of America will rise up from the ashes of destruction that has surely overtaken her, and she will be free, free from oppression, free from tyranny, free from corruption, free from theft, free from the attempted takeover, free from the financial control, free from the rogue government and their mandates. The Lord said, much is about to happen. Quickly.

Stay close to me and do not fear, for what seems to be chaos and upset and tear down must occur in order for there to be peace and prosperity and new beginnings, says the Lord, for I will tear down the old and erect the new, says the Lord. So that was another powerful message that the Lord gave to me. Now I want to give an update on a prophecy that I received 14 years ago in 2009, prior to the Israeli elections.

I’m going to read you to the prophecy, and I want to share with you an update. This was the prophecy. And remember, this was before the elections happened.

He said, the Lord said, benjamin Netanyahu will win the election and become the prime minister. He will retain Barrack as his defense minister. He will ask Livney to join his coalition, but she will refuse.

There will be a war in Israel while Benjamin Netanyahu is in office as prime minister. So all this prophecy was fulfilled immediately after the election. Okay, so Netanyahu did win the election in 2009.

He did keep Barrack as his defense minister. He did ask Livney to join his coalition, and she refused. Now, the only part of this 2009 prophecy that needed yet to be fulfilled was the war.

Yesterday, on October 7, 2023, that war was declared by Benjamin Netanyahu against the Hamas as a result of their brutal attack in Israel. So you see that when the Lord gives prophecies, that some parts of the prophecies can be fulfilled quickly, and others, it can take years for that to happen. And this is an example of that.

So we all need to pray for the peace of Israel. We need to pray for God’s protection and his angels to be over Israel, and for the Lord to give them strategies and wisdom and counsel and understanding in order to strategize against these schemes and plans of the enemy. Praise the Lord.

Have a blessed day. Bye


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