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➡ Gregory Mannarino discusses the current state of the market, highlighting the increase in debt buying and the illusion of a stable market. He warns of an upcoming economic distortion due to suppressed rates and increased government spending. Manorino also mentions the decrease in mortgage demand and suggests that the trend of increasing inflation and ballooning debts will continue. He advises his followers to stay invested in the market, particularly in tech, to take advantage of these trends.


Okay everybody, here we go. It’s me, Gregory Mannarino. Thursday, June 20th, 2024. Sit back and relax people because we have to talk. This is my pre-market report. First off, I’m a little stuffy. I got a little bit of a, well, what used to be known as a cold, but in case you haven’t noticed, people don’t get colds anymore. People don’t even get the flu anymore. Today, everything is COVID. I mean, COVID. It’s amazing. We cured the common cold. We have cured the flu. Now we got COVID. Imagine. Imagine those shocked people.

Anyway, look, let’s get back on target here. So this is my pre-market report. I want to cover a few things with you and especially for my lions out here. I want to talk about more opportunity for everybody. Alright, but let’s put this thing together. So let me just get my head on straight. This morning, stock futures are slightly higher. Why? People, there is an awful lot of debt buying here and I just wonder who’s doing it. Let me just bring your attention to this. The MMRI. People, this is the best risk indicator you’re ever gonna find.

Alright, it’s free to you, free to everybody. Link in the description of this video. We are clearly in a new downtrend. I want you to look at this. The only way that this could be occurring here is if some mysterious entity out here is buying all the debt. Clearly, this is what’s going on, people. We know who’s doing it and we know why they’re doing it. It’s the illusion of the market and it’s gonna be maintained right up until the presidential selection. Remember, there will be no election. Period. There hasn’t been an election in years, but that’s besides the point.

Anyway, this is opportunity. I want you to understand that this is not a bold flag for those of you that believe that this is. No way. Central banks are coordinating their efforts right now to keep rates suppressed. More so, I think, than ever. We are gonna witness, let me explain this to you, with regard to economic and market distortions. Something I’ve been speaking about for, I don’t know, 10 freaking years. We’re about to take on a whole new meaning with regard to this here. Let me put a perspective on this for you just in case you need a little wake up call.

So, this is MarketWatch. Record number of NATO allies now said to be meeting defense spending targets. Where’s all the so-called developed nation on this earth is operating in an economic vacuum right now. The only thing right now that is supporting the illusion of anything is spending. Now, this is something you and I covered at the end of last year. Government spending was gonna go parabolic. This is gonna add to GDP and they’re gonna tell you how great everything is. Look at the GDP numbers. Government spending on war, on death, on pain, on suffering.

They’re gonna tell you how great this is. It’s fantastic and we need to do more. Absolutely. Let’s all kill each other. Let’s see how well that plays out. But I want to bring this to your attention. No surprise to anyone who follows this blog. You know, it’s amazing how we call the future before it happens because it’s too easy. They make it too easy for us to understand what they want out of us. They want us all dead. I’m telling you right now I think we’re pretty much on the same page here.

Let’s talk about this too. How about this headline? Yes, we’re in a stock market bubble. No, it’s not likely to end in a crash. It’s gonna end in a meltdown that people have no idea of what’s being set up. None of this is a comedy about. This is deliberate. Interesting how they show, you know, our friend Ben here. This is the currency in free fall and it’s something you and I have spoken about again for ten freaking years. It’s not going to stop. The distortions across the spectrum of everything is about to get much, much more extreme.

I don’t know, currency devaluation on a scale that you’re not going to believe moving forward. Interest rate suppression. Bond yield suppression on a scale you’re not going to believe. In an inflating of global debt like we’ve never witnessed before in history. What do we know? I mean just look this stuff up for yourself. Global debt has gone parabolic and this should tell us that we’re in the endgame. We are in the endgame. This is not sustainable despite the fact that Janet Yellen think creature-vominous mess puke that it is, you know, just told us that this is sustainable.

Could you imagine that we live in an environment today where they float out these freaks, because that’s what it is, to tell us they dictate our lives to us, you know that, right? And it must be true because they’re saying it telling us this is sustainable. You’ve got to be kidding. With regard to the Swiss National Bank, they have cut rates yet again, but the Bank of England just kept rates steady. They’re gonna reevaluate in August about what they’re gonna do here moving forward. People, this is something else we’ve been talking about and for a very very long time.

Energy prices. If you think that you’ve seen it all with regard to energy prices moving forward higher with currency devaluation, you haven’t seen anything yet. But the lies, the distractions, the deceptions, the look here, the don’t look over there, you could expect that to get even more insane than it is right now. Mortgage demand. Listen to this one. This is today’s headline. Mortgage demand has now fallen 12% year over year. That is massive, but that plays right into what you and I know is happening here. This neo-feudal system, extreme haves, extreme have-nots.

The American dream, I guess, to be a homeowner or anything, own anything, you’re gonna eat crap and you’re gonna be happy doing it. Eat bugs and you’re gonna be happy doing it. And this is part of this extreme environment that we’re in. Now with regard to opportunity here, especially for my lions, this is what I see. Let me bring this to your attention again. If we realize, you and I, that this trend is going to continue, risk in this market is going to continue to drop here. Meaning we’re gonna see much more inflation, we’re gonna see debts and deficits hyper balloon moving forward.

That means risk, risk is gonna drop. Bond yields are going to drop. This presents opportunity, especially in tech. I think, and I’ve been telling you this for a long time, I believe every single one of us needs exposure to this market on the long end. Meaning we need to own the market here, okay? Period the end. They can play their games, we’re gonna play ours, we’re smarter than they are, okay? They want to destroy us, we’re gonna weaponize the system against them. And that means staying low in the market, means getting out of the dollar on a massive scale.

Own commodities here, gold, especially silver, platinum, palladium, crude oil. You know, look people, if you do not subscribe to my free newsletter, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. There’s a link in the description as you do. I put out all kinds of extra stuff there for you, okay? It’s not for me because I know all this stuff. And I don’t capitalize on this stuff because my newsletter is free. I do it free because the best things in life are free. So go check out my newsletter. I put out five or six newsletters about how to gain exposure to commodities via an ETF or an exchange traded fund.

This is the best way though, honestly, people, hold it in your hand. Hold it in your hand. I’m showing you silver because in my opinion, and do your own research on this, this right here is the most undervalued asset on the planet right now. You can look everywhere you want to look, okay? You can take my word for it or I would urge you to do your own research. I don’t sell this stuff, people, so I’m not capitalizing on this. And I don’t sell it because, look, I’ve been offered a lot of money to have my silly face put on a coin here.

And we could sell it to the people. I have refused every single offer and I will continue to refuse every single, because I don’t want people to own a piece of silver with Greg Materino’s face on it and people are gonna say, oh look, Greg is selling silver. I don’t want to sell this stuff because I don’t want people to believe that I have an alternative, you know, a motive here. I’m telling you that I believe this is the most undivided asset on the planet because it is, at least in my opinion, you’re fully entitled to yours.

Here’s number two, gold. Gold, all right? Own this stuff, bet against the debt, become your own central bank. If you think the global debt is not going to scream higher from here, that debts and deficits is gonna balloon, that the system is gonna be rigged further against you, if you believe this is not gonna happen, well then, you know, of don’t listen to me. But if you believe what I know, then you as well need to take action here, people. Now with regard to, I want, with opportunity here, I think there’s massive opportunity in tech because this is going to continue.

You understand? The tech sector is very rate dependent. I think there’s opportunity here in three companies. All right, now I’m not telling you to buy this stuff. I’m telling you to do your own research here, but I see opportunity in Microsoft, Apple, and Nvidia on a massive scale. All right, ticker symbols, MSFT, Microsoft, Apple, AAPL, and Nvidia and NVDA. Look into this stuff for my lions out here that are looking for opportunity. JEPQ, I think this huge opportunity there too, and I’m buying it. I’m buying a lot of this stuff here.

I’ve been establishing a larger and larger position with regard to ticker JEPQ. Why? It pays a nice monthly dividend. I want the cash for little people. Again, do you realize we can turn these tables on these freaks here that are trying to destroy us? We know what to do because we know what they want from us. None of this is by accident, okay? You know that, I know that, and that means if we understand their plan, we need to mimic what the one and two percenters are doing here. They’re hoarding gold. They’re hoarding silver, just like the central banks.

You think they’re doing this just by accident? You really think we’re going back to a gold standard? Whoever’s selling you that lie is misleading you on a grand scale. Central banks will never, ever give up their power to issue debt, period. They’re not going to do it, okay? Every central bank, including the BRICS nations here, are banding together to establish a new digital system. That’s where we’re going here. It’s been a century in the making, literally, especially as of late, and we’re gonna see this move as we get closer to the the kickoff, I would say, as they bring the system down.

The system is being destroyed. The system is being deconstructed, and you and I are feeling the effects of it right now with inflation, which has got nowhere to go but much higher. As a record number of allied nations here, these NATO nations, are hitting their defense spending targets. Where they getting all the cash for this? We don’t have it. Not a single developed nation on this earth has a war chest. This is being created out of nothing by central banks who are more than happy to lend. The more cash a central bank is called upon to issue, the more a central bank is allowed to devalue the currency.

People, we know where this is gonna go. We’re hearing it loud and clear. What prospective leaders are going to do, especially here in the United States, devalue the currency. You think that’s good for you? No. It is a big, fat, ugly, negative for you. Oh, it’s great for the corporations. They’re gonna be richer than ever, especially the multinationals, but you, you’re gonna pay for it. You understand that? So when you go to one of these rallies here and you hear a prospective candidate talking about devaluing the currency, you should spit on them.

I’m telling you right now, because all that’s gonna do is make your life harder. We’re done. We have no choice anymore. You think you have a choice really? I’m sorry to tell you, but you don’t. And it’s a rigged game, and it’s rigged against every single one of us. That’s why we need to come together. They want to separate it, but we need to come together. People, if we don’t come together, we’ll be more done than we are now. I don’t know another way to put this. Alright, look, I’m gonna let you all go.

Think about the things I’ve said here with an open mind. Consider what I’m telling you, because what we’re seeing here can only lead to an inevitable end, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. I’m telling you right now, but this presents opportunity as well, at least from a financial standpoint. Everywhere else, we need to unite. We need to come together. Anyway, that’s it. I’m gonna leave you off with that. I want you to ponder these things. Alright, love you life from the heart. People, I will see all of you later.

4 or 5 p.m. Eastern for my live stream. I sincerely hope to see you there. We need to get more people on board. We need to… people to understand what’s happening to them and why so they can take action. I don’t know another way to put this. Alright, so with that said, I’ll see you later. Alright, until we meet again, please take care of yourselves and each other. [tr:trw].

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