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➡ Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News talks about how a police officer was fired for stealing three guns from a gun buyback event, causing people to lose trust in the police. The officer, an 18-year veteran, is under investigation. The incident was reported by an aide who saw the officer put the guns in his personal vehicle. The video footage from police cars confirmed the theft.


Hey everybody, welcome back to the channel. It took me everything I could do to come sit out here. My back is jacked up, so we’ll have to work together to get this news out here this morning. A cop was fired for stealing guns during an unconstitutional gun buyback. And I’m here to air it out, let them know. Let everybody know what’s going on. This is one of the reasons people are losing faith in the police. First, they hold a gun buyback, and then one of the cops decides to steal three of the 933 guns that were turned in during this buyback.

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Now, like I said, there were 933 guns turned in. And we’re focusing on three of those. Typically, gun buyback programs, most of us have seen them. People who have exploited this stuff online, it’s usually guns that people don’t want anymore. Junk guns, and they get a gift card, and they can go buy something else. I don’t think people should be turning their guns in like that. If you want to sell them, make a little more money than the police will offer you. But I can’t tell people what to do with their own personally owned items.

But I do know that government shouldn’t be incentivizing people to give up their items or their rights. But that’s neither here or there. That’s a different argument. Let me know what you think down below about police buybacks. But we’re going to talk about Officer David Mahula, who was an 18 year veteran of the department. And he was indefinitely suspended pending this investigation. And the San Antonio police are looking to terminate. And obviously, there’s a police union, they got to go through different processes and hearings. So what happened was this Officer Mahula was working this buyback program.

And an aide for one of the selectmen that actually held this event, the selectman’s name is John Courage, District 9. And he is the one who organized this buyback. One of his aides saw this dirty cop, allegedly dirty cop, take two long guns and one handgun and place them in his personal vehicle. He told his, the aide told the selectman, the selectman ran it up the line, told the city manager, the city manager contacted the chief of police. The chief of police had his public integrity division. It’s called the chief’s integrity detail.

Those detectives assigned to that unit started the investigation. They interviewed everybody that was working in that area. They also pulled the videotapes from the police cruisers, dash mounted cams and whatever cameras were there. And they observed Officer Mahula take what appeared to be two long guns, place them into his vehicle. Also, people observed him take one of those handguns and place it into his vehicle as well. The handgun ended up being a World War one version of a 1911. And the two shotguns, there was part of the investigation that was kind of confusing for, I guess, for the detectives up front.

The aide said he thought they were two rifles. And then further investigation, thanks to the serial numbers that are on these firearms, as well as the camera, they were able to track down the guy who donated those two long guns and they were shotguns. So this guy took both shotguns, put them in his personal vehicle, took the 1911 and a holster, put it in his vehicle. And when these detectives interviewed this cop about a month later, he admitted to placing two rifles and a World War I era Colt 1911 handgun in his vehicle, saying that he wanted to safeguard these firearms until they could be separated due to their historical significance.

He also admitted to taking several boxes of surrendered ammunition to be destroyed at the training academy’s firearm range, which is where he was assigned. The detectives then found nine boxes of ammunition in his vehicle, which is weird because he was interviewed a month later. So he still had ammunition in his vehicle. Don’t know. It doesn’t say if that was the initial or if he did it again or how long he’s been doing it. But the shotguns have never been recovered. He did say rifles, but through the tape, they interviewed the guy who turned them in and then they watched him take those to his car.

The owner did say they were shotguns. It was a Ruger 20 gauge shotgun and a Remington 12 gauge shotgun. And again, that 1911. So the investigation, they also talked to two other officers that were working the same tent with Mahula during this buyback program. And these officers told detectives that they had questioned Mahula about that government issued 1911. And one of the cops said Mahula did this to them. And the other cop said that he made a facial expression that that officer interpreted as, quote, be quiet. So they they did the right thing by talking to these detectives.

However, if they were real people of integrity and intestinal fortitude, they would have jammed him up right then and there, questioned him, got a supervisor there immediately and handled the situation. And there’ll be a couple people in here that’ll say, well, Jared, you were a cop and there’s no way you would have turned on your brethren. Yeah, I’ve done it. I’ve arrested cops. Sorry if you hear the big diesel behind me. My neighbor’s doing whatever he’s doing today. But yeah, that’s what they should have done right then and there. But and then the scary thing, not scary, but the disappointing thing is that how long have they done this? There was one other, I think this might have been the first buyback that they’ve done.

I know they tried to do one other, but they didn’t have the funds. There’s another one planned for November. And when I say how long have they been doing it, maybe not this individual police department, but all of these Democrat, crony run buyback programs, how long have they been just taking guns? Now, the San Antonio police have said that all of the guns turned in are being followed up on that if there is a serial number, they’re going to investigate that number and say, if it was a stolen gun, that will be returned to its rightful owner.

If it’s not a stolen gun, they will be destroyed or stolen by Mahula. Let me know what you guys think. I’m utterly disgusted. And I’ve made a decision here in the last couple of months to kind of get, like I’ve said in a couple of my videos, to get more involved, to do more stuff, to notify people of what’s going on, what’s really, really going on and do the investigation for people so you don’t have to. And if you want that information, just subscribe to this channel down below. I’ll bring it to you every single day, even when I can’t stand because my back is jacked.

You all mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for following this channel. I’m going to do my best to expose everything I can when it comes to our freedoms, focusing on the Second Amendment, but it’s all fair game now because this country is not going to be a country for long if the right people don’t get involved. I appreciate each and every single one of you have a phenomenal day. Be safe, stay vigilant, and carry a gun. You are your own first responder. You don’t give up your rights on a dotted line on a map.

You don’t give up your rights because somebody put a sticker on a window and take care of yourselves and take care of others. Appreciate you all. Have a great day. [tr:trw].

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