Congress and Georgia State Leaders Should SHUT DOWN Abuse of Trump!

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– The text raises concerns about the rule of law in Georgia, questioning the passivity of the state government and officials in response to perceived injustices, especially related to charges against Donald Trump and his associates. It also argues for a reform in the pardon process to enable preemptive pardoning of those deemed “innocent”.’


Site: : full summary text presention: congress-and-georgia-state-leaders-should-shut-down-abuse-of-trump

Is the state government, the state governor, the legislature, and other responsible officials going to stand in the gap for the rule of law and shut this down? We’ve known this is coming for some time, and I want to know what Georgia is going to do about it, because last I checked, the DA of the DA of Fulton County isn’t the king of Georgia.

The state government, obviously constitutionally, has the ability to rein this in. And the question is, is the state government, the state governor, the legislature, and other responsible officials going to stand in the gap for the rule of law and shut this down? And if not, why not?

And I think certainly if you’re a voter in Georgia and other citizens have a right to communicate with the government of Georgia as well, you should be asking them, what are they going to do? And if not, why not?

Now, my understanding of the pardon process in Georgia is that under the current rules, there’s a kind of a committee that only pardons people after they’ve served their sentences, more or less. I’m not quite sure if that’s a law or regulation, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s say it’s a law and has to be changed.

Well, then the law should be changed to allow a governor or another responsible official to pardon people directly so that they can pardon Trump and these other innocents who have been attacked here and maligned. I mean, they’re going after Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani. Some of these are friends of Judicial Watch. I mean, we’re friendly with Giuliani. John Eastman. Great man. Mark Meadows. Another good guy.

Who else do I know here? Jenna Ellis, another friend of Judicial Watch we’ve been friendly with in the past. And it looks like in Sidney Powell, a fine lawyer, and it looks like a whole host…



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