Child Trafficking Survivor Sells All Belongings To Host Free Event To Share Her FULL Story!

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You probably know Ally Carter by now. She is the brave survivor of child sex trafficking, MK ULTRA, CPS abuse, satanic ritual abuse and much more. 


Well, her and her mom are now selling all their belongings to put together a FREE event in January of 2023 to tell people her FULL story.


Here is a video to share more about it…




Below is a message from Ally:


“In January we will be having a live event to show the LAST segment of ALLY : All of Us. To reserve your FREE seat and enter into the vetting process please email and cc 


My mom and I need to sell the rest of our things out of storage from our home we lost. We are going to use that money to pay for the venue. We are not asking ANYONE to buy tickets or anything for this event. 


The truth has been and REMAINS PRICELESS. 


So if you can get there and if you can help me and other survivors get their story out uncensored we appreciate you and would love to meet you. After the event we plan to march with everyone there.


It will not be easy to do this. It will be extremely dangerous. We do not condone or incite any violence. We will not TOLERATE it either. This will be in an open carry state. I am sorry but this is an 18+ event. 


One day I pray we can sit with all of you 90s and the minis too. I don’t realistically think we can this January but I pray we can one day.


People don’t do things because it’s just the right thing to do, anymore. You have seen what has happened. The truth is FREE and we are sick of secrets. 


We may not be able to get all of this into a series but we will get it recorded and out at this IN PERSON EVENT. Thank you for helping. Thank you for fighting. It means the world to us to know that you real 90s, real people, exist.”


Thank You For Sharing This Post To Help Raise Awareness For This Event & The Real Pandemic of Human Trafficking & Trauma Based Mind Control



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  • Ally, thank you for bringing this to the light. I know it comes with great risks and difficulties, but as a victim of sexual child abuse myself, it’s necessary. I knew 45 years ago that I couldn’t let it define me and you can’t either. You’re not a victim, you’re a survivor!! I didn’t go through half of what you did but I believe God didn’t put us on this earth to just be abused, so strong in what you’re doing and always pray for guidance, protection and the capacity to get the truth out so that people will believe just how sick and twisted the higher ups in this world truly can be. This is about exposing what people cannot even wrap their heads around by the people who they idolize as singers, movie stars, politicians, military and all forms of law enforcement. Continue the fight, be the warrior that God put you on this earth to be and he will protect you. Go save those children!! God bless you and give you peace.

  • You’re a strong, brave warrior for justice and light. I’m praying for you and your fight against this evil. May the darkness be exposed and the innocents rescued. Lots of love to you!

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