[CB] Time Is Almost Up Their System Only Allows Them To Exit The Economy One Way

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➡ The Deep State, corrupt politicians, and other powerful entities are pushing for the Green New Deal and the great reset, despite growing opposition globally. These groups hope to gain complete control, and this is evident in strategies such as increasing citizens’ income in Germany, to keep them happy as the economic system deteriorates. However, the economic system is on the verge of breakdown, sparking anger among citizens who pay taxes for these policies. This refusal from the people may result in those pushing these unwanted policies being removed, as historically seen. Plans to build 15-minute cities are seen as an attempt to contain people while the elites have freedom, but this seems unfeasible given the current population size. The collapsing economy is causing people to realise the Central Bank has no real plan, instead aiming to bring us into a Central Bank digital currency system and destroy the current economy. This has accelerated inflation and job losses, leading towards a system crash. The public, realizing the negative impact, is unlikely to support this shift, potentially leading to the removal of the Central Bank.
➡ The current economic system is in recession, with Central Bank Inflation devaluing currencies and leading nations into a possible depression. Some nations like the BRICS are moving away from using Federal Reserve Notes, using their own currencies instead. The prevailing trend suggests an impending economic revolution against the central bank system, led by the US, which is anticipated to cause the collapse of the central bank system with the support of the global community against the small group controlling the central banks.


Now, the Deep State, the corrupt politicians, the private Western Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, even though they are losing the battle with the people around the world when they’re trying to bring us into the great reset, the Green New Deal, it seems that they will not give up until the very, very end. And as they keep pushing, it’s going to get worse and worse for them.

I mean, look what is happening out in the EU. The EU is going to stick with, with climate ambitions despite mounting backlash. So the people out in the EU are saying this is not the right direction. We can’t go in this direction. We’re rejecting your policies. But those installed individuals, and this is the important part, those installed individuals who are pushing this agenda, they don’t care. They need to bring us into the Green New deal. They need to bring us into net zero, as they say, because they want complete and utter control. Remember, they’re not working for the people, they’re working against the people.

And what they need to do is, as the economic system breaks down, as they bring in the illegals, what do they need to do with all these people? They need to keep them very, very happy. And this is why out in Germany, what are we seeing? We’re seeing Germany’s left. Green liberal government. They’re going to increase the basic income for people without work by 12%. By January 2024, benefits are going to be paid to asylum seekers in the form of money and that must also be increased by 12%. So they’re going to try to continually keep everyone happy. They’re going to print money.

And what do you think is going to happen to Germany? What do you think is going to happen to California? All these different places that are pushing these agendas. It’s going to completely fail in the end and the people are going to see this and the people are going to get very, very upset, especially those people that are paying taxes to pay for all these individuals. The people are going to get very, very angry.

So think about what’s happening right now. The deep state, the central bank, the World Economic Forum. They’re pushing their great reset. They’re pushing the green new deal. And at the same time, the entire economic system is completely and utterly falling apart. What do you think is going to happen with the people? They’re going to be brought to the precipice, the economic precipice. And in the end, the people are going to say enough is enough. And the people are going to get very angry and they’re going to remove these individuals.

That’s what happens throughout history and we’re seeing it happen right now and it will continue to happen because they’ve already set their trajectory. They can’t turn around, they can’t stop it. They need to move forward with it. They already told us back in March 2020, they’re moving forward with the great reset and the Green New Deal. And they can’t stop it. They can’t turn around. They have only one place to go. There’s only one way, and that is Ford. The same thing with the Central bank. The only place they can go is Ford. Right now, their system doesn’t allow them to exit any other way except for a crash.

This is why they like to have a cover story when their system breaks down. This is why they wanted war. This is part of the 16 year plan to cover up everything that they have been doing. And when everything’s all said and done well, we have a very small population. There’s disaster everywhere. Everyone needs the central bank to rebuild. Everyone’s going to go along with the Central Bank, and this is what they planned on, but it’s not working. The people aren’t going to go along with it because they are not in control. They’re not in control of what is happening right now. They believe they are. They believe that they’re in control, but they are not in control.

I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they’re in complete and out of control of this situation. And they forced them down this path. They forced the Central Bank to do what they were trying to do to Trump. And now there’s no way out of it. They are trapped in all of this.

Now what’s very interesting is we know that they want these 15 minutes cities where everyone stays in a very small little area. You don’t really travel that much. You stay in your building. You can work there, you can eat there, you can go to the gym there, you can go to theater there. And the elite, as they call themselves, which they’re not elites, they don’t want people traveling around. Why do you think they want to bring us to electric? They know that solar power and wind power is not going to work. They know that you’re going to have intermittent outages. They know that planes fully electric are not going to be able to carry passengers long distances. They all know this. They don’t care. All they want you to do is stay in one location.

And this is with all the fires that are going around. You can see that they’re trying to prepare all these different areas. Number one, they’re saying it’s because of climate. But I think we all starting to realize, and I think the people of this country are starting to realize it has nothing to do with climate. Number two, they’re in areas where they want to build these 15 minutes cities. So it looks like they’re now pushing a land grab in these areas to build these cities. And actually, you can see it out in California right now. They want to build a utopian city in Northern California. So this is led by the Flannery Associates and has acquired 55,000 acres of land in Northern California for 800 million with the ambitious goal of constructing a sustainable, utopian city. And they want people to stay in that little area. It’ll be 55,000 acres. That promises its future residents reliable public transportation, urban living amenities and a commitment to clean energy. Which means you’ll be trapped in this little area. Remember, these individuals that are pushing this, they don’t want you around the rest of the world because they believe that belongs to them. So what were they going to do? They’re going to keep everyone in these tight little locations.

Why do you think they want to reduce the population? Because with the population today, it’s just too many people for them to handle. They would rather have a reduced population to put the people in these areas, especially using wind, using solar, they realize that we can’t have a population like this and it all goes together. But the people of this world, they’re realizing what’s really happening. They see the economy falling apart and they see that the great reset, the Green New Deal, this is not going to benefit them whatsoever.

And what they’re witnessing or what they’re watching is the entire economic system completely and utterly falling apart. And they realize the Central Bank really doesn’t have a plan because there is no plan. Because all they’re trying to do is bring down this economy and bring us into another system. So are they really trying to help this economy? Are they trying to fight inflation? Are they trying to make this economy better? No, they’re doing the actual opposite. They want it to come down. They want it destroyed. And this is their entire purpose right now.

Just like back in 2008, 2009, they wanted complete control of the economic system. They wanted complete control of the interest rates. They wanted complete control of the stock market. They needed funding to fund the rest of the world for a little bit longer. And that’s what they got this timeThese 15 minutes cities. This is not going to benefit me whatsoever. And I do believe Trump, he’s leading them down this path because in the end, he wants everyone to see, look, they’ve been lying to you the entire time you’re going to trust them. Now the people are not going to trust them. And we can see the entire economic system is basically in a recession right now.

Actually, Texas factory activity contracted again in August, and according to the Dallas Fed’s Manufacturing Survey, with the production index tumbling six points to a negative 11.2. Well, we’re technically in a recession right now. And yes, this is what they do. They go back in time and they tell you, hey, by the way, I don’t know if you know this, but in 2023 we were in a recession. When we’re in the year 2024, that’s what they do. So I do believe we’re already there and it’s just going to get worse and worse. And this is why Trump saying is, recession is a nice word. I do believe we’re heading into a depression.

And this is why there’s a lot of nations out there, especially the brick nations, they’re moving away from the Federal Reserve Note. They realize what’s happening with all this inflation, with the value of the currency continually declining. Does this help any of these nations in the long run? Absolutely not. Actually, if you go back all the way back to 20 02 20 03 20 04 and moving forward, the deep state players, the central banks, they went into all these different countries. Libya, they went into Iraq, they went into Lebanon. Why? Because these countries were about to sell, or they started to sell the oil, not using the Federal Reserve Note, which means the Federal Reserve Note was going to be in trouble because they wouldn’t keep them the Federal Reserve Notes in their reserves, and those would be flooding back to the United States.

Well, it’s going to happen now because all the countries out there, like Saudi Arabia, like India, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, and many other nations, they’re no longer going to hold Federal Reserve notes because do you really need the Federal Reserve Note to pay for oil these days? No, you can use your own currency. So they’re going to say, well, why are we keeping this? We don’t need this. Let’s get rid of it and let’s use our own currency. Remember back in the day, the deep state players, the central banks, they forced everyone to use the Federal Reserve Note. Now everyone’s dumping it. Wall street silver on X put this out and said, BRICS is expanding, including Saudi Arabia. The nations within BRICS control 43% of world oil production and dominate reserves of most commodities on the planet. Activists in Europe and the USA are rapidly shutting down energy and mining in an effort to shut down their economies. Meanwhile, BRICS is organizing new financial systems and trade agreements to exit the US dollar dominated system.

How do you bring down a central bank system? How do you destroy the Federal Reserve Note in the process? You have countries move away from it. You have the entire economic system completely implode and you allow your enemy to do this for you because they’re going to bring it to a point where they are the weakest, and I’m talking about the central bank, they are at their weakest point when everything has completely and utterly collapsed. Because at this point, nobody cares. The nations, the people of the nations, the governments, they don’t care at this point. And with this crisis, what can you do? You can move the people in a different direction, especially if you build the narrative up over time, showing the people that these people have continually lied to you. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

I do believe we’re going to see an economic revolution around the world. I do believe the people around the world are going to say enough is enough. We are not sticking with this system anymore. We don’t want to go into the central bank digital currency. We’re not going into the Green New deal. We are moving away from that. And I do believe the United States is going to lead the way and the rest of the world is going to follow.

Because remember, the central bank, at this point, they only have one path. It’s a one-way street. And they need to continue down this path, the path of destruction. And there’s no other way to exit this. They can’t say, hey, by the way, let’s just go to the central bank digital currency, everyone with me. No. They’re going to create fear. They’re going to create a crisis. They’re going to push everyone in that direction, but in the end, it’s all going to fail on them. And I do believe this is what Trump and the Patriots have set up. They set it up so we can actually bring down the central bank system all at once. Because once the United States moves away from the central bank system, the rest of the world is going to follow and the central bank system is going to have a very difficult time.

Because remember, if you can get the world on the same page to go up against the private west of Central Bank, what is this private west Central Bank going to do? It’s only a very small group that’s controlling everything. Because when the people reach the precipice and they’ve pretty much lost everything, they don’t really care anymore. Can the central banks hold the countries and the people hostage anymore? No, they can’t. This is when the people can fight back. This is when the people can have an economic revolution against the central bank system. This is when the people can say enough is enough. And I do believe that’s exactly where we’re headed. And the central banks, their plan, everything that they plan for is not going to work. It’s going to.



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