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➡ The host of Nino’s Corner TV David Nino Rodriguez is planning to interview Pascal Najadi, a retired Swiss banker and filmmaker known for his controversial views. The topics to be discussed include CERN, JFK, Elon Musk, and other contentious subjects. The host emphasizes that he doesn’t necessarily agree with Najadi’s views, but believes it’s important to present them to his audience for their own judgement. The interview promises to be one of the most intense the host has ever conducted.


What’s up, folks? Breaking. I have a breaking guest coming on, Pascal Najadi. Hopefully, I’m saying that correctly. You know how I but your names just got off the phone with them and it was a really very interesting phone call, to say the least. It’s a lot of outlandish, outlandish remarks. I mean, I. I’m going to bring them on Nino’s corner TV. I cannot bring them on for many reasons, folks. We’re going to be talking about basically the CERN, what is really happening with CERN, what’s happening with CERN. If you don’t know who Najadi Pascal Najadi is, he is a retired Swiss banker, investment Swiss banker, filmmaker, author of the son of Hussein Najadi.

He’s the author and the son of Hussein Najadi. He currently works as a peace and Bitcoin activist. He is best known for producing movies like Grounding, The Last Days of Swiss Air. He has also produced Rebel News and National Citizens Inquiry. Najadi was born in Lucerne, Switzerland on August 20, 1967, to a Bahraini financer, Hussein Najadi and Swiss Heide Ardenherb Minger, a direct descendant from the former Swiss Federal Council and Swiss President Rudolf Minger. He’s a really big guest. He has a lot of credentials, very controversial. I think you’ve seen him on Alex Jones. And I got to say, I’m very hesitant to bring him on, but the way I’m going to do this is with all the confusion that’s happening right now in the Patriot community, we don’t know what’s true, what’s not.

I do feel like it’s my duty to bring people like this forward and let my audience decide. So it’s going to be up to you now. He went on with Alex Jones. He’s been on with Kerry Cassidy. Kerry Cassidy put him on YouTube, big mistake. They took that video down, not wise. OK, but I’m going to put this up on Dot TV. And the things we’re going to talk about are most unbelievable. I mean, I just got off the phone with him and I was on there for about 30 minutes with him talking about the subjects or the bullet points that I want to go over with him because of what he said.

And what you’re going to hear is pretty outrageous, pretty crazy. Just keep an open mind. OK, I’m going to go over these points. We’re going to be talking about JFK. We’re going to be talking about CERN. We’re going to be talking about Klaus Schwab. We’re going to be talking about Elon Musk. We’re going to be talking about Israel. We’re going to be talking about the solar eclipse, the firmament. We’re going to be talking about the ships, the hospital ships that were during 2020’s boogeyman. A lot of controversial subjects here that a lot of people have written off.

He says, no, no, no, no, no. He’s he wants to break it on my program. A lot of things that need to be discussed. We’re also going to be talking about Alex Jones, who he believes Alex Jones is. I can’t validate or vow for this guy. I’m just bringing him on. You know, it’s very pretty. It’s pretty outlandish. It’s pretty crazy sounding to me, but we don’t know. We don’t know what kind of war we’re really in. I’m going to leave it to you to understand, to decide. Use your discernment. But this is a very big guess because he’s very controversial and he’s saying some very crazy things.

I but a lot of them add up from what I’ve heard before. So I don’t really know what to take as truth or true or false. So I’m going to let you decide that now. I’m going to do what I feel is right as for bringing him on and you all decide from there. Oh, it’s a different time zone where he’s at. So I’m going to be interviewing him in a few hours. I’ll put that up on Nino’s Corner TV. It’s going to be probably the most insane interview I’ve ever done from what we talked about.

And if you look at his credentials, the guy has credentials all day long, all day long. So that’s where I feel like could they be true? Could they be? Could it be true? What he’s telling me what he told me on the phone right now, which is absolutely unbelievable. I don’t know. I I’m very hesitant to do this interview, but I’m going to do it anyway for you all. So I just want to come up here and make a disclaimer in no shape way or form does Nino’s Corner TV or myself agree with this man or stand by his statements.

They are going to be made and put on Nino’s Corner TV for you to decide. You use your discernment and decide for yourself. I don’t I can’t back it up. I don’t know enough about this man. I don’t know him personally. He’s just coming on my program. To talk about some issues and some things that we all have question marks about now, it’s up to you to believe him. I don’t know. I’m just going to lay it out for you all to play it out. I will be back here 9 30 a.m. Tomorrow. I know it’s kind of a random thing.

I came on today. I don’t usually come on Tuesdays or Thursdays in the morning. So I will be here tomorrow 9 30 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. Also, I’m going to be interviewing Kathy O’Brien right now. I’m jumping on with Kathy O’Brien for she’s going to be talking to MK Ultra, those type of things. And it’s it’s up for you folks. I do this stuff for you all to decide. I can’t I cannot stand by the remarks or statements. This guy’s going to speak about because I don’t know. I don’t know. But they sound it sounds crazy to me in a lot of ways, but you don’t know.

We just don’t know because what he’s about to say on my program will blow you away guaranteed. But if you add his credentials into the mix. Lots of question marks for me, man. I don’t know what you’re all thoughts. I’m just asking my audience not to hold me accountable for this. I’m just going to bring him on to hear him out. You all decide. OK, so you all are big boys and girls. You all are adults. You all decide. I am not standing by any of this this interview. I don’t know what to believe. It sounds crazy.

Crazy. But could it be true? Could it be true? What he’s about to say, I mean, it’s going on TV. Could it be true? And I’ll also and I mean, I’ll bring him on as a general in the general’s tent. I could do that depending on how this interview is accepted and how well it goes. I might bring him on. I want to get your feedback. So the reason I’m coming on today is please give me your feedback. I’ll probably put a survey out on on on X asking what your thoughts of the interview. This is going to be bananas, guaranteed bananas.

It’s going to be if I were to put it on fluff to probably get a million views before it gets taken down. But it will be it would be shut down because what this guy is going to speak about is. You’ve never heard it before. I haven’t heard this before. And and we’re going to be talking about what’s coming in the next few months. Good guy, bad guy. I don’t know. You all decide on that one. I just lay it out for you all to play it out. All right, folks, I’m going to jump on with Kathy right now.

I’ll see you all over at Nino’s corner TV. Later. Here we go. [tr:trw].

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  • I watched your interview with Pascal and you did a great job because he’s not an easy interview. However I do like him and I saw comments about reincarnation. Well there is another spiritual thought called “walk-ins” and that is what I think Pascal was trying to
    explain. Reincarnation starts at birth whereas walk-ins can happen during a person’s lifetime. I use to work at KOIN-TV, a CBS affiliate in Portland, Oregon and I met a walk-in who came to be interviewed on our show NEWSROOM SIX AT NOON. I still do interviews myself on Alternative Healing. And I use to host and produce a show called PARASPYCHOLOGY TODAY, which I’m still doing at a small television station in McMinnville, Oregon. You did a great job interviewing Pascal. Kerry Cassidy and Alex Jones
    couldn’t come up to you. You did a great job. Pauline Nortness

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