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➡ Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News talks about how the ATF has unexpectedly shut down its e-forms system, which is used for processing items like suppressors and short-barreled shotguns. This has caused concern as it limits people’s ability to exercise their second amendment rights. The shutdown is speculated to be due to an impending government shutdown, but no official explanation has been given. The video also promotes Lear Capital and encourages viewers to consider investing in gold due to rising debt and economic volatility.


Alright, guys, let’s get into this one quickly. The ATF has shut down e forms and it appears as though it’s indefinitely and there is no explanation why. In fact, I got a couple phone calls yesterday. I was talking with John Crump who they got an anonymous tip that it was going to be shut down yesterday at 03:00 and e forms went down exactly at 03:00 hasn’t been up yet since.

And I want to jump into this. Let’s discuss this because this is a violation of our rights. But first I want to thank the sponsor of the video, and that’s Lear capital. Check out this new report that I’ve been referring to. It’s called $3,200 gold. It’s extremely interesting. It explains the correlation between our rising debt and the rising cost of gold. There is no secret that our government is addicted to printing money.

And when they don’t get their way, they shut down e forms. But no president, no politician, can stop this debt from rising anytime soon. If you believe that, like I honestly, really, really do, I encourage you to call now and get a free report to understand how rising debt means rising gold. It’s great information from Lear capital made for my viewers, and there’s no obligation to purchase. It’s free.

And with all the volatility out there, I know many of you have been considering buying gold. I’ve been buying gold and silver. And I am very, very glad that I did. Call 1802 605075. Again, that’s 1802 605075. Or head over to leargg. com. Links are down below. Let’s get into this. So again, yesterday we were told that eforms is going to go down at 03:00 and it did.

And I’ll have a link below to John Crump’s article. He just put this up as well. I’ll tell you that I know a little more than I can say right now because there are things going on behind the scenes. But ATF has shut down eforms. Eforms? What is that? That’s where they process the NFA items, suppressors, short barreled shotguns and the like. Now, many of us have noticed that form fours have been coming back like really fast.

Some have been two weeks or less. I saw one that was two days and sitting back, it’s like, why were they going so fast when they’ve been taking forever before? Is ATF finally getting a hold of how to do their job? Or were they trying to get rid of the backlog? And it seems like that might be what they did. So eforms as of right now is still down.

There is pressure being put on from all angles for ATF, but I think you guys and gals should get a hold of your congress critters right now. 202-24-3121 that’s the phone number. I’ll have it in the description down below as well as the pinned comment. Eforms is down, so you cannot exercise your second amendment if you choose to get a suppressor or have a short barreled shotgun. E forms is the electronic forms where ATF was supposed to make this process go faster.

And they’re claiming that it’s because of the impending government shutdown. Well, actually, they’re not answering any requests for comment, but other sources are saying that’s probably what it is about. However, there’s an agreement for another kick the can down the road and keep the government open for a little bit longer. But e forms is down. Put pressure on your congress critters, don’t care who they are, and tell them to put pressure on the ATF to open e forms back.

ATF? The government earmarks money for the e forms program. The money is there. There are reasons I think they’re doing this. Once I can verify that, I will bring it to you. But as of right now, eforms is down, and we don’t know for how long. That’s not good. Guys and gals, subscribe to the channel down below. I will keep you in the loop. This is probably going to be a fast changing thing.

Now that pressure is being put on the ATF and shall not be infringed means that you are your own first responder. Don’t care what the ATF says about that. Subscribe to the channel down below. Hit that red button. It’s free. Doesn’t cost you anything, just keeps you in the know on things like this. I’ll see you on the next one. Take care. .

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