Bigfoot Black Diamonds and Winching all night! A preview to full Documentary.

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➡ This video is a sneak peek of an upcoming one, showcasing my adventurous journey through the Ozarks, from Missouri to Arkansas. I’ve tackled challenging water crossings, obstacles, and tough off-road trails, all captured in stunning footage. My self-built fifth generation 4Runner performed impressively, even against Land Cruisers, proving its worth on difficult trails. Despite the constant rain, we discovered and navigated some wild trails, both during the day and at night.


The This video is simply a preview of the video that’s coming later this week. The last three weeks I have done a tour of the Ozarks and I’ve brought some of the best footage that I could possibly capture to the table. I went from the Ozarks in Missouri all the way down to the Ozarks in Arkansas and I have done some serious water crossings. I have done some serious obstacles and I have done some serious black diamond trails at off-road, park, flat nasty and I’m going to bring it all to you.

But I couldn’t contain my excitement so I had to drop some footage now so you didn’t have to wait. But it’s astonishing to me how this fifth generation 4Runner that I literally built in my driveway kicked so much ass that it literally rivalled my 80’s series. I went out with a couple of fellas in the Ozarks, I went out with a few guys down in Arkansas and I put my truck up against Land Cruiser’s, 100’s series, 80’s series and 73’s series and she held her own no problem.

This is doing a black diamond trail right here. My 80’s series had a really tough time on this. And the 4Runner basically walked right over it and I didn’t even have to use the dual transfer cases. I simply used my lockers and the supercharger and the suspension and she made it through. No problem. We found some crazy trails during the day and went back and did them at night time.

Now bear in mind it’s been raining here the entire time so the trails were nothing but mud. So the worn winches got a complete and total workout and we were clearing trails because every time we turned around there was a tree down right in the middle of the trail and we had to get around them. There was no two ways about it. Certain trails you cannot back up and certain trails were simply streams or rivers.

It was insane but it was awesome. And I saw some epic buildings, some epic waterfalls and some epic wildlife while on this trail. Stuff that you’re never going to see unless you just point your vehicle into the woods and drive straight out there which is basically what I did. And like I said we did it at night time with some expert drivers having a difficult time and again the 4Runner handled it all in stride.

No problem whatsoever at all. We got to meet some good people, got to do some really good wheeling and I’m going to be dropping a 45 minute long documentary basically on the Ozarks. So there will be 4 wheeling activity, there will be some nostalgia and there will be some facts and maybe some fiction. Things you just didn’t know unless you were there. So enjoy the scenery, enjoy this, give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below and in the next day or two I’ll be dropping the full length video which should be something you’re going to want to see because it’s truly epic footage in my humble opinion.

So there as they say is that. Leave it in the comments below. I’m out. .

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