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➡ The JailBreak Overlander shares his experiences of exploring different areas, including the Ozarks and California, in search of evidence of Bigfoot. He describes finding large, unexplained tree branches blocking trails and large footprints in remote areas. He also talks about the equipment he uses, including night vision and game cameras. Despite the evidence he’s found, he expresses frustration that many people don’t take the existence of Bigfoot seriously.
➡ The author recounts his experiences exploring areas known for Bigfoot sightings, where he found large footprints and other unusual signs. He set up cameras to capture any activity, which resulted in some intriguing footage, including a mysterious object near his camp. Despite the challenges and risks, he continues his search in various locations, using night vision to uncover what might be hidden in the dark.
➡ The video shows Bigfoot and a mysterious blue energy orb that suddenly disappears. The creator has gathered more evidence of Bigfoot in this video than most others, collected over nine months of travel. Despite facing issues with YouTube, the creator encourages viewers to like, share, subscribe, and comment on the video for more content in the future.


Sam, I’m Amy. We’re from California, and this is Jailbreak. Nice. Thank you, ladies. You’re welcome. Just the other day, I posted a question in the community tab section of my YouTube channel asking you guys, my subscribers, what you wanted to see next. Did you want to see off-roading? Did you want to see a how-to video? Did you want to see a survival video, or did you want to see a Bigfoot video? Now, I haven’t posted anything about Bigfoot in a while, but that does not in any way whatsoever mean that I haven’t found many, many, many solid pieces of evidence.

And I’m going to show you those in this video right now. And the piece I’m going to show you at the end really freaked me out. It was a game cam that I cannot explain, and you probably can’t explain either. But let’s start with where I’m showing you right now. This is in the middle of the Ozarks, so let’s get to it. I’ve posted several videos from the Ozarks in this exact area, which I spent several weeks out here. I love this particular area. I camp here quite often. But we had come here one day.

We ran this trail at nighttime. I ran this trail by myself, and I came back one more time by myself, as you can see right here. And the strange thing was the trail was completely different. Now, what do I mean by different? Well, let me show you. Not only had I run this trail several times on my own, but we also did a nighttime trail run out here where myself and two other trucks ran this trail, all within the same week, week or nine day period. And when I came back here, there had been no rainfall whatsoever at all, but the trail was somehow blocked.

There were downed trees crossing every place that I would go. You know, every place you’d go on the trail, there were trees in the way that weren’t there the day before. There were no tire tracks or human footprints anyplace. Do you see what I’m saying? And I pick up on things like this, and I found it very, very odd. Every place that you’d want to take the trail, there were large tree branches in the way, and I’m talking large tree branches. And while I’m trying to figure out what’s different, like why are these trees here? They weren’t here yesterday.

I mean, this is a big tree to be in the way. This is large, and I couldn’t see any drag marks. I couldn’t, I mean, this tree didn’t belong here, and it wasn’t here all week. It just showed up, and there was no flash floods. There was no rain. I’m very aware of these things because I travel for a living into remote places. I need to know what the weather’s going to be like, so I have a clue. Do you see what I’m saying? And while I’m looking at these, I noticed these two guys right here that were leaned up against this cave rooftop or whatever you want to call it.

And these were large trees, and they didn’t belong here. Something had put them here, and these were too big for humans to have moved. This tree’s about 30 feet long, and it’s upside down, so the roots are at the wrong spot. You see what I’m saying? It looked to me like these were being used as a ladder to get up and down, just not by a deer or a squirrel or a person, something otherworldly such as a bigfoot. And talking to all the locals I know in this area, because I’ve come to West Plains, Missouri dozens of times, and I know a lot of the locals, and they’ve all talked about Bigfoot like it’s just no big deal, like it’s a squirrel or a deer or the mailman.

No big deal. But I found that strange. But let’s move on, shall we? A lot of people ask what do I use for gear, night optics, etc. Well, let me show you real quick. Now this happy little fella is Digital Night Vision. It’s an Aurora Black by Psyonix. It works fairly well as long as you’ve got a moonlight, but I’ve also got a PBS-14 with white phosphorus tubes, just in case. I haven’t stopped looking for Bigfoot. I just haven’t had anything worth presenting as of yet, and I’m not going to make up videos about something that happened in the 50s or 60s if I can avoid it, unless it’s really awesome.

Now this is my thermal night vision. This is the real deal. This isn’t some monocular, it’s a biocular. It records and it zooms, and it has a very, very, very sensitive apparatus inside. This is what the feds use. And along with those, I also have three separate game cameras that I set up a huge perimeter with every place, and the game camera is actually what caught the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on one of my cameras, and we’ll get to that in a little bit. Again, YouTube metrics, I got to make you watch to the end, but I’ve got plenty of footprints, bent trees, and everything else to show you in between.

Over the last almost year, I’ve gathered a lot of evidence. So let’s head to the next location, which would happen to be in California. Okay, here we go. Now California is absolutely epic. It’s an amazing place. I don’t think there’s any other state in the union, anything like California, but I wasn’t looking for tourist attractions and things of that hot spot. So I had to head towards Willow Creek. I’d been to Willow Creek recently, or not too, too long ago, and I spoke with some law enforcement guys that told me stories about Bigfoot like it was no big deal.

One guy was an active sheriff, and one guy was a retired CHP officer, and they told me stories about Bigfoot. No big deal, no connotation. It was just all good. It was a story about something that happened during their life, and they told me where to go look if I wanted to find evidence or even have an encounter with a Bigfoot. So I headed straight to Willow Springs. And when I got there, the boys over at the Bigfoot Museum were nice enough to point me in the correct direction, which was up Route 299, and I found several very interesting things.

It’s pretty amazing to me how easy it is to… I shouldn’t say easy, but if you’re willing to put in the work and go to the locations and walk out into the thorns and brambles and every other thing, you find lots and lots of evidence, which I did. Like the sandbar right here in the middle of Willow Creek had massive footprints in it, but I couldn’t get down there. There was no way to actually reach that, and it’s as close as I could get with the drone. But I mean, these are massive footprints on a sandbar in the middle of a river that’s too deep for a human to go through.

Do you see what I’m saying? But this is nothing because I’ve got much, much better evidence than this. I’m not joking. This is no joke whatsoever at all. So take it for what it is. How about that? This area is vast, and apparently it’s a very unique habitat because it’s perfect conditions to grow world-class marijuana right off the bat, and some of the wildlife and animals they have here are unlike any other place in the United States. So there’s that. When I got to Willow Springs, fortunately, there had just been a Bigfoot sighting of him crossing the highway on Route 299.

So I went to the spot and I noticed that there were trees there that had been bent over at some point but didn’t break, and they continued to grow sideways, and I thought that was really strange. And while I’m looking at that, there’s a very deep ravine that these trees go down into. So you’re standing there. It’s a deep, about seven-foot ravine comes up the other side to a trail that you can see. And while I’m looking down in there, I notice what appears to be an enormous, fresh footprint in the mud.

And you can see it right there. Right there. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. And you can see the toes. You can see everything. And it was massive. It was like 25 inches long. And sadly, I’m not one of those Bigfoot hunters that carries plaster of Paris with me because what’s the point? Who’s going to care? You know what I mean? Maybe I’ll change my opinion on that. But at this point, people have gotten incredible impressions and nobody seems to care, you know? These are not undiscovered apes, okay? Because if they were, we’re the only country in the world that denies they have monkeys.

You know what I’m saying? These things go back further than we do. And in my opinion, they’re probably biblical. But let’s leave it at that. Let me show you some more footprints that I found because it was when somebody points you in the right direction and you don’t mind pushing your way through the wild animals, the hillbillies, the marijuana growers, the thorns, the brambles and every other thing. It’s amazing what you can find. Directly across the highway on a gravel pit going into the woods, I found this footprint. I wear a size 11 and this thing dwarfed my foot by at least another eight inches easy.

It was a big footprint. Again, I don’t carry plaster. Maybe I should. But I have enough gear in my truck. I really don’t want to carry around white powdery stuff that can end up spilling all over the place. Do you see what I’m saying? So just three days ago, I was in Willow Springs again, and I went down to a spot that’s known as a hot spot for Bigfoot activity. And I went down there and I had set up game cameras here before, and I didn’t have any luck, etc. And then I stumbled upon this, which was just odd because it’s a perfect footprint, but it doesn’t look like that of some sort of a giant monster.

But where it was and where it was going made no sense. So check this out. Those toes look too straight, but I really can’t tell. And there’s only one. And I find it odd somebody would be walking barefoot on nothing but rocks because it hurts. It’s pretty bad. And all we’re seeing is canine tracks. Raccoon tracks, I think. I don’t know. And that footprint is right there. So it comes out of the water, doesn’t return, and then goes straight up here. I’ve set up cameras out here before. Maybe I’ll do it again. I mean, really, who’s walking barefoot on this? Leaving one track that goes straight up.

I can’t climb that. It’s way too steep. That’s mountain goat stuff. Who would be barefoot? I mean, look at this. This goes on for a long time. This absolutely hurts to walk on. So a solitary footprint, or actually just a half of a footprint, and it wasn’t even a giant footprint. It was about the same size as my foot, maybe a little bit bigger. But it’s where it was. You’d have to walk on top of all of these jagged rocks that are absolutely everywhere for a good half a mile to go into the mud and then go climbing straight up.

I just find that really strange. And this is a hot spot. It could have been a juvenile. I’m not exactly sure, but I wanted to put it in here because I found it very, very interesting. But let’s continue on, shall we? So after I rolled out of Willow Springs, I decided to head up towards Mount Shasta because I had heard reports that there was a lot of activity going on up there, and I wanted to see if I could catch anything. Now, you got to remember, this is a massive area. You do not see a lot of people, gas stations, or anything of that type on this road.

So make sure you have water. Make sure you have gasoline, et cetera, because they’re few and far between. The one thing you learn into a lot of are fire trucks and game wardens, et cetera. And all these guys were just giving me information. I would ask, and nobody laughed at me. Nobody made jokes. Nobody said anything. They’d say, yeah, well, we were doing this, that, and the other thing. And we thought we had something happen, but we weren’t positive, you know, this, that. But it was good information nonetheless, and I took it for what it was.

So with all of this wilderness in my path, I decided to find a place way off the beaten path, set up some game cameras, night vision, et cetera, and see if anything panned out. And you got to remember, this is a big, big area. This is a lot of area to cover, and anything that you’re going to catch on a camera would be straight up luck. I’ve caught a lot of things over the years on game cameras, like this, for instance. Now, this is your usual stuff. You know, you see a skunk, and then you’ve got things like this, where there’s some sort of eyes sitting there watching the camera for a long time.

They’re just sitting there in the bushes, watching the camera over and over and over. I have no idea what it was. It’s hard to tell, but it was interesting. And then you get things like this that you really don’t expect. I found this odd, but a hiker apparently didn’t see the camera that was right there and then, you know, did what you had to do, I guess. And then, of course, you’ve got things like this. This buck is approaching the camera and appears to realize the camera’s there by the way he’s staring straight at it.

But that’s not the interesting thing. The interesting thing would be this. I just caught this three days ago and didn’t realize it till yesterday. Now, I have no idea what this is whatsoever at all. And if you can figure it out, let me know. Because what is that? It appears to be gloves. I can see stitching, but what is that? And it’s right next to my camp. I don’t know what that weird face thing was or whatever. I don’t know what that was, but it didn’t like the camera and it was messing with the camera.

And the camera was crooked when I got back. It wasn’t ripped down or anything like that. I just found it really strange. So there, as they say, is that. And before we wrap this up, let me show you one more thing that happened that was very, very strange. Many times when you have an area that’s known as a hot spot, you’ll discover that you’re not allowed on the property. There’s no trespassing. It’s suddenly private property. There’ll be gates going up, trails closed, et cetera. And not too far away. You can usually see the Sasquatch has put his own type of no trespassing up, usually in the form of two large trees forming an X.

And that’s exactly what I found. And I adhered to the no trespassing. I didn’t actually cross the line, but I did do a couple of short little big foot calls. We’ll call them. Holy shit. I was just messing around and I did a, you know, a big foot call or I imitated at least. And something answered in almost instantly. And the bug stopped making that noise. Listen. Come on, man. It’s just messing around and I’m on a mountain top. I’m not in a valley. It was not an, it was not an echo. And the bugs are louder than ever.

All right. Nevermind. I’m, I’m a crazy asshole. Nevermind. We’re all crazy assholes at the end of the day. And the footage I just showed you was out of the Ozarks. I just wanted to throw it in. I didn’t want it to re-edit this entire thing just to put that piece in there. But here’s more from Willow Spring from October when I was up on what they call quote unquote murder mountain. I was up there on the advice of the law enforcement guys. If I wanted to find evidence, this would be the place to find it.

So that’s where I went. And I did find evidence. So I went to the place where the law enforcement guys told me were hotspots. And it took me up murder mountain, which was not the greatest place for me to be. I didn’t want to be there because of my Massachusetts license plates, et cetera. But if you’re going to get evidence, you got to go to places that make you a little bit uncomfortable. And I went to places that most people don’t go. I’m talking under bridges, marching off out into the woods, leaving my truck on the side of the road, et cetera.

But if you go to these places, you will find evidence because it’s all over the place. You know, you just got to know where to look. You’re not going to find it on the sidewalks of Boston or Lynn, Massachusetts. So I go out to places like Willow Spring, Mount Shasta, the Ozarks, Texas, Oklahoma, absolutely every place. And I’m not done yet. But some of the weirdest things when you break out the night vision, because night vision sees what most people can’t. It is seriously dark out here. Well, at least we got a glowing blue orb that disappeared.

That’s something. Now, the blue orb that I was mentioning would be this right here. And it isn’t an airplane. Okay. I wouldn’t put it up here if it was an airplane. It was a glowing blue orb that floated right above me and then suddenly disappeared. And it was big. It was about the size of a softball or a basketball. And let me apologize upfront. Whenever I have a camera close to my face, my breathing sounds like I’m a child molester hiding in the bushes next to a playground with a bag full of candy or kittens.

It’s because my nose has been broken 17 times over my lifespan. So that explains that just so you know. But here’s the footage. There’s no light except for the stars. And whatever that bad boy is, you see that? Come on here, look at the bigfoot. You see his little buddy right next to him? Look at the blue orb of energy of some sort. And then it just blinks out. Totally gone. Digital night vision. I hope you enjoyed this video. And I got to tell you, I’ve shown you more pieces of evidence than most videos I’ve ever seen combined.

Seriously. And I will get more footage for you. This is just the stuff that I’ve been accumulating over the last nine months on the road. And I will get more. At any rate, YouTube hates me for things I’ve said in the past and things I’ll probably say in the future. So do me a favor. Make sure you hit that like, share and subscribe and hit the little bell next to it so you’re notified of all new videos. Leave a comment below. I will return the favor. I am out. [tr:trw].

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