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➡ Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss how U.S. presidents have increasingly taken power that the Constitution doesn’t grant them. They argue that Congress often ignores these actions, allowing presidents to act like dictators. They also discuss how this misuse of power has led to issues like the forgiveness of student loans and the funding of foreign governments without proper approval. They conclude that this disregard for the Constitution is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.
➡ Politicians often make decisions based on what they believe will keep them in power, rather than what is best for the country. This includes ignoring laws and the constitution. The speaker criticizes the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel. They express concern about potential censorship and suppression of free speech, particularly in relation to criticism of the Israeli government.
➡ The discussion revolves around the current political climate, with concerns about division in America regardless of the election outcome. It also highlights the increasing tension between Israel and other countries, with some predicting Israel’s downfall due to global dissatisfaction with its actions. The conversation also mentions various guests on a show called “Judging Freedom,” who discuss these issues and more, including the complex relationship between the U.S. and Israel.


Hello, everybody. This is Gerald Cilenti. And it’s Wednesday, May 29, 2024. And once again, on these Wednesdays, we have with us a man of freedom, peace and justice, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All things have been stolen from us. Judge Andrew Napolitano. And, yeah, I’m laughing about it. It’s very sad. Judge, thanks for being here. Thanks for having me on the show. Gerald, always a pleasure. Yeah, again, I’m honored. And everybody else listening should also be because what the judge brings forth, very, very few people do. And the ones that do do not have the background knowledge and facts that the judge puts out when it comes to the Bill of rights and constitution that have been stolen from us.

And the article that’s coming out tomorrow really says it. American Caesar. And the constitutional indifferences. Well, the article paints the picture that Congress has intentionally looked the other way when presidents have grabbed power, and that Congress has given presidents the power to do things which are absolutely prohibited under the Constitution. Started right at the birth of the country with George Washington, with the first national bank, which eventually became the Federal Reserve, with the Insurrection act, which is still around, and which allows the president to commandeer troops, to enforce domestic laws and to quell domestic issues, to put troops in the streets if he doesn’t like what’s happening in the streets, and the Alien and Sedition act, which made certain speech a crime that’s been reborn as the Espionage act of 1917 and the Anti Semitism Awareness act of 2024.

In between Washington and Biden, there’s a long litany of presidential excesses, all of which make the president an american Caesar. He can confiscate bank accounts. He can close the Internet. He can shut down federal highways. He can steal property. All of these things that Congress has allowed the president to do because Congress doesn’t care about the Constitution and the presidents don’t care about the constitution. What prompted me to write this was a fascinating piece in the Economist magazine, which might have been aimed at Donald Trump, I’m not sure was a pretty fair piece called is America dictator proof? And the economist concludes that America is not dictator proof.

And I come to the same conclusion. And in my piece, I list a lot of things in there that presidents have done. They basically have declared emergencies and then claim that they have more power during the emergency than they had before the emergency. The last time the Supreme Court looked at this, they said it was hogwash, that there was no such thing as emergency power. And the constitution applies in bad times as well as in good. So, for example, Joe Biden, I don’t even know if the public knows this, declared an emergency two months ago, and the emergency was that former college students hadn’t yet repaid their debts and he was seizing power to forgive those debts.

Now, when the government gives a debt, the government ends up paying the debt to the bank. The bank loans the money, the government guarantees the debt if the money is used for college purposes. When the money is not paid back, the government’s on the hook. Supreme Court said to the president, you can’t do this. Only Congress can do it. Did it anyway by declaring it an emergency. Tony Blinken, the secretary of state before Congress voted to send 20 billion to the israeli government, declared it an american emergency that the Israel, israeli defense forces were slaughtering innocent gazans.

And therefore, under emergency power, which doesn’t exist, the government could send money to Israel before Congress voted on it. So this stuff is not just theoretical. It happens right under our noses. It happens all the time. It happens so frequently we don’t even pay attention to it. You know, you say, you know, many things that you’re saying, but you were talking about, you know, this forgiveness of student loans and you say the government has to pay the debt. No, the taxpayers have to pay the debt. Correct, correct. That usually future taxpayers, because the government doesn’t have the cash, it has already spent our tax dollars, so it has to borrow money in our name.

Yeah. And they’ll never pay back the principal. They never do. The principal that’s owed now is up to 35 trillion. The government just rolls it over. Yeah. Every hundred days they’re adding another trillion dollars to the debt level. And you have, you’re right here. Today there are around 135 of these, largely unknown to the public statutes that permit the president, as you were mentioning, to close federal highways, confiscate bank accounts in federally insured banks and shut down the Internet. All to address a self willed emergency, all without due process, all in defiance of basic constitutional norms.

That’s where we are today. I could have added another all, all without any complaint in the media or awareness of the american public. Because this stuff happens so many times. I remember once when I was at Fox, I was interviewing Charlie Wrangle, the real character of a congressman from Harlem. And during the interview, the news broke that Barack Obama had authorized the CIA to bomb Libya. So I said to him, I said, you know, you can’t possibly approve of this. He’s starting a war against Libya, that we have no beef with Libya. Only Congress can declare war.

And Wrangle said, let him do it. Let him do it. If we get rid of Qaddafi, that’s a good thing. If it explodes in Obama’s face, then Congress is off the hook. You can’t blame us. Well, what kind of fidelity to the Constitution is that? That’s an example of how Congress thinks when presidents do these excessive things. And because Obama got away with that, Trump was able to kill General Soleimani. Trump was able to declare an emergency at the Texas Mexico border and build his fence, his border wall, even though Congress had refused to fund it.

Trump took money from the treasury without congressional authorization. Every time this stuff happens, it makes it easier for a succeeding president to do something similar or even more outrageous. You mentioned this clown guy that you interviewed was wrangle saying Obama, you know, it’s the best to get rid of Gaddafi. Well, that’s because Hillary Clinton. What did she say? We came, we saw, he died. Yeah, yeah. Some absurdly immoral comment. She wanted to be the liberator of Libya. Liberator. It was a prosperous, happy country, the likes of which Africa had never seen. It’s now a disaster. Yep.

And I’ll never forget. I remember it well. I call Obama the Nobel Peace of crap Prize winner. And, you know, he won the Nobel Peace Prize right after he won it. We had the African, the afghan troop surgeon. And then, of course, Gaddafi has to go. And I’ll never forget, he gave a speech at, you know, someplace in DC of, you know, military graduates or something. And then he, his wife and his mother, or mother in law, I forget, took a trip to Rio de Janeiro, got on the plane, waved goodbye, and this whole thing. Qaddafi has to go.

Qaddafi has to go. It was brought to you by Sarkozy in France. That little piece of scum, Cameron, that was the prime minister of the UK, that’s now the foreign minister, wanting to keep sending more and more weapons to both Israel and Ukraine to keep slaughtering people. That guy, right? And the three women behind it, Samantha Power, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton. I’m mentioning this because I keep hearing this crap, this bullshit that if only women were in charge, things would be so different. They got a. They got a murderous track record. You just keep looking at them.

Oh, you forgot about Condoleezza Rice. The next mushroom cloud you see. How about that bear Bach in Vandalin over there in the UK? War mongering little freaks. How about Madeline Albright? 500,000 children dead is a good. Is a small price to pay. Pay for what? Yeah, she asked. She was on with Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. And Leslie Stahl asked her, is the price of 500,000 iraqi children under the age of five worth what Clinton has done? And she said, yes, it is. So going back. These are sick people who rise to power in the United States and don’t care about the laws, don’t care about the constitution, don’t care about the natural law, don’t care about morality, don’t care about the right to live.

And exactly, that’s the point that I wanted to make with what you were writing about. It’s politicians in a country near you. Look around the world at the freak show and the freaks that are telling people what to do, making up this crap. Screw the constitution. There’s one of our covers, democracy. It’s not a democracy. You know, it’s an idiot. Still light. And, but think about this, judge. Everything that you wrote and all these things that they’ve, you know, we can do anything that we want. I’m the politician in power. I’ll tell you what to do.

The public doesn’t mean anything. Only the people in power. You know, to me, this is, it’s inhumanity. Well, politicians, you know, do what they can get away with. They do what they think is politically popular in order to stay in power. They don’t care about the laws, they don’t care about the constitution. I mean, Justice Scalia used to say from the bench, I don’t care what a politician says about a piece of legislation. When he votes for it, there’s only one reason he votes for it. There’s only one reason he or she does anything, and that’s to get reelected.

But think about this. This, we give all our life and livelihood to, to the country, and these people just steal our rights from us day in and day out. Yes. I mean, remember the COVID war? Stand 6ft apart, put on a mask. You know, don’t, when you’re in an airplane, you better put that mask on. But when you’re eating and drinking, you take it off and, and if you don’t believe what we tell you, you believe in misinformation and blacklisted, destroyed what they did to people like Doctor Joseph Mercola and others. I mean, what, what’s going on in his country is only going to get worse.

Yes. And I don’t know what the, what the answer is. It’s certainly not Biden or Trump under either of them. It would continue to get worse in terms of the flow of power to Washington and the exercise of raw power. Unconstrained by the Constitution or by the courts. You know, and again, you know, it’s a, one of my sayings is, when all else fails, they take you to war. These are power hungry people. And World War three, you know, we forecast this back in February 22, 2022, two years before the Ukraine war started. We’re going from the COVID war to Ukraine war to world war.

There’s the COVID And World War three has begun, and it’s just escalating. And what’s happening in the genocide being committed by Israel. And you mentioned in your article here about the American Caesar and what they’re doing to us. And one of the acts that you mentioned is this one that they just made up about this anti semitism. Well, the anti semitism that has not passed the Senate yet, so it certainly hasn’t been signed by the president. But this defines anti semitism as anything critical of the jewish people. And it says, if any school permits anti semitic speech, the school without due process, without a trial, without proof, can be subject to a bureaucratic determination that the federal aid to that school is gone.

So there are two problems here. One is the confiscation of wealth, candidly, wealth that shouldn’t even be delivered. The government has no business funding schools, but it does. And the second, of course, is the suppression of speech. I mean, suppose you attack the italian government. No, you’re not going to be punished. You shouldn’t be punished for attacking any government. You have the right to say what you want about any government. You know, this. This war is just keeps heating up. And again, like you said, you’re not allowed to condemn it. White House signals refar strike does not cross red line the White House on Tuesday indicated an israeli strike that killed dozens of Palestinians.

What dozens of Palestinians? It killed over 50 and wounded about 250. Did not cross a red line that would lead to a change in us policy. This is that little clown. Arrogant, arrogant piece of scum. John Kirby, quote, we still don’t believe that a major ground operation in Rafa is warranted. We still don’t want to see the Israelis, as we say, smash into Rafael with large units over large pieces of territory. We still believe that. And we haven’t seen that at this point. What are you, blind? You haven’t seen this at this point? Who are you talking to? Oh, I’m talking to the prestitutes, the little media boys and girls that put out for their government.

Whoremasters and corporate pimps. That’s who I’m talking to. He. He takes the american public to be idiots when he is. Of course, he’s a Baghdad bob. He’s a fool himself who has no sense of right or wrong or no sense of morality. He’s just a mouthpiece for an immoral government that is funding genocide. And where’s the outrage? There’s no outweigh, there’s outrage by you, by me, by a small group of us, but not by the american public and by the college students whom Donald Trump said he will deport, even though many of them are Americans. He will deport them if college students dare demonstrate against his foreign policy while he’s president.

Right from the Guardian, Trump tells donors, you will crush pro palestinian protests if reelected. Here you go. May 27. I guess he if you get me reelected, First Amendment, if you get me reelected, we’re going to, we’re going to set that movement back 25 or 30 years. The former president and presumptive republican nominee called the demonstrations against Israel’s war in Gaza, quote, a radical revolution and promised the predominantly jewish donors that he would set the movement back 25 or 30 years if they helped him beat Joe Biden. In November, he praised New York police for clearing the encampments at Columbia University.

There was no violence on the Columbia campus until the police arrived. Yep. And again, you know, not only that, you know, I say this judge and I, it, yeah. Where are, where are all of the religions? How come they’re not out there? Where the Quakers died, an earthquake, the 7th day, Adventists waiting for the 8th day? Where are all the, where are all the religions that believe in God? Where are the leaders of these religions? And all of them? Where are they? Not a peep about peace. Right, right. You talk more about peace than any major religious leaders do, including the pope.

Yeah. You know, Jane, who, you know, is my executive assistant here, and she goes to church every, every week. And her priest said, let’s all pray for Israel. Oh, gosh. And I got, we’re losing subscribers. Not a lot. Here’s a, here’s a, here’s a one that just came in. The guy said to me, they said, please stop my monthly payments to trends. You are too anti Israel in your opinion. I wrote back, no, you got it wrong. Not an opinion. Yes, I am anti Israeli. Genocide by the facts, not an opinion and not an opinion by the facts.

I am anti Israel that keeps stealing palestinian land in violation of the Geneva Convention and un article 242. I said, you are too pro Israeli in your, quote, opinion. Well, you know, whenever you speak a hard truth, there are haters out there. And we know that. We both know that. But again, this goes back to that anti semitism law that they’re pushing through. Correct? Okay. For Israel to keep stealing all the land that they want, and they use this B’s word called settlers. They’re invaders. Invaders. So this is, this is going to, they’re not going to stop Netanyahu.

You know, I remember when this began, back in October of 2023 after the Hamas attack, and I’ll never forget, you said to me, one of your people that you interview said, you know, they’re going to get, you know, this is going to really hurt Netanyahu. Here we are. October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, going into June, 8 months. He’s still in power. He’s more powerful than ever, but he knows that the minute he’s out of power, he’s cooked, which is why he’ll extend this war as long as he can. Exactly. Perfectly said. Because they’re going to keep ramping up this war, and they’re going to keep ramping up the Ukraine war, and they’re ramping up world war three.

And if we don’t have peace on earth, it’s going to be hell on earth. You know, I, I was at a party, and a woman started getting in argument with me, and she kept interrupting me. And I say, I don’t want to talk with about this anymore. I’m polish, but I’m an american, too, and it’s, America should be there supporting. I said, this has been going on since Catherine the great between Ukraine and Russia. I said, it’s not America’s duty to be involved in this. Once upon a time, there was a man by the name of George Washington who said, don’t become involved in foreign entanglements.

This stuff has been going on for centuries, and we’re not going to fix it. Don’t love a nation. Don’t hate a nation, because if you do, to either one, you’re a slave to them. It’s your duty to protect. I said, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. We have no right being involved in these things. Yes. Yeah, but this lady is brainwashed by the government and by the press, which keeps preaching the virtues of american involvement and hatred for Putin, and it’s going to be one of the great foreign policy disasters of all time. Joe Biden just hopes to keep the cork in the bottle, so to speak, until after election day.

Who do you think is going to win the election? Well, right now, it appears that Trump would win. But, I mean, anything can happen in the next six months, I’m not so sure Trump would be any better at all. He was certainly wouldn’t be better on Israel. But right now it appears as though it’s true. It’s Trump’s to lose. Speaker one. Oh, did you hear? Trump came out and you also said he would have bombed Moscow. Oh, God. Yeah. The Washington Post put out a story. Well, if he said that, he’s crazy. Well, he’s crazy anyway.

If you said it, it didn’t say it. Whoever wins, we lose. It goes back to your article. And everybody needs to read this. We have dictators in charge, caesars, no matter who wins this election, as I see it, we the people lose because this is going to divide America. Terribly, very sad. Judge, thank you for being on. Everybody go to judging freedom. You got to see the guests that he has on Phil Giraldi, Scott Ritter, Colonel McGregor, who’s coming on next. McGregor was on yesterday and in less than 24 hours, that’s 300,000 views. Gerald. He’s on today.

Phil’s on at 03:00 this afternoon. He keeps uncovering more and more insidious relationships between the government of Israel and the government of the United States. And two young guys are on, Connor Freeman of and Aaron Matey, who has just been eviscerating Biden and Netanyahu with his writings. He also going back to Giraldi, we publish his article in this week’s Trends journal as well. Yeah, that article is fabulous about the jewish control of the United States, basically. Right. He keeps on covering. And what did Colonel McGregor have to talk about? What was the, that Israel as we know it might not last very much longer because the, the world is fed up with them, including the, you know, they killed the israeli, the IDF killed for egyptian soldiers in Egypt over the weekend.

And that may very well be a tripwire. I mean, the arab populations of those countries, not the arab leadership, but the arab populations of those countries is totally fed up with what they see in Gaza. And the pressure on the leadership to do something about it is extraordinary and perhaps irresistible. That’s what McGovern McGregor has been saying. Wow. Yeah. So everybody go. You got to see what the judges guess. There’s nothing like it. Judge, thanks so much for being here. And again, you go to judging freedom, and the judge is a man of freedom. Thank you, judge.

Thank you, Gerald. All the best to.

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