Are You Scared Yet… Microsoft Announce New AI-Powered Laptops Partnership With Nvidia Chat-GPT

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➡ Microsoft recently announced new PCs with advanced AI capabilities, including longer battery life and support for their co-pilot AI chatbot. These devices also have a feature that allows users to recall web pages they’ve visited in the past. The company’s investment in AI and partnerships with other tech companies like Nvidia and OpenAI are positioning them for success. The new AI features are designed to enhance user experience, although some may find them intrusive.
➡ The text discusses the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in gaming and everyday tasks. It highlights how AI can assist in tasks like playing Minecraft, choosing hiking gear, and even tutoring in math. The text also emphasizes the importance of embracing technology to make tasks easier and more efficient, such as using AI in video editing. Lastly, it mentions a new partnership with Khan Academy and the general availability of Azure AI studio.


Microsoft now I know a lot of y’all may not necessarily be intimately familiar with what’s going on with AI but I’ve been on this AI train riding it, riding his way right and so I want to make sure that I keep y’all up to date because Microsoft had build day the other day and they announced some new PCs as well as leveraging chat beat GBT because you know they were one of the early investors in chat GBT so they have a vested interest in seeing what’s happening over there but Microsoft announced some new PCs laptops and then they also demonstrated some things that I thought that was interesting that maybe I wanted to share with you guys I mean this is stuff that I study and I’m not sure if it’s something as relevant to y’all but I definitely want to keep y’all in the loop so here goes nothing.

We’re going to talk this morning about Microsoft’s new Surface devices with advanced AI capabilities promising enhanced features longer battery life and support for their co-pilot AI chatbot this follows other big AI announcements from Google we also heard of course from open AI last week we’ll be hearing from anthropic. Did y’all just see the way that they just drew that we gonna get into the actual some of the announcements shortly but that’s crazy bro artists 100% gonna be displaced. Here in France actually tomorrow joining us right now though is Joanna Skern Wall Street Journal senior personal technology columnist and of course a CNBC contributor good morning to you just wrote all about these new devices and so I guess we’ll just ask you you know the Roger Ebert question you know thumbs up thumbs down what do you think? Look I haven’t gotten to test them for a long period of time but from what I somebody said am I invested in Microsoft I absolutely is invested in Microsoft Microsoft I’ve never ever not one day my daughter has been invested in Microsoft for the last 16 years I’ve never sold a share of Microsoft ever 100% invested in Microsoft really out of the gate thumbs up for sure this is not only a big deal for Microsoft here on AI but also really in the race to catch up with Apple on their arm chips and Apple kind of blew it open a few years ago just created some laptops that got rid of a lot of the pain points we’ve had with laptops they’re cool they last long the performance is good and Microsoft has struggled to do that so here they are with their co-pilot plus PCs they use Qualcomm chips they promise great battery life great performance so I’m really looking at the basics here and if they can get the basics right then I think Microsoft does have a hit on its hands okay the most interesting feature that you wrote about on these new devices is this idea that when you forget what you saw and how are not a part of stock club make sure you’re tapping to the patreon link is in the description we talk about this all the time and have you been on a web page or somewhere along the you know along your travels online you forget where you found it what the web address was what it was now you can just ask the computer and it will show you a screenshot of what you saw even days and months ago really yeah so it definitely sounds creepy and I asked such an Adela CD CEO of Microsoft about this but here’s what’s happening there is now a chip on the device that enhances AI and there is a model on the device this isn’t going to the cloud so it is taking screenshots of what you’re doing very I can tell you that that does sound creepy right take screenshots of what you’re doing throughout the day and then on the device it’s using AI to figure out things it’s looking at the images it’s looking at the text so then you can go into the search box and say I saw a picture of a guy on CNBC he looked like he was in Paris and that may pop up just from putting in that semantic search so good cool right but also creepy and what Nadella and the rest of Microsoft is saying here is that this is only happening on the device it doesn’t have to go to the cloud I should also say that I did get to test the feature and you can turn it off and you can limit it from seeing certain websites you can put in or your bank etc that’s crazy let’s actually go over to what what some of the announcements was this is everything revealed in five and nine minutes via CNET let’s see what some of the announcements were you know when I think about and I do think that Microsoft has one of the greatest CEOs of all time on their hands progress we have made even since last time we were here at build we’ve built really three platforms the first is Microsoft Copilot which is your everyday companion it puts knowledge and expertise at your fingertips Co-pilot is the replacement for Cortana now a lot of people may not be familiar with Cortana but a co-pilot is basically Cortana improvised upgraded and then relaunched with AI helps you act on it and we built a co-pilot stack so that you can build your AI applications and solutions and experiences and just yesterday we introduced a new category of co-pilot plus PCs the fastest AI first PCs ever built and so today I want to highlight our top news for this event across every layer of this co-pilot stack it all starts though with this very deep deep partnership with Nvidia which spans the entirety we’ve been talking about this for a long time we’ve been talking about this for a long time everything is interconnected and so when you go through and I’m not gonna talk about it extensively here because I just want to react to Microsoft because we talk about this extensively on stock club so if you’re not a part of the patreon and it’s not hard to understand I’m telling you we break it down to a C students perspective everything is interconnected when you think about all the companies that manufacture the equipment that ultimately make some of these semi conductor chips talking about ASML right and then you’re talking about Nvidia and you talk about the partnership of Nvidia and then what it is that they’re using and who’s using and what as far as the AI models and who’s developing all of this technology chat GBT and Microsoft’s investment in it and in their partnership with Nvidia and so there are so many companies that are benefiting from investing in each other and partnering with each other and you guys are missing out but that’s not what we here to talk about let’s continue of the co-pilot stack across both all of their hardware innovation as well as the system software innovation together we offer Azure confidential computing on GPUs what is Azure what is Azure Microsoft Azure Azure is Microsoft’s cloud technology right similar to Amazon web services what do I talk about about being a cloud engineer let’s continue this ought to be really help you protect sensitive data around the AI models end-to-end we’re bringing in fact the latest h200s to Azure later this year 100s as well as excited to share that we are the first cloud to deliver general availability of VMs based on AMD MI 300x AI accelerator that’s a mouthful ain’t it offers the best with our most strategic and most important partnership with open AI just last week open AI announced GPT-40 their latest multimodal model which was trained on Azure it’s an absolute breakthrough it has taxed now think about that right when you’re looking at investing in these different companies and let’s say for example you want to base it off a cloud infrastructure right because in the last stock club that we had which was literally a couple of days ago on Wednesday we had a stock club where we basically broke down why investing in a retail alone is not enough now again I’m not gonna go into it because we had a lot of talking points and it’s like an hour long so for those of y’all that just signed up for stock club or the patreon make sure y’all go and check that out but what he’s basically saying is that his their strategic investment into chat GBT or the company that owns chat GBT also allowed for and required them to build their entire model off of the cloud infrastructure based in Azure which gave them a strategic heads-up in their partnership with Nvidia and everybody else because Amazon Web Services may not have this same level of access based off of the fact that Microsoft has these investments and strategic partnerships which position them financially to be much much more successful and the technologies that they’re using in order to ensure that they’re returning value to the shareholders audio image and video as input and output it can respond and just have a human-like conversation in the video I’m just gonna play notice that you can share your screen or session as a prompt in co-pilot and have co-pilot help you in whatever it is that you’re doing let’s roll the video hey co-pilot how’s it going hey I’m doing great and it looks like you’re about to dive into some minecraft I see you’ve got a crafting table in front of you which is a great start to craft a sword you’ll need some materials can you open your inventory just press E on your keyboard that’s crazy yeah do I have what I need oh my god what’s that oh no it’s a zombie run you need to get away from it fast either sprint away or quickly build a tower of blocks straight up to get out of its reach and as open AI innovates our promise is that we will bring all that innovation to Azure too in fact the same day that open AI announced GPD 4.0 we made the model of you don’t even have to learn how to game anymore it basically is telling you what to do well for testing on Azure open AI service and today it I’m excited to say that it’s generally available on Azure AI one of the coolest things is that now any app any website can essentially be turned into a full multimodal full duplex conversational canvas I’m gonna go on an overnight camping hike or we’re camping all this it’s gonna be dark cold should I should I use these shoes it’s the mountains it’s probably gonna be cold hey no worries let me take a look ah those are the Trek star hiking sandals while they’re fantastic for summer hikes and keeping your feet cool they might not be the best choice for color okay I’m sorry to interrupt you pick the best thing that I should use and can you just add it to my car just one product no worries let’s go with the Trek ready hawking boots they’re durable provide great ankle support and most importantly they’ll keep your feet warm in the cold mountains that’s crazy bro that’s insane yeah when I first had seen them start to in this introduce assistants such as Siri and all of that stuff and what was the one with Amazon echo something hey whatever I forgot what it was to see the level of innovation that’s happened in just this short amount of time and you can hold up a product and they can look at the product through the camera tell you everything that you should and shouldn’t do based off of the recommendation and then you can stop admit sentence and like you talking to a regular person now we really ain’t gonna need these women out here in these streets hey man look when y’all say oh man you know we peaceful and we able to do this and we can cook and clean we don’t even need y’all no more we got open we got AI we got Microsoft’s open AI and then all the day partnerships that’s just gonna basically do everything for us we just gonna talk to it and it’s gonna build everything and take care of business today I’m very thrilled to announce a new partnership with Khan Academy we’ll be working together to use five three to make math tutoring more accessible and you don’t even need your wife to go into to your kid just set them up right there in front of chat GBT I’m not even gonna cap one of the things that I do when my daughter comes to me and she be like hey dad I’m trying to figure out this if it’s been a long time since I did it the first thing I do is I go to chat GBT I started talking like hey show me this and this and this refresh my memory on this it start breaking it down for me obviously you got to have a foundation in it to understand it but it absolutely does I use it and corporate America to shortcut a lot of things hey built this for me and then I go in and I customized it myself or whatever but it is incredible it is incredible if you guys are not using artificial intelligence if you’re not using chat GBT you’re not using it for your everyday tasks to make your life easier to give you a leg up on what’s going on in the streets you 100 100% are missing out I mean even to the point to where I was working with my editor and we were implementing new technology and I had got him a new some new stuff and all of that stuff and I was showing me you know some of the technology that’s being implemented inside of these editor you know in order to make his job easier and allow for him to be able to edit things a lot quicker for me and so we were looking at was when you do a video let’s say for example I do an interview back here on a black couch yeah we do a video back here on a black couch and then we import certain software in a premiere pro for Adobe cloud Adobe creative cloud which is what we use for Photoshop premiere pro for all of our editing everything cover photos all the day you can have three different pieces of footage two different so the three different pieces of footage let’s say I’m pointing one at me I’m pointing one at the person that I’m interviewing and then I’m pointing one at the person at both of us at the same time right and then you got two different audio tracks so those is three three different files and you got two different audio tracks one for me one for them you can literally have this technology with AI enabled go through and chop it up to where it it pans to different things and who’s talking at that particular time and it does a phenomenal job I mean it saves probably three or four hours worth of work and it does it and literally like 30 seconds and three four hours worth of work is 100% done in 30 seconds it’s crazy craziest so one of the things that we do over here and our studio window do coke in the bathroom is we’re always looking at implement technology so we can minimize costs and we willing to invest in software and we are willing to invest in ourselves in order to make things easier for us and for us to be a lot more competitive when it comes to what we doing why hire more people when I could just get just make the person that already got hired job easier and then be able to have you know implement more work he do less work he’s more efficient he makes more money as a result of it and we continue to run up the bag so y’all gotta start embracing technology in order to make your lives a lot easier man I’m also excited to share that they’ll be making con amigo their AI assistant free to all u.s.

teachers and I’m excited to announce that Azure AI studio now is generally available and fine-tune AI models and do so responsibly it includes rebuilt in support what is perhaps the most important feature which is real world since no two business processes are the same with co-pilot I could talk about it on Patreon sister I actually do a whole video why break down exactly how we leverage AI in a lot of ways even here in a studio to make our jobs a lot easier more efficient studio you now can extend co-pilot to be able to customize it for your business processes and workflows today we are introducing co-pilot connectors in co-pilot studio so you can ground co-pilot with data from across the graph from power platform fabric data words as well as you now have all the third-party connectors for SAS applications from adobe at last in service now snowflake and many many more we’re also extending co-pilot beyond a personal assistant to become a team assistant I’m thrilled today to announce team co-pilot let me see what else is going on if there’s anything else behavior there are many announcements that you will hear about at build but I want to go back to I think the core of what I think why we chose to be in this industry and why we come to work every day as developers which is the mission ultimately of empowering every person in every organization at the end of the day it’s not about innovation that is only useful for a few it’s about really being able to empower that everyone and it comes down to you all as developers and builders of this new world for us it’s never never about celebrating tech for tech’s sake it’s about celebrating what we can do with technology to create magical experiences that make a real difference in our country all right so basically it’s about making more money if you really just want to understand what it is that he’s talking about it’s about making more money

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