Another Fight At #FightBack! David Clements & Joe Oltmann Are Removed From Board of Directors

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Another Fight At #FightBack! David Clements & Joe Oltmann Get Removed From Board of Directors

A couple days ago, Lin Wood mentioned on his Telegram channel that David Clements and Joe Oltmann will be leaving the board of #FightBack.

Here is Lin’s message…

But that’s just the beginning. 

Check out what happened…

First, Clements explains…

So it turns out Dr. Shiva disappeared in the New Mexico audit??

Shiva went from talking trash about Jovan Pulitzer and the Maricopa audit to then starting the New Mexico “audit” and then disappearing??

Sounds like Shiva is running an operation…

Is that why Jovan calls him “Shiva Chavez”?

And Lin shared a few more thoughts about Shiva in his Telegram comments…


Clements goes on to say…

Then Lin replies…

And then it takes a turn…
Check out Lin’s next message…

Clements’ message:

Lin responds…

And then Lin goes into the connections of David Clements…

Marshall Monroe, who apparently is a friend of Clements and helped fund the NM audit has quite an interesting history!

He worked with Disney for years and developed multiple patents for them.

Check out his impressive bio!

And he went to Stanford too. What a smart guy!

Also, Marshall created Mixonium, the “social platform” that Clements was using.

Well, that’s interesting.

But wait, there’s more!

Lin continues…

And then David’s wife Erin enters the picture…

If you are surprised or distraught that Clements got exposed for being a fraud, then you haven’t really been paying attention to the 2020 election audit movement.

Clements was at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, announcing they started a Telegram chat group for every state to bring about full forensic audits in all 50 states!

Within a few short months, every one of those groups was sabotaged and taken off track… (Think that’s by accident??)

Then! Clements and Dr. Frank (Bowtie) talk with lawmakers and according to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (who is one of the ONLY people on the planet to have physically examined over 2 million paper ballots) said Clements and Bowtie STOPPED 5 Full Forensic Audits in other swing states!

They did this by just telling lawmakers to “focus on canvassing” and “full forensic audits are too expensive and they take too long”.

Soooo…. How are those canvassing teams coming along Clements??
And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Clements also was going around saying that he is the “only person doing full forensic audits”.

And yet their audit in New Mexico did NOT get the paper ballots and did NOT include auditing the actual voting machines.

So how is that a “full forensic audit”?

This “drama” is actually a good thing because if we have thousands of people hypnotized by controlled opposition, we will never fix 2020!

So yes, it is up to YOU! to get involved.

Find people in your state that are actually fighting to fix 2020.

And if you don’t find one, then YOU are it!

Thank You For Sharing This Message To Help Wake Up Those Still Asleep About The Election Audit Movement!


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