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➡ Dr. Steve Turley from Turley talks is hosting a special online event this Friday, February 16, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. The event will focus on how to make sure our elections are honest and fair. He will share three strategies that everyone can use to help secure our elections in November.


Hey, gang, it’s me, Dr. Steve. And you may have already heard about a very important event we have going on here in the life of Turley talks this Friday. I’ve been getting a lot of awesome questions about the election that I think are at the top of everyone’s mind. And those questions have to do with what’s probably the single most important issue that we’re all facing. How do we ensure that our elections are free and fair? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to address directly this Friday.

I’ve got three big strategies that I want to share with you, three action points that we can all take to secure our elections in November. So instead of our usual livestream Friday this week, I’m inviting you a special online gathering. So mark your calendars. It’s this Friday, February 16, at 11:00 a. m. , Eastern, where we’re going to go off platform together and we’re going to dive into how we can protect the election from any and all kinds of Democrat shenanigans.

Just click on the link below to register. It’s absolutely vital that everyone who cares about this election be there. I’m sharing resources, research, and much more to equip you with both the knowledge and the confidence to vote in November. I also rarely see your faces, and I want to talk to you face to face about this online. So I’m building in some virtual meet and greet opportunities for after this pop up event as well.

So just click on that link below to register for this extremely important event or go to election turlitalks. com. And together we’re going to protect and defend election integrity this coming November. Click on that link below and I can’t wait to see you on Friday. .

See more of Dr. Steve Turley on their Public Channel and the MPN Dr. Steve Turley channel.


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