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➡ Untold History Channel discusses a live chat where they plan to talk about graphene, mRNA, and spike proteins. They also mention a previous discussion about heavy metal toxicity. The speaker then goes on to discuss the uses of graphite, particularly in the medical community, and its potential effects on the human body. They suggest that the presence of graphite in our bodies could make us more receptive to electrical signals, like Bluetooth.
➡ The text discusses the potential dangers and benefits of using graphene and graphite in technology and medicine. It suggests that while these materials can be used for beneficial purposes like drug delivery and medical procedures, they can also be used to collect data and potentially manipulate people. The text also emphasizes the importance of personal data privacy and the need for detoxification from heavy metals and pollutants.
➡ The text discusses the importance of lifestyle changes and detoxification for health, particularly for those who have battled serious illnesses. It also delves into the use of graphene quantum dots in medicine, specifically for drug delivery, gene therapy, and tracking. However, it highlights the challenges of using graphene, such as safety regulations and costs. The text also emphasizes the importance of careful selection of supplements and personal care products to avoid harmful substances, and the potential dangers of the spike protein in vaccines.
➡ The SARS CoV-2 virus uses a protein to merge with our body cells, causing a range of symptoms from mild to severe. This virus can affect many parts of the body, including the respiratory system, liver, and nervous system. It can also cause an overreaction of the immune system, leading to severe inflammation and cell death. This overreaction can be worse than AIDS, as it turns our body’s defense system against us, potentially leading to multiple organ failure.
➡ The speaker discusses a topical product called sea herb from Trinity School of Natural Health, which they claim can help with growths on the body. They also discuss a severe immune reaction called a cytokine storm, which can be harmful and particularly dangerous for children with robust immune systems. The speaker suggests that a recent increase in abnormal clotting and sudden deaths could be linked to vaccines, and they recommend using enzymes that break down proteins, like nattokinase, to potentially inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection. They also mention the importance of seeking truth and understanding the potential risks and benefits of medical treatments.
➡ The text discusses a product called Nanoplan that supports heart and blood vessel health. It contains nanokinase and pine bark extract, which promote healthy blood flow and clotting. The pine bark extract also helps protect against damaging free radicals and inflammation. The text also mentions hydroxychloroquine and its potential effects on viral entry into cells, and suggests boosting the immune system as a preventative measure against illness.


Hi, everybody. And while we wait for Linda to go live on Facebook as well, a little bit of a technical difficulty this morning. Apologize for the tardiness. Let’s see here. I just inadvertently closed the chat window that I had for the live chat. There it is. Okay. Alrighty. Okay. All right. There we are. Okay. Alrighty. So today we’re going to be going over graphene mRNA and spike proteins. And I’m sure that there’s a number of people out there that have been talking about this. I mean, this is, you know, I don’t know, what do you think? Because this is going to be.

Is this going to be a rehashing of information? Are we going to provide anything new and revelatory? Or is it just going to be kind of like an overview? No, I don’t know what your audience knows. Let me. Darn it. I didn’t put in my, my earphones and everything’s backing up. But, um. You want to go. You want to go get those real quick? What? You’re. Yeah, let me run and get them real quick. I don’t know what your audience already knows, but, um, it’s all going to be based on research, so they’re going to understand the mechanisms and why certain things will help them.

Okay, cool. All right, well, we’ll be right back. So I’ll keep you all and entertained while, uh. Um, while she is gone to do her stuff. Not like there’s a huge crowd. Anyway, if anybody in the chat, you guys are here, can you get. I see, like, 14 people. Uh, give me a five by five. If you can hear me, let me know that you’re there. Um, so last, uh, we. We didn’t have one last week because she was. I think she was traveling. So the week before that, though, we did talk about, uh, heavy metal toxicity and, and things that you can do to help get rid of heavy metal toxicity.

And that’s going to be kind of. This is going to be kind of a part two of the heavy metal toxicity part because, you know, graphene and mRNA, this is, this is all stuff that goes along with heavy metals. So. So, anyway, take it away. Okay, let’s go ahead and open up the slideshow. So we’re going to talk about initially, what, what about the graphene, the uses that they, the medical community is using in that, that is a form of metal and how that can affect our bodies. And then we’ve. We talked last time, two weeks ago when we were together about how to reverse that.

And maybe, Ron, you can put your link in there. So people, if they want to go and purchase some of your cream or. Yep, yeah, so sorry, I’m just updating this. I’m updating the layout here so that it’s a little bit more user friendly for us. Okay, sorry about that. I tried to do that. I tried to do it. Okay, so today we’re going to cover what is graphene and what is the medical community using it for? They’re using it in a variety of ways. And actually, you know, when you really need it, I see promise in it.

But the thing is, is that, you know, we’re really at their mercy, to be honest and use integrity in that situation. And then what is the spike protein and ways you can reverse the effects of that? What is mRNA and what does it mean? And is there a way to stop? Actually, I ran out of time. I’m not going to go too deep into the mRNA, so we’ll have to follow up on that at a later time. But we got tons of information today. So next one. So what is the difference between graphene and graphite? Because they’re being used in very basic terms.

Graphene could be described as a single, one atom thick layer of the commonly found mineral graphite. So basically it’s just a smaller piece of graphite, which is a metal, so. Gotcha. All right, very next screen. Okay, graphite and its applications. And I got this on the World Intellectual Property Organization. I said, well, what are they using graphite for in the medical community? And basically, globally, over 60,000 patent families of graphite technologies were filed from 2012 to 2021. Such a large volume of graphite related inventions underscores the importance of the material across multiple industries. Interest in graphite is global.

Patents were filed by applicants from over 60 countries and regions. However, graphite related patent families originated predominantly from just a few countries. China was a top contributor, with more than 47,000 patent families, accounting for four in every five graphite patent families filed worldwide in the last decade. I’m sure not to pause, just pausing you there for a second. I’m sure that the United States had a significant influence in that because, you know, well, a lot of their, a lot of their research was funded by, you know, mister. Mister Fauci and, and the Nih and whatnot. So.

Yeah, but anyway, I digress. You’re right. No, you’re right. And let’s see, among other leading countries were Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States and the Russian Federation. Together, these top five countries of application original accounted for 95% of the global patenting. Output related to graph. Graphite. Okay, so we know. Yeah, that’s pretty significant. There’s a lot of uses for graphite. And so, yeah. All right, next slide. 60,000 patent families in graphite technology between, you know, basically in a roughly a ten year period. And I mean, and that’s not including. Well, that’s probably just what they had for data.

They probably don’t have the data for 20, 2021 or, I’m sorry, 2022 or 23, so. Right. So, yeah, let’s talk about what the graphite general uses are. So, lithium batteries. Okay, so basically, how does. Would that affect us if we have graphite in our bodies? Are we a battery? Do we become living batteries with that? No, but we. We do have, you know, our bodies are electrical. We do have electrical impulses and. And whatnot. So, you know, there’s a. Anyway, I’ll shut up. But. But, you know, we do have electric in our bodies. Electricity. And it’s used for conductivity, so conduction.

So I guess what we could say is, I would believe that that would definitely throw us off, you know, make us more conductive to, you know, Bluetooth and all the different towers. You know, they say that we became. You become a living. We are. There’s a lady out there, I can’t remember her name, but she talks about how we are actually the antennas. They want to make us the antennas. So we fill us each with the metals and things to make us the receptors and the senders of information between all their different things. But that’s speculation.

Coating ceramics, heat dissipation, lubricant, water treatment, and then biomedical. So it’s being used medically in lots of different ways. So let’s look at that. I’m, well, worried. While. While we’re doing this, I thought it might be interesting to just, you know, play this very short clip of Harare. All right, when he talks about this, but no matter what business I’m in, sorry if I don’t know this, I would have skipped the ad. But again, I can’t skip it, unfortunately. And it doesn’t give me the option to skip enormous amounts of information and destruction. I mean, this is the most destructive age in history.

Really understand the world, your life. You need some peace and quiet. You need some sanctuary. Sometimes people experience or peacefulness or whatever. It’s not the point. The point is to understand your normal self, who you really are. What are your mental weaknesses, how you are when you’re old or when you’re angry or when you’re fearful. You get to know that it’s much more important than having, I don’t know, an hour of some special experience. I think without this practice of meditation, I would not be able to write my books, try and understand what’s happening in the world.

What do you understand is happening, is happening in the world beyond the news cycle. Every day, three major threats present themselves as major threats to human civilization itself. These are only collapse and ecological disruption. I think the most important thing to know about living in the 21st century is that humans are hackable. Animals to human beings, understands themselves, which was never possible in history on a massive scale. I mean. I mean, on an individual level. Yes. Yes. My mother. My mother knew me better than I knew myself. That was good. And that was good because her interest.

Her interest aligned. Aligned with mine. After a certain age, it’s not so good. But there is a corporation or a government other than a parent knows you better than you know yourself. But if it falls into the hands of 21st century Stalin, there is also the worst italian regime in history, and we already have number of applicants for the job, 21st century Stalin. So we need to be very, very careful about it. What I meant. What I meant is that homo sapiens require technologies upgrade us, but will not leave us as we are. Authority gradually shift from us.

Government, algorithms, everything about our life. You apply to the bank? It’s an algorithm. Today, apply to get a job. You need to know yourself better also in order to protect yourself against being manipulated. Well, I’m not gonna play this whole thing. I thought this was actually. I thought I was like a two minute clip. It’s ten minutes. I’m not gonna play that. Play all that. But the point is, is that, you know, we talked about human. Humans are hackable animals, and what are they doing to hack animals? They’re hacking them. They’re hacking us with this graphene and graphite that’s.

That’s flowing through our bodies now. That is conductive. And and and, you know, so it’s. You know, it’s. I mean, that is one of the ways that they are hacking into us. And then, you know, of course, we haven’t even really talked about five g and all the radio waves and all that other stuff, so, you know, human beings were not intended by God to be hackable, right? Right. Yeah. So they believe that they are. They know better than us and what we need better than we do. You know, it’s. It’s almost like a. It’s almost like a 21st century neo feudalistic state.

You know, just. Just kind of like it was in the, you know, and, you know, the. From the 15, 1617 hundreds in Europe when, you know, you had the monarchies and then you had all the peasants, you know, the monarchies thought that they knew what was best for everybody and they, they, you know, it was a centralized state. And the same thing that happened in the Soviet Union, you know, and, you know, what these, what these elite have implied, you know, in, designed for us. And, you know, a lot of times we make it easy. One thing I, I was at, I was at tractor supply the other day, and the girl said, do you want to, do you want to get a, like, if I had, like, one of the cards or whatever? And I’m like, no, I don’t do those anymore.

And she’s a wine. I said, because they’re. Because they sell the data. What it’s like. Yeah. The reason that they give those to you and they give you incentives to have those programs is because they collect your data and then that data is worth money because they sell that data to a third party recipients for the. For marketing purposes and all this other stuff. And, you know, and of course, your phone is always spying on you. You know, if you. If you use Siri or you use any of the applications where you’re talking into the phone or talking into your car or talking into your tv or talking into an Alexa or whatever, those things are always listening to you.

And, you know, and then, so when you go to your browser, your web browser, and you type something up, it’s like. It’s almost like you’re the knows what you’re. It’s. No, it knows what you’ve been talking about. So it shows you results or even, you know, on Facebook, it shows you results of the things that you’ve been talking about because it’s. Because it’s spying on you. So. And this. The graphite and graphene are the next evolution in taking all that data and now being able to hack you as a human being. So. Yes, it’s pretty nasty stuff.

Yes. Yep. But they’re using it. I can see that. There are some good, good things about it. I mean, they can develop like, they are developing. Well, we’ll go into that. 50. Graphite, for biomedical purposes represents an emergent merging application area with about 500 patent families having been filed globally from 2012 to 2021 for medical dressing, radiation therapy, physical therapy, prosthesis and medication delivery. So don’t. Okay. Yeah. So that was the whole thing for. Let me get this open, because I can’t see it all while you’re doing that. I’ll go ahead and read. I’ll read the next slide.

I’ll go ahead and read the next slide. Explored for biomedical applications and account for one quarter of patent families in this area. For example, in patent publication US 2014-024-8214 a one filed by Northwestern University in the United States, graphene based aqueous dispersions are used as a drug delivery or imagining or imaging contrast in agent. In vivo. In vivo means within life. In vitro means outside of life. So, like, if you, like, if you do, if you do a, if you get a tissue sample, whatever, and they do it in vitro or in vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization means they fertilize the egg outside of the life and then they, and then they go in vivo.

So in vivo is within the body. Well, I did not realize that. Yeah. Researchers from Xi Jin Saitec University have, meanwhile used graphite to make graphene oxide for the preparation of a nano medicine of nanomedicine carriers with better biocompatibility and targeted delivery. So this is one of the things that they’re doing, I guess that’s supposedly a good thing, right? That’s what they’re, I mean, that’s what I’m saying is that depending on the honesty, which we, we know, it’s really dangerous when you put your, you believe in everybody else to make your decisions for you if they’re, you know, if they’re honest and they’re doing the best thing sometimes.

I can see where this technology is going to be held helpful, you know, for extreme cases, like when you need a organ transplant, because what is happening with the organ transplants is that you no longer have the immune, you no longer have to take immune suppressants, that it’s better able to make that and compat with your body. They’re doing grafting, skin grafts and things like that, which can be. But as we can see, the, you know, nanomed medicine carriers is what they did with the Covid-19 vaccine. So they used the graphene to carry it into the cells.

But the presence, but the presence, the residual presence of the graphene in the body is not good. I mean, if they’re there, if they’re, if they’re using it for something that helps the body, you know, it can, it might help in that, in that particular instance, but the, but your body doesn’t have a really, to have a natural mechanism to get rid of it. Is that, I mean, is that, is that a fairly accurate statement? Right. Correct, and, yes. So, so you do so. So it may be beneficial in the short term, but the long term effects are going to be, you know, negative, substantially negative.

So, um. So let’s go to the next one. Exactly, which is why, um, doing the detox. I mean, if you’ve had the Covid-19 shot, you have the graphene. So you really need to focus on detoxification and heavy metal detoxification because. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, in this stand time, detoxification is important for all of us, no matter what. But, yeah. Yes, that’s. That is. That is correct. We. We live in a world that is a soup of. Of toxic pollutants, you know, and heavy metals are one of them. Just one. And in a long line of things, you know.

You know, when my. When my dad passed, you know, I always thought that my dad was going to outlive my mom by years because, you know, he took really good care of himself. He was a runner. He ran like, seven, 8 miles a day. He, you know, he would. You know, he took all the supplements, and he was, you know, he was always active and up and moving around. He, you know, he took good care of his skin. And. And, you know, my mom. I love my mom. And I’m not saying this in a. In a, you know, in a slanderous way, but, you know, my mom’s kind of a couch potato.

You know, she just didn’t really want to do much, you know, so. So, you know, I. It was really strange when my dad, you know, kind of just faded away. And. But we are of the opinion that one of the main contributors to his, you know, ultimately, I think they said that he. He passed from heart failure. Well, one of the things that we absolutely believe is that the. His exposure to Agent Orange in southeast Asia was one of the, you know, when he was in his mid twenties was one of the primary reasons for his early demise.

Yeah. So. And that’s, you know, that. That makes perfect sense that, you know, an agent orange stuff was absolutely just nasty. Yeah. And, you know, that’s what they developed their original chemotherapy from, was from that. Yes, yes. Because it initially. They found that initially, it reduced tumor sizes. So, I mean, basically, it’s killing everything, right? So you’re initially going to see a shrinkage in tumors, but in the long run, once your body starts recovering, your immune system starts recovering. All that stuff just comes back at. At, you know, a very. If you don’t change your lifestyle, everything just returns tenfold.

And. And usually it’s after five years. Now they only watch you for five years. Right. Because. And they say you’re in remission or you’re, you know, whatever. For the first five years, you’re. You’re looking good because it hasn’t exploded back again. And so after five years, when they quit watching you and it returns, it’s going to be come back with a vengeance. So people who have had that, they really need to change the lifestyle and start detoxification is really a total key in rejuvenating. You have to detoxify before you can rebuild and rejuvenate tissue. Well, I get, you know, and I can.

I can kind of attest to that. You know. You know, that’s what happened to my sister. You know, I mean, she got. She. I don’t remember how old she was when she first was, you know, first diagnosed with Hodgkins, but I think it was like 24 or 25. And then, you know, she beat it. Then she went into remission, then it came back. Then she did a stem cell transplant, then she went into remission and it came back. And then they tried to go the alternative route and, you know, she. She, you know, she was 31 and.

Yeah, you know, gone, because. And it just. I mean, it just. And it just. Every time it came back, it came back, you know, that with, you know, in a more vicious form, so. Right. Yeah. So. But anyway, I digress. So the next one is. This is Xiao. Yeah. Who wrote it? Oh, I had. I had. Somehow I must have sent you the wrong one, because I remember this is supposed to be there. Okay. No, that is supposed to be here. But the next slide, I took out all those little numbers to make it fit, and it didn’t fit because it wasn’t fitting on the screen.

So if we go to the next slide, this is talking about the quantum dots. Graphene. These little quantum dots is what they’re using. Graphene or graphene based nano materials have been reported for drug delivery and release in order to improve delivery efficiently and enhance therapeutic effect. Compared with graphene, graphene quantum dots have better water solubility, lower cytotoxicity and larger specific area, which makes them more. I think maybe that might be on the next screen. I’m not sure because I don’t know what happened. I had taken out all those and compacted it. But anyway, that’s next screen.

Okay, well, we got the idea. They have these now, these quantum dots, gene peptide and other drug delivery. So they’re using these quantum dots as the drug delivery. Although most researchers focused on tumor targeted drug delivery, graphene quantum dots have shown promising potential for delivery of other molecules, such as DNA and peptides. So now you understand why they’re using this in the COVID shots. Because they’re trying to deliver that mRNA. Right, right. An important technique of gene therapy is to deliver nucleic acids, the DNA or the rna to cells to restore or add gene expression. Add gene expression for the purpose of treating disease.

So they’re messing with your DNA, people. They’re messing with your DNA. Nasty, nasty, nasty stuff. And for tracking, gqds were found to allow efficient tracking due to their green and red emissions and enhance internalization of the plasmid harboring firefly luciferase gene into hek nine, or 293 t cells. According to science, direct luciferase are enzymes that produce light when they are, when they oxidize their substrate. When a luciferase is fused to a protein interest, its expression can be measured very accurately. Lose using a loo lumen luminometer. Yeah. So in other ways, they, they can track us. They can see what’s going on in our body with these quantum dots through this enzyme that actually glows.

That’s scary. Yeah. And heck, by the way, heck, heck stands for basically human cells. That’s a certain line of human cells, probably from aborted fetal cells. Very, very likely. Are there upsides to the use of graphene in medicine? With the discovery of graphene in tissue engineering? Excuse me. Though the discovery of graphene in tissue engineering has enormous potential, there is a long road before it is mainstream. A primary example is the use of 3d printers for graphene tissue cells. 3d printers have entered the market and are already helping advance medical research. However, using them to print organ cells has downfalls yet to be solved.

Organ cells from 3d printers tend to die sooner due to lack of nutrients to the center of the organ and its cells. Other challenges to graphene’s regular use include safety regulations and costs. And that’s from Don Basio. Graphene and tissue engineering. Yes. And so what is helpful? Do the heavy metal detox, which we basically talked about in our last video. And Ron has a good one that you can apply on your skin, and it’s very safe. What people need to understand is when you’re doing a metal detox, is that you want to go slow and steady, because if you get too much of that floating around in you and it doesn’t come out, then you have worse.

You can hurt yourself by not fast, or if it’s floating around and you’re not able to excrete it as fast as it’s floating around, it can actually hurt you worse. Absolutely. The. And that’s one of the benefits. So, you know, I don’t. I don’t stand opposed to people who want to do iv therapy, because iv. IV chelation therapy is king. It is. I mean, there’s. There’s. You cannot get a better outcome other than, you know, by direct infusion into the blood. It’s just. I mean, that is, you know, by putting a needle into the bloodstream and.

And. And going directly into the blood. You cannot get a better option than that. However, you can get similar, um, benefits by using either suppository or creams. And they’re. It’s. They’re less expensive, they’re lower dosage, and you can use them a lot more frequently, especially the cream. You know, you can use the cream on a daily basis. The injectable or the iv is extraordinarily expensive. I was. I was doing a little bit of research, actually, yesterday, and I came across. There’s a. There’s a clinic here in. Down here where, you know, not too far from me, and they offer.

You know, they offer iv. IV therapies, and it’s like. Like $450. $450 for. For a treatment, you know, and, you know, for that money, you can get a. You can. You can buy six months worth of cream, you know, and, you know, and, I mean, you can do that. You can do a very. You know, you can apply a little bit every day, take a couple days off here and there, but you can apply that every single day. And you can get a constant, um, you know, uh, you know, detox of heavy metals. It’s. It’s. It’s better when you do that.

The low, you know, kind of like the. The, you know, slow is steady or slow. What does it say? They say slowest, um, slow is smooth. And what is it? Was it, um, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I think that’s a kind of like a military term. Okay. But, um. Yeah, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. So, uh, yeah, by doing it that way, it. What you’re doing is you’re, you know, you’re really helping your body, and you’re, you know, I mean, it’s not just graphene that we’re exposed to. It’s not just graphene we’re exposed to.

You know, it’s all the. All the other, you know, hardcore, you know, lead and mercury. And there’s so much. There’s so much garbage in them, in the atmosphere and in our water. Women are putting it on their skin every day when they’re making. Yeah. Or, and you want to be careful even about your supplements because some of the capsules are made with titanium. So you really need to understand that buying good supplements matters because you don’t want to be, you know, if you’re not getting something that’s organic and the capsules are made with titanium, you have your gifts bringing all that stuff into you.

So, you know, don’t put all that poison on your skin. Find some natural maze makeup. There’s companies out there that make makeup out of fruit and food products. You can get that much better. They’re a little more pricey, but they’re worth it in the long run because you’re not putting all that crap on your skin because, you know, anything that goes on your skin, anything that goes on your skin will get absorbed into your body. Your skin is an organ. It’s your biggest organ of, it is your largest organ. And to think that if you put anything on your skin it’s not going to get absorbed.

You’re, you know, you’re sorely mistaken. You’re not putting petroleum products on your skin. You know, don’t put, you know, read your labels, guys. So, yeah, yeah. All right, next slide. Okay, how does, how the spike protein attaches to the cell? Okay, so the s protein plays a crucial role in penetrating host cells and initiating infection. So the S cell is what it does upon interaction with a potential host cell. The s one subunit will recognize and bind to the receptors of the host cell, whereas the s two subunit, which is the most conserved component of the S protein, will be responsible for fusing the envelope of the virus with the host cell membrane.

So this is in, the spike protein is in the jab and it’s the largest spike protein known. It has like 1200 different proteins in it. So it’s huge. Yeah. And you know, I mean, just, you know, I just want to highlight the lessons here. Will be responsible for fusing the envelope of the virus with the host cell membrane. Fusing? Fusing, yeah, fusing means that it is basically making one. Making it as one. So, yeah, this is, so, so the spike protein is used to make the virus as one with your body. It’s, I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s pretty nasty.

Yeah. So you’re the host. Yeah. Okay, next, how does SARS CoV two spike protein affect the body impact of the SARS CoV two spike protein on the innate immune system review. Okay, so that’s the next page. Yeah. The infection mediated by SARS CoV two induces a pathology called coronavirus disease 2019 or Covid-19 that results in a wide range of clinical manifestations, from asymptomatic cases to severe and life threatening forms. In general, patients with Covid-19 have respiratory disorders that can progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS, as well as disorders in other organs such as the liver or gastrointestinal tract art central nervous system, or CN’s and kidneys.

The sheer number of spike receptors and co receptors allowing viral entry or potentially involved in this infectious disease may account for the diversity of clinical presentations. Yep. So lots of areas that it can affect us. The central nervous system too. It’s all bad, all bad, all bad. In addition, the level of disease severity could be associated with two mechanisms. The first of these mechanisms, hyperinflammation, also called cytokine storm, is an over activation of the innate immune system in conjunction with pyro optosis. This phenomenon can be defined as the death or virus infected cells via inflammation or inflammasomes, and the production of pro inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin one b il.

I don’t even know what that went, what that b means. I forgot, actually. And interleukin 18 with the release of damage associated molecular patterns which alert macrophages and other innate immunity effectors such as natural killers. This process represents the initiation of the normal antiviral immune response. However, the immune escape mechanisms, especially those medicated or mediated by spike protein or molecular interactions between spike and its receptors such as ace two, can disrupt the control of the immune system. As will be discussed below. All of these processes can become problematic, leading to lethal multi system failure. Emphasis mine.

Yeah, and I would say that. I would say that this is probably one of the primary reasons why people who are, who, you know, who have been diagnosed with cancer, you know, once they take the shot, they have such a, you know, they, if they get cancer, it’s like the cancer just becomes totally aggressive and, I mean, it eats the, it eats that person alive in a manner and, you know, in a span of four or six weeks, it’s just, it’s, you know, it’s, it gets very aggressive and that it’s, it’s because what’s going on in the body is, I mean, this, this thing, for all intents and purposes, you know, all, everything that we’re saying here, if you really want to.

I want to. I don’t want to dumb it down and be over simplistic, but essentially what it does is it creates a system where it destroys the immune system, which is essentially the same thing as. As having aids. My understanding is that the cytokine storm is basically. Cytokines cause the immune system to react. And so when you have a cytokine storm and it never turns off, your immune system is totally attacking you. So it’s basically even worse than aids. It’s even worse than AIDS because now your immune system is with your immune system, which is supposed to be acting as your defense is actually working to destroy you from inside.

It’s working. It’s working against you as opposed to working for you. Yes. Which is. Which is frightening because they’re. They’re taking something that is supposed to be working for you and turning it against you. Yeah, that’d be like. Yeah. Yes, yes. No, I was just going to give it, like, an example. This is not exactly apples to apples, but when my dad had got radiation for his thyroid, which. His thyroid was alive, so they radiated it while it was still, you know, functional, it caused a thyroid storm. So basically, that’s what happened to his thyroid. He ended up being in the hospital.

He was supposed to go in for a day and come out right. Supposed to be safe. He ended up being in the hospital for over a month due to everything in his body shutting down because it attacked his thyroid like that. Mm hmm. You know, ICU for a few times. Did he go back to work after that? No, he never did. It actually caused the tumors to grow. He died sooner because he took the treatment than he would have. And what was really. Because this was all before I knew anything about, you know, helping people. He had a friend who had given him some black sav.

I didn’t know what it was. He just showed it to me. My dad was like, the indian. The indian sav stuff. Yes. And he goes, hey, I have this. You’re supposed to put it on here. I didn’t know what it was. It looked really messy. You know, I didn’t do it for him. I didn’t know what it was that I wish I would have done. It would have been helpful for him. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, you know, and I remember you. You weren’t around. I don’t. Were you around to see him consistently? Yeah, I saw him.

I saw him. You saw him, Freddie, regularly. I. Right. You guess because you were. You were still here. You were still fairly local. Because I used to go down and see him. Heard her. Dad was my. My. Obviously, my uncle, and he was my favorite uncle. I. You know, he. He was the. He was actually a conspiracy theorist before I was. And he was one of the only people that I could actually have a conversation with. So I’d go down there and I, you know, he owned, he owned an auto repair shop, and I used to go down there and, and I’d sit there and talk with him.

And then, of course, a couple of my other uncles would go down there and, you know, my, my dad had seven brothers, so, you know, these were. And so, you know, we had, we had a pretty, you know, the brothers were pretty close, and, and a lot of the, the cousins were close with their uncles. And, uh, any. Anyway, I was, I was close with, uh, I was closest with Linda’s, um, dad. And, uh, it just was, it was sad to see that growth on his neck keep growing, and it just kept going and going and going.

And it was like he just. It was like, it was. He was just kind of resigned his fate. And, you know, it was, it was sad. It really was. I, you know, I miss him terribly, you know, so I’m going to go. Yes. The black sav. What black SAP does, Cathy, it will pull the poisons. So what is going to happen is that it causes an immune response. It will send, you will get pus and everything else coming, but black sav will pull, and it pulls it out, and it’s going to be messy, and you’ll end up with a hole.

But yes, black sab works. Yeah. And, yes, that is exactly. It’s the stuff that’s got. It’s the stuff that’s got Bennett sells, so. Yes, it’s absolutely the stuff that Scott Bennett sells, so. And, you know, I have never actually seen it work, so I don’t know for an absolute fact that it does. But, you know, I believe there’s a lot of things out there that, that work. You know, I work closely with people who do not hyperbaric, but it’s kind of. It’s a similar thing to hyperbaric. It’s actually hypoxic training where you, um, where you, uh, uh, you.

You created a deficit by breathing oxygen, uh, or, um, oxygen depleted air with an elevated heart rate for, uh, for a certain period of time. And then you. What. What you’re doing is you’re opening up the air. You’re opening up the, uh, the vascular system, because oxygen is a vasodilator. And by doing that, by creating that deficit, and then you toggle a switch, and then you start to breathe in oxygen that is essentially four times the oxygen concentrate that you would get at sea level. Sea level. Sea level. Air has about 22% oxygen, and the oxygen in the reservoir, when you’re.

The oxygen in the reservoir, when you’re doing the hypoxic training, is about 85% to 90% oxygen. And cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. So there’s a lot of things out there that, you know, that you can do in conjunction with each other, and, you know, the more things that you do, the. The higher the probability is this, that you can. That you can beat it. So, I also wanted to mention that nutritional. Nutritional resources. It’s a company called nutritional Resources. They have an. They sell herbs and stuff on there. That’s the. From the school that I went to, Trinity School of natural Health.

They have their own store. They have a topical called sea herb, and it works. I’ve used it. I used it for a growth that I had on my chest, and basic same thing. So if you have a growth and you don’t want to do the nat. The traditional stuff, you can use that. It will cause the same is. Same kind of effect. Now, the black sad that they’re talking about is not. I’m not. It’s not charcoal. Yeah, I’m not sure what. Yeah, I’m not even sure what that is. I’ve never even heard of that. But. But to be fair, I don’t know what’s in the.

What the ingredients are in the black Sav that Scott sells. I don’t even know what the ingredients are. I don’t know. So. Yeah, and. And. And I. And you guys know, I’ve had Scott on my channel many times, and I’ve loved Scott Bennett very, very dearly, but, you know, I kind of feel like he’s walking on thin ice by saying that he’s curing cancer. No, it’s not something that ever. I would think I would ever say on. On air body cues itself. And actually, cancer is a medical term. That’s why I don’t use it. Basically, it’s just your.

Your cells are dying, so. Yeah. Yeah. Cancer is a medical term. That’s why I always say what the medical community calls cancer. You know, they have their terms, and they don’t like us people to use them, so. Yeah, you used to. Okay, yeah, I know what you’re talking about. Used to buy the black sab at the pharmacy in a tube. I remember that. My dad used to carry that. My dad had. My dad had a small town pharmacy, and he used to carry that. He used to carry that sav. That’s not the same type of salve that.

That Scott. That Scott is saying. Yeah, no, that’s not the same thing. So I know there are different varieties of black SAV, and so you really want to make sure you’re getting a good one, that’s for sure. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, it’s. So this is what is a cytokine storm? A severe immune reaction in which the body really releases too many cytokines into the blood too quickly. Cytokines play an important role in normal immune responses, but having a large amount of them released in the body all at once can be harmful. A cytokine storm can occur as a result of an infection, an autoimmune condition, or other diseases.

It may also occur after treatment with some types of immunotherapy. Signs and symptoms include high fever, inflammation, which can include redness or swelling, and severe fatigue and nausea. Sometimes cytokines storm may be severe or life threatening and lead to multiple organ failures, also called hypercytokinemia. Why is this more dangerous for children? Cytokine storms get a lot of attention because they are so dramatic, says Martin. Their potential to do serious harm is very real, especially in a younger population with robust immunity. Now, I got that from Pfizer. The Pfizer company? Yes, I got it off their website.

Wow. Yeah, right here. yeah. So they know that the drugs that they’re saying are safe for the kids who have a good immune system. The reason is, is because their immune system is robust. And so when they put that shot into them, that it’s more dangerous for them because their immune system just goes to work really strongly. They’re. Yeah, right. This is. This is actually going to be very interesting. Here are these white clots from blood vessels. Agloe marinated amyloid hydrogel. Another point to note, lP’s aggregates with the spike protein, leading to the formation of amniote structures.

Interestingly, the spike protein cleaved by neutrophil elastate, can form amyloid fibers, and one spike sequence can change its conform. Conformation from a. From an a helix structure to a b sheet under certain conditions and aglomerate to form a hydrogel film. And this agglomerate basically means you get all clumpy. It clumps together. That’s what that means. So this is the. The picture on the right is from Richard Hirschman. Yeah. Off of X. And he’s a. Can’t think of what the name of it, where he does autopsies. He. Okay, like a medical. Like a medical examiner. So just three separate cases in June of 2024.

The abnormal clotting continues these strange clots started showing up in early 2021 after the rollout of vaccine. Is this what is causing it? I believe it is. Ignoring this issue is not going to make it go away. And so what we’re finding, you know, we’re seeing it all over the place, people just dying. I mean, they’re out on the football field or they’re out playing soccer or whatever, and they just fall over. So to me, it seems like there’s not really a lot of forewarning why these people are just going about their business and suddenly they’re falling over because they have all these clots.

So what the reason I’m saying that, I’m saying if you’ve had the shot or if you have been in contact with other people who have had the shot, and you, which is probably all of us, you might be a victim of the shedding. I think I was actually had someone over at my house one day and she had just had the shot. I’m not gonna, you know, tell people I don’t want to be near them or whatever. That’s just not me. I actually got sick for a little while after that. But I’m gonna share this. I found his.

I found the posts on his thing, and this is. This is actually very interesting. Let me see if I can blow this up a little bit. Okay. I believe. I believe it is. Ignoring this issue is not going to make it go away. My 1st 20 years of embalming, I never seen anything like this. Why do I share this? Because you have to know, or you have a right to know that it’s happening. Maybe it explains why so many people are suffering from vascular issues, heart issues, strokes and aggressive cancers. Not always are these clots as large as others, but it is.

But it is the white fibrous material. That’s not normal. Blood clots are normally red and jelly. Like, if it can be explained by a rare medical disorder, then why I. Then why do I see it so often? Seek the truth and, God, be kind, try to do what is right. And these are clots that he’s pulled out of people. Oh, my God. That’s just. That’s. Yeah, that’s what it looks like. That’s why I was saying the hydrogel, it’s like these proteins, the, you know, the protein from the shot, the spike protein mixing. Here’s a follow up.

Looks like a follow up tweet that he had. Here’s a list of the top 21 proteins found in the strange fibrous clots. There were over 500 proteins found I am not a doctor or a scientist, therefore I don’t fully understand what it is saying, but I am hoping that those who can interpret the information might learn from it. One thing that I was told by a was thrombone wasn’t detected. Here is also the results of the amino acids detected. Hopefully, this will help those trying to figure out what is in and hopefully help humanity or what this is, and hopefully help humanity.

I think these tests should be replicated just like the ICPMs that Mike Adams did. Most people, like myself, will not understand what these tests are saying. Most of us are not trained to understand this, but there are some people out there who might. So what he’s saying is, Ron, that thrombin is a natural something in our bodies that cause us to clot when we have an injury so that we don’t bleed out. Right. He’s saying that’s not what this is. He’s saying it’s other amino acids, other proteins. And so we’re going to be talking about that as we go a little farther.

What you can do to, you know, get rid of those proteins that are causing these clots. That’s kind of nuts. So what can we, what can we help break down the spike protein? Yeah, so basically any kind. Oh, let’s go ahead and read this. Oh, yeah. Okay. So the degradative effect of nattokinase on spike proteins of SARS CoV two, when cell lysates transfected with S protein, were incubated with nanokinase. The S protein was degraded in a dose and time dependent manner. Immunofluorosense analysis, or fluoro essence analysis, showed that S protein on the cell surface was degraded when nanokinase was added to the culture medium.

Thus, our findings suggest that nattokinase exhibits potential for the inhibition of SARS cov two infection via S protein degradation. Okay, so basically, natto is a japanese dish made from soybeans that is fermented. So nattokinase is actually a protein in an enzyme that breaks down protein. So this is the only state I’m aware of. An enzyme breaking down the protein is why I brought it out. I believe that any, any enzyme that will break down protein will be helpful. Proteases, they’re called proteases. So not all enzymes like digestive enzymes are for protein, some are for carbohydrates. Some, you know, some are for different, different types of foods.

But enzymes that break down proteins should be helpful. And we know that this nattokinase has a study that proves that it does that. Right. And then I’m guessing that this is the. This is the product that this natto nanopene cardiovascular support promotes heart and blood vessel health. Contains the highest dose combination of nanokinase and pine bark extract to support heart, blood pressure and blood vessel health by promoting healthy blood flow, circulation, and healthy blood clotting. Nanoplan provides 3650 fibro fibrinol fibrinolic units, or 182 and a half milligrams nanokinase and 300 milligrams of pine bark extract per serving.

This enhances the production of plasmin and urokinase, two clot dissolving enzymes. Nanokinase increases tissue plasmo plasminogen activator and or, excuse me, a protein that activates plasmin so it can do its job of supporting healthy blood clotting and circulation. Pine bark extract is rich in pro anthrocyanidens. I’m butchering that which are strong quenchers of reactive oxygen species. Unhealthy levels of reactive oxygen species are known to damage blood vessels and create unhealthy levels of inflammation. Pine bark extract helps protect from damaging free radicals and promoting healthy inflammation. Balance to support heart and blood vessel health. And if you guys want to get this, you can reach out to Linda because she has access to this on her, on her full script account.

I believe this is something that you can only get through through a healthcare practitioner. Just so you know, the pine bark, I know there was a lot of talk about that during the COVID You know, people were touting pine needles and there had to be a certain kind. And so, like, health ranger was one of them. I personally have not looked into the pine needle thing, but according to the study we just showed, we do know that then the nattokinase, which is in. That is helpful in breaking down that protein. So. Yeah, well, doesn’t. Doesn’t, um.

Um. Don’t. Don’t. When you take pine needles and you make a solution of them, isn’t that turpentine? Well, I. It has to be a certain kind of pine needle, right? You can’t just go out to your regular pine tree. It has to be a certain kind, so. Right. Don’t do that. You might poison yourself. Exactly. That’s what I thought. Yeah. Yeah. So, okay, so on the next one is going to be hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine increase what? I got this from the lancet, so take that for what it is. Well, you know, I mean, you know, even a blind pig finds or a broken clock is right twice a day.

Hydroxychloroquine increases cellular phone, thus interfering with a ph dependent prote protease. Protease, rather, that facilitates viral entry. However, in airway epithelial cells, which, of course, are more physiologically relevant for a respiratory infection, SARS CoV two entry is facilitated by a ph independent protease, thus circumventing the effect of the drug. So they’re just basically saying, this is why the hydroxychloroquine, they don’t recommend it because they’re saying that the, the protein that they’re putting into the cells, the SARS CoV two, is not ph dependent. And what hydroxychloroquine does, it makes it very alkaline, so that it goes in for certain alkaline dependent proteins.

And that’s why they’re saying it doesn’t work. But however, what I did during the time is I got tonic water, and certain brands are high in quinine, which is basically hydroxychloroquine. And then during that, I would put the quinine and I put some of my doctor c seven, which has a lot of zinc in it, and iodine and things like that. And I put that in with it, put a little, I put some stevia to sweeten it. And hey, I don’t know if it did me any good, but I did it. And it, you know, well, and I’ll tell you this, you know, if you guys, I know hydroxychloroquine is something that is, I mean, it can be got with a prescription, you know, talking to a doctor or whatever, but, you know, I have, I have actually sourced it from, from overseas and I know I’ve been able to get a lot of it.

So if a lot of people don’t really want to, you know, don’t want to do that because they don’t trust the overseas process. But, you know, if that’s something that anybody wants to do, you know, you can just put your, you can either reach out to me via email or put your email address in a comment and I’ll follow up with you because I can, I can help facilitate, you know, I can help with, kind of be an intermediary between, you know, within that process and get you, you know, a fairly good size amount of hydroxychloroquine for relatively inexpensive.

Now, rural has says he has some black SAP, which has blood root. I know that’s one of the good things. Yellow doc licorice, Galangal, I’m not sure what that is. Zinc chloride and distilled water. So he’s going to put a link for people if they want to get some of that right. Very nice. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah, I know that bloodroot is an important part of that. Right. So that’s basically, that’s basically the end of the, of the, of the presentation. I think there was a couple of products on there, but do you want to show those real quick? Here we go.

I’ll just show. I know that a lot of people were recommending just increase your immune system during that time. I put together the virus protocol, which is also on my full script. So people who are having a hard time getting over it, when they did one round of this, which is the zinc, it’s wormwood, which is what ivermectin is made from, and then d three, which is also very good for the immune system, they did one round of that and it helped them. So I just put it up there for people’s information. So it’s called the virus protocol.

Gotcha. Yeah. All right, guys, well, we are about five minutes over the hour and about ten minutes past the hour since we got started, five minutes late. So we’re going to probably just call it here and let you guys go enjoy your day. And we will be back next week to kind of continue upon this, this theme. Just talking about the. Because this is important to a lot of people. I mean, this is really severely impacting a lot of people. And, you know, whether you’ve. I was never vaccinated, and I’m probably. I’m sure that a very large portion of my audience isn’t vaccinated.

But just because we’re not vaccinated doesn’t mean that we’re not exposed to the threat of these, you know, of these, these things because of the shedding. The shedding is a very real thing, and we can get some of this stuff in our body. So it’s important that we take steps to prevent that or to help, you know, help, you know, keep ahead of that as opposed to letting that stuff accumulate and getting it to a point where, you know, it could become dangerous. Yep. And then loved ones. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I know we probably all know people who have.

Who did get the shot, so. And, you know, if. If. And I’ve heard many people who got the shot and they’re like, they regret it. They said, God, I’ve, you know, I should have listened to the people who said, no, my life has never been the same. My sister’s son died from it. Really? Yeah. He was like, 40 years old. Yeah. Wow. I did not know that. Yeah. And people are dropping like flies. And as you can see from that guy, that he was. He was an embalmer. And, and I’ve heard that, too, from a lot of guys.

From a lot of people in the, uh, you know, in the, uh, uh, you know, like the funeral home, um, business. I mean, they all are saying it’s like. It’s insane. The businesses they’re getting, it’s insights. It is exploded. And, and then. And, of course, the life, um, the life insurance payouts and all that other stuff. I mean, if you go and you look at a lot of the figures and they add up, it’s not. I mean, this is what’s happening right now is not natural, so. Right. Yeah. But in that, with that being said, guys, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Stay healthy, and we will see you next Wednesday morning. Thank you, everybody. Have a great day. Yes.

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