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➡ The U.S. and its allies have started a new phase in an undeclared war, increasing attacks on Iranian-backed targets. This war is funded by the Federal Reserve, which is becoming stronger by creating more debt. The government can’t fund itself and keeps delaying budget decisions to avoid spending limits. The Federal Reserve is expected to cut rates in June, which will lead to more inflation. The war in the Middle East is a strategy to drive cash into the debt market, which will then flow into the stock market. The stock market is expected to rise in the long term, but all bets are off for 2025. It’s recommended to invest in hard assets like gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies to protect against the eventual financial meltdown caused by a liquidity crisis.
➡ The stock market is a bit down today, with gold, silver, and oil also facing some challenges. The author emphasizes the importance of looking at the big picture when it comes to these trends. He also questions whether our votes truly have an impact, particularly in relation to funding wars. He ends by expressing his love for his audience and promising to answer their questions in a future live stream.


It’s okay, everybody. Here we go. It’s me, Gregory Menorino. Monday, February 26, 2024. This is my pre market report. A lot of stuff lining up here. Let’s start off with this. So over the weekend, as is standard procedure, the United States and its coalition partners have begun a new phase in this war for which none of us have voted for. And of course, it’s not a declared war, because we don’t declare war anymore.

It’s a kinetic action. Oh, no, it’s a retaliation. All of its nonsense. Okay, we all know that here. So, yes, this was spoken about several weeks ago, that our illustrious, beautiful man of our president, it was his idea to now increase these attacks on iranian back targets. And it doesn’t seem to be making any difference. It’s not even meant to. Do you realize? I know you do. It’s supposed to go on and on and on and expand as it just did over the weekend.

Imagine my shock. Imagine your shock. This is not going to stop. It’s a mechanism to pull cash into the now to make the Federal reserve, in this case, even stronger. Who provides all the funding? Well, it’s the Federal Reserve. Duh. I think we’re on the same page. I’m laughing, but it’s pathetic to see what’s going on here. And do you find it od or strange that the United States can participate in ongoing wars, can fund all the wars they want to, but we can’t fund our own government.

And all they do is kick the cane down the road. You know what’s behind that, too, right? Because we can’t have a budget. If we had a budget, it would restrain spending. They can’t restrain spending. They have to again create this mechanism to continue to allow the federal reserve, in this case, to inflate and become even stronger. Central bank’s power resides in one thing. You know what I’m going to tell you? Its ability to inflate, its ability to issue debt.

Do you think we really have a single politician working for us today? You really think so? No, I don’t think you do. We are alone, you and I. You understand? We have each other, and that’s it. This is not the United States of America anymore. Hasn’t been for quite a while. And despite everything else, this is just a fulfillment of a corporate agenda being bankrolled 100% by the Federal Reserve in this case, who is determined to continue to inflate on an unprecedented scale, because that’s their power.

You know that the central bank’s product is only one thing, they have no tools. You have to understand that. All the tools that the thing creature Powell talks about, they only have one tool, their ability to issue debt in any amount they want to fund anything they want, okay? And all this does is create slaves to their system. You all know this. I’ve covered it a gazillion times anyway, so with regard to this new phase, this new phase of the war, okay, you’re not supposed to know that’s what’s going on, but it is.

We discussed yesterday in my markets, a look ahead. Would this be enough to drive cash into the debt market? This is the Federal Reserve’s goal. You understand that? At least I hope so, right? The Fed is going to cut rates come June, more than likely June, May, June, more than likely June, the Fed is going to start cutting rates, has nothing, look, this whole thing from the get go about controlling inflation, which continues to rise by their own numbers, okay, continues to rise higher and higher, food inflation outpacing everybody’s predictions except you and I, because we’ve been ahead of the curve on this like you can’t believe.

But anyway, this whole thing about cutting rates, I’m sorry, increasing rates so the Fed could somehow control inflation has been just another farce among a plethora of farces. Is that a word that they’ve thrown us? But now the Federal Reserve, now that they have the economy by the throat, you know this already. The consumer is done. The world economy, essentially dead, completely dead. As a matter of fact, central banks have fulfilled their goal here.

Now what they need to do to a greater amount is inflate. And they’re going to do this by buying more debt. That’s how the federal reserve suppresses rates, by creating cash out of nothing and then buying the debt. It’s an amazing, astonishing mechanism. The Fed issues debt through one door and then buys it back through another, issues debt through this door, buys it back through another. This mechanism, it’s incredible that it’s allowed to go on and it’s massively inflationary, you understand? So there’s never been any kind of a goal here by the Federal Reserve or any central bank to control inflation.

They want to inflate and inflate and inflate. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing here. Now, as we discussed yesterday, my markets to look ahead. If you haven’t seen it, I would suggest you watch that markets to look ahead segment over there. Inflation is perpetual and I cover that as well. But anyway, the Federal Reserve right now, by increasing these attacks in the Middle east. And it’s going to expand.

Is trying desperately. This is the Federal Reserve again. The Federal Reserve funds it all. The Pentagon. Where do they get their funding from? The Federal Reserve. Okay? So generals gathered in their masses are now looking for a mechanism here to push cash into the perceived safety of debt. You know, that is this new phase of the war enough to push cash into the debt market? Because what this does, you know what I’m going to tell you, at least I hope so.

Okay. By cash making its way into perceived safety of debt, this opens up a window for cash to make its way into the stock market. Okay? Now, this market has been pretty incredible as of late. In the face of a rising ten year yield, which has come down a little bit, okay? Market keeps going higher. We’re getting record high, record high, record high. Imagine our shock. We called this out last year.

At the end of last year, we called all of this out. The mass layoffs that are going on and are continuing the record high, record high, record high of the stock market. We called it all. It’s pretty incredible thing. But we know who our enemy is and we know what they want, so how can we possibly lose? But anyway, so we’re going to find out today if this is enough.

Watch the ten year yield. Let’s see what it does today. All right? Better yet, watch the MMRI Manorino market risk indicator link in the description of this video, which obviously uses the ten year yield and the dollar on a relative strength basis to calculate risk in the market. I would expect to see. Okay, let’s talk about what Greg Manorino would expect to see if this new phase of war in the Middle east, the United States war on the Middle east, if this is successful even a little bit, meaning, I don’t mean successful in that we’re winning anything because we’re obviously on the losing side.

But if the stock market feels that this is enough, there’s enough fear that’s been created. You’re going to see cash make its way into the perceived safety of debt that will push the stock market higher. You understand? That’s what this is all about. Now, it could waver around day to day, but the longer term trajectory here is a market that appears like it wants to go much higher.

You understand, in order to pull this off, the Fed has to drive cash into the perceived safety of debt before they themselves start cutting rates, which is going to happen sometime. June ish, I’m going to say, okay, June, June, June. And this is going to be quite an escapade for the market. But then come 2025, all bets are off. All bets are off. All right. And we’ve covered this already at length.

And as we get closer to 2025 status post presidential selection, we may have to restrategize a little bit as to how we’re going to attack this. It’s not going to change anything for us for the most part. Again, betting against the debt, becoming our own central bank holding. Silver, my favorite asset of all time. Gold, my second favorite asset of all time. Platinum palladium. Running the third there.

Cryptocurrencies as well. A little bit. You need some of this in your portfolio. I don’t care if you despise this stuff, suck it up, okay. Put a little bit of bitcoin in your portfolio, and I think you’re going to be greatly rewarded down the line. It’s very volatile. You already covered this already. But when the eventual meltdown occurs, which is being driven by a liquidity crisis on an unprecedented scale, a system that demands that more debt be pulled into the now in greater and greater amounts, what do you want to do? You want to take the opposite side of that trade.

And in my opinion, obviously it’s holding hard assets, gold, silver, and also cryptocurrencies, other things, too. Artwork, classic musical instruments, cars, stuff like that. You got to have some of this stuff in your portfolio, depending on your personal spot that you’re in. You understand? I think we got this down, people. Anyway, looking over at the market, stock futures are slightly lower today. This morning, pre market trading didn’t start for about an hour and 15 minutes.

Tenure yield $4. 24 was slightly weaker on a relative strain basis. And on top of that, gold and silver getting hit, especially silver, pretty good. Bitcoin still hovering around 51,000. Crude oil under a little pressure. That’s where we stand. That’s where we stand. But the bigger picture, and that’s what you and I are always looking at. This is what keeps us so far ahead of the curve by being macro people.

I’m a macro guy. I’m always looking at the bigger picture. All right. And then you could kind of zero in on the smaller stuff. But the macro picture is what always matters. And this is what we’re seeing here again. What do you think about this now that, did we vote for this? Did you vote to increase this war? I don’t think we did. Are we voting to send cash over here and send cash over there to fund this war and that war? No, we’re not vote.

Do you think really, I’ve ever been telling you. Think your vote really counts? Does it count? You need any more proof? All right, look, I’m out of here. Love you lot from the heart. I’ll see all of you later for my live stream. Looking forward to that. Have some questions ready for me. Ah. I’ll see you later. Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Bye. .


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