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➡ Canadian Prepper talks about how a 59-year-old man with pre-existing health conditions has become the first human to die from the bird flu, H5N2. This has raised concerns about the potential for a new pandemic, especially as Moderna’s stock, a leading company for the bird flu vaccine, has risen significantly. Meanwhile, tensions are escalating globally with conflicts in Lebanon and Israel, and Russia declaring the United States as an enemy. The World Health Organization currently states the risk of the bird flu to the general population is low, but the situation is being closely monitored.

➡ The text discusses the potential threat of a new bird flu variant, highlighting the uncertainty around its origin and transmission. It emphasizes the importance of personal preparedness and skepticism towards authorities’ handling of such situations. The text also mentions the economic implications, such as rising food costs, and suggests investing in food commodities. Lastly, it suggests considering alternative prophylactics for protection against potential outbreaks.

➡ Bird flu cases in humans have been increasing globally after a significant drop since 2016. The current risk of bird flu to the general population in Mexico is low, but there’s a possibility of a major outbreak. In other news, tensions are escalating with Russia threatening to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is threatened, and conflicts are intensifying in Israel and Ukraine. Lastly, several countries are proposing less strict requirements for Iran’s nuclear program, raising concerns about global security.


All right, well, I have some bad news. I think it is that time again. Get a load of this. You’ve probably already heard that a man age 59, with pre existing health conditions, we must emphasize, that, has succumbed to h five n two. This is not only the first human case, but the first human fatality. Now we’re going to talk about the suspension. Suspicious and rather mysterious, at least for now, until more details get revealed, circumstances surrounding his acquisition of this illness. And I’m thinking, the way that the media is exposing the narrative here, it’s starting to be very reminiscent of what we’ve seen throughout the pandemic.

And perhaps there is a reason why moderna stock has went up 100% in the last year, considering they, of course, are the frontrunners for the bird flu jab. Now, of course, many of you are probably here for the World War three news. Look, before I get into this, because this is very concerning, let’s just quickly go over the deets. Yes, the war with Lebanon and Israel has started, or it will start within a few weeks. Officially, the exchanges today were horrific, the worst that we’ve seen thus far in the conflict, bar none. We’re also seeing Vladimir Putin do a very impromptu press conference where he laid out three essential, notable things that most people are talking about.

Number one is that the United States, for the first time, has been deemed an enemy of Russia. I know that seems crazy, considering that their ISR, their troops, their money and their weapons are routinely hitting Russians and killing Russians, but only now have they deemed them the enemy. He also said that it doesn’t matter who gets elected. And this is what I’ve been saying for some time, nothing is going to change with respect to foreign policy, fundamentally. He also said that, and probably in the most flippant yet assertive way I’ve ever heard him say that Russia will use nuclear weapons.

And the west thinks that they are bluffing, but they aren’t bluffing. Now, he said this to the consternation of a very concerned and shaken crowd of reporters. And, of course, Putin with that poker face, usually cool as a cucumber, as he was today, and he did not disappoint in that respect. I can’t say the same about everybody else in that room. They were not taking this news too well. The war between NATO and Russia has also begun. Now, where does bird flu factor into all this? We’ll provide the meta analysis towards the end, but first, let’s talk about the details of this case.

And I must say that the vibes I’m getting, because we’ve been talking about bird flu for years, but I’ve been noticing that the frequency and the intensity of the news is increasing. And there’s this very insidious exposition by the media that starts off as, don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal. And then it turns into, well, maybe there’s a very low risk of possibility. And that’s what the who is saying right now. There is a low risk of danger to the public as a result of this, because there is no proven human to human transmission that has been yet recorded.

Now, when they say low risk, there’s risk. Okay? And this is the same stepwise progression of exposition that we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, where initially it wasn’t a problem, and then, lo and behold, it was spreading everywhere because we didn’t shut the borders down. How convenient. It was very convenient for some pharmaceutical companies as well, as we all know, including Moderna, like I said, who is the front runner for the bird flu? Jab. Which is why their stock is trending for the past year, up 100%. Why would a stock be up 100% when we know that the other thing has pretty much completely fizzled out? Right.

Their other cash cow has fizzled out. Anyways, I think that the stage is being set. Now. Get a load of this story, because there’s some very important details here. The victim had no history of exposure to poultry or other animals. The who said, now you think that in itself would be a cause for concern in light of everything else that we’ve just been through. Let’s go on. Cases of, ah, five n two subtype of avian influenza have been reported in poultry in Mexico. So they know that there’s around three farms that are in neighboring states. So it’s not like they’re across the street from this guy who where there’s chickens who’ve been found to have this virus.

However, this is the important part. The man’s relative said he had already been bedridden for three weeks before the onset of symptoms because of other reasons. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Is this a case of died with or died from? We’ve all been through that whole process. Right? Died with or died from a very fundamental distinction. But that is not really what’s interesting in what’s being said here. They said that he was bedridden for three weeks, and all 17 people that he identified as contacts were going to presume that he never left the house. He had a lot of physical complications.

Okay? So if it is the case that he had a lot of physical complications, then maybe it wasn’t particularly the strain itself that completely shut him down. Of course, it would be a very unique set of circumstances that he would be able to acquire this without any exposure to chickens, because, of course, he’s being bedridden. Unless somebody brought him a chicken that wasn’t properly cooked and it had the virus and they never got it themselves, maybe they had a better immune system. I’m just spitballing here, but the 17 people identified as contacts at the hospital where the man died, no further strains were reported.

Now in bed for three weeks because of other reasons, quote unquote. Either this was a very long incubation period, or they’re saying that the onset of the symptoms was around one week. And of course, they didn’t disclose this until now, which is strange, because, of course, we’re already. I think they said that this happened in late March, so we’re already in early June. So who knows if this was. If he did get this from somebody else. Again, the who, I must emphasize, says that there is no human to human transmission happening here. But what’s interesting is that he was bedridden for three weeks, which means that somebody had to bring this to him.

Okay? Now, they know that in wild populations of birds, I mean, if he was out smoking a cigarette, it’s very unlikely that he would have got this. Okay. It’s just, I don’t know if it’s airborne, did a bird crap somewhere, and he touched something. And, you know, there’s always a possibility that something like that could have happened, but with limited amounts of exposure, that means that this would have had to be brought to him somehow, or one of those 17 people is actually asymptomatic and is a super spreader, if you will, and are spreading it, and then you’re going to have a very similar situation where the most vulnerable people are what the virus can really latch onto.

And again, I don’t know the terminology, I’m not a virologist, but I’m just going to presume that the virus needs a palate in order to recombine into more deadly strains and to mutate and in more vulnerable populations. That’s where you would see it mutating. You would expect. 59 years old is not as old as what we were seeing with the coronavirus, but of course, this guy had a lot of pre existing conditions. So I’m interested in hearing what your thoughts are in the comment section with respect to how he got this. Again, we don’t have all the evidence, so we don’t want to go too often to the weeds here.

But I think it’s important that we pay attention to this because it’s only a matter of time. It’s already jumped the species barrier, sustained transmission in other species. So we know it’s happening. We know it’s killing those species. It’s not killing the wild bird populations anymore, which is very interesting. It’s only killing the domesticated animals, which is, of course, a cause for concern. Of course, the implications of this are going to be sky high food prices, especially meat and beef and milk and anything that isn’t vegan and that rabbits don’t eat. And rabbits are probably going to succumb to this too, because cats are getting it, sea lions are getting it, cows are getting it.

So it’s only a matter of time before we see sustained human to human transmission. The media is doing this surreptitious exposition, as they usually do with these things, especially when they want a big profitable disaster to percolate. And don’t try to tell me that there aren’t some CEO’s at the top of these companies, maybe not doing anything intentionally, but praying, praying the bad shit happens. The WHO said that the current risk of the virus to the general population is low. 17 family members bedridden for three weeks. Now, if it’s the case that he acquired this before being bedridden, somehow that he was out there, he acquired it, and it was incubating that long in his system and the duration of the illness was that long, then that’s problematic because, of course, the longer the incubation period, especially if you can spread it while you’re asymptomatic, the greater the likelihood that this could potentially jump the species barrier.

Again, I’m not saying that’s the case. I’m just saying that were this a case where the guy had contact with chickens, we could just chalk it up to a nothing burger. Not exactly a nothing burger. Of course, all of these interactions increase the likelihood that it’s going to mutate, but at least it would be a benign case. We can’t say with certainty this is a benign case, and all it’s going to take, all it’s going to take is one more case, and then it’s game over. One more case. One more case when they cannot track patient zero.

That’s it. Put your plans on hold, because this is it. Now, the good news, if you’re Karen, is that they’ve already prepped the intervention and they’re waiting for this. They’ve been waiting for this. Trust me, they’ve been waiting for this. However, this is not to discount the threat. This is not to discount the risk. And I’m not the type of person who’s just going to throw the baby out with the bathwater, because these people who rule over us with iron fists have completely screwed everything up before and will continue to screw it up once again. They are incompetent.

They can’t be trusted. They are rapacious, greedy people who simply cannot be entrusted with our security. So that’s why you have to take preparedness into your own hands. That said, these things are real things, bad things are real that spread and kill people. They’re called pathogens, contagions. They spread and they kill people. They come around every once in a while, usually every few hundred years, and we’re well overdue for a real one, a big one, one with a higher fatality rate. We already know that the fatality rate of bird flu, at least the symptomatic cases, because much like the other virus, if you’re not doing the testing, you’re not catching all of the lower intensity cases, the asymptomatic cases.

So it could in reality be that the actual fatality rate of bird flu is much lower, even if it’s only 5%, even if you get a solid 1% killer across the board, not confined to any sort of age bracket, that’s bad news. That’s global shutdown. 1% is bad news. Imagine one of every hundred people, you know, kicking the bucket. That’s a lot of people. It doesn’t seem like much when you just say 1%, but remember, the spanish flu is two to 5%. Okay? And now, of course, we have. Everybody knows the drill, and there’s just some people that cannot wait to slap that mask on their face again and get that little bit of power back now that everything has been taken from them, from inflation, and they’re ready to enforce whatever big brother tells them to.

So just be ready for that. He died on April 24. And of course, we’re not hearing about this until right now. After developing fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea, and the general discomfort, the who said something very insidious is unfolding now. Get a load of this. Katherine Wallace, an epidemiologist with the University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health, said that h five n two poses a low risk to public health because it hasn’t shown any ability to be transmitted between humans. To that end, it’s concerning that the patient isn’t known to have had exposure to animals, which are the most likely source of the disease.

She added. Now listen to this next part. Wallace said more surveillance is needed to fill in the gaps of information. She says it’s so crazy that we don’t know where this is coming from, end quote, she said, you think? Mexico’s health ministry and US center for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. Do you trust the mexican health ministry to be upfront? And remember, all nations who are hosts of patient zero, they have a vested interest in keeping it on the down low because of course that means that their economy has to shut down first.

And that, of course, could be part of the reason why China did not want to fess up until the thing had spread. Because if they had to shut down, everybody else had to shut down. And her saying this is a person with a PhD, I presume that it’s so crazy that we don’t know where this is coming from. And you have the who saying it’s low risk. Guys, I think they’re up to something. I think they’re up to something. Cases of bird flu have now been identified in mammals such as seals, raccoons, bears, cattle, primarily due to contact with infective birds.

Because, of course, those are the things that are eating the birds falling out of the sky in the wild. As I said, the WHO said it wasn’t clear how the person became infected. Although the source of exposure to the virus in this case is currently unknown. Viruses have been reported of this variant in poultry in Mexico. That’s fine. How did he get something that was infected? Usually you cook the bird. I would presume that that would kill the virus for the most part. Usually. Or did somebody who, again, had a stronger immune system just give it to him and they didn’t succumb to it? They didn’t even ever test positive for it.

It’s important to know that there have been 81 dairy herds that have been affected in the United States. That’s with h five n one. So it’s a different variant as lethal in humans, while this one is batting 100, as I already said. So we don’t know how lethal this one truly is. But again, if there’s 99 asymptomatic carriers walking around, then it’s really 1%, right? We just don’t know. That’s an oversimplified and very unlikely scenario, by the way, I should add, I don’t want to mislead or feed into any tinfoil hat theories about how everything is a nothing burger.

There’s always something to it, to these disasters. And typically, yes, there’s that cardinal rule of preparedness. If they say panic, they probably just want to control you. And if they say don’t panic, that’s when you hit the road for a gump style and just keep on running. However, it’s important to understand that bad things do happen and they will happen again. And you can’t just say the government exploiting those things happening means that bad things are always concoctions by the government. 100 million birds have been affected in the United States. 1000 wild birds have been detected.

But again, the fatality rate in those cases are very low. Now, there’s all kinds of politics and economics surrounding the culling of birds that are very controversial. I’m not going to get into that today, but I’m with you in that respect, that we need to be very careful and very critical, however, and we need to be realists in that we should know by now that we’re not going to be able to contain these things by and large. So we have to look at the long form economic costs. I just have to put that out there for anybody who thinks I’m shilling for big pharma, even though one of the first things I said in this video is that Moderna’s stock is up 100% in the past year.

Look at that. And they’re testing the experimental shot mRNA 118 against several strains of the h five n. One variant currently circulating. It said dosing in early to mid stage. Study was completed, expects data soon. So what you’re going to see probably is people who work closely to animals be mandated in some capacity to get that, or not mandated, but mandated. And then it’s going to likely extend out from there, right? And of course, the cost of food is going to continue to rise. So I would say if you want to like an investment right now, more than precious metals, I would say more than Nvidia, I might eat my words on that.

But it really doesn’t matter because when the war with China starts, which is not priced into that parabolic explosion of interest in Nvidia stock, that thing’s going to zero. Okay, but food, chicken, beef, price of beef has gone up 400% since the year 2000, the same as the s and P 500. If you would invested in freeze dried beef, you probably would have been just as rich. Okay, so something to think about. Freeze dried beef. And before I forget, the Jace medical company, we did videos. You can actually get oseltamivir which is also known as tamiflu.

I would recommend just picking some of this stuff up while you can get it, because if you’re a person who doesn’t want to succumb to any sort of interventions, but you maybe are still a bit concerned about this, and I’m not saying that, okay? I am not saying that for this particular thing. If we’re talking about a 50% proven fatality rate, I’m definitely not giving anybody that kind of advice. All I’m saying is that there are other different prophylactics that you can take that might supplement and help. That’s all I’m saying. And I don’t even know if this is going to help.

So go and do your research on that. Okay. It’s important to also note that avian flu cases in humans have dropped precipitously since 2016. However, in the last few years, cases have been on the rise once again. So I don’t know if there’s some sort of cyclical aspect to this or what. Cases peaked in 2015. I think that was likely a due with a outbreak in China, where it was pretty bad. What we’re seeing now are global outbreaks. Australia, Mexico, United States, you’re all around the world. That’s what’s different. And it could be argued that a lot of the more stringent measures of COVID might have even have been a mitigating factor in preventing the emergence of bird flu.

But it still, of course, has persisted. But in humans, of course, I’m talking about just the natural tendency of the social distancing. And maybe those things had a mitigating effect to one degree or another. And of course, we know now there are some research to determine that, well, it didn’t really help in this case, but anyways, I don’t want to. I’m not going to have that debate. So if you want to, you know, don’t try to convince me of shit, because I’ve heard every possible thing on that matter you could possibly throw at me, and I’m very sick of it.

We were all sick of it long ago. But the UN said Wednesday that the current risk of bird flu virus to the general population in Mexico is low. So let’s hope it’s a nothing burger, but you can bet the big one is most certainly coming. What more is there to say? Vladimir Putin has said today, let us not bring it, not only to use, but even to the threat of use. The west believes that Russia will never use nuclear weapons. We have a nuclear doctrine. Look at what is written there, if someones actions threaten our sovereignty and territorial integrity, we consider it possible to use all means at our disposal.

Hes saying were going to nuke you if we deem you to be an existential threat and youre about to cross that red line. Of course, Olaf Scholz today doubled down and he said that Germany is okay with Ukraine using its weapons in the same capacity laid out by the United States just around the Kharkov region first. Well, guess what? Another oil refinery was attacked in Rostov today, and this one was a big one. So we are still seeing these attacks deep inside Russia. And now NATO is shooting its weapons on the russian front line, on the russian frontier, and all hell is breaking loose in Israel.

And yesterday we had a new resolution from Belarus, China, Iran, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Bolivian Republic of Venezuela, I should say. The only one missing here is North Korea. And they all propose less stringent requirements for the iranian nuclear program, countering what was the reprimanding of Iran by the International Atomic Agency that occurred yesterday when they are saying that the Ukrainians are being very secretive about their nuclear development and they want more higher level inspectors to go in there. Of course, Iran doesn’t want that to happen because, well, because they don’t trust the Israelis and they think that the IAEA is going to go and tell the Israelis all their secrets, as they should.

Oh, Putin also said one more interesting thing today, a chess move that we should have foreseen coming, but we didn’t. And he basically said it. He said, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to start giving long range weapons, the same weapons, the same level of capability as you’re giving to Ukraine. We are going to give those to your adversaries. So who do you think he might be talking about? Is he talking about Lebanon? Is he talking about Syria? Is he talking about, well, obviously, they already have a military partnership with Iran. They’re already sending them su 35s.

What about the Houthis? What if the Houthis get that kind of technology and are able to target some us warships? Some people think they already successfully did. Of course, they’re being very tight lipped. I mean, you had Hezbollah today on camera, take out an Iron dome battery on camera, and they denied it. And they said, well, there’s no evidence that it was an actual hit when you could see the thing hitting it. Okay, just remember, our side lies a lot. And so if they’re saying that nothing bad is going on, but we’re not seeing any progress whatsoever.

There’s a good chance that they’re bullshitting. I would recommend check out Jace medical, get some awesome Tamivir. Check out for all your other medical needs because we are just but one case. Patient one, patient two, patient three. From this. Putting the brakes on things now, in terms of how this would factor into world war, your guess is as good as mine. It could mitigate it or it could exacerbate it. It could cause there to be a detente in fighting, or it could cause governments to leverage that, to lock everybody down to initiate the first stages of the war.

Economy, mass mobilization, rationing, martial law, and just getting everybody where they need them to be compartmentalized before the shooting starts. That’s what it could be, okay? It could. That whole thing could have just been a dry run for this. But anyways, you guys speculate on that. I got to get going. We’re going to cover it in more detail in tomorrow’s video. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to, like, comment, subscribe. Canadian prepper out.

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  • Research and gain of function made in Athens, Georgia and In a May 29th interview, Dr. Peter McCullough, a leading expert on Covid-19, warned viewers about Disease X, avian influenza and its ties to Athens. GA.
    Located on the University of Georgia Campus is the Poultry Diagnostic & Research Center. According to its website, it provides global support for the poultry industry in various capacities, including poultry consultation, research and even avian flu PCR testing. It houses 130 isolation units for Biosafety Level 2 research. According to the National Institute of Health, this means these UGA labs are used to study moderate-risk agents. According to a government press release, this facility was opened to increase the lab’s capabilities to respond to “highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks.” It was also described as the largest poultry research complex in the U.S. and a “crucial asset” to address poultry viral diseases at an international level. Right down the road is the USDA National Poultry Center, which includes 3 laboratories:

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