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➡ Dan from iAllegedly shares news about a data breach at Zantander Bank affecting hundreds of thousands of clients and employees. He also discusses a data breach at BetterHelp, a healthcare app, which plans to compensate users with $10. JP Morgan and Citibank are urging employees to return to the office, while housekeepers in South Florida are earning up to $150,000 a year. Lastly, he mentions a water crisis in Mexico City where residents were without water for six days and are now facing double charges for water usage.


Hey, it’s Dan. Welcome back. This is iAllegedly. It’s a beautiful weekend day and so much is happening. I thought I’d go down to the pier for you guys today and cover the news. A lot going on. Please don’t forget to like the video, subscribe to the channel. You want to email me? It’s Hello at iAllegedly.com but just a perfect day. Walk around Went needed sugar shack and Just hanging out but Lots going on. The Zantander Bank is a 1.8 trillion dollar bank and they just announced that Thousand. Thank you very much.

Thank you My shirt everybody likes it. It’s martinis Needless to say you couldn’t wear this into the bank if you know what I mean. Hey, I’m here to close that deal I Always love the stuff you guys send me but first things first guys Zantander Bank had a data breach and the data breach is Huge because it looks like it could be Hundreds of thousands of clients that had all their personal data the best thing about this data breach and that What could be good about it is that the employees got hit, too It hit everybody.

So you’re gonna see executives you’re gonna see tellers You’re gonna see people that work at the bank on the phone systems that had their data stolen which is gonna make people say Oh, it’s just not the clients It’s everybody and that’s what’s gonna make them do something about this and again We’ve talked about the VPN guys. Make sure you have that to protect yourself Because it’s just a matter of time until they get you I Feel like this a better help is a help out health care app They just announced that they’re going to Solve their problem with their Data breach by giving everybody ten bucks Okay, you had your personal medical data stolen People sighs, you know think about this think of the things you talk to your doctor about Think of the things that people would go to an online Doctor for and talk to them because they don’t want to go inside of a doctor’s office and all that data was stolen and they’re Gonna give you ten dollars American.

That’s USD, baby. Okay, so that’s ridiculous Two banks, okay, JP Morgan and Citibank are both saying that people need to go back to the office and And Citibank just asked 600 employees to come back to the office, which you can say is no big deal But JP Morgan said that they’re going to start Workers and They don’t want to do that So they just want you to come back to the office and agree to come back to work five days a week Nobody wants to go back and work to the office five days a week.

They’d rather Sit at home and not deal with this light says we have 10 seconds. Can we make it? But let’s kind of cross the street quickly for four three two one so anyways We made it Yeah, okay, so but again, you’re gonna see more and more of this What’s a job right now that pays a lot of money? Well, if you were a housekeeper in South Florida right now There’s an enclave making a hundred and fifty grand a year they’ve got the Swap main type fair out Different things to buy for your pets and Dresses and henna tattoos and all that fun stuff all this fun stuff at the pier for the weekend.

It’s always nice but again Housekeepers making a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year That is crazy money guys. The other thing about this. It’s that’s nuts is that They say that 91,000 people left New York just to move to Florida last year It’s a lot of people guys and you’re gonna see this more and more and more but these people are making All this money being housekeepers right now. So it’s good job if you can get it You know Elon Musk is convinced that AI is going to replace And my regular job zone great article about that below Beaches pack Just beautiful beautiful weather It’s just nice so AI is pretty interesting.

I had lunch with a guy today who’s really Tech savvy and mark knows his stuff, you know, he’s doing creating apps different questions in regards to different things that happen in history and Fastening stuff so just kind of Meet different people and talk to different things talk about different things. How about this one Mexico City? Had Mexico Day of water It means that they shut the water off in Mexico City and people couldn’t get water for six days What would you do if you didn’t have water for six days? What would you do if you had to oh, I hear the gyms got flowing water out of the hose You can go take a shower over there.

Wouldn’t that be hell? Well, that’s what happened in Mexico City right now and now They’re going to charge people double for water right now. So isn’t that nice? That’s great so former FedEx contractor That was in a lawsuit with FedEx Do you know one thing that I didn’t know and that is you have these FedEx trucks that drive around and deliver us? FedEx packages and you think they all work for FedEx. Well, what they are is that basically a franchisee that? Delivers for FedEx and a lot of these places are absolutely hurting right now hurting a big big way and with that you’re seeing these people go out of business right now and there’s one of them that just filed bankruptcy and California-based company and you know PYNQ logistics, you know doing business in Pleasanton done PLS finished you know No assets and over ten, you know Million dollars in debt, but you’re gonna see this more and more guys It’s just gonna happen more and more often.

You’re gonna see more and more places go out last time I drove to Las Vegas I was shocked when I drove by the FedEx facility and all the trucks were parked there on a weekday Which is it not a good sign guys when things are not like, you know, not good You’ve got lucid motors lucid motors just announced another 400 people they’re gonna lay off which is You know a huge percent of their staff six percent of their staff, but again who is buying the electric cars right now? So many people one thing I’m telling you if you guys go to an electric car Charging station and they’ve cut those cables send me those pictures man, because that’s what I want to do I want to do a story on how the criminals are going out and they’re stealing the cables from the FedEx facilities and the Excuse me the Tesla facility.

I got FedEx on the brand but lot going on right now You know, they want to change overtime laws here in California, which is crazy because California Crazy last sent to me that they want to instill, you know, they want to do things like tax people that are moved out of the state They want to charge overtime, but here’s the one Businesses and that is if you are an employee who makes under thirty five thousand five hundred and sixty eight dollars a year, which is 684 dollars a year.

You’re not entitled to overtime. They want to change that on July 1st to be $43,888 which is 844 dollars a week if you make eight hundred forty four dollars a week or less You can get time and a half from your boss or you weren’t entitled to it. It’s like a tough work more hours But again, you know, they’re gonna change it on January first of 20 25 to be fifty eight thousand six hundred and fifty six dollars or $1,128 a week So you’re gonna start paying overtime on your employees time and a half More and more of the stuff right now guys get ready get ready for this so I’ll get a shot of the beach for you guys, but let me know what you guys think about all this stuff Just wanted to come out today do a nice Video show you guys the beautiful weather, but let me know what you think so far I There is some bad news this Memorial Day weekend and that is it’s going to be the most expensive Memorial Day ever yay You’re going to see food prices up At an all-time high and hamburger this year’s up another 15% Okay condiments.

That’s the killer right now because you’ve got things like ketchup Need a new ketchup body. You don’t want to bring out the old one from the fridge and that mustard same thing It’s got the stain on the side you’re gonna bring out new ones, but that stuff is going higher and higher and higher and that’s up on an average of about 12% Right now in 2024 and then stone-ground mustard higher prize buns higher priced everything one thing That’s interesting is McDonald’s is going to make big changes to its happy meal where it’s going to add Chicken sandwiches for the kids meal.

It’s gonna have fish nuggets deep-fried fatty goodness and One thing I found was a great thing. We’re starting to see that McDonald’s prices Big Mac’s $15 in the Seattle area right now. That’s insanity guys Just a matter of time it’s just going up and up and up support walk down here their bikes Just busier than ever and final final story this quick video today Do you know the Toyota Mirai you heard about that car? That’s the hydrogen Toyota by the way hydrogen is an absolute fortune The resale value of these cars has dropped to the floor You can pick these things up for an absolute song, but there is a man named Daniel, okay Sounds very intelligent But Daniel bought a Toyota Mirai and was blown away to find out that the life expectancy of the car Think about this is 10 years.

His car has an expiration date. The Toyota Mirai has an expiration date of 2032 huh Bought it in 2021 and it’s got an 11 year life on it like like milk. Okay, it’s going bad Well, the thing about this hydrogen can’t be refilled and definitely like a gasoline vehicle You can tighten the grass kiss and make sure the hoses are good not with hydrogen How is this safe guys? How is this safe? So again, I just wanted to show you the busy beach Hope you guys are well Please don’t forget to hit the like button subscribe to the channel You want to email me? Hello what I allegedly and also join the email list to while you’re at it.

The link will be below It’ll be the first link to say Onward and outward guys. I’ll see you very soon You

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