9.9.23: Revelations dripping in Obama Biden Illegals DS Hold on! PRAY!

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➡ The speaker discusses perceived corruption by influential figures (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden) and expresses concern over the use of power for personal interests, describing the role of the “deep state”. They also dissect interview details from The Joe Rogan Show and Tucker Carlson. The speaker believes these topics are important in waking people up to the realities of political operations, but struggles with how much to reveal, especially concerning information about Obama.
➡ This text discusses the controversial claims surrounding President Obama’s birthplace and alleged fraudulent activities, President Trump’s potential return to presidency, the possibility of federal election interference, and the indictment of Hunter Biden. In addition, it expresses concern over media bias, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant despite media manipulation, while also highlighting the potential restorative health effects of CBD products.
➡ The text describes an online community working to expose perceived corruption in the Arizona election process and in government. It includes discussion of their activities such as webinars and conversations over Discord, sales of related merchandise and books, and appreciation for their supporters. The author also critiques the actions and motivations of high profile individuals including former President Trump and President Biden, speculating on conspiracy theories about weather control in relation to political events.
➡ The presenter discusses a controversial interview involving Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama, suggesting there might be hidden motives behind it. They highlight potential misinformation and manipulations concerning Obama’s personal life and political career, emphasizing that these claims are designed to discredit the ‘deep state’. They also touch upon various conspiracy theories circulating in the media, expressing frustration with the propagation of such narratives.
➡ The speaker expresses concern about a potential great depression due to economic downturn and stresses the constant value of gold in the housing market. A political feud between Ken Paxton and the Bush family, accusing the former of corruption, is also discussed, portraying an internal division within the Texas Republican party. The ongoing Covid-19 vaccine debate and mask mandates are touched upon as the speaker shares Megyn Kelly’s regret for getting vaccinated and criticizes media manipulation and audience distrust in government experts.
➡ The text discusses the strain posed by the influx of Cubans on social services and the need for their resettlement. The text also addresses the effects of global warming and borders issues. It further criticizes the Democrat party’s stance on these issues, implying a lack of concern for local residents’ well-being. In addition, it mentions Former President Donald Trump’s quest for truth and accountability for the alleged mistreatment he’s suffered. Finally, it sheds light on the auctioning of valuable items belonging to rich, old-money families, suggesting a possible shift in power.
➡ The text discusses current social and political issues including authoritative figures, alleged media manipulation, and societal changes. It also highlights the importance of truth and love, citing the “Great Awakening” as a movement of influential individuals spreading truth. The author wraps up with a prayer for healing, protection, and enlightenment, before thanking supporters and expressing hope for continued exposure of truth.


And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them that it is Barack Obama who corrupts the Justice Department. It is Hillary Clinton who routinely breaks the law and gets away with it. And now we have Joe Biden who’s learned, he’s learned from Obama that doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re a liberal Democrat, you will not be prosecuted. He learned from Hillary that a person in high public office can get millions and millions of dollars and they learned from watching Donald Trump that a true outsider willing to take on the entire system could destroy their entire machine.

Sam Ram well, folks, this is a day late. I actually recorded yesterday but felt just that the Holy Spirit was convicting me to go another direction. And so we paused it for a day just to let me think it through. And the incoming information, most of us already know it’s being revealed. It’s the Obama stuff. I went probably too far with it, so I’m going to kind of figure out what was going on.

And I was going through stuff and I said, hey, wait, we need to talk about Paxton, President Trump, this Maui stuff, fires and the corruption of Biden a little bit more. Most people already know about Obama, so I don’t want to get too much in detail about that Tucker Carlson interview, but I was doing that, I think, too much yesterday and I didn’t release that video. So we’re redoing it.

It’s out today on Saturday, and we want to go through and make sure we cover as much as we can in detail on this stuff that’s helping wake people up. Okay, here we go. I think they are doing and by they, I mean Dr. Evil. Well, no, it’s bigger than that. It’s bigger than that. By they, I mean the Democrat elite that have vast control. It’s not just the President Biden or the Biden administration.

It’s the media. It’s the politicized. Department of justice. They are doing. The timing of all of these charges against Trump is not an accident. Now you’re listening to Tulsa Gabbard, those that are listeners rather than watchers. She’s on The Joe Rogan Show and they’re exposing quite a bit on that show. And I just think it’s interesting that she came out. You had the interview with Oliver Anthony. You had so many things that are playing out on The Joe Rogan Show that have been on the positive side.

And it’s just interesting because he’s got a huge following. I don’t listen to all the shows on Joe Rogan. I get these clips from folks that share the anon. It’s hard for me to sit through a lot of his shows just because of some of the context is very disturbing for me, especially for listening to some of the things. But this stuff has been really good and it’s good to wake up the people.

The fact that they want to hold multiple court hearings for these charges the day before Super Tuesday, which is a major turning point in any candidate’s election. They want to kick off these court hearings the day before Super Tuesday. It’s not an accident. This is all happening right now. It’s banana republic stuff. It really is. And that’s what they’re doing is again, these terrible things that are happening in our country are happening because we have people in power who care more about themselves and their power than they do about the people.

This country, our constitution, our democracy. They are setting this incredibly dangerous precedent that now, much like many banana republics in the world, whoever’s in power has the ability to politicize and weaponize that power, to go after their political opponent. Take away whatever people think about Trump, or whatever, the consequences and implications of what is actually happening and what so many of the democrat elite are justifying in the name of protecting democracy, is actually destroying it.

And when you look at the charges, like when he gets indicted, where the day before there’s a scandal, there’s a chart of the revelations that come about, about Biden, and then day after Trump gets arraigned, these guys got some trump gets indicted. Right? It’s crazy. It’s crazy. The whole thing is just so how much do we mean? What do we do? What can be done? What can be done? I don’t know at this point.

Well, it starts with us as Americans taking our own responsibility seriously. In the Constitution and Bill of Rights, it talks about our government exists with the consent of the governed. Yeah, that’s us. That’s us. But then when you have things like the deep state, there’s no question the these powerful entities are very real. They are very real. While they’re talking, I wanted to pause and just show you a clip about we the people and our rights.

If you guys didn’t know, Benny Johnson posted this. The governor of New Mexico declared, the first and Second Amendment does not exist due to an emergency. Under this legal theory, all of our rights are essentially eliminated. Watch this most evil and tyrannical 60 seconds you’ve ever heard to the Constitution carry license with one exception, and that is, if there’s an emergency, and I’ve declared an emergency, for a temporary amount of time, I can invoke additional powers.

No constitutional right, in my view, including my oath, is intended to be absolute. There are restrictions on free speech. There are restrictions on my freedoms. In this emergency, this eleven year old and all these parents who have lost all these children, they deserve my attention to have the debate about whether or not in an emergency, we can create a safer environment. Because what about their constitutional rights? I took an oath to uphold those too.

And if we ignore this growing problem without being bold, I’ve said to every other New Mexican, your rights are subrogated to theirs, and they are not in my view. Wait a minute, you’re talking about crimes. There are already laws against the crimes. So how are there right, I got it. But again, if I’m unsafe, who’s standing up for that, right? If this climate is so out of control, somebody should do something.

I’m doing as much as I know to do. All right, enough of this evil taking away our rights. And so now you’re understanding the deep state and more, and they want nothing more than to hold on to their power. But isn’t it fascinating that that was not generally discussed before 2016, before Trump got into office? That was not like a big concern that people had, like the CIA, he’s the guy who broke through.

Right. You look at what the FBI and what the government was doing during before that election even happened to try to take him off the field, to try to eliminate him from being a choice that voters could seriously consider. You look at what the mainstream media, even Fox News did at that time to try to make it so people didn’t take him seriously. He’s the guy that broke through.

And so what did they do every single day of his presidency and now for years beyond, they’re continuing to try to make sure that he is not allowed to carry out the things that he was talking about. And he is the guy who’s as you’ve talked about, he’s the guy who talked very openly about the military industrial complex and their power and the deep state and these entities.

Yep. So there on the Rogan Show, Joe Rogan, who I heard months ago say that he would support Michelle or Michael Obama as president, is listening to and seems like he’s agreeing with Tulsi Gabbard that Trump broke through and he ruined their plans. And Tulsa, Gabbard, we know was in Psyops in the military. The army also another person part of that military psyop seems like program that understands what we’ve been up against because he has the Five GW book and more.

General Michael Flyn the lies and deception during the Barack Obama presidency have ever seriously looked into would amount to the greatest crime in all of US. History. This upcoming interview, this one with Tucker Carlson, it’s the tip of the iceberg, if you get my drift. We the people need to give Obama a nickname. And so we know that Obama is a lover of men and we know that Michelle is Michael.

Also knowing that would be Elon Musk dropping on Twitter. This domino’s effect with pizza. And if everybody knows what pizza stands for, this is the direction all of this has been going is Jack Ryan at a Paris club. Obama takes his place, becomes senator, wins presidency and then he know, put out as gay so children listening. So I’m trying to be careful not to cover too much and I think that’s why I couldn’t release the video that I’d already recorded yesterday just felt a huge conviction that I was going too far, too much information for this.

And it’s really yeah, it’s good to expose, but most of us that listen to this channel know the truth already about this. So I’m just going to touch on it briefly for those that don’t want to share with those that don’t understand. Barack Obama, before the CIA changed his birthplace to Hawaii. This is from his Harvard bio. Guys, this is Harvard University bio. Okay? Barack Obama, the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.

The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist. Got it. President Trump even said back then, credible sources called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud. In other words, he should have never been president. Period. Okay? President Trump also said, right now, Republicans in Congress and the Senate have to get tough and put everything together in one big, neat package, because I will be president in one year and a half.

A year and a half. And we will pick the strongest, toughest, and most respected Attorney general. And if guilty, we will put them all in jail where they belong, just as they are trying to do to me based on nothing. Okay? And so the continuity of one of these things with President Trump showing us once again, folks, that President Trump is probably in charge and they’re doing all of this to wake up the folks that aren’t awake.

Do you know, folks, that if President Trump after the election, would have turned and is should have never been, president Obama has been trying to destroy our country. It’s fake marriage and more, if he would have turned and said all that and that he committed treason and had him arrested on the spot, do you know the millions of people, the millions of minorities who would have lost their minds? Well, we had to slowly get this wake up call happening.

Part of it was the supposed stolen election. They have it all. And my theory again is, like those of Derek Johnson and others were, you know what? He never left. And I proved it to you guys. If you go back to the right after the inauguration of supposed inauguration of Biden, you’ll notice that I cover this in detail of how that was a fake inauguration and more. Okay? But September 7, 2023, a press release came out from the White House notice on the continuation of the national emergency with respect to foreign interference in or undermining public confidence in United States elections.

This tells you what says Fletch 17. Any Lib or Dem out there care to explain why Biden continues to extend this executive order that, when executed, takes all assets of any entity involved in election interference? They take it all. They take all your assets. Trump and only Trump’s executive order. It’s massive. Why would biden extend it? Also, at the same token, with the Biden family, would be Hunter to be indicted by end of the month.

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com. All this evidence flying out a clip that somebody put together about the evidence of their crimes. The bank records show the Biden family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals. Republicans have presented zero, absolutely zero evidence. There are thousands of pages of documents relating to financial transactions. Zero evidence. We’ve identified six new Biden family members involved. Absolutely no evidence. There’s no evidence President Biden has any involvement here.

Text messages from Hunter’s laptop where Hunter complains about having to carve out huge amounts of the money he makes for his father. Quote, but unlike Pop at the bottom, I won’t make you give me half your salary. No evidence of that. He hasn’t produced any evidence. They have uncovered no evidence. Various shell companies. And this web of LLCs you have rosemont Seneca Partners, rosemont Seneca Advisors rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, RSP holdings.

CNN has reported on this. There’s no evidence rst. So we know there’s evidence. And the media continues to say there’s no evidence, no evidence. That’s their talking points. That’s what they’re handed. That’s what they’re paid to do. And we know it also just a reminder to everyone that’s sitting in the audience in South Dakota, president Trump, able to speak last night, said this about the media, the newscast, which, by the way, if you look at ABC, CBS, NBC, you look at CNN, you look at MSDNC, which is, I think, the worst of all.

I think they’re horrible what they say. They’re evil. They’re evil. They’re really evil. And they’re really a wing of the Democrat Party. I mean, they should be paying somebody should report that for campaign contributions because it’s so bad, what they say is so nasty, so horrible, you don’t want your family to watch it. How about me? I hear I’m going to be indicted. I said indicted. I never learned about that at the Wharton School.

Indicted. You’re going to be indicted. How about me? I have to go see my wife. Darling, may I talk to you for a moment? Jess, I’m going to be indicted for no reason whatsoever on Friday, and then that happens. It’s traumatic. You call your daughters, you call your sons, and you say this, and it’s a terrible thing. And then I hear a couple of weeks later, I’m going to be indicted for something else, then for something else, then for something else.

And now they’re saying, don’t indict him anymore because they lost credibility. But how about that? You go four times to tell your kids, and even the lawsuits, it’s all inspired, all inspired. Now, these are sick people. These are people that are actually sick, and they’re just destroying our country. And if we don’t take it back, if we don’t take it back in 24, I really believe we’re not going to have a country left.

There’s not going to be anything left. And you see it less because you’re hearing this great yeah, he mentions they’re here in the great state of South Dakota. It is an amazing state. We had a chance to drive up there this summer and see all the wonderful people there, the atmosphere to see everyone at Mount Rushmore, it was just absolutely brilliant. Had a great time. But he’s pointing out a lot, know, good stuff about what we’re going through.

Not good stuff, but good that he’s getting it out to show us that the media is the enemy of the people. Still, even though the enemy is out there, they still allow certain information to get through. Like Fox with this clip that it is Barack Obama who corrupts the Justice Department. It is Hillary Clinton who routinely breaks the law and gets away with it. And now we have Joe Biden, who’s learned, he’s learned from Obama that doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re a liberal Democrat, you will not be prosecuted.

He learned from Hillary that a person in high public office can get millions and millions of dollars. And they learned from watching Donald Trump that a true outsider willing to take on the entire system could destroy their entire machine. So what you’re seeing across the country is a desperate, last ditch effort by a corrupt machine to destroy their most dangerous opponent in a way which not only breaks the Constitution, destroys the rule of law, and establishes a moment of bitterness which I think will last for a generation or more.

I think this is going to be a horrendous period, and we just need to understand the people who want to control America and dictate to the rest of us will break any law, lie about any topic, and manipulate the system any way they can. And that includes a lot of the elite news media. So that’s why we’re exposing this evil, getting the truth out as much as we can, folks, and a lot of the folks working together to make sure this happens.

Bill Barr’s right, USA issues press release acknowledging illegal Arizona ballot signature verification process used in 2000 and 22,022. They announced this lawsuit win demanding an end to corrupt processes used in Arizona elections. That all is coming out. Little by little, it’s coming out, folks. You want to stay up to date on things going on with us, we’re at and we know that’s truth, hope, faith, and freedom, you can actually head out to this website and you can become part of our fellowship member program.

We just had a great talk today for an hour with the fellows through Discord, and we created a link so everybody can hang out, ask some really good questions and pray together. It was absolutely amazing. We’re going to be meeting quite often. My son Rafi has been putting this together. He’s communicating with everyone and making sure that, hey, Pops, you got to get up. It’s time to go.

We got to get this thing going. Okay. Where do I meet? Show me the link. And it’s been great. And you also get announcements about things that are coming up in the future before anyone else. You get discounts monthly newsletter from me and exclusive invitations. Also, you’ll find all of our gear there right now. There’s still time. You get a free drawstring tote with any purchase of $50 or more.

Use code flag 50. You can see that on your screen. We got the new Luke 817 shirts. We got our books still reduced in price and free shipping. Pretty cool. And we’ve got signed books for you also. And we’re working really hard to try to come up with more ideas for you guys for the holiday season. And also when you get this gear, sometimes I get photos that I just love to show everyone in the public, especially when it’s a full family.

And so I’m just going to show you this. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for this photo. Thank you for supporting us through wearing the gear and spreading the truth. This came from Tiffany. Lt thank you for all you’re doing to expose, share truth, teach God’s word, and allowing the lord to use you to do his work. We appreciate all that you, your family, your guests and everyone who is working hard behind the scenes to share your program with the world.

Tiffany began watching and listening to you back in 2020. And although at first my family thought I was crazy conspiracy lady, I finally got them to listen to your channel. Now my three sisters, three brother in laws, and all our children watch and we know as a family. Just a side note, folks, as I’m reading this, that’s why some folks say, hey, it’s okay to have cuss words on your show.

I get it. But I just know so many children are watching and it’s great for their future to learn about the truth and from the word of god and more, and it’s just great to have them listen. So I’m just really protective over their ears. Okay. Anyway, we continue with Tiffany. My dad John has been using your channel as a teaching tool to wake up others in his Sunday school class at church.

You do a great job, and I’m so grateful for the work, time and effort you put in every day to expose the demons that are alive and well and coming for our kids, schools and families. May God continue to bless you and your family. Greetings from your OC family in Indiana. Right. Thank you so much for that. Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing her gear and something that, again, this is like an evening of firsts, but something which I proudly state that I’m the only president that ever lost money while serving in office.

And I knew that would happen. I didn’t know it was going to be that much. That’s a lot. I lost a lot of number of billions, but I knew it was part of the game. And that’s what I intended. I didn’t intend I could have made a fortune. Oh, I could have gone to these countries and made deals. I put things in trust. I said, my kids are going to run it.

I said, don’t do deals outside of the country. Don’t do this. Don’t they were, dad, can we do said, no, you know, I’m president. We have a higher standard. And then I come out and I watch his biden stuff. They go to make deals with countries that it’s just the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. And I got to give credit to Jim Jordan and Jamie comer and all of these guys because they found things that nobody thought could be found.

So I like this clip that Lisa may put out on the twitter xworld, the notorious LMC. Ask yourself an honest question. Why would a billionaire who has it all fame, fortune, a warm and loving family friends, et cetera, want to endanger himself and his family by becoming president of the United States. Why would he want to target himself and those he cares about? Does he need money or fame? What does he get out of this? Does he want to make the US world a better place for his family and for those good and decent people who have long been taken advantage of? Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch.

Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged and raped while leaders, law enforcement of the world, turn a blind eye. He was tired of seeing how certain races, countries are being constantly abused and kept in need, poor and suffering, all for a specific purpose. Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn. It’s a great reminder for all of us as he’s stood in South Dakota given a speech at a perfect time.

Let’s continue. But it cost me billions of dollars and it’s been worth every single penny of it because I’m working for you. I’m not working for me, that I can tell you. I could have made so much. I could have sir would love to do a deal in Saudi Arabia. Sir. We’d love to do a deal here and there. We’d love to do a deal. I really can’t do that.

I’m president Biden would do we just we did it right. We did the right thing. And I do it exactly that way again. I will do it that way again. Look, we have a very short period of time. We’ll do it what way again? Hearing this, listening to his speech, saying he would do it that way again. Which way again? It would be the way of the wake up for all of us, right? It would be the way of allowing people to experience pain and realizing the evil rhinos, the evil Democrats that are out there that want to control our nation.

But not only that, the people who are falling for the evil, the sheep, constantly listening to their television station, listening to people dressed up in nice suits on camera, obeying everything that they’re told by the government, telling them more and more lies every day. He said, I’ll do it the same way. How? Wake everyone up. Wake everyone up to their evil, their plots and more. Part of that evil would be this Biden character who he’s talked about at length.

And you can hear how Biden exposes what they’re up to, the evil ones, day in and day out. Here’s one of those, if you didn’t know. There’s a hurricane. Lee rapidly intensifying to category four storm. I think it’s getting stronger. I think it’s category five now. Last update I saw, but it’s joining together with other storms and it’s going to be pretty big and it’s going to hit the east coast of the United States.

But listen to what biden says about all this stuff. Oh, hey, good morning. Y’all awake? Listen to the man. We’re working 24/7 here in Florida and throughout the southeast and in Maui, in Hawaii. I want to reiterate that appreciation today. I also convened my entire cabinet as part of a whole of government response. And that response is to increase the number and intensity of the extreme weather events.

To be where we’re going to use all the resources available to the government to do it right there, to increase the number of intensity of the extreme weather events. He said Hawaii and the east coast, southeast. And so all these things they popped up here for this TikTok would be the hurricane and tornado control device, control of tropical cyclone information. This is US 290-3188, a United States. You can look it up.

Aerial discharge device, method of producing rainfall, rainmakers, process of controlling weather. When is this thing scheduled to hit? Schedule to hit when other folks are going to be indicted on the deep state side. Oh yeah. The timing of this thing is really strange. And as this plays out for the evil, we notice the Tucker interview came out recently and I was covering it length when I recorded yesterday.

I realized just too much information to cover, would take a whole two, three videos to go through into detail. But most of you are aware, most of you are aware why this had to happen, right? What if let me go to the 407. Mark here from PBD podcast. He was wondering why did Tucker interview Larry Sinclair to find out that Obama is definitely someone who is attracted to other men right now.

Why do it now? And so I played this clip for those that are listening in to other podcasts and wondering and they hear folks talking about this, why now? Middle of it here telling you right now, number one is why is he doing it? You got 5000 people to choose from, they can interview. So are you doing it because you want to put it back into Fox? Number two, are you doing it because you’re worried michelle Obama is running for right now for office.

So it’s like let me kind of put this out there, I don’t know. So there’s different theories out there, but they’re wondering because it’s strange. Like out of the blue it just came up. Just showed up. So PBD, according to Mr. Goods, helping out some normies I know get up to speed with reality, but he’s kind of a lightweight in many ways. Why did Tucker run with Larry Sinclair interview? I hardly know where to begin, but I’m pretty sure most of you people understand the magnitude of running with such a bombshell story.

It’s not just a get clicks gossip. The deep state need to be utterly destroyed and that includes discrediting them by revealing their true identities before going in for the kill. It’s harder to expose and punish. A traitor while people still adore him. It’s a good line. There are people out there, folks that still adore him. I’m sure some of you listen are going, I know folks that still think he’s all that I in 2008, 2009, when I went to Germany after getting out of the Marine Corps, I noticed that almost every German in government service had one of them in particular had his picture of Obama on his screen.

I love Obama, he said. I love him so much. He’s the greatest leader of all time, like you guys are in Germany. Why do you care? Then our landlord had us over for dinner, and they asked me some questions, and they were saying, oh, he’s so great. And I said, can I tell you the truth? I started unveil in the truth. You thought that they were in the twilight zone.

They couldn’t believe the stuff that I was unveiling about him. Even back then. They were in shock because they’d never heard it before. All they were fed on their media over there in Germany was that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. They didn’t even know who he was. Nobody knew who he was. The kicker is indeed the fact that Michelle’s chances of becoming the first female or rather the second black man in the White House have just dropped exponentially.

These two are thick as thieves, and Barry’s total disgrace will be hefty for him. Let the games begin. So in that interview, as they were talking, larry Sinclair tells Obama to release his phone records in relations to Donald Young’s murder. So he talks about a murder of Donald Young. You can go in the description box below to watch all of these details. I’m not going to cover this today other than to say he covered it.

He said, if you don’t have anything to hide, Obama, let the authorities investigate. He said some guy named Donald Young was shot dead in his apartment, second floor in Chicago. Donald Young, if you guys didn’t know, was part of Jeremiah Wright’s church. He was the leader of the choir. And Mrs. Young came out and told David Nelson reported that she was convinced that his death was to protect his friend Obama.

They said many people were wondering who this character is, and we know that his daughters aren’t his. They’re borrowed. They named the daughters Malia and Natasha. Spell it backwards. You take out the A, the L, the A, the H, which is okay, right here, the A, the L, the A, and the H. Take those out and you have I am Satan. That’s spelled backwards. Natasha emilia backwards. Yeah.

They put all this hidden in plain sight for us to see. I’m just telling you some weird things, nefarious things going on. And where was he from, even? Here a bonus clip. Listen to Obama’s introduction at the Trinity United Church, where they blatantly edit out the fact that he was introduced as being raised in Indonesia, member of a great congregation in Chicago trinity United Church of Christ, born in Hawaii, raised in indo New York.

Raised in indo New York. Yep. They edited wrong, and they didn’t want you to know that, you know, nobody’s upset that know, likes other folks other than what God intended. We are upset that they paraded Big Mike around an address, tried to pass him off as a female, and then called us bigots when we pointed out that he’s built like a linebacker. These people didn’t just destroy our country.

They mocked us openly. And that’s one of the big things, folks. When I get into all types of things that I talk about, you’ll hear me every now and then talk about my thoughts about the aliens and more. And in my discussions with people privately, I always say they’re constantly mocking those who are supposed to know the truth from the word of God. They look at the word of God, and they see the word of God, and they know expose the evil.

Okay, here’s the evil ones. And there’s still folks who would say, no, that’s just a big woman. No. Why are you bringing up the firmament? In Genesis, chapter one, lt, I never discuss anything about a shape of any form of the earth. I just say, look, we’re covered by water. That’s it. But why are the ones who are on the evil side, the demonic side, why are they able to mock us openly every single day? And people fall for it.

It frustrates me. So, Elon Musk tries as you may to put out a member the Domino’s effect. Domino’s Pizza, if you guys know what pizza stands for. It’s part of a secret code word for a menu that pedos use in that you had a release at 653. Well, 653 says Hotel GM. What happened at those hotels in Newport Beach? Crash. Helicopter. This is all connected to Shifty. Shift and his connections in California to hotels and children.

I don’t want to get into too much detail because most of you already know, but I’m just telling you, these are the things that are unraveling to the public. Programming or deprogramming the world population is no doubt a delicate operation, and I don’t claim to know how exactly this should be done to maximum effect, says Mr. Good. What I do know, however, is that the pain keeps coming as these nukes of truth keep coming for the entire world to see.

Musk has, after all, offered up the biggest podcast in history that’s Tucker Carlson’s podcast, to deliver the most devastating exposure to the cabal’s ever had to deal with. Just sometimes you just got to stand down, let these crafted, heat seeking red pills do their thing, because it is exposing this guy. And just in case you don’t believe that Obama attended the Trinity Church, this one giant church here that had the believe three men mysteriously passed away before he became president from that church.

And all those men had preferences for other men. Just in case you don’t believe Obama intended the church, here he is commenting about resigning from Chicago’s trinity united church after the national press club episode. As I said, I had a long conversation with Michelle and also had a long conversation with reverend Moss, and we prayed on, you know, my interest has never been to try to politicize this or put the church in a position where it is subject to the same rigors and demands of a presidential campaign.

My suspicion at that time, and Michelle, I think, shared this concern, was that it was going to be very difficult to continue our membership there so long as I was running for president. Yep. So enough of that. Don’t like to hear his voice too much. So there you go. I covered in a lot more detail when I was recording, and I just realized, you know what, folks? You already know, but there’s some other pressing things that need to get out.

One of those is when president Trump brings up our nation and its demise. Monetarily, he said this in South Dakota is exploding and set to more than double this year alone. We were doing something with oil and energy and making a lot of money. We were going to make so much money, we were going to pay off our debt. We were going to lower taxes still further. Manufacturing has contracted now ten months in a row, and monthly job reports have been revised downward every single month of 2023.

Every single month, they’ve gone down. The fact is, we’re probably heading into a great depression, something I’ve never said before publicly. I’m saying it in your state. I hate to say that this is the state, I have to say it, but, you know, I don’t believe I’ve ever said that before. It’s a hell of a statement to make, and I hate to make it. Yes. So heading into a great depression, harold Ren said, I work for an managed It.

Services company. Of the clients we lost in the past six months, 40% went out of business and 25% can no longer afford it support in this economy. I talk about this. Don’t miss our interview tomorrow with Dr. Kirk Elliott. While he’s speaking, you can go in our description box below. And we out to them, and they will help you in these areas if you’re worried about your finances and what they call the silent depression.

Now, here’s the intro for that video. So let’s view this in terms of gold. So back in 1930, gold was $20 an ounce, 3900. Divided by 20, it’s 195oz of gold it took to buy a house. Okay. Houses today are 436,000. That’s expensive gold’s at 2000. And that was a great area that we covered, about the same amount of gold buying the house back then. But the price was the same amount of gold.

430. Same amount of gold can buy that house today. Isn’t that something really good? So you don’t want to miss it. We go into detail there, and that leads me into the next area that we need to talk about, and that would be this ken Paxton. I wasn’t really paying too much attention to it, but Ken Paxton, if you guys didn’t know, they’re going after him. It’s impeachment.

Trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton. It’s a sham. I thought, what in the world’s going on? Well, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton easily defeats George P. Bush in GOP primary runoff. That was from May 24, 2022. The Bush family was behind Paxton’s Ouster in Texas. Understand the oil game, and you’ll understand why DC. Drano said people forget who Ken Paxton ran against in the GOP primary. George P.

Bush, grandson and nephew to the two worst rhino presidents we’ve had in 50 years. The attacks on Ken Paxton Texas are 100% coordinated by the Bush cartel. In Texas, it’s the establishment versus we the people. And so I was like, okay, so what’s going on there? I’ve watched this play out in my social media world and more, and I said, well, let me just dive in just a little bit more.

I said, oh, this needs more attention. We need to know what’s going on. Huh? Ken Paxton, he’s under attack by the bushes. The deep state’s real here is a yes or explaining it right here. Check it out. It’s a no. Yes or no. It is a yes or no. Excuse me, sir. Listen to me carefully, folks. The deep state is very real. And these sewer rats that make up the deep state operate in every state house across the country.

This is what’s happening in Texas. These unelected career bureaucrats, these deep staters, want absolute power. And when their elected leaders refuse to give up that power, they try to run a mutiny. That’s what’s happening to Ken Paxton with his impeachment trial. I want you to watch this exchange because it shows you the arrogance of the deep state between one of Ken Paxton’s attorneys and one of Ken Paxton’s former top deputies.

Watch this, sir. We did not go behind the Attorney General’s back. Did you tell him you were going to the FBI? Yes or no, sir, we did not go behind the mr. Banger, I’m asking you yes or no questions. Did you tell Ken Paxton you were going to the FBI? Yes or no? I cannot answer that question with a yes witness. You’ll answer the question yes or no.

Mr. Banger provided him with ample opportunity. That’s not what I asked you. I am calling on Senate and House Republicans to end this charade. Now in Texas. It is a yes or no question, and I want a yes or no answer. Did you tell Ken Paxton that you were going to the FBI? I did not tell Ken paxton before I went to the Ah, and then this was put together by Ultra MAGA Party.

Enjoy. You went to the FBI and reported him for potential crimes without any evidence. Do I have that correct? We went to the FBI and reported please answer my question. Our belief that criminal activity had occurred. That was not my question. Please answer the question, yes or no. Did I ask it again? Mr. Basser, I want to get this straight. You went to the FBI on September 30 with your compatriots and reported the elected Attorney General of the state for a crime without any evidence? Yes, that’s right.

We took no evidence. Did you gain any after that? Did you gain any after that? Well, we weren’t collecting evidence did you gain any after that? Evidence of what, sir? Of evidence of a crime committed by the elected attorney general in this state, elected by over 4 million voters. That guy I don’t recall if we had you went to the FBI and reported him. How about that? All of this playing out for the public, so many things to look at, so many different places to go.

Okay. And we are paying attention to so many other things that I almost missed this one, almost missed it. And I’m glad we’re able to expose that, and you guys can share with everyone how that’s playing out. Don’t forget that. They’re going to do all they can to push the Jab on us again. And the mask mandates and the lockdowns. I mean, they’re working overtime to make sure that we put those on.

They being the evil ones. And so, as this all played out, I noticed that Megyn Kelly explained her regret for getting the Jab. I regret getting the vaccine, even though I’m a 52 year old woman, because I don’t think I needed it. I think I would have been fine. I’d got COVID many times, and it was well past when the vaccine was doing what it was supposed to be doing.

And then for the first time, I tested positive for an autoimmune issue at my annual physical, and I went to the best Rheumatologist in New York, and I asked her, do you think this could have to do with the fact that I got the damn booster and then got COVID within three weeks? And she yes, yes. I wasn’t the only one. She’d seen that. Mm hmm. Also, just in case you’re wondering, this is why Americans reject the experts in government institutions.

You’re seeing is people coming to hate experts and coming to hate institutions because they’re realizing that these institutions lie to them at a level that they’ve never considered unless they were Alex Jones fans to begin with. Once people wake up to the concept that they were living in an orchestrated Truman Show that they did not understand, they’re not going to have the idea of, like, oh, sure, the vaccines were a little bit more dangerous than claimed and maybe a little bit less effective.

And maybe we knew a little bit more about the lab leak. No way. You spat directly in my face and told me not only that it was raining, but that I was a crazy person for thinking that you spat directly in my face. It’s like you’re dead to me. The basic attitude is whoever this class of people is that crawled into our elite institutions is just dead. There’s nothing Anthony Fauci could say at this moment that I want to hear.

It’s not that I don’t think that he doesn’t know Virology or Epidemiology. I know I can’t trust him because of the way in which he looked into my eyes. And so what are they doing? They’re using their View witchcraft area and more on television to give everybody this idea again. We should start masking up again. Check this out. I have COVID. I just have COVID. I’m still testing positive.

Apparently I have to have a clear test before I can come back. So I can’t wait to get back and hang out, but until then, it’s me and my mask. You and your mask. Who put you up to that? Why are they pushing this out to the public again? You think folks are falling for it here’s the fake laughter that they played for audience to make you believe that they’re laughing.

I have COVID. I just have COVID. You hear that? It’s not real. I have COVID. Somebody push play to make everybody laugh, to make the audience believe that that’s real. And then you also go to The View and you wonder what other things they bring up. Well, they’re also going after the fact that immigration isn’t what they thought it would be and they’ve got their own opinions on how it should work.

But frankly, I think we need to find and we’ve dealt with this before. I lived in Miami. I was an immigrant in Miami in the 80s. You’ll remember when we had the Mariel boat lift? 125,000 Cubans came in a matter of six months. It puts tremendous stress on a city, on a community, on the social services. They need to be resettled elsewhere, right? They need to be out with this massive country.

And it’s only going to get worse with global warming and climate change because people can’t live in certain parts of this world. Global warming and climate change. Oh, that would drive me crazy if I was sitting in a coffee shop and I heard someone talking like this. Oh, my global global warming got to move them to different parts. They shouldn’t be in our cities, our sanctuary cities that we bragged about, the folks that we voted for to bring in the open, the borders.

Oh, my goodness. It’s causing trouble now with this massive country. Let’s see. What does President Trump say? Hang on with your vote in this election. Joe Biden’s banana Republic. We have turned into a banana republic. We have no borders. We have dishonest elections. We have things going on today. I mean, who wants to have millions of people like an invasion pouring into our country? We have no idea where they come from.

They come from jails, and they come from places that you don’t want to know about. And they’re all over our cities, and they’re all over our states. But with your vote in this election, joe Biden’s country for a short period of time, hopefully just a short period of time, it ends on November 5, 2024. We have to take care we have to take our country back. Have to take our country back.

Folks are disgusted. The masses are waking up each day to things that are happening in their cities. Remember, they voted most of the time. The votes, if they are correct, if they aren’t being stolen by the Democrats, they’re being run by Dems, those that are believers of open borders and more. And now it’s starting to seep into the cities, and the waking up of the people is happening.

These resources that have not come to us. Now you want to overly compensate for people who’ve never lived here before, and we need to be taken care of first and foremost before anything else happens here. Yes. Why would any leader put our black communities, already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unbetted, non taxpayers steps away from our seniors, our children, and our homes we’ve worked so hard on our own to secure we are at war, people.

Our communities are at war. They are violating our communities. And we asking that we have across the country, we asking that we’re demanding for office of black America, whatever you want to call it to deal with issues like this. I did get placed on a weightlift, but I was told that the immigrants were taking priority. That’s a story that a lot of people don’t know. And it hurt me.

I’m like, oh, wait a minute. I understand we need to be humanitarian, but these people that my participants are third and fourth generation Chicagoans born, bred, fed, and raised here. My grandmother May relieve always said, Craig, charity starts at home first, and then it goes wrong. Now, I tried to have conversations years ago about the Democrats, their party, their lives throughout all these years with those that were fully Democrat and didn’t want to change.

They went to church. I showed them Bible verses. I proved to them over and over again good friends, and they refused to go along with it. Years later, we got in touch with each other. I said, hey, see what’s going on? Look at all this stuff. Oh, wow, this is great. You got a channel. Wow. How you doing, Master Sergeant? Because we were all in the Marine Corps doing great, and right after I gave my channel, I thought we were going to be great friends and continue to talk, and they still don’t want to talk.

Cut off again. And I wonder what’s going on. And I think it’s evident sometimes to me, perception is reality, that they just don’t want to leave the Democrat Party. They’ve been told for years, that’s where you belong. Many of my friends doesn’t matter what color of your skin that are Democrats. I’m just in shock that they would think that that’s the right party to go to. Now, I’m not saying Republicans are all that because we’ve got plenty of rhinos, but I’m telling you, just look at the difference in party stances when it comes to left versus right.

But it’s not left versus right anymore. It’s a spiritual battle of trying to get the truth out. And we need to join together as a country and say, you know what? We do believe that babies should be born. We do believe in our rights and not the government getting bigger and bigger every single day and taking our rights away. Our freedoms are being destroyed. They want us fighting with each other.

And it’s getting old. Folks are getting tired of it. Most of all, we need to be in the word of God. And I liked I watched an Oliver Anthony interview somebody sent me, and one of the things he did is he pointed out that we’re supposed to love God and love our neighbor as ourself. Nothing greater than that. Not fighting and yelling at each other and going to each other because of politics.

No. But there’s an opportunity here to bring out the truth and say, who did you vote for? What was their stance, and why are they bringing all of these illegals in now? And why are you just now waking up? Why did it take this? Sometimes that’s the way it had to go. President Trump knew that these folks are going to go down soon. He was asked by Hugh Hewitt today if he will go on a revenge tour that was the other day, a revenge tour and use the power of the presidency, go after the people who maligned.

Joe, you said that you would be entitled if you were reelected to a revenge tour, but you wouldn’t go on it. When I hear you bring up Adam again, are you still of that opinion? You would not look backwards. You would only look forwards if you were reelected. I only look for the truth. And when I find the truth, I think the people have to know the truth, because these people have maligned me for seven years.

They’ve been maligning me and libeling me and creating false stuff. I mean, look at the 51 intelligence agents where they got them to say something that they knew on their laptop from hell, where they said it was Russia disinformation, and they all knew it wasn’t Russia disinformation. Every one of them. They all lied. And there’s a lot of suits going know, we’re suing different things. It’s too bad they weren’t sued by the Justice Department because that’s where the suits should have been.

But would you use the power of the presidency to go after the people would you use the power of the presidency to go after the people who maligned you? We want to find the truth more than anything else. Now, here’s the one thing. We pretty much found the truth. There was cheating on, massive cheating on the election. We pretty much found the truth. That sounds like a yes, Mr.

President. You will go after him. That sounds like a yes. You would go after him. I want to find the truth, and I think I’m entitled to find the truth because they came after me with lies. They came after me with the fake dossier. They came after me with 18 angry Democrats. And I have great respect for one of those. 18 said, we cannot he didn’t do anything wrong.

And they found no collusion. But they would have said it. I mean, Weissman and these other guys would have said it. You know what I say? I said I had an angel in there. Because they had 18 guys that were willing to lie, but they had one that wasn’t, and the one that wasn’t had some power. Now, if you get these dismissals, Mr. President, great respect for that particular man because he’s a Democrat.

Yeah, taking all the slings and arrows. People are waking up to that. If you go to a stadium in Yankee Stadium, you can see this banner here. It is trump or death. Folks who are realizing, you know, what? Leadership, it’s important fighters, it’s important we don’t worship this man, but we do see the hand of God in work throughout leaders in history. And I believe we’re at one of those times in history now, because these folks, the old guard who thought that they could run everything forever, they’re in trouble.

Rothschild family treasures to be sold in historic auction worth millions. A lot of people are buzzing about how items from this family private collection, the Rothschilds, will be up for auctionville. In 2018, there was an auction that sold off items from David and Peggy Rockefeller’s collection. In the last year, there have been two auctions that sold off items from the Anne and Gordon Getty collection. It also broke records.

Does anyone find it strange that some of the richest old money family dynasties are auctioning off their fortunes? Anybody at all find that awkward? Yeah, we’re seeing all types of things play out, folks. Tulsi Gabbard joe Rogan. What’s going on with the deep state? Trump messed it all up. The executive order from the White House continuation of this election interference, the exposure of the media saying that there’s no evidence they’re wrong.

This strange storm that’s coming, and Biden mysteriously saying that they’re controlling the weather and the storms. The timing of bringing up Obama, who he really is, who michael is what they belong to, who they worship, satan, the lies they have told us for years, it’s coming out. The precipice that we’re entering, the pushing for masks and mandates and the illegal aliens pouring into the country. I mean, we can go on and on.

Paxton and more. The exposure of all of this is happening. The winning is happening. The Arizona election stuff came out winning. There also. Professor Patriot showed us this. Eyes open, mind awake, armor on, chins up. Every day. Professor Patriot, someday grandchildren will ask how asleep the people of the Unicorn Zone were back in. The grandparents will say our government supported literal Nazis mutilated children and made sex objects of them.

Spread disease and harmful treatments for the diseases they spread. Celebrated androgyny and the weakening of the family imprisoned political enemies. Spent their own countries into bankruptcy, poisoned the food, stripped God from society in all manner of all of other evil acts and most people didn’t even know or have the energy to care. And when those grandchildren ask how the people were awakened, the grandparents will say that a handful of brave men and women went about simply telling the truth.

The brilliance of the Great Awakening originated by the Q Op is in its simplicity. Truth and love are the most powerful forces in the universe. Nothing can stand against them. Stay comfy. But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you once again for how you continue to expose evil. Allow us to speak truth to so many people, teaching us once again reminding us to love you and to love our neighbor as ourself.

Even think about the teachings of when somebody asks you to go 1 mile, go with them too. How amazing it is to have confirmation day in and day out of your love for us, of the ability you have provided us to comfort those who are hurting, who have been tricked, who have been fooled, even in the medical side of things. We ask and pray for complete healing of so many out there that are hurting.

We also lift up those that are on the front lines. Many must be behind the scenes fighting an enemy. Even on the military side, we ask for their protection and also protection over us and our families as we move forward in this Great Awakening. We ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen. Folks, thank you for your support. Thank you so much for your letters, for subscribing sharing.

If you continue to lift us up in prayer, we’d appreciate it. We’ve got a lot going on and hope for more exposure of great things that are going on with great patriots around this earth. For now. This is lt. St simplify with them. We know. Signing out Ram. It’s. .

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