9.17.23: LT w/ Dr. Elliott: BASEL 3 CBDC GOP Fight Precious Metals PRAY!

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9.17.23: LT w/ Dr. Elliott: BASEL 3 CBDC GOP Fight Precious Metals PRAY!


➡ Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team offer monetary support and can even pray with those in need, promoting a voice of reason and offering financial solutions amidst fears and concerns about the US being overrun by communist and socialist ideologies. This information is relayed through a weekly online discussion, where they also discussed recent actions by the Biden administration regarding a digital dollar, and the introduction of legislation aimed at upholding privacy, individual sovereignty and free market competitiveness.
➡ The given text is about how the discussed team assists clients in making investment decisions, specifically regarding a transition from typical investments to silver, providing guidance even in economic and geopolitical uncertainties. They emphasize on strong client relationships and educational support. The conversation further explores concerns about Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), digital IDs, and global pushes towards digitization, potentially threatening user privacy, raising apprehensions about the emergence of a “mark of the beast” kind of system and replacement of cash transactions with digital ones. They indicate that nations like Russia and Japan are set to issue their CBDCs soon.
➡ Large economies like Russia, Japan, and India are exploring digital currencies, with India working on the Stack DPI system comprising a digital ID with an interoperable UPI digital payment platform. However, concerns remain about lack of privacy in these Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Concurrently, paradigm shifts in real estate and banking are underway, such as potential real estate decline and changes in the banking system post-COVID, impacting reserve requirements and consolidations.


All right, once again, it’s great to have Dr. Kirk Elliott with us on board. It’s so amazing. Every week we’ve got amazing information just flying in left and right. We’ve got a great video to play today also to kick us off. But just a reminder for everyone, we’re at and we know Gold. Anytime you go in the description box below, you can reach out to Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team, and they’ll get back to you in about 24 or 48 hours with any type of support you need, monetarily and more, and even pray with you if you need some prayer.

It’s absolutely amazing, their support, and I just love you guys. And how are things going this week? They’re going really well. It’s been a great week. Just helping a ton of people. And as we’ve talked about on this show before, it’s like, people are so scared. Lt like, literally just scared. When I see that. It’s like, okay, number one, I’m glad that we’re there to help, right? And bring be the voice of reason and offer solutions.

But B, it ticks me off. It’s like, this is America. People should not be scared. But yet, truly, we’ve been overrun by communist ideology, socialist ideology, and it’s kind of a hate to say that it’s a Godless nation because God’s still in charge, right? It’s kind of an oxymoron. But yet the policies coming out of DC are certainly anti God. The policies coming out of the World Health Organization, the UN, the bank for International Settlements, all of that is anti freedom, anti God type initiatives.

And it’s just like but okay, when the storm gets bigger, God gets greater, right? Amen. Because in our weakness, he’s made strong. So this is where we get to help be the voice of reason and offer solutions financially in people’s lives. Can’t do much about the politics, but we can sure help with the financial piece of it. Yeah, I wanted to show this video real quick. We showed it earlier before we hit record for everyone to see that there are folks fighting back on a stage here in the United States, and I think it’s pretty good.

Let’s play Representative Tom Emmer for those listening in. It’s good to be back at the people’s house where House Republicans are ready to continue delivering on our promises to the American people. One important aspect of our common sense agenda is actually protecting Americans’financial privacy, particularly when it pertains to this lawless administrative state. That’s why I reintroduced a bill yesterday called the Central Bank Digital Currency Anti Surveillance State Act, which puts a check on unelected bureaucrats and ensures that the United States digital currency policy upholds our values of privacy, individual sovereignty, and free market competitiveness.

Recent actions from the Biden administration have made it clear that they are not only itching to create a digital dollar, but they’re willing to trade Americans’right to financial privacy for a surveillance style CBDC this bill ensures the future of crypto is in the hands of the American people, not the administrative state. By prohibiting the Federal Reserve from creating a tool with unfettered insight into Americans’financial data, if not open permissionless and private like cash, a CBDC is nothing more than a CCP style surveillance tool that can be weaponized to oppress the American way of life.

We’re not going to let that happen, not on House Republicans’watch. And I want to thank the Financial Services Committee for considering our bill this month and we’re going to continue working to ensure that the digital economy is designed by Americans and emulates American values. It’s going to be back. What do you think about all that coming out from Tom Emmer out of Minnesota? So I love it. So here’s where for the last couple of weeks, we’ve kind of referenced it, but not really gone into depth.

How the more egregious these things become like the total onslaught against our privacy and freedom with Central Bank Digital. Currency with the BRICS nations, with programmable money, with the Unified Ledger. Everything that we talk about, it’s like the overreach by the federal government is going to cause kind of an opposite reaction. Like we’re seeing states rise up with pending legislation for state chartered central banks backed by gold in a couple of states.

Gold being used as legal tender in about seven states. Now the Congressman from Minnesota wanting to pass federal legislation reintroducing a bill to not have central bank digital currency be like the Big Brother surveillance state. Amazing, right? So you’re starting to see opposition that’s rising up to kind of counteract this juggernaut that’s coming down the hill. Because here’s the thing. Are we going to have central bank digital currency? We will, no doubt in my mind we are going to get it.

Now, how long it lasts, a good question. What kind of teeth it has? A good question. Because that’s going to be up to if, if America just continually falls asleep at the wheel, just lets them have their will, have their way in all areas of her life whenever they want, well then they’re going to get a lot, right. But we don’t have to let them have that. We don’t have to just give up our freedoms, right? It’s like when it reminds me of stories of the Revolutionary War, right? Because the Revolutionary War, who was the ragtag fighters of America? There wasn’t very many of them and most of them were pastors.

Quite honestly. It’s like pastors and farmers and they were the ones that said, no, you’re not taking away our freedom. You’re not taking away this God given right of the freedom of religion and freedom of speech and freedom to actually have a family and make a living. And we don’t want taxation without representation, right? So here we’ve got all these stupid global taxes and they’re going to non governmental organizations and we’re paying taxes that trump actually got us out of paying I don’t even know how much it is billions of dollars a year into the World Health Organization because he said, we’re not paying this.

They brought COVID on the world, and they’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. So we’re not going to pay. Right. So now you’ve got all these taxpayer dollars going back to fund the United Nations fund, the World Health Organization fund, all of these things, and it’s like, no, we don’t need it. We need a turnaround in Washington. And that speech that we just saw by Congressman Enmer from Minnesota, it’s like to step in the right direction.

And it’s exciting to me to yeah, yeah. Another one that I was going to show you earlier, I’m going to go ahead and grab that now. Happens to show something that you actually showed earlier last week. I want to pull that up. And that was the difference in the money that we have today versus a long time ago. And she did a great job explaining it, just like you did when she shows the difference between this paper Fiat one dollars bill and what this tried to match in gold.

And I don’t have to play the whole thing, but just quick, how she does this is pretty amazing. I’ll show you real quick right here. Let’s start with a dollar bill. This was created to mimic this. Can you see how tiny it is? But today you can buy $0. 03. Well, guess how much this is? If you want to buy it today, it’s $460. That’s a 1913 gold coin.

To see that $460, I watched this and I said, I played it last week in one of my videos. I said, man, this is exactly what Dr. Kirk Elliott was talking about. She goes through piece by piece, each one $5. 1913 is now worth $719 out of March 2023, obviously, but just the difference in a piece of paper. And when you have a gold piece they tried to match in 1913, before we had all the mess that we’re in, it was actually worth she puts it up here, $1,369.

I mean, this is exactly what you pointed out. Yeah. Isn’t that wild? Because the $10 bill that she’s got, $1,369 versus the $10 bill, is still worth $10, right. If you had the paper where the equivalent in 1913 is now worth $1,369 if you had the gold. That’s right. This is amazing what she’s doing. And it really helps amplify everything that we have. Right. Because the $20 bill worth 26 94 in that one gold coin, or you could have not invested it into gold in 1913 and just kept your $20 bill, and it’s worth $20.

It’s bonkers. But it’s not just $20. I mean, that’s the face value of that $20 bill. But what would it buy you, right? What it would buy you is the equivalent of $2,600. So that’s how you have to start looking at. I would encourage everybody watching this to start valuing their wealth in terms of how many ounces of gold do you have, how many ounces of silver do you have? That’s right, because really, that’s the only thing that’s going to maintain your wealth and grow your wealth over time is tangible assets, not paper that he wrote that’s right.

And that’s what you guys do there. You support folks, right? When I met you, we contacted your team and they helped us get our IRA over from that system over to it’s all converted to silver now. And it’s been growing like crazy since the beginning of year and it was just phenomenal. What we’re seeing, the changes we’re getting, communication from your team, always how those things are working, where it’s all stored, our options.

I mean, it’s just been amazing. What else do you guys provide there besides peace of mind in that area? Well, to me, you have to have transactions to buy and to sell, right? Whether you’re buying real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold or silver, it’s the only way you can get into a trend, to allocate into that and grow is to buy. The only way you get out of a trend and lock in profits is you sell.

But to me, most advisory firms, they’re all about the transaction commission. When you buy a commission, when you sell, then they just forget about you in between. But to me, the transaction is the necessary evil. It’s the least of the things. Granted, they’re necessary to get into a trend, right? But to me, life happens in between those transactions. That’s where relationship happens. And we want to hold people’s hand through the economy.

We’ll let you know when it’s time to buy, when it’s time to sell, when it’s time to reallocate, when it’s time to go back into stocks or bonds, when it’s time to just get out of silver, go into gold, get out of gold, go back into doctor, whatever, right, whatever needs to be done. We don’t expect clients to watch the markets like a hawk and tell us this is what we want to do.

I mean, you can if you want to, I don’t care. But truly, our job in the partnership with you and your money and being a wise steward with what God has given you to help you aim the gun to be on target so you can then pull the trigger and be on target, right? We want to help bring peace into the midst of the storm by you realizing, wow, I didn’t know there were people out there, advisors out there who didn’t listen to mainstream media, who don’t think that when stocks stink, you go into bonds, and bonds stinky.

Go into stocks, it’s like, well, what about when they all stink at the same time together? Well, then what? I mean, this is where we are in today’s world, is the inflationary pressures, the political chaos, the geopolitical conflict, all that debt, everything that we’re seeing is pointing with big bright neon flashing arrows. Look at silver, look at gold allocate into it. This is where strength and safety is.

But it won’t be that way forever, nor has it been that way forever in the past. Right. It’s like there’s a time and a place for everything. That’s what we help people do is in between those transactions. We let you know. We keep you abreast of things every single week with a video email just to help melt away any kind of financial anxiety that people have. Lt because they’re consumed by it.

Well, when you know and you understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, when you’re in the right place at the right time, that’ll melt away financial anxiety. That’s why we focus so much time on that educational part of right, right. Yeah, it’s amazing. I mean, even going back and looking at everything that they have that planned for us to be able to get around the CBDC that they’re pushing.

I mean, we can talk to those in office, but at the same time we make personal decisions where we can contact you and receive the support we have. I mean, I just noticed it wasn’t just the South Dakota there. Tom Emirate was 49 of the Republican colleagues, he said, that reintroduced the CBDC Anti Surveillance State Act. Yeah. So that’s a good thing to see that folks are jumping on board.

I’m sure there’s a lot of phone calls that are going in saying you better not do this, but in the mean we have a chance to make smart choices. Yeah, we do. And it’s not just CBDCs that are kind of the scary thing moving forward. Now. You look back to March of 2020 and the United Nations Secretary General Guterres said we’re going to have in our pact for the future, which is the report that they wrote back in March.

It’s going to be fully implemented by September 15 of 2024. And what is the pact for the future? Basically, it’s biometric global IDs attached to your bank account. That’s what it is. And so they want to make sure that you’re not a robot. Right. And it’s really you. It’s really a human scan your, retina scan your thumbprint, whatever it is, it’s biometric attached to your bank account. So when you have this digital ID, they’re going to know where you are, where you’re traveling, what you’re spending money on, and if they don’t like it through the bank for International Settlements Project Icebreaker, they’ll just cut you off from being able to spend your money based on ideology.

Really? Ideology is the divorcing agent between you and your money in this new world order system. Right. So then just earlier this week, on Monday, the G 20 announced a plan to impose digital currencies and IDs worldwide. So not only is it the United Nations, it’s now, the G 20 nations, which America is part of, india is part of, right? China, it’s like the 20 largest economies in the world.

They now have their own plan. It’s like, I don’t care if the United Nations thinks that we’re going to get this done by September 15 of 2024. We’re imposing digital currencies and IDs worldwide as well in our own member nations. So you would think that the G 20 nations would be run by the United States because we’re the highest tax paying member of it. We keep the whole group afloat? Pretty much.

Well, it’s not. It’s run by Narendra Modi, the president, or the Indian prime minister. So you’ve got all these socialists. Now, India is one of the world’s foremost authorities, if that’s a correct word, or users of digital wallets, digital currency. I mean, even people in the sticks in the rural areas in India have money apps on their phones, right? So of course, they’re going to be in basically efforts with the rest of the G 20 nations to impose digital currencies and IDs.

But there’s not a lot of opposition to this either, which is the weird part to me. There’s not a bunch of opposition, which tells me that when you start seeing things like this at this time in history, that people that are making these decisions have not read the Bible. I’m telling you, this is crazy. The Bible tells us that what these times are going to look know, digital IDs, a global currency, the ability to cut you off from buying or selling.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, smells like a duck, it’s probably a mark of the beast kind of a system. Yeah, I was watching a pastor on YouTube this week. He posted on social media that he went into a baseball stadium and he could not pay in cash to enter. And there was nothing there that you could do in cash. Everything had to be done through a digital footprint.

You had to use your card. He said he tried to use cash. They won’t let him. Now, to enter this stadium, he had to, I think, buy the ticket online. He entered, and he goes, okay, I’m going to get some food or whatever. And they’re like, sorry, we don’t take cash anymore here just to go to a baseball game. And so it kind of tells you what in the world is going on, where folks are going to, little by little say, well, if I got to go to this game, I need to bring my card.

And it’s just a simple process. But then over time, they’re going to say, hey, sorry, you need a digital currency to purchase or buy this. Before you know it, they’re going to have it where all of our entertainment, just like they experimented with us with the Jab, they’re going to say, well, now you’re required to have this digital footprint just to enter and enjoy these things that we have every day that we just take for granted.

It’s just a normal thing. Yeah. And how close are we to these things? Lt? Well, less than half a percent of citizens have basically said they’ve even used digital currency e wallets ever, which would be, your know, things things like that. Coin wallets for cryptocurrencies and so forth. Google, Pay, Venmo PayPal, all those would be considered almost like crypto type wallets or digital currency. Well, for a legit currency.

Currency, right. Not just some alternative, but, like, countries issuing CBDCs. Japan and Russia roll theirs out this year. We’re in September, so we’re like two and a half months away from basically in Russia and Japan issuing their central bank digital currency and having that be the official currency of the land. Those aren’t small countries, those are big. One is obviously Russia. The other is huge. Massive g 20 nation being.

Japan one of the largest economies in the world. Okay, so it’s coming. It’s, like, literally two and a half months away. This is crazy. Now, India is working on the Stack DPI system, which comprises a digital ID and an inoperable UPI digital payment platform. So what does that mean? Means they’re trying to get a cryptocurrency that’s supposedly private. And I say supposedly because whenever somebody controls the data and they control the source of funds, the use of funds and the ownership of the funds, it’s not private.

It’s simply not private. Now, it’s only private if they don’t know the source of the funds, the use of the funds, or anything. I mean, at that point, cryptocurrency is private. None of these CBDCs are actually private. Lt none of them are by design because they have to have it be programmable and non immutable, which means they can change the programming of ownership whenever they want. So as we enter into this next stage again, just the reminder that folks can go to Forward slash Gold, and you can reach out to Dr.

Kirk Elliott and his team to learn more about all this one on one. More than just a quick interview to get up. You guys can just reach out to them and they will help you out. It’s absolutely amazing. Again, we’re just glad to have you. Dr. Kirk Elliot, anything you want to say in closing? No. I mean, we’ve got these nations. I would say in closing. Watch what happens with real estate.

I think we’re on the cusp of a massive real estate decline. When you look at wages compared to rents, it’s about a factor of five times greater. People aren’t keeping up. You look at the price of new housing from the late 1990s until now, it’s about a five fold increase. It’s like, man, how can people afford any of this stuff? And the answer is, they can’t, but here’s where they can’t afford it.

But the banking system is changing right underneath our nose. So in COVID, they moved the reserve requirement for banks down to 0%, which means banks didn’t have to hold any money in back, encouraging them to send all of it out there to the masses, give out loans and stimulate the economy. Right. Before that, it was a 10% reserve requirement. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Basil Three Accord, they changed the reserve requirements to 20% 20, but we’ve had 0% since the year March of 2020.

It’s like, oh, man. Three and a half years later, now what? Now we have to go from 0% to 20. We don’t have that money. We’ve lent it all out. Well, if you don’t comply, your bank gets shut down. So I see a bunch of consolidation happening where Morgan Chase is probably going to start buying a ton of medium sized banks, small banks, and it’s just going to start to change the fabric of the world as they put Draconian measures mean they’re one of the founders or early adapters and users of the Fed.

Now app. Right. Your conduit from you and your money to the central bank, digital currency, don’t think that it’s going to be a safe haven for your assets, big banks like Chase, right? I don’t think that it will, because they’re the ones that get the lion share of the stimulus money. They’re the ones buying out all the small and medium sized banks. Of course they’re in on this Draconian type police state, but that’s weird.

But this is where the only way out of that tangible assets like silver. So anything I wanted to leave with people, don’t hesitate. If you’re on the fence, then call us and we’ll help you. Just walk you through it. It’s really easy. But I would rather be nine months early, six months early. Three months early than one day late, because one day late might mean that you don’t have a bank account anymore.

Absolutely amazing input. Really appreciate you guys want to close in prayer real quick. Heavenly Father, thank you once again for Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team. All that they continue to do for us, for those around this earth that are having so many issues, looking forward, we see the things on the horizon playing out, but we know that you can provide comfort and rest through folks that you’ve already set up for this season that we have on the earth.

We ask that you continue to protect them, protect their staff and so much more. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. Thanks once again, brother. Looking forward to next week. You bet. Me too. We’ll see you. .



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