9.13.23: ALARM set! Buckle up! Biden McCarthy 9/11 HEART PRAY!

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➡ The text discusses an imminent societal change, suggesting a deep state is desperately clinging to control while corruption is exposed. It highlights doubtful politics, biased media, and hints at a call for impeachment against Joe Biden. Furthermore, it alleges violation of election laws, including the influence of Mark Zuckerberg’s funding in the process, and urges for real ballots, genuine candidates, and new votes.
➡ The narrator discusses several topics, including a conversation about political indifference, a critique of Vanguard and BlackRock’s influence in multiple industries, a testimonial about curing cancer with dog dewormer, Biden’s dealings with Iran, the secrecy of investigations and proceedings, and personal updates about his website and family’s accomplishments.
➡ The text details the speaker’s pride in his children’s progress in video editing and bowling, intertwining with sentiments of occasional parental failures. It also contains assertions about the link between the September 11 attacks and Jesus’ alleged true birth date, speculation on other conspiracy theories around ‘elite’ and their actions, as well as mentioning their merch. Further, it talks about using Christmas as an opportunity to talk about Jesus, irrespective of the inaccuracies in the traditional date. Lastly, the speaker diverges into a discussion on the supposed existence of a ‘firmament’ delineating the heavens from the earth.
➡ The text discusses the idea of ‘predictive programming,’ suggesting that hints about the 9/11 attacks were seeded in media long before the event. It presents examples from different decades and implicates powerful elite or ‘evil ones’ in this conspiracy. It also references a quote from a book by Donald Trump predicting a large terrorist attack, and presents a list of President Trump’s achievements. It contrasts ‘real’ (gold and other precious metals) and ‘fake’ (paper) money, suggesting the value of gold for retaining purchasing power. Finally, it mentions an interview with Dr. Kirk Elliott discussing economic issues and the petrodollar system.
➡ The text discusses the conflict over the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and the risk of myocarditis, highlighting instances of sudden deaths after vaccination. It describes skepticism about public figures promoting the vaccine, specifically mentioning Dr. Fauci. The writer accuses mainstream media and dominant social platforms of misinformation and censorship, and cites personal experiences of loss due to the vaccine. The text also touches on the influence of former President Trump, his reception in Iowa, and the perceived divine mission behind his leadership. It then shifts to discuss a controversy about Oprah Winfrey’s acquisition of large expanses of land in Maui, Hawaii prior to a wildfire, implying possible untowardness. It finishes by mentioning Winfrey’s connection to Epstein Island and questioning her integrity.
➡ The text focuses on a range of social issues, including public opinion about Oprah’s wealth and public visibility, arguments about the presence of explicit material in schools, teachers’ controversial attitudes, and issues around parental involvement in education. Also highlighted are criticisms against gun prohibition in New Mexico, updates from the Remnant Revolution Tour, religious baptisms across America, and conjectures about geopolitical strategies related to a significant military exercise in the EU.
➡ The text indicates a strong belief in American resilience despite recent trials, relying heavily on faith and divine intervention. The author expresses gratitude for support and protection, shares updates about ongoing activities, requests further support for his son’s Bowling Bros. Channel, and also has lyrical references likely from a song.


You see if I can do a little piece of this. Someone told me long ago there’s a calm before the stone. I know. It’s been coming for some time. When it’s over, Soul, it’s be it’ll rain. A Sunday. I know. Shining down like water. I won’t know. Have you? Ever seen? I won’t know. Have you ever seen rain coming down the day yesterday? Days before? Sun is cold, rain is hot.

I know. Been that way for all my time. Would you believe that after all we’ve been through that there is a deep state losing its mind, throwing all it has left in their arsenal into this evil game? They think they’re going to win. We go through each day clamoring for any ounce of info to help us stay positive. And somewhere, somehow, we realize that a change is here.

Hollywood news, politicians so much change, they are literally losing their mind. We have no idea what’s going on other than things seem to be different than they used to. Let’s keep it going. Let’s expose these guys. Let’s see how this power play is playing out for all. Here we go. Yes, ma’am. What actual evidence do you have as opposed to allegations to show to the American public that would merit an actual impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden and prove that today isn’t just about some of you oh, I don’t know, McCarthy for the sake of enacting political revenge? This isn’t about political revenge.

We have the bank accounts. We can see, ma’am, you can see that the homes that the Bidens own can’t be afforded on a congressional or Senate salary. You also understand that it’s not normal for family members to receive millions of dollars from overseas interests. Those things aren’t normal. That’s not normal to have 20 shell companies. These things are not normal. And it alludes to not only just widespread corruption, but money laundering, if not influence peddling itself.

And we also have the president, the vice president at the time on record saying that the prosecutor was fired. Well son of a bitch. The prosecutor was fired, right? Because the prosecutor was going after the company that his son was working on. That’s what we have. If you can’t see that, if you are that blunt, I’ll turn it over to the attorneys. People can’t see that they think it’s political because you don’t report on it today.

I’m not sure how you know what the American people think, but here’s what they scott Berry unloading on a reporter who says republicans impeachment inquiry is about political revenge. No matter what, no matter how it plays out, these folks are paid off, these mainstream media freaks. There’s a few politicians left that possibly could be part of the good side or it could just be a play to keep us moving along.

It’s hard to imagine anymore the things that we’ve been through, the corruption that we’ve seen that anyone in the media would even report anything remotely close to sending Biden away or putting the truth out about corruption from the Democrat side at all. Kevin McCarthy to Greenlight impeachment inquiry of Cricket joe Biden It’s going to hold a meeting Thursday. Has Kevin McCarthy finally grown a spine? Fox News reported this.

That Kevin McCarthy is going to do this. He’s going to tell the House GOP this week that launching impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden’s a logical step. Well, he put that for all to see on X, on Twitter. Truth. Hammer threw this in there, mr. Speaker. Interesting, but you’ll have to forgive us if our expectations of any sincerity on your part are slightly low. But if you really do this, present real evidence of Biden’s crimes in a way that forces C Span to broadcast it in full for all to see.

Yeah, that’d be cool. Just make sure you force a vote on record. Be a real shame if everybody saw which rhinos are defending Biden and started. Hmm. Why would they do that? Well, Representative Gates goes in, threatens to remove Speaker McCarthy for being out of compliance to the Art Agreement, which made him House Speaker. Here’s a little clip from that, and I’ll talk about it on this very floor in January.

The whole world witnessed a historic contest for House Speaker. I rise today to serve notice. Mr. Speaker, you are out of compliance with the agreement that allowed you to assume this role. The path forward for the House of Representatives is to either bring you into immediate, total compliance or remove you pursuant to a motion to vacate the Chair. We have had no vote on term limits or on balanced budgets, as the agreement demanded and required.

There’s been no full release of the January 6 tapes, as you promised. There has been insufficient accountability for the Biden crime family. And instead of cutting spending to raise the debt limit, you relied on budgetary gimmicks and rescissions so that you ultimately ended up serving as the valet to underwrite Biden’s debt and advance his spending agenda. Mr. Speaker, you boasted in January that we would use the power of the subpoena and the power of the purse.

But here we are, eight months later, and we haven’t even sent the first subpoena to Hunter Biden. That’s how you know that the rushed and somewhat rattled performance you just saw from the speaker isn’t real at this point. During Democrat control over the House of Representatives, they had already brought in Don Jr. Three times, and we haven’t even sent the first subpoena to Hunter Biden. Power of the subpoena and power of the purse.

Only thing the 118th Congress is known for at this point is electing Kevin McCarthy Speaker and underwriting writing Biden’s debt. And unfortunately, there’s only one of those things we can remediate at this time. So the Agreement jeffersonian motion to vacate the Chair. This allows a single person to make the motion to remove the speaker if he goes back on his word for a church style committee video. This allows patriots to look into the weaponization of organizations like the FBI against Americans.

Term limit vote, single subject bills that can’t be loaded with irrelevant nonsense. A texas border plan. Remember, this was all the agreement. A budget that stops an increase in debt ceiling and holds the Senate accountable, ending all COVID mandates and allows 72 hours to read a bill. That dude’s failing. And then all of a sudden, it seems like the timing and all this where McCarthy? All of a sudden, I’m going to look into Joe Biden, even though they were probably going to take him out anyway, even though they were going to remove him and put somebody else anyway.

It’s almost like they had this in the toolbox, ready to go. Hey, in case they come after you, McCarthy, make it look like you’re the good guy. You’re the good guy. So go out there and go after Biden, okay? Since all these investigations are going to play out and you just see the political forces moving back and forth, back and forth, like the tide keeps going, moving here, moving there, keeping everybody dancing around, waiting for the moment when all of these folks finally realize the time is up.

We need new folks in office. We need this whole country revamped. We need new votes with real ballots and real people who are actually running for office and not part of the all of the lobbyists. Whatever. All right, so leading report breaking Trump’s legal team’s accusations of election fraud in Georgia. 2506 felons voted illegally. 66,248 underage 2423 were not listed as registered. 1043 illegal voters casted a vote via post office box.

4926 voted past the registration date. 10,315 were deceased before the election. 395 cast ballots in another state. 15,000 plus changed address before the election. 40,279 just moved across county lines at least 30 days prior to the election day and failed to re register. Yeah, just a few here and there. Not very many. I mean, come on. What are we looking at then? The leading report put out the Trump attorney John Eastman’s testimony that Zuckbucks zuckerberg, with $8.

8 million provided to Wisconsin’s five large cities, violated the law. Zuckerberg’s employees work for the clerk’s offices and get access to voter information that costs the public $12,500, but has a four to five day delay. So there’s no way to verify activation. Isn’t that something? If clerks did not comply with Zuckerberg’s employees, there is a penalty. They had access and chased down ballots that were requested but not returned.

Zuckerberg’s employees essentially ran the elections while making statements against Trump. The Wisconsin Supreme Court confirmed ballot boxes were illegally placed, causing illegally cast votes. And the guy Zuckerberg hired to run the operation wrote a book on how to win the election in this. Hmm. Who’s running the show? How is this whole thing playing out for us to see? I actually folks had the opportunity to talk to someone who lives nearby, and this person doesn’t have the same persuasion towards Trump that I do.

We have cordial talks, and something very interesting came up in our conversation of many different things. One of them particular was looking forward to his looking forward to how this is all going to play out on the legal, you know, Trump and some others. And he’s just so looking forward to watching this, how it plays out. In other words, looks to me like he’s guilty and he’s going to be put away.

That type of talk. Not in a mean way, not in a derogatory way. Just know, I’m just interested in seeing how this all plays out because the guy really just can’t stand Trump. Loves all of the mainstream media news, claims that he’s not Democrat or Republican, all that stuff. And I said, you know, you are doing exactly what we were hoping that I’ve been stating for years. And he looked at me, what’s that? Well, how do you present evidence to the know? And I said, basically the example.

What’s the example? Just some guy, he’s going to work every day. He’s trying to make ends meet. He doesn’t really care about what’s going on in politics. He just wants to put food on the table, plays his video games, goes to the movie on the weekends, doesn’t want to hear anything about politics. And then all of a sudden, he finds out that Trump’s going to be on trial for the public to see.

Oh, really? Yeah. And then how do you present the evidence to those people that never pay attention? And he goes, oh. And I said, they’re going to be able to show you that the election was stolen as many times as you tried to ignore me and I tried to tell you, you didn’t listen. But guess what? Now you’re going to pay attention. Out of all the times that I tried to get you to watch my channel, now you’re going to listen.

And then the subject was changed to all of a sudden, are these folks really men who are transforming into women? He changed the subject completely. It was a brilliant move on his part. And I said, you know, I’m just going to chill and relax. Let him do that. And then all of a sudden, it started raining and we ran into the house. Yeah, you guys hear me? You see how that plays out? Just nice, relaxed conversation, but realize there is a way to talk to folks in a nice way and realize, hey, you’re doing exactly what we were hoping.

You’re going to pay attention to a trial. It’s going to be bigger than OJ. These evil ones created all the diseases. They created all the drugs to deal with the symptoms, never curing anything. The one that makes me the most furious is cancer. We’ve had a cure for over 75 years, and they hit it and killed or arrested anyone who could prove they had a cure. Millions and millions of people have died.

All the loss and pain and suffering. All this time, there were inexpensive cures. Every one of these people, the knowingly, kept it secret, will pay. What a sick and vile thing to do. All for the sake of money and depopulation. God is avenging his people. Check this out. Who owns CNBC? Who owns Fox? Who owns CNN? At the top of the shareholder list, you have Vanguard and BlackRock.

Then you look at the manufacturers of the Jabs, okay? Pfizer, Johnson, Johnson, Moderna were the top shareholders of those companies, vanguard and BlackRock. Now, you look at the flight companies that banned all flights, no flights unless you’re taken care of. Who are the top shareholders? Vanguard, BlackRock. You look at the food, okay? Who are the top shareholders of all this junk food? Vanguard and BlackRock. So the media is controlled.

The food is controlled. The narrative is controlled. The transportation is controlled. Who owns Meta? Who owns Snapchat? Who owns well, used to be, but still kind of does Twitter. Who owns Google? They’re pushing the same narrative. The media’s pushing, oh, it’s the same company. It’s BlackRock. It’s Vanguard. Profit driven company. Profit driven companies. Evil, evil folks allowed to control this entire world. And we have a choice that we can make.

Do our research, work together, help each other out. That reminded me of this one here. I just went and looked it up because I remember I had it in my BOOKMARKS, but good to know. Cancer healing health. Man has cured his cancer with dog dewormer. Folks, I looked into this, and I was, like, watching, and many people commented that this is the same thing that they had used and saw a huge change.

So just a thought for all of you. So do you mind to tell me your name? And you do have a cancer before, right? Yes. So can you tell me the story, please? My name is Ernest Best, and I was diagnosed with stage four highly aggressive plasma toid carcinoma cancer. And I was told I had six months to live and there was nothing they could do for me chemo, radiation, no kind of treatments.

They told me to go home and die. And so I quit my job and came home. And I’d done some research into cancer and found a story about Joe Tipton from Edmond, Oklahoma, who the veterinarians had told him about the dog dewormer with the drug fenbenzadol in it that had killed his cancer. He’s still alive today, five years later. And so I watched his videos and stuff. I started doing more research.

I went to the tractor supply and bought $250 worth of safeguard dog bee, wormer, and I started taking it. I went and had Pet scans, Cat scans, MRIs, and exploratory procedures up into my bladder. The tumor died. I passed the tumor out, and I’m totally cancer free today. So there’s a lot of folks out there that talk about this. Fenbendazole and I looked at some other places out there where folks have done their own research and they found different ways that can heal you in different manners with all types of ailments.

President Trump, can you believe that cricket? Joe Biden is giving $6 billion to the terrorist regime in Iran. Yeah, that money be used for terrorism all over the Middle East and indeed the world. This incompetent fool Biden is absolutely destroying America. He had the audacity to announce this terrible deal today, September 11, out of all the days had to be 911. To pay for hostages will lead to kidnapping, ransom, and blackmail against Americans across the earth.

I freed many dozens of our people from various unfriendly countries and never paid. Adam. He posted this at 07:20 p. m. . Can you believe? Do you believe? 720 folks resignations. All the recent resignations in the plane crashes plan pre routes, plane reroutes. Excuse me. Why did sessions at the beginning emphasize investigations? Proceedings are kept confidential. They don’t let us know. We’re so used to getting the information ahead of time.

Remember those days? They tell us what movements were going to be made, what American military is going to be doing, in what region, how they’re going to play it out. They’d show the whole public how they would do it. Weird. We don’t hear about that much anymore. Do we think magic? What do you see? It’s a distraction. Do you really believe nothing is being done? Who has the power patriots in the control or in control? Why was this emphasized in the beginning? You have more than you know, folks.

I’m going to show you even more on 911. Some more updates there that I did not share in the last video. One of them being 911 is probably the true date of Jesus’s birth. I’m going to show you that video in a moment. Some other playouts where even President Trump was admitted. They said he had admitted that on MSNBC, that Trump was right about 911. How that play out? We’ll show his accomplishments.

Fauci admitting what happens when people take the jabs to he actually admitted it. It’s pretty freaky. I mean, I just couldn’t believe it myself. For now, I want to tell you about our website andwino. com folks. You can go there, check it out, andwinow. com truth, hope, faith and freedom. You’ll be able to check us out. Sign up for our newsletter monthly newsletter. You can also join our fellowship member program where you receive merch discounts monthly newsletter, special merch package that you’ll receive, and exclusive event invitations where you get to hang out.

My son is running this and we just had a discord meeting the other day where I actually answered questions from folks and we had a blast. It was a good time. I’m really proud of my son. Rafi and what they’re doing and just man, you know, that just makes me and I know you guys are wanting the news and everything that’s going on, but I wanted to make sure that I point this out one more time before I forget.

But one of my favorite things that as we grow in our world, we want to see growth in our own families. And we had a chance to say, look, why don’t you guys put your own videos together and start playing them out? And so if you guys go in the description box below, you’ll see my son Rafi and Noah. They put bowling bros. Together and they just released a video where they actually show their growth in bowling from 2012 to 2023.

And so he did this little intro. I was so proud of him because I try to teach them the intros, how to do video editing. They were in my office working for hours to put all of this together and they went back in the past, found all their old videos, found all of their two handed bowling, and they do some training in two handed bowling and more. You know what, just wanted to show them off.

They have the opportunity. I’m a proud dad and talk about them a lot in my book also, and how important it is for me to just see them grow doesn’t mean that I have it all together. I feel like I fail as a father all the time. I ask my wife all the time. I think I just have failed. I didn’t do the right thing, didn’t say the right thing, whatever.

But there’s moments like this where we just get really proud of our children and they start following in your footsteps. You get pretty happy. So here’s their introduct. Yeah, there they are. They are showing their progression. They show their 300 bowling when they got 300 bowling right there when they were young. Pretty cool, pretty proud. Anyway, I just want to throw that in there real quick. Also wanted to make sure that you knew we’ve got plenty of merch and all of our gear for you.

We’d love for you to check it out in the description box below. You can go there to shop. Amwinow. com. We’d love for you to check it out. Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. It we just learned that 911 was Jesus’s real birthday, so they blew these up as a Satanic ritual of celebrating the birth of Christ. We mourn the deaths of these people because they knew when Christ was born.

It’s right here in Revelations twelve one through five, john saw wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with sun, and she brought forth Jesus. And the woman John was referring to is the constellation Virgo. And clothed in sun is another celestial body, the sun as it appears to travel through the ecliptic. We know the days that this happens is August 27 through September 15. But wait, we know exactly the day Jesus was born because of this next clue, because the moon was under her feet.

And if this happened in three BC, then there’s only one day that this could have happened, and that’s September 11. Very easy to verify. This is why the elites all know this and that’s why they did that to those towers. Even more proof is that this is also Noah’s birthday. Even more proof that was the day that Noah removed the covering of the ark after the 40 days of rain.

Early Jews even thought that this was the day that God created the Earth itself. And they celebrate this as the Feast of Trumpets. So if you want to bring down the elite, then celebrate Christ’s birthday on this September 11. So how many of you have heard that? How would you get people to stay away from that date and make it to be an evil date or a date of destruction and horror? Well, you just play out all of the roles that they’ve been doing to us in their rituals against the very things that we love.

We love to talk about the birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary. That story is absolutely brilliant and amazing how God brought forth his only begotten Son, that whoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. He came to die for us. And so many would say, well, then, December 25, you look at that, the celebration, and you have Tammuz, you have Nimrod, you have all types of things related in the pagan side to that.

And so I’ll let you know, since some of you might be wondering, just for me personally, me personally, when it comes to Christmas, I use it as a time to reach out to those who don’t have a clue. I don’t run around to the lost or those that don’t believe in Jesus and say, look, you’ve got the wrong date. Christmas isn’t really happening. I like to use it as an opportunity to tell them, even though it’s being celebrated at the wrong time of Jesus Christ and the birth.

And I like it when President Trump does the same thing when he does his speeches. But again, going back to 911 make this look like a terrible day so that we never know the truth. And like he said, the elite like to take our dates, switch them around, and use them for their sacrifices and for their fear mongering on the Earth. And that part gets me very upset.

That’s where I get my blood boiling, is when they’re allowed to hold things that are the truth and we’re not we’re not allowed to know. But if we put out commercials saying that there’s a let’s see, like a firmament, I’ve showed this to you before, and this is where I talk about when I share with other people what is going on on this Earth. How they lied to us in so many different ways and fashions.

One of the things that really gets under my skin is this one thing, and I’m going to show it to you again. I’ve done this before, and I’m going to show it to you again. Just as a reminder, this is a Hennessy commercial dedicated to the picards. Now, I don’t have all the stuff in front of me because I didn’t prepare for this. I just thought of it as I’m talking.

But he’s a commercial celebrating the picards. The picard guy, probably one of the most brilliant men in history, better than the Einstein that they put in front of us, decided to take just a ball, connect it to a balloon, and shoot it as high as he could. And he actually hit what I call the firmament. When you go to the word of God in Genesis one, god separated the waters from the waters.

He said it twice. That means we have water above and water below. How many times have you heard on the evil side, you hear as above, so below, they’re allowed to talk about it, and then we say, oh, no, that’s evil. As above, so below. Yeah, they paint it into the evil side and their paintings and their singing and their music and all the folks that the truth.

Or channels as above, so below, that’s evil. Did you know, blah, blah. Yeah, it’s not as above the water. So below the water, you can’t get below a certain point, and you can’t get above a certain point. But what do they tell us? Outer space? And what are they trying to throw at us? They’re trying to throw at us. This alien attack is going to happen. And imagine, folks, if over time, they were able to deceive us, just like Ronald Reagan said, right? I imagine the whole Earth coming together when he made his UN speech.

The whole Earth coming together to fight against some alien encounter that comes down to destroy the entire Earth. Oh, come on. Oh, no. You’re talking bad about Reagan. I’m not saying that Reagan’s the worst guy since sliced bread. There’s a lot of stuff that’s wrapped around that guy, and if you knew the truth, it would blow you away. But we’re not going to talk about that today. I’m just going to man just happen to go there.

But again, let me get back to the point before I run off on these exits. They’re allowed to have commercials like this. Now, if I played this commercial that I’m about to show you from Hennessy, if I played it from Anne, we know on YouTube. If I still had a YouTube channel and I showed this to you, showing that he broke through the firmament or through the water above and his whole capsule filled with water, they would take me down.

Because they say, oh, he’s talking about the Earth’s firmament. Oh, my goodness. But they’re allowed to do it. They being the elites. Those that have are in the club. You guys ever seen George Carlin’s comedy? They’re in the club. You’re not in it, right? We’re not in their club. We’re not in the Oprah club that gets to keep her house and has two $3 billion and begs people for money for Hawaii and then goes out on TV the other day and says, all these people are attacking me.

That’s all conspiracy theories. Everybody’s on to Oprah. They know the deal. Let’s play the commercial. It for those listening in. He just shot up like a rocket with his balloon. He’s looking out onto the sky and he can’t believe what he sees. Boom. He shoots through the firmament. That book, the book that he wrote about this, if I remember right, Rob Skiba, when he was alive, when he’d talk about this constantly would say, you know, this book you can’t really find on Amazon anymore where he actually filled out and talked about what he saw when he shot up so high into the sky.

Now here’s the other part. I’ll show you. Once again, in this commercial, they happen to show us what this eye look at this. Look what he shot through. You see, that the eye. That’s what I call the signature of the evil ones, the all seeing eye. They didn’t have to put that in there, but they did perfectly in their commercial. Had to make sure their little signature in there.

That’s the way I see it. That’s what I believe. And it’s not fair that these guys get to do whatever they want and they mock us, constantly mocking us. Where else would they mock us? Well, then they would mock us by constantly putting out cartoons and movies with the 911 predictive programming going back decades before it occurred. Now some would say maybe it’s just the demonic forces using human beings to make sure that those numbers end up in that specific place because they knew they were going to plan this out.

Or it’s just humans that work together who are the part of the top 300 of this earth who said, you know what, we’re going to make sure that everybody gets pre programmed to get ready for 911. Here’s some of those for you to understand. 49 porky Pig and Charlie Dog cartoon what’s that? Look, it’s the towers. They’re falling. 1963 Wonder Woman comic book cover. 1970. 30 Seconds Over new York Book by Robert BACARD.

1973 Godzilla versus Megalon movie poster. 1973 Superman comic. 1975 Cracked magazine cover. 1976 911, a book by Thomas Chastain. 1976 Sesame Street magazine cover. 1976 Spidey super stories, comic book cover. 1978 Super Friends TV show. The episode entitled Monolith of Evil. 1978 Dr. John City Lights album cover. 1979 Meteor movie poster. Now this whole video goes on for 2024 minutes showing one after another after another after another of these 911 signatures in movies and cartoons.

And video games as if they knew what was going to come. They knew how this would all play out. And again, that’s where I get really ticked as they mock us, show us what they’re going to be doing ahead of time. And no matter how many times we try to show folks this, how many times we try to share with them, this is all scripted out. These evil ones.

Many still won’t believe in denial over and over again. Look at that. New York real estate. 2001 is their life beyond the boom. How did they get knowledge of all of this, this pre programming movement? So then you head over to trump was right. Pin truth. Donald J. Trump. Here you go. Buzfeed dug up an old quote from Donald Trump talking about a large scale terror attack 19 months before 911.

In his 2000 book, The America We Deserve, Trump wrote I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the 1993 Trade Center look like little kids playing with firecrackers. Trump also mentioned the mastermind of the attack, writing quote one day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin Laden is public enemy number one and us jet fighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan.

He escapes back under some rock and a few news cycles later it’s onto a new enemy and a new crisis. Wait, okay, hold on a second. Is this really Trump before 911? Have you read this? 2000 in his are we making that? Did you make this up? Mika? Nick? I did. Did you make this up? Nick? Tell us it’s over. Right, because will you everything mika, stop. Got it.

What’s the raise here? Will you stop? No, I think it’s cute. Really quickly, though. So Willie, that was 2000 in a book he wrote in the year 2000. Well was published in 2000. He could have written in 1999. Exactly. He might have been more precious. He basically predicted the attacks from predicted the attacks. He was right. Wonder how hard it was for them to admit that. Well the Trump confirmations posting that same clip on 07:37 P.

m. On September twelveTH 2023. They posted it the G H 17 on 911 2023 at 100 and 08:00 p. m. 737 says what a coincidence. This board has more power and influence than anyone comprehends. Anon says I hope someday Patriots vets and anons get the respect that we deserve. Marine Anans have felt betrayed by the same people we were willing to die to protect. I felt lost until you showed up in October speaking to the Intel Board.

Those that are part of it, thank you from the depths of my heart. We are with you, patriot. We honor your service to our great country. Without people like you, the world would be lost. Godspeed. The accomplishments of President Trump were put out and I thought it was important for folks to see that while we’re recording because sometimes I forget because folks will have conversations and we’ll forget some of the things that he accomplished.

So let’s put these into your psyche as we move forward. Neil, gorsuch on. The Supreme Court stock market reached an all time high. Consumer confidence at 17 year high more than 2 million jobs created mortgage applications to a seven year high. Unemployment rate at 17 year low. Women in Entrepreneurship Act gutted the Obama era regulations ended the war on coal. Weakened the Dodd Frank regulations promoted buying and hiring American investment from major businesses.

Reduced illegal immigration bids for border wall underway. Fighting back against sanctuary cities victims of immigration crime engagement five year lobbying ban remember that? Negotiated NAFTA withdrew from the TPP. That Evil Thing exited the Paris Accord thank goodness the DOJ targeting Ms 13 Good signed the EO to protect police officers and drug cartels. To target the drug cartels, he signed an EO for religious freedom. He sent education back to the States.

Fixed the VA trump’s temporary travel ban keystone Pipeline created Commission on Opioid Addiction combated human trafficking man, I’m having a hard time speaking human human trafficking rollback of Obama’s Cuba policy. Food stamp use was the lowest level in seven years reduced the White House payroll he donated his presidential salary. Yeah. Tell me he hasn’t done anything. And we hope that this whole system of Federal Reserve will go away.

We hope that somehow we’ll have gold backed money in the future. But I thought this clip would really help us out on that area. This is your fairy gold, mother. And I want to show you the difference between real money and fake money. Let’s start with a dollar bill. This was created to mimic this. Can you see how tiny it is? But today you can buy $0. 03.

Well, guess how much this is? If you want to buy it today, it’s $460. So she’s showing for those listening in that are just listeners only and don’t watch, that’s a 1913 coin that actually has a value. Because it’s a coin, right? It’s a metal that is now worth what does she tell us? That little piece of metal now is worth $460 in March of 2023 compared to one piece of paper that says one on it.

$60. This is fake money that was created to mimic this. This is a $5 gold coin. And guess what? If you wanted to buy that today, it’s $719. $5 gold coin from back then is now worth 700 plus dollars. This is a $10 bill. It’s actually legal tender. In other words, you could take this to the store and use it. It was created to mimic this. And today’s retail price is 13.

$6969. And how about this one? You can take this to the store. I’m not sure you can buy that much with it. $20. You certainly can’t buy this $20 gold piece if you were buying this one today, it’d be $2,694. This holds your purchasing power, the gold coin. This, the paper destroys your purchasing power. Yeah. This is in your control. This is in their control. Yeah, the paper is in their control.

We had a chance to talk about all kinds of issues like this. Let’s see from the video where I interviewed Dr. Kirk Elliott. You guys haven’t seen it. Check it out. From this past Sunday. Absolutely brilliant. And you can actually reach out to them and they’ll help you understand this better and take care of you on the precious metals side. And we know gold. Here’s a clip from that actual interview that you will absolutely enjoy.

Here we go. Nations. By January 1, they basically became the world’s new petrodollar, all oil, or at least 70% of the population in the BRICS nations are trading in their own currencies, not the US. Dollar. That lack of demand or investment into our treasuries is going to cause us to print money like there’s no tomorrow, which will create more inflation, which will then cause interest rates to rise.

Right? So this is the cycle that we’re in. So when you have rising interest rates and rising debt at the sovereign debt level, that doesn’t happen very often. It happens with muni bonds, corporate bonds, everything else. But we’ve got interest rates on the rise at the sovereign debt level, which means people don’t think it’s a safe investment anymore because credit is drying up. So really good interview, man.

He just brought up some solid points, and I hope you guys don’t miss that and reminds me of some other things that they tell us about that doesn’t amount too much at the time, but now it’s playing out, and it should be all over mainstream media and we should be talking about it constantly. Is this character Fauci coming out and telling us that you do get myocarditis from the vaccine? Again, we have experience with this type of vaccine in billions of people.

It’s a safe vaccine. Of course, with the mRNA, there’s a very low risk, particularly in young men, of getting a myocarditis. But if you look at the risk of myocarditis from COVID itself is greater than the risk of the vaccine. Also, he says, you can get myocarditis. James Wood says, wait, people were locked out of social media and ridiculed by people from the party of science for saying the vaccine causes myocarditis.

And now this weasel casually acknowledges we were right. All huh? These evil people. Do you see this? Just one thing after another where they’re coming out, showing us just how they try to slide that in. We’ll see. It’s okay that you got the shot. It’s okay that you got a little myocarditis. It’s okay that you can’t play sports anymore because you could just fall over and die because you got myocarditis.

It’s okay, because you would have died from Coronavirus anyway. Even though 99. 97 people who had this thing called corona actually survived, even though the media lied to us every single day saying how many deaths from corona happened, even though we had all of the nurses and the doctors dancing in the hallways and all of the places around the earth where they’re supposedly taking care of all these dead people wasn’t happening, what’s happening now? August 16, 2023.

Olympic swimmer Helen Smart dies suddenly at age 43. Can’t comprehend. How many times do we have to show people over and over what’s happening since these Jabs came out? And it’s hard because many people say, you know, I don’t want to see it anymore. I know. I know what happened. I realize that it’s bad. People collapsing in their bathrooms, folks saying that they lost someone unexpectedly. They post one moment that they are so excited that they got the Jab on their social media posts so they can get other people’s people to fall into the line of, look, I did it.

You should do it, too. I’m still alive. Genocideblog. com. There’s another one bragging on social media for the world to see openly, and the next thing you know, they’re gone. Got the Jab openly for everyone to see, and then they’re gone. I’ve been affected by it personally. My family members. We’ve got folks in our family, my wife’s family that decided to run along with the media on everything that they said.

And one of them, right after they got it, gone. We have to stay strong. We were told, stay together. The censorship they plan on doing will fail. Those they attack the most are the biggest threat. The deep state attacking us, mainstream media attacking us. We’re the threat because we put out the truth. So we’ve been attacked by robots, Mossad agents, three letter agencies, fame fags, big tech targeted by the IRS, antifa jailed without representation since January 6.

We, like the early church, grow more with every injustice uncovered. We don’t just die. We multiply. Nothing can stop what’s coming. The truth has been playing out in front of us for a long time. These folks who have done evil to us, those folks that have gotten by with evil, the elites, the actors and more. I believe that they’ve been called out years ago and they know they met their match and that’s why? They were all under the attack of someone who showed up in 2016 1516 and then 17 gets inaugurated and all they did was attack.

And then constantly, we’re still under attack because we support someone who we think did a lot for our country. We don’t worship the man, but we believe that’s why people follow him and shout for him. And that’s why in Iowa, he got the great reception he did. President Trump because many folks are realizing just what type of leader he really is. And many of us feel that he was sent by God to destroy the enemy.

And we’re going to watch them get destroyed. Part of that would be when they’re sitting there, these folks who did crimes against humanity and they had to listen to this guy in a comedy act expose. No one wants to see me insult any of you rich, beautiful, overprivileged celebrities. So he’s talking to celebrities. Remember this, Ricky Gervais? Still remember Epstein Island? Question mark on this TikTok post. No ordinary people at home wants to see this.

No ordinary people at home wants to see that because you’re better than ordinary people and you know it and they know it deep down. So he’s mocking them the way they’ve mocked us for years. We’re going to start picking on things you’ve done. Some of it immoral, a lot of it illegal. But if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that famous people are above the law, as it should be.

So I’m not going to be any terrible things you’ve done to get here tonight. Streep, clooney. I’m not even looking at Katie Holmes. These people above the law. And he says streep and clooney and just starts kind of naming some folks and they’re giggling and laughing like it’s all, hmm. These folks that think they’re above the law. Famous people are above the law. Well, interesting, because if you go out here into the mainstream media, they have to provide cover for Oprah.

Remember the one that came out and said criticism about her lahaina Maui, Hawaii fire donation scam? Oprah worth $2. 5 billion, probably 3. 5, purchased massive amounts of land just prior to the fires. Says she’s being terrorized and vilified online. She says she’s the target of a slander and tax lies, conspiracy theories. Remember, those in charge of the fund are drawing as much as $400,000 each in salaries.

It’s a great interview, full of prescripted questions and responses, an excellent example of the trash the mainstream media expects us to swallow and believe it’s a long interview. So due to X’s or Twitter’s text limits, I can’t transcribe it all. But you watch some of this and you can see I’m just going to play a beginning of this and show you something and turn to the Hawaii wildfires and the efforts to help those in elves.

Give your thoughts on that. Well, this is a really great point about being happier in the midst of an onslaught of being terrorized and vilified online. I will say this. I came out of this experience, I was saying this to Arthur this morning with so much more compassion for young kids because I was thinking, what if I didn’t really know who I am? What if I didn’t have the assurance of invictus that I am the master of my own fate and the captain of my soul? It would have taken you down.

It will take you out. So all of the online being slander and slammed attacks, lies, conspiracy theories, really took the focus off of what was the most important thing, and that was the people of Maui. So this idea came about because, as you know, when you were there, Tony, I was on the ground talking to lots of people, trying to figure out how do I best help? And in the beginning, it was know, material things dropping off generators and towels.

And then I started talking to people. People really wanted their own agency. Gail’s Son Will so then she just starts going to I brought a few things here and there, and I talked about people maybe getting some money in support and then found an agency that lets them get $1,000 a month to live that they can just make it every single day. Says the three two, three billionaire, 2 billion, $3 billion, maybe $4 billion.

She could take out 1% of that, hand it out to the folks and help them rebuild all their homes. Bring in all the moving trucks and the materials and say, we’re going to rebuild your homes and do a whole show about it for months and months and hug them for all. No. Let’s see. What else did I see about Oprah Winfrey? How much land did she purchase? Oprah Winfrey has been securing Maui land like it’s a trending bestseller.

In just 2023, she invested in a vast 520 acre plot for $3. 89 million, then went for another 330 acres at $2. 47 million. Not to mention the 210 acre patches she bought in 2022 for $100,000 each from a mere 100 acres in Maui. Oprah now commands over 1000 acres. But here’s the twist. Amidst this real estate surge, a sudden fire happens, destroying homes nearby, but leaving her vast terrains unscathed.

Does that ring a bell? Think back. Yeah, so we know I mean, we’ve covered this in detail. We talked about how folks have been exposing them, going after her, and realizing that she is not who folks thought she was. As a matter of fact, you guys know that she went on a private jet to Epstein Island twelve different times? And what happened to all the underage girls that got kidnapped from her school in Africa? A lot of folks are just wondering, just questions, why does she take her two and a half billion that they graciously, make sure at the beginning of the story, you know, she has, and just retire and stay out of the limelight.

Why does she have to come out and talk? Don’t you just feel for Oprah? Somebody asked. She’s just sitting there on TV wearing a custom made suit with surgeons cuffs, and it probably took about two months to make and costs about three months of the average person’s salary to purchase it while complaining about how the common man was angry at her. That was from Peppermint Patty. And then they go after our kids in school.

John Kennedy goes off on a Democrat, witnesses arguing in favor of keeping pornographic material in public schools. I understand, but none of you want to answer my question. You come here and you say, censorship is bad, and of course it’s bad, but the obvious response is, okay, you heard the books we’re talking about, okay, we’re not talking about Catcher in the Rye. So tell me, who gets to decide? And all I’ve heard is the librarians and parents have nothing to do with it.

And if that’s your response, what planet did you just parachute in from? Parents senator or what country? More appropriately, this is not China. Parents Senator. Yep. And so he read a book, and it’s nasty. I can’t play it because of the nastiness from these books that they want and schools the Librarian’s choice. What about the parents choice of what books go into the schools? Then you have videos that come out where these teachers this one on the right happens to be a teacher, and they just spew all of their angriness about their lives and everything and what they want children to know about them.

I feel like I had to learn the concept of chosen families really young, and it wasn’t anything to do with my queerness, but just based on the fact that I didn’t have the love at home that I needed, and I knew that I was valuable and deserved it. So I found it on my own early on, and I shouldn’t be blamed for that because blood still exists. You were never there for me.

So there we go, the craziness. And then you see what they talk about with the kids and what they do in the classroom to change the kids minds about how to behave and how to act, because that’s all they care about. Now, the person that posted this said they can’t say if this is a real teacher, if they’re just mocking what’s been going on in our schools, but we’ve seen a lot of this play out.

It’s really sad. I’ll move this off the screen and show you. Was school created here for us? Let’s see. Do I have this ready to go? I thought I had this ready to go. Nope. Anyway, that one’s not ready. But let’s go to something else. Albuquerque, New Mexico. You guys remember this? The Berna Lilo County Sheriff says he will not enforce Governor Michelle Grisham’s unconstitutional gun ban. He said, quote, in reference to concealed and open carry, the Berna Leo County Sheriff’s Office will not enforce this segment of the order.

While I understand the urgency, the temporary ban challenges the foundations of our Constitution, but most importantly, it is unconstitutional. My oath is to protect the Constitution, and that is what I will do. Love it. So we have good news. There also good news was just an update from Robert Jamie on the Remnant Revolution Tour. It’s in the description box below if you guys want to check it out.

You can see the many adventures of their tour going throughout America. They happened to be in Albuquerque, had six baptisms, so they said, I don’t have the video prepared yet as it was only Saturday, we had the baptisms at the Rio Grande. But it was amazing. Lt it was like we were on the bank of the River Jordan. Two entire families were baptized. Tim McClain’s, Family of Americans Assembly were rebaptized in Jesus name because the first time it was in the titles.

Only so many stories to tell here. But for another time, another mother, son and grandson were also baptized. And also we just happened to be in Albuquerque the same weekend, the Governor of New Mexico sent out the EO banning guns in that very county. Our good friend was with us, Constitutional Sheriff Joshua James, who was running for Governor of New Mexico and invited us to a rally in Old Town, Albuquerque.

I captured some footage and that was really cool. We showed some of that footage, actually, of them walking through and you can see folks there. So anyway, you can go to their website, Remnant Revolution Tour, and you can keep up with their updates, sign up for their newsletter and more. Remember, we had the baptisms in Williams, Arizona. They’re going to show Las Vegas, Nevada, grants Pass, Oregon and so many more areas.

And so let’s see, did he have this show in the oh, look, I think this is a new one he just posted here. So while we’re at it, might as well show it. And there we are with the Amwino flag in the background and the Remnant Revolution Tour map. And so it looks like he just posted this with the baptisms. Let’s check this out. Yeah, here we go.

So cool. So folks have been driving for hours and hours, some just to meet them so they can get baptized in Jesus name. It’s so wonderful to see the families hear the worship music and so much more. Look at that, another baptism. Look at the smiles. All my memories. Let’s go through some more here real quick, just real fast. So if you want to see more of this, just go in the description box below.

Remnant Revolution tour. Scroll down and you’ll see these videos out for all to see. Absolutely amazing. Robert Jamie just keep him in prayer and just so amazed at what God is doing in and through their lives for so many people. And also just great to see more positive side on comms. Just like I put into the thumbnail for this video, kevin Cork crumbs kevin Cork. Okay, let me tell you about this.

And then we’re going to close here in prayer, okay? He actually put out steps where Jesus walked and healed a blind man unearthed for the first time in 2000 years. He happened to post this at 07:57 A. m. . Interesting, because Kevin Cork was the same one that was put on the intel board back in September 11, 2020. September 11, 2023 years ago. He actually was highlighted. Heads up.

Timestamp is C est. Remember when I said this is Kevin Cork’s Twitter post? Wake me when there are indictments and or arrests. Well, a solid DOJ source just told me to set my alarm clock. I said I’ll believe it when I see it. Oh, man. Well, what does that mean? Well, if you go to 757 when he posted this last Twitter post kevin Cork 757 warning EU strike package x ray seven.

There’s a delta. What’s? The delta. Could it be? The 06:49 p. m. September 11, 2023 year Delta post from his last post at 12:49 A. m. On 12 September 2020 the Delta right on time because it points to what we would see as a NATO preparing largest military exercise since Cold War. Warning EU. Do you guys know that they’re having issues in Italy where the immigrants are coming over by like 5000 went in yesterday.

So there’s maneuvers happening in the EU. Could it be to take out the deep state folks? Will it happen in the COVID of darkness? Will they shut down all comms around the world so that they won’t be able to communicate but it’ll affect us also? Who knows? I mean, nobody really knows. Everybody guesses, but we don’t know this epic three year Delta with his tweet from Eric excuse me, kevin was amazing.

Indictments, arrests. A solid DOJ source told me to set my alarm. Well, the same day the article broke. NATO preparing largest military exercise since the Cold War. Eyes on. Just letting you know doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. It just means very strange coincidence. Eyes on. Our eyes on are all kinds of things. Lately we covered 911 at length. But look at this rainbow that showed up in New York on 911.

Many people were posting different angles of this rainbow over New York City. And I had a thought when I saw this. I saw a different angle where it looked like it was almost completely round from the top of another building. And I don’t have that video clip. But what’s really interesting about this for me is it’s almost like the rainbow represents god’s promise that he would not flood the earth again.

Right? But this rainbow showing know? Could it be a message? Hey gonna take care of you. Remember me? Remember your creator? Right? It could be that. I don’t know just sometimes goes through my mind then ultra Pepe Lives Matter posted this something I thought everybody would like as we close out, america has been subject to painful trials infiltration domination and great evils. Yet I still firmly believe she can be reborn from the precipice and that her best days are yet to come.

God isn’t finished yet with this story. There’s goodness yet to come if we all just hold the line. For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you once again for guiding and directing our thoughts towards you. Thank you for constant reminders of how this battle is playing out. We know that you’re in charge.

We know that you’re able to grab nations, even in the word of God. You could put a hook in the mouth of nations and pull them in directions that they don’t want to go so that your will is done. We know that we can come boldly before your throne. We know that anything that we ask, we come to you. That you said if we bring our heavy burdens to you, that you would relieve those burdens from.

You said, you know, bring your burdens before me and I will give you rest. We thank you for Robert and Jamie and their Remnant Revolution tour. We thank you for how you’re using them to reach out to so many. We lift them up to you as they continue to reach the lost with the gospel. We thank you for the protection you provide our families each and every day.

And we ask for continued protection as we go about talking to our neighbors, even for me personally, and talking to my neighbors about the truth, about how things are playing out. And once again, the affirmations that are given to us to move forward in this information war, the spiritual war, we look to you, the Author, and finisher for our faith. We ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Amen. And amen. Thank you folks so much for tuning in. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for always lifting us up in prayer. Great things have been happening behind the scenes. We’ve got some announcements that are coming out soon. Hang out for those. Please hit the subscribe button and share. And also, just a reminder, if you can go to my son’s Bowling Bros. Channel, it’s in the description box below.

Just scroll down there, give them a click, subscribe and a watch and send them a little note. They love to see that. It’s so encouraging. They’re young in their walk and they just appreciate that. For now, this is lt saying Semperfy with them. We know. Signing out. It’ll rain a Sunday I know shining down like water I won’t know have you ever seen the rain? I won’t know have you ever seen rain coming down? The day yesterday days before sun is cold and rain is hot I know I wait for home my wife.




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