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➡ The And We Know channel discusses a movie called “The War on Truth” directed by Chris Burgard. The film investigates thee events of January 6th, questioning whether it was an insurrection or a conspiracy. The director shares his personal experiences and concerns about the portrayal of the event in the media. He also talks about his previous work and the challenges he faced, including being investigated by the FBI.
➡ Nick and Annette, part of a conservative group in Hollywood, worked together on various projects including movies and TV series. Annette’s husband, Chris, was involved in the Capitol incident on January 6, aiming to protect people. Their home was raided by the FBI on February 11, 2021, causing distress to their family. The article also discusses the impact of media narratives, the importance of information, and the potential misuse of power within the FBI, as seen through the experiences of a former FBI agent turned whistleblower.
➡ The article discusses the experiences of individuals who were involved in the January 6th incident at the U.S. Capitol. It highlights their belief that they were unfairly targeted and treated harshly due to their political beliefs and actions. The article also mentions their struggles in prison and their concerns about the U.S. justice system. Lastly, it emphasizes their desire for the public to understand their side of the story.
➡ The text discusses the controversy surrounding the events of January 6th, suggesting that the media and administration have misrepresented the truth. It argues that the deaths of four Trump supporters that day were overlooked, and the subsequent suicides of four police officers were wrongly attributed to the events of that day. The text also suggests that there is a larger agenda at play, with the author believing that these events are part of a broader attack on truth and a strategy to undermine the country. The author encourages readers to stay informed and question the narratives presented to them.
➡ The speaker discusses the influence of cartels in the U.S., the importance of faith in God, and the role of truth in society. They share their experiences with a brave pastor who defied COVID-19 restrictions to keep his church open, and how this act inspired many. The speaker also talks about the importance of liberty and resistance to tyranny, and how fear is used as a tool of manipulation. They express concern about the changing values in the younger generation and the dark side of Hollywood, emphasizing that faith and truth are key to overcoming these challenges.
➡ The text discusses the fear of a potential civil war in America, fueled by divisions and manipulations from various sources. It highlights the role of truth and unity in preventing this, and the importance of standing together as Americans despite differences. The text also criticizes the infiltration of government agents into various groups, and the targeting of Christians. It ends by emphasizing the need for the church to stand up for American rights and values.
➡ The text discusses a spiritual revival happening in America, where people are turning to scriptures for comfort and truth. It also mentions a prayer for a movie called “The War on Truth,” which aims to expose hidden truths and awaken people who have been misled. The text ends with a critique of the perceived threats to national security, including border enthusiasts, Christian pro-lifers, and returning veterans.


Am I therefore become your enemy? Because I tell you the truth, what she came out with is the three most dangerous threats to the national security of the United States was pro secure border enthusiasts, christian pro lifers, and returning us veterans. That’s what they thought was the most dangerous stuff to the United States of America. I thought, we always thought the purpose of prison was to teach somebody a lesson. What lesson are you going to teach me? Not to go up to the Capitol again when there’s a protest? I looked down and I saw laser red lights moving and I like thought was that pointed at me.

So I looked down at my chest and then I realized our little four year old was standing right next to me and I saw them on him too. They’ve already labeled and marked us and that’s the situation that we’re in. And my daughters are worth me speaking out even though it hurts. So I’m speaking out and I’m using the most powerful thing that we have. And that’s why we have the First Amendment first, because our voice is very powerful. Folks, we’re going to talk to you today with director Chris Burgard on the movie called the War on truth.

Go down below this video in the description box, click on that link and you’ll be able to watch this amazing investigation into J Six. Was it an insurrection or something to the so called conspiracy theories that J Six was actually instigated? You’re going to see many lives affected in this movie. It drove us to tears. Some of these testimonies that they brought together will blow your mind. It’s amazing how they were able to put this together and really touch our lives and make us realize we have so much to be thankful for and we have so many to be praying for.

So many lives have been hurt over these past few years, folks. We’re so privileged and honored to have Chris Burgard with us today. The war on truthmovie.com. as you remember, he also directed capital punishment. Everything they told you about J Six was a lie for which he did not earn an Oscar, but did end up being investigated by the FBI as a national security threat to the United States of America after a big tip was called into the National Threat Operations center. That’s right, a threat to America for standing up for Americans because it know he lives in Texas.

Award winning filmmaker made his 1986 Hollywood debut as Matthew Broderick’s dance double in Ferris Bueller’s day off. That is great. What a fun movie too. He quickly landed recurring guest roles on popular nineties shows growing pains and tour of duty, and then appeared in numerous television and movie roles over the next several decades. Way to go. Thank you, Chris, for coming aboard and talking to us today about your new movie. Well, just thanks for having me. Just so honored. Lt. Thank you, sir. Yep, yep. Before we get started, I wanted to go ahead and just hit the trailer right away, give everybody an idea of what you put together, and we’re gonna go through it.

You are suggesting that the violence at the Capitol on January 6 was part of some operation orchestrated by FBI sources or FBI agents. The answer is no, it was not. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. It’s not protest, it’s insurrection. When I said how many agents or assets of the government were present on January 5 and January 6 and agitating in the crowd to go into the Capitol? And how many went into the Capitol? Can you answer that now? I don’t know the answer to that question.

You don’t know how many there were or there were none? I don’t know the answer to either of those questions. I think you may have just perjured yourself that you don’t know that there were any smoke pops. And when EPH starts to leave, he’s got four people in front of him and four people behind him, and they literally get him the hell out of there. Based on your investigation so far, do you have any evidence that the Capitol attack was organized by, quote, fake Trump protesters? We have not seen evidence of that. We need to go into the Capitol.

I was in the front. I also orchestrated it. So there you go. Warrentruthmovie.com, folks. We have a special link in the description box below with Awk on the end. A couple of little characters there for you if you want to have them know that you visited this website through, and we know we’d really appreciate that. Powerful, powerful there for us to see this trailer. Tell us a little bit about it. Well, the film, Larry, I’ll tell you, if you had all seen the, the original movie that we did, capital punishment, we were there that day. I was there that day with my family, with my wife, my daughter, my buddy Nick, and our experience was complete.

It was very different from how the media showed that that day. And I had been in Honduras when they had tried to take over a country. And my bells and whistles were going off that day after the Trump speech as we were walking to the Capitol because things were just off. There was no police presence almost whatsoever on the walk up there and you’re surrounded by people. It was so tight that if I didn’t have the camera above my head, I couldn’t film because it was just a mass of people. And there was no television crews, there was no CNN, there was no fox, there was no MSNBC.

And I looked at my wife and I said, I got a bad feeling. She’s like, what do you mean? I said, well, where’s the media? Why aren’t they here? They don’t. This is telling me that the images of all these, over a million people praying and getting along well together isn’t the images they want to show. This is reminding me of Honduras. I got a feeling that there’s already going to be something happening, that that’s the images they want to go off on. And just as I said that, Nick called me from the Capitol and he was in front of us and he said, I just saw police move the bike racks.

They’re letting people into the Capitol building. This doesn’t make sense. I looked at my wife and I said, you know, this is bad. I think someone’s going to die today because that’s what happened in Honduras. And that’s how we made the first movie, capital Punishment. And that movie arguably was the most censored american movie of 2022. And people wanted us to make a sequel to that movie. I wasn’t feeling it. I prayed on it. It wasn’t there. I didn’t see in my head, because usually if I make a movie, it’s in my head, it’s there to get it out.

And what happened was I was making another movie on the border about, with Tom Homan called Death county in the river, broken dreams. And while I was doing that, FBI came quarter mile on my ranch here in Texas and decided that I needed to be investigated as a terrorist threat to the United States of America for making capital punishment. So that I had to do some legal stuff to get through that. And that took a while. And by the time I got done with that, Nick and I just like, Nick’s like, if they can do this to you for making a movie, they can do this to anybody.

And it’s funny because, you know, Trump always says, well, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way. Well, right. Tell the FBI comes and puts that kind of stress on your family, you don’t know how real that feels. So that was, that was, that was how we, we got into doing this movie. And it’s, it’s, it’s it’s such a wake up call. I mean, I’ve been doing this for three and a half years, going over hundreds of hours of j six footage. And the real story of what we saw on J Six, that’s J Six was just the beginning.

And you almost need to look at the entire thing in a whole bigger battlefield type mode to understand exactly what J Six was. But it’s. We’ll get into that. But it was just, we’re at a point where if we don’t come together and truth and stand together as Americans, we’re not going to have the country that you and I grew up in. Our kids are not going to have the country. So. Yes. Yep. It looks like you had producer Nick Searcy with you again in this. In this movie. Right. He’s interviewing folks. We watched it, and.

Pretty powerful some of the interviews that he did. But how did you guys end up meeting for the first film and then this one together again? What’s going on there? So back in my Hollywood days, and. And Nick. Nick is pretty amazing. He’s pretty outspoken. He’s bravely brave. Just. He’s been so brave standing up to the left in Hollywood, and he declared war on Hollywood on Twitter. Years ago, Nick and I met basically because of, there was an underground group that some folks had put together in Hollywood called the Friends of Abe. We can talk about it now.

We couldn’t talk about it for years. It was an underground conservative fellowship, and Nick and I met in that, and we became good friends. And then when I was the strategic media director for Herman Cain, Nick and I started doing some commercials for him together, and that led us doing a tv series together. And then this is now the third movie we’ve done together. He’s just an outstanding guy and just, just fearless when it comes to telling America the truth about what’s going on. My name’s Annette. I’m the spouse of Chris Cuny. And we’re talking because on February 11, 2021, the FBI raided our home.

Chris went to the Capitol on January 6, and he went there to protect people. When we found out that people were going to be going to January 6, we thought that people were going to get hurt. And so he wanted to make sure that families got to their cars or got to their hotels or got to their place safely, and that’s why he decided to go. It was about 630 ish in the morning, and they surrounded our home with three police vehicles. So at that moment, Chris’s cellphone rang, and it loud and clear, I heard Chris Cuny, this is the FBI.

You need to come out of your house immediately. And it was freezing cold. It was, like, seven degrees without a wind chill there in Kansas. I looked down, and I saw laser red lights moving, and I, like, thought was that pointed at me? So I looked down at my chest, and then I realized our little four year old was standing right next to me. And I saw them on him, too. So they were yelling at Chris to turn around, and at that moment, I heard them tackle him down and, like, throw him in the snow. And I heard him scream in pain because he had just had surgery on his left wrist.

I was holding our son, so I tried to turn to shield him from seeing or hearing anymore, and I didn’t know what to do, so I started to walk towards the front door, and that’s when the other FBI agents came, and they kept us outside. And then one police officer took off their jacket and put it over. Our son Chris was gone, I think, at that time, and we were still outside. And then after a few minutes, they allowed us to go inside. Yeah, I noticed that you guys got a hit on this movie. Also on.

Looks like Newsweek actually wrote an article about you guys, the Hollywood actor who’s tried to change the insurrection narrative. And that was released March 22, 2024. So that’s good. I’m glad that that got out there, of course, because anything negative actually gets eyes on it. And it actually wasn’t a review, too. It’s actually pretty darn good. Again, you know. You know this from bringing in the Marine Corps that information is power. I mean, knowledge is power. And I think that right now, I know we’re engaged in the greatest information war this planet has ever seen or this country has ever seen.

And if you look at j six from just a citizen’s view of, I don’t understand why these people did this and this did that, nothing makes sense. But if you look at it like it was an operation, and this is a psychological operation and the information is a weapon, then everything makes sense. And that’s. That’s what we’re dealing with from January 6. I think the. One of the most important things is said in the movie is former Capitol police Lieutenant Tariq Johnson. When he says right to the camera, he says, look, on that day, the people on the ground, the MAga people, the Capitol police, we were all set up.

And then the movie goes in to show how that happened, and who are some of the players in that? But it’s. It’s. It worked as a propaganda piece by the country, it worked. I don’t think that. I don’t think the operation went as well as the people who planned it, thought, hoped it was going to go. And that’s because, that’s because of Tariq Johnson. I believe that what you saw, the violence you saw, was just a fraction of what could have happened. And this is why, when Ashley Babbitt was killed, there were still members of Congress were on the floor.

And you’re allowed to use deadly force to protect members of Congress, but there’s no members of Congress in the floor and no senators in the chamber. It’s just real estate. You’re not allowed to use deadly force. So what TK Johnson did over and over, he was asking for permission to clear the chamber in the House and get everybody out. And his boss, Yoganada Pittman, wasn’t answering him. You hear him on this radio over, asking this over and over. So finally, he said he was making his call, he was going to take the responsibility for it, and he started to do that.

If he would have done that ten minutes earlier and all the members of Congress would have been out, the rules of engagement would have changed. Ashley Babbitt would still be alive. If he would have done that ten minutes later, when all those people came into the chambers, you would have had a lot of dead Americans, because they would have used deadly force to stop those people, and you would have had literally blood running down the halls of Congress. And I believe that was actually their main plan that day, for it to go that vague. Forget about First Amendment.

The Second Amendment would be gone. This event would have been so horrible and so catastrophic that it would have been what they needed to dehumanize the entire MAGA movement. So in going into this particular movie, I saw a lot of more interviews with what I would call real people. You walked into homes, you set up your camera, and you just let these folks share their stories. What was that like, going into homes, hearing in the impact? I mean, it, it certainly hit me. Jamie watched it. We were both in tears. We talked about it, and we just were thankful that we’re here today and we have our freedom that we have.

But we’re just sensing more and more that they’re going to try to do anything they can to silence us if this continues. Well, that’s exactly what they are doing. And I don’t know if you know my background, LT, but my, my dad was, was ex military man. Some people say it wasn’t. He was Air Force reserves. But to my dad, it was ex military and I thank for service, but he’s also law enforcement. And I said that because I thought you were going to say a Marine joke. So that’s why I said that. I worked with enough marines to know how you all think.

But my dad was also law enforcement and he graduated from 109th session at the FBI academy in Quantum, Virginia. And he would be rolling over in his grave to see, to see what’s happening in our justice department. Now. That day I had buddies are ex FBI that were there on January 6. I know people that stood up as whistleblowers and like Steve friend says, steve Friend is an FBI whistleblower, former FBI agent. This, this is only getting bigger. They put a task force together of people right out of the agency. These are the folks that are still on probation.

They can’t question orders and they’re being told, look, you’ve, you’ve taken an oath to defend the Constitution for all enemies, foreign and domestic. Well, these MAGA people, that’s the domestic enemy. Now you’re going to go get them. That’s, that’s, that’s why you’re on this task force. Steve was on a task force to go after pedophiles before they pulled them off to go after j six ers. And he’s like looking at this, this, they wanted to go do a raid and they want him to sign off on this raid on this house. And he’s looking at things going, I know this guy.

We can call him. He’ll come in for a meeting. We can just go do it. They’re like, no, we’re going to hit his house. I can really just have him come in. This isn’t a big deal. No, this is what we’re going to do. And that didn’t work for Steve. And that was part of him standing up and saying, this isn’t right. And he did what whistleblowers are supposed to do, which is tell the truth. And he got drummed out of the FBI for it. And I’ll tell you one thing that’s really scary, that lt, your audience should know is Steve.

About a year before that, he believed, when he started standing up against the vaccine, he believed that the FBI was making a directory, a registry of Christians. And he came home, told his wife, he goes, because after, after he stood up and he said, for religious reasons, you don’t want the vaccine. He said the FBI started treating him way different. And we’re seeing that now. When we made this film, we kept running into the first people. We started talking to the ones that were in prison and their families that were dealing with this is, they were all Christians, and they were all getting through what they were going through only because of God.

And as we dug farther into it, some really concerning things came up to light. Do you remember under Obama, his director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano? Yes. So she had done these fusion reports, which are basically white papers, and how they liaison with state and local law enforcement. I’m going to paraphrase from the 40,000 foot level, but she had done one under the Obama administration. And this is while, you know, the shootings of Fort Hood were worried about attacks from ISIS, al Qaeda, and what, what she came out with is the three most dangerous threats to the national security of the United States was pro secure border enthusiasts, christian pro lifers, and returning us veterans.

That’s. That’s what they thought was the most dangerous stuff to the United States of America. And when that came out, it just didn’t make sense. Like, okay, you know, Obama doesn’t like people cling to their bibles and their guns, but this is just. It seemed crazy that they would think that’s really a bigger threat than what we’re facing, the war on terror. But then as we started interviewing people in this movie, we’re realizing the people that are in prison are pro border, secure border enthusiasts. Christian pro lifers are returning vets. And these vets that we’re talking to, some of these guys are special forces guys.

They were rangers. They were Green Berets. Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown, he’d been in prison for two years waiting for. For a trial. And I’m like, jeremy, what’s. What’s going on here? What’s with this? And he’s like, look, the United States government spent millions of dollars training me on how to take down a country from the inside out. If I wasn’t in prison right now, I would be on every talk show, talking to every journalist, doing everything I could to explain to people what kind of an operation January 6 was and what’s going to come next. So I know how to do this because they train me how to do this.

Hearing that from a guy that’s willing to sit in prison for two years for a trial date, and now he. Now he’s looking at another seven years. A man who was the. He literally was the poster soldier for the Green Berets. This is. This should concern everybody, not just those on the right. This is. This is frightening, frightening stuff for our country. Plea deals should not be a legal thing in this country because the government can just trump up a bunch of charges you may not even be guilty of at all. They’re gonna give you life if you don’t do what we say.

Okay? So you’re either stuck between this rock or, you know, the very other hard place of the taking, the felony plea deal. It had to been said that I was doing it for the reason of obstructing Congress. That’s what they made me plead to. I had no choice. The Justice Department wants a win on January 6. They want validation that what they’re saying was true, and they want the public to know it. Because without that validation that we got convicted of something, it didn’t really happen like they said, and people would question it. I thought. We always thought the purpose of prison was to teach somebody a lesson.

What lesson are you going to teach me? Not to go up to the Capitol again? When there’s a protest, I don’t feel free anymore. And that’s the ultimate thing that it has done to me personally. I’m the guy who has the constitution on his arm and his military stuff. I’m the guy who flies the flag out front. And for you to make me question wanting to even live here anymore, how do you fix something so broken? So as you again go about this particular journey, what was the one interview out of all of these that were showing that touched you the most? Victoria White.

Maybe that toss up being Victoria White. And Mickey Ashley. Ashley’s mom. Yep. I’d known Ashley for several years and her husband Aaron. So I knew what to expect with them. I knew how bad that was going to be. Victoria White, her and Ashley both had two things in common. They both were fighting to defend the Capitol. Ashley. Right. You’ll see in the movie just seconds before she died, there was a guy named Zach Allen who had a military helmet, trying to break the glass. She grabs him, he pushes away, she grabs him again. She gives him a left hook, knocks his glasses off just seconds before she died.

So her legacy was that of a us military veteran honoring her oath and protecting this country. So that was tough. But what was tougher was, was Victoria. Because Victoria had done a similar thing outside the tunnel where they had some provocateurs that were trying to break the glass through window. And she pulled one of them down, got them off. And then there was another guy that came out right after her. And he goes in his backpack, pulls out the same kind of weapon the first guy had trying to break the glass. And when. When she pulls him down, the people around her are no longer friendly.

They’re angry that she was stopping this guy from doing this. And then you see her get dragged into the tunnel, literally dragged to see people. She’s trying to walk this way. Crowd forces her into the tunnel, and inside that tunnel, she gets beaten in the head over 31 times. And this is single mom. This is. This is. You just don’t think you’d see this kind of stuff in America. And to see how. How badly she was beaten. And then in the interview, in the movie, she breaks down, but she breaks down in a way that I hadn’t seen since I was on the border working with victims that have been traumatized by the cartels coming across the border, women that have been.

Yeah, I don’t want to go into it, but the January sixers, that’s why we asked that the video be released publicly, because they can’t claim that they. They’re going to give it to us and then not. Or, you know, which is what some of them are saying. Oh, your attorneys can get it. Yeah, we made sure. No, no, they still can’t. That’s a lie. Were you arrested? Did they come and arrest you after this when you got back home to Minnesota? How did that occur? In April of 2021, I believe it was April 8. You know, I had been sleeping in the living room, and the window was open to crack, you know, to let fresh air in.

And all of a sudden, I hear, like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Like, they’re not. You just. You can’t. Like, once you hear it, it’s just so. It’s so different. It’s just so. It’s not a knock at the door. It’s pounding. Yes. And, um, I jumped up, and it was like, five something early in the morning, and I was in there, like, I don’t know that. Victoria, you’re. We have a warrant for your rest. You need to come out. And I’m like. And my daughters had jumped up, and I’m like. Because, you know, they’re just loud, and they’re just persistent with their knocking and banging.

And then I happen to look out the window, and I see all these cop. Cop cars and unmarked cars. And then you have the Rochester police department, and then you have the FBI agents, and then you have them not just at my house, but you have them surround my. My freaking block, and you have them come to my house, and my daughters are sleeping. And, um, I was, like, one of the lucky ones that they didn’t, um, like, just cushion. Ram into my house, like, in, like, so many. January 6. Years. And they, they, um, they bust down people’s doors and they drive tanks on their lawn for the military men and hold their wives and their kids at Gump, and it doesn’t matter.

Guess what? There’s so many of us that aren’t, we’re not just white, we’re mixed. And we have families that are all types of nationalities. And they don’t care because they’ve already, um, they’ve already labeled and marked us. And, and that’s the situation that we’re in. And my daughters are worth me speaking out, even though it hurts. So I’m speaking out, and I’m using the most powerful thing that we have. And that’s why we have the first Amendment first, because our voice is very powerful. It just, it just, you know, and that, that’s the story that, you know, they don’t, they don’t talk about those stories about the women that were beaten that day or the women that died.

You, you know, you know, when intelligence operations. And, you know, I mean, there was a guy, you may remember years ago that said, if you make the lie big enough and tell it off enough, it becomes the truth. Do you remember that fellow? Of course. So that’s what America is experiencing right now. And let’s just take this from, from one perspective. Who really died that day on January 5? For months after the autopsy came out, an officer Sicknick, who died the next day of natural causes, he wasn’t bludgeoned to death that day by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher, but yet the administration ran with that.

They even had a ceremony, a huge spectacle. The FBI kept running with that story, the media ran with that story. And then he said that five cops died that day. Well, officer Sicknick died the next day, unfortunately. And you had four more, you had four more police officers that died of suicide over the next weeks and months. They didn’t die that day. Who died that day were four Trump supporters, four Americans that had gone there to let their voices be heard, and two of them were women. And that’s, that’s something you would never know if you would have watched the J six commission that was on tv almost every single day.

So you have to ask yourself, when the media, when law enforcement, when the administration says a provable lie over and over and over again, why is that? What’s, what’s, what’s, what’s the agenda? Why are they pushing that so hard? And the answer is, because this was an operation, you know, amazing, too, that you come up with this title, right? That shows the war on truth. Yes, we have the j six operation that was put together to trap all of the folks who care about our country. But it’s also something happened behind the scenes and you masterfully put this together in the movie the war and truthmovie.com.

folks, remember, you can click below to watch this movie while we’re having this conversation. I highly encourage you to watch it. And you definitely need to go into a quiet place and be ready for your eyes because they’re going to be welled up with tears by the time you’re done. Tell you the, this attack on truth, I mean, we’ve been battling this now, Chris, for several years, six, seven years now with podcasts and folks trying to come out, let you know, let folks know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. This was something that was done against us and it’s happening even today.

I’m friends with a few folks that went to j six and they’re, they’re hiding out and they’re telling me what’s going on and how they’re wondering when they’re going to get a knock on the door. Well, and. Exactly. And that’s, I get stories every week of people, my neighbor is just arrested or this person gone, didn’t even go into the Capitol. Well, they’ve told us, they’ve said that they want to arrest everybody who’s on unrestricted, grant, unrestricted grounds that day. And they’re saying that the entire Capitol gowns, rounds were restricted. Well, how could you have known that? Because usually it’s not, it’s the people’s house.

And there were fences up and said no trespassing signs, but those were taken away by people that the cops didn’t stop way before the big crowds got there. Right? This, it’s only getting bigger. This is an operation to cut the head off of the opposition. I mean, it’s just, it’s, it’s communism 101 is basically what it is. And if you read, if you know cloward and piven, if you’ve read rules for Solinsky’s rules for radicals, if you know Mao, if you know Stalin and how he says you have to have army of useful idiots, this is all right, out of their playbook.

And it makes perfect sense when you look from that perspective. General Michael Flynn and a guy named Boone Cutler wrote a book called the Citizens Guide to fifth generation Warfare. And I highly recommend everybody read that book because when you read that, everything has happened in the last three and a half years makes complete sense. And you see how January 6 was just one battle in this further war that’s being waged on America? And the problem with the fifth generation war is you usually don’t know you’re in it until you already lose. I mean, how this country is being hit by a thousand cuts.

I’ve done the border. I’ve worked on the border on and off for 20 years now, and everything we warned about on the border has come through just like we said. It was two summers ago. I was down there, Lt. I saw more trained soldiers come across the border in two days than I had in 18 years at that time. And these guys are coming through, and, like, a no slow doubt. And also doubt. I’m like, dude, what was your mos? No, no. So doubt. I was like, look, I saw the way you hump the rock. I saw the way you crawled under that fence.

You’re a trained soldier. Okay, well, I used to be an engineer, but now I just want to be a chef. And you’re seeing these guys come in from all sorts of different countries that don’t. That don’t like us. So that that’s coming across the southern border. At the same time, the fentanyl and the heroin that’s coming in, that’s killed more Americans than we lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam combined. Then you have the pandemic come in, and you have Americans lose confidence in their voting system, and then you have the vaccine being forced on the military.

You’ve probably had guys give you numbers like this. I’ve talked to guys that have said upwards of between 23 and 37% of our ability to face a foreign threat has been degraded by that vaccine mandate because our hardest chargers jumped out and the ones that stayed in are hurt. That is a brilliant warfare strategy, and it was just done to us, and no one knows about it. And that. That’s how fifth generation war works. And it turns everything upside down. A few weeks ago, there was a producer, and this is how you make the good guys the bad guys.

This is propaganda. Hit it over and over from every direction. And there was a producer. I think she was from Politico, if I remember correctly. And she was on. Might have been. I don’t think it was CNN. I think it was MSNBC. But basically, the question was, you know, how. What’s with these. These christian nationalists, and how dangerous are they to the country? And she’s like, oh, they’re extremely dangerous. These are people that actually believe that their rights come from God, not the government. So they’re very dangerous. It’s like, did I just hear that? Of course our rights come from God.

That’s what makes us who we are. But that’s how you take country and subvert it and turn it upside down. I mean, that’s. That’s what Matt did. I mean, with the re education camps. Yeah. I mean, you bring up a good point for me on a personal level. I brought this up a few times. I mean, it’s not only the folks that got out. I had a friend. His son was working on becoming a staff sergeant very quickly in the Marine Corps. Got out because of the jabs. I know some others that were officers, high ranking Marine Corps officers I was friends with in church.

And they ran off and got the jabs right away because they were living in fear and they had somebody in their family get cancer right away and have some other serious issues. Not only that, my two other sons, they reached the age of 18, and they really wanted to go. I want to be like my dad. I want to join the Marine Corps. And at the time we had this conversation, like, son, let me show you all that’s going on. And so you have folks that are now hesitating to go in because they know what’s going on in the military with the DEI and with the push on.

There’s. There’s talk that they’re actually adding this terrible poison into other jabs, like the flu vaccine and other things. So there’s, there’s this, this whole psyop that’s now preventing those that would have been good Marines, good soldiers to go in and participate. Now they’re, look, they’re like, nope, I’m not going that direction because I know what might happen to me. And so it’s just, it’s overwhelming. And for us, you know, we. I still go on a Marine Corps base all the time because I have a retired id card. And you, you don’t really. You see now a huge feminization of the Marine Corps, and you see a huge shift into, I call it immoral type of activity that I’ve never seen in my life.

And that’s how you take down a country from the inside. And that’s the first thing that Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown would tell you. And until America understands this is what’s going on, you can’t win the war because you don’t think that you’re at war and you don’t understand the attacks that are coming at you. This is make or break its stuff. And the tentacles are in so far, like I said, working on the border for 18 years. I know how far the cartels have their, their, their, their tentacles dug in the United States of America, and I don’t, I don’t know how you get that out, um, at this point.

Well, I do know the only answer is God. And, and that comes back to how we got the name the war on truth. And thank you for saying that was an excellent name, but I can’t take credit for that. That didn’t come from me. That that came from him. We were, uh, we were interviewing pastor, my old pastor from California, Rob McCoy from Godsby Calvary Chapel. And this kind of guy, Rob is, his father was a navy captain. One of his sons is a seal. I mean, he’s just go to, go to. Awesome, awesome pastor. He’s amazing.

He was fearless. After they closed down the churches in California, after two weeks, he and a couple other fellas said, no more. We’re essential. We’re opening up. And they dragged Rob in court four times. And they said that if we had service again, they were going to arrest him. The first thousand people that showed up. So all these other churches from California came to surround us. So if arrests happened, it would be them getting arrested, not us. And what happened was when they sent Venture county sheriff’s department out there, sheriff’s department said, we’re not arresting anybody for going to church.

And I believe that was sort of what started to break the back of the government’s hold on fear and Covid. And so when we were interviewing Rob about this movie, I said to him, I said, rob, so many people that were there were interviewing off the bat, are these just really hardcore christians? Is this a war on Christianity? Is that what we’ve fallen into here? And what Rob said was kind of because as christians were called to tell, to stand up and to tell the truth. And the war is, oh, wow, that was fast. The war is on truth.

Christians are just getting in the way. And you make me homesick now, seeing that. I can see there’s, there’s Pastor Dave, there’s his son in law Micah, there’s his daughter, and there’s Pastor Rick. Just an amazing church. This is a church that knows that the only reason we are the United States of America is because our liberty comes from God. And we saw the church in Thousand Oaks. There go from several hundred to thousands and thousands during COVID people that had never darkened the doors of a church. Skateboarders from Venice park were coming up, Venice beach were coming up because the government shut down their skate parks.

And like, how can they do this. And when they realized that when their liberty comes from God, not the government, it can’t be taken away, that just opened their eyes. And that’s the kind of church that Pastor Dave is here. We believe that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. That’s what got our forefathers to stand up and to start this country. I have two ancestors assigned the Declaration of Independence. I had family fought on both sides of the war against the states. My dad’s uncle died of shrapnel and from the battle of the bulge. I mean, this is, this is who we are as a people.

That’s how much liberty means to us. And they’re trying to drum that out of us. And it’s working on many level. It’s split the country right down the middle. You, you’re basically restructuring the country. Let’s not even talk about the gangs and the soldiers and the drain and the economic system that the open border is bringing in. Let’s just talk about just the fact that you’re bringing in 1015 million people that chose to run away from their country and their oppression instead of fix it, putting them into a country, America, where we’re the people that stood up and fought for our independence.

That’s what made us unique in the world, because we knew our rights came from God and we were going to rather, you know, die on our feet than live on our knees. I mean, that’s right. They’ve, there’s, as long as we are that people, we cannot be defeated. So, so what you have to do is you have to go on the inside, and you have to change that. And it’s scary how hard that fifth generation war has worked. Lt. I watched this video of this kid that they were taught. It was talking about bringing the draft back, and he’s like, why would I go into the army and do stuff I don’t want to do or the military and take a chance of being killed? And I said, well, you’ll get arrested and you’ll go to prison if you dodge the draft.

He goes, yeah, I go to prison. I’m in three years. I get three square meals a day, and no one’s going to kill me. That’s an easy choice. I’ll take that choice. That blew me away. But that’s how, you know, a part of our country, part of our young people, these, you know, these young generation, that, that’s how they’re thinking now. That’s, that’s how they’re splitting the country. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m going on so long there. You’re very kind to not stop me. But my whole point is when we got that title, the war on truth, this is how we win this thing.

Because when your heart is full of faith, when you’re connected to God, there’s no room for the fear to come in. And without fear, they can’t manipulate you, they can’t control you. That is their instrument of influence. I kind of want to go on a sidetrack now through my mind just a little bit here. It’s been going through the movies that used to come out, the ones that I actually watch over and over again from the past were movies like the patriot with Mel Gibson. When I watch something like that, I always picture that that might be something that would have to play out in America again, where you realize what they’re doing to infiltrate our country and how you’re going to have to basically go in the swamp, hide out, get your forces together, and then figure out what we’re going to do next so we can go back out and fight this battle.

It almost seems like we have to do it in a way that that’s more of a secretive type motion. But the things they went through in that I just picture, that’s what we’re going through, and that’s why I like that movie. I feel like that’s what we’re. We’re a part of now. But I wanted to ask you about on Hollywood side. It seems like there’s things happening there in Hollywood that you might be privy to that some of the folks might want to know or most of us want to know is it seems like they’re. They’re dying out.

We’re not seeing a lot of the bigger directors that used to be involved. It seems like maybe they’re gone or they’re hiding out. Do you have any insight on that? I wish I did, because you’re asking questions that I would love to know. I worked in Hollywood for almost 40 years. We were blessed to escape. I would have moved to Texas in 2007, but my buddy Andrew Breitbart talked me out of it. I stayed. Yeah, I stayed to fight. To fight inside nineveh is how we talked about doing that. That’s why we stayed there for so many years.

I’ve been out now about two and a half years. Nick got out. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s on. Going on day to day. The scene there, I can tell you after being in there for decades, Hollywood, when maybe when I first got there, I was just naive. It seemed like the coolest place, and it was all about how talented you are, cool you were. I mean, if your movies made money, that you made more movies, that all changed and it got to be very, very dark. And we could do a whole other show on child stars and that I worked with and what had been done to them growing up.

And you’re now. You’re now starting to see movies come out about that and see what’s going on inside Disney, see what’s going on inside Nickelodeon. There’s. There’s dark, dark stuff, and it’s. It’s. It’s right there. So I don’t know what’s going on with some of these big directors and big stars. You know, I do know that anytime either you’re doing a psyop, whether you’re a good guy or bad guy, you’re going to put out cover stories, and it’s. How do you get through that? You know, you just have to pray for discernment. I mean, that’s. That’s why your show was so brilliant.

I mean, you know, the first time I ever saw your show, my wife and I, years ago, you know, this will all become manifest. These things will be known. That’s. That’s where we are now. It’s. It’s only God that’s going to win this, and we don’t, we don’t win this, lieutenant, by grabbing our arf and going to violence. I don’t want to see that happen. I know for a fact the enemy has tried to do that twist for years, that it’s my belief they wanted us. They wanted us. They wanted white militias in the streets of our cities fighting BLM and Antifa during the summer of rage.

That didn’t happen. Americans didn’t fall for that. That’s not who we are. And now the more knowledge that comes out, people are like, okay, this is. I wasn’t crazy all these years, and there’s more and more, but we got to get to a tipping point of truth. I think that tipping point has to be at least 70% for us not to split into civil war. And there have been many, many, many different resources trying to split us into civil war. And is what I’m afraid of is I feel like we’re racing towards this precipice. Who’s going to get there first? Enough of the truth that everybody stands, again, the truth and says, we’re Americans.

Maybe that person on the left doesn’t agree with everything I agree with, but we’re Americans. And we care for our country. We’re going to stand together. Do we get there first or do we get to a point where we face something horrible, you know, like an almost like a near death experience that we have to go through as a people to really see how far things have come and how things are bad. And we have to face that struggle together as a country and God lift us out of there together to succeed from this. I don’t know what the answer is.

I do know God wins, but I think that I definitely know the hardest times are ahead of us. Yeah, it kind of reminds me of when you’re talking about they want us to, they want to psyop us into becoming part of a militia group. I actually just was able to pull this up. Let me show you something real quick that we’re pretty familiar with right here. These guys, the patriot front. Sounds like a Monty python skit. Does it? Yeah, it’s the patriot front. Not the comfy chair. Not the comfy chair. What I love about this is when you said, hey, you know, we’re going to, we’re going to win with the truth.

We don’t have to go out there with their aks. Well, these guys were trying to pull folks in. They probably had an old, you know, whole plan put together. Hey, if we can just get everybody to join us and, you know, march together and look like a military group, that we’re going to take our nation back. And so the truth one, because these folks aren’t putting up with it anymore. And they started ripping their masks off. And then we started identifying who these guys were. They were all trained. They were part of a group that failed.

And what’s sad is these guys still go out into different cities and they’re still, still trying to pull these punches and pretend that they’re, they’re going to take back America with their aks. Right. It’s. Well, because they’re sticking the same playbook. I mean, in the first movie that we did capital punishment, we had a report in there, a town reporter who had been in Kosovo during that whole thing there. He said, look, what happened was you have these guys come in and they said, look, why do you let these people talk you like this and come against religion? We can help you.

We can train you. We can get you weapons, protect yourself. Then they went to the other side, the christians, and they said, hey, why are you letting those islamic guys do this to you? This and that. We can help you. We can train you. We can get you weapons. And as he said, that was the beginning of the civil war there. And what happens is you see people come in, they work both sides against each other, cause chaos. Out of chaos, they grab power. Rahmanuel said, never let a good crisis go to waste. Well, forget that.

You don’t, you don’t just wait for a crisis now you create one. And that’s, that’s, that’s what we’re seeing here. I mean, the infiltration of CIS and government agents into all this is just mind boggling. Thank God there’s guys like Congressman Troy Nels and some others are standing up looking into this because no one else has the cojones or they’re compromised. That’s a whole other conversation about DC. But people aren’t looking into this as agents. Former FBI agent Steve friends said, steve. Steve was also, he was on the SWAT team, on the tactical team that was in the Whitmer takedown.

And he said, look, we went into this geared up. We were going in there hardcore. And the reason we’re going in is because we were brief that the militia we were going against had FBI pure training, that these guys were as trained as good as us, they had as good as weapons as us, and we were apt to go in there. Well, then what you find out is the reason they had FBI pure training is because it was, it was FBI personnel that was in there posing as militia guys that had trained them. I mean, that’s how infiltrated this operation was.

If it wasn’t for the FBI coming in, these guys would have been a drinking club. And instead of turning to what it was and to see that happen, and as you discover in the war on truth, to see the FBI gone from the premier law enforcement agency in the world to now going against the american people, it’s truly frightening. And when you see, understand how it works with the senior executive services and you have these appointees that they get points. The more points they get, these terrorist investigations, they get a bumper. And if they get enough points, at the end of the year, they get a bonus of $25 to $30,000.

That’s how it works. It’s insane. That’s point based policing taken on a national terrorism level, but that’s what’s going on. And, you know, Ashley Babbitt’s mother, Mickey, says something in the movie that it just broke my heart when she said it. And we were only a couple months in making the movie. It’s been a year and a half. But the more that it resonates in my mind, I don’t think she was wrong. She said that January 6 was the day that the us federal government declared war on the american people. They beat them, they killed them, and they put them in prison so they could, their voices couldn’t be heard.

And the deeper we get into this, this is. She’s exactly right. She’s exactly spot on. And I will tell you, we cut it out of the movie. But there’s a conversation Nick and I had in the movie where at one point he’s like saying, and we started this three years ago. The stuff that we’re talking about just sound like crazy, but now it’s actually just happening. And to see them targeting Christians, it’s, it’s would have been conspiracy three years ago to think about. But now when you look at practicality, it makes perfect sense why they’re going after the Christians.

Because the Christians owe their allegiance to God, not to a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington, DC. That’s right. And that’s, that’s, that should be a good thing. Makes us Americans. But that’s, that’s what they’re trying to use to go after us and demonize us. And this country is in for the fight of its life right now. And it wasn’t for guys like you, wasn’t for shows like this, the country would have no hope. And I don’t know if you know this, but, like, listening to your show when you first came out, let’s go back a couple years.

People that were bringing news, intel, people that were doing talk shows, their opinions, they talked politics, they talked history, thought, current events, and then there’s a religious shows. You were one of the first guys that came in with your military training, with your pedigree, and you started putting in biblical principles about what’s happening, why things are happening, I can’t tell you. I see that every day. People coming closer to God because of the events of how things are happening. But it shows like you leading the way where it’s putting God back in people’s lives on a daily basis, on a practical basis, you know, like the church.

Why isn’t the church standing up for, for more Americans and for the rights and getting in this? They’re scared. 30 pieces of silver, you know, they’re going to lose their tax exempt status. So now you have a division in the church. You have. The church has been. That’s a whole other show. We could do infiltration the church, like the Muslim Brotherhood did. I worked on task force with those guys. It was crazy. Crazy how we got to where we are. And then you have the remnant church, you know, you have the Jack hibs and the Rob McCoys that are saying, I don’t care what you do to us.

We answer to God, not to you. And that’s, that’s the race we’re in. Who’s going to gain control of America? Who’s going to, are we going to, as they say in dune, is a sleeper going to awake? Are we going to reawaken that DNA that makes us Americans and makes us who we are? Or are people just going to go back to their bread and circuses? Yeah, which reminds me of something that we mentioned here quite a bit. We, we’ve been praying for revival for decades and folks assumed that that would happen inside of a building and that’s that.

It would be where everybody goes into a church building and they say, okay, we’ve got a great revival. Look at all the souls that are changing. When I look at it more on information warfare, spiritual warfare, now folks are understanding the truth a lot more and they’re saying, well, what do I do to get through this pain and this emptiness in my heart? Will open up your bible and start reading it. And that’s what’s happening. I think there’s a revival going on where the fear is driving folks really to the scriptures. And they’re basically saying, man, I need this.

And now I find, you know, the only peace that I can get on this earth is through the word of God, through our heavenly father. So on that note, I definitely want to go into prayer for this movie with you. Uh, Chris, if we could, that would be. That would be amazing. I agree with you on what you said. I’m seeing it every day here in the States. All right, heavenly father, thank you once again for Chris, for Nick, for all that they’re continuing to do to fight for this country. Can imagine all the things they’re going through.

You know exactly how this all plays out. You are giving them the strength to move forward, to help so many folks that are hurting. You know that. And we just ask that you continue to provide the protection that they need in their lives and their families against this terrible enemy is bringing forces in different directions through their mind and through their homes and much more. You know all this, and we do seek you because we know that you provide all of the answers and comfort and rest and protection that is needed. We also ask for this movie, the war and truth movie that will just be filled inside the homes for generations to come.

Especially those looking for how they can help this country and what is going on behind the scenes to wake up those that have no clue that have been lied to for so many years. Please use this movie to wake them up and to get the word out in so many ways. Lord, you been doing good things for us through this turmoil in our nation and we certainly hope and pray for the right folks to step forward as leaders and annihilate this evil enemy has infiltrated us in so many levels. Again, we ask all of this in the name of our savior Jesus Christ.

Amen and amen. So folks, remember the war on truth movie.com. below this video you can click on a special link that has auk lt on the end. You click on that link and it will let Chris Burgard know that you guys and watched this particular video and they’ll be excited to know how this plays out. So again, thank you Chris so much for what you’re doing. Thank you for your fight for our country and we hope to talk to you again soon. Lt thank you sir. God bless you and your family and pray for all of us.

God bless the United States of America. Amen. Amen. Am I therefore become your enemy? Because I tell you the truth. What she came out with is the three most dangerous threats to the national security of the United States was pro secure border enthusiasts, christian pro lifers, and returning us veterans. That’s what they thought was the most dangerous stuff to the United States of America. I thought we always thought the purpose of prison was to teach somebody a lesson. What lesson are you going to teach me? Not to teach me.

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