22 Years Later, Never Forget 9/11 Was an Inside Job

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(Editor’s note) – 22 years ago, on 9/11/01, Israeli operatives, the Bush administration, Larry Silverstein, the news media, and many others helped premeditate the murders of nearly 3000 Americans using the story that nineteen al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes on a suicidal mission to destroy the twin towers in NYC. The media covered extensively what was claimed to be a terrorist strike ordered and planned by Osama Bin Laden. However, as the years have passed and more extensive investigations have been published, Americans can clearly see that 9/11 was an inside job. (see videos below). I have republished my colleague Jack Mullen’s thoughts below about 9/11 and our most recent Covid-19 terrorist attack. – Stephanie Sledge


(Jack Mullen) – Another September 11, and the crimes committed against the American people supported and covered up by the USG have never been formally investigated or made public. I have studied the events of 9/11 and have written extensively about this deliberately created event, and like many others, I understand what happened and why.

9/11 officially ended the old world and began the events and operations that have led now to the destruction of the former Constitutional REPUBLIC (not a GD democracy) and will continue the course toward the destruction of the American middle class and the nation itself as a world power. 9/11 was a bifurcation point, a breakaway point for those seeking to destroy this world and reinvent a “new world” – however short it will last.

Americans, having not awakened to the fact that the USG and former autonomous Western nations are under the power and control of a single governing body – have lost their nation and likely white people’s power in this world. 

I have written at least two noteworthy articles (linked below) explaining what happened on 9/11 and even what nation attacked America and did so with impunity.

For the younger people who were either very young or not even born on September 11, 2001, I can only say that you are being lied to, and the mainstream narrative of how, why, and who is responsible for 9/11 is a fairy tale.

The science of the official narrative is junk – ridiculous and as fabricated as the science of climate change. But since young people were not taught to think and were instructed not to question authority — all the science that will be used to control you – in the future — is and will be fabricated.

Because people were not able to figure out that the events of 9/11 as explained by mainstream media (under the control of the masters of this world)  were an egregious lie — we, all of us, were attacked again on American soil by the genocidal COVID-19 fraud and as such tens of thousands of people died (and continue to die) and millions were maimed and harmed by Medical Establishment Mafia that continues to menace America and the Western white nations in particular.

And because the people could not figure out that 650,000 tons of steel and concrete could not “burn to the ground,” – they will be subjected to the next COVID-19 genocide waveBecause Americans could not notice that no airplanes were involved in 9/11 (other than the fake news media video made to explain how the towers came down), they will seek to find a hero to save them from coming events that will be far more terrifying than the directed energy weapons, thermite and other technologies used to pulverize into dust the World trade centers – they will find their hero too is a lie and a terrible deception. 

No one noticed that the Pentagon had nothing that resembled an airliner in the hole created by what was quickly determined to be some form of an explosion. No one noticed that Shanksville had nothing but a hole in the ground that Google Earth confirmed was there way before 9/11. No parts, wings, people – not even jet fuel was found.

So we have nothing consistent with airplanes at the Pentagon or Shanksville — but still, the people pilgrimage to the 9/11 memorial near Shanksville to bow before the priests of government and testify that the emperor’s new clothes were even more beautiful than the year before.

The script has been written, and the dollar too has come to an end and all that is left for each of us is to hide and feel reassured by the mainstream opium dealers — or to face the truth and make some plans (right or wrong) to meet the most evil events ever imagined.

Another 9/11 and another atrocity, false flag shooting, pretended climate change, or even one more hoorah for the men of Apollo 11 which was just another full-blown lie wrapped in the number 11.

Apollo in the Chaldan gematria calculator is 29 — 119 -> 911.

In January 2020, the prophecy full-fillers gave us the opening of the first seal of the apocalypse — revelations number 6 — They gave us Apollo, the god of healing and diseases.

And I looked and behold a horse white and the sitting on it having a bow and was given to him a crown and he went forth overcoming and that he might conquer.

In Greek, the bow is toxon, and the crown – corona.

9/11 was the deciding point – If people had made a stand and demanded an independent investigation — had they forced the government to seek out those that enabled, funded, and directed the attack — the future would have been forced to be rewritten and wait for another time when the people were asleep — snuggled up against their toys and entertainment, and we might have been spared.

This world is for those who will not wake up. Make plans to get out.

Finally, you may have noticed, I have recently grown weary of trying to awaken those I could reach to the lies, deceit, and raw evil of the primary institutions that appear to govern the nations of Western civilization (and the world, for that matter) and I have reduced the number of articles and information I create – instead working to prepare for a future nearly none of you have foreseen or made preparation to meet. 







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9-11 Covid-19 Genocide inside job
  • I remember, to this day, the horrible event of 9/11. I was a nurse in our county jail, without a tv in our unit, when inmates came up for their medical call with the doctor, telling us what was going on. Fortunately, I had brought in a radio, mainly to cover up what was being recorded as confidential, between medical and inmates. I immediately, turned on the radio, and listened to the horrors unfold. The doctor, there, with tears running down his face, got up and said, “I can’t take this”, and left, later to punch a Muslim doc in the hospital who had said, “America deserved this”. The doc was charged, and later released of assault charges. So, we, as all Americans, waited to see what our, then, President Bush, was going to do on 9/12. Nothing, nothing, and again, nothing! Going back to WWII…what happened to the bombing of Hawaii? Retaliation at this utmost. Hiroshima? Didn’t get the message? Nagasaki. Get it, yet? Now, we have Muslims, not only into our country, but, into our government, too!!! Maybe it is time for we, seniors, to take stand and get our children and grandchildren educated as to what and who they are voting for….and it surely is not what we have, now! Wake up, sheeple!!!

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