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➡ Mike Harris filled in for Scott Bennett Global Freedom TV, discussing various topics including his views on illegal immigration, potential damage to the USS Eisenhower and USS Gravely, and the state of the U.S. Navy. He also mentioned the confiscation of passports from Scott Ritter and Judge Andrew Napolitano by the U.S. State Department, and shared his thoughts on the current state of the U.S., comparing it to the Bolshevik revolution. He ended by recommending a TV series called “A Gentleman in Moscow” which depicts the Bolshevik revolution.
➡ The speaker discusses potential political unrest and changes in the U.S., the election of Mexico’s first female president, and concerns about her Jewish faith in a predominantly Catholic country. They also mention the absence of signed oaths of office from the Biden administration, and criticize U.S. foreign policy, particularly towards Israel and Palestine. Lastly, they express worry about escalating tensions between the U.S., Ukraine, and Russia, especially regarding the use of NATO weapons.
➡ The text discusses potential threats from Russia and Iran, criticizes US foreign policy, and expresses concern about the possibility of a nuclear attack. It also criticizes the welfare system and suggests a ten-year limit on benefits. The text further discusses issues with illegal immigration and the burden
it places on the economy, and suggests that the government is planning a large amnesty program. Lastly, it advises people to prepare for a potential financial crisis by stockpiling food and other necessities.
➡ The speaker emphasizes the importance of enjoying life while things are calm, and expresses concern about the future due to perceived threats such as illegal immigration and government corruption. They believe that the government is not serving the people’s interests and that a fight is imminent. The speaker also expresses strong anti-Semitic views and encourages violence against certain groups, which is deeply concerning and unacceptable. They also criticize the Federal Reserve and its role in wars and economic crises.
➡ The speaker expresses strong views about various historical and current events, including World War II, 9/11, and the current state of the U.S. government. They believe that the mainstream narrative of these events is false and manipulated by certain groups. They also express concern about the current political climate, immigration, and potential future crises. The speaker encourages listeners to question the information they receive and to prepare for potential future challenges.
➡ The speaker believes that the government and major corporations have betrayed the American people, leading to a decline in the country’s security and economy. He suggests that these entities are promoting agendas that are not in the best interest of the citizens or the nation. The speaker also warns of potential crises and encourages listeners to prepare by staying physically fit and storing essential supplies. He ends by expressing hope for the restoration of the United States and urging listeners to stay resilient.


Well, good evening, everyone, and thank you for joining us tonight. This is Mike Harris standing in for Scott Bennett, who is indisposed this evening. But I told him I would step up and host the show, so I’m going to have to bore you all with a 1 hour monologue. I pity you folks out there. You know, Scott may be a lot of things, but he’s a very good foil. And the banter between us is very good. One of the first things I want to comment on is the comments that have been in from the we missed last week, but from the week before what Scott and I were on, the kind words that you share are very appreciated, and we really appreciate the fact that people take the time to comment back to us.

And I use these comments to find out, what are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? How can we improve? There was one exceptional comment out there that some guy said I was an idiot and he hopes I go away. But, hey, the beat goes on, you know? I mean, you can’t please all the people all the time. He had a hispanic surname, so I think he was sort of railing at me a little bit because I said no more benefits for any illegals coming in, which I think is a prudent thing going on. We can’t offer these incentives for these illegals to come here.

I mean, they’re overrunning us. Now, I was given a new statistic today that one out of six people in this country are here illegally. So that means if you have six people in a room, one of them is illegal. If you have twelve people, two of them are illegals. If you have 18 people, that’s three of them are illegals. If you have 600 people, 100 of them are illegals. And the scale of this, when you look at a country that we don’t even know what our own population is right now, we think it’s somewhere between 330 and 350 million people.

But let’s say it’s 360 million. That means we have 60 million people in this country illegally. We have been infiltrated. And I will say again, I’ve said this many times, I’ll say it again, you cannot build and maintain a first world culture, economy and country with a third world population. They live in the third world for a reason, because they haven’t been able to develop on their own. That’s why they’re there and they want to come here. And we can all look at our country and how it’s changed since Reagan passed the first amnesty with the Immigration Reform act of 1986, which has been an unmitigated disaster for the american people and the american workers and particularly our permanent underclass.

All of those entry level jobs, everything from janitorial and housekeeping to fast food to lawn care, all of those jobs are no longer available to Americans as entry level jobs. They’ve gone to Mexicans or other illegals, because they’re not just Mexicans. I had in the neighborhood I live in, Hondurans have moved in. It’s a two bedroom, one bath house, and there’s eight of them living there. And so it doesn’t make for a real comforting feeling to have that element moving in near. It’s sort of unsettling, in fact. But the damage that illegal immigration has done to this country, I can’t even begin to discuss it.

But I have some other news items I want to get out of the way first. We can come back and discuss this a little later, I guess. Some of the bigger news items of the last couple days have been that there are videotapes of the USS Eisenhower. The aircraft carrier the Eisenhower, called Ike, have been struck by Houthis in the Red Sea. Now, I’ve seen some of these tapes. Some of them are obviously deep fakes. Other ones look pretty darn real. The Houthis have yet to lie about anything like this. This. And it wasn’t just the Eisenhower that was struck.

It was also the USS gravely. So until our Defense Department comes out and makes some statement about this, we don’t really know what’s going on. We’ve got a little bit of a blind spot because of conflicting news. There are parties out there that are pushing the issue that the Eisenhower struck. And, you know, the decks are on fire. I’ve seen videotapes. They’ve got f six, I’m sorry, f 18 Super Hornets are blowing up on the deck. It’s pretty spectacular to look at. This is a serious issue, and the reason it’s so serious is that the US dollar is being challenged right now.

The policies that our federal reserve and our government had of this pythagoric spin spending have really weakened the dollar to begin with. But what really is the value of the dollar is our military in the fact that the US will go and destroy anybody who tries to challenge. If we have an aircraft carrier that’s been struck and severely damaged, our deterrent and our ability to defend this country and defend american interests is done. And so you are going to look at the dollar collapsing as a result of this? If it is true, like I said, we are still scrambling.

We’ve got calls into the houthis themselves trying to find out what’s going on. Every resource in the Middle east has been activated trying to find out what’s really happening here. People within the Pentagon and within our own military aren’t going to say a word. They’ve been told to shut up. There’s an article in Business Insider that absolutely refutes it. So, like I said, time will tell on this one. We don’t know what is really going to come out of it until we know. But if that is the case, this is extremely damaging. And, you know, let’s look at the Navy itself.

The Navy is failing miserably. A third of our submarine fleet is not seaworthy right now. Many of our ships just plain don’t function, don’t work. We’re in trouble. Then you look at our Dei policies and you look at this lovely woman who is the chief of naval operations, four star admiral. Looks a little suspect to me on her sexuality. I can’t comment. I can’t say I don’t know her, but she’s not the most attractive one woman. Let’s just say that she has some masculine looking traits about her. But like I said, I don’t know her. Maybe it’s just a bad photograph, I don’t know.

But this Dei business where we’re promoting women, minorities, homosexuals into positions where they haven’t proven their, their worth, we’ve abandoned. We are in the process of abandoning the concept of promotion based on merit and giving the concept of promotion based on equity. Well, equity doesn’t get it done. It just plain doesn’t get it done. We’ve got to be a merit based country in every aspect that this is including the military, this is including business, this is including everything. So that is a big, big issue, a big story, and we’re not seeing a word about it or very little about it in our news media here.

So let’s just wait and see and see what happens on that one. The two other big stories today where many of you are going to know who Scott Ritter is and many of you are going to know who Judge Andrew Napolitano is. Well, they were both were flying on separate aircraft today to meet at an economic conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. They were both pulled off their airplanes on the order of the US State Department by Customs and Border Patrol, and they both had their passports confiscated. Now, I don’t know how long they were interviewed. I don’t know why they were hung up, but this is a direct infringement on their first Amendment rights.

And their fourth Amendment rights. So these are problems that, that are coming up in the United States right now. We’re seeing our us government act like Bolsheviks and what they did during the Bolshevik revolution. By the way, I’m on episode, I’m starting episode three of a tv series called a Gentleman in Moscow, and it’s about the bolshevik revolution. The revolution has just stopped. The Bolsheviks are in power, and now they’re squeezing the people there. And it’s really interesting. It’s really frightening. And it sounds way, way, way too familiar to what we have going on in this country right now.

But I recommend it. You know, the main character, sort of an interesting fellow, I won’t spoil it for you, but he’s a bit quirky, but he seems to be a decent guy, and he is in shock and awe, trying to stay alive. Just had one of his best friends in episode two was execute, summary execution. And so that’s the Bolsheviks at work. And if you look at what’s going on in our country and you look at how Jews have infiltrated our country, remember, the Bolsheviks were Jews. And what they did to Russia, it appears they’re doing to the United States right now.

And so I want to give everyone a heads up. I’ll come back and talk about this a little later. But, you know, it’s. We’ve been expecting some things to happen within our country here, as far as civil unrest, maybe even civil war, you know, tyrannical government, you know, it’s been pushing harder and further. And, folks, I think it’s go time. I think that we’re very, very, very close to the day. Then we’re actually going to have to pick up arms against our own government or whatever government replaces this government. I don’t think they’re going to remain a constitutional republic.

At least what we saw today with Scott Ritter. I remember Scott Ritter was a UN weapon inspector and went into. He’s been to Iraq, he’s been to Afghanistan, he’s been Russia. He’s involved in the start treaty and taking down that group of nuclear weapons. I mean, remember one time, Russia had over 13,000 nuclear warheads, all aimed at the US. They’ve cut that down to 2800, which was what the start treaty did. And Ritter was involved in all this. So he’s a very trusted guy. He’s accomplished. We all know Judge Napolitano. I mean, he was a New Jersey judge, a Supreme Court judge in New Jersey.

I think he was the supreme Court, Mary, superior court, but I think he was supreme Court in New Jersey. But he was on Fox News for, you know, 15 years. Everybody knows. He’s been in everyone’s living room. And, you know, he’s off on his own now. And now he’s finally criticizing Israel. Whereas in Fox News, he was never allowed to. There were certain lines you couldn’t cross. Saying anything bad about Israel will get him fired. But now he’s on his own, and he’s being critical of Israel, being critical of us foreign policy. And so the State Department picked him up and did not want him or Scott Ritter traveling to St.

Petersburg for this economic conference. This is shocking developments, but this is the early stages of if there is a Bolshevik takeover in this country, this is how it starts. This is what they do. And people, you better be prepared for it. Third news item, the election on Sunday in Mexico. They elected their first woman president. Congratulations. But the unsettling thing about her is Mexico is a 99.6% catholic country. She’s a jew, and they elected a jew. And one thing you can count on with a jew, when they hold a job or a spot or have influence, what do they do? They fill up the ranks of whatever organization they’re in and running with other jews.

So you’re going to see the government of Mexico convert from primarily catholic government officials to primarily jewish government officials. Officials. That’s how they work. That’s what they do. The long term security against the United States, and particularly the constitutional Republic of the United States is going to intensify because we’ve all heard about this now, going back, what, 2030 years, we want to have a North American Union of Mexico, the US and Canada that defeats our constitutional purpose here. And all of our elected officials except the Biden administration, swore to uphold the constitution. And it’s known that the Biden administration, none of their officials have sworn, have a signed oath of office that they have sworn and had notarized.

These are not on file, and they’re not able to produce them under the Freedom of Information act. This is alarming stuff. I mean, these are, these are big deals. These are things that affect us on a daily basis. And if we want to keep the United States, the Democratic Republic of the United States, where we elect our officials, see, first of all, our government’s not functional right now anyway. Everything has been compromised. But we can fix all of these things if we have the political will to do. It doesn’t take much. We can fix these things and we can, you know, we can forbid lobbying.

We can for, you know, we can repeal. Oh, what was that case? It alludes me right now. But where we allow corporations to have personhood and be able to fund political campaigns, we can fix this stuff because our government is sold out. And just as a personal note to everyone out there, any politician, Democrat or Republican, who accepts money from AIPAC or any of the other Israel lobby, jewish lobby organizations out there needs to be outed. He needs to be ousted. You know, throw them out. We don’t need people who are not loyal to this country who put Israel first instead of the United States of America first.

We need to out these people. We need to publicly humiliate them and drive them from office, because I don’t care what happens to Israel. I really don’t care. My whole life I had to put up with this nonsense of the Middle east and the strife and the violence and all this because this bunch of Jews went into Palestine and decided to kill the people there and steal their land. And we’re seeing it daily in Gaza now. Everybody complains that Hamas started this. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But if Israel is the sophisticated country that they claim to be, if they’ve got the intelligence, they’ve got the surveillance that they claim to have, the Israelis allowed October 7 to happen, they let it happen in order to have an excuse to go in and ethically cleanse Gaza and to genocide the Palestinians who remain there.

Why? Well, they want to put a canal in that’s going to rival the Suez Canal for money. That way. They want access to the oil and gas that is offshore, that Gaza is entitled to, that Israel is not, which are very, very large holdings of oil and gas out there that have to be developed. And they, they want to be Trump property. They, they want all of Palestine. In fact, they, they want everything. They want, not just Palestine. They want Lebanon. They want Jordan. They want Syria. They might even want Egypt. But they have a plan for greater Israel and they’re planning on executing it.

So that’s, that’s what’s going on there. But we’re going to have to start looking at Mexico differently. You look at what the United States has served as, and we’ve been the safety valve for Mexico. They haven’t had a revolution. No one challenges their political power. The people stay pretty oppressed down there. And why do they stay oppressed? Well, because millions of them every year come across the border illegally. They make money and they send the money back home to Mexico. And that has kept the lid on things politically. Now, remember, these are not doctors, these are not engineers, these are not scientists.

These are people who aren’t literate in their own language. These are the poorest of the poor and they come up here and they do pretty well compared to what they were making down there. So they can afford to support their family if they work away from home and send money back. And that’s acted as a safety valve to keep political unrest minimum in Mexico. Because when people are hungry and people are starving and they’re that oppressed, they revolt. And Mexico has used the United States as a dumping ground for decades. Decades I’ve been violently opposed to this.

One of the major platforms when I ran for governor of Air Arizona was to stop illegal immigration in Arizona and to fight the federal system if we had to. But I did not get elected and I did not have the opportunity to do that. You know, the cartels probably would have assassinated me anyway, but, you know, fuck them up. They can’t take a joke. I really don’t care what the cartels think or do. What I care about is eliminating them. But with a jewish woman as the president of Mexico, you can look for the corruption of Mexico to expand exponentially.

And you could look at Mexico to become a direct threat on our southern border until they push through this North American Union that they’ve been discussing, like I said, for past 20 or 30 years. So that’s what’s going on. Other major foreign policy blunders. The United States has given the okay, France has given the okay, and now Belgium has given the okay, authorizing NATO weapons for use deep into Russia. The US case, it’s mostly missile technology, but the Belgians have a approved the use of 26 f 16 fighters that they gifted to Ukraine for use to strikes against Russia.

What you have to understand about the f 16s is that they are. They can carry nuclear weapons. And so the Russians are going to view this as a major escalation and they’re not going to sit still for it. If they go to Ukraine on they go to bases that can reach Ukraine, look for the Russians to strike and wipe these out. This war is going to escalate. And the same with these long range us missiles that are going in because there’s no time to train the Ukrainians how to use them. So you’re not going to have demand by ukrainian crews.

You’re going to have to put us crews over there. They’re going to have to do the targeting, they’re going to have to do the site selection. And everything that goes with running a missile battery is going to be done by us personnel. And that makes us the United States as an active participant in an attack on Russia. Russia is not going to allow it. They’re not going to stand still for it, and they’re going to push back. And how they’re going to push back, we don’t know. There is speculation that it was the Russians, maybe who struck the USS Dwight D.

Eisenhower, the aircraft carrier we talked about earlier. There’s also speculation that it was Iran in retaliation for killing their president. So we don’t know these things yet, but these are things that have to be considered. And Scott Ritter was very adamant about how bad us foreign policy is. We’re dealing with Russia because as a UN weapons inspector, he has first hand knowledge and he knows the Russians. And for him to say that the Russians are not bluffing, that they will use nukes against the NATO in the west, the escalation is. Is eminent here, and we all may be dead.

That’s how serious this is. If a full scale nuclear attack takes place, we’re all toast, folks. We’re done. The entire northern hemisphere is going to be under a radioactive cloud for a long time, and half the world’s population can die. Southern hemisphere, not so much because of how the jet streams move, but the northern hemisphere is going to be in for a. A very long, cold nuclear winter, very deadly. So these are things that we all need to be concerned about. It’s a, it’s a. We’re living in very frightening times and. But we can’t let this get us down.

We have to do our best to change and control and prepare for what we. What we think might be coming, you know, if we’re wrong. So what? You bought extra 100 pounds of rice? Give it eight or ten years, you’ll eat it. It’s never going to go to waste. So we just have a lot to on our plates here. Then we find out you have this illegal immigration problem. We have that the Biden administration has, over two years ago, gave de facto amnesty to 350,000 illegal aliens by canceling their court dates. This is under this amnesty program.

And so the amnesty program is a fraud. These are not people coming here for amnesty because of political persecution. They’re not leaving a war area, they’re not leaving a dictatorship, they’re not leaving a flood or a famine. They’re coming here because they want a better life. In fact, they want your better life. And again, I will repeat it. We cannot sustain a first world culture, a first world country with a third world population. We already have enough parasites in this country. I mean, the entire permanent welfare state that was engineered by Lyndon Johnson is a burden on all of us.

I mean, as of 2015, since 1965, when the war on poverty began, 2015, we have spent over $23 trillion, and that was nine years ago. So add two or three more trillion on that, on top of it on welfare payments. And, you know, we’re not a greedy people, but when we have generation upon generation of people, and that is their career choice is to go on welfare. Women make choices, get 1516 year old girls make choices, to have children so they can get their own section eight housing, they get their own EBT cards, and they can get their own WIC and snap and all these other cute little acronym things that they have there.

How are we as a country supposed to sustain this going forward? I can see people get in trouble. Someone needs assistance, you lose a job, sustain an injury, it’s got to take you two years to heal. I don’t want to see people thrown in the street. I don’t want to see people starving. I don’t want to see anybody suffer a hardship like that. But when we’re going on our fourth generation of welfare recipients who are going to do nothing else but suck in more welfare, that’s got to stop. So my proposal for that is let’s put a ten year limit on welfare benefits.

Like I said, you lose a job, you know, in a bad economy like we have now, even though Biden says it’s fantastic, it’s, it’s a really crappy economy, but you might take you two or three years to find yourself a decent, well paying job. So, okay, go on welfare. Like, we don’t want to see kids starving in the streets, but we don’t want to see, you know, your great, great, great grandkids going on welfare either. So we’ve got to find a middle ground here that’s going to work. You know, we have these people who never worked, never worked, and how are we going to integrate them into a workforce? How are we going to do this? And again, this goes back to the illegal immigration problem.

As long as we have illegal immigration and we have low cost labor. I mean, don’t get me wrong. The capitalist faction of our society loves us because they don’t want to pay you anything to do anything. I mean, when George W. Bush said we need illegal immigration because Americans won’t do those jobs, the answer is no, George. Americans will do those jobs. They’re not going to do it for $7.80 an hour. They’ll do them for a decent living wage, but they won’t do them for that low of a cost. I tell the story a lot, and I’ll tell it again.

My first job, I was 14 years old, and I made $1.60 an hour. But back then, the coins were made out of silver. And $1.60, you look at the dollar, that’s an ounce of silver. Look at the $0.60. That’s 60% of an ounce of silver. So 1.6oz of silver today is worth dollar 48 on today’s silver market. So if they hadn’t debased our coinage as well as our currency, and you can make a dollar, you can make six quarters in the silver dime for working an hour. That’s worth $48 in money today. That’d be a pretty good deal.

That’s a pretty good minimum wage. And like I said, these things have happened so slowly. I said I was 14 years old. I’m 70 now. That’s 56 years ago. That’s how long it’s taken for these chickens to come home to Rooster. And we’re, you know, we’re all just tired of being played for fools by our government. For fools. Now, the next thing that Biden’s going to do, and he’s going to do this before the election, is he’s going to propose a massive amnesty for the one out of six illegal aliens in this country, expecting them to vote for him because he’s taking very good care of them.

You know, the illegals that have been brought in are getting $2,500 a month on EBT card. They’re getting free housing. They’re getting three meals a day. I was watching Newsmax tonight, and they said that the cost to feed one person for one day in New York City, Sanctuary City, is $100 a day. And they’ve got illegal aliens who’ve been living in hotels for free and getting fed three meals a day. The cost of feeding one of these people is $36,000 a year. That’s more than the bottom tier american workers make in a year. And we’re giving it away for free.

And where does this money come from? Well, it comes from your taxes, partly, and it comes from government borrowing, that’s where. Money that they borrow, these t bills, treasury bills, bonds, those things, and those bills are going to come due. How do they get paid? How do they get paid? Where does the money go to? You know, how. How is it, you know, how is it paid back? Well, it isn’t. And so what we’re going to find here is that, you know, Japan, China, the Europeans who’ve been buying our treasury bills and using them to support their own currencies are going to stop buying.

And when that happens, the Federal Reserve is going to have to buy them and then print money to correspond with it. And that’s when we enter the hyperinflationary thing. But I really do expect that the financial crisis, I can’t predict when it’s going to come. I listen to smart guys like Martin Armstrong and others, and they think we’ve got, you know, a year and a half, two, three years. I don’t think we have that much time. It just doesn’t feel right to me. So I urge everyone to prepare now, you know, next time you go to the grocery store, you know, pick up two extra ten pound bags of rice, you know, pick up some canned goods, you know, just, you know, I’m spending an extra, you know, 20, $20 and start stockpiling.

If you haven’t done this already, start now. Ammunition is always a good thing. That’s always a good thing to have. If you don’t have firearms by now, well, you’re way, way, way behind the curve. Take your old milk jugs, clean them up, wash them out, fill them with water, start stack them in the back of a closet someplace, because if we have a disruption in things, you’re going to be glad you had it. So you don’t have to pay much for that. Just recycle your old milk cartons and seal them up, put them away and put a, you can get an eyedropper and put, you know, two or three drops of regular chlorine bleach in there.

It will keep for a long, long time. And then when you want to drink it, pour it, you know, in a glass or something, leave it, sit overnight, the chlorine evaporates out of there, but you don’t have any bacteria or anything growing in there as well. So there, there’s a lot of ways to do a lot of things that we can prepare for. And one of the other things I want to emphasize here today is right now, things are pretty calm. We don’t know how long they’re going to remain calm. So take a moment and enjoy the things you can enjoy.

Enjoy your friends, enjoy your family, if you can afford it. Go out to a nice dinner someplace. Do things that make you happy, you know, go fishing. I don’t know. Everybody has their, we all have our own pastimes, if you will. But take the time to enjoy these things and don’t let the stress and the worry get you down and enjoy the moment you’re in right now and enjoy that moment for its value. I mean, you know, the late spring, now summer’s around the corner. This is a great time of year. Do as much outdoor as you can.

Spend time out in the national forest. You know, go. Go hiking, go camping. Do the things that bring you pleasure, and enjoy them while things are still quiet, because they may not be quiet that much longer. I mean, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really feel that we’re on the end just so many different things. And, you know, if one out of six people in this country is an illegal alien, we’ve been infiltrated thoroughly. Our government is not our own government. It doesn’t respond to us anymore as voters, you know, as taxpayers, they don’t care what we think.

They’re going for the gold. They’re going for the takeover. They want to shred the constitution. They want to turn us into a. A dictatorship and into a Bolshevik paradise. Here. Since I don’t have Scott here to talk, give me time. I had to take a swing. Forgive me for that, but I can only go on so long. But, no, really, we need to. And here’s what’s so frustrating for me. You know, I’ve been doing this a long time. I started fighting the illegal immigration problem back in 1986 as soon as Reagan passed it, because it was a mistake.

Reagan fucked us on that one. And what we’re seeing now is the end result of that. These things start out small. Once the camel gets his nose in the tent next to. You’re living with a camel. Well, now we’re living with 60 million illegal aliens who don’t belong here and have no right to be here and there, as Trump said, that they’re poisoning our country and they’re turning us into a third world shithole, just like where they came from, because they bring their problems with them. They, they bring their ways, they bring their drug problem. They bring how they treat other people.

They bring their ethics. They bring their morals. They bring all that with them, and next thing you know, we have their problems. Well, we worked really hard. My family’s lived in this country over 200 plus years, and they, they worked hard to create something here that is worth having, that is worth defending. I’m not going to sit by and let a bunch of illegals from Honduras or the Congo or anyplace else take it from me and take it from, from my kid and my grandkids. It’s not going to happen. I’ll die fighting this, I mean, I truly will.

But right now, we’re still a bit hamstrung. It’s, you know, we. I can taste the, the anxiety, the anticipation of this happening, but it’s not here yet. And so. But when the shooting starts, I’m going to shoot every illegal I see. Anybody with brown skin doesn’t speak English. I’m sorry, I’m dropping this. It, it’s, you know what? Once it gets to that level, I’m all in on that. I’m not going to show any mercy. None. You know, any, any foreigners in this country who don’t speak English? Sorry, folks, you’re done here. Your day is over. And I hope a lot of other people feel like I do.

But once that happens, once actual violence like that breaks out, all bets are off anyway. The cops aren’t going to do anything. They can’t. They’re overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. And I sure as hell don’t want to let a bunch of Bolsheviks take over. Because remember, the Bolsheviks are the ones who killed 100 million russian christian men, women and children to steal their property. And I’m not going to let them take over in this country. I’m going to die fighting them. And my only advice to anybody who wants to fight the Bolsheviks is kill the rabbis first, because they’re the root of the poison.

But all these Jews think alike. They all think that they’re the chosen ones. They all think that God gave them this world. And the thing to ask a jew is say, does your belief that you either need to kill me or enslave me, you already know the answer. Because the answer to yes is answer yes to me, both. And so when they don’t answer that question for you, you know where they’re at. And every, oh, but there’s good jews out there. No, there’s not. I’ve never known a one who didn’t try to cheat me. Somehow I’ve used this example before.

I use it again. I don’t care if it’s some attorney who bills me for hours he didn’t work, or if it’s a guy at the kosher deli here who’s putting his thumb on the scale so I don’t get too pounds of corn beef. I only get a pound in three quarters so he can make a few extra nickels off me. But this is pervasive in their culture. It’s what they do. But we have challenges facing us. And I’ll tell you again, we have no problems that we can’t fix. We just have to have the political resolve, the political will to fix, fix them.

And I haven’t heard it yet. I haven’t seen it yet. But here’s my criticism of white people. You know, white people like me, and, you know, the blacks at least if things don’t go their way, they at least get up off the sofa. They may burn down their own neighborhood, but at least they’re doing something, and everybody knows they’re pissed. White people don’t do nothing. As long as the lights are on, the AC works, and the tv’s plugged in, the foot, football games on, and you got a beer in hand, they don’t do nothing but sit on the damn sofa and just bitch and moan.

They don’t do anything. Well, that’s going to change pretty quick here, I think. And like I said, the way this Biden Department of State is, it’s really not the Biden Department of State. It’s the Department of State that’s become its own entity. It doesn’t respond to the will of the people. And, you know, Scott and I talked about this two weeks ago. It said, we don’t have a state department that really advances the interest of the people of the United States. They advance their interest, they don’t advance our interest. And, ergo, we need to take that department apart, disassemble it, and put in there people who are going to do what’s right for the people in the United States of America.

Government is the servant of the people. The people are not the servant of the government. And that’s what this fight’s coming up. It’s going to be a fight. We can’t dodge it much longer, but it’s going to be a fight. But we need a department of state that is going to do things that benefit the american people and not the oligarchs that run our country, not the pritzkers of the world, not these uber wealthy families that think that, you know, we’re their, uh, their fiefdom, that we’re their, their chattel. This is not feudalism, folks. You know, I I am beholden no Lord, and I will take a knee to no man.

And so, uh, it’s time for we, the american people, the people who built this country, uh, to push back, and to push back with a vengeance, because they’re coming for us. You know, that we’ve all heard the, uh, the metaphor of the frog in the pan of water, and they put it on the stove, and it’s. It’s cool at first. It gets warmer and warmer. The next thing you know, he doesn’t jump out, he’s boiled. Because it happened so slowly. That’s what they’ve been doing to us. You know, this began with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

It was made, you know, we were never engaged. There weren’t any world wars before the Federal reserve. World War one happened shortly thereafter, damn near tanked the country here, damn near broke us financially, had the Great Depression. After that, they had World War two, another one, another banker war. And you look at Vietnam, you look at Korea, you look at Afghanistan, look at Iraq, failures, all of them, failures. Everything since World War two. And there is a dispute about who really won World War two. You know, there’s a lot of that going on. We see the nazi influence in our own government right now.

Why is our government supporting the nazi government of Ukraine that’s run by Jews? I mean, these things, the history we’ve been told doesn’t add up to what we’re seeing with our own eyes. And so we all need to ask ourselves what is really going on. We all need to have discernment. And I’m telling you, this is hard to do. It’s hard to figure this stuff out. There. There are no programs. Like when you go to the baseball game, they tell you who’s playing third, play the first. We don’t have that. We have to go through history that has been written to suit a narrative, you know, to this day.

The 911 story, it’s all 19 Arabs with box cutters, took down the twin towers in the Pentagon and building seven. Bullshit. It was the Jews who did that with help from traitors within our own government, including Dick Cheney and George W. Bush and many, many others. The reason nobody challenges the narrative in Washington, DC is because they’re all in on it. And they all got a piece of that pie. They all made a lot of money off of the war in Iraq. They made a lot of money off the war in Afghanistan. But, you know, I, like I said before on the show, I’ve talked to taliban.

I have spoken with them directly, and they swear they had nothing to do with 911. You know what? I believe them. The only mistake they made was they gave Osama bin Laden, who was a CIA asset and operative, a refuge when he asked for it. And that’s part of their. Their muslim religion, is when someone asks you for refuge, you must give it, particularly if it’s another Muslim. And so you look at these things and you add them up. We haven’t been the truth, told the truth about anything. Nothing. They lie about everything. Our news media is completely controlled by jewish zionist interests.

Completely. And we’re not getting the real story on anything that comes off the tv. Now. I used to watch Fox. They were okay. Newsmax is a little better, oems, even better than they are. Not as professional, but the content is more truthful, more factual. But still, both of those are too jew influenced. And you can see it. It’s there. It’s in your face. And I watched an interesting interview with a guy named Dustin Nemos. He had two other guys. I don’t remember them. But the fact of the matter is that unless you call out the jew, what you’re saying is not true.

Well, I’m calling them out and let the ADL come after me. Fuck them. They’ve tried before. They’ll try again. They can’t find me. They can’t reach me. I’m invisible. I’m a ghost, is why I don’t have an Internet presence at all. Nothing. You can’t find anything on me except interviews like this. But, you know, we’ve got to stand up and we’ve got to fight back. When they’re. When they’re pulling guys off of airplanes like Scott Ritter and Judge Napolitano on their way to an economic conference, economic forum in Moscow, I mean, St. Petersburg, when they’re doing that, they’re violating the constitution already.

They’re already violating it. If you look at the Patriot act, which was drafted before 911 ever happened, if you read the Patriot, it’s a terrifying document. We don’t have a constitution. We don’t have any civil rights in this country. They can pick you up anytime they want. And let’s go back to the civil war. When Abraham Lincoln was in there, they did the same thing. They declared martial law. If you were a reporter, they could. They could arrest you for no reason. They could arrest anybody for no reason. You know, they were fighting war. Well, we’re.

We’re in a war, too, and we’ve been in a war since at least 19, since November 23, 1963. I think it goes back to the formation of the Federal Reserve, but at least since then that we can document. The war escalated again at 911. But these people, Jews in particular, have been fighting an asymmetrical war against the United States of America, and particularly the white population of the United States of America, to where this discrimination, affirmative action, all of these things are discrimination against whites. Now, this DeI nonsense, that is absolute discrimination against white people. Absolutely.

And it needs to be stopped. This is our country. We built it, and we’re not going to let this bunch of fucking Jews come and take it away from us. We’re going to fight them. Fight them in the street. Like I said, kill the rabbis first. So anyway, I’m going off on a tangent here, but I feel strongly about these things. There’s so much going on in this country right now. The fact that what they did to Trump in New York, this is appalling. I mean, this is a soviet style trial that they had misdemeanors that had lapsed the statute of limitation.

Statute of limitations on misdemeanors, two years. And these things were seven, eight years ago misdemeanors. And they converted them into a felony by saying he’s using it to cover up another crime he committed. But they can’t tell you what the crime was. I mean, in this country, the accused has the right to know what they’re being charged with and the right to face their accuser, and that hasn’t happened. I mean, you know, Trump still does not know what he did wrong. A bookkeeping error, if you want to call it that. I mean, NDAs are filed every day.

And by the way, you know, how many other hush monies have been paid out to cover members of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate? Over $17 million of your taxpayer money has been paid out to cover up illicit love affairs between congressmen and senators and whoever, whether it’s a little boy or a young man or a woman, I don’t know, but $17 million has been paid out. But none of these people are going to jail for it. They didn’t did the same or worse than what Trump did. So we’re living in very troubled times, and we have to keep our wits about us.

We have to be prepared and we have to be ready to go, because if the nukes start flying, it’s, it’s going to be a big deal. You know, all it takes is one EMP blast or, you know, you know, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, someplace like that, and it’s going to shut down the power grid on both east and west coast. It take five years to get the power back on coast to coast. When the, when the power goes down, you know what the inner city is going to be like. It’s going to be Mad Max World. And so, you know, like I said, people, prepare yourself.

If you can afford to move someplace rural, I’d recommend it highly, I really would, because population density is going to be your enemy. Grocery stores have, what, three days supply on the shelves? And if there’s panic, buying those will be gone in half a day. When people are hungry, they do crazy stuff. And when people have kids who are hungry, they do really crazy stuff. And so it’s going to become a very bad environment all around. And that’s just with our own citizens. And you make that worse with the fact we’ve got 60 million illegal aliens in this country and we don’t know why they’re here.

Our own government’s been bringing them in. But amnesty, I mean, I love Biden’s great move yesterday where he said, I’m going to sign an executive order where we shut the border down once we get 2500 crossings a day. Illegal crossings a day? Really? 2500? How about zero? How about zero? And how about we round up the ones who are here and send them back home? I mean, this is going to be a real time issue that we all have to face head on because it’s coming at us and there’s no avoiding it. You know, I mean, if Trump does get elected, which I hope he does, and can begin these deportations immediately, this needs to happen.

These people need to be sent back home from where they came. Now, this country’s not for them. It’s for us. You know, my grandparents and great grandparents and, you know, eight generations ahead of me didn’t do the work they did to give it to a bunch of illegals. You know, they didn’t, they built this country. You know, they were dirt poor farmers and they worked hard and they never acquired great wealth, but they didn’t build this to give it away to a bunch of, like I said, illegal aliens who don’t want to follow the rules and bring their problems here for us to endure.

And these drug problems, you know, this is, I’ll still remind you all that El Chapo testified in open court that he was paying Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer 100 million a year each to keep the border open. Just let that sink in. The judge immediately closed the trial, threw everyone out of the courtroom except the accused and the lawyers. Everyone else was executed, and the case has been sealed. No one ever knows what else was said. But this is real stuff, folks. Our government has sold us out. We owe them no loyalty. Now, can we salvage this? We can, but we got to start executing the people who betrayed us.

This guy who’s head of homeland security now, this Mayorkas character, he was head of the hebrew something or other, h a I s, which, and their goal is to bring people, illegals, into the country to enable them. And they put him in charge of homeland security, which is. Has a mandate to secure the homeland. Well, he’s failed at his job. He’s failed at his job so bad, it’s treason. He needs to be executed for treason, because that’s the penalty for treason, is execution. And we don’t have the reins of power. This jewish infrastructure does. And not just in the government, but also in corporate America.

I want to bring to your attention Blackstone, Blackstone, Vanguard, State street. Those are three of the big equity firms, investment banking firms on New York that control virtually every publicly traded company in the United States. You wonder why Bud light puts a tranny on their can? Because they were told to. We were told to embrace this DEI stuff. Do you want to know why target puts tranny in gay clothes in the kids department? Because they were told to. Because if a CEO doesn’t do it, Blackstone will fire him. Vanguard will fire him. Now the Blackstone and vanguards in state streets are betraying their investors because they’re supposed to be maximizing the return on the investment of the money that was entrusted to them.

So if you’re a firefighter or you’re in the teachers union or you’re in the police unit, you’re a teamster, and they’re managing your retirement fund, and they’re advocating for this, they’re betraying you as a worker. They’re using this to advance their own political agenda, not maximizing return on investment to their. Their employees. Do you think Budweiser did well after putting a tranny on the can? No. They lost 25% market share. You think targets doing well after putting tranny clothes and gay stuff in the kids department? No. They’re suffering for it. Do you think all of these companies that are embracing this, to think that these Covid mandates that they made employees get a COVID vaccine, which is a toxic bio weapon, do you think that’s helping their investors that entrusted their money to.

No, they really control the money, and they control the investments. And by doing that, they’ve been able to buy at least 5% or more of every publicly traded company on both New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq and many, many other foreign firms as well. And that tells you the degree of infiltration that these Jews have across our economy, across our judiciary, across our government, and across academia. We are outgunned. We are out flanked. We’ve been outmaneuvered everywhere because they’ve been waging an asymmetrical war in the shadows that Americans have not been aware of. And they’re the reason that we’re here.

It’s the jew who did this to you. And we have 60 million illegal aliens in the country. What do you think they’re going to do when the grid goes down? How do you think they’re going to survive? How do you think they’re going to respond to this? They’re coming for you, folks. They want a better life. They want your life. And not just the better part. They want your life. They will take it. So, anyway, we’re winding up here at the end of our first hour, so thank you all for listening to my, my monologue here, but these are just things for everyone to think about.

But don’t give up hope, folks. And, you know, I recommend things prepare. You know, if you have guns, buy ammunition, buy extra food, store extra water, go to the gym, go run, go jog, go walk. Get yourself fit, because if the grid shuts down and everybody freeway, you know, let’s. Let’s say you live in a big city, you want to get out of town, and that the freeways are bumper to bumper to bumper and you can’t go anywhere. You better have a bike and be able to bike out of there because you can cover, you know, I could cover probably 60 miles in a day on a bike.

Okay? I can get out of the city. If you don’t have a bike, you’re going to have to walk. I can cover 20 miles in a day walking. I’m not gonna like it. Gonna be uncomfortable as hell. It’s gonna. Gonna be a physical stressor, but I can do it. But if it means staying alive and living to fight another day, I can do it. I can do both of those. But. But take care of yourself. Get yourself physically fit. It’s important, you know, if you’re. If you have to get into some sort of altercation, a physical altercation with more than one opponent, you better know how to fight.

You better be fit enough to last more than 30 seconds, because when you’re in a real fight, your. Your cardiovascular ability is challenged. Great. Challenged. And I fight a lot. I train. I’ve been a karate man 54 years this summer, so I train. The last thing you want to do when you’re in a fight, even sparring, you don’t want to be the guy who runs out of gas first. And with life and death, you better not run out of gas first. You better have enough wind to. To beat this guy to the ground. But anyway, the closing moment is we’re still in the calm.

Enjoy it. Enjoy the calm while you can. You know, if you get afforded, have a steak dinner. Um, you know, if you’re vegan, well, do it. Vegans do. I can’t. I can’t talk about that. But, uh, like I said, enjoy the calm while it is here. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy your, your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, whatever. Enjoy your kids. Play with them while the. Before the coming war starts here, because we’re looking at war on a number of fronts. China’s making noises over in Taiwan. The situation in Ukraine. Last week, they took out two of Russia’s long range nuclear detection radars.

That is justification for Russia to launch a full scale nuclear attack. They didn’t do it. They didn’t do it. Now, the radars are still functional. So I’ve been running it. Probably the only reason that they didn’t do it, because if you blind them from over the horizon, what they can’t see, they have no choice but to launch. No choice. But, folks, we’re living on the edge of the knife, and it is still the calm. So enjoy it while you can. Can. And, you know, give. Give a moment of gratitude and pray. And like I said, prepare yourself.

Physically fit. Store extra food, extra water, you know, buy ammunition if you have firearms, you know. So that’s all I’ve got tonight. We’re a little over an hour, and I hope Dong comes on and lets me off the hook here pretty quick, because thong is a producer, by the way. He’s a very, very nice guy. Vietnamese. He’s a good man, like him a lot. And he does a good job for Scott, producing his show. I mean, I’m only on one night a week. Scott does this, you know, five days a week, and I feel for him.

So, anyway, I’m gonna call it a day. And thank you all very much and keep the comments coming because I read all of them, and I, like I said, I do appreciate your kind words. And everyone, have a good night, and let’s pray we keep this country together and let’s do what we have to do to restore the United States of America. The republic of the United States of America. Okay, thanks, folks. Have a good night. Bye.

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