2024-05-08 Dr. Scott Bennett with Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

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➡ This discussion involves Dr. Stephen Pigeon and Scott, who talk about various global issues. They discuss the ongoing trials, political impeachments, student protests, and the situation in Ukraine and Gaza. Pigeon compares the current political climate to the Vietnam War, suggesting that both were driven by ego rather than necessity. He criticizes the Biden administration for escalating tensions in Ukraine and accuses it of corruption. The conversation also touches on the Israeli-Egyptian border conflict and the potential for global destruction due to political decisions.
➡ The text discusses the belief that despite suffering and hardships, faith in God provides hope and redemption. It emphasizes that God knows each individual personally and did not create them to suffer. The text also discusses the differences between Islam and Christianity, highlighting the belief in Christianity of redemption through Christ’s sacrifice. Lastly, it touches on the ongoing conflict between the descendants of biblical figures Esau and Yaakov, suggesting that this conflict continues today in the form of geopolitical tensions.
➡ The text discusses the historical conflict between Protestantism and Catholicism, focusing on the Protestant revolution of Henry VIII and its impact on Western history. It also explores the extremes of individualism and collectivism, suggesting a balance between the two is ideal. The text further delves into the political turmoil in Ukraine, criticizing its current leadership and suggesting a complete overhaul of its political infrastructure. Lastly, it criticizes the infiltration of Catholicism and Jesuit order into the foundation of the United States, arguing that it has led to the marginalization of Protestantism.
➡ The speaker discusses the differences between Scottish and Russian religious attitudes, expressing admiration for the humility and independence of the Scottish and criticizing the resignation he perceives in Russian Orthodoxy. He also criticizes America’s moral decline, attributing it to societal changes since the 1950s and predicting dire consequences. The speaker believes Russia’s economy is growing rapidly, surpassing that of the US, and attributes this to their re-embrace of Orthodox faith. He also discusses the state of the Catholic Church, expressing dissatisfaction with the current Pope and suggesting that Cardinal Vigano is the true leader of the Church.
➡ The text discusses the political and economic history of Russia and China, highlighting the potential for civil unrest and the influence of foreign powers. It criticizes the role of corporations and bankers in shaping economies and policies, arguing they lack practical skills and are leading countries astray. The text also criticizes the behavior of political leaders, particularly Trump, for their inappropriate comments and actions. It ends with a call for respect and understanding of the formality of political offices.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including criticisms of Trump’s behavior and potential legal troubles, concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine’s side effects, and dissatisfaction with the Republican Party’s focus on foreign interests over American ones. It also mentions the promotion of vaccines despite reported health risks and criticizes the lack of funding for American infrastructure and environmental issues.
➡ The text discusses the author’s belief that the AstraZeneca vaccine has caused harm in Britain, leading to many deaths. The author criticizes British leaders and suggests they should face legal consequences. The author also discusses the influence of the Masonic order in Britain and the U.S., suggesting it has been corrupted by satanic forces. Finally, the author believes Russia could potentially help countries like Britain, Scotland, Ireland, America, and Canada, as it has information about biolabs linked to COVID-19 development.
➡ The text discusses the predicted downfall of the church and the Vatican, attributing it to poor leadership. It also talks about the rise of Russia and the shift of Western Europe towards Eastern Orthodoxy. The text further criticizes the European Union and its leadership, suggesting that its success was dependent on cheap Russian gas and that its failure is imminent. Lastly, it emphasizes the need for strong leadership in the Anglo-Saxon Celtic Gaelic world, one that understands and upholds common law and true faith.
➡ The text discusses the importance of leaders being humble and faithful, and criticizes those who stray from these values. It condemns idolatry and the worship of false idols, such as money and power. The authors believe that the United States has lost its way due to these transgressions, and predict its downfall. They emphasize the need for repentance and a return to spiritual values, and express hope for a future guided by divine wisdom and protection.
➡ The text discusses the speaker’s faith in God and Jesus Christ, their belief in divine protection, and their hope for people to recognize their faith. The speaker also offers their help to those seeking knowledge and understanding, expressing frustration at their inability to influence political understanding. They emphasize the importance of preparedness, suggesting stocking up on survival foods and recommending a specific product for cancer treatment. The speaker ends with a prayer for divine guidance and blessings.


Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. This is global great awakenings here. We’re joined once again by the great doctor Stephen Pigeon. Stephen, it’s wonderful to have you on again. We’re going to be exploring a lot of different subjects. As we were talking before the show started. We’ve got the stormy Daniels trial, which I haven’t really followed too much. We’ve got the Marjorie Taylor Greene impeachment, Mike Johnson, the House speaker. We’ve got, of course, Ukraine. We’ve got Gaza, we’ve got Trump in general. We’ve got the student protests that are occurring. And I look forward to jumping into that.

Let me just welcome you, Stephen Pigeon. Well, thank you, Scott. Good to be here. Good to be talking about these global ideas. And I have to say that as I look out over the coming summer here in 2024, a summer of trouble, and we have not yet exited the woods, if you will, from the trouble that is currently on the horizon. And it’s a trouble that is brought to us, really, by the same kind of egomaniacism that we saw exhibited by LBJ in the escalation in Vietnam. Vietnam was a failed idea. It was a failed policy, and it was structured on a falsehood structured on a false flag.

Right, the Bay of Tonkin. And then structured on the falsehood that somehow our commitment in Vietnam was something about keeping communism from expanding into Southeast Asia in what they called the domino effect. Ludicrous idea. And the truth is, this was all a bunch of pablum that was fed to the american public in order to facilitate the trafficking of heroin. When the French lost control of the heroin market in 1959 and the US decided to pick it up in order to keep Russia from having control of the same heroin market. And so this is what it was all about.

It had nothing to do with the domino effect or preventing the spread of communism or anything else, but it did involve the slaughter of millions of Vietnamese in this ridiculous colonization war. And actually, the difference between America and Britain is that Britain used to engage in colonization because they believed that their way was a better way. So we’ll come and colonize you and teach you the better way of things so that you two become civilized. America doesn’t believe in that. We believe in non colonization. We come over and pretend we’re going to colonize you, blast you into oblivion, and then leave it like that.

Say, see you later. Hope you make it. Hope you figure it out, you know? But if you ever threaten us again, we’ll renew the bombing. So. But Johnson had engaged in an ego trip. It was like, hey, look, I’m not going to take any crap from Ho Chi Minh. Just keep up in the ante. If Ho Chi Minh, you know, if Ho Chi Minh keeps coming at me, I’ll just put more armament in there, I’ll just put more bombs in there, I’ll put more troops in there. We’ll keep escalating and escalating and escalating until we have to kill every last one of them.

We’ll do it. Well, that kind of, that was purely an ego trip. It had nothing to do with winning a war. It had nothing to do with meeting objectives. None of that. We have the same problem going on in Ukraine. Ukraine is not an ally of the United States. It’s not a member of the EU, it’s not a member of NATO. And yet we see the Biden administration continuing to escalate. When he made the statement in front of Congress, I will not bow down. That’s the same ego trip that LBJ had. Same ego trip. And I’m going to just keep escalating.

I’ll get a bigger and bigger club and a bigger and bigger club. Until you see the 82nd airborne in Kiev is what, one famous statement that he made. And I’ll draft everybody regardless of what they want. I’ll force everybody into the military. Yeah. And this is his thinking. It’s just a giant egomaniacal claim. Right? And it’s. It has to do with this idea of, of, you know, megalomania. You know, I’m in control here. I’ve got power. And of course, he doesn’t have power. He’s a usurper. Given the election of 2020, he’s a usurper. And as is the democratic regime.

And of course, now we know it’s a totally corrupted cabal that’s completely bought and paid for. There’s no integrity remaining there whatsoever. As we can see by this little fiasco that happened with Mike Johnson sanctioning the person who said it’s improper to wave ukrainian flags in the House of Representatives. That’s a violation of law to wave another nation’s flag in the House of Representatives. And he sanctioned a person who asked the sergeant of arms to instruct everybody to put those flags down. And then Mike Johnson takes a half a million dollars from AIPAC the day after he passes a $31 billion expenditure that has not resulted in the Israelis breaching the Camp David Accords.

For heaven’s sakes. The 1979 Camp David Accords that Jimmy Carter crafted, the only thing that’s had any kind of recognizable peace integer to it in that whole area. They’re breaching it by putting tanks along the israeli egyptian border. Well, that’s a huge, huge destruction of all protocol. Now, the Israelis have taken this initiative that says we’re respecting nothing. We’re not respecting S 181, we’re not respecting the camp David Accords, we’re not respecting anything. We’re just going to do what we want to do. And you guys could just pound sand, including you, Joe Biden, who said, I’m not going to give you any more missiles if you keep using it on women and children.

In Gaza. I saw an interesting clip today of a tank at Rav five lobbing a bomb into a group of civilians and blowing civilians almost 100ft in the air. Yeah, yeah. You know. Yeah. Well, nice expenditure on the part of the US. Well, so here we go. So with this kind of thing, we have long. Because the ego of the president is one of a bully. He’s a wife abusing bully, is what he is. I’m wife murdering bully. A wife murdering bully. That correct? And, you know, and so because of this, he has no. He has no limits.

There’s nobody that’s punched him in the nose and he doesn’t have any limits. Well, now we’ve arrived to the point. We’re at the threshold here, Scott. We’re moving up towards Defcon. We’re moving in that direction. We’re getting there very, very quickly. Very quickly. I do want to talk about the kind of message that was given to the french ambassador and the british ambassador just recently and the kind of language that’s been used by both Putin and Dima Medvedev in respect of what that war looks like. Because, of course, I would like to be able to report to you here today that there are many, many economic things in the wind that are really quite good.

Zimbabwe has gone on to gold. Zimbabwe figured it out. Here they are. We used to be the richest nation in Africa, the richest nation in the world, really, at a per capita income level. And they plummeted to the poorest nation in Africa because of the stupid policies of Mugabe, who was one of the worst leaders in all of world history. And of course, the racist genocide that they perpetrated in formerly Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and now they have recognized, okay, no one in Zimbabwe will take Zimbabwe currency. They won’t take their own currency. So they have wised up and are issuing a gold coin now.

Smart, smart move. It’s something the US should do, but we can’t because we don’t have any gold. All that was gone. And evidenced by the fact that the gold was moved to the World Trade center in 1992, and the World Trade center was terminated in 2001. And where’d that gold go when we never found anyone? We were cleaning up the mess, that’s for sure. So here we are. So now we’re at a point now where we’ve pushed the world to the brink of destruction. And we pushed the world to the brink of destruction because we don’t want to admit that we’re a fading empire, that we’ve lost Pax americana.

Now, one way to handle the loss of Pax americana is to exit with grace and say, okay, well, you know, we used to be great. We’re not so great anymore. So to the extent that we kind of hurt your feelings, please forgive us. Let’s move on and let’s become partners in the. They don’t have that psychological maturity or grace or humility, Stephen. They are full of fear, pride. I mean, there is a psychological profile that you can attach to these people. And that’s one of the reasons I’m so infuriated all the time at all of this, because I know they’re psychopaths.

They’re psychopaths. Or sociopaths or narcissists. They’re abusive bullies like you just described. They’re incapable of humility, gratitude, thankfulness. They’re incapable of repentance. They are. Look at. Look at Milly. The general Milley. He is a prime example. The ugliness of him physically is only matched by the ugliness of him spiritually and emotionally. And I studied these people, and they are incapable of changes. The wicked change, not, the Lord says it. God says, the wicked change, not, the wicked flee when no man pursueth. He also says the riches of the wicked are stored up for the righteous. He also.

Amen. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I shall repay. I’ve said that all the time in Iran and Russia and Beirut, all the places I’ve gone, I’ve said this. The Lord doesn’t change, and his balances always equal out. And the Palestinians, in their pleas to God, they are calling out for him. And you see that and hear that all the time they give. I want to say this to the palestinian people, okay? And let me say this to the Palestinians in Gaza in particular. You know, Islam teaches a methodology of understanding. But in Islam, it is written in the Quran.

And not to defame the Quran, but in the Quran it is written that every Muslim will be judged in hell on his knees, and will be judged in accordance with his works. But in the faith which belongs to Mashiach, which has been practiced in Gaza, you know, there are many, many orthodox churches that stand in Gaza or that stood in Gaza. And there are many, many believers in that faith. And they have not reached their hand out to Islam, but they need to reach their hand out to Islam to understand that even in the face of persecution, in the face of persecution, nonetheless, yah is with us.

And when you realize that yah is with us, that there is no harm that man can do to you on this earth that has eternal consequences. Fear not him who can kill the flesh. Fear him who can kill both the flesh and the soul. Amen. And this is the creator. This is the maker. And the maker says to you, look, and I want to say this to every muslim that is in Gaza. He knows your name. He did you together in your mother’s womb. He knew you before the foundation of the world. Amen. He did not put you on this earth to be punished.

He did not put you on this earth to suffer. He did not put you on this earth to be reincarnated into suffering because of a deed you did before he put you on this earth, that you might come to glorify him and to understand him and to recognize your creator and your maker. And in recognizing your creator and your maker, you were born again. You become someone new. You become a new person, and you become a new person that is subject to redemption. And the subject of redemption is what you say, well, yah has no son.

Well, that is an understanding where allah has no son. But this is an understanding that says a son is somebody physically birthed. But this was not a physical birth. It was a physical birth, but it was a miraculous birth. It was something more than a physical birth, because you see both the ben Elohim and the ben Adam in the same person. And this becomes an extremely important thing to understand, that not only is he the ben Adam, but he is also the ben Elohim in the same person. And because of this, the blood was required. Leviticus 17 says, look, the blood is in the soul.

He and I have given it to you on the altar for repentance. Blood is the atonement for sin. Blood is the atonement. And it is a sin that cannot be cured by any deed that is done by a muslim anywhere in the world. Because the sin was done by Adam, who preceded us many, many centuries and cannot be atoned by man. There is no work that you can do that is going to atone for the fact that death is in the world. But you can step into eternal life with the understanding of the work on the cross.

The Shiak’s death terminated the curse of Adam for those who accept that idea. And with that acceptance comes the ability to understand that Yah is with you even when the bombs drop, even when you’ve lost your children, even when. Even when the suffering is intense, even when you cannot eat. Yah is there and he is present. Trust in him and let him deliver you. Call upon the name of Yahuwah and you shall be delivered. And, you know, so Palestine, you know, this thing about Palestine and the thing about the suffering really, throughout the world. Yeah. Is that the suffering that, you know, the people in the world, you know, I’m a big believer, Scott, that there is no human being that does not have the opportunity for the keys to the kingdom.

No, you’re right. Exactly. God says that. God says it. God wishes that no man would perish. Every human being, every human being, you know, has. Has the gospel preached or talked, they’re in. It is the mystery. But, you know, some. Some are. Are destined to be written in the lamb’s book of life. Some are not. But it’s. It’s a mystery. That’s not our business. It is not our business. Who’s written in the lamb’s book of life. That’s right. Our business is. Is the business that we have been called to by yah. Go forth and preach the gospel.

That’s exactly the good news. The good news is what? I will give you oil of joy for mourning. I will give you garments of praise. I will plant you anew as trees of righteousness. I will take away your captivity. I will restore the sight to the blind and heal those who are bruised. This is the good news. This is coming. This is coming. So fear not. Your sins be as Scarlet. They shall be as white as snow, though they be as crimson. They should. What is it? They shall be as they should. Yeah. Yeah. But there you go.

As far as the east is from the west, they should be separated one from the other. Yes. And so let this be. And this means that. No adjudication in hell. On your knees. There’s no adjudication in hell. On your knees. There’s no torments of the grave. There’s no angel smashing you with hammers. There’s no snake devouring you and then regurgitating you. Those are the ideals of the torments of the grave. But it’s not what happens? Christ in his blood, atonement covers you and spares you all of that. Christ did that. Christ paid for it. Christ endured eternity in hell and then was risen again.

Yeah. And so here we have it. And so let us trust in that and believe in that. And so this is why I think that when we look at all the bad news, Scott, we can spend, and we will spend a lot of time looking at it today. But when you look at the good news, the good news is this. First of all, the house of Esau has been at war with the house of Yasharel, for since the birthright was sold, he was so ticked off at him, you stole my birthright, then you stole my blessing.

And he tells his mother, as soon as dad dies, I’m going to kill him. Right? And mom says to Yaakov, you need to take off. You need to go up, go see your cousins, get out of here. Don’t come back. And he’s gone for 20 years, right? Gone for 20 years. And even then, when he comes back, he fears seeing his brother. If I see my brother, it’s going to be bad. So he gives him all these flocks and all this other stuff and trying to pay off his brother. But even though his brother was happy to see him and all of this, there still was.

His brother was saying, well, why don’t you come on back with me to Mount Seir, and we’ll just kind of hang out? And Yaakov was thinking, no, I think I’m gonna go my own way, because if I hang out with you for very long, that old anger is gonna be right back, and then you’re gonna want to kill me again. So I’m hitting the road. I’m getting out of here, right? But since then, Esau has been at war with Yaakov nonstop. And the war continues even to this day. And people don’t know who. Who Esau is.

Esau is Edom, and Edom controls really the west. And Esau is at war. Edom is at war with Yaakov and wants to terminate Yaakov. And Yaakov, on the other hand, took a step. You know, I watched very. A very interesting interview with Alexander Dugan, with Dugan and Tucker Carlson. Brilliant interview. Yes, yes. Quite good. Quite good. And Dugan was talking about. He was talking about the tenets of individualism, and he tended to blame that on what took place in the protestant revolution under Henry VIII. However, Dugan, of course, speaks from a background of collectivism. You remember that the spectrum had swung entirely to the far end of that collective ideology with the rise of communism in the Bolshevik revolution.

Dugan has a little bit of a hei, agree with you 100% because I criticized him on that, too. Dugan has a flavor of it takes a village to raise a child kind of thing. No, there’s, there is, you know, I mean, you can go to the extreme of collectivism too. And when you get to the extreme of collectivism, everybody is a dumbed down slave, right? When you get to the extreme of individualism, everybody has killed themselves and divorced himself from being a human being. True. True. So these, these are two extremes. Somewhere in the middle is this idea of individualism and collectivism self exist, you know, jointly existing, coexisting, and this.

And so, and I disagree with him in the respect that he thinks the protestant revolution of Henry VIII was something that spearheaded this ultimately was going to lead to transgenderism and transhumanism. And I disagree with him. Yeah, I think the protestant revolution of Henry VIII was the most important thing that happened in western history. I agree, because Henry VIII said, look, Mister Pope, you’re not british, you’re italian, you’re not going to come up here and tell us how to run our life. We run our life in accordance with the common law, which pre existed the roman church, by the way, by over a thousand years.

Wow. So you don’t come up here and try to tell us that you have the tradition or that you have the authority or that you have anything else. You don’t, and we’re not going to allow you to assert it anymore. We’re going to push you out and then we’re going to hold fast. Well, that protestant revolution was immediately, you know, Henry VIII’s own daughter, Mary, Queen of Scots, she tried to take them back into Catholicism, right? Since then, the Catholic Church has been at war with Protestants, calling them heretics. That’s exactly right. And, you know, Elizabeth I pushed beheaded Mary, Queen of Scots, reinforced Protestantism, wrote a nasty letter to the pope concerning Joseph of Arimathea and how the pope had promised to send shepherds and instead had sent wolves, namely Augustine, who executed the pre existing bishops in the land.

Right. In order to impose Romanism. Yes. And of course, James the first, you know, created the King James Bible and articulated the protestant line. But his son, Charles I would end up being beheaded by Oliver Cromwell for trying to take Britain back into Catholicism. That’s right, that’s right. And that’s when Oliver Cromwell went back in with his farmer army, dissolved parliament, put a chain around it, and suspended parliament, I think, for a year or so before they got it back together, which is the same thing said the Russians need to do in Ukraine. You need to go in there and dissolve parliament, put a chain around it and elect new people.

I don’t care how long it takes. You can’t have these festering traitors in the ukrainian parliament who drive Bentley’s and have whore hopping parties while young kids are being thrown into the meat grinder. Oh, we’re the anointed. We get the special money from Macron and from the US. No, all those people need to be arrested like the nazi gestapo. They are by Russia, charged in war crimes. But the whole political infrastructure of Ukraine has to be blown up, burned down, whatever you want to call it then to be resurrected with a particular flavor of Ukraine and its traditions.

And those people, I mean, that you’re not instituting chinese stuff. These people are white, anglo, or they’re white slavic russian people. But all the shit that’s been brewing in Ukraine since the nineties, all of that has to be scraped off like a cancerous scab. Yeah, it’s going to be difficult because you have the tenets of the Soros Open Society foundation and the Orange Revolution. That’s one protocol that kind of ripened the field, if you will. And then, of course, you have the Maidan revolution sponsored by Victoria Nuland and the State Department, which actually created a nazi ism and nazi fascism.

Yes. And hyper racism. And, you know, this kind of myopia that that’s been going on in Ukraine, then followed by the traitors that are currently sitting at the top, including dictator of Vladimir Zelensky, who suspended all elections, shut down all media, all opposing speech, et cetera, even closed. Outlawed the russian orthodox church, closed churches. Yeah, yeah. Paganism, devil. I mean, the whole not. I’ve seen these guys and interviewed them covered in devil horns and swastikas. I mean, straight up demonism tattoos. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so this kind of thing is ultimately going to have to be eliminated from the slavic areas, from the slavic ground.

It’s going to have to be eliminated. And that. That soil is now covered with blood. And I don’t know how. I don’t know how, you know, there’s so much blood in ukrainian soil, you know, going back to. To the tank battle of Kursk, you know, and all of the battles, the holodomar that took place in Ukraine, 34, 35, the deaths that are currently happening, 700,000 more dead. There’s a lot of blood in that soil. And there’s going to take, it’s going to take a lot to sanctify that ground again, a great deal. But, you know, when you went back to this protestant revolution, I want to make this point because following Cromwell’s reinstatement of Protestantism in the British Isles, including in Ireland, you get to Charles II.

Charles II did not open the door to Romanism in the UK, but he opened it in the United States. He allowed the Jesuits to encamp in Delaware. Yeah, Maryland too, right? Maryland, Mary’s land. Yep. And here they come. And when the, when the Jesuits came in and encamped, then the Masons and the Jesuit order infiltrated the foundation of the country, and what were twelve protestant states who had litmus tests to hold office. Suddenly, when the Constitution is created, the First Amendment says no. Making a law that stops the catholic church from being able to do whatever it wants to do in America.

That’s what the First Amendment really says right now. What’s, here’s the situation. There’s Flynn, General Michael Flynn, a Catholic of what, nine brothers and sisters who has been right behind Trump, I think, stabbing him in the back. And you and I were there, you and I presented the best. But look at Trump. Trump appointed four Catholics to the bench. So the Supreme Court consists of seven Catholics and two Jews. And where the, where are these Protestants that formed this country banned, you know, this breeze bill that came out of the Senate to fund protection for synagogues and mosques.

Not one penny for any christian churches. When the wicked rule, the people mourn. Yeah, and the hate speech law that’s been passed by the House, which I think is going to die in the Senate, they’re just going to shoot it in the head. But the. That hate speech law criminalized the New Testament. Criminal. Yeah, this was, this was voted on by your favorite Republicans, who had no problem criminalizing the New Testament. Now, when you think about this, I mean, look, this is how far we have fallen. Now, going back to this protestant revolution, when you go back and you look at what took place after James II decides to take England back to Catholicism, civil war breaks out, the glorious revolution, and before William and Mary of Orange are put on the throne, the english bill of rights is adopted.

Now, the English Bill of Rights is a very interesting document, worthy of a read, because it declares the kinds of stunts that are being pulled by our own government right now as being illegal. You know, arming Catholics while disarming Protestants, increasing taxes on one group of people while decreasing taxes on another, weaponizing the judiciary to make sure that Catholics never are found guilty of any crimes, while Protestants are held to the fine tooth letter. All of this was being done by James II. And parliament in the English Bill of Rights said, that’s illegal. That’s illegal. That’s illegal, and that’s illegal.

And the king no longer has the right to rule by arbitrary decree. It has to come through parliament, period. So this English Bill of rights was something that we rejected as colonists. Well, we want to revolt against you guys. We don’t want to be part of this anglican thing anymore. Why? Because there were Jesuits operating in the country that wanted the opportunity. Since Rome could no longer get into the United Kingdom, they wanted to get into the colonies of the United Kingdom to take them away, and they have taken them away. All right, so when you see Dugan talking about the protestant revolution being something that led to individualism, I disagree with Dugan, and I disagree that the collectivism practiced by orthodoxy in the east is a superior mechanism to the common law Protestantism practiced in, not in the west, but in the english speaking world.

And let me just say one quick thing on this. Protestantism. And coming from a scottish background, a scottish home, and we were all Protestants, all Presbyterian. Scottish Presbyterian. I was raised in the scottish clan and uncles and all. I mean, a huge. It was a rare phenomenon that the Lord allowed me to experience. But Protestantism, especially scottish presbyterianism, I’ll blow the horn. We are raised fiercely independent, fiercely strong willed. You trust your blood, your family, your clan, anyone with a scottish accent, and anyone not you, hold them in a degree of civil yet distant relationship. And there’s a ferocity and there’s an independence, and there’s also, I mean, a great humility, the Scottish, how I was raised and my grandfather and all that.

There’s an incredible humility before God, you know, a quietness and, well, you know, God knows. Well, God’s. I’ve always seen that in my relatives. Whereas the russian orthodoxy, I’ve seen, you know, and I compare it. I’ve seen certain dullness, a certain socialism, a certain, you know, resignation, a certain, you know, culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. Right? This. I don’t. I can’t explain it, but it’s there. It’s different, prevalent. Yeah, it is. Yeah. And this is an important thing because, look, just because they’re orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, doesn’t mean that I can’t love them and love their faith, who they are.

But, you know, I disagree with orthodoxy on many tenets, and I disagree with some of the Protestantism on but you’re never going to argue them into the kingdom of God. God says, let your light so shine before men. Yeah. And the fact of the matter is, their re embrace of who they are as an orthodox people has turned into a massive blessing for them. I mean, they’re about to exceed the GDP of Japan right now, Scott. They’re the biggest economy in the world, Steve. They’re. Right. Now, Russia is where America was the whole 2023. It’s actually even exceeded America in 2023.

So Russia in 2024 could end up being twice the size of the US economy in 2023. Yeah. So there you go. And so when you see this, what does the scripture say? The scripture says, look, when you practice these things, you will become the head and not the tail. You will become the creditor and not the debtor. So you only need to look at one thing. If you want to pull out the thermometer and measure the spiritual temperature of America, you only need to look at one number, $34 trillion. That’s all you need to look at when you see the federal debt.

We are the greatest debtor in the world. That is the spiritual thermometer. That’s the only spiritual thermometer you need to look to. I think we’re the greatest sinner in the world, too. And when God says, every nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell. And every action, every law, every passive cultural allowance that we have introduced into our society since 1950, and I’d say maybe 1967, was when it really. No, no, 1950, 1950. Actually, it was December of 1953 when we crossed the threshold. When Hugh Hefner published Marilyn Monroe on the December issue of Playboy, we crossed the threshold.

He should have been. I mean, personally, he should have been executed, thrown in jail. His. And everything should have been crushed and burned. And you burn the idols, you get rid of that and you show repentance and you show adoration for family and purity and sexual beauty of women. You do everything to keep that bond holy and sacred. But we desecrated that and corroded that and started sprinkling shit in the. Powdered, in the chocolate pudding, so to speak. And from 1953. Yeah, that’s right, 1953 till now, we have incrementally forgotten God. And God says, you’ll be turned into hell.

Not by his. Well, I’m going to turn you into hell. You are doing it by your own actions, and these actions are going to burn you in hell. It’s almost like, you know, you ignite a match and start burning your own seed corn. Well, at the end of the. At the end of 50 years or whatever, it’s all going to be black, charred earth, and you’re not going to have seed corn by your own doing. And we’ve done that. We’ve done that in destroying our whole generation. This country is a schizophrenic Frankenstein that is committing suicide and calling it, you know, human rights, and the devil himself is speaking into their delusion.

Oh, get another vaccine. Get another, you know, transhumanism, and suddenly you’ll be like Buck Rogers and Mister Spock, and you’ll have no, you’ll be a deformed glob of misery gnashing your tongue with pain. That’s what’s coming upon the earth, speaking death and not able to find it. Amen. This is scriptural, too, you know. And so when we talk about this, Scott, you know, I can’t give any cures for America because America is judged now. And, you know, and the judgment. We had this final sign of judgment with this eclipse on April 8, 40 days to repent.

And if you don’t repent, the judgment is final. It’s going to be final on America now. Not final on Americans, but final on America. Yeah. Yeah. This nation is toast. Now, I keep looking at these events and thinking, okay, is there any way that we can escape this destiny? Or is it. Is this destiny certain? Lord? Is there ten righteous men in Alaska? There’s got to be in Alaska. Is there ten? Is there five? Will you spare the nation? Yeah. Yeah, there are. There are ten. There are ten, yeah. And, you know, but the thing is, are there ten in Washington, DC? That’s.

There’s none anywhere except Alaska. That’s why Alaska could be the only place spared, while the rest of american pockets will be spared, but the rest of this country, now, it’s going to go into ash. Yeah, I think you’re right. And so the thing is, when we look at people, we look at going back to your scottish presbyterian roots and going back to this Protestantism that was part of the UK fabric. Today, you can still see it. You go through the UK, and many people in the UK, they’ve got a favorite hymn that they’re willing to sing, and the true national anthem of Britain is Jerusalem.

I did those feet in ancient times walk upon Britain’s mountains green I was the holy lamb of God on Britain’s hills scene. Right? I mean, this is the question, right? And this is. This song is the true national anthem of Britain, not God created fire. It was in chariots of fire in the end of the. And so when we. When you understand that, you can see that this was a nation that. And so you see two different theocracies. You see a protestant theocracy in Britain, and you see an orthodox theocracy in Russia. The theocracy that is supposed to be expressed by the Catholic Church has a leader right now that begs the question, is the pope Catholic? I mean, he does not tout any catholic doctrine whatsoever.

The true. Again, going back to the true pope, the true pope, the true leader of the Catholic Church is Cardinal Vigano and the Illuminati, the World Economic Forum. These other corporate leaders will not allow Vigano to hold the seat of the papacy. He’s the true vicar of the Catholic Church. And to leave him out and to leave this fraud, this son of a Nazi, this mass murderer from Argentina, Jorge Bergoglia, sit in that spot is an obscenity. And he has, you know, he’s done more destruction to the church in the faith than any single human being in my lifetime.

Any single human being. I can point to going back to maybe the Borgia, the Borgia pope, who was a murderer, maybe he was the last one who was as close to being as vile as this current guy, but this current guy is completely destructive. And so when we talk about theocracies, now, the theocracy in Britain is corrupted, corrupted, corrupted, corrupted and corrupted. Whereas the theocracy in Russia was oppressed by the Soviets and with an attempt to extinguish it through mass murder. And look, Vladimir Putin and some of the other leaders in Russia can sit back and want to give you, Joseph Stalin, a pass.

I don’t give the guy a pass. Okay? He committed mass murder on an exponential scale that was unprecedented by anyone. And Rush needs to accept that and to recognize that and to expunge it from the past. Now, of course, many people in the christian faith, like you, don’t hear Russians belly aching, going around saying, hey, remember the. Remember Stalin’s execution? Remember the Bolsheviks? Do you hear them belly aching about? Because that isn’t what people of the. Of strength do. Yes, okay, so Stalin can be forgiven and the families can move on and so on. It’s such a bloody period of russian history, but.

But it can be forgiven and it should be given. However, you have to have the confession of sin. And that’s where Putin and the rest of them don’t do. They just kind of, you know, they kind of softly, you know. No, there’s a righteous indignation. There’s a. You have to turn the fire up in the heart, if you will, doesn’t mean you have to start breaking furniture and start, you know, equipping yourself and stuff, but you have to get sort of passionate. That’s the one thing I’ve seen. You know, the Russians are not the presbyterian fire passion.

To. To expel this out of the soul of Russia requires an energetic, passionate, absolute crystal presentation of facts. You know, confess your sins one to another, and you’ll be healed kind of thing. Not with the confession of a priest or anything like that. But they need to do what you’re saying, stephen, but with a seriousness. Like, Tucker had a golden. You know, that conversation should have included the stuff that you and I were talking about, and Putin should have been told, you need to express passion, Mister Putin, to get this stuff out of the soul of Russia.

And then, okay, it’s out, it’s done, and they move on. Instead of this, you know, quasi. There’s an underlying thing in the russian soul. It’s like, you know, during the. During the time of Boris Yeltsin. Bodice Yeltsin. Yeah. You know, you had a situation going where there was a time when there was. The potential for civil war was ripe right there. Big time. Big time. 1990 to 1998, the whole country had lost. It was like a hay bale that lost the binding wires that kept it together nice and square. And so there was the potential for a civil war to break out similar to the bolshevik revolution.

The average Russian, without saying a word to one another, said, you know, we’ve been there. We did that. We’re not going back. We’ve already done that one. We’re not going back to that one. And this was in the heart and the soul of the Russian unspoken. Okay? So there’s a lot of ideology that goes unspoken in the russian soul. True. And I think a lot of this concerns, like, for instance, there’s a joke in Russia. What’s the oldest joke in Russia? Communism. It’s the oldest joke in Russia. Right? It’s a joke. It’s a shoot neck, right, shoot gun.

We’re not going to be dealing with this shutka anymore, this shutka of communism. And so what, Communist Party got 1% of the vote or something in this last election? It’s a nominalism that really doesn’t exist anymore. However, there’s always the potentiality for the world. And remember that the Bolshevism was raised up by bankers out of New York and London that wanted to create a worker state where they could get slave labor. Now, they didn’t succeed in Russia, but they did succeed in China long enough for them to put in all of the american corporations and industry so they could get slave labor to build it and charge it at fair market rates in the United States for some period of time.

And that thing was a diminishing return. 1990, high returns. 2000, not so high. 2010, 2020. Well, let’s go the other way now, because guess what? You forced the american worker to compete with the chinese slave all the time asking him to pay american prices for the good that was being made by the slave. Yes. Now China has a toll. Now China says, oh, yeah, bring your industry. We’re just rice farmers here. Bring your industry. In manufacturing, what do we know? We’re just farmers. Now look at them. That the technology, the manufacturing, the industrial base in the world.

So this was a huge mistake on the part of allowing bankers who are not industrialists, who are not manufacturers. What they are is money counters. And that’s all they are. You take a bankrupt and you say, hey, start a corporation. They’re like, dad, dad, dad, dad, let me look at the books and all pencils and numbers. Hey, how about running something? How about building something? How about smelting something? How about welding something? How about crafting something? Can you do any of that? What? The only thing I know how to use is a calculator. Where’s my ten key then? I’ll get it going for you.

Well, they thought they could run the economy. It’s just like these corporation golems. You know, Amazon and Vanguard, Blackrock, Vanguard State Street, Boeing, you know, these golems, Raytheon, ge, all these guys, all these golems that are running around. We’re going to dictate policy. We’re going to tell you what to do. We’re going to run the government. We’re going to run this, we’re going to run. We’re going to force you to accept transgenderism and LGBT. We’re going to force yourself, your little kids to buy little toddler outfits that are both for boys and girls. Why would they do this? What is the thinking behind these CEO’s that they think that this is something that they should have going on in America? God shall give them strong delusion to believe a lie.

Amen. Amen. So we know that the corporate leaders in the industrial west are deluded. Yes, they’re deluded. They’re misled, they’re confused, and they’re leading the country right off a cliff. And they’re prideful. Pride cometh before the fall. Oh, milly. All of them. We’ll tell what the american people what to do. We’ll tell, we’ll tell these students what to do. We’ll execute them by suspension and expulsion and arrest. We’ll put a misdemeanor or even a felony on your record. And the Iranians go, you can come over here and study. And I think the Russians are going to do the same thing.

And the Iranians are smart. They’re some of the smartest people. You come across the Persians, right? And that’s the Yemen’s have done the same thing. So this abuse, this tyranny by stupid, delusional people. And sadly, I mean, maybe you can explain it. But I said with Jim yesterday, Trump is going down this part of the, towards the part of the pond that’s thin ice. People are going to go emotionally and all people vote emotionally. Most of the people are going to look and say, wait a minute, you’re doing all this. We don’t want money in Ukraine.

We don’t want money in Gaza. We don’t want genocide. We don’t want our students being abused. Yeah, there may be some communist, Bolshevik, chinese plants, Soros plants. There’s, you know, but, you know, you can’t, you can’t go on this sort of a route with them. And Trump just see any, I mean, Jim played some clips yesterday. I would tell people to go watch it. He’s playing the campaign clips of Trump on stage. And I voted for the guy. You and I went and tried to help him and he’s saying things that you can’t really walk back.

It shows you can’t walk him back. And, you know, the thing is, with the stormy Daniels testimony coming up now, here’s the thing. You know, from a legal standpoint, sometimes it doesn’t make any difference what the testimony is. The fact that she’s testifying is, you know, the iceberg that hits the hull of the Titanic. Yes. Because if you recall, there was a statement that was brought out that Trump had made about grabbing women. Yes. Grabbing them in the crotch and just letting them do it. And I mean, ugly things that a gentleman doesn’t say or do.

Yeah, yeah. But the fact is, that was a, that was a bullet that just about sunk his ship. Right? Sunk his ship with the younger generation. They’re like, that guy’s a molester. I’m not interested in him at all. No, they didn’t care about the fact that a woman came forward and said, biden physically raped me in the nineties. Right. Yeah. They just ignored her. But when Trump makes a remark like that, well, that’s enough to sink his ship. Well, now, here we are. Youve got a prostitute whos going to come to the table and saying, he paid me.

And then he tried to pay me off. Then his ex lawyer, by the way, is breaching every bar protocol known to man. And I dont know, ive never heard Trumps lawyers come out and say, hey, I have attorney client privilege. I dont care what this guy is coming out of this guy’s mouth. Everything that he knows was given him pursuant to the attorney client privilege. You cannot admit 1 second of it in this proceeding. I’m claiming the privilege. I don’t care what he’s willing to do. I don’t care if he’s, and he’s been willing. You do.

You talk about a gag order this guy’s been on, you know, x or whatever it is, you know, blabbing, where’s the judge’s gag order when it comes to Michael Cohen? Oh, let him talk, because of course, we have two sided justice. One guy gets all the freedom of the world and no prosecution. The other guy, if he accidentally lets a little gas escape, you know, boom, off to prison go you. Of course, Trump cannot close the lips because he has his own pathology going. And instead of taking the time, for instance, he never, this is what happened to him in the debates with Biden or whoever it was that was debating him.

You know, he was like, flounder, flounder, flounder, flounder. And Biden looks and says, somebody tell this clown to shut up. Now, the correct approach to that should have been, you’re speaking to the president of the United States. Now, maybe that’s the way you speak in your trailer park where you grew up. Yeah. Where trailer trash like you come from. Yeah. That’s not the way you speak to the president of the United States. And I would hope if you got elected that you would understand the formality of the office that you completely miscomprehend here. But instead, Trump went down that jacket.

Yeah, well, blah, blah, blah, I meant to say blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right. Which was, and, you know, and his methodology of, like, defeating Bloomberg, you know, you’re talking about little Mike or whatever his name was. Midget Mike or whatever, whatever. He had a nickname for him, you know, and it was a very demeaning nickname. Yeah. Which, which, again, doesn’t create the image of a professional, of a diplomat, of a general, of a commander in chief, of a president of the United States, Ronald Reagan. I always come back to Reagan as the standard Trump doesn’t.

He doesn’t need it. He can’t. He can’t get there. Now they’re, you know, the mayor of New York is saying they’re preparing Rikers island for Trump’s incarceration. Okay? Now, the fact of the matter is that it’s very highly likely that this jury is going to find him guilty. This judge is going to find him guilty. I don’t know on how many counts. Then you have a question of, you know, is it going to be concurrent or consecutive sentencing? Right. If you could only get one year for each one of the offenses, he could give him 33 years.

There’s 33. Right. You know. You know, this is the kind of thing I’m saying. And I’ve never heard his lawyers come out and plead, you know, hey, wait a minute. Turn the client privilege. But Cohen can’t testify at all. And furthermore, all the stuff that he said is, you know, they did bring a motion for a mistrial. If you don’t raise it, Steve, you can’t raise it on appeal. That’s the whole thing. What the fuck are his attorneys? Where are these arguments? Where are these cost? I don’t know. I don’t. I’m not privy to every pleading, so I can’t judge what’s happening.

But I can say the fact that Michael Cohen has been given this loose lips when the attorney client privilege should apply is just incredible. But when Stormy Daniels testifies, then what’s it going to look like? Hey, you paid a woman for sex while you were married to Melania, and everybody loves Melania. You paid a woman for sex when you were married to Melania. And you. And more importantly, you did it when she was pregnant. And then you went through your lawyer and said, pay her off. Pay her off to get her to shut up. Hush money, hush money, hush money, hush money.

Which looks really dirty and ugly. It looks dirty and ugly. Now you come out and you got a guy who’s like, I’m not going to take a stand on abortion. I’m pro abortion. I’m pro LGBT. I want more funding for Gaza. I’m going to continue to fund ukraine. I mean, all of these things are coming out of his mouth. And when you see these kinds of things, you asking yourself, and he continues to be, I’m the godfather of the vaccine. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. The vaccine thing is going to kill them.

AstraZeneca has now come out. You know, Rt had a story. AstraZeneca, blood clots, all this stuff, they’re forced. They’re being forced to remove it from marketability. So AstraZeneca and the COVID-19 Nikki Aaron was playing it today. You know, they’re. They’re admitting blood clots were caused. Yeah. Moderna’s profits plummeted by 1.2 billion. I mean, you’re seeing the pharmaceutical chicken is coming home to roost. And as it comes home to roost, you have a genocide that has been perpetrated worldwide that exceeds the deaths of world War two. And our man Trump was like the chief cheerleader for this event.

And he gave his pulpit to criminal Anthony Fauci, who hasn’t been convicted yet, but should be for the crimes he’s committed against humanity, many of which began in 1979 when he introduced tainted vaccines for AIDS. Actually, they retain vaccines in hepatitis A and hepatitis B that caused autoimmune deficiency syndrome, at least according to Doctor Mikovits. He’s continued down that same protocol for years after year after year after year after year after year. And so here and then he gives him the pulpit. He gives Deborah Birx the pulpit. You know, there was a great interview that Naomi Wolf did recently, and her interview was really outstanding in terms of diagnosing what took place with this scamdemic.

What were the effects? What did they do? What were the effects? Not their intentions. Well, I want it. Not what you wanted, what the effects were, what the. What the fruit was, what your. What they knew. Before they introduced it, they knew. They knew. And so when you see this, when you. And this is the whole point that Naomi Wolf makes, they. It’s not like they intended good intentions. They had pre existing knowledge of what the damage was going to be. They knew. And even today, I mean, here I am, you know, listening to this interview of Naomi Wolf, and I can see these jabs still being promoted at Walgreens and being promoted at Walmart, being promoted at, you know, CV’s, whatever pharmacy happens to be in your district, you know, they’re still promoting these things.

It’s like we don’t hear anything. We don’t know anything. We don’t watch the various reports. We know nothing. We. We have a 33 year old chinese woman that just died of cancer and she got five shots. 33. Yeah. I mean, you know, if the protocol goes on and on and on and on and on. I was talking with a person who said she knew a guy that had received the shot right here. He got cancer that went right from the shot point until it rotted his arm right off. His arm. Literally fell off and, wow. Yeah.

And this happened in a very short period, like three month period of time, from the time, from the time the shot until he was dead. And, you know, so, you know, the, the point being is this, is that here you have Trump really who is, you know, he’s kept, when he’s pulled out of 45 and he’s blown six holes in the bottom of his robo, I mean, that’s what he’s done. And while he’s doing it, he can’t zip the lid. So I don’t know who his campaign manager is, I don’t know who’s orchestrating any of this stuff, but anybody who thinks Trump is coming back to power are crazy.

He’s not coming back to power. And even if people say, well, look, he’s all we’ve got in the Republican Party. We’re going to vote. Look, the Republicans have practically killed their party right now because they’re no longer a party of America. They’re a party of Israel. They represent israeli interests. They don’t represent american interests, and they’re willing to put all kinds of money into Ukraine and into Israel, into Taiwan, and not one dime into you, not one dime. Not one dime is coming to your bridges, not one dime comes to your railroad, not one dime is going to be putting high speed rail in, not one dime is going to take care of the million acre fire in Texas, not one dime to the environmental damage in Palestine, Ohio.

Not one dime, you know, $600 per family in Maui. Really? $600 for family. While the, while the, while the FEMA guys are in hotel rooms at $1,000 a night looking over the damage. And when you admit that homes with blue roofs didn’t burn, Biden saying it twice at the State of the Union and before that. And the jackass who comes to him with the forestry department says, oh, yeah, no, they didn’t burn because they, they had the right roof construction. Since when does a fire start from the roof down? That’s a question. When it’s, when it’s electric, you know, you know, fire rays, sunbeams.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I mean. So here you go. Where’s the funding for America? Where is it? Well, they’re at war with America. The funding for America is. Gee, how can we, you know, how can we get rid of you with tainted vaccines? How can we get rid of you with tainted food? How can we get rid of you by eliminating your food supply altogether? How can we get rid of you by causing droughts? How can we get rid of you by taking the heart and causing adverse weather events all over the central United States that have never been seen before.

How do we get rid of you? How can we get rid of you people? We have to guilt trip you. We have to tell you by Bill O’Reilly and Trump standing up there on a stage. Oh, yeah, you gotta get it or else you hate grandma and you hate everybody and you’re a hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Unless you get this shot experimental. Oh, and then you’ll be fired and you can’t do. I mean, we must never forget the evil, sanctimonious pride that these media and politicians and Trump and Bill O’Reilly and the rest of them did about this shot that has destroyed and will destroy how many human beings? I think it’s going to decimate the entire asian population because most of them got it.

Yeah, well, I mean, you know, I can’t speculate as to who’s going to go down from the. From the shot because many people received a placebo. Well, hopefully. And, you know, and we don’t know. And it varied. You know, they varied district by district. For instance, there were more harmful ones given in conservative districts and less harmful ones given in liberal districts. And this, we know is the case. And, you know, but AstraZeneca in Britain really is, you know, I don’t know how AstraZeneca is, how their leadership is going to avoid long prison terms in Britain because there are many, many people.

And, you know, the kind of suffering in Britain is much more in your face. You know, I spent a lot of time in Britain since the pandemic. In fact, I was there during the pandemic, had to quarantine 14 days in an eight by eight room in order to be able to go out and visit people that I needed to see. And I went through that quarantine that, thanks to a lion, putrid dog, Matt Hancock, who really should be hanged for his participation in that scamdemic. Boris Johnson, who also should be hanged, who, after he finished his prime minister’s tour, paid $38 million in cash for a house.

Where did he get $38 million as prime minister? I know where he got it. He got it the same place Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, got her 25 million. Same funding source. But AstraZeneca, in its protocols in Britain, which went through the NHS, you know, there were so many people that died from that. And the numbers coming out of the NHS were accurate. So the numbers that came out of the NHS showed that 92% of the people who came down with, quote unquote long COVID or COVID at all were vaxxed. 92% of the people that died.

92% have been vaxxed. And then the numbers of deaths in Britain are horrific. I mean, they’re horrific. Everybody I know has been touched by death. Everybody I know in the aisles has been touched by death, whether it’s been their parents that have died in old folks homes that they were unable to see, right, in hospice care and so on and so forth, athletes dropping dead on the field. I mean, the deaths in Britain are just horrendous. It’s much more in your face. In the states, we’ve had huge numbers, but because we’re so spread out, we’re a population of 330 million.

You don’t really see the numbers, but you do in Britain because they’re right in your face. How many people have dropped dead? And so I don’t think AstraZeneca is going to be able to avoid prosecution. There are people in Scotland, in Northumberland, in Liverpool, that are just, like, fit to be tied. Well, let’s explore that for a second, though, Stephen, because I don’t believe you’re going to have any courts. You’re not going to have any justice, you’re not going to have any human beings occupying any of the positions in the courts of the justice that are sane, that are able to do any of this, that want to do this.

I think they are. So again, we come back to gnashing their tongues in pain, furious, angry, psychotic that they are. I’ve said it before, they are going into. They are becoming demoniac. Demoniac in the Bible was the demonic possessed individual that roamed the cemeteries and all that stuff, who came to his right mind when Christ crossed the lake of Galilee, when the storm was going on, and he walked across the water and stuff. When they got to the other side, if I’m not mistaken, the demoniac possessed with demons that had broken chains out of his mind, like the werewolf and Dracula and Frankenstein combined, and he falls to his knees because Christ is there and he comes into his right mind and he goes into the town.

Christ says, go in and show what the Lord has done for you. And all the people in the town see the demoniac, right? That everyone is feared for how long? But in our society, Stephen, in Britain you’re talking about, I think they are going towards becoming demoniac. And there is certainly. You certainly have this going on. And, you know, the problem in Britain, of course, is. Comes down to one guy, right? There’s one festering pimple on the buttocks of Britain. And that’s Jimmy Savile. And Jimmy Savile was just a pedophile extraordinaire, a child rapist, and a personal friend of Prince Philip and a personal friend of Prince Charles.

Now, Prince Charles, a true believer in the vax, took the vax. He’s now got pancreatic cancer, is dying. Kate Middleton did a shot of her taking the vax. She had it videotaped. And now no one’s seen Kate Middleton for months and months, and they’re trying to claim that she’s still hospitalized. Well, where is she? Right? And so there’s no Kate Middleton. William has said, I don’t want to be king because I don’t want to take the oath of office saying, I’m going to be defender of the faith. So here we sit. We sit in the situation in this theocracy that’s in an absolutely constitutional, monarchical crisis right now.

It’s a monarchical crisis. And ultimately, you can say the judiciary is corrupt. You can say the masonic order, for instance, which dominates the anglican church and the judiciary in Britain, they dominate it completely. In the United States, about 80% of the judiciary is masonic. 80% to 90%. And the residual are on their way to becoming masons, or theyre on their way off the bench. But it is the masonic order that is controlling all these things. And the masonic order has been overcome from the inside by satanic forces. 1776. Actually, before that, in Scotland, the Scottish Rite Masonic lodge was overtaken by one faction of the Knights Templar in the early 15 hundreds following the execution of the leadership of the Knights Templar.

Half went to Scotland, half went to Switzerland. The half that went to Switzerland formed the swiss banks. The half that went to Scotland infiltrated the masonic order, and they brought in the baphomet. You know, the baphomet is an interesting God. Half man, half goat, half male, half female. Its genitalia are the caduceus. You know, the two serpents wrapped around the pole. You know, this baphomet is a demon extraordinaire. You know, Hashem died Hasmodeus, depending on what you want to call him, this baphomet, worshipped by the Knights Templar. But they brought this into the scottish rite masonic order and satanized the order.

And people who are in the Masons know what I’m talking about. I’m not a Mason, never been one. But people who that have been Masons know what I’m talking about. And until the masonic order is purged from the judiciary in Britain and purged from the clergy in the church. It’s going to be there. It’s always going to be demoniac. It’s always going to be demon infested. It has to be purged, and it needs to be purged from the top down. And, you know, and again, we come back to this topic of theocracy, orthodox theocracy in Russia and protestant theocracy in Britain.

And let me just say, it seems like the only nation state that is going to help the people of Britain, Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, cleanse themselves. People in Australia, the people may be rising up, but the only nation state that is, that could help assist, provide support, provide encouragement, provide collateral, illegal lawfare, artillery fire is Russia. Russia is the only country that has all of the documentation about the biolabs in Ukraine that were directly linked to COVID-19 development. Russia is the. They’ve got a whole dossier on every subject because they’re russian and they presented some of this stuff in the UN.

But as things get worse and the people start crying out for deliverance and it’s going to get ugly, I think, you know, when the cops started abusing every citizen, you can’t go into Safeway. We’re shutting it down. You know, you have to report in this line with a special pass. And the police could get that way because they don’t care about anything but stuff in their own mouths. They don’t care about the constitution. Maybe some do here and there. And. But for the most part, these people are medicated, psychotic, bully, masonic thugs. And the only state that will give people relief, I think, is Russia, not China.

China is China. China is absolutely out of the question. Now, China, I think, is going to continue to rise as a manufacturing power, but China right now is completely dependent upon, guess what, cheap russian natural gas. And that’s. And so China’s affluence depends exclusively on that natural gas. Now with Russia rising, and I think you’re going to see this, you’re going to see Russia rise to a real position of dominance. And I do expect Russia to actually be accepted in western Europe. Now, I’m not talking about in the British Isles, but I’m talking about in the napoleonic code areas of western Europe because the Catholic Church is failing, you know, Petrus Romanos, right.

Tom Horn’s prophecy. And not only Tom Horn’s prophecy, but there’s been many other prophecies. Malachi Martin, who prophesied that we’ve arrived at Petrus Romanus, and with Petrus Romanus, we’ve reached the last pope. The expiration of the papacy. The expiration of this rogue church that broke away from orthodoxy with 21 ecumenical councils not recognized in the eastern church. This church is going to plummet. It’s going to fall. It’s failing in Italy as we speak, and it’s rotting. It can’t survive. Yeah, it’s not going to survive. It’s going to fail. And this current leader is killing it himself.

He’s committing suicide to the church and he’s going to kill the church. Now, when he kills the church, there’ll still be some residual Catholicism worldwide, but there will not be the centerpiece of the Vatican, the Vaticanus. This Vaticanus is going to come to an end. And when it does, the whole machination that we call the Third Reich, which is the third Rome, right? Yes. First Rome was. The western Roman Empire was recreated under Charlemagne as the second Rome. The Holy Roman Empire, 800 ad lasted until overthrown by Napoleon in the early 18 hundreds, recreated by Adolf Hitler as the third Rome, which lost world War two, which overcame Europe with the EU with an economic insider methodology that they could not win by force, they have won by deceit, by fraud, by economies of scale, by a sales job.

And let’s always remember, and I remember this from the seventies and the eighties growing up, the whole introduction of that poison pill was first, the foundation of the EU was, we’re just going to make it easier for you to travel around the european countries. So if you’re from Britain, you can travel to France, you can travel to Germany, you can travel all over without getting visas to Italy, visas to Spain, visas to whatever the EU countries. So it was easy to digest. Hey, that sounds pretty good. Yeah, the EU. So we can travel around. No, there’s a lot more.

Now, we’re also going to introduce the EU. EU. The euro currency. Oh. Chocolate is measured this way and milk this way. Oh, well, fisheries are controlled by. And then you have the bureaucratic Ursula von Laden and all the rest of them rise up in this unelected tyranny of bureaucracy. Reich leadership. Reich leadership. The children of the Reich are running the EU. But. But once again, we’re seeing now, what we’re seeing right now is we’re witnessing the failure of leadership. So Europe is willing to stand by and go, okay, let’s do this EU thing. As long as you give us this german excellence, your german engineering, your german cars and your german industry and all this.

Well, guess what? That excellence was wholly dependent upon cheap russian gas. Again, the moral fiber of the parents and the people and the families that grew engineers out of Germany in the fifties and the sixties and the seventies and the eighties. Yeah, that’s right. What happened to that? Well, all of that disappeared. So now you see the failure of the Reich. You see what I’m talking about. In addition to why Boeing has everything falling apart. Yeah, that’s exactly right. So we have this failure of the Reich. Now with the failure of the Reich, you’re going to see Western Europe look to that and say, okay, as we are failing, and no one has stood up and said, no one is willing to say, the emperor has no clothes because the US killed the Nord stream pipeline, which killed us.

No one’s willing to say it. Denmark’s not willing to say it, Germany’s not willing to say it. France isn’t willing to say it, even though it’s clearly obvious. Oh, I can’t say that. Well, if you can’t say it, then guess what? You’re collapsing into nothing. And as they collapse, here’s Russia rising. So you have Western Europe doing this, you’ve got Russia doing this. And when Russia like this, Europe is going to say, hey, can we be a part of that? That’s what’s going to happen. Can we be a part of that? And Russia will say, yes, you could be a part of it, but you have to come in on a moral foundation.

That’s right. This moral foundation, I believe, is going to be the spread of orthodoxy. This orthodoxy will spread and it will spread. It will spread in through Europe and will go all the way to Paris. It will go all the way to France. Yeah, but it will not go to Britain. It will not go to Britain. And I believe Spain and Portugal will also retain their. Their catholic heritage, but the rest of western Europe is going to slowly merge over into that eastern orthodoxy, and they’re going to merge into this giant conglomerate that is going to be called Europe, the new Europe, which is going to be run and controlled by the Kremlin.

It’s going to come out of the crumb. Well, you’re going to have, you know, you’re going to. The thing about the Russians that they’re basically, hey, you know, choose this day who you’ll serve. Choose life. I put a choice, but I put a choice before you. Life and death. Choose life. God says it, the Russians say it, Putin has said it. Choose life. Choose a relationship, choose honor, choose looking at us and we at you with equal, you know, equality. How about that? Equality? That’s all Russia’s said. That’s all they’ve ever said. That’s the thing that always baffles and blows me away, is the level of humility expressed in their diplomatic talks and rationale.

They’re not firebrands like I would be, but they’re doing the right thing. And everything in Europe, you’re right, Stephen, is going to go that way because they’re far more reasonable and calm and based on the insanity, the eating of shit and ashes, which the people of Europe in the United States and Canada and Australia and Britain, everybody’s been forced to do, and the madness of the vaccine, all of this sickness, this is the darkest time in western civilization. This is the darkest, sickest time in the history of anglo saxon celtic people. Yeah, it is. And it’s.

It’s absolutely the only thing that can stop this are german, scottish, celtic, scandinavian people rising up like fucking leaders, warriors, unsheathing their sword and their spear, and saying, that’s it. We’re stripping off our clothes, painting ourselves blue, and fighting like naked pics, and we’re going down, and we’re coming after all of you. The time is gone, like you said before. No, there’s no time in the. It’s gone. We’re coming for blood. And it’s. It’s not out of, uh, it’s not out of vengeance. It’s out of a necessity. We absolutely. But let me say this to you, because I do think that when you talk about the anglo saxon, celtic gaelic world.

Okay. When you’re talking about that world, uh, that world has been without a leader. Yes. For 70 plus years. Queen Elizabeth plays sad. For 70 years. She plays that well. I’ll wear the right pearls. I’ll go to the right function. I’ll get into the gold chariot. I’ll salute and wave and meet with the dignitaries. And elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist. But she did not lead. Now, leadership, leadership. In this world, the Anglo saxon celtic gaelic world, leadership requires two things. I want to make this point clear. It requires the having a strong handle on the common law, because the king does not execute.

A king judges. A king judges. And the king has to be able to say, that is consistent with the understanding of the Anglo saxon celtic gaelic people, or it’s inconsistent. It does not spring from time immemorial. It’s not reasonable, and. And furthermore, it’s not lawful. And so we have to be able to look at these things and understand the common law. He has to be a Brahman, a judge in the traditions of these people. That’s premise number one. Premise number two, he has to be a defender of the true faith, not the faith that’s modified by Rome, not the faith is co opted by masons, not the faith that’s restructured under Constantine, but the original faith birthed in Britain upon a tradition that was at least 500 years old when it was birthed.

He has to know that faith and defend that faith, and he has to lead as a judge. Now, this becomes extremely important, Scott, because we have not had a leader in the anglo saxon world. We have not had Robert the Bruce, okay? We have not had yo Kate the Herriman. We have not had Henry VIII. We have to have a leader who stands up and says, this is the anglican way. It is a theocracy that is predicated on these premises. This is the common law. This is the standard by which the commonwealth. What is the wealth of the commonwealth? The wealth of the commonwealth is the common law and the faith.

And he has to be able to articulate the tenets of the faith with deadly accuracy and a judge of the common law. And when we have a leader in the position. See, I see. I don’t think this is where I’ve come to come to disagree with the idea of us rising up. Nobody’s going to rise up because anybody who rises up gets beheaded by the parasites and the mooches that are controlling the place. It has to come from the top down now. And of course, the top down requires he who is going to lead to be reverent to he who created him.

You cannot take the post without the will of Yah and to be in reverence. Look. Look at the writings of David when he led the kingdom of David. Look at his writings. Look at his repentance. Look at his heart. Look what he did. This is what the leader has to do, has to be repentant before Yah, glorying Yahya and trusting in Yah and carrying with him the ark of the covenant, the covenant of Yah, defending the faith, confirming the common law and judging the commonwealth. This is the standard by which we live, and this is the standard by which we don’t live.

None of this business of running around with Jimmy Savile and hanging out on Epstein island. None of that crap. That stuff is garbage. It’s not worth the time of the king. The king has to lead. The king has to lead. The king has to lead. Let the king rise up. Let the king rise up and be in obeisance to Yahwah. May yah rise him up and anoint him and place his name upon him that he might lead his people. Yasharel back into safety and health again, that we can stand before the house of Esau and say, not you, not now, not again, and not ever.

Amen. Well, I think you’re right, Stephen. I think we’re approaching that time. And there has to be a falling away. There has to be a collapse. There has to be a fire sale. There has to be the idols being smashed. There has to be a Sodom and Gomorrah devastation for people, his righteous people to flee, to be led out. And God will do that with his righteous people. This is a time, I think, where he is taking away ever so gently, and he’s done it for, you know, let’s say 50 years. But God is separating the idols of so much which has defined our existence.

And every generation has progressively lost the banking capital of the nation, the. The traditions and the myths and the songs and the hymns and the stories and all of that. We’ve lost it all because the families have been destroyed, marriages have been destroyed. Now you’ve got a whole abomination of out of wedlock births and cursings and all of this stuff. So we’ve progressively lost all of this. But God is calling his people out of Egypt in a spiritual sense. And the hardship and all of the rejection of idols has to come. You have to be prepared to reject Trump, reject the republican party, reject the United States of America, reject the Congress, reject the supreme Court, reject all of this stuff that has been set up as an idol, because that’s what it really has been.

Because, well, you got to do this. You got to get a vaccine because the government tells us to, blah, blah. All of those idols were used to introduce death and suffering into people, except for those of us who said, no, no, no. I follow God. I follow his calling and my heart. His spirit witnesses with my spirit. And he’s telling me, there’s evil in this vaccine thing. Don’t touch it. Don’t go near it. People who come and you have to wear a mask, and I’ve bellowed a few times, you righteously roar out. But all of these things are happening, Steve.

We’re being stripped of all of our idols. And, you know, part of it’s also exciting, isn’t it? Because you’re saying, wow, we’re witnessing the collapse of the United States of America. Are you going to look back? Oh, I want to go back to Johnny Carson. I want to. We can go back. We can just vote for republican, vote for Trump. The whole fucking party is diseased lepers. Remember the scene from 300. Those old mystics up on the mountain covered in syphilis. And I like Stephen, pigeons, mental syphilis that they’re all infected with in Washington. This is the true state of America, the picture of Dorian Gray.

It’s not a beautiful supermodel guy. It’s a horrible, deformed monstrosity. That’s the reality, because that’s the reality of sin. When the nation becomes that, when the nation adopts that, an abortion, and I mean, how many children, you line them all up, all these poor children. Palestine. Look at all the children who’ve been aborted in America, killed, slaughtered. Anyway, I’ll end it there by just saying the entire. The entire structure, like the walls of Jericho, are coming, crumbling down. And it’s a time for us just to go, lord, thy will be done, whatever it is. Just give us the wisdom and the protection to lead us where you want to take us.

Hallelujah. I’ll end it there and hand it to you, Stephen, to get your closing thoughts. Go ahead. Thank you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I think you’re right about that, Scott. I think we are witnessing the demise of the United States of America. It has gone down a path. It should have never transgressed. Right? It should have never gone this way, but it did. And we can look back and say, well, we failed to do this. We failed to do that. It was unstoppable. It was an unstoppable transgression that was taking place in the country. And a lot of it has to do with the fact that we didn’t stop in the beginning.

If, for instance, if England had paid attention to the colonies, like it should have from 1620 to 1770, if King George III, instead of looking to tax the resource, had invested in the garden, instead of trying to harvest the garden early, he should have gone in and invested into the garden and said, we need to do what’s necessary to perfect this as part, part of Britain. And in order to do that, we have to do this, this, this and this and this to build infrastructure, you know? He argued that none of the colonists should go over the Appalachians and go after indian territory because the Indians considered that their home.

And he didn’t want to be fighting any more battles with the Indians. He wanted to call it a day. Why don’t you guys take these twelve colonies and build them out? You got enough land there, you could put 40, 50 million, 60 million people there with no problem. Build that out and live your life there. Oh, no, don’t tell us what to do. We’re going over there. We’re going to take that land and we’re going to kill those people and kill their buffalo and slaughter them and do this, that and the other thing, all those sins of genocide which were perpetrated by Americans, when you’re talking about the Cherokee nation and the trail of tears, when you’re talking about wounded knee, when you’re talking about the battles in the black hills and the theft of reservation land, the taking of the oracle, the Oklahoma sooners who stole the lands from the cherokee and the Chippewa and the Cree and all this, all of that stuff that happened, these were all sins of the nation that accumulated and accumulated, and they have cast us onto a course that brought us to Abe Lincoln and its subversion, that brought us to the destruction of the nation, brought us to the destruction of the constitution, the emergencies.

And then we came to compete with Nazi Germany to see if we could be the army for Rome. Look, once we put up the obelisk and we put up the cupola in Washington, DC, it was over for us. That was the end of America right there. It was just a matter of time before we died. And now here we are. We’ve arrived at that moment. We’ve arrived at that moment of death in the country. We could sit back and say, gee, let’s repent. Let’s turn from our wicked ways and maybe yah will heal the land. There isn’t any repentance going on.

Instead, we put 31 billion more into the idea of killing women and children in Palestine. We put 60 billion more into the idea of killing the Russians. And all of this idea has to do with the fact that we think that our idol, the american dollar, is capable of us wielding our commands worldwide without any idea, without any consequence whatsoever. And the consequences now are certain. I mean, we’re going to cross this threshold on May 19. It’s 40 days from the. From the eclipse. When we cross that threshold, our destiny is certain. The destiny of the United States is certain.

And that destiny is destruction. You know, you’re exactly right on every level, Steve. And the reason I kind of chuckle about this is because God, who sits in the heavens, shall laugh at them and hold them in derision. And the Lord’s spirit’s in us and we feel his laughter and it’s sad. But at the same time, you know, a man’s life does not consistent. The abundance of things. In my father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you. To be absent from the Lord, or to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man. The things which God hath prepared for those that love him. Our eternal salvation and our eternal destiny is with our Father in heaven, our creator and his son, Jesus Christ, who paid for our sins and gave us eternal life. And it is in the power of our testimony, in our witness and our joy. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. And in our angelic protection, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. And every tongue that shall rise up against thee in judgment, thou shalt condemn.

This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. I shall give thee a tongue thine enemies cannot gainsay nor resist. These blessings upon his children are going to become brighter and brighter and brighter and saltier and saltier as the world becomes duller and darker. And I hope and pray men are going to see us and go. Your God is God. I’ve lost everything. Your God is God. Only God can open their eyes and ears. But I think he’s creating an american escape from New York scenario to call people to himself in these last days. Anything more you want to add, Steven, before we close out? Very powerful show.

Yeah. I just want to say this, Scott, that I stand prepared to assist where I can if there is further knowledge that have needs that is desired by those who are going to obtain leadership in the anglo saxon, celtic and gaelic world. You know, I stand at the beck and call. Call me. And, you know, I will put down what I am doing and come and advise and teach for months if necessary. We have a complete understanding of what’s going on. So I just wanted to make that clear. And, you know, and I’ll just say this, Scott, look, we walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

You know, this is where we are. We walk through this valley. And just to make it clear, I don’t hold any umbrage against anybody in any political party. I’m angry at the fact that I have been unable to turn the tide of understanding among the political class. But I have, you know, I don’t have any, you know, I’m not a well heeled billionaire that can go around, you know, dropping hundreds of millions or buying people off or doing this. I can’t do any of that. I only speak from a rhetorical point of view. But what you said at the beginning of the show, you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Right? And as the Russians. As it is written in Russia, even a pizza. No bogs for you. It is for this reason I was born and this reason I came to the earth to testify to the truth. Those who are of the truth hear my voice. Hallelujah. Amen. Now is the time also to pick up your 50 pound bags of rice and beans and rubbing alcohol and having a stock of survival foods. Dry goods. Just go get dry goods. Everyone should have it, you know, already, just as a matter of preparedness. And get a big black container that has a lid that you can seal, you know, and have some duct tape.

You can get them at Costco, you can get them out of Home Depot, but you need to get a big container, plastic container. Get one with wheels on it if you can. And put a 50 pound bag of white rice, brown rice, pinto beans, black beans, red beans, onion powder, salt, pepper, paprika, all of the things just to be prepared in case anything ever happens. You are secure. That’s wisdom, you know, that’s, that’s get wisdom. Get understanding. And this is a time to prepare. And if you haven’t got the black salve, the indian black salve, I would strongly tell people to get it because you may not have cancer, but someone else will.

And that’s the only thing that kills and eats and destroys the cancer that I’ve seen. I’ve got pictures from people sending them it in Steven with big breast cancers. I won’t show the pictures yet, but lady, put it on and the whole frickin cancer is dying and withering. I said, it’s painful. I said, yeah, it is, but it’s going to be pushed out of the body. This is the, the miracle, you know, stuff that God’s given. So I encourage people, go to destroy dash cancer.com. And I would get some just little bottle, but it’s a lifesaver.

But these are the times. And fear not, we’re simply going to be trying to be obedient to our Father’s will in heaven. And you’re right, Stephen. We don’t have any, any agenda or animosity against anybody. All have fallen short. All fall short of the glory of Christ, glory of God. But we want to be welcoming those who can hear his voice. My sheep know my voice, right? And that’s why we open and close these shows with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Cast thy bread upon the waters. It shall, shall not return unto you, boy.

Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the word of God. So let us continue to always do that. Stephen Pigeon, so refreshing and wonderful and anointed. We are very happy to have you, and we thank our Father in heaven for blessing you with wisdom. We ask the Lord to bless you and your family and your home. And we ask that, Lord, bring us the people and resources that we need to be your ambassadors. And let us be a righteous nation again, if it’s your will. If it is your will, let us repent and forgive us and cleanse us of our sins and raise up us as a people, as a nation, however it may be in these days, moving forward.

But whatever happens, thy will be done. Father, in Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen. Amen. Steven pigeon, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for Scott. We will see you next time. God bless you. Good night.

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