2024-03-20 Dr. Scott Bennett with Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

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➡ Scott Bennett discusses the importance of understanding our Christian history and identity in a world filled with deception and propaganda. The speaker, Dr. Stephen Pigeon, explores the origins of Christianity and the church, and challenges the traditional understanding of biblical history. He suggests that the true nation of Judea was actually built in Africa, not the Middle East, based on evidence from scripture and the origins of certain biblical items. The talk also criticizes current political leaders and their actions, emphasizing the need for strong, righteous leadership.
➡ This text talks about the history of the Edomites, who were led by Esu, the brother of Yaakov. They lived in an area stretching from south Syria to the Egyptian border. The Edomites were forced to convert to Judaism by a group of Greeks called the Maccabeans. The text also discusses the creation of a new religion, the Talmud, and the controversy over the pronunciation of the name of God. It ends with a discussion about the Edomites’ rule over Egypt and their persecution of Yaakov and Yasharel.
➡ This text talks about the journey of the Israelites from Egypt, led by Moses, following the Nile river instead of crossing the Red Sea. It also discusses the political power struggle between Herod and the Maccabees, leading to the crucifixion of Mashiach. The text then delves into the genealogy of Miriam (Mary), suggesting that she was a direct descendant of David and her father was Joseph of Arimathea, a wealthy man and a member of the Roman senate. After the crucifixion and resurrection of Mashiach, Joseph of Arimathea, along with his daughters and other disciples, moved to Cornwall, England to escape persecution.
➡ The Druids, who were respected judges in places like Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Germany, were knowledgeable in many fields like law, botany, poetry, music, astronomy, and geometry. When Joseph of Arimathea shared the story of the mashiach (messiah) with them, they accepted it because they had been studying the stars and prophecies. This led to the establishment of the church in Britain in 36 AD. The Romans, who had taken control of Egypt and its knowledge, later formed the Roman Church in Constantinople in 325 AD, after years of persecuting true believers.
➡ This text talks about the history of religious conflict in Britain and Ireland, with different groups trying to convert each other to their beliefs. It also discusses how these conflicts were influenced by political power struggles. The text then moves on to discuss the influence of the House of Zarak on Western history, including the founding of several cities. Finally, it discusses current political issues in America and Russia, suggesting that people are becoming more aware of the truth about their leaders.
➡ The text discusses a shift happening in the world, with the West being criticized for its moral decay and the East, particularly Russia, being seen as a potential refuge. It criticizes the actions of Israel, particularly its Prime Minister, Netanyahu, for his role in the suffering of the Gazans. The text also praises Russia’s recent election for its transparency and fairness, contrasting it with alleged fraud in the U.S. election. Lastly, it discusses the decline of Western industries, like Boeing, and the rise of similar industries in Russia.
➡ The text discusses various political situations, focusing on the tension between Russia and other countries. It criticizes the decisions of leaders like France’s Macron, suggesting they’re not prepared for potential conflict with Russia. The text also discusses the idea of forming new political identities and communities, comparing it to America’s independence in 1776. Lastly, it criticizes the current state of America and other Western countries, suggesting they’re not as strong as they once were.
➡ People across the world, including France and Russia, are growing unhappy with their leaders and are starting to protest. This is causing a shift in power and could lead to the collapse of the American dollar. If this happens, the U.S. government will struggle to pay its employees and maintain control. Meanwhile, Alaska is positioning itself to be a neutral and independent partner in the international community, potentially serving as a hub for global discussions and peace treaties.
➡ The speaker suggests that Anchorage, Alaska, with its third busiest airport in the world, could become a major international hub for air freight. They propose inviting major airlines to make Anchorage their base due to its strategic location, which allows for shorter flights to various global destinations. They also envision the creation of manufacturing and support industries for airlines, replacing companies like Boeing. The speaker believes that all these plans are feasible and could greatly benefit the state.


Blessed be the Lord, my strength. He teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight. This is great awakenings on globalfreedomtv. com. And we’re once again joined by the great Dr. Stephen Pigeon. And he is going to be helping us explore some of the most fascinating elements of Christendom in our history and our identity. And that is the essential cornerstone in which to determine reality and to plan out our future destiny as a people, as a nation, wherever that may be.

Whether it’s the United States or the United republics of America or a hodgepodge patchwork of what once was the United States, we don’t really know what’s coming. We have faith in God and our citizenship is not of this world. Our citizenship is in heaven, where our Father has many mansions. And to revisit and reestablish ourselves in what true biblical history and biblical identity and biblical destiny is, is essential in these times of great deception, propaganda and the substitution of God and faith and redemption and salvation in Christ and the blood atonement of Christ, the substitution of all of that with the state and with this ideology of fascism and wokism and LGBT homosexuality, COVID-19 vaccinations in general, poisons of food, chemtrails, all of it is linked in this cult of death and we are of the body of life.

So we’re going to explore this with Stephen Pigeon. And I think it’s a very edifying and nourishing subject matter and it gives a great deal of calm and a placid sort of vibe, if you will, to know the evolution of christian identity and the real church and how it’s come from. Because we need to know these things in order to understand things such as the Israel conflict, the russian Orthodox christian identity versus the Roman Catholic and what we see evolving in these fits of political madness with the Macron, the little eunuch plastic doll thinking he’s going to send 2000 french troops singing the french national anthem as they march into Ukraine and Russia is not going to do anything.

I’m laughing because it’s such a ridiculous concept that only the French would believe it and buy it. And I don’t even think the french people. But we are in the best of times because it’s so comically stupid. But we are also in the worst of times because the comically stupid are in positions of political power that they need to be ejected from and ejected quickly because they are hell bent on creating a conflict and a war to preserve their political power and look at what they’re doing to Donald Trump, the audacity, the madness of trying to steal and shut down his businesses and fine him and take his property without allowing him to appeal.

I mean, that’s a derivative. But I think these things are pointing to the american continent, culture and nation going to such a degree of madness. There is no justice, there is no court system when this sort of behavior emanates. And the vacuum of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s impeachment, the lack of Republicans to step up on the House floor and emanate that classic scene from Telecon, I’m as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

There’s no one that has the balls to get up and start doing this, and it’s absolutely what’s needed. But maybe it’s the famine in the land, the famine of the word that the Lord is allowing to parch our souls so that the real leaders will be recognized quite thoroughly when they do rise up and say things that the Lord gives them to say. The righteous are as bold as a lion.

So, Stephen Pigeon, we are always honored to have you, the righteous lion, boldly proclaiming the truth. So I’ll hand it to you. Give us your assessment, your presentation that I know you’re going to be giving elsewhere, and you can enlighten us on what the real truth is. Go ahead, Stephen Pigeon. All right, Scott, so just a couple of preliminary words. The truth that I’m about to unveil here for a lot of people is going to be very upsetting because it’s so mind boggling.

Okay. But it is a truth that we have been working on for, well, now for more than twelve years, trying to establish the heredity, if you will, of the faith. And so I’m going to give you a very quick synopsis and then we can go through and you can explore it and ask me questions. And where’d you get this idea and where’d you get that idea? Okay. And what we’re going to discover is the entire fraud that is the nation of Israel.

That’s one of the things that’s going to come out of this. And we’re also going to see the kind of, let’s see the blanket, the shroud of mystery that’s been planted over the scriptures over 2000 years and why it has been done. Okay? So we’re going to start with the, first of all, with Abraham. Now, Abraham supposedly journeyed, and we’re all told that he journeyed in the Middle east and went here, there, and the other thing.

But if you look closely at Genesis 13, it says Abraham was in Mitsraim, which a lot of people construe as Egypt, the Nile river. And he went south from there to discover the holy land, south from there. And when you get to Genesis 20, he goes south from there down to bait el. So as a consequence, the consequences of looking at the scripture and what they actually say, the promised land belonging to Abraham is this place in Africa that to this day is a wilderness, I.

E. The Serengeti. And in this. So now we know that Mount Moriah, where the sacrifice of Isaac happened, was actually Mount Aegon in southern Rwanda. Mount Zion is actually Mount Kenya, in a volcano in Kenya. And, of course, Kilimajaro figures out the last three of that group. There’s a river in Kenya called the Tana river that is identified as the Tina river in the book of Yashar. So when you look and you see what the actual case is, you had Mitsrayim on the Nile river.

Immediately to the east of it, along the Red Sea coast, were the Philistines, or the Peloshtin. They were on the Red Sea coast, not on the Mediterranean. They were on the Red Sea. Directly south of them was an empire called the Kushite Empire that was dominated by two towns of Kerma and Mayori. And Mayori. Moses was a king in Mayori for 40 years and married a cushite woman.

He’s accused of this in the book of Exodus by Aaron and his wife Marion, who comes down with leprosy for bringing her up. Okay, his kushite wife, in addition to his midian wife. So as a result, the true Israel, the true nation of Judea. Yahoo. The king of David, was actually built in Africa, most likely in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Eritrea. And so why do we say this? Well, number one, there’s a whole bunch of things.

Frankincense and myrrh, two items that are often identified in scripture. They’re both sourced out of the horn of eastern Africa. They come from the camouflage. Myrrh comes from the camouflage tree. All of the stones of the ephod that belong to the priest. These precious gems. There’s no place that you can source those precious gems in the Middle east. They all came from Africa. Solomon had a throne made of solid ivory.

He was rich with gold and ivory, frankincense and myrrh. Sudan is the fourth largest gold producing nation in the world right now. Solomon’s mines were littered all over South Africa, where the gold was so replete, they walked into one town. When the Boris got there they walked into one town and they found the riverbed was solid gold of the river running through the city. Solid. That’s how much gold was down there.

So King Solomon was wealthy with all this gold, ivory, frankincense, moor, and these precious stones, all of which originate in Africa. So we believe that the true nation of Yahud was what would later become what’s called the Axum empire. The Axum empire. And that Lake Tana was probably the sea of Galilee. Abraham’s citus was down closer to the falls, Victoria falls in the southern part of that wilderness.

Okay, so with that being said, what takes place is these people, this people group, the house of Yasharel. They would create writings that would become the Tanakh. But they’re not the Tanakh yet. They’re just writings. And these writings are being done on tablets and they’re being done in Paleo Hebrew. Well, these writings ultimately are going to be transferred up to the pharaoh in Egypt. Around the second century BC, Ptolemy, who after the Greeks, captured the area and then divided into four nations.

Ptolemy then said commission 72 scribes from the house of Yasharel to come up and translate that into Greek. So they did. And the septuagint was born. So the Septuagint was born in the second century BC. In the first, excuse me, third century BC, 100 years later, a group of Greeks in an area that belonged to a different kingdom. What kingdom was that? Well, this was the kingdom of the Edomites.

Now people say, well, the Edomites, they were down there by Petra. That’s a big fat lie. The Edomites were at a place. Esau. Esau. By the way, his name is not Esau. His name is Esu. Esu, the brother of Yaakov. He took the northern section and his camp was Mount Sayir. Mount Sayir literally means the hairy goat. The hairy goat man. The hairy demon. Right. Well, you might recall that Mount Hermon is the place of the temple of Pan, who is the half man, half goat, hairy demon, Saturn.

Okay, well, Mount Sayer, for those of you who think Mount Sayyer is down in Petra, Mount Sayyer is 9000ft. There isn’t anything above 5000ft in southern Jordan. The only snow covered mountain is Mount Herman. But this was Mount sair in the ancient world. How do we know that? Well, look at the place where it is. Sierra Sieria. Right. All you have to know is Syria to know that the mountain there is Mount Sair.

This was the citus of Esau, who is Edom. So the house of Esau created an empire known as Edumea. And Edumea went from the southern mountain in south Syria all the way to the egyptian border, which is now marked as the Suez Canal. All of that land was the kingdom of the Edomites, the kingdom of Asu, Edoma. It was never Israel. It was never Yahoo. Yahoo was on the Red Sea.

Yahoo was down in Eritrea and Ethiopia. And that kingdom was completely terminated by the Babylonians in 586 AD. It would later emerge again as the Axamite empire, which, by the way, was wealthy in gold, ivory and precious STONES. All right, so from this writing that’s transferred into Greek, this group of Greeks called the Maccabeans decide they want to live out that scripture, because that scripture had all these promises about being the chosen one and the chosen people, and on and on and on.

And so they began to forcefully convert the Edomites in the kingdom of Edomia to Judaism. At the point of the sword, John Hercanus did this. John Hercanus converted all these edomites to what would become Judaism, which was a downstream version of the scripture. In other words, instead of following Moshe and instead of following Isaiah and Jeremiah and the prophets and so forth, they started having their own opinions about what it said, and they created their own religion called the Talmud.

And their leaders, Hillel the elder and Samai said, this is no longer the era of the Torah. This is the era of the Talmud. Now, they did a couple of conspicuous things. Number one, they invented the ineffable name doctrine. The ineffable name doctrine says, you shall not pronounce the name of the creator. You shall never pronounce it. Okay, now, what did the Messiah have to say about that? In the Gospel of John, chapter 17, verse 18, where he’s praying to the father, and he says, with the blood coming out of his pores, here’s what he said to him, the end of his prayer.

I have declared your name unto them, and will declare it that the love of you that is in me might be in them, and I in them. What did David say about it in Psalm 22 22? I have declared your name unto the assembly. What did Moshe said? I have published your name. Zechariah. Who published his name? Joel says, those who call upon the name shall be delivered.

And what’s it read in Deuteronomy? If my people who are called by my name, the temple was built to house his name. I have placed my name there. So the true doctrine of the true scripture is that you are to pronounce, declare, publish, and mention the name and swear by the name. And live under the name and call yourself by his name. Place your name upon you. In you.

On you. Upon you. Over you. This is the name. Let’s refresh. Just for that purpose alone, the name of God you’re referring to, you say it well, is Yahwah. Yahwah, that’s correct. Yahwah. It’s four vowels. And this, by the way, is substantiated by the last ear. Witness to the name, which was Josephus, who in the wars of the Jews, book five, chapter five, paragraph seven, says the priest pronounced it as four vowels.

Eawa. Yawa. The Yodhevade, which appears over 7000 times in the Tanak alone. Okay, so these guys invent this new religion. It’s no longer the seven candle menorah. It’s the nine candled Hanakia. And now they ban lighting the menorah. You’re instructed to light the menorah, but they say, no lighting the menorah, no pronouncing the name. And you shall use instead the translation Hashem, which they tell you means the name, but actually it is identifying the demon Ashem die, the five headed God of lust.

Right. Ashem die, known in the Greek as Asmodeus. And you will be instructed to say Hashem whenever you come to the name Yawa. Instead of saying his name, you’ll cross that out, which is blasphemy. According to Leviticus 1721, it’s blasphemy to cross his name out and say something else. And it also violates the third commandment. You shall not bring his name to nothing. You shall not bring his name to nothing.

This doctrine, the ineffable name doctrine, has been transferred successfully by this talmudic expression all the way through ChristIanity for the last 2000 years. Successfully. They’ve held that post. Well, those days are on. They’re over. Okay, so this greek group, the Maccabeans, they forced the Edomites into a conversion into Judaism. There’s also a forced conversion by Esther and Mordecai in Persia at the same time. Either convert to Judaism, or we hang you with Haman.

And all of these forced conversions create a group of people who are following this faith, who have nothing to do with the house of YAsharel. They’re not part of any of the twelve tribes. They have nothing to do with them. And so they’re a distinct group of people, primarily the house of Esau. Now, you don’t have to take my word for this. You can look it up in the jewish encyclopedia and they’ll tell you that the Ashkenazi Jews are of the house of Esau, whose real name is Esu.

Okay, so what takes place now is that you can see that this religion begins to develop. Well, you can see, yah looks at this and says, okay, these guys have found my word and they’re exploiting my word and trying to develop a new place that they’re calling Jerusalem, which was really a persian city. Most likely Sodom was most likely the city of Sodom. And they have come back in and they’ve redeveloped that and called it Jerusalem.

And they found an old temple of Jupiter that had Jupiter in it where they were slaughtering pigs outside and said, oh, this is really the second Temple. And they began to clean it up and put in a new altar and put in their Hanukkah and all these other things. And then Herod comes in and says, well, that thing’s a piece of junk. Let me show you how to build a temple.

An Edomite. No one argues the fact that Herod’s an Edomite. No one argues that he’s of the house of Asu and he was from that region. And he builds this new temple, which is really the third Temple. He built the third Temple. He’s the one who put to death the firstborn in the attempt to annihilate Christ. That’s right. And you know who he had in mind killing in that slaughter? John the Baptist.

John the Baptist was only six months old at that time, and he wanted to kill him too. Right? This Edomite. Now all you have to do is, when you ask themselves, are these guys truly of the house of Yahuda, of Judah, are they really of the house of Judah? No. If they hate the mEssiah, they hate the. The. Why would they hate the Jews? Because it’s Asu, the brother of Yaakov, who hates all of his progeny.

Yes. Okay. Now there’s some interesting things that happen here because the pharaoh under Joseph becomes the most dominant power in the world. But the kingdom of Esau is still over here. And so the pharAoh, following the death of JOSeph, they move out and they expand and conquer Edoma. They conquer the place. Well, what do the Edomites do? The Edomites say, okay, we’re conquered. We’re part of Egypt. And so what do they do? By fraud and deception, they take the throne of the pharaoh.

So Seti I through Ramses X were all edomites. They were all of the house of Asu. And these were the ones who had forgotten the name of Yahwah. Who began to persecute Yaakov and Yasharel. They began to persecute them because they hated them and wanted to kill them all and enslave them and did all this other sTuff. And so when all of a sudden you get this miraculous deliverance that takes place with the ten plagues which we’re celebrating this upcoming week, this miraculous deliverance that happens and this curse that came out of the mouth of the edomite.

Right? The pharaoh who says, kill all the firstborn, who was the other edomite that said, kill all the firstborn? Herod the Great said, kill all the firstborn. Right. First thing that comes out of their mouth, kill the children. First thing that comes out of their mouth, kill their children. Right? And so here you see this. And so the edoma of the whole house of Yasharel leaves. Now, the question is, did they go to this site as here? No, they didn’t.

They went down the Nile river. And I mean, look, this is just factually supported. Moses tells the pharaoh in Exodus ten, we’re not going to leave a single hook behind. We’re taking all our cattle, all our sheep, all of our camels, all of our asses, all of them are coming out. We’re not leaving one single hook behind. They’re all coming with us. And they spoiled Egypt. They took all their gems, all their gold, all their silver.

Right. And they left. Well, when you talk about there was two and a half million people in that exodus. Now, if all you have to do is you estimate if there was a million cattle, okay, that’s 20 million gallons of water a day consumption for that cattle. That’s right. Now you’re trying to tell me that they got that drink in salt water out of the Red Sea? No way.

They followed the Nile river. Followed the Nile river. And originally, they went down the eastern side of the Nile river, but they recognized they were going to come up against the Philistines. They went back and followed down the western side of the Nile, and they went down to the Sidus. They came all the way down to where Abraham was, to Mount Moriah, to Mount Zion, all of these places.

And from there they began to inhabit. And then David would move north to take the jebuside capital and claim the kingdom of Yahud. Okay, so this is the history that I’m beginning to understand. This was the truth of what happened. Now, what you see from here is when you get to this point that the Maccabean kingdom is rising. You had two power bases that were going on, Herod was representing the house of Edomia, and the Maccabeans were representing this hasmonian house, a house that worshipped Asmodeus.

The house. Okay. Both of these guys were in power at the same time until Herod beheaded Antigones in Jericho just before the birth of Mashiach. But those families would intermarry. They would intermarry. Okay. And Aristobulus IV would end up becoming the king of Armenia. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Jerusalem, but there’s a quarter of Jerusalem that is called the armenian quarter. What are they doing with the quarter of Jerusalem? Why does this little tiny town country called Armenia hold the quarter of Jerusalem? Because it’s actually hasmonian.

It’s a hasmonian quarter belonging to the Maccabees, who now call themselves Armenians. So when yah looks at this, he sees, hey, these guys are trying to breathe new life into my scriptures that everyone thought had died 500 years before. You need to go in there and correct it. So the word was made flesh and dwelt among them in that land. And there was enough blessing on what they were doing in the temple to have the sacrifices.

There was no ark of the covenant in the temple. That was long gone. There was no worried about, if you’re not a Levite, you can’t enter the holy of Holies because the Ark of the Covenant wasn’t there. They could walk in. And so you had a totally usurped priesthood. All these know, Caiaphas and these other guys bought their high priesthood. They killed the high priest, Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist.

John the Baptist then came into the airship to become the Kohen Gadul, the high priest. And Herod the tetrarch beheaded him, right? Various. These were unbelievably serious offenses. And then, of course, they finally succeeded in crucifying through a demon possession, I might add, the crucifixion of Mashiach. If you read the article volume, which has a letter of Pontius Pilate writing back to the roman senate justifying what happened.

He talks about when they came to the crucifixion, he was like, hey, no way. I’m not crucifying this guy. Will you take him and interview him? So he interviews him. He’s like, this guy didn’t do a thing. He sends him off to Herod the tetrarch. Herod says, eh, not my problem, and sends him back to Caesar. In the meantime, these demon possessed guys are standing in front of a crucifying crook.

They were just so filled with bloodblust and the desire to kill him, they couldn’t stop themselves just screaming and yelling. And so he points out to them, he says, you know what? You guys convicted him and sentenced him to death this morning. Under the laws of the Sanhedrin, you can’t kill him in the same day you sentenced him. He has to have at least two days. You have to sleep on it.

They have to sleep on it. He has to have a chance to repent. This is your law. Not my law. This is your law. What are you doing? Kill him. Kill him. Kill him. And he literally accords that. When they took him up to the cross to crucify him, these guys were, it was like some kind of demonic hell fest going on at the foot of the cross, just yelling and screaming and going into this demonic satanic thing that was going on.

And then when he died, they all kind of came out of. It was like, hey, wait a minute. Didn’t we just kill the guy that was healing our kids and raising our people from the grave and all of this? And there was a silence that went throughout the land, right? And that’s when they began to know this was truly what it was. Okay, so now what happens from here is the gospel of Yaakov is a gospel that is outside of the New Testament, but is worthy of a read, as is the gospel of Nicodemus, also known as the acts of Pilate.

The gospel of Yaakov records that Miriam’s father was Joseph, a very wealthy man. And we believe that the gospel of Matthew is miscited in every case in chapter one that Joseph was. It’s not talking about Joseph, the husband of Mary. It’s talking about Joseph, the father of Mary. And once that correction is made in that litany, you’ll find out that Matthew one is completely justified. 1414 and 1442 generations from Abraham to Miriam and the 14th one being the messiah.

The genealogy in Luke three of Joseph is completely different. That’s talking about Joseph the husband. That’s a completely different genealogy. But Miriam was a direct descendant of David. Joseph of Arimathea was an exile arc king of Judea. After you get to Jeconiah the 14th from David, there no more could sit on the throne in Judea because Judea was cursed and it was closed and it was dead. That kingdom was ended.

Those kings were all exile arc from that point forward, the last one being Joseph of Arimathea, a wealthy man, also known as a member of the roman senate as nobilis de Curia, controlled 70 ships was running a tin export company out of Cornwall, England, was routinely making trips back and forth to Cornwall. His wife was born in Cornwall. Her name was Anna. They had moved from Cornwall to the Middle east to live in a town called Nazareth, where Miriam was born.

And so all of this takes place well after the death of Mashiach, if you recall, who was it that got the body off the cross? Joseph. Joseph of Arimathea. He goes to Pilate and says, hey, I want the body. Well, I’m going to ask you something. Do you think his tomb, right? It was his tomb. It was his tomb. Do you think you could go downtown today, go down into Oakland and say, hey, look, I understand some guy died in the execution.

Can I get the body? You’re not getting the body. And under roman law, you weren’t getting the body either. You had to be the patriarch of the family to get the body. So when Joseph of Arimathea came to ask for the body, why was he entitled to the body? Because he was the grandfather. He had the right to the body, and so he got the body. Well, remember, he was a member of the Sanhedrin.

He was a member of the Roman senate, probably the wealthiest guy in the whole land at that point, and one of the 70 that had been commissioned. And after he retrieved the body. And the body, of course, was resurrected, and all those 40 days that followed in Mashiach, resurrecting and so on. Once that occurred, Joseph of Arimathea begins to join with the disciples. In doing what? Proclaiming the name.

Proclaiming the name. And in proclaiming the name, what takes place. They start beating Joseph of Arimathea. And the record says that Josephus says that they had beaten him five times. Five times the Sanhedrin. And finally he said, okay, that’s it. I’ve had my last beating. So, five years after the crucifixion in 36 AD, he leaves with his daughter Miriam and his other daughter, Anna, and Aristobulus V and Simon the Zealot and Ailey, the father of Joseph and another six disciples.

And they came to Cornwall permanently. They left, and they came to southwest England permanently. And when they came to southwest England permanently, they were met by the druids. And now the question of the druids is another question, right? Because we get the roman record. Oh, these guys were tree hugging worshippers who engaged in human sacrifice, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, all made up by Julius Caesar. The druids were not that at all.

The druids were actually judges who were judging over the gaelic people in Wales, in Ireland and Scotland. And not only that, but they were so respected, they were also doing judging in France and in Germany and elsewhere. And they would come in because they had the knowledge base of the common law. They knew the common law. It was 20 years of study to become an arch druid. They knew the common law, they knew botany, they knew poetry, they knew music, they knew astronomy, they knew geometry, they knew the circumference of the earth.

In 1500 BC, I’m going to be talking about when I’m in Britain, I’m going to be talking about the history of Zarak. That’s a long story. I’m not going to get into it here. I’ve just kind of given you the prelude of what generally happened in scripture. So when Joseph of Arimathea comes to the Druids and says, this is the story of the mashiach, and he presents the gospel message how verbally? Because the druids did not believe in retaining knowledge in writing.

To write it down was profane. To write it down killed the idea. The idea had life. When it was expressed verbally, it dies in writing. And so the gospels were transmitted verbally for 300 years. 300 years, the gospels. This is why you look and you say, where’s the extent text? There wasn’t an extent text because it was transmitted verbally for 300 years. So at any rate, this faith begins here.

And when this faith begins, the crown, the monarchs that were holding power in the area of Wales and Cardiff, in that area, they ended up giving twelve hides of land to Joseph of Arimathea and his disciples. This is recorded in Gildus, the historian, 7th century AD. So he gets twelve heights of land. One of those was right there at Cardiff. And the king himself converts. And who was the king? The king was old King Cole was a merry old soul, right? Old King Cole actually pronounced Coel is.

Coel is the name that is used for the language. Coel, the Coelbren Bible. Have you heard of the coalbren Bible? Yeah, it’s a very interesting work. It’s not a Bible, but it’s a very interesting work. But Coel was the king, and his son was a guy named Keradock. And Karadok would get into a battle with the Romans, lose, and Nero took him back to Rome to execute him.

And he gave a speech in front of the roman senate saying, you could execute me. Well, why not show mercy and show how powerful you are by showing mercy? And they said, okay, we’ll show you mercy. So Caradoch and his whole family became sequestered in Rome. They were in house arrest, if you will, in Rome. These are the people that Paul is talking to in Romans. These are the people that Paul is talking to in Timothy and in Titus.

Please greet Priscilla. Please greet so and so and so on. All of this stuff, all these greetings. He was talking to this house in Rome that were actually from the British Isles. The son of Karadok was a guy named Lucius, who would become known as Luke, who would write the Gospel of Luke, who would write the Book of Acts, who would write second Corinthians and probably the Book of Hebrews, and whom Paul appointed as the first bishop of Rome.

There’s no Peter. Peter never set foot in Rome. It was Paul who ordained the first bishop of Rome. And he ordained a brit to be the first pope of Rome. Lucius. Not the pope, the bishop. The first bishop of Rome, Lucius. He also appointed the first bishop of Dalmatia, and he appointed a whole bunch of bishops in Spain. And yes, he did travel to Britain, where he appointed Aristobulus V as the first bishop of London, which at that time was known as lewd, or new troy, on the Thames river.

And he preached on Mount Lewd, which is where there is now Paul’s cathedral on Mount Lude. It’s called St. Paul’s Cathedral on Mount Lude right there in London, right now. Very center of town. Okay, so now the faith, that is, when Joseph of Arimathea explained the faith to the Druids, they readily accepted it. Oh, why? Because they were the magi. They were the ones studying the stars, that saw the stars in the heaven and went, oh, a child is born unto us, a child, a son is given.

Right? Isaiah nine. Here it was. Boom. The druids recognized it and realized it. Now, acts 29, that’s included in the Sephard, describes how Paul ran into the druids, and the druids told him, we are of the same tribe and of the same practices. And Paul immediately recognized it. Now, like I say, I can’t get into the whole story of Zarak, all that concerns that. But the gaelic people were the house of Zarak, the first born of Judah, the first born of Judah.

And when the promise is given in Isaiah, excuse me, in Genesis 49, the blessing on Judah is, you shall have the scepter in your hand and a lawgiver between your feet till Shiloh comes. That promise was not inherited by Peretz, who was a usurper and a breacher, but was inherited by Zarach. But the difference is Zarach was cast into the wilderness as the scapegoat. That’s why he had the red thread around his hand.

Heretz was the one designed to be sacrificed as an atonement for the sins of the people. Mashiach was of the house of Peretz. That’s what Matthew one tells you. That’s why he had to come from Peretz. That’s why John the Baptist said, behold the lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, because he knew he was from the house of Peretz. But the house of Zarak, in the meantime, is now proliferating in Ireland and in Scotland and in Wales.

And this house, this Gaelic house, is now the house of Zarak, would marry into the house of Peretz when the daughter of Zedekiah, the last king in Jerusalem, was cast out by the Babylonians. And she escaped with Jeremiah and Baruch, his scribe, and they escaped to Ireland with David’s heart, with Jacob’s pillow. Now, this record is recorded on a scratch, a hieroglyph scratched on the wall of the tomb of Jeremiah in Ireland, which, by the way, was just recently been deciphered to give the date 581 BC, according to the constellations in the heaven.

So Jeremiah arrives with Tamar, who takes on the irish name Tia Tefi. And Tia Tefi ends up marrying Yokai the Herriman, the high king of Ireland, and they name the new city that’s going to be built, Tara Hill, after the Torah. Tara Hill. And the practices then became that of the Torah throughout Ireland and throughout Scotland and throughout Wales. So when Mashiach is introduced, they immediately recognized him as the fulfillment of all of these prophecies.

And the Druids immediately accepted the proposition. And so the church was established in that corner of Britain in 36 AD and flourished when Rome heard about it. Now, let’s talk about Rome for a minute. The record is very clear that all of the intelligence and philosophy and everything else that was found in the grecian empire all came out of Egypt. And as I mentioned before, the pharaohs conquered Edomia, and the Edomites wormed their way into the control of the pharaohs.

Then the Romans would conquer the Egyptians, who were Edomites, and they would say, oh, yeah, we’re done. We’re no more. This is recorded in the book of Jasher that the Kittim would conquer the Edomaeans, and we’re no more. And then they wormed their way in and took over the spot of Caesar. And so Rome itself became an Edomite empire, the house of Asu in Rome, they became an Edomite empire.

Okay, now what’s the situation in the United States? Same thing. Edomite controlled nation. An edomite controlled nation from the inside out, not from a conquering army. Oh, no, we’re too weak for that. We’re weak. We’ll just come in here and then erode you from the inside out. And so this practice has been going on since the 15th century BC and it’s been very, very effective. But when you see the roman church form in Constantinople in 325 AD at the council of Nicaea, that church, this was after 300 years of them killing hundreds of thousands of true believers, burning people at the stake, slaughtering, you know, the story of Bawadesia in Britain.

This roman troop came in and said, where are the druids? Well, the last druid priesthoods were on the isle of Anglesey, very ferocious waterway. In front of that, only one day a year you can actually cross. They got there and the druids said, yeah, come on over. You can stay with us. We’ll house you, we’ll feed you everything else. The Romans get over there in the middle of the night.

They got up and slaughtered every man, woman and child of the Druids. Wow. And so Bauer decided, oh, yeah. Well, we’re going to kick every Roman out of Britain. And in the first century, she slaughtered over 70,000 Romans on the British Isles and chased them out. That didn’t stop Rome. Rome continued to do incursion after incursion after incursion into the British Isles to control. And so the true faith was being practiced in the western part of the Isles, in Ireland and in Scotland.

And they got the Welsh pretty early on in the 7th century under Augustine, who overtook the office in Canterbury. They got the Welsh. Then getting the Irish was a little bit more difficult proposition. There was no St. Patrick, by the way, or if there was, he chased out Romans in 432 because they had to convert Ireland to Catholicism. In 1332, Edward II went in with the point of the sword to convert Ireland to Catholicism.

200 years later, Henry VI is burning down their catholic churches and abbeys, trying to convert them back to Protestantism 200 years later. Right? And then 150 years after that, Oliver Cromwell will go in with the point of the sword killing all the Catholics. Okay, so all of this was just craziness that was being imposed on Ireland by this insane war that was going on between Rome and the true church.

But the true practice of the church were reserved in Scotland under guess who? Robert the Bruce. Robert the Bruce did not defend Scotland from the English. He defended Scotland from the proxy army of Rome called England. That’s who he was defending, and he was defending the true faith. Now, ultimately, Rome would succeed in getting the true faith, and Henry VI would be the one who took back portions of it.

He didn’t take it all back, but he asserted the sovereignty of Britain in 1532. And in 1534, an English bible began to be created. In 1539, the great Bible of Miles Coverdale was commanded by the english parliament to be in every church in English. And so we see that the true history of the faith begins in the British Isles in 36 AD. And it began with a practice that was consistent with what you find in scripture, not consistent with the hodgepodge that was created by Rome, that married the true faith, with the worship of Ishtar, with the worship of Dagon, the fish God, with the worship of Nimrod, with the worship of Isis, Horus, Seth, the egyptian cult, which appears all over catholic buildings.

Ihs with the worship of the hexagram, the six pointed Star of David. Right. Have you ever noticed that the pope wears a keepa? The cardinals wear a keepa. Have you ever noticed? Yeah. Edomites. And so anyway, so this is the true history of the faith. And I’m going to be going into much more detail of this when we get to Britain and talking about, more extensively, the house of Zarak and what the house of Zarak did.

How incredibly important the house of Zarak is to western history. And these things are all like, to give you an example, the sons of Zarak, Dardas, also known as Dardanus, the Dardanels, the straits that go between Greece and Turkey, are named after him. He would become the leader and the founder of the city of Troy. And he and his descendants would, after the Trojan war, would pack it up and take it all the way to Britain to form new Troy, which is now London.

That was formed by the lewd tribe. That’s why they call it lewd Hill. It was formed by the lewd tribe, also known as the Lydians. Calcol, one of the sons of Zarak, was the one who formed the city of Athens. Ethan, a son of Zarak, is the one who created this area called. He would also form the city of Carthage, and he would also form the city of Kadiz, Spain.

Haman, who is blamed for being the bad guy in the book of Esther, is this guy known in Bulgaria as Jimanus. And this was another tribe that is the founder of the tribe in Bulgaria, south of Thrais. And to the east of Yavan. Right. And so all of these things now you can see the ithinian culture starts with Kalkl, the son of Zarak. The Trojan culture starts with Darda, the son of Zarak.

The spanish culture starts with Ethan, the son of Zarak and the grandson of Calcol. Gaialethus would be the one who migrates out of Greece all across northern Africa into a place called Lusitania, where they formed a port, but they named it the port of Gaialethus, or Portugal. And they would also propagate northern part of Spain, western part of France, and then Ireland. The gaelic people are of the house of Gaeletus.

See? And so what you see is the primogenitor. The right of the primogenitor in the hands of Zarak continues to exist. It continues to exist. Very important. The kingdom of David on earth is retained. The kingdom of David through the line of Peretz is in heaven, the heavenly kingdom controlled by the ultimate king, the Mount Akid, Siddiq mashiach. Right. So anyway, I hope this hasn’t been too offensive or too far afield.

No, what it arouses and kind of awakens is in the last days, there shall be much knowledge running to and fro and wars and rumors and wars and things like that. And as you described, the demonic fever that took over those at the foot of the cross crucifying Christ, I see that same demonic fever and madness and arrogance coming over so many in the american political ranks as well as the european political ranks, the political echelons and regimes have taken over by fraud, by fake elections, of fake media.

I think you said it well, too. It’s a criminal mafia. And yet their criminality and their abuses are known. They’re instinctively known, and they’re also consciously known. And people are very quickly coming to with every bad action, every act and declaration of wickedness and fraud and hypocrisy. It is awakening. It is sort of inoculating people of truth against their deceptions. I mean, look at the condition of the american people towards Joe Biden.

They know he’s a fraud, they know he’s a fake. They know he’s a fool. They know he’s wicked. They know everything about the fake. The Republicans and the Democrats. The people in this country, I don’t think, have ever been so confronted with reality and truth about the bankruptcy, the moral bankruptcy in America as they are now, the moral bankruptcy of our media and Fox News and the rest of them.

It’s not a conscious, analytical, calculating arrival at this it’s not like we’re doing math problems and working the problem and coming out to the solution. Like, what they’re saying is not accurate. It’s not that at all. It’s an instinct, an intuition, a spiritual revelation that is like a dimmer light becoming brighter and brighter and brighter in our souls. And we’re seeing things that we’ve never seen before in the history of the seeing.

And from my perspective, we’re seeing the absolute demonic possession and evil of Israel and Netanyahu, and it’s manifesting in their genocide. We’re seeing the righteousness of Russia, the russian Orthodox Christian. It’s nothing to do with the people or their actions. It’s everything to do with God involved in the people and the nations and the destinies of men. It’s got nothing to do with them or their choices. It’s what God’s doing in nations.

That’s right. Is going up and down a road, regardless of what they want. God’s doing something in this country. He’s separating his people, the sheep and the goats. So there are people in America that are increasingly coming to God’s side and divorcing themselves from the government. From there, by their fruits, you shall know them. So we see the fruits of an invasion with millions of banana republic Hispanics from every shithole south and Central America and Haiti coming into this country.

And the complete failure of political leaders and military leaders and media and anyone to stand up and stop it by a bayonet, by weapons, and by killing invaders. The absence of killing invaders is confirming our complete submission to wickedness. And Russia with President Putin, regardless of whether he’s good or bad, is immaterial. But he is emerging and has emerged as the leader of Russia for the next six years.

And his people have given him 87% of the vote. And everyone that I know in Russia loves Putin. There’s no one that I ever met in Russia that dislikes him. And anyone that dislikes him is usually a half wit. It’s the same thing for anybody who likes Obama or Clinton. They’re half wits, they’re retards, they’re not thinkers. Or they’re consumed with hate, and they masquerade it in a mirage of academic sophistication or any of this other artificiality.

But the truth is, people of substance and knowledge and character are approving of Putin. And Russia is rising up, and you see the west and Israel completely collapsing under the weight of the shit that they have put on their own. You know, I’ll put it back to you, Steven, I see more and more great awakenings happening. I see people leaving the west as Joseph of Arimathea left Jerusalem, left the Middle east and went to Cornwall.

I see the true believers leaving the west and going, perhaps, I don’t know, to Russia, to St. Peter’s somewhere, or know, staying their ground and fighting it out or maybe breaking up the countries into smaller regions and tribes and republics. It’s hard to say how these things are going to unfold, but I’ll put it this way. The constant, the tide, if you will. You judge the tide and the seashore by the waves coming in and the waves going out.

What I see the tide happening is this COVID-19 vaccine and everything that has polluted and destroyed the mind of men in the west with this vaccine, with their pornography and their divorce culture and every form of wickedness. God says, I hate divorce. All of these sins are taking root in the souls and the bodies of people living in the west who haven’t repented. Even when you repent, you’re still suffering the scar tissue from many of these past actions.

But God heals. He makes up for what the locust ate, he said, so he makes up for a life. All things work together for good to those who love God. But there seemed to be a tremendous shift happening. And I think what you’re outlining is part of the enlightenment that’s coming. God reveals things in his time. And wouldn’t it be fascinating if he reveals in these last times all of the fraud and the artificiality and the complete fraud behind the whole modern Jerusalem, Israel, Christendom legends, and he evolves and awakens the real history, the real destiny of Christendom.

Like you’re laying out here. Yeah, I think something is happening where what you’re talking about is only going to catch on like wildfire. I think so. And I think this is being revealed. And what you see now is Netanyahu doesn’t know it, but he is the hand of yah at work, because Netanyahu has done more to destroy Israel than any other person in the last 75 years. Amen.

He has exposed Zionism for what it is, this death cult. He’s exposed it for what it is. He has exposed Israel for what it is. And he’s exposed their racial supremacy. He’s exposed their apartheid regime. He’s exposed their death lust. He’s exposed their willingness to kill women and children and to engage in crimes against humanity with absolutely no consideration that they’re ever going to get caught or they’re ever going to be held to account for what they’re doing.

And it’s gotten to a point where even the people that were like, gung ho for them, like Ursula Vanderlein, for instance, who’s now changing her, you know, you can see this stuff going on now. And now people are like, can we really go along with this? Well, really? No. And now you’re at the point where the vast majority of the Gazans are at a level five starvation event.

They’re at a level five starvation event. That’s what’s going on now. And so the israeli government is about to call this a success. The slaughter of women and children in the millions in Gaza and everyone in the world, with the exception of the american government and a couple of secophants in Europe that are going along with it, are repulsed and repelled by all of this. They know what’s happening and people are crying inside.

When you see an eight year old girl who’s down to 30 pounds, nothing but a skeleton, when you see a mom holding her twin babies dead in her know, when I saw a father trying to dig out his four children buried in the rubble in North Gaza, he’s trying to dig them out with his bare hands for an hour before he recognizes this is going to take a huge backhoe.

I’m never going to get it. There’s no time. I’m never going to see my children again. All four gone, right? And to have somebody in the US Congress say, kill them. Know, I just assume kill them. Oh, really? Really? And so what you’re going to see is you’re going to see, first of all, the righteous are going to completely lead this camp of wickedness, and the wickedness are killing themselves.

We don’t have to do a thing to them. It’s like, why would Vladimir Putin want to do anything to the United States when Joe Biden is killing the country much faster than he ever. That’s right. So he doesn’t have to lift a know. While we’re talking about Rush, I want to talk about that election for a minute. Yeah. That election was the most transparent election, I think, in world history.

And it was very carefully enforced. The election integrity was enforced to the point that there were a group of women who wrote no more war on their ballot. They’re being prosecuted because they wrote something on their ballot. Okay? They’re being prosecuted for that. When you compare it to 25 million fraudulent ballots made on a copy machine somewhere in Detroit, this kind of a thing is just absolutely outrageous.

The stench of our election is so bad you can’t get within 100ft of it. It just stinks. It reeks. And that election that took place in Russia was the most transparent election I’ve seen since I’ve been alive. And its fairness was insured in terms of how they did it. And in addition to that, Putin wins a resounding victory. So let me just say congratulations to Vladimir Putin on this victory.

If he doesn’t hear it from any other place, maybe he can hear it from know. So congratulations to him on a really profound victory. A profound victory that was brought about because people wanted to destroy Russia. Now, maybe if they hadn’t been so gung ho on trying to destroy Russia, the people wouldn’t have rallied around their leader and then rallying around their leader. He has led their country in a way that is to be envied by every.

You know, he took a look at it. Being an intelligent man, not an ignoramus. Being a man, not a woman who’s rolling over and playing dead to everything that comes in the front door, not a woke personality in a dress who’s going to pay homage to the DEI before he makes an intelligent decision. He is a person that makes intelligent decision based upon rationale that’s before him. Okay.

That’s a pretty straightforward subject. Right? These are the facts before us. These guys have done this. We see a Nazi regime rising in Ukraine. NATO is clearly intending on expanding itself into Russia, raping our natural resources, ending our country. It’s an existential threat. We’re going to take the steps necessary to terminate it. And as a result, he entered into a totalitarian. Excuse me, not a totalitarian. A total war environment two years ago.

That’s right. Now, their weapon production, their ammunition production and so on and so forth, is 15 times greater than the west combined. And there’s no possible way that the west, which no longer has gunpowder, which no longer has manufacturing, which no longer has industry, which, by the way, the Biden administration has made sure that every last foundry that could possibly make munitions is shut down on the basis of it’s not green enough or it’s not environmental friendly enough, or whatever it might be, it doesn’t have a rainbow flag over its corporate.

It doesn’t have a rainbow. I mean, look, when you look at the stuff that’s going on with certain airline manufacturers that can no longer build a plane, look at certain airlines parachutes, just in case they’re now permitting passengers to bring screwdrivers and drills on board in case they need to do some maintenance in flight right. Come on, man. This is the quickest fall I’ve ever seen in any corporation.

Boeing is just going. And it’s because everybody there drinks bud light. I mean, that’s really the bottom line. Right? And so here you have this company that is falling apart under the political leadership of what can only be called human scabs that are infested with mental syphilis running the states where these guys build their stuff. They’re engaged in criminal behavior behind the doctrine of DEI. Well, okay, they put everybody at risk that flies, and not only are they putting everybody at risk, but they’re going to terminate their company.

And when they terminate their company, I mean, I’m looking to see who’s going to build the next passenger airliner that’s going to succeed. Now, I know Russia was in companion with Boeing for a long time. They had plants in perm and other places. And Russia is building a very competitive 737 clone. Right? They’ve already launched it. It’s doing passenger service in Russia. Will they build the equivalent of the trip seven, which, in my opinion, is the greatest passenger airliner ever built by anybody? It was Boeing at its peak.

They built this triple seven. Absolutely remarkable aircraft. Beautifully done, beautifully designed. You know that aircraft, they did a test flight on that. It flew from Sydney, Australia, up to Anchorage, didn’t land, made a right hand turn and flew to London. One tank of gas. Wow. One tank of gas, twin engine, comes off the Runway like a seven. Three seven. But it’s got 400 passengers on board. Right. I mean, they’re absolutely spectacular aircraft.

And then Boeing decides to follow that up with the 37 Max. Right. Do you know right now you can go online if you go to some of these ticket places to buy your tickets? They give you options to. Here’s your flights. And one of the options is exclude three seven max eight. Exclude three seven max nine in your ticket price. Yeah, exclude these. Don’t even show me those flights.

If that’s the plane, don’t even show me those flights. Right. This is how bad the situation is. But Russia, you see a world leader that decided, okay, we’re at war. We go to a total war footing. Our factories begin 24 7365 munitions production. He stabilizes the country. He rallies the country behind the cause. The country is 100% behind the cause. People are willing to fight and die because they recognize a bona fide, reasonable, existential threat to their country.

Olaf Schultz can’t figure that out. He can’t figure that out. And this group of woke dunderheads in Poland. We can’t wait to be the next Ukraine. When are you going to bomb the daylights out of us? We’re not going to be happy until we’re littered with as many tanks as Ukraine. What’s it going to take to get you guys to. I mean, this tusk idiot is just beyond the pale.

And this was a catholic nation that’s now woke, right? Oh, it’s time to do same sex marriage. Time to bring in the transgenders. Weren’t you guys a catholic nation that was rejecting communism so you could practice your faith? Wasn’t that Poland just a few years ago? Yeah, it was. Right? And then, of course, this dunderhead. Look, this guy Macron, okay? Oh, I’m a tough guy. What are we going to do? He’s going to send in 25 pounds of Brie and a case of champagne to invade Kiev.

Right? I couldn’t believe. It’s like, I’m going to send 25,000 troops and we’re going to line them up on the Nepper river and we’re going to keep the Russians out from western Ukraine because they won’t dare touch us. We’ll load our hydrogen. Nuclear weapons right on our planes. Francois, you have total of about 300 weapons. The first time one of those planes takes off armed with a nuclear weapon, you can say goodbye to Paris.

Yeah. Did you know that in 1817, after Napoleon, who was a lot smarter than Macron? How much smarter? Well, Macron wants to go into Ukraine with 25,000 troops, thinking that’s going to stop the Russians. Napoleon went in with 600,000, came back with 20,000. Right. And after he came back with 20,000, a russian brigade marched in downtown Paris. Yes. And Tsar Alexander, I told the Parisians, look, we want to have goodwill between us and France.

We’re not going to burn Paris to the ground. We could, but we’re not going to. But we could, but we’re not going to because we want to be France. And so back to Russia they went. Do the French remember that? Are you kidding? Macron can’t remember World War II, let alone remember what happened 217 years ago. I mean, he is a total dunderhead and standing around posing. I’m going into Kiev.

But once french troops arrive there, 25,000 french troops. First rule of warfare, right? First rule of warfare, count the number of guys on the other side. Okay? Something Zelensky didn’t do. But first rule of warfare, count the number of guys on the other side. Russia has already mobilized 1. 5 million. But you’re going to bring in 25,000 French. We the French will stand up with our glass of champagne and we will say, no, missie, I’m sorry, this is not going to happen.

What’s going to happen is 25,000 dead French, just like it happened in Vietnam in 1958 when they were slaughtered in north Vietnam. And then the French were like, that’s unbelievable. How could that happen to us? How could it not happen to you? You guys think you have some kind of controlling entity. People have let you come in just for the novelty of it, just so they could hear you say subwave.

But now once that novelty is over, you guys can’t fight. And it’s going to be the biggest mistake he ever made. He’ll have 25,000 dead French in less than a month. And then he’ll be going back to the people going, well, then we have the french revolution all over again. Is he doing the same thing that Biden and the Democrats are insidiously going to try and do, which is take every half wit retard knuckle Dragger from the banana republics coming across the border and say, you can be a citizen if you put yourself in a military uniform.

Oh, which means you may have to put your gun against the american indigenous white Trump supporting conservatives here. Is Macron going to do the same thing? I know when I was over in Donbass, a lot of the French that they were these black Africans. I don’t know how they all got into french uniforms. Probably with the french Foreign Legion and stuff. It’s not all these white guys that are there.

There are some real dumb shits from the white countries, Britain and elsewhere that are dumb as a bag of rocks that have gone over and been killed or come back and killed themselves. But I could see Macron trying to do something like that. Oh, I’ll take all these Africans from the french Foreign legion, put them in uniform, and then I’ll put them against my own country. So I am the emperor dictator.

They’re setting up the scenario to provoke the bear so that they could blame Russia for all of the instability that they’re provoking. They’re lighting the fire like Nero, right? They’re lighting the fire and trying to blame Russia for starting it, thinking that they can control the population and that they can mobilize the population and get them all on a war. Know it’s us against the Russians. It’s Casablanca all over again.

And Macron thinks he’s going to get up there and sing the song. His own people are going to decapitate him and hang him and kill him. The whole french nation is going to be dividing between these people. Go, you know what? We don’t want anything to do with Israel. We don’t want anything to do with this Gaza genocide. We don’t want to have anything to do with war with Russia because we don’t want to die.

And let’s be realistic. You go to war against Russia, you’re going against some of the toughest, most skilled experience ever in this whole century. America used to be pretty good. Not anymore. The fagatosis. I like your term, by the way. The mental syphilis. I’m going to use that one because you provoked the inspiration. Mental syphilis, moral gonorrhea. I’m going to play around with these because that’s what they are.

They are suffering. The spiritual fornication that they’ve been doing is resulting profound revelation from God. Steve, they do have mental syphilis. They do have these spiritual fornication diseases like mad cow disease. It’s eating away the brains of the west. But they’re picking a fight with Russia. And Russia is not going to overreact. It’s not going to make. And I’ve said this, I did an article on Sputnik and did the same thing.

I applauded Putin and the victory. And I said, all of the russian people are standing shoulder to shoulder with him because they’ve been attacked by these little midgets. It’s like in Dorothy and the wizard of Oz and the little midget town where a bunch of vampires, right? I mean, a horrific image. You can’t imagine more than that. Well, all these midgets have been trying to attack Russia. And the russian people said, enough.

But they’re going to go in. And I could see France, I could see Germany, I could see Britain, I could see all over Europe just completely breaking apart. And. And, you know, in fact, you said something profound the other week. I could see Alaska, the Yukon territory. And we talked about this before, too. The development of new passports, the development of new political identities. Here’s the new passport of the Yukon territory.

And if you have one of these, you can travel into Alaska. And you know what? Fuck the US and everybody else in Canada, Trudeau. We don’t care between Alaska, the Yukon territory. If you have this new passport, fine. I said Russia should do the same thing in Ukraine and elsewhere. New political identities, new social tribal arrangements have to come about. We have to leave these Egypts, these Sodom and Gomorrah societies and venture forth and form new ones.

And not ask permission, not ask anything, just do it. Form new passports, new communities, new identities, and to say everything that you had before. Egypt. We don’t recognize. We’re gone. One of your officers, one of your judges, one of your people in government from Egypt is going to try and come in and influence or control or do something here. No, we don’t recognize you. It’s like America, 1776.

Every british redcoat, judge, supervisor, mayor, sheriff, whatever the hell their role was, when the United States said, okay, done, we’re independent. All of you assholes with red coats and little badges that thought you were doing the crown’s work, go and do it in the crown. But you don’t have any authority in here. You don’t have any authority over Americans anymore. We don’t recognize anything that you’ve done. Not your taxes, not your laws, none of your stuff.

And I think the same awakening has to happen, and it is happening. It’s happened in Russia. I think it’s going to happen elsewhere. And it’s going to drive this exodus. Stephen, I’ll give it to you to close this up. Go ahead. Yeah, it is happening. It’s happening in France right now. France is in a revolution. Macron is too insulated to understand it, but I think there were 538 different farmer protests in France today.

The Russians have taken note of that and published it and said, yeah, watch this, watch it. And that’s who they need to make overtures to communicate directly to the french people. And the french farmers say, hey, we’re on your side. Your political leaders are your. And the farmers in Germany the same way, farmers in Holland the same way, and they’ve had enough. And when you get the farmer, look, you’re doing pretty fine.

But the reason why they show pitchforks and torches and that kind of thing is because it’s when the farmers rise up that you’ve got the problem. And the farmers have now risen up. They’ve risen up across all of central Europe. The EU flag was burned. I believe it was in Prague or no, it might have been in Hungary. It was in Budapest. The EU flag was burned. There are people that are no longer happy with the EU management.

And of course, the thing that we have to keep in mind is this. Once a currency establishes a gold backed currency, every fiat currency looks like toilet paper. Yes. And it’s instantly. And this is why the central banks out of London were trying to make sure that no goldbacked currency, like the libyan dinard, for instance, could ever thrive. The goldbacked currencies have to go. Russia announced the goldback currency.

Guess what? The whole world is going to go to war with them. Fighting over banker control coming out of the house of Roadshield in Basil, Switzerland, and in London to try to grab control so that their fiat currency retains its authority. The fiat currency is going to go. Now, most of the commentators I’ve seen on this subject have said the fiat currency’s days, particularly the american dollar, its days are numbered because we weaponized the dollar, because brics have succeeded.

We haven’t been able to stop brics. In fact, BRICS is continually expanding because we. That’s what McGregor is saying, and I see him as a leading. Yeah, yeah. And so what we’re going to see is we’re going to see this collapse of the dollar. Now, when the dollar collapses, what authority does the United States government have and how do they enforce it? You can’t even pay your own employees.

You can’t pay those guys in the FBI. You can’t pay your own military. You can’t pay your mercenaries. You can’t pay the DOJ. You can’t pay anybody. Guess what? All those women are out hooking in downtown DC, right? That’s the only way they could eat. And so when this happens, you’re going to see the hand of yah moving. That is going to collapse these fiat currencies in their iniquity.

And this is part of the thing when you talk about repenting. Now, Donald Trump already knows this, and he’s talking about introducing a Reichs mark, right? He’s going to introduce the Reichs mark if and when he comes to power. That’s what he’s going to try to do to cure the american economy. The problem is he’s going to be doing that over a remnant of the United States. It’s not going to be all of the United States because the United States is going to shatter between now and the time he takes office.

He’s saying, when I’m the president elect, I’m going to solve the issue in Ukraine. So he’s going to solve it between November and January. Well, he’s already said it’s going to be a bloodbath. And he’s, I mean, that’s the thing. So you’re looking at a shattered America. And in that shattered America, yes. Alaska seeks to be a viable, independent partner in the international community of nations as a respecter of the international law and actually wants to put itself in the place of a center of mediation and arbitration and a center of understanding for the international community.

We intend to house all of the organic laws of every nation on earth and maintain facilities for every nation on earth. To be able to freely come into Alaska and meet and to discuss and to have meetings and to otherwise settle claims and to engage in peace treaties, et cetera. And to establish courts of justice, to judge the status of international law without the bias of the EU, without the bias of America, without the bias of the UK, but an independent nation whose flag remains eight stars of gold on a field of blue with no bars between us.

A singular culture that exists in the northern hemisphere. One of the five partners on the Arctic Ocean. Right? There’s Russia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Canada and us. And we’re going to be the most significant partner when it comes to establishing port traffic up on the Seward peninsula. To have a way station for traffic going through the Bering Sea, to access the Arctic transit route for delivering freight to the world, which is 5000 km shorter via the Alaska Canada route, 3000 km shorter versus the russian knob versus the Suez Canal, which, by the way, with the hooties introducing hypersonic missiles, is now permanently closed.

That’s right, yeah. Furthermore, and you know this, right, right now Israel has set itself up where its single supporter now in the world is the US. And now ask Vladimir Zelensky how being reliant on the US dime has paid off for him, right? He’s been cut off since the first of the year. They’re now down to the point where they’ve got no ammo, they got no 155 millimeter shells for their cannons, they’re running out of ammo, they’re running out of people.

The only thing that’s keeping the Russians from making a quick sweep to Kiev is the fact that the Russians haven’t done it. You know that they’re estimating there’s millions of people missing out of Ukraine. There’s at least 700,000 dead. There’s millions of people missing out of Ukraine that they can’t account for. They don’t know who they are, whether nothing, millions of people. So under these circumstances, Scott, Alaska intends to be a meaningful partner.

I think Alaska is perfectly situated geographically to be an alternative United nations world court international body, because the only nations that matter in the future are Russia. And it’s right next door to Alaska. You have China, you have all the asianic nations and Malaysia, the. I mean, they are right next door. So who cares about the british and the French and the Netherlands and the Germans and these puppets of the US that have been un rubber stamps for 50, 60, 70 years? The whole center of power is shifting.

And Alaska is perfectly situated in a top of the world cold weather. But in the proximity to Russia and China and Africa, it’s probably the same distance, if not closer. There’s only a win win to establish Alaska and that know the northern territories. Trudeau is dead. He’s a dead man. And the Canadians need to have a reawakening of faith like never before. That’s what Canada needs. And I’ve had relatives there, and they brought all this on with their humanism.

Canada has been a humanistic, drunken country for a long time. And because of their rip van Winkle attitude, they’ve allowed evil to come in and totally corrupt and destroy their country and steal their money and shut down their truckers and vaccinate mean. Canada is atrocious in its tyranny. And I do think you’re right. Alaska is poised and positioned to be, and it needs to be bold and aggressive, and I’d be happy to contribute in any way I could, but it needs to be bold in its ambassadorial, diplomatic presentation of the truth, because no other state in the union has the balls or the gumption or the honesty or the integrity to present the raw, unadulterated truth in a way that the Russians would say.

Yep. Oh, yeah. Everything you said, we agree. Know you’re. You’re part of America. No, Alaska is different. Alaska is different than America. And that branding is going to be the key to opening up doors of reidentification. Yeah, I think so. And as you know, I talk to my friends here, and of course, the question is, are you agitating for a separate state? No, but what I’m trying to do is trying to work to establish the groundwork when we end up with an independent state, when we have the failure of the United States american government, and all of a sudden there’s nothing.

It just goes clunk, zero. Like the breakup of the Soviet Union when it goes to zero. And they tell us, you guys are on your own now, which is what happened to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. That’s right. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova. All of those nations were suddenly clunk. You’re on your own. You’re an independent state. Make it or break it. Well, I have a plan for how we’re going to make it here.

And of course, that plan is it circulates around the idea that our airport in Anchorage is the third busiest in the world. That means it’s busier than know outside of Moscow. Right? It’s busier than Frankfurt. We’re talking about freight. Now we’re talking about freight airports. The only two airports that are busier than Anchorage is Hong Kong and Memphis. Okay? So because of that, you have to recognize there’s a reason why it’s this busy.

Because freight haulers know that it is an apex place. And we want to invite, once we are an independent state, we want to invite Aeroflot to make Anchorage a home, a base. We want to invite air Emirates out of Dubai to make Anchorage its base, to make it its base. And Kal Jal, chinese airlines, because the flight from Anchorage to New Delhi is about 10 hours shorter than flying from LA to Europe and then to New Delhi.

A flight into Sydney, Australia, is much quicker. And all of these flights with the permission to fly over Russia, Anchorage becomes a perfect solution to the international aircraft needs. And we also want to invite, and this is very important aspect of it, if we’re going to make Anchorage an international air hub, we would like to see manufacturing and support for the airline company that’s going to take Boeing’s place.

Because Boeing is just going to drop right off into nothing. They’re going to disappear just like McDonald Douglas did. They’re going to be a disappearing act. They’re going to be completely gone. And that’s in the very near future. There’s plenty of places to build those kinds of factories and the will of Alaskans to support huge hangars for building huge aircraft and all of the support industry for freight traffic to bring in parts and so on and so forth.

It’s all available here. It can be done. And we would like to see industry of that caliber and that size come into the state. All you got to contact me privately and I’ll show you how we can do it. I’ll show you where the places are right now. Right now. Stephen Pigeon, always very good to have you on. Thank you so much for your knowledge and your wisdom, and we appreciate it.

We wish you a blessed journey and your teaching and where you go. And we pray that God’s angels accompany you and your family and keep you safe and that everyone that sees you and everyone that hears you is given the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. We ask this in the name of our Lord. Amen. We will see you when you return. Thank you for joining us in globalfreedomtv.

com. We will see you next week. God bless. Good night. .

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