X22 Report: Trump Says To Defund Crooked Biden

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X22 Report: Trump Says To Defund Crooked Biden


➡ The text discusses theories about the potential downfall of “deep state” players, including central banks and corrupt politicians, due to their self-serving agendas being revealed to the public. The author speculates that this exposure will precipitate changes including increased adoption of gold and a shift away from the federal reserve note. They opine that these changes are part of a strategy to eliminate corruption and improve the economy. The text also covers the potential repercussions of government shutdowns and criticisms of price increases in goods and sectors like food and oil, tying these to perceived manipulations by those in power.
➡ The text critiques the attempt to push people into electric vehicles and the Green New Deal by driving up oil prices, arguing that this is failing and leading to public awareness of pricing manipulations. It suggests that government plans to counter increasing inflation and a potential economic breakdown include raising federal worker’s salaries while avoiding a pay increase in the private sector. The author alleges a strategic collapse planned for the 2024 election and criticizes central banks’ controlling influence, speculating that the crisis might help initiate a new economic direction, potentially involving a shift towards gold-backed currency.
➡ The text discusses skepticism towards fiat currency that could potentially lead to a global crisis and a return to sound, constitutionally-coined money. It also mentions potential government shutdown due to manipulation by deep state players, particularly associated with funding efforts towards Ukraine, which met with opposition. Furthermore, the reduction of unwarranted spending to subsequently ‘starve the swamp’ and eradicate unnecessary elements within the government is proposed, ultimately aiming at controlling the funding of various international organizations and transitioning towards a more sustainable monetary system.


Now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, the private central bank, the World Economic Forum. I do believe they are going down the path the Patriots want them to go down. And think about why the Patriots want them to pursue the great reset the Green New Deal and push their entire agenda in the face of the people in this country and around the world. Because as they do this, the people, they start to think logically.

They get pissed off. They start to see how they’re not working with the people, they’re actually working against the people, and they’re working for their own agenda. As they continue to do this, it just gets worse and worse for them. The other thing and the other reason the Patriots wanted them to follow this path is because Trump and the Patriots, I do believe they knew that they needed to get rid of the private West Central Bank in the end.

Because without getting rid of the private West Central Bank, we will have this problem. It will not go away. Remember having an open ended credit card where you can just borrow and borrow and borrow and borrow and have other people pay it back, that breeds corruption. And if you don’t get rid of the Central Bank, you’ll always have corruption. You’ll always have a failing economy. It will never benefit the people.

And I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they know this. And I do believe this is why they’re following in the path of Andrew Jackson, who got rid of the second private West Central Bank in this country. Remember, there were two others before the Federal Reserve. The first one, the charter ran out and Congress decided, you know something, we saw what happened here. We’re not renewing this charter.

The second one, Andrew Jackson fought against this. He got elected and he got rid of the Central bank. The third one is the Federal Reserve, which grew and grew and grew. And now it’s like a gigantic octopus where its tentacles are in every single country and everything that we do. And I do believe in the end, this is the direction we need to head in. I do believe this is the direction we are definitely heading in.

And as we approach the crisis point, you’re going to see nations moving away from the Federal Reserve. Note, you’re going to see gold start to separate from what the central bank has been doing, where they’re been keeping the gold price down. They’ve been manipulating the price just like they’ve beenipulating all the statistical information, they’ve beenipulating the currency, they’ve been manipulating the interest rates, they’ve been manipulating the stock market.

You’re going to see all of this start to separate and you’re going to see other countries reprice gold completely different the way the United States is pricing gold. And we’re starting to see that change right now. And I do believe this is going to get more apparent as time goes on. Just like in the very beginning, you saw a country saying, you know something, we’re going to trade without using the Federal Reserve Note.

We’re going to sell our oil and other products, not using the Federal Reserve Note. Yes, in the beginning, people said, oh, yeah, sure you are. That’s what you’re going to do. And then actually, people started to see the countries like India and Saudi Arabia and many others actually conduct business outside of the Federal Reserve Note. And I do believe what’s next is a repricing of gold, especially with those nations that are moving away from the Federal Reserve Note, because, remember, the entire mission here is to actually have the central bank destroy their own system.

Now, they were led to believe that they were going to destroy their old system and then bring us into the great reset, convincing us that this is in our best interest. So they had this event planned. Actually, they had war plan that didn’t work out for them. So they had the Pandemic plan, which did work out for them, and they thought, okay, we’ll just destroy our system right now.

We’ll blame it on the Pandemic, and we’ll tell everyone, because of what the Pandemic did, it destroyed globalism. It destroyed the supply chains. The currency inflated like we’ve never seen before. And now we need to move away from this because look what the Pandemic did. The system doesn’t work. So we can’t have fiat currency anymore. We should go all digital. Globalism isn’t going to work. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to change the entire structure of the entire system and go to all green energy and restructure everything that we’ve been doing.

Now, I do believe this was their plan, but it didn’t work out too well. And now people can see what’s happening. Every move they make, everything that they do, the people are watching and they’re saying, holy crap, you’re not helping the economy. You’re destroying the economy. And I do believe we’re going to see gold continually separate from what the central bank has been doing to gold. Just like with bitcoin.

If you look at Bitcoin and you look at gold, I do believe they should both be around the same exact price right now. And remember, for a very long time, the central bank, they were using the paper market to control gold because they didn’t want people to understand that the fiat currency was losing value like crazy. And they didn’t want gold to reflect upon that, where people would then say, this doesn’t make any sense.

Why is gold $20,000 an ounce? Is there something wrong with the fiat currency? Yeah, people would notice that right off the bat. So they needed to continually push down gold so you wouldn’t notice that the fiat currency was losing value. They had to manipulate the numbers so it looked like inflation was always 2%. And remember, inflation is cumulative, so it was never 2%. So this is what they needed to do.

But now I do believe it’s all falling apart and it’s going to get worse and worse for them. Remember we also have a shutdown that is coming up and we know that the deep state players, the De’s, they like to push fear even the rhinos. Oh you can’t have a shutdown that would be a disaster for the country. But we had a shutdown before and you know what people noticed? Absolutely nothing.

Actually if there was a shutdown most of the people would not even know there was a shutdown because remember the government doesn’t run the country. Actually the founding fathers never wanted the government this large. They never wanted all these people employed in the government and when the government shuts down you don’t even notice it because every single day it doesn’t really affect your life. And I think this is what they’re afraid of.

Just like the Central Bank they’re afraid for people to see what an economy would look like without the Central Bank. The government doesn’t want you to see what would happen if the government shut down because you start to realize you don’t need them. That’s their biggest fear. But you can see the deep state players, they are pushing their agenda right now and you could see they follow the same exact pattern.

Look out in Canada for example food prices, they are going up like crazy out in Canada. So Trudeau said listen we know it’s the grocery stores. We know that they’re allowing the prices to go up like this and we need them to control the prices. And if they can’t control the prices you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to tax them. Now let’s think about this logically.

The food prices are going up. They’re telling the food stores to control the prices and if you don’t do it we’re going to tax you. If they tax the food stores what’s going to happen to food prices? They’re going to go up. It makes no sense. Food stores don’t control the food prices. So whatever they’re saying, whatever they’re trying to do, it doesn’t make sense. Actually if you look at the pattern gavin Newsom did the same thing with the oil companies out in California.

He said oh the oil companies, they’re price gouging right now and if you continue to do this we’re going to penalize you for price gouging. Well the oil companies are saying well we’re not price gouging, this is the price of oil. It’s the reason for this is because of biden. He shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, he’s shutting down production. Remember the country is energy independent so as soon as he did that oil prices were going to start to move up and that’s what we’ve seen.

And once you start to tax the oil companies what happens? They’re going to say well we are getting taxed so we have to take this and then put it on the consumer. So they’re going to pay more. It’s the same pattern. The logic doesn’t make sense. They love to blame others for what they are doing. Remember, their entire policy, their entire agenda is to bring us into the Green New Deal.

So as they tried to do this, they need the price of oil to move up. Because how would you push people into the Green New Deal if oil was cheap, if you didn’t have to spend that much money to fill up your car, you wouldn’t do it because they tried the entire idea of carbon pollution and everything else and the people just didn’t buy it. So what they tried to do, and they’re still trying to do it, is they’re trying to push the oil prices up to push you into an electric vehicle.

But that’s not working either. Their entire plan is falling apart. And you know what people are noticing throughout all of this is that, hey, you’re responsible for all this, we know what you’re doing. And now food stores, and we’ve seen this in the past, actually, if you actually look at Obama’s time in the White House, and you look at Biden’s time in the White House, they’re pretty much the same.

Except with Biden it’s a lot worse. I think everything’s been amplified. Trump and the Patriots wanted to show people, look what they’re trying to do. I’m going to throw it in your face. The economy is going to fail. Fuel prices are going to go up, inflation is going to go up. Do you see it? Are they helping you? No, they’re not. Well, it’s just going to get worse if you don’t believe so as we go through the 2024 elections, you’re going to see the economy really break down, which is going to wake up a lot of people.

It’s waking up a lot more because when you go to the grocery store and we saw this during Obama’s time, they’re starting to shrink packages again and they’re starting to give you less and less and charge you more and more. Wall street silver put this out and said inflation. What inflation? Krispy Kreme’s nine pack down from twelve pack at higher price shrinkflation. And they’re hoping that people don’t notice this type of stuff.

They do it with ice cream. I mean, a half a gallon ice cream is no longer a half gallon ice cream. And they’re going to start to do those crackers, toilet paper tissues, you name it, because they realize they have to cut down the amount that they’re giving you plus charge the same or more to keep everything functioning. And people are starting to understand this, that people are starting to realize this.

Now the other thing that people are starting to see as inflation picks up and as the economy breaks down, biden and his administration, they have to keep the people in government happy. Remember, they’re part of the swamp. If they can’t afford things, well, they’re going to have a major problem on their hand. And this is why the Biden administration, they’re looking to give government workers, federal workers, a pay raise.

But Americans generally believe that the government employees are already paid too much already. And the people in the private sector, what’s happening to them? You think they’re all getting pay raises? No. Most of the employers are saying, listen, we’re not going to give you a raise this year because the economy is getting worse and worse as time goes on. And you could see that the Biden administration, they have to keep those people in government happy or they’re going to turn on them because when they can’t afford anything, when it becomes very difficult for them to make ends meet, what do you think those people are going to do? They’re going to start complaining.

They’re going to start going to the fake news and say, hey, you know something, something’s wrong here. I can’t afford food. I can’t afford to travel. I can’t afford my car payment, I can’t afford anything. And they’re not giving us a pay raise. So Biden, he has to shut that down and he has to give them all pay raise, which tells you everything you need to know. It means inflation’s a lot worse than what they’ve been reporting because they wouldn’t have to give them pay raise if everything is hunky dory, would they? No, they wouldn’t.

So everything that they’ve been saying, everything that they’ve been talking about is completely fake, phony, and false. The economy is completely imploding on itself. And you can see that the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world, they don’t want the system to come down just yet. I do believe all of this has been set up. I do believe the Patriots are in complete and control of this.

And I do believe they want this to come down around the election period of time because all the leverage would be on Trump’s side. And you can see if the central bank truly wanted the entire economic system to come down right now, they would just continually raise rates and they would raise and raise and raise. Yes, they would hit a tipping point where they would scale back. And you can see that we might be very, very close to that tipping point, but they don’t want to go too much over it because they don’t want the whole system to crash right now.

They want to control all of this. And I do believe they’re controlling this. During the 2024 election, is this going to benefit the deep State players? No. I do believe the Patriots are in control and this is going to work against them. So right now we have the Federal Reserve, they put a freeze on hikes. Right now we have Canada, they have frozen their rate hikes. And bank of England.

They’re holding steady. Now, does this mean they’re going to keep it this way? No, what I think is going to happen as we enter 2024, they’re going to start raising the rates probably around spring or so. They’ll probably raise maybe then again in the summer. And this way they can kick the entire economy off the edge and the entire thing just completely implodes. Now, remember, the deep state players and the central bank, the World Economic Forum, they’re hoping to use this crisis to usher in the great recent the central bank digital currency.

But we can see that the people in this country and the people around the world, they’re not going along with this. And we already see that Congress is already blocking the central bank’s plan. Remember, they just can’t switch over to the central bank digital currency. It’s a new currency. Congress has to vote on it. But you know what Congress is doing? They’re voting the other way. U. S.

Congressman Ronnie Jackson says CBDC is a Trojan horse for global elites to control the people. CBDC is slavery. Bitcoin is freedom. Absolutely. And we could see, and we mentioned this yesterday, that the US. Congressman’s bill to ban the Federal Reserve from issuing a CBDC has passed the Financial Services Committee, which means we’re on our way. And hopefully when that crisis hits, that bill will be sitting there and they’ll say, look, we’re not going to the central bank digital currency.

We are going to stop this and stop it in its tracks. And I do believe that’s exactly what’s going to happen. And I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they’re going to use the leverage of the crisis to shift us in a completely different direction. Now, again, we’re going to have the central bank fighting to push the people into the great reset the greedo deal. And we’re going to have Trump and the people that are around him and are supporting him, which is going to be the majority of the people they are going to no, no.

We want to go in a completely different direction. But as the economy implodes, we’re going to see a separation in gold pricing. And I believe we’re already starting to see this. And Marco Roque put this out and said, a remarkable chart showing a historic divergence between gold price in China 2020 versus US 19 nine. Rarely will you ever see such a distortion in pricing that is so clearly in your favor as a buyer.

And when you look at the spot gold in US, and you look at the Shanghai gold, you can see the difference. Right now, the Shanghai gold, the trajectory is up in price. The spot gold trajectory is down in price. Now, I do believe these are going to separate as we move forward, because if you really think about it and you think about China, Russia, India, and all the other countries that are moving away from the Federal Reserve note, and if they’re looking to go to gold which is going to back their currency.

They would want the gold price at something very different. And I do believe we’re already starting to see this we’re already starting to see a shift. And this, I do believe, is going to get this separation is going to get wider and wider as we move forward. And soon people are going to say, well, wait a minute. How come the gold out in Shanghai is at 3000 and the gold in the US is 1800? Why is the gold out in Shanghai, why is at 5000 and why is the gold in the US 1900? You see, people are going to have a lot of questions as we move forward and I do believe this is when people are going to see the difference and people are going to start to question the fiat currency and this will have a ripple effect across the entire world.

And I do believe this is going to play in to what the Patriots are going to do when we hit that crisis, and that is bring us back to sound money, which I do believe we’re going to be going back to the constitution where we coin our own money, we don’t borrow it from a private central bank, a loan sharking system. And I do believe this is going to happen as we approach the crisis and when we’re in the crisis and we can see it’s already started.

Now the other thing that’s very interesting is as we approach October, we are now heading into a government shutdown. And of course what’s going to happen is the fake news, the Dees, the rhinos, they’re all going to be out there fear mongering. If you shut down the government, the entire country will implode on itself. Well, once again, this is fear. We’ve had shutdowns before, nothing happens during a shutdown.

And you’re going to see them push fear like we’ve never seen before. Why? Because they, and I’m talking about the deep state players, they want their money and if you don’t fund them, if you don’t give them their money, they push fear. Now Rand Paul is already out there saying, listen, he’s not going to be funding anything that supplies more money to Ukraine. He says Today I’m putting congressional leadership and POTUS on notice that I will oppose any effort to hold the federal government hostage for Ukraine funding.

I will not consent to expedited passage of any spending measure that provides any more USA to Ukraine. And remember, it’s Congress’s responsibility to control the spending here. And once again, we can see the deep state players, they’ve had an open credit card for a very long time. And I do believe when Trump gets back into office and we have Patriots in Congress, I do believe we’re going to be bringing back empowerment which allows the President to decide, listen, where’s this money going? Let me see where this is going.

This is going to help bees on the highway. This is going to help transgender schooling in Turkey. But, yeah, we’re not spending the money on this. I’m sending this back to Congress. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Remember, they took this ability away and now Trump, he’s going to bring it back. And actually what he’s going to do is he’s going to starve the swamp, which will absolutely destroy them because without the funding, how do they operate? If they can’t operate, do we need these different areas? And watch what happens when they’re not getting their funds and people start to realize, wait a minute, they’re not getting their funds.

People went home. They’re not doing anything. And it doesn’t affect the entire country. Remember, the government is bloated right now. I would say we don’t need probably 80% of these people in government today. Most of them most likely do absolutely nothing. They’re part of the swamp. And this is something the founding fathers never wanted. JD. Van said the following yesterday at classified briefing over Ukraine, it became clear that America is being asked to fund an indefinite conflict with the unlimited resources enough is enough to these and future requests.

My colleagues and I say no. So six GOP and Senators and 22 GOP Congressmen are now a hard no on sending money to Ukraine. Trump, he put this out on truth. He said the following a very important deadline is approaching. At the end of the month, Republicans in Congress can and must defund all aspects of cricket. Joe Biden’s weaponized government that refuses to close the border and treats half the country as enemies of the state.

This is also the last chance to defund these political prosecutions against me and other patriots. They failed on the debt limit, but they must not fail now. Use the power of the purse and defend the country. So he’s calling on the rhinos to shut down this ridiculous spending. And yes, this will starve the swamp. Now, the question is, are they going to do this? Most likely not. And I think Trump, the patriots know this, but he wants to show the country, look how weak the rhinos are.

All we have to do is shut down the funding and everything comes to a screeching hole. All the weapons they put in place in government, they will not be able to fund them and really take this to the next level. You’re seeing this on the smaller level within this country. But think about when we go back to sound money and we have checks and balances and there is no private central bank that just prints and prints and prints and we borrow and borrow and borrow.

What happens when we have a certain amount of money? Can the US. Then fund all these different organizations around the world? Can the who be funded? Most likely not. What about all these NGOs? Remember, most of these NGOs get their money through money laundering, through the loan sharking from the Fed? They won’t be funded. What about the World Economic Forum? They won’t be funded either. Everything that is being funded right now will come to a screeching halt.

This is how you destroy their system. You take away their funding. Think about when Trump said, listen, we’re not funding the who anymore. They freaked out. How dare you can’t do this. Well, what happens when we start taking the funding away from all the swamp creatures in government, all the different agencies that are weaponized? What happens when we take the funding away from the who and all the other organizations, their entire network, and I’m talking about the criminal syndicate network, completely implodes on itself.

And I do believe, in the end, when you get rid of the central bank, you go back to sound money. This is how you bring the entire system down and you can bring it to its knees and you can control what happens next. And I do believe this is exactly what Trump is about to do. And he’s doing it on a very small scale with the government right now.

And he’s going to show the people, this is what we have to do. Let’s see if the Rhinos do it. Most likely they won’t. But again, you can see everything is being put into place. He’s showing the people this is what needs to be done. Because in the end, when we reach that crisis point, when we hit that press, the people are going to say, okay, enough’s, enough.

The economy is completely destroyed. The market is down. We need to do something else. And this is when Trump is going to introduce his solutions, his plans. And you’re already starting to see him do this. And I do believe, in the end, what he’s going to do. .



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