War is Declared After Priory of Sion Fails to Respond

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Benjamin Fulford Weekly Report May 24th 2021

War has been declared against the Priory of Satan after they refused to agree to a campaign to save the planet, White Dragon Society sources say.  However, a decision has been made to decline the Gnostic Illuminati’s offer to hit Lake Geneva, NATO Headquarters, and Jerusalem with 4th generation hydrogen nuclear weapons that don’t cause long-term radioactive pollution.  Instead, Special Forces will be making pinpoint attacks to eliminate key individuals and institutions involved in the ongoing fake pandemic and related war crimes.

MI6 sources say an underground base in Switzerland has already been attacked and taken out of commission.  This attack led to an emergency meeting being held at the Vatican, according to P3 Freemason sources.  The meeting was called by the Rockefeller Foundation and meeting attendance revealed exactly who they still control.  The answer is the World Bank, the IMF, the African Union (but not individual African states), Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Furthermore, the attack forced the Satanic World Economic Forum to cancel a special annual meeting it had planned for Singapore in August. https://www.weforum.org/press/2021/05/media-advisory-special-annual-meeting

An emergency meeting held at the Vatican has also alerted the P3 to the fact that Pope Francis has been killed and replaced by an actor wearing a rubber mask who is openly calling for every single human being on earth to be killed with vaccinations. https://www.bitchute.com/video/4KzcvUhGHFSS/

Nobel Prize-winning virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier said last week “there is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have already been vaccinated,” after seeing the ingredients of the Covid gene treatments being used.  What is happening basically is that the Khazarian Mafia is trying to murder its hostage slave peoples rather than give up power.

P3 Freemason sources say “the Vatican secret service knows everything, revenge is on, starting with…


Italy first.”  The P3 says the Covidiot “vaccine” murder campaign has been orchestrated from Israel and Switzerland.

Special forces in the U.S. will be raiding the Rockefeller Foundation Headquarters located at 420 Fifth Avenue in New York, according to Pentagon sources.  All other Rockefeller Foundation branches will also be raided.  In addition, all members of the Rockefeller family will be hunted down, the sources say.

The British Secret Service is also on the case.  This is how a senior MI6 source described the situation:

“We took out [George] Bush [Sr.] to get at [Benjamin] Netanyahu to blow up the Khazarian Mafia –the root cause of world terrorism.  Hit the source and end it.  All of the world’s military know this.  It just happened.  MI6 will find and kill all concerned, you know how we work as does everyone.”

A senior European Royal described the situation as:

“It will all come right but there is a lot to deal with.  The Nuremberg protocols should deal with this lot in one fell swoop,” https://humansarefree.com/2021/05/who-trials-crimes-against-humanity.html

“All the world’s militaries have shoot to kill legal warrant but if we end up in legals we have to show proof that the shoot to kill, was to protect.  Anyone involved in the so-called pandemic is sentenced to death.  The worldwide warrant has been signed by a senior European royal.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

MI6 sources say a secret war has been raging ever since:

“The DVD Dachau was found to have killed – in law murdered – Adnan Sakli at BIS Basel.  It was possibly the most critical case in geopolitics.  All Watergate affairs are worse for the cover-up than the original crime.  In this case, the cover-up involved events like 9.11 and Fukushima.”

Readers can help in the fight against these mass murderers by sending specific information about war crimes to the International Criminal Court.  The contacts are as follows:

<Fadi.El-Abdallah@icc-cpi.int> and <otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int>

At this point, we would like to send a message to General Michael Flynn.  General Flynn has been talking to Christian groups about having faith.  What he needs to understand is that while it is a good thing to turn the other cheek, if they then hit the other cheek, you have run out of cheeks to turn and it is time to take action.  Any action needs to be decisive and final.

That is why we are asking Patriotic U.S. forces to take over the AT&T telecommunications infrastructure in order to put an end to the fake corporate news, including the fake Biden presidency.

One of the key battles is going to be the takedown of the high-tech firms located mainly in or near Palo Alto, California.  Here you will find Google and Facebook.  It has just been discovered that Facebook Covid vaccine fact-checkers are funded by the vaccine companies, according to CIA sources.  In other words, Facebook, run by David Rockefeller’s Grandson Mark Zuckerberg, is complicit in mass murder.  His female clone is now playing the role of spokesperson Jen Psaki for the fake Biden presidency.

Google has also been actively censoring pandemic truth and is thus a designated transnational genocidal organization.  All Google employees involved in vaccine and pandemic censorship need to be executed.

Another place that needs to be raided is the underground base and communications hub around CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Until these nests of criminals are dealt with, censorship and lies will continue to dominate most Western screens and corporate media outlets.

We can also confirm that uber vaccine pusher Bill Gates has been executed for war crimes.  Microsoft as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are now in the hands of White Hats.  This can be confirmed by the stories about the divorce between Melinda Watson (of the Watson IBM family) and Bill Gates.  A campaign to ruin Bill Gates’s reputation by associating him with Jeff Epstein and other salacious stuff is further confirmation this source is telling the truth.  If Gates was alive, you can sure he would be using his army of lawyers and PR agents to fight this. https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/how-bill-gates-carefully-curated-tech-savior-image-unraveled


We also know that the Dutch Royal Family members have been executed.  Here is what the Senior European Royal had to say about their Dutch relatives:

“The Dutch were heavily Satanic, the last Queen, Beatrix, was a terror.  Bloodthirsty Satanic cult.”

The source hinted the Davos people have also been dealt with by saying, “You saw what happened with this bunch of lunatics in Davos.”

Other people who have been, or will soon be removed include Justin Castro in Canada, Henry Kissinger, Heizo Takenaka, David Rockefeller Jr., and many others.

If you saw the Oscar awards ceremony this year you would have noticed that almost none of the usual celebrities were there.  This is a good sign the purge there has been very thorough.

We are also hearing that a purge of the U.S. military, the CIA, and the FBI is continuing.  CIA sources tell us that former CIA boss John Brennan’s military tribunal starts this week.

We also note that Israel has been forced to retreat from its massacre of Palestinians.  Apparently several different countries, including Russia (FSB sources confirmed that Russian citizens were ordered to evacuate parts of Israel last week) told them to cease and desist or else Tel Aviv would be obliterated.

Angry Israeli citizens also demonstrated in front of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s house last week.  Mossad sources, for their part, insist the Netanyahu who recently appeared in public was a “clone.” https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/anti-netanyahu-protesters-to-gather-blame-pm-for-gaza-escalation-668825

The Satanists in Israel, however, remain dangerous, cornered rats and it may be necessary to evacuate all Jews and Palestinians from Israel before wiping out the entire nest there.

Despite continued resistance, there can be no doubt the good guys are winning.  This can be confirmed by a sudden winding down of the fake pandemic in England, Germany, and the U.S.

In the UK members of a committee that advises the British government on pandemic response admitted last week a “totalitarian,” and “unethical” Covid-19 response used fear to manipulate people’s behavior. https://bigleaguepolitics.com/british-scientists-say-that-totalitarian-and-unethical-covid-19-response-used-fear-to-control-peoples-behavior/

This was followed by a public announcement the overall death rate in the UK was at its lowest level since such statistics started being collected 20 years ago.  Furthermore, the percentage of deaths attributed to Covid-19 was only 2.4% of the total in April, less than a quarter of the March level. https://sputniknews.com/uk/202105211082950788-death-rate-in-england-at-20-year-low-as-covid-19-pandemic-dwindles/

In Germany as well, large parts of the country relaxed more pandemic restrictions Friday as reported numbers there also dropped sharply.  This came despite efforts by Angela Hitler to keep restrictions in place. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2021-05-21/germany-lifts-more-restrictions-merkel-urges-caution


In the U.S. too we are starting to see headlines like:

“Hope Rises as U.S. Virus Cases Fall Sharply.”


Similar drops are being reported in other countries as well.  This is a sign the roundup and execution of vaccine and pandemic pushers are starting to take effect.

We also note the Chinese have decided to stop supporting the Rockefeller’s fake Biden administration.  The following from Reuters was evidence of this:

“U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has so far been unable to speak with China’s top general despite multiple attempts to set up talks, U.S.  defense officials said on Friday.” https://www.reuters.com/world/china/pentagon-chief-unable-talk-chinese-military-leaders-despite-repeated-attempts-2021-05-21/

“We do not talk to him because he has no influence over the U.S. military,” explained an Asian Secret Society source.  “We continue to have friendly relations with the real U.S. military at the highest level,” the source added.  At this level, the U.S. and Chinese military forces are fighting against a common satanic enemy.



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