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➡ David Nino Rodriguez discusses various topics, including the potential for a stock market crash, global exercises, and his predictions for the coming months. He also mentions his sobriety journey, his experiences with social media censorship, and his upcoming guests on his platform. He ends with a humorous imitation of a strip club DJ.
➡ The text talks about global military exercises and the potential for conflict. It also discusses the political situation in the U.S., with a focus on the persistence of Nikki Haley in the Republican primary despite multiple losses. The author also shares personal experiences from his boxing career, emphasizing the importance of knowing when to quit.
➡ Around a third of South Carolina’s Republican voters wouldn’t support Donald Trump if he was found guilty of a crime, according to a recent poll. Despite this, Trump still won the state’s Republican primary by a large margin. Meanwhile, there are concerns about Trump’s mental health, with some suggesting he shows signs of dementia. Trump also faces a large financial judgment, which he must either pay or find a company to cover for him.
➡ There are two main issues discussed here. First, hundreds of immigrants were released onto the streets of San Diego after a nonprofit group ran out of funds. Second, Mexican cartels are becoming more violent and are now targeting tourists in areas that were previously considered safe. This has led to several tragic incidents involving innocent people. The article also mentions a spiritual war, with contrasting views on abortion and in vitro fertilization from Governor Gavin Newsom and former President Donald Trump, respectively. Lastly, there’s news about a possible holographic concert featuring the late Freddie Mercury of Queen.
➡ The article discusses various topics, including the potential use of a Freddie Mercury hologram for Queen performances, the personal struggles of former talk show host Wendy Williams with alcoholism, and a protest incident where a man set himself on fire outside the Israel embassy in Washington DC. The author shares personal experiences and opinions on these matters, expressing concern for Williams’ wellbeing and questioning the effectiveness of the protester’s extreme actions.


What’s up, folks? How’s everyone doing out there in Internet land? I hope everyone’s fine and dandy. We’re moments away from the big game. The big game’s coming. I know. Oh, he’s fear mongering. He’s scaring us all. No, it’s just the reality. It’s just what’s coming. I’m going to report to you what I hear. I’m being transparent. I’m being completely transparent. And my objective here is not to scare the shit out of anybody.

By now, you should be preparing global exercises. Commence. So here we go with, you know what that means. Whenever they say global exercises, you know what that means? It’s game time. Global exercises are getting started. They cannot stop Trump at any cost. They’re like, man, what can we do? Nikki Haley was kind of like their last, I guess you could say, semi obstacle to try to stop the freight train.

Didn’t work. They were hoping something would happen in South Carolina. Did happen. So now, folks, looks like a stock market crash could be looming. I got to say, could it could be happening and events to transpire. So this is all going to come together as one nice package or one nicely made big shit sandwich for all of us to take a bite out of. They’re desperate. They have to make a move right now.

Right now. So pay attention to the broadcast that I am airing right now. This one and many more to come. It’s going to get heavy. I’m not going to predict dates, although I’m looking at March and April. I’m looking at those months with a magnifying glass to. Everyone’s talking about it. So, folks, you can venmo me. Dehydrod 1977. Dehydrod, 1977. Can you hear me? All right, give me a thumbs up when the lights go out on Amazon.

When the lights go out on Amazon. My crazy story. It’s definitely entertaining. Believe it or not, there’s some chapters that I left out of here because they were just so bad shit crazy. Like the donkey show. Sancho goes to the donkey show and it traumatizes him for the rest of his life. Traumatizes Sancho. Sancho did not like the donkey show. The donkey show was not for Sancho. And my mama’s book, the Mexican Mix, where she goes slumming.

Back then, that was slumming. Let me tell you. She was the dirty white girl. Just kidding. I love you, mom. All right, so I got to tell you, lots going down. February 26, today. Is that today? Yes, it is. I’m sober. Four years and two months, folks. Still going strong. And don’t you know, I think about it. I wouldn’t say every day, but, boy, I would give her some Bailey’s in my coffee, wouldn’t I? I wasn’t an alcoholic like that.

I wasn’t like the type of alcoholic that needed to have a drink every day or I’d get the shakes. I wasn’t like that. I was a binge drinker. So, in other words, if I went out, we’re going hard. We’re going hard. And you better bring your big boy pants, because we could get in a fight. We can get arrested. We can get a DUI. Everything’s off the table.

Or is everything on the table? I keep getting that confused. I’m about to read the noble gold article, the Noble gold ad. So you know what word I have problems with? And I get some emails from you guys, like how to say the word. It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. It’s elusive to me for some reason. All right, folks, global financial storms might be raging, but thousands of investors in precious metals with noble gold are smiling.

They know that whatever happens, their investments will be safe from the turmoil. Protect your savings from market volatility. Volatility, volatility, volatility. With noble gold investments. Ira. And claim your free silver virtue coin. Talk to a noble gold investments expert today and they’ll talk you through your options. And if you qualify, they’ll guide you through the whole process. Call 877-646-5347 today and take control of your financial future. Colin Bloom is a personal friend of mine.

Good guy. He’s helping me through my options and the process. Thank you for the super chat, by the way. Dry martini. I saw that. Yeah, sometimes, but keep going. You got. Oh, gosh. Why do you have to put that out there? I don’t like martinis too much. All Alcohol really tastes like shit. But it’s for me. When I’m drinking, I’m going at it. It’s like all cylinders are firing.

I’m forgetting about how fucked up life is. That’s why you drink. You pause to think. If you want to pause from thinking, start drinking. All right? Spotify. Nino’s corner. Telegram, Nino’s corner getter. Nino’s corner. Rumble. Nino’s corner. That’s the way I do that. Rumble. Nino’s corner. True social. David Rodriguez Boxer. Instagram. David Nino Rodriguez Boxer. I did a test on Instagram, by the way, and I was right.

So on Instagram, I went on my David Nino Rodriguez boxer. Account, which no one can find because it’s so heavily banned. I went on there and I did a video, and I’m like, all right. I got almost 400 people on here out of 142,000. That’s what I got on there. I’m like, okay. It makes no sense. Then I went to my other account that’s verified. That’s Nino’s truth.

Nino’s truth on Instagram. And I did a video from there as well. And wouldn’t you know, wouldn’t you know a lot more people on that video? And there’s only about 60,000 on there. And a hell of a lot more went on to that to watch me live. So I know the game now. Caught you red handed. Twitter ninoboxer patriotware. com bing. Right there. Right there. Get yourself some.

Get yourself a sancho, sir. People will ask you, who the fuck is huncho? And then you have to say, the man that is allowed to play with my wife and my mother and my sister. I can do nothing about it. Sancho comes in the night like a thief in the night. Ninoscorner tv. Mike King, part two. Now, I had the balls to do it. I went for it.

Hitler re examined. And I gotta say, it’s powerful and it’s very eye opening. So get over to Nino’s corner tv. In fact, someone ripped it, okay? They steal my videos on Nino’s corner tv all the time. And then they don’t realize they’re going to get a strike on their platform. And I have a team of tech guys that watch for this stuff, and they take down the videos, right? Because it’s stealing my intellectual property.

But it’s up there trending at number five right now. It was at number five before. It’s news. I’m like, okay, cat’s out of the bag. Is there going to be someone outside my house ready to lynch me anyway? I’m just asking questions. I leave no stone unturned. I’m asking questions. That’s it. That’s all. I’m not saying he’s a good guy or a bad guy. We’re just reexamining history here.

That’s all I’m doing. So Mike King, part two is up right now. I got the ghost going on, going up today. I’m going to put them up today. The two scenarios gamed out of what’s going to happen. So what he’s talking about is he’s saying corporations, big corporations, as we’re seeing all the big billionaires sell of the stock market, sell in the market. Corporations are being briefed right now on how to handle the coming disaster.

So it’s coming, folks. Whether you like it or not, it’s coming. And he talks about the two scenarios, a three month and an 18 month or longer scenario, which we do not want. So that’s going to be on Nino’s corner tv today. You got to get there and watch this. It’ll help you get in the right mindset of what’s to come. I also have cash Patel coming on today.

Give me your questions for cash Patel. I put that on Twitter. List your questions here. If you got some questions for cash, put them on Twitter. I’ll ask the questions. I like to get my audience involved. Juano saving the danger zone. We are now in the danger zone. He’s going to come on. Talk about that. Sgn on. We’re going to war game together. Me and sgn on. Bull pony’s coming back on.

Jim Willie’s coming back on. And Dustin Nemos coming back on. All right, folks, you might want to turn it down or turn it up, maybe. Yeah. Do I sound like this stripper guy? The DJ at the strip club? Turn it down or turn it up. Put your hands together. Oh, yeah. Get on that lap. Get that lap dance, fellas. Oh, yeah. $10 lap dances. $10 lap dances. Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. $10 lap dances. Give a hand for Ivy. Ivy up to the stage. Stage one. Stage one, Ivy. Oh, yeah. I’ve been there a few times. Would you like to go back to the champagne room? Come on. Come with me, David. Come back to the champagne room. You can do anything you want in that champagne room. You can touch it. You can touch it. All right, folks.

Turn it down or turn it up. Oh, here we go. Coming at you from the apocalypse, baby. Yeah. Let’s go. Game time. It’s game time. So, war exercises commence. Global military exercises. What the fuck would you need that for? I don’t know. Global war. So, large scale exercises launched this month, 26 events. Golly, 26 events. And eleven combatant commands. Will showcase. Will showcase. They’re going to showcase what they got.

How multinational service members across the world can operate as one. As one. In air, land, sea and space, folks. It’s a nice way of putting, I don’t know, world War fucking three. Oh, boy. Man, this is getting serious. And I know I make a joke out of it and I’m up here clowning around, but this is serious. I don’t know any other way to read the news except insane.

It’s insane. Venezuela gets safer as criminals, single men, and gangs flee the country. Where are they going? I don’t know, but Venezuela is all of a sudden one of the safest places to go. So if you want to go, leave America and go visit Venezuela, now’s the time. You know why? Because they’re all coming here. All right? So by now, you should understand. They are in disbelief, folks.

They really are in disbelief. They have not stopped Mr. T. They have not stopped him. And they’re like, what the hell’s going on? We got to stop this man. Time to unplug and go to plan B. Make sure the exercises are commenced. They commence, and all the fleets are out. The aircraft carriers, the jets, everything. Get them out there. Let’s go. So they have thrown every obstacle and hurdle at him with no success.

Ask yourself why. Ask yourself why. If this was just a common man, if this was just a regular Joe running for president, he would have folded up camp a long time ago, folks. A long time ago. And he would have said, you know what? I’m going home. Been nice. I’m almost 80 years old. I’m getting the fuck out of here. You all are crazy. Fuck this shit. I want to go enjoy my grandkids.

That’s not what’s happening. What kind of man would put his family life and reputation in such danger? Well, my only response is a man on a mission and a man that maybe is, I don’t know. Could be, maybe should maybe, I don’t know, an operation. I can’t believe so many people are scared to talk about this. It’s unbelievable. Other conservative pocket. I can’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

They’re going to have to. They’re going to be forced to soon enough. And just know you heard it here on Nino’s corner all the time. I never shied away from it. I put my balls on the line. Thank you, dd two. I put it all out there, folks. I lay it out for you all to play it out. Now, this is a lot of my opinion is what it is.

So now that they can’t stop them, what’s coming is the panic stages. And a lot of you on here, you’ve been saying that for four years. Yeah. And what’s happened these last four years? How has your life changed these last four years? Yeah. Okay, so the game just got ratcheted up a few notches now, folks. And I would say more than just a few notches. Get ready. Buckle up and strap on your seatbelts, folks, because it’s about to get crazy, maybe.

I don’t know. Could there be an attempt on his life? I really hope not. Or maybe some kind of event which is already starting to halt the you know what. Kat Davis. Thank you. Could we be looking at the first event to take place in March or April? April. April. Anything’s possible, folks. Jacob Rothschild, financier and philanthropist, died at 87. I don’t think anything happened to him. I think the guy was as old as dirt and time for him to go.

So, financier, philanthropist, and ahead of the renowned Rothschild Empire, Lord Jacob Rothschild has died at age 87. See, folks, even they die. A lot of people are like, well, they’re still. I don’t buy it. You can’t beat father time, father. I learned the hard way. Father time is undefeated. Father time is undefeated. Folks got to respect father time, God, whatever you want to call it, it takes us all out.

That’s why they’re so dead. They can’t stand this. They can’t understand it. That’s why they want to live forever. They believe they’re gods and they want to live forever. So they got to beat this. They got to beat death. That’s the last obstacle. And the way they think they figured this out is, well, let’s just transport our consciousness into an avatar and we live forever not understanding the soul component, that we have souls that belong to God, and this is all a process, but to them, they want to live forever.

They don’t trust the process. All right, so the Rothschilds have estimated fortune of. This doesn’t make any sense to me, and we know it’s a hell of a lot more than this, but they’re saying 825,000,000. Sure, maybe with A-T-A trillion. Thank you for the Snapchats or whatever the fuck. What is this, super chats? Snapchats? Is there a Snapchat? Yeah. Okay, so he’s dead. He’s gone. 87 years old.

Later. Sayonara. Have fun wherever you’re going. Trump wins South Carolina, easily beating Haley in her home state and closing in on the GOP nomination. Let’s see what happens. Charleston, South Carolina. Donald Trump won South Carolina Republican primary on Saturday, easily beating former UN ambassador Nikki Haley in her home state, and further consolidating his path to a third straight GOP nomination. Trump has now swept every contest that counted for republican delegates, adding to previous wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and US Virgin Islands.

Haley is facing growing pressure to leave the race, but says she’s not going anywhere. She’s still not leaving. She’s like the crazy ex girlfriend. She ain’t leaving. She’s not going to let him be happy for the rest of his life. She’s going to stalk him and stay on top of this despite losing the state where she was governor from 2011 to 2017. Because you know what she’s hoping for, right, folks, thank you, Texas Patriot.

Texas patriot. Thank you. You know what she’s hoping for? She’s hoping the charges stick and she’s hoping he gets convicted. So that way she’s lifted up onto the pedestal and everyone goes, you know what? She had the courage to stay in the race. She’s a warrior. She’s a warrior. Oh, my God. Let’s vote for her. She is a warrior. Nikki Haley is the choice. That’s what they’re hoping for.

I’m just telling you right now, spoiler alert, Haley isn’t dropping out. That’s the next article. Haley isn’t dropping out, but maybe near. But the end may be near. Charleston, South Carolina. Even Nikki Haley is hinting her road may be coming to an end. Haley persisted through loss after loss in Iowa and New Hampshire and now South Carolina. And at least for the next ten days, she says she’s refusing to back down from a primary fight that looks all but over.

You know, folks, I’ve had to come to terms with this. There’s nothing wrong with bowing out and saying, good fight. I did my best. I’m out. I had to do it myself. I know firsthand. I had one hell of a stellar career. I was 36 and I was probably the number one top prospect in box heavyweight boxing for at least four to five years. I know I was.

I know I was 36 and. But something happened in my life where the tide turned on me quick and I got knocked out twice in a row. And once you get knocked out, your brain is never really the same. It’s much easier to get knocked out again. And I had to bow out. And then I had another fight. I ended my career with a win, 37 and two.

But, man, that 36 and was unbelievable. It was stellar. But at the end of my career, it went to shit and I had to have a back surgery and get out. But I think about it all the time. If I would have stayed in, God, I would have become a mexican pinata. I would have been all fucked up. I wouldn’t be doing this. I know that. I wouldn’t be doing this stuff.

I’d probably have brain damage. I’d probably be slurring and stumbling everywhere down the road and begging for money in the corner. I don’t know what I’d be doing selling my ass. I don’t know. It’d be really bad, though. If I would have stayed in it, it would have been bad. The point being time to just bow out and move on. We’re all looking at you. We know what you’re trying to do.

It’s like the fighter that has that one last good fight in him. At least he believes that. And it’s never there. It’s never there. The mexican duke. I had the best left hook in boxing, by the way. Some people say Tommy Morrison, but mine was faster and my left hook was sharper. I had a sharper, faster left hook than Tommy Morrison. Tommy Morrison had a looping round left hook.

I had a bank. It was like a, it was just incredible supernatural powers. Supernatural. I had a supernatural left hook. That’s what everyone called it, the supernatural left hook. One third of South Carolina Republicans would spurn Trump where he convicted. Exit poll so a lot of people are like, oh, if he gets convicted, I’m done with him. So, Washington, some 32% of voters in South Carolina’s republican presidential primary contest think Donald Trump would not be fit for presidency if he were convicted of a crime, according to the preliminary results of an exit poll conducted on Saturday by Edison research.

The poll gathered responses from about 1508 voters in the republican contest. Updated results will be available as more responses are gathered. So they’re saying that people fall for the narrative. People do fall for. Those charges are going to stick. He’s a bad guy. He’s a bad guy. And you know what? He’s not fit for president. Let me just give you an example. Now, the exact same thing that’s happening to Biden right now about his mental decline, his cognitive abilities.

They’re now going to start gaslighting and projecting onto Trump. And I just took some headline examples to show you right now. I scoured the Internet and I found these. So pay attention, because these are the articles that they’re flooding the Internet with right now. Just to show you what they’re doing going after Trump’s mental state, the Democrats are trying to use the exact same tactic being used against them.

It’s all information on war. So here are the example of the headlines. These are just a few examples of the headlines. Trump denies he has cognitive problem after recent gas says he agrees with Putin that Biden should be the next president. Okay, that’s one. Number two, Donald Trump appears to get Melania’s name wrong as expert warns he’s showing gross signs of dementia. That’s two. It’s unbelievable. Three, Trump makes series of worrying blunders at weekend rally Donald Trump made a series of blunders at a rally in Michigan over the weekend as questions continue to swirl about his mental capacity.

New nickname they will try to use, demented Don. So they’re going to start calling him probably CNN will use this. So demented Don, demented Donald Trump. Recent blunders from forgetting Melania’s name to Biden. Praise, error. So here they go. Whatever Biden’s suffering from, they’re going to throw it on and tack it on old Trumper. Donald Trump’s divided Republican Party. He wins big in South Carolina but won’t beat Joe Biden without Nikki Haley’s voters.

They say, do you really believe this? They’re trying so hard. They’re trying so hard. They’re even starting World War three. That’s how hard they’re can’t, I can’t believe I’m commentating the greatest. It’s a privilege. It’s a privilege. I even have a fucking audience. It’s a privilege to commentate the greatest show on earth right now. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Everything’s on. Everything. This is for the whole casino Royale, folks.

And I’m very proud of ninoscorner tv. I’m especially proud of myself. Today I’m going to give myself a pat on the back or on the neck. I am four years, two months sober. You guys got any advices? You want to quit? Your life will improve. Give it a shot. One day at a time. I’m doing it. It’s hard. Some days are hard, but I’m doing it. I’m doing it.

So Donald Trump’s easy victory in South Carolina over Nikki Haley on Saturday was another large stride toward his third republican presidential nomination. But the results also revealed that the former president. This is crazy. Presides over a divided party. Are we really divided? That’s what I think. It was loud and clear. He beat the dick off her. Mr. T’s victory again proved that he clearly is the favorite of most GOP partisans.

As the exit polls show he dominated with most party groups. His 20 point or so victory shows how much he now dominates the GOP. So how is the party divided if he won by 20 points? They’re contradictory. That’s a contradiction. That’s a contradiction in the article. Even if his vote share did underperform what most polls have predicted, democrats could vote in the GOP primary, yet few of them showed up to help Miss Haley they may be happy to see a beatable Mr.

T as the GOP nominee. Republicans consider Mr. T to be more or less an incumbent who was denied a second term, and many think he deserves another chance to beat the beatable President Biden. From what I understand right now, from conversations I’ve had with people such as Juanito the ghost, other people, they are worried sick. And now it’s time to start global exercises. And will we see the stock market crash? Will we see a stock market crash in March or April? I don’t know.

And I know Bony is going to be real happy to hear this broadcast. I got him coming on. So they’re saying here that nazis mingle openly at CPAC, spreading anti semitic conspiracy theories and finding allies. The presence of these extremists have been persistent issue at CPAC. So they’re saying CPAC is suffering from these white supremacists. And in previous years, conference organizers have ejected well known you know what and supremacists such as Nick Fuentes.

Now, what’s your old view on Nick Fuentes? I’m 1ft out, and one know I have my opinion. I’d like to bring him on the show. I’ve asked him, but I think he said, well, I don’t know if your YouTube audience would. I don’t think it’s safe to put on YouTube, but I think he only wants to go on YouTube. Nick, you’re welcome to come on my show. I’d like to dig into that brain of yours and see what’s going very well.

So the offer is there. Nick Fuentes, come on my show. I’ll talk to you. I want to see what’s going on. I’m open minded, everyone. I lay it out for people that play it out. Talk to my audience, buddy. Let’s go. Let’s go. This is not a challenge. I’m not debating you. I just want to know what’s swirling around in there. Nick. Hey, you know me, folks. I call it the way I see it.

So they’re saying that CPAC is plagued with these, uh. I have questions. I have a lot of questions. So let’s see if he comes on the show. Donald J. Trump is racing. It’s time to find a half billion dollar bond. Donald. Mr. T is on the clock. The 454,000,000 judgment that a New York judge imposed on Mr. T is in his civil fraud case just took effect on Friday, placing the former president in a precarious position.

Now, he must either come up with the money quickly or persuade a company to post a bond on his behalf, essentially vouching for him to the court with an IOU. The bond is likely to be his best bet. Mr. T also faces a 83. 3 million judgment in an unrelated defamation case. Does not have enough cash on hand to do it himself. According to a recent New York Times analysis of his finances.

If Mr. T can find a bond company willing to deal this big, it will require him to pay the firm a fee as high as 3% of the judgment and to pledge collateral. You got to think, folks who would put themselves in this situation, and he’s still running. So that has to tell you something that says it all to me. This guy could pack up and say, fuck this.

I don’t want any more of this. I’m done. I’m done. And believe me, if you don’t think that offer has been given to him many times, many times, hey, look, this guy is a very smart man. You think he’s going to just lose it all and his family, everything just be ruined? Everything he worked for? All he would have to do is exit. All he would have to do is take the deal and say, no, deal or no, it’d say deal.

But he didn’t. He said, no deal. You got to think, I mean, this is common sense. Why does Trump owe 454,000,000? Ms. James took Mr. Trump to trial last year, accusing him of orchestrating a conspiracy to inflate his net worth to receive favorable loans. This month, Judge Arthur F. Engaron ruled Mr. T had done so and meddled out of several punishments. The most severe was a 355,000,000 penalty, 454.

156,783 as of Friday afternoon, thanks to the interest that continues to accrue. Man, this is almost comical. Today, the G seven just told Russia that they will confiscate the frozen 300 billion. Now the race is on for countries to dump their excess usds, their dollars, park them in gold and silver. Essentially, man, basically anything that US cannot confiscate. So, folks, get to noble gold. This is coming. This is coming.

And I’m hearing soon. Sooner than later, it’s coming soon. Better have some gold on you. Netanyahu says hostage deal will delay Rafa. Is that not saying that right, Rafa operation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CBS Face the Nation on Sunday that a hostage deal between Israel and Hama will delay an IDF operation in Rafa, but stress Israel will still conduct the operation later. So he’s like, all right, we’ll pause for now, but it’s going to happen later.

Why it matters. The Biden administration is working to reach a hostage deal that would lead to at least six weeks of ceasefire in Gaza. Six weeks of ceasefire and then they go back to bombing the shit out of them. Yeah, sounds great. Border news, folks. Border news. Hundreds of illegal immigrants released in San Diego streets after funding runs out. This is getting so bad. And it’s not getting bad.

It’s so bad. The US Border Patrol began releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants onto the streets of San Diego on February 23, a day after a nonprofit group that was contracted to provide transportation, food and other basic services for the immigrants ran out of funding and stuff and shut down the operations. More than 560 were released Friday morning. A border Patrol source, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, told the Epic Times the illegal immigrants were transported from a processing facility in Ote Mesa, which was at 190% over capacity, and released at this transit station in San Isidio, just north of the border.

The source said San Diego county has paid 6 million in South Bay community services since October to operate a migrant welcome center at a closed school of San Diego. What do you think these migrants are going to do? They have nothing to do. They’re not looking for work. What do you think they’re going to do? This is bad. Really bad, folks. I’m telling you right now in California.

Who? That’s a tough know. I don’t know, man. We are in. I could never imagine America would be in this situation that we’re in right now. And we’re here. Warring mexican cartels wiping tourists off the face of the earth as they move into resorts. Innocent tourists have been caught up in crossfires. This is crazy. They never used to touch resorts that was off limits. Families, children, all that was off limits back in the day.

Not anymore. So visitors from around the world have become collateral damage, with some being wiped off the face of the earth as the rules have changed. According to an expert, it comes as four mexican drug hotels are reportedly murdering to assert dominance over an 80 miles stretch of resorts. This would have never happened back in the day. This is unheard of. This is going to ultimately hurt their business, but they don’t give a shit.

In just the last two weeks, it has been reported that a number of people from the US have seen gruesome violence or been randomly targeted. A California woman was killed in the crossfire near Tulum beach while a man from New York was abducted with his eyes taped closed and dumped in the jungle. JJ Arms, which is my friend, actually, believe it or not JJ arms II. I got to call him JJ arms.

If you’re watching this, I’m going to call you JJ arms, a private investigator told Fox News Digital. These events are just a normal day for the people in Mexico, he said. It’s all horrifying to us, but to people in Mexico, it’s just a regular Tuesday. It happens all the time and all over the country. He explained that cartels are changing the criminal rules. Previously, they were said to abide by a code similar to the italian mob, but now it’s happening in areas that used to be off limits.

He’s right, the PI said. In the old days, you weren’t allowed to target women or children. You weren’t allowed to encroach on another cartel’s territory, and the resorts were off limits. Cartels wanted to fly under the radar as much as they could, he added. The rules have now changed. All that old guard code is out the window. The resorts are now open shop. I don’t know. Are you all going to Mexico? Are you all planning to go to a resort in Mexico? Be careful.

I suggest not going. I don’t know. I mean, pretty scary stuff. I think the world is so hot right now. I think people are kind of just like in a freeze state, like frozen state, not really willing to make any kind of lateral moves. Maybe some lateral moves and not forward moves. You know what I’m talking about, right? I kind of got mixed up right there. But you know what saying, like, I don’t think anybody wants to make a move forward.

I think that they just want to stay one place and maybe move laterally. That’s what I was trying to going. I’m not going. Any resorts in Mexico. That’s it, man. Forget that. Gavin Newsom launches red state abortion ads over war on travel. So this guy has a book. This guy. Governor Gavin Newsen on Sunday broadened his incursion into red America, unveiling the first in a series of tv ads that accuses conservative officials of holding women hostage.

Women hostage by imposing restrictions on their travel for reproductive care. Look how they call it reproductive care. Newsom’s new ad, which debuted Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, will air in Tennessee, where a state representative is trying to outlaw transporting a minor for a you know what. Under the Tennessee proposal, adults who engage in you know what, trafficking, helping pregnant minors get the procedure out of state without parental permission, could be charged with a felony that carries up to 15 years in prison.

The new tv spot in Tennessee, part of the initial six figure buy on broadcast table and digital platforms that will expand to more red states shows a distressed young woman handcuffed to a hospital gurney and pleading for help because she needs an abortion. This is a spiritual war, folks. Whether you like it or not, you better check yourself. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Seriously, isn’t it becoming more obvious by the day? This is real.

It’s a real spiritual war. Come on. I mean, a blind man can see this. It’s a spiritual war. That’s why I’m bringing pastors on my program. That’s why I’m bringing more pastors like Andrew Billings, Bo pony. I’m bringing them on. I’m doing it because you know what? We’re in it. And you better get would back in the day, I would say, whatever your God is, get right with your God.

But for me, it’s Jesus Christ. And I’m not scared to say that. And I say that with confidence. And I know it can take a lot of backlash for it, but that’s me. But I don’t push it on other people. I don’t push it on other people. What I believe is what I believe. And it sure does seem to me like this is it, we’re in it. I don’t know.

Just saying. Trump calls on Alabama legislature to take action to protect IVF services. So here’s newsom promoting abortion, right? And then here’s Trump promoting IVF to have babies. He wants you to have babies. See the difference? Newsom wants you to, you know what? And Trump wants you to have babies. So former President Donald Trump on Friday weighed in for the first time on the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling in vitro fertilization a week ago, signaling that he opposes the decision and urging the state’s legislature to pass a measure to protect those services.

So he wants you to have babies. In a post on true social, Trump said that he strongly supports the availability of IVF for couples who are trying to have a precious baby. Look at the difference here, man. It’s a spiritual war. Today, I am calling on the Alabama’s legislature to act quickly to find an immediate solution to preserve the availability of IVF in Alabama. The republican party should always be on the side of the miracle of life.

Always be on the side of the miracle of life and the side of mothers, fathers and their beautiful babies, he wrote. Oh, man. Two sides, man. Polar opposite. It’s good and evil, folks. Pick it. Pick your lane. This is cool because I know I’m not going to say her name, but I knew the lady that was trying to push the. I think it was called the rock dome and it was going to be a hologram rock experience.

And she was really pushing this and she was so excited about it. A dear, dear friend of mine, I’m not going to say her name, very famous person. Anyway, I thought she had the rights to this and I thought they were going to open them up and it looks like they did, but I think they stole it from her. Legendary rock star lined up for stage return as a hologram 33 years after his death.

There’s that number again. Christy Joko. Yo. Interview Pastor Jack Hibbs from Calvary Chapel Clinic Hills, California. You won’t regret. Hook me up with. I’m down. Hey, yo, let’s do it. So Freddie Mercury is being lined up to break free again on stage as a hologram. The company, which manages his back catalog, has filed a trademark for his name in three D and virtual reality. That’s cool. So you’re going to be able to go see him in person, kind of.

His hologram. The move means the queen frontman, who died 33 years ago, could be digitally recreated to perform on stage, like the ABBA voyage residency in east London. Legal papers show the name has been reserved for immersive, 3d, virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences and for virtual environments. The trademark for Mercury Songs Limited also covers video games. Bohemian Rhapsody star Freddie Mercury died in London in 1991 at age 45.

I think he had AIDS. Right. Speaking last year, Queen bandmate Brian May, who’s 76 years old now, said, we’ve talked about and looked at the hologram of Freddie. We love to be live and dangerous. That’s it. That’s our emphasis now, when we’re all gone. Yeah, sure, make an Abba thing about us. But while we’re still here, we want to play live. So he’s arguing that they want to do it live.

They don’t want this hologram shit. So I don’t know. I saw a hologram, I went to Coachella and I was on stage, believe it or not, I got to go on stage at Coachella in front of like, gosh, it looked like a hundred thousand screaming fans. I was on stage when the Mars Volta played. I know the family very well and I was on stage and I walked out on stage and I put the camera out and the crowd was.

It was awesome, man. It was like the coolest experience I got to see was it was Coachella will never be the same because, first of all, I’m never going to be able to be on stage again. Right? I mean, I don’t want to be part of the crowd. Once you go to Coachella and you’re on the stage and you’re looking at the massive sea of people in front of you, now I know what rock stars feel like.

And I was like, holy shit. It was cool to box, right? The biggest crowd I fought in front of was in Montore. Was about shit. It was anywhere from like 14,000 to 17,000 people, I’m not sure. But to see a sea of 100,000 people in front of you to sing a song, to play music, now that is the life. You feel like a God. I can only imagine what that feels like.

The only way I can relate is when I knock the guy out. Boom, the whole arena would go, just stand up and I’d fucking feel amazing and jump on the ring and all that shit. But, man, to get out there and having thousands and hundreds of thousands of people sing your music, how incredible would that I. If I come back to this life, I want to be a rock star.

Minus the drugs. Wendy Williams, shown finishing full bottle of vodka in bed in shocking new Doc. We All drink. Why can’t I? That was my sister before she passed, before my sister died of alcoholism, she would finish off a bottle of vodka in the bed. I’d watch her do it. And even if you took them away from her, it’s like she had a recycling bin or something. I don’t know where she’d get it.

Former talk show host Wendy Williams revealed in her new documentary that she used to down an entire bottle of vodka while lying in bed all day. Man, this lady is self destructing. In one scene of where’s Wendy Williams? The 59 year old is confronted by her manager, Will Selby, who inquires about an empty vodka bottle in her room. So did you eat something or did you have a liquid lunch? Selby asked the legendary television personality, who was seen lying in a pink bathroom in her cheetah print bed.

Because I came into your room, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I happened to notice one of your specialty items. Do you drink all day? He further pressed, yes. Williams responds, before quickly changing her answer to no. I don’t know if you need this right now, Selby adds soothingly. Man, it seems like they’re taking advantage of, huh? Like, get her help. Go get her help. Don’t make a documentary on her.

Go get her help. She needs help, man. So they’re basically documenting her demise on television, and I find that to be unacceptable. I had a sister that died from this. My sister, God rest her soul, Patrice died from alcoholism and it’s the most crushing hard thing to watch. One of my best friends just died last year. Sammy, I’ve lost a lot of friends to alcoholism. It seems to happen in your late thirty s and forty s.

But they’re just going to expose her like this. I happen to believe my conspiracy mind, my tinfoil hat wearing mind. She did not accept this, right? She was opposed to this and then now look how her life has turned. She was opposed to this at first and then, man, it looks like they’re all out punishing her right for taking a stand. I don’t know how it’s happening. I don’t know the forces of evil at work here.

I don’t know how the minutiae here, but I know there’s something going on and there’s an evil good versus evil battle and we all know it, folks. We all see it in what the fuck news. In what the fuck news. Israel protester lights himself on fire. So what was he expecting? What is this guy expecting to do? I’m going to light myself on fire and make my day.

I’m going to make my point, damn it. A man set himself on fire outside the Israel embassy in Washington DC, apparently protesting the conflict in the Middle east. Oh really? Oh boy. Pictures of the protester have been circulating online in the middle of his act of self mutilation and he has reportedly rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. DC fire officials reportedly told the Independent the man lit himself ablaze in the afternoon and was extinguished by United States secret Service.

So if you saw this, this guy’s on, he’s in flames, not rolling around, he’s just standing there on flames. Video from outside the embassy seems to show the aftermath of the protest with investigators searching the area. The Metropolitan Police Department’s bomb squad was also reportedly called to check out a suspicious vehicle in the area, but ultimately said it did not contain hazardous material. The New York Times reported the man self identified as an active duty air force soldier, while others outlets claim he said, I will be no longer complicit to genocide before starting the fire.

What did this accomplish? So what did this accomplish for this man besides probably going to have, could die, could die from the injuries or just be mutilated the rest of his life, what did this accomplish? It’s not like all of a sudden Netanyahu and everyone else out there, Biden, everyone was like, oh my God, did you see that? I can’t believe he would do that. What are we doing here? Let’s stop the war.

This is crazy. What are we doing? He lit himself on fire. He cares that much. Let’s stop it all. Turn the aircraft carriers around. Turn back the jets. Come on, guys, let’s just have peace. Let’s hug it out. That guy lit himself on fire. That’s it. No more. No, that’s not what happened. They just sat there and said, wow, what a fucking dumb ass. That’s it. That’s all that happened.

All right, folks, I’m out of here. And the new heavyweight champion of podcasting and the black sheep of broadcasting. Folks, I’ll see you all Wednesday. Later. .

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