#TRAILMATER A In Depth Look at Ol Blue the BLOWN BIG-BLOCK OFF-ROAD Wrecker PT.1

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➡ Rory Irish, a vehicle recovery expert in Moab, Utah, has built a new vehicle for his off-road recovery business. This vehicle, inspired by the Mad Max films, is designed to handle lighter duties and is more comfortable for highway driving. Rory used a 1978 Chevy K 30 and added a wrecker bed from a tow truck, among other modifications. The vehicle, known as “Old Blue,” has been used in several recoveries and has proven to be a valuable addition to Rory’s fleet.
➡ The text talks about the transformation of a vehicle, which involved adding a gear driven transfer case for better control, maintaining the 410 gears for highway use, and installing a doubler. The vehicle was also fitted with new lights, a new grill, and other parts. A friend offered to paint the vehicle, choosing a durable industrial paint to withstand scratches. The vehicle was also fitted with custom springs and brackets from Alcan Springs and Off Road Design. The vehicle’s transformation was revealed at a special event, leaving everyone impressed with the result.
➡ The text talks about the process of modifying a truck, including painting spare parts, replacing the engine, and adding features like winches. The truck, named Blue, was initially hidden during the modifications. Despite some issues with the new engine and automatic transmission, the truck was revealed at the off-road games, surprising many people. The truck was also fitted with tractor tires for better traction.
➡ The text is about a fun and adventurous experience with a truck that got stuck in trenches due to its skinny tires. Despite this, the truck was still enjoyable to drive. The truck was also modified with a new hood, a supercharger, and a fully functioning work system. Despite some issues, such as burning up the transmission, the truck was continually improved with new seats, a shifter, and a revamped dashboard.
➡ In Junction, Colorado, it’s currently impossible to upload a video longer than an hour, and even a 30-minute video is a challenge. A second part will follow this one. Please like, share, subscribe, and comment, and I’ll return the favor.


My name is Natasha Peterson. My name is Shailee Swenson, and we’re on hell’s revenge, and welcome to jailbreak. Nice. Thank you, ladies. Give me few, give me five, give me that. Turn on after until it crash and crack my hair nitro took a baby tail, black and white. You know what I was. Give me five, give me battle Charlie. Zah. Well, it’s that time of the year again, and I am back in Moab, Utah. And of course, if I’m in Moab, I’m heading over to Rory Irish’s shop, trail mater, off road recovery. And you may recall, last time I was out in Moab, I did this.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the passenger seat of trailmater over the years, and everybody loves trail mater. It’s an incredibly capable, purpose built vehicle. But as time goes by and applications vary, Rory has built a different vehicle, and this time he has gone straight Mad Max. Now, for those younger people in the audience who don’t know who Mad Max was, think of Mel Gibson when he was a child, because apparently Rory and the boys did. But instead of destroying the vehicles, Rory goes in and recovers him. At any rate, Rory was nice enough to give me a full walk around on the last eight days of old blue, and I’ve seen old blue in action on three separate recoveries.

And this truck wheels better than your truck. Sorry. It’s true. What are you gonna do? At any rate, here we go. All right, ladies and gentlemen, I am back in Moab once again. I found my way out of the Ozarks, and I had this. I had this feeling that I needed to get to moab for some particular reason. And it turns out that Moab Motorsports has turned into trail mater off road recovery, and Rory has gone straight mad Max. You want to explain why? Well, so I got trail Mater and that just that as a, as a workforce cannot be replaced.

It just can’t. But I wanted to add to the fleet to have something for more light duty stuff. I wanted to have something that I could take, that I could drive to an easy trail and go in and recover a rig, be it welding it back together, being it, whatever. But I wanted something a little more light duty. And Trailmatter doesn’t do great on the highway, full hydro steering and the way it is and everything. So I wanted something for the winter months, something that has doors, something that has a heater, has all that stuff do, do the same side of the coin, but nicer.

Absolutely. And so I started building this, and I started putting this guy as a 1978 Chevy one time K 30. So four wheel drive, I had it. I decided I actually, this all came about because of a Facebook marketplace ad. Somebody was selling a homes 440 wrecker bed. There’s a full flat bed and everything for you guys that don’t know. I grew up around tow trucks and to see how he’s combined the homes with it, you’ll see, you’ll see. I’ve had it. But so like, I seen that and I was like, man, if I had a truck to put that in.

And I started thinking of all the trucks I had in the backyard and I forgot I even had this truck. I traded a piece of equipment for it, I traded one of my brakes for it, and I was walking through the yard and I was like, I have that. So I jumped on Facebook marketplace, told the guy I wanted it, raced over to Colorado, 1500 bucks, bought the whole bed, which is insane. Yeah, I bought the whole bed. And I was like, alright, so then I take and I pull the bed off of this. I set the flatbed on.

And so one of my buddies had a truck and he goes, oh, who’s copying who now? Balls were being broken. Yeah, who’s copying who now? I was like, all right, bed’s coming off. So I put the bed back on, put the wrecker, boom, in this factory bed and was like, okay, I’m liking that, but there’s too much overhang. So then I was like, all right, well, I can cut the bed. So I cut the bed. I literally did that in like, I think it was a weekend and it’s. Yeah, beautiful. Well, I mean, it’s just so beautiful, dude.

It took a little while on the computer. It was when we had the plasma table still. So I cut out the pieces on it. The whole tail piece is quarter inch plate. So I built that whole piece on there. Built that was kind of liking it and it was factory height, everything. So I started slowly putting it together. It was kind of, you know, trail mater does all the work, right. So I kind of built this in the background and then I started getting it together and then it was like, hey, let’s use this. Went out on hells, did a couple jobs.

It was like, man, this thing really needs lockers. It really needs a lot of work. This was old blue at the time. Yeah, that’s what it was known as. You just weren’t using it as much as. Yeah, and I just, I was just putting it together like as an idea. You know, one of my mini projects in the back, like, hey, I’ve got a plan. I mean, trail mater started as an idea. Yep. So, I mean, I just kept with that. Had it in the background. Then I started getting it together. Started getting it together. We got the welder on it, so then we could use it.

We actually bought. I bought an old fire truck, an old retired fire truck. It had 15,000 original miles on it. And it had the 427 tall deck truck engine. The old, what are they called? It’s not heavy. It’s the mid, mid trucks. You know, like the c 25 or the C 65s. Like old dump trucks. Let me ask you real quick. And for some of the people that don’t know, what is a tall deck mean? So it’s. It has a higher. A higher deck where the head sit. It’s just a taller deck has lower compression. They’re basically, they’re.

They were a marine motor. They’re built to run at a constant rpm. So they’re either running a boat motor, a generator, or in a fire truck pumping water. Right. So it was built to, you set an rpm and set 3500 rpms and you just run all day moving water. So that’s perfect. You certainly wouldn’t have to tweak that at all. Yeah, yeah. So I was like, all right, cool. That, that’ll do what I want it to do. Plus, it’s a cool motor, so it’s actually sitting on the engine stand over there. Okay. We put it in here because the motor that was in here was knock it.

So we put it in here. It ran good, brand decent for a while. We fuel injected it, we did all the stuff to it. You know, put all the things on it, put the welder on it. Fuel injection motor swap did that. And that was kind of the catalyst of like, let’s turn this into a truck, like into an off road directory. So I built the bumper, got the bumper on. I put these on just for the heck of it. Because old tow trucks used to have these. Yeah. So it was just kind of fun. Yep.

So I threw these on, then we put the lockers in, did deep. Uh, sorry. Eat knee lockers, front and rear. Okay. So flick of a switch. Um, they actually don’t make any locker for the rear 70 that’s in this because they make three seventies. They make a 70 hd, a 70 u and a 70 b. I think I knew that. And this 70 is the one they don’t make a locker for. But I ordered it because it said it was for a Dana 70. So I order it and I get it, and it doesn’t fit. So we threw it in the lathe and made it fit.

But it. Now your pattern set up runs down the highway. Does everything still have a locker? Sounds like a champ. I mean, this thing is smooth. Yeah. So now we got it. But. So we put that locker in there. So we’ve got electric lockers front and rear. Then I ordered the doubler, because this originally had. It had a turbo 400 with a 203. And that setup is like the setup to do a doubler on. So I ordered the pieces, and it turns the 203 gearbox into a. Into a separate transfer case. So it’s like dual transfer cases.

So it is the same thing. I meant to ask you that because. Yeah, dual transfer cases and a doubler, they’re doing the same job, basically. Yeah, it’s just double transfer cases. And that’s where they came up with the name. Cause it’s a 203, and the range box on the front of a 203 is the good part. It’s the chain drive for the four wheel drive on the 203. That sucks. Right. So you drop that out, and you pull that all off, and then you just use the gear or the range box on the front, and you bolt it.

205 to the back of it. 205 is the. The gear driven transfer case that you can twin stick and do front digs and all that. So then you get. Yeah, you get the best of both worlds, basically. You get a four to one that you can still twin stick. So you’ve got two to one in the front transfer case, two to one in the back transfer case. Both together, your four to one. Right. So, yeah, so that helps out a lot. And especially so this. We can go keep the 410 gears in it and still run down the highway.

Right, right. So that’s the great part, is it runs down the highway, but then you get out on the trail, you gear it down. So we got the doubler in. Got that all done. So I was stoked with how it was turning out. I was loving. It’s got 33, 950 BFG cam, three s on it. And so those fit with the duals on the rear. So, you know, I was kind of digging that. Then we took the. The doors off the fire truck. Extremely clean, low miles, original doors, and cut them into half doors. So. Love that.

So we got all that done, and then a friend of mine reached out to me, and he’s like, look, dude, I’ve been following this build since you cut the bed. Since day one, I’ve been watching on the channel. I absolutely love it. Let me paint it. And I’m like. I was like, I don’t want nice stuff. Right, right. You know, so we back and forth for, I don’t know, probably three, four months. Well, he offered it to me, and it was probably seven or eight before I finally did it. But, I mean, it was three or four months of him, like, actually hounding me.

Like, dude, I’m serious. I’m serious. He had a vision. Yeah. He’s like, let me paint it. Let me paint it. And he wanted to paint it blue. Be honest. He wanted. He wanted to keep it blue because he liked the look of it. But, I mean, my colors are green and black. Yeah. So I wanted it to go green, but I didn’t want the lime green that we usually do. I didn’t want the lime green. I wanted the old school, late seventies Chevy green and white. Right. And I really wanted that. And so he was like, all right, I’ll do it.

I don’t want to do it, but I’ll do it. Right. Because I’m going to be the guy that paints old blue. Yeah. Green. And so, plus, he was like, it was kind of like, hey, I want to do this, and it will help my YouTube channel. And so I was like, absolutely helps his channel. Yeah. What’s the name of his channel? Hella Wolf. So he was just starting a link below? Yeah, he was just starting out. Alan Wolf garage. My buddy Hector I’ve known for a long time, he had a back problem, and he wanted to start doing YouTube and.

And everything. And I was like, yeah, you can and, you know, do it. Absolutely. And then he’s like, well, I want to paint your truck because that would give me a jump start, which. Absolutely, dude. People have helped me out on YouTube. This was my chance to help out. I was like, absolutely, let’s do this. You know, like, finally I was like, let’s do this. And I was kind of like, it’ll be nice. And he knew, like, don’t make it too nice. Like, he still left some of the dents in it like this. He didn’t body work that, just left it in there.

But you can’t. Yeah, but he knows, like, the scratches. He was emotional when I first scratched it, but it was like, dude, this is gonna happen. But he. You guys settled on a special type of paint. Well, so he. He put the industrial paint on here. This is actually tractor supply industrial paint. So this is like farm implement green, you know? Wow. Like, not exactly John Deere kind of, you know, it’s farm implement, paint, because it’s gonna get scratched. And so, like, this was the other day on Cane Creek, but then. Look at that. That’s amazing.

Like, you see that disappeared. That just disappear. Yeah, I know. The camera sees that. Yeah, that’s with my finger. Yeah. See, there you are. Are you shitting me, man? So, like, it. I’m bringing my truck to Hector. Yeah, it knows. He knew it was gonna get scratched, so he used the good stuff. I won’t. Good stuff. It’s cheap, right? Stuff. Yeah, it’s cheap because it’s farm implement paint. So he did that. And so then I started, like, it was even bad for me, because then I started ordering, like, new lights, all new led lights. I know what happens.

And then I was like, okay, well, I’m gonna do new, and I’m gonna do new. So then, you know, ordered the new grill. Ordered the new this, or did the new that? Let’s get. Okay. You know. Oh, son of a gun. And so then, well, so he. He reached out to me about painting. I said I was sending it off. So then I. I reached out to my spring guys, Alcan springs over in junction. And I was like, look, look, we got to put some springs in this. You know, it needs springs anyway because it was running the factory once, right? I was like, I want to put a little lift on it.

I want to make it kind of usable for what we’re doing. But you guys got all science with it. Like, you figured out the weight of the towel. So I weighted toe. I said, okay, this is what I want to do. And it’s going to be over in junction. It’s going to be down for a while while Hector paints it. And they said, okay, well, I need Hector’s number. So then they took it over, like, I delivered it to Hector, and then they took it over, like, I wasn’t sent pictures of it. I knew nothing about it, but I put it with people I trust.

Right, right. So then Alcan Springs got with off road design. Off road design is who does the doubler. They also build. They do nothing but square body Chevys. That’s what they do. They know square body Chevys. So then they started doing all the bracketry, and it’s all their new brackets that replace, like, this spring hanger replaces the body mount. So it’s. It’s an upgraded version of what fails on the Chevys. All right, so then they’re like, all right, well, we want to put our brackets on Rory’s truck. They’re like, because we know it’s going to get a lot of attention, a lot of people going to say, yeah, let’s do this.

So they did all new front and rear brackets, all upgraded stuff, everything. So they did all that. Then Alcan, as soon as Hector got done painting it, he took it to Alcan. They weighed it, and then I told 40, I’m back. Yeah, I told him. I said, well, so it’s stripped down for Hector to paint it. So add like a thousand pounds of tools, stuff, everything, and then figure on that. And they said, okay. And I didn’t want to do airbags because I have airbags on trail mater, and I like them, but they’re a lot of work.

You’re constantly adjusting and stuff like that. This I want to keep simple. So Alcan got it. After Hector painted it, Alcan got it, weighed it. They built custom springs to it. Then they put all day, put all the brackets on from ord got all that done. Everything went on. And then actually, the Hector had bud signs come over and do the stickers. And so they. They drew up this. They did the stickers, they did all that. So then I got a reveal. I went over and picked the truck up. So me and Hector, we talked back and forth, talking with Alcan.

We set a date when they would be done with it, everything. And so we had a reveal set up, and it was actually, we timed it where it would work when I was up getting lily. Okay. So I went up to junction. It was really funny because the guys actually went up before me. They had to help put the shocks on and do a couple other things. So they seen it before I did. And so then right at noon, Shawn and Mike. Yeah. So right at noon, I roll up at Alcan Springs, and everybody’s out there.

And it was crazy because it was Steve Watson of off road design. Yeah. Lou of Alcan. The guys are there, Hector’s there, everybody’s there. And then we’re all sitting there, and the garage door rolls up and out rolls old blue looking like this. Wow. And I was like, damn. I mean, this, right? This was wild. And, I mean, for all these companies to step up and do this, going, you know, that’s. This is awesome. Like, this was super cool. And this was when it had the cowl induction hood, right, right. So it has a cow. It had the cowl induction hood.

And I was like, oh, it was just perfect. And you guys did the smart thing. You, whoever, you’ve got spare painted fenders, you’ve got spare painted full doors, you’ve got a spare painted hood? Yeah, just in case. The hood. The hoods for. The hoods for. We’ll get into that. Okay. Okay. But yeah, the doors. He painted the doors. And then Hector, I dropped off the half doors with him and I had a spare set of fenders and he was like, drop those off, I’ll spray everything. So then, because the fenders, that big dual fender hanging out is gonna get hit.

It ain’t trail, man, it’s gonna get smashed. Like, it just happens with the big dual fenders. So he painted a spare set for me that I had. So he painted those up and then painted the doors and stickered them up so they exactly match the full doors. Yes, they do. And so that’s nice. And so then, like I said, then we took this and it was doing its thing. But that 427, I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it is about it. It’s having some issues. It’s not running the what, the high. The high.

The tall deck for one. Yeah. It just wasn’t quite right. And so I was wanting to do some stuff to it. And I’m not laughing at him, I’m laughing with him. Well, and so I want to do some stuff. But then I was like, hey, we have this spare 454. Cuz why wouldn’t you? Why both of them run 454s? Well, they both run big blocks. So have a spare round. So I was like, you know, we have this fair 454 and the off road games were coming up and it wasn’t a wrecker event last year, but they were gonna have the off road games and then there was gonna be a wrecker event in it.

And so I was like, nobody will really miss Blue if we hide it for like a month. So we hit it back here. We actually had a pipe that came out here with a tarp. So we did everything filming, we did everything over on the other side of the shop. We had blue over here. We pulled the 427 out, put it on the engine stand. We take the 454. I bought this blower from Hector, so I bought it from him. We actually had it on the engine stand over here for a while. It was in the background of videos with a tarp over it and just nobody really picked up on it.

But it was just over there and we were kind of doing it in the background, whatever. But like I said, I can’t run my business without trail mater. I can run my business without any of my other trucks. Right, right. Yeah. But trail mater is what does everything rain, sleet or snow. Yeah. Well this will do a lot of stuff easier and better than trail Mater will, but it won’t do everything trail mater. Right. And same thing with the Ford, same thing with the buggy. Like there’s just certain stuff that only trail Mater will do, certain trails, certain everything.

And a lot of your, a lot of your loyal subscribers that show up here daily at the shop. Yeah, we’re quite angry. Like they thought you were trying to replace trail Mater. They were. Oh, yeah. When I started building this they were like, oh, you’re, you’re replacing trail mater. And there’s another thing, I started doing this, I started upgrading this truck and making it nice and doing all this stuff and they’re like, you know, you need to put your, you know, you need to put some love in trail mater and show it some love. Yeah, but it is no, that the look of that truck is exactly what I wanted.

Right. Exactly what I was going for. Right. It looks exactly how I want it to, but it also looks that way because of the work it does. Right. I don’t have to worry about the fenders, I don’t have to worry about the, I don’t have to worry about the rims. I don’t have. I don’t worry about nothing. That truck will just work and it will work in environments this truck will never see. And if you happen to get the sea trail mater up close, everything is top of the line. Best there is welded in place. Yeah.

It just isn’t shiny anymore. Right. Well, like you said, that’s the desert. So shiny, man. Yeah, but that’s so funny. People are like, people are like, man, it’s got to be crazy to go out and you rescue a hundred thousand dollar jeep with that old truck and it’s like, I have way more than $100,000 into that truck. That’s right. With time, money, effort. And the worst part is. Yeah, but like spending the money going, okay, if we just half ass this for a while, it’ll get by. It’ll get by. Okay, that didn’t work. Let’s just spend the money and do it right.

Buy one, spend the money and do the. Do it right. So we do this, do that now. Like this is what you get when you’ve already spent the money the wrong ways. Yes. And then you know just where that’s why this truck took. Well, I started it actually, I got a Facebook notification the day I got the. It was a couple days after the reveal that I had started cutting the bed up. So it was two years from concept to this, which. So you always had this plan. Even when I first saw this, when this was just old blue, and I wasn’t really impressed.

Yeah. I was planning on building it into it, into a truck, but I wanted something with doors signed, with fenders, with all the stuff. Right. So, yeah, it’d be nice to be in a mountaintop in a snowstorm and be able to roll the window up. Yeah, it is. You know. You know, so, like you said, we’ve got. We’ve got three winches on it. We got a front, we’ve got a rear, and we’ve got the main boom. We don’t need the side winches. We don’t need all the crazy stuff trail mater has, because we know what we got and what we can use.

Right. And a lot of people are like, oh, you know, you’re gonna. You’re gonna learn to love that automatic. It’s in blue. No, no. She does all right. But she’s. I’ve also been through one already, and we talked about this before we went live. Yeah. And it’s just automatics. They’re hard to keep alive in the desert. And they want to stay hot out here. Right? It’s hot out here. They want to be hot. Doesn’t work out. But anyway. Four low. Blasting all that horsepower through it while you’re pulling somebody else that’s adding to the heat. Correct.

Well, and I didn’t help. The next level of where we went didn’t help with the heat. So we got all this done. We got everything. So then we decide, all right, we’re gonna put this crazy motor in. This was my first ever YouTube stunt. Like, I’m gonna do something for the clicks. I’m gonna do something that’ll get you. That’s the game. Yeah, this wasn’t a. This wasn’t a trick or. This is real. Yeah, yeah. No, but I was. It was. Hey, nobody’s gonna expect this from me. You know, I’m the simple. What works trail does. Yeah.

This is what we do. Right. She ain’t. But it’s a big blog. But then it was a joke, like, well, we know trail mater doesn’t work in the sand, because every time I go to sand hollow, I get stuck. Every. Every time I do a recovery in this, up in sand hollow, I’ll pull it off the trail. It does awesome. It does things nobody else has done. And then I’m going across the dunes and I get stuck. Pull, pal, pull. Palm. Yeah. I’ve seen the video. It just doesn’t work. And so I know that, and I’m laughing and I’m like, look, we’re gonna do this, right? So we got this motor, we drop this four, we get this 454, we put a 671 blower on it, supercharger, put it on, get the fuel injection to work, we get everything in it and get it working.

And like, I went with an electric water pump, like, it’s just gonna be for the off road games. It’s just gonna be for the off road games. I was like, I’ll pull the motor out and we’ll stab a motor back in it after and I’ll find like some Camaro or something to drop this motor in. You know, I’m a dragster. Yeah. And so I was like, this is what I’m gonna do. This is just for fun. So we did all temporary stuff, threw a fan in there that would work. Keep it. Alright, cool. Then we take it and we unveil it over at the off road games.

And the Internet lost their mind. Yes. You know? Yes. Plus we had tractor tires on it. Mm hmm. We put tractor tires on it backwards. It would dig trenches for days. It would dig trenches till it got itself stuck. It was hilarious. So that’s crazy. Yeah. Anyway, we had a great time, but it still didn’t work because it’s such a skinny tire. It was just digging holes right in the front. Like the back was floating. If you got it moving, it would go through the sand. But from a dead stop, it would just dig itself in a hole.

Right. That makes sense. Yeah. And it was fun. It was great, whatever. But then, like, driving the truck around, it is just so much fun. Plus, look at that. It is. This was another Hector issue. So I had a hood and I wasn’t gonna cut my cow induction hood, but I said, I’m gonna cut this. So I had a stock hood and I rolled the edge up with some pliers and just rolled it up. And then I cut like some wavies in it and did all this. And I was like, it looked really kind of crude, but it kind of got my part point.

I dropped it off and I said, hey, paint this the same color. You don’t have to get fancy crazy, nothing, just paint it. It just needs to be painted to match the color. We’re just going to do this for the off road games, right? I’m like, all right. Then he shows up with the hood and this is what I get. He took ten snips and cut everything and twisted it and made it look then he sands it down. He paints it, and then sands it down to where the original paint is coming through. Yeah. So it looks like an explosion came through.

He did the pinstriping on it kind of messed up the paint to make it look like it blew apart. I’m like, you bastard. Do you know how much people love you for them to put this much energy into your project without your knowledge? I know. I was like, I just wanted it painted. But it is. Can you not follow simple directions? But it looks awesome. I love it. I couldn’t believe this when I saw this, dude. I was like, all right, I will give you that. It looks good, but. So we paint that. We put it on, we take it, we unveil it.

It’s awesome. But like I said, we hooked up the alternator. So this has a welder. This has everything. Has a supercharger, but it also is a fully functioning work truck. For real? And we went out and proved that. Yeah. Twice. And I’ve only been here four days. Yeah. So I was. They were both pretty crazy. Yeah. I’ve been pretty happy with it. Like, it’s doing what it needed to do. So, cool, then. Well, like, after I got it back, we got back from the record games or the off road games, and that was supposed to be the end of the line.

Yeah, I was gonna pull the motor or pull it out, whatever. So what happened? I drove it. Yes, I drove it. And it’s just so much. The smiles per gallon of this truck. Everybody listening can understand this because every time I called, as soon as I started, I called my father. That happens when something bad happens or something otherworldly happens. I’m like, dad, Rory put a real BDS blower on a big block, and he’s like, well, why wouldn’t he? Exactly. You know? Exactly. Why wouldn’t I? The only thing I asked you about was, how come it doesn’t have dual quads? And you explain that.

Could you run by, like, why you have Efi instead? Well, so this fuel injection is made to look like an old school carburetor, right? So it bolts on to a standard old school carb mountain plate so you can upgrade all the old, old trucks. That has carburetors. That’s a sniper, right? This is MSD atomic. Oh, it is, yeah. So, Holley. Holley sniper actually makes a dual quad EFI setup, supports up to, I think, 1500 horse. But like I said, then there’s all this more money I’m putting into it all day, right. And then the crazy linkages to the carburetors.

You got to have to get them to work, right to one pole and both of them work even. It’s a nightmare. It’s for drag racing and hunting serious horse, not for being at a 45 degree angle with someone’s car in the back. Yeah, I don’t need that kind of stuff. It’s already overkill. Let’s not get crazy. I don’t know if this is overkill, but. So this supports. This supports right around 500 hp. So watching the. When you’re. When we were testing and tuning it, we were monitoring the o two sensor, and the o two sensor never went lean, meaning we were never short fuel for what we were doing with it.

So that thing fed the supercharger? Yes. In the big block, it was doing okay. So that means we were under 500 horse. So at or under 500 horse? And I’m like, that’s perfect. We don’t need any more. It’s the torque. That’s the whole reason I’m running a big block. Right, right. And that’s the nice thing of a supercharger over a turbo. A turbo. You have to get the exhaust gases flowing to then spool the turbo up to get your rpms and to get your horsepower and your torque. A supercharger is straight off the bottom like it is torque right now.

Yeah. And I love that about this truck because it is snorting. This is an 8000 pound truck with me sitting in it. I’ve already waited me sitting in it, rigged out, tooled, ready to go with the pole doors. 8000 pound truck. Wow. So to get it up and moving to. To hit an around 18 second quarter mile is pretty quick. That’s crazy. Yeah. Every 18 second quarter mile, I was loving a square body. People were yelling at me in the comment section going, I had a three quarter ton two wheel drive that would hit 18 seconds in the quarter.

That’s nothing impressive. And it’s like, hello, I have a front axle transfer case, homes. 440. Yeah. I have a wreck. Your bed in the back, big block. An entire. The whole tail piece is quarter inch plate and armor. Yeah. Down both sides and in the front. Yeah. Like, why are you comparing this to a two wheel drive truck? The Internet. Yeah, the Internet. But. So this is where we’re at. But then, like, so I burned the transmission up over Jeep Spark. We went out on hells, we did a recovery. There’s a full pull of a rig out by cowboy hill all the way up over the everything, and pulled him dead weight back to the back of the yard or back to the trailhead.

So then after that, I’m like, you know, it’s jeep sparring. Should we swing by Taya? Solid hill. Sean’s like, sure. So we run down potato salad hill. So then I climbed potato salad hill a couple times. So at this point, the transmission reverse, I’m assuming. No, just forward, but. So this time, by this time, the transmission is hot. But I didn’t have a transmission gauge, but I knew I’d been working it. It’s hot, right? And I’m just like, whatever, it’ll cool. So I cruise over, and I’m heading out, and I get to the pavement, and I’m like, damn.

Burnout wouldn’t hurt. You know, spool it up, and it revs up. Nothing moves. Whoo. I did bad things. I just smoked the transmission. So I knew the transmission was smoked. So we threw it on the lift. We pulled transmission out. Send it over, get it gone through. Went a little crazy with it. That’s good, but. Right? Yeah, right. So went a little crazy with it, did all this overkill stuff. Put it all back together, put it in, and this time we did a transmission, a bigger transmission. Cooper did all this stuff. But I knew while it was on the lift and I was having transmission built, I knew the column shifter is not going to work because I was doing a manual valve body.

So that means you have to shift it. I’m not going to use a column shifter. Well, it has no reverse lockout, right. So as you’re walking on a trail and you slam it into reverse, I was like, all right. Yeah. Your system is a little more positive. Yeah. So I was like, all right, let’s put a shifter in it. Well, if we’re gonna put a shifter in it, we’re gonna get rid of that bench seat. So we gotta get that bench seat out. Well, I got a set of prps. Real nice, comfy bucket seats. All right, well, we better order a center console.

Okay, well, we got a center console. We got a shifter. We got new seats. You know what? Let’s. Let’s spiffy it up. So we pull the dash out. We pull. Pull the gauges out. Shawn polishes the gauge, the gauge panel mike redoes all the lining on it, everything. We cleaned the whole thing. We remounted the gauges in there. Got that all done. And sadly, we’re going to have to stop right here, and we’re going to have to go to a part two. Due to the fact that I’m out in Grand Junction, Colorado, currently, the ability to upload a video that’s an hour or longer just ain’t going to happen.

And pushing 30 minutes is really asking for it. So there will be a part two coming up right after this. So do me a solid, hit that like share and subscribe, leave a comment below and I will return the favor. I am out.

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