This Is The Real Pandemic!- June 19, 2021 Update

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This Is The Real Pandemic!
– June 19, 2021 Update

Great day Patriot,  

Today is Juneteenth. 

This is the day that celebrates the freedom of all people.

But did you know there are more slaves now than in any other time in known human history?

It’s true.

And I’m not talking about the brainwashed sheep watching television and walking around with their masks on.

They are slaves too. 

But they are mental slaves.

I am referring to physical slaves!

It is called human trafficking and to my knowledge, there are more human trafficking slaves now than any other time in known history.

Human trafficking is the real pandemic!

You have to look at this website if you have not seen it already. 

I don’t know who created that site, but it has some great information and solutions on how we can help!  

To recognize the slavery happening in America and around the world right now, we are featuring a few of our previous posts today that have been about human trafficking.

Please invest the time to read and watch this if you have not already.

And if you have, watch it again because you will hear things you didn’t hear before. 

Be well,

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Human Sex Trafficking Survivor Speaks Out At Trump Memorial Day Boat Parade In Florida!

Human Sex Trafficking Survivor Shares Soul Shocking Intel In Exclusive My Patriots Network Interview!

Illuminati Expert Fritz Springmeier Explains Chilling Details On How MKUltra & Mind Control Slaves Work

If you are free to enjoy the day, read these words and think and do the things you want, you are more fortunate than many millions of people on this planet right now.

Consider how blessed you are and use your blessings to help those that don’t have the same choices you do.

If you can eat whatever food you want, you have freedom.

If you can do activities you want without being beaten or having to be raped multiple times in order to do it, you have freedom. 

Not everyone is as lucky as you.

Consider doing something to help others with the blessings you have.

You might experience something interesting when you do that.

God Bless

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Todays Tip

Tip of the day: Think big, plan small. Meaning, think big and have huge visions and goals for yourself. But then plan small, meaning plan your next steps. Plan your next day or week with action steps that will get you closer to your big vision.

I guarantee you once you start on the path, your goals and plans will change. Don’t be a perfectionist. Be a progressionist.

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