SHAMWOW GUY STRIKES BACK!! Is Comedy Dead? You Decide..

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➡ Vince Offer, widely known as the ShamWow guy, is interviewed in his first ever podcast, revealing plans for a comeback including a new podcast and a show similar to Shark Tank where products will be developed from scratch. He reflects on his successful infomercials, discussed the current state of comedy, and gave his thoughts on politics and issues in the world.
➡ The speaker discusses the unrestricted nature of comedy, his experience being in a cult for 20 years, his strong stand against various “isms” including communism and his Jewish roots. He also reflects on his journey in the infomercial world, where he revolutionized the format through humor, which started with his participation in public access skits.
➡ The person talks about creating comedy sketches with Juliet Lewis’s brother which ultimately led to a calling from Living Color. Their movie was critically panned but ended up gaining traction by showing trailers to individuals directly and adding an 800 number for direct purchases. This ultimately cleared their debt and made profit. Post this, they rolled out products like ShamWow, making millions from infomercials running from 2008 to 2010. Currently dealing with the shift towards social media and streaming platforms, they are working on building their social media presence.
➡ The discussion revolves around films, racism, and stereotype-based humor. There’s critique about suppression of free speech, and the importance of comedians stepping up is emphasized. The speaker acknowledges utilising dark times in their personal life to fuel resilience, and encourages others to remain fearlessly outspoken. The conversation also dips into spiritual beliefs, the notion of guides, and life’s cyclic nature. The speaker rebukes the growing trend of “thoughtism” and asserts that rightful anger towards actions such as enforced gender neutrality differs from hate.
➡ The speaker talks about their personal journey from being bullied to becoming a bully and how they finally found a balance. They also discuss their concern about the increasing feminization of boys, the negative impacts of the current education system, and the bullying that is happening among teachers. In addition, they reveal how their comic material was lifted and used in another movie, highlighting the issue of plagiarism in Hollywood.
➡ The speaker discusses his challenging upbringing in Israel with a single mom and the struggle of being in a cult. Through intense deprogramming, he overcame the mindset imposed on him and went on to become a visual comedian, appreciated for his unique style. However, he faced difficulties in socializing and understanding how to responsibly enjoy newfound fame and wealth, leading to excessive alcohol consumption and a scandalous incident. His experiences led him to contemplate societal issues and how media and societal norms impact our perception of right and wrong.
➡ The speaker discusses numerous issues including the controversies around gender in sports, the influence of societal pressures on free speech, the fear of backlash for stating personal opinions, how celebrities and influencers are often forced to be politically correct and how this impacts creativity. They also mention their upcoming plans, shows, and possible collaborations in the future. Lastly, the speaker messaged about maintaining integrity as reputations will outlast life.
➡ Stay in touch and stay blessed; relax and take things as they come.


All right, folks, welcome to nino’s corner TV. I am joined with the one and only folks, vince offer sham wow, the sham wow guy. Which, you know what, bro? I’m pretty honored to have you on because just the other day, I saw something fly by on YouTube and whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, sham wow. And I went and looked at it again, and I’m like, where did that guy go? What happened to that guy? You were so big.

You were a big hit. Was it the late 90s? Yeah. No, it was late 2000s. Was it? Okay. And then the commercials came on. Yeah, the commercials are and I got sidetracked with a movie. I had too much money. I didn’t know what to do with it. Let’s get into it, folks. We’re going to talk about this comeback story because he’s coming back. He’s got his own podcast coming.

I’m going to be a big fan of it. I know already. I thought you were hilarious, dude. You’re no holds barred like I am. So let’s talk about that. But first, folks, get your health with nino, baby. You could probably do this commercial a lot better than I can. I need to get warmed up again. People wondered why skin might look leathery as we age. That’s because our bodies slowly stop producing its most important nutrient for health.

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Well, I’ve been taking Collagen. I’m 59. I don’t look that bad for dude. You don’t look bad at all. No. Folks, go to the description box. Get to the description box and hit the health with nino sham wow. Vince, man, go ahead. No, I’m just saying it’s the first podcast I’ve ever done. It’s historical. I can get rid of this. I don’t need this thing anymore. I got the mic.

Oh, my gosh. This is your first podcast right now? Yeah. I mean, I did something with my friend at my house once and just, like, seeing what people what’s it called? The live when they live feed thing. But I never did a real podcast, so this is my first podcast. Wow. You’ve been kind of mia for a while, man. What’s been going on with you? I got married and hunkered down a little bit, and then I kind of lost a little bit of the momentum.

But I’m coming back. I’m trying to create a show, like a shark tank show, except they’re not bickering. We won’t be bickering about products. We’ll develop products from beginning to end because when you watch the Shark Tank, they’re, like, arguing, and they’re trying to take 90% of the guy’s investment and hard work. So this is something I think might be interesting. When we have a boxing product or a sports product, we can bring it to you.

Yeah, absolutely. Let’s go back in time a little bit first, folks. I’m going to show you his new podcast that he’s got going on now, and I think it’s absolutely hilarious. And here it is. Right, folks? Can you see? Yeah. Yeah. All right. Hey, it’s Vince offer. I help revolutionize how you watched TV commercials. You’re going to love my nuts. Watch this. Now, I’m going to do the same thing for the podcast industry with my new show called The Sham Wild Guy Show.

And the first thing I’m gonna talk about is how I was canceled, probably because they played an Italian guy. We eliminate the beef in the sauce for fetuses. Or maybe the other scene where I played a black guy. How dumb are you to be on this? Germany is all about taking risks, and it gives us the passes to do whatever the fuck we want. That’s why you got to subscribe and hit that notification button before it’s too late.

Yeah. So I got the pass. That’s the joke. You’re all out. You’re going all in. You’re going all in on this. You don’t mind if I take this headphones off? Go ahead. Go take it. Do whatever you want to do to make it comfortable, confined, and constrained. So when are you starting this podcast? When are you going to start it? That’s better. Yeah. So, October 5, we’ll put the podcast.

I know we’d love to have you on the show. Since I’m the first to ever do a podcast with you, maybe we’ll pull your arm or strangle you somehow and get you to come on our show. I’ll be more than happy to do that. I’ll be honest. I’m kind of pivoting a lot now with my YouTube channel because I was doing a lot of politics, which I still do on Ninoscorner TV.

But I’m kind of making the some. I’m going to start rounding the bases a little bit, covering all my bases, because I got to keep some things on the lighter side, man, because it’s just too heavy, the shit that’s going on in the world today. But we need you as a fighter. You’re a fighter, and you were 36, and I know there was a couple of other things, but we needed fighters like you because we’re coming to a crossroads where we’re going to be China or we’re going to be the USA.

China elites are like salivating when they see China. And the elites controlling 99% of the people, and the people don’t know what to do. There’s no comedy, there’s no nothing. So that’s where it’s going. And the elites one thing I want to just paraphrase, because I was in a cult myself. We don’t have to mention the cult. But power, obviously, power corrupts. And all absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But I’ll just paraphrase power. There’s an ecstasy there, there’s a pleasure there, and that’s what’s going on. It’s not just power. There’s an ecstasy and they don’t want to let it go. Of course, they get the girls, they get the money, they get the little kids or whatever they’re into, but they don’t want to give that up. And they love and through COVID, they saw that power and they all came out of their graves.

All the know what’s good about Trump losing? Is we saw how all the zombies came out of the yeah, that’s why he needs to come know, I like the other candidate. I even like the Democratic guy, the guy with the voice, kennedy come back and just aim and shoot and take the heads off the snake. No, I agree. But if you ever want to come and talk politics, we’ll go on Nino’s Corner TV and we’ll definitely dive into more of a light.

Yeah, because you’re an entrepreneur and I would love to hear your views on some things, but let’s keep it light for you just because this is all I cover all day long. Okay, but I just want to tell you that’s why I came out with the show, there was two reasons I wanted to come out, because I’m developing those products. But then also, I just was sitting there and as a actually grew up in Brooklyn, I wasn’t a big fighter in Brooklyn, but I just thought, this is the time we need to fight and stand up.

But yeah, I understand. Yeah, no, you’re right. And who would know more than you? I mean, look, comedy’s dying. Comedy is dying. I went to the Comedy Mothership in Austin to go watch Joe Rogan. I went with BJ. Penn to The Joe Rogan Show and he invited us over to his comedy act afterwards. And I watched all the comedians the same theme. The same theme. What is going on in the world? Like, they were all talking about all the propaganda, the agendas that are being played right now, everything, dude.

And they all had the same theme. So this is on everybody’s mind. Everybody knows what time it is. Dude, everyone knows we are in serious shit right now. Right? And I do comedy. My commercials are all about comedy. That’s why I think, if you look at it in retrospect, when I did the commercials, no one was pushing the envelope on commercials. Everybody was safe and friendly. And I always saw where the line was, oh, I can cross the line.

And even some generic jokes like, you’re going to love my nuts. I mean, it’s kind of generic, but the fact that I put it in was it now that comedy is being attacked and I see even Chappelle kind of like being safe. Yeah, everybody’s being safe. Right now. But he doesn’t go forward. No, dude, nobody does. Nobody. Why, I noticed it even and I’m not putting him down, but I noticed it even with, like, joe rogan’s crew.

The people that were there, they went over, they stepped over the line, went right back, right back in. They never colored out of the line right, because they’re a little concerned. But then I say, hey, comedy. The long version. You can see it on the shama guy on YouTube. The long version says that comedy should have all the passes f and wants I don’t want to I’m with you.

There shouldn’t be any restrictions on comedy, and we shouldn’t be, like, reacting to some woke person. A woke person is really a heckler in the crowd, and the only reason they’re ubiquitous is because the internet is ubiquitous. So they’re everywhere because of that. But if you take them out, isolate them, they’re nothing. They’re basically a heckler, and they’re really the real karens. I mean, I hate the word yes 100%.

That’s a nice name if you have it, but they’re the real karens. They’re the ones that get triggered. They’re the ones with the hate. I understand the right has a little hate, but they have more anger. You got to distinguish they’re fucking violent, bro. Violent. They’re mean they’re the more violent. When a criminal says the other person is committing the crime, it’s usually them. Exactly. Maybe we can come on the more serious show, but I have a lot of insight on it, because I was in a cult.

I was controlled by a lot of powerful what do you mean you were in a cult? Well, I was in a cult for 20 years when I was younger. I don’t want to mention the cult right now, but it’s a cult that controls you. Can I say Scientology? I can’t disavow it. I can’t confirm it, but yeah, there was a lot of control there. Listen, every cult has good things, though.

There’s a lot of good principles. That’s how they get in. They procure other principles from other resources. If you’re talking about scientology, I went and visited scientology. I went to the celebrity center in hollywood. I found it to be very positive in a lot of ways. S they did start bothering me a little bit, and I had to put my foot down. And then when I would go eat lunch or something, they’d have some dudes on a bike follow me.

And then I was like, all right, man, come here for a second. I got to talk to you guys. And they came over to me. I was like, you want a beer? You want to take a shot? And then I started getting hammered in front of them. They’re like, this guy’s fucking he’s a lost god for your life. You’re too independent minded. But I don’t want to know if it’s scientology or not, but I’m just saying that that debate is they have good principles.

They do. They all believe in a spiritual being. I think we’re all spiritual beings. We’re all non binary, if you think about it after you die. Not in this life, though, of course, is the female and male, but we’re all spiritual beings, and this is like a big planet. We’re all a big family. So I just thought, this is a good chance. And when you wanted me to be on your show, I thought, this is a good opportunity, one, to be on your show because you’re an icon in what you’re doing.

And also, I thought it’s a perfect time to promote what I’m trying to do and just to get the word out of a lot of things I’m doing. But I just think just standing up against no China, I don’t want to be the next communist. All the isms Maoism, communism nazism. And I’m Jewish. I’m from Israel, so I don’t know how the American Jews are, but my thing is never forget.

So I need to remember. What does that mean? Never forget? 6 million Jews died. But yes, but also how it evolved. No one stopped anybody. And that’s how it so now it’s got out of hand. You’re a fighter. And I thought, okay, I know you’re doing something light, but also, it’s good that you’re still no, I’m glad you’re bringing this up. That just shows the temperature of America right now, where everyone’s mindset is.

I tried to bring you on for something else, and we’re already talking about this. So that shows you right there where we’re at, what time it is. Yeah, we still talk about it. But the thing is, I just look at it like a big tangled ball of barbed wire, and everybody’s got their little truths in there and their little fact checkers, and everybody has their own studies, but it’s a big ball of barbed wire.

And because 20 years ago, I was in a cult, and I was also banned by Hollywood on my film and also kind of ostracized all in the 90s. So I learned a lot. So I was a deer in the headlights, too. I wasn’t deer. I was in the days, but I learned a lot. And I see what’s going on now. It’s like, oh, it’s the same thing that happened to me 20 years ago.

So it takes time for people to figure it out. But this ball of barbed wire, I think with my show, and I think hopefully with your show, we can slowly take each little truth and, like, expose it. And once you expose it and really look at it for what it is, because there’s truth and there’s the real truth. And then when you get to the real truth, and I think if you can see the real truth, if you understand, listen, I’m a high school dropout.

Like I said, I’m a high school dropout. I’m a simpleton. But I’m kind of like the kid in the fable the king has no clothes. So I’m saying, hey, that’s why I thought maybe you can listen to me and maybe you and we can help discern all this confusion and take this barbed wire and undo it and then everybody will be happier. So we’re saving the world. Yeah, absolutely.

100%. And you did revolutionize the infomercial world. You did. You changed it. And I give you credit for that. I mean, you’re the guy that came out and just you made it absolutely hilarious, dude. And that’s what it needed. It used to be so serious. You came out and you just boom, you struck a chord with the nation. Well, the way I started, the reason I think I wasn’t born like that, I was testing it in the flea markets.

I went to the flea markets and I would test different things. I would be like really nice, polite, like they were on TV. Hey, can I show you how this works? That didn’t work then I just turned up the New York accent. Okay, hey, get over here, I want to show you how this works. You don’t buy nothing, nobody else is blah blah blah, come here. So they’re like, oh yeah, I want to check this out.

So they like that little force, but not like it wasn’t like a mean force, it was just like an excited I’m being excited. So you were testing this out in flea markets first? Like that’s how you got your start? Yeah, I started okay, so you want to know where I started? Okay, so in the 80s, when I was just in my twenty s, I was trying to get like a waiter job, but I didn’t have an experience and no one wanted me.

But these Swedish friends that came from Sweden, they brought product over. They’re in their 20s too. A lot of them were models. And then I was going out to nightclubs and this one model looked just like me. His name was Dan Blum. I think he was unmarried with children. You’ve probably seen him there. But anyway, he was Bob and he was bigger, but all the girls liked him.

And then a lot of girls would come up to me, hey Dan. I’m like, oh, I’m not dan. And then, oh, you’re not, but I can be. So I didn’t disavow right away. I told him later, I’m not Dan, but I think it was just nice because I was kind of shy, a little bit shy with then I met him and then he was selling stuff in the flea markets and he was selling the shammy.

It was called the super shammy. And then that’s how I kind of started through this group of Swedish friends. Wow, so that’s how you started. You got introduced by a bunch of friends. So how did you hit TV? How did it go so big? Okay, well, TV is a little bit different. So remember that movie, the underground commune movie? That’s the movie I was in. It’s a skit movie.

What happened was Tamara Rowett, producer of In Living Color, called me up when I was doing public Access, and she said, can you write some skits for me? I’m like, oh, cool. She just called you out of the blue? Yeah, well, she saw some okay. Back in the 80s, there wasn’t a YouTube thing. It was just kind of like, you can put stuff on public access. Yes. So I did a bunch of skits.

This is the skits called Underground Comedy Show. That’s the skits I was in. Where was this? Public Access. What town? Because every city has their own, right? Yeah, it was just local. It was the county, so local. It was, like, in La. Okay. So, yeah, I put it on public assets, and Juliet Lewis’s brother was in it with me. He’s the one who hooked me up with it.

He had the cameras and everything. So we did a bunch of skits. And then she called me. I’m like, wow, living Color called me, and I was a huge fan. And then you can come in and meet the main guy. And I’m like, great. So I wrote ten skits for them. Wow. In two days. In living color. Skits. Yeah. I wrote home, dude. Okay, so they never used it, but I wrote Homie Alone, a bunch of stuff.

They never used it, I think, because I think I found out later that the contract was up with Fox or something. But nevertheless, I used some of those skits in the movie. The movie I made in the 80s. Sorry. The underground comedy movie. It’s like things you’ll never see. Supermodels taking a poop, taking a deeper okay, so when this came out, we filmed it in 96, and it came out in 99, and the critics killed it because the critics are at the time, I didn’t know what it was.

I didn’t know they were woke idealistic ideologues from the Ivy League schools. I thought they were just conservative religious people. I didn’t know. I’m like what? They didn’t like dick man fights lesbians? They didn’t like miss America bad lady pageant with slash. I mean, what’s going on with these? Um but they all colluded. They all said it was the worst movie ever made. I’m like what? And then they said they’re not stupid because they know you want to see the worst movie ever made.

Then they said, it’s not funny. Not a molecule of humor. I can send you later on. I can send you the actual clips. And they all colluded. And this is a midnight screening at Lammy. Sunset five. It’s not like a mainstream movie. Like, okay. I don’t even know why they’re reviewing it, but in hindsight, they’re reviewing it because they wanted to smash it just in case it took off, because it’s cutting edge.

There’s a lot of material in there. Like I said, it was like first time Semen in the movie. There’s michael Clark. Dun virgin. So there’s a lot of stuff hitting against making fun of the elites. So the elites don’t like to be made fun of. But that time, I didn’t understand why they attacked me. At the same time I was getting kicked out of my cult, they were calling me a criminal.

So it’s like, I’m getting hit. Like, by when was this? This was before your career took off. So when did you hit it big with Shamwell? When did you hit it big with shamwell? Okay, so then I hit it big. Okay. So right before Sham, it’s better for me to explain in chronological order. Otherwise I get confused. When the critics hit me on this movie, saying, it’s the worst movie, no one’s coming to theater, I’m like, oh, man.

So I’m pretty resilient, usually in my personality. So I thought, okay, why don’t I get a mini TV player, go with my friend and show them? I had a flyer with the supermodels, right? Hey, guys, supermodel’s taking a dump. Check out the trailer. So the trailer, they watch a trailer and then they come to the theater. Then we fill up the theater. The Lambda’s guy couldn’t believe it because usually when you have bad reviews and you have, like, five people in the theater, the next week it’s dead.

But then the next week, us, we sold out, so we kept selling out. So we kept doing that. And then I had the epiphany. I saw Girls Gone Wild on TV. I’m like, how do they show naked girls on late night TV? Who passed this along? I find out later that there’s a little size money and girls being passed around. But anyway, I thought, oh, why don’t I put an 800 number on the movie and make infomercial? So I took the trailer and added the 800 number, put it on Comedy Central.

That was the only channel that approved it. Wow. And then it was a hit from eleven to two at night. That was a little slot, and we made, like, 20 grand a week. And then we sold it to a distributor and we sold 100,000 units, and it was like, I got my money back. I made a profit. And then I said, wow. But that was all you do.

That was you thinking out of the box. You made that happen, right? Thinking out of the box. That’s the key. Yeah, exactly. You kind of circumvented the system. You went around it, you did it your own way. Yeah, I was good at brilliant, bro. I’m realizing I’m pretty. Sometimes as you live through life, you realize, oh, I’m really good at that. So anything you’re good at, you try to hone in on that and try to capitalize.

Then I said, well, why don’t I do a product that I know how to do? I knew the shammies from the Swedish guys. Why don’t I do a product instead of being on a channel from eleven to two? Why don’t I be on a channel, every channel, like all day? And I said, Why don’t I do the super shammy at the time? I’ll do the super shammy, put it on TV, and then I should be making millions.

And it did. It made millions and hundreds of millions of dollars. And it was just made for like five, six grand. How long did you do the Shanwal commercial? How long did that run? It ran from 2008 to 2010. And just after two years, it gets a little redundant. Everybody bought it. It still does real well. It sells on its own. The slap shop is doing well. So then I crossed over to Slap Shop.

But you’re still making money from it, right? Are you still making okay, good. Yeah, we sell a lot on Amazon. I mean, people, when they spill something I created a whole category when they spill something, oh, I need that Sham wow. I was going to call it Sham it up, but ham it up. But then someone had Sham It, so I couldn’t do it. So then I thought, what about I do like shamois? And I came up with sham.

Wow. Dude, you were everywhere. You were like the biggest face of the infomercials for a while there. You were like the king of the infomercials. You really were. Yeah. Right now, a lot of people we’re losing a lot of people on TV to social media. So there’s a streaming so when you put a product we have a new product called champau, it’s like a big flag with the towel on, right, and you run it over the car.

Yeah, it does the car real fast. So, I mean, just change the game. Why can’t you just change the game and go social media are infomercials on like, the dying? Are they basically on their last breath right now? I mean, I don’t even know how they yeah, you throw it up on the TV. Look, I was spoiled from ten years ago. I think in 2015, everybody went to Stream or 16, but before I was a little spoiled.

You just put on TV and then you don’t have to do anything. It just organically goes on social media. But now you have to kind of like buy ads and start doing TikTok. And I’m working, so I’m not a big social media guy. I didn’t realize the potential it had. In fact, there was a lot of impersonators being me a few years ago. So my social media is not great.

My YouTube, though, is like, I’m almost at a couple hundred thousand followers, which is not bad. I mean, considering that’s huge. That’s real big. Yeah, that’s real good. And I think because I stopped other people from using the video, the impersonators, I kind of let them be. There was a lot of impersonators being me, so I just kind of let them be there. But I didn’t know the value of it.

Probably because of my karma, because I pretended to be the Swedish guys. So now it came back to me. So it’s okay. So I’m building that up. I hired some people to build a Disney. Celebrity is helping me with the social. But when you hit your peak in shamwao, it got really big. And then they offer you a movie. Good for sweating, by the way. If you sweat, I’ll send you some.

Didn’t they offer you a movie after the infomercials got really big? You started you did a stint in Hollywood. Didn’t was the I did the Inappropriate Comedy, which is a remake. I just have it here. So this was a remake of the underground comedy movie. But I’m not in this movie. Ari Shafir is in it. By the way, Joe Rogan said he loved this movie to Ari Shafir in 2013.

When we were going to a talk show, ari said to me, hey, you know, Joe Rogan loves your movie. I’m like Joe Rogan, the fear factor guy. I didn’t know he was blowing up on podcasting, but he goes, yeah, he loves your movie. I’m like, oh, cool. Well, that movie was based on this movie. But I’m not in this with Theo Vaughn’s in this. Ari Shapir adrian Brody michelle Rodriguez rob Schneider And can you get it on Amazon or anything like that? Can you do yeah, it’s in Amazon.

We have a studio that has it. I’m getting the rights back, and I’m thinking to put it on YouTube and maybe do what Andrew Schultz did and Ari Shafir, where they just put it on and get tips because I got hammered by the critics. Also on this movie, because it was ari Shafir is the amazing racist. Yes. And he’s like, teaching Asian. I saw him in Austin. I saw his stand up.

He’s hilarious. Yeah, he’s funny. But I saw him do some stick in YouTube in 2012. I was like, you know, why don’t I hire him to be in this movie? We’ll do another Skip movie based on my first movie, but we’ll add him in it. And I thought, oh, be Funny, where he teaches Asian people how to drive. And I thought, oh, I’ll give him some tape. He’ll tape their eyes so they’re bigger.

So it’s funny. Obviously, we’re making fun of racism, but we’re also just making fun of stereotypes. Yeah, dude, that’s life, bro. Like, look, no one’s going to tell me what’s funny and what’s right. Like, to me, I find some of the most racist jokes hilarious. And listen, growing up in El Paso, that’s all you’re told is racist Mexican jokes. That’s all I grew up listening to. And I’m laughing about my own culture.

I don’t mean back. It’s hilarious. It’s good to be cheap. When I was to sell at the. Flea market people from India, I love them, they’re smart. But when I used to sell the flea market, I see them coming down, I’m like, I got to negotiate now. They’re the best negotiators. They are. If I want to go sell buy a car, I’m going to hire them. But it’s a stereotype because it’s part of the culture.

I’m not saying 100% that, but a good 80. 90% are good. Yeah. And it’s hilarious. It’s hilarious. Negative thing. It’s just like it’s not black people are just like very upbeat. They’re like, you know what? Too independent minded. For real? Hell no. Yeah, hell no. I can’t get a black guy. We need more black guys so we can promote the black. But it’s a good thing. Some stereotypes are great, some are not, but that’s okay.

So let’s talk about I love comeback stories, right? So some shit happened to you, bro. And listen, everyone knows what happened to me. I got my face slid open, I had an altercation, I overdosed on drugs, I died twice. I came back, I got knocked out. I had some serious things happen to me in my life. My life stand like a cow grazing in the woods or something.

That’s nothing compared to your life. Yeah, it was insane. But the fact is that you’re resilient and you’re still going. And I’ve wondered about you for a while. I was like, what happened to that guy? And then, like I said, you showed up on my feed. I swear. I think YouTube can read minds. I really do believe that. Or I believe sometimes. I don’t know if you believe this.

No, I probably do. Okay. I believe we’re spiritual beings, okay? Yes. I believe we have kind of like, coaches up there, and if we don’t learn a lesson, they kind of hit you. Okay, you know what? You’re going to go here and you’re going to get hit because you’re not learning a lesson, okay? Because I’m not saying there’s coaches for everybody, but special, like guides, like guides, like spiritual guides, okay? And they maybe put something in a dream or to give you a thought or maybe they want you to meet someone, they throw it in.

I sometimes think that’s what’s going on, and I think that’s what’s happening, and I think that this world is coming to it could come to an end here. Okay? I can’t say end. I’m going to say a shift. It’s going to be a massive shift. You’re going to surround someone. We almost try to surround him, isolate him and destroy him. Why would you do that with a guy who has 6000 Hiroshima bombs? That’s freaking crazy.

And that’s when I realized, okay, I got to speak up because this is crazy. I mean, I don’t want to wake up and all of a sudden everything’s gone because someone put a puppet in it. Well, I don’t think you’ll wake up with everything gone. We’ll all be gone. And I’m Jewish. We need to communicate to the Jews in Hollywood like, hey, never forget, we got to stop suppressing the other side.

Whatever it is. It doesn’t matter what it is. We have to have free speech. You can’t suppress the other side. So I’m telling all my Jewish brothers and sisters, which is probably controlling majority of the news media, right? I’m not saying vast majority, but 30, 40%. We got to remember, we can’t be our worst enemy. We got to look in the mirror. Woodson’s PR guy that sprinkle the hate on the Germans right now.

They’re sprinkling hate. And I, as an Israeli being brought up and never forget, I need to express this to my Jewish brothers and sisters in Hollywood. You got to stop this. And we also got to talk to comedians. They need to step up. Guys, you’re the ones who are going to get shut. People are scared, man. People are cowards, right? Well, that’s why people are cowards. I mean, anyone that watches my channel look on YouTube just so I don’t get bombed.

I bob and weave on here, but I send everyone to my Rumble channel and I send everyone to Ninoscorn TV at on dude, and I got nobody. You know what I mean? I’m going for it, right? I’m speaking my mind. No one’s going to stop me from speaking my mind. More guys like you, you’re a fighter. Yeah, it’s like all have to be fighters. Here’s the good news.

We don’t have to die in Normandy. This isn’t war, World War II, but this is a war where we need to step up. This could be worse in the long run. Way worse than slavery. It was good that went with China because it kind of released a little bit of the he’s not going to go psycho and he’s not being surrounded, but this is kicking the can down the road because it’s a so we need guys like you and you’re on the front lines, but we need to help you.

And that’s why I’m promoting this podcast, really also to the comedians out there, to Chappelle’s the Rogans and like, hey, guys, you need to step know. I’ll take the flag if you guys are afraid of being canceled or afraid of being censored. There’s something going on, man, because I’m noticing more and more comedians, they just barely put their toe in the water and dip out and it’s like, yeah, you got to go forward.

Even chappelle, man. You’re the main guy. No, he’s completely I think probably he’s been threatened. He’s been sat down and said, listen, either you put the ball or this is what’s going to happen. And I think he just said, you know what? I’m going to peacefully fade away. Look, it’s not about us. Our life is short. If you consider that we’ve been around for millions of years. So this has been going on for eons.

It’s the same pattern. Okay? I’ll tell you the pattern because, like I said, I have a little expertise because I’ve been controlled. I know about power. I know about censorship. It’s the same pattern. It’s censorship or muzzle you. And if they don’t, they cancel you. And if they don’t, they character assassinate you and try to kill you. Or they’ll arrest you first, and then they get you there, William, and they sprinkle it with the hate.

All right? So that’s the same pattern that’s going on with communism. All these it’s so easy. I mean, you cancel the Jew in the store, don’t shop with him. You can see everything evolving. The records are there. You can just see it’s the same. So here’s the thing with the left, okay, is that you know how they didn’t like you because what? You’re different, right? Yeah. You’re black, right? The color of your skin.

Right? The color of your skin. The left is they don’t like you because you’re different, because of the color of your thought, okay? So it’s the same thing. It’s the same racism, but it’s not racist. More thoughtism, but it’s the same hate. They need to stop now. They’re trying to say, well, the right also is hate. No, they’re more angry. You’re putting men into women’s bathroom. We’re angry about it.

Maybe we have a little hate, but we’re angry. There’s a difference. Rightful anger appropriate. Yeah, rightful anger is appropriate. Hateful. No one is hateful. One is anger. And that’s know you’re a fighter. I wanted to come on your show for the first you I know what you’re and let’s get all the comedians to come on. Let’s like, we gotta fight fire with fire. I learned this from, like, again, you should know this as a fighter.

When I was in Brooklyn, when I was being too nice and tried diplomatic, I just get beat up even. Yeah, you just get even worse. Yeah. And that’s why and you saw my book, when the Lights Go Out, I talk about being bullied all my life. I was bullied. When I was a kid, I was bullied quite a bit. I was beat up a few times. And it wasn’t until I turned into that rabid dog, and then I went the other direction.

I turned into the bully after high school, I turned into the because I didn’t want to take any more shit. So what happened was, I was a kid that got picked on, and then I became the junkyard dog. And then it got to the point where I’m finally in a happy medium balance, and I’m nice to everybody. I try to be the nicest guys, but the truth is I got to the point that I wouldn’t even let anyone think twice about trying to even say anything to me.

So I became reactive. Like, someone would look at me weird and I’d be like, Excuse me. And then it would be on. And then whoa, dude, you’re like you’re overreactive. So I went off to the other side. Finally, I found that happy middle place where I don’t let anyone dictate the pace with me, with trying to get it one up on me or push me around or nothing.

Because I learned you can’t let a bully you can’t give them this much because they’ll take this much. And it’s the same with our government. It’s of we the people. We need to pull the reins on this runaway train that’s happening right now. And people are being cowards. They’re being too scared. They’re being too quiet. They’re not saying anything. They’re scared what their neighbors will think of them, what their family will think of them.

They’ll get fired from their job. Hey, folks, we don’t have much more time. It’s time now. This is it. We got to do it now. So now that being said, let’s jump back into your life. No, but what’s important, because your experience on what happened to you, we need to apply that now on a broader scale, and we need to wake these populations up. Like I said, the comedians, the politicians, the celebrities, the Jews in Hollywood, I fought for a living.

I fought for a living. And when I got beat up on the black top in school and embarrassed and bloody nose and stuff, I realized, okay, this is as worse as it gets. I can never be this embarrassed again. So now I’m changing my life around, and I’m going to be that guy. That’s what happened, right? But that had to happen to me early in life, because that’s what made me a fighter, and I held that complex my entire life.

I have a small man complex, dude. Like, I’m 65, 270, but I’m a small guy living in a big man’s body. And that’s dangerous. No, but it’s good that you kind of went through the bully stage. I mean, the bully stage, and you became a bully because it gives you different perspectives. And now that now you can teach others, and that’s why it’s so important that you blow up and that you’ll be one of the leaders that can help change this culture.

Because the left, socialist left, they’re trying to make everybody think. They’re putting them all in the same box. And, dude, it’s scary because I go speak at schools for bullying, right? I did this. I haven’t done it in the last three years, but I would go speak at schools, and every year, I was noticing more and more of this transition happening with especially the boys. The boys were becoming more feminine, and they were becoming more coddled and more weak.

They were becoming weaker. It didn’t seem like they had those raging hormones like we did in school, and they weren’t full of fire and piss and vinegar. They were coddled and very feminine. And I was like, this is not what I’ve seen in my days growing up, man. No, I’m not saying it’s the hippie culture, but the hippies and when they got older, became teachers. They know all the isms they all know to get to the youth.

Get to the youth. And then this whole thing about kindness and inclusivity, that’s a code word controlled by us. And we’re going to tell you how to act because like I said, they love to control. It’s an ecstasy. It’s like a and what I’m seeing in the schools, that’s why I’m still in La. Because I want to see what’s going on. I’m seeing all the good teachers who are combating the woke teachers.

They’re getting fired or they yeah, of course they are. That’s how they’re doing. That’s bullying. But that is bullying. Yeah, it’s a different kind of bullying. That’s why it’s important that you express that to society. And then that’s why all these private schools are full. 50 grand, 60 grand. They’re all full because nobody wants to go into these La USDS. They’re crazy. And people are homeschooling too. Homeschooling is like the safest nobody’s part of home school.

I mean, first of all, then again, you might raise a weirdo. You might raise a kid that’s like secluded from everything and he grows up to be a hermit, you know what I mean? He just hates society. Yeah, but the thing is with home school, you want to be in school because you want to interact with your peers and your other students. And then that’s part of growing up.

And you want to have friends. And parents are hard to home school, especially if you’re a single parent. Sorry, I know it’s supposed to be light, but no, it is what it is. There’s a lot under my mind and one of the reasons I came up with that podcast. And we can get you on the show too, down the road. Absolutely. So dude, let’s talk about when you hit rock bottom, man.

Because everyone hits rock bottom. I hit rock bottom. Everybody hits rock bottom. Some shit happened to you. Do you want to go into that? Are you comfortable about talking that? Are you not comfortable? First of all, to me, rock bottom was getting hit by the critics, by the cult, by Hollywood. A lot of my material in underground comedy movie, this movie right, was lifted and put in another movie called Something About Mary.

I showed it to Guy Osari, first of Gaio. Sari remembered my first movie, the public access movie. When you’re in the 80s, guy O. Sari is the manager of Madonna. And this was 1996, early 96. I was looking for celebrities to be in my movie. I finished half of it and I’m walking around looking for celebrities that chat to him on Mon and Kyle. Sarah was having a party.

I didn’t know who he was. I was just walking by. He goes, hey, Vince. I go, hey. Hi. Who are you? I’m Guy. I manage madonna. I’m like, oh, okay. I mean, eating mean, I found out later, but he was having a party, a birthday party. And while I’m talking to him, Adam Stanley walks, comes out and says goodbye to him. I’m like, whoa. Leo DiCaprio’s driving by in a convertible with his models or whatever, waving to guy.

I’m like, who is this guy? Well, he’s the guy who can maybe help me put some celebrities in underground comedy movie, because I’m the one in it. I don’t have any celebrities except Joey, butapuco Michael Clark Duncan wasn’t a big star yet. And I’m like, oh. I said, hey, I’m glad you’re a fan of mine. I’m remaking that public access into a movie. Would you mind helping me maybe procure some celebrities in it? He goes, yeah, I’ll show it around.

Send me a rough cut. So I sent him a rough cut. He shows it to Ben Stiller, Stephen Dorf. I see them two months later in a party on Wilshire and the Macy’s Building at a party, and I come up to him, hey, did you guys see the movie? And bounced. Yeah, I saw. It was great. And it was a little loud. Steve goes, yeah, I love it.

Steven Dorp. And then I call guy O’sarri the next day. I ask him, hey, I think he was hungover. In hindsight. I didn’t know I wasn’t drinking back then. I was still in the cult. And he was like, yeah, he saw the movie, but he doesn’t want to be in it. I’m like, okay, no big deal. Anyway, three years later, I’m sitting watching Something about Marion and there’s like 13 scenes in my movie.

They ripped you off? Yeah, and I can send you back when you get a chance. And anyway, that happens in the music industry. That happens in every was it was it would have been difficult to sue them in court. I was also still programmed from the didn’t have my whole my whole nomenclature was the cult. I came here from Israel at six years, mom, I was single, mom, I didn’t have any siblings, and she spoke in broken English.

So in some ways, when you’re blind, your hearing gets better. Yeah. I couldn’t express myself very well. I couldn’t put combined words with deep thoughts. So my visualization, I think, helped enhance right in turn helped I think helped me write comedy. Because then I can see a little bit better in terms of where the line is, how far I can cross it. I’m very visual. A lot of the comedy is very even the slap chop.

I’m throwing things in the air, I’m throwing things through a window. So I’m always thinking that way. And then again so that visualization helped me, and I think that made me a little bit more I think it’s like I said, it enhanced my ability to look at things. And then now my nomenclature, my lexicon has been better since then, but it took a while. Anyway, that’s the one area in the 90s that was really affecting me.

To me, that’s the down. Right? But I was always happy because as a spirit, I’m like, oh, I’m not in a cult anymore, okay? I don’t have this. Can you talk about how you broke out of it? How did you get out of that? Okay, well, when I left my lawyer, I hired a lawyer, and he deprogrammed me in the woods in San Francisco with the big trees, redwood.

They were walking around. He just helped to program me. So deprogramming is another thing that’s important, because, like I said, remember the tangled ball of misinformation? You got to do it on a step by step incrementally. You can’t hit them hard, especially if they’re really and that’s funny you say that, because that’s exactly what’s happening to society right now. We are slowly with podcasters, with people like myself and other people.

We’re slowly deprogramming programming this captured mindset that we’ve been captured in for decades, since the beginning, and this is now the exposing that’s happening right now. We’re untangling that web of mind control. Really? That’s what’s happening. That’s why it’s so important for you to keep pushing it and hitting, fighting. It’s great that you were a fighter physically, but now you have to be like, a fighter spiritually. My dad was a Jedi in Israel.

You got to be so much more of a Jedi now. Yeah, you got to be more of a Jedi. That’s right. But I think your experience really helps with definitely an area, like you said, about bullying, and that’s what’s going on. It is psychological bullying. And like I said, because I was in a cult, I left the incident. There was an incident in Miami. Obviously, I didn’t know how to party.

Do you want to talk about that in the bank? Do you want to talk about that or you don’t want to talk about that? Talk about it real quick. So something happened in Miami. It was, like, with a hooker. Look, I just got out of a call. I still don’t know what my mission is. Obviously, I’m getting famous. Not me personally, the commercial. I didn’t know I was that famous.

Yeah, but no, you were getting famous. You were getting big. Yeah, I was getting famous. I knew I was people seeing me, but I’m not watching every channel, but I know I had $20 million in the bank. This is after taxes. And I didn’t know I didn’t know how to party. I was 20 years in a cult. I was repressed sexually, to be honest. I mean, it’s a reading cult.

It wasn’t a sex cult. But anyway, so I was reading a lot. I don’t know. I had 14 hours of alcohol in me. I never had that before. I got my nails done at, like, 01:00 in the afternoon, and they gave me alcohol. And then we just kept going. A friend of mine brought a bunch of so you never really drank? No. Whoa. I was getting wasted at home.

Really? Wow. Yeah. It was a crazy life here. Okay. I started drinking at 34, 35. Wow, that’s late. But I wasn’t drinking hardcore like this. I mean, I never drank in the afternoon, and every time I drink when I was in a cult, I have to write myself up. It’s like a snitch program on yourself. You masturbate. You got to write yourself up. Really? You try to have sex with somebody to hold yourself accountable.

Yeah. You got to take it really accountable. Listen, I do believe a little bit in that in that you have to have a little responsibility, because I believe sex like I said, I’m kind of like the kid looking at things for what it is. I believe sex is made by the higher power. Obviously there’s a higher power. You’ll get eyes, nose, digestion system. We’re definitely made by something.

So I believe that sex is made for procreating. Make sure family unit is intact. The guy doesn’t run away, but I think we’re abusing that. But when I was in the cult, it’s reversed. It’s, like, completely nothing. Like I said, when I got out, I had 14 hours of alcohol. I mean, I was, like, four in the morning. I couldn’t talk to anybody. I probably wasted 100 grand, which is nothing to me at the time, because it was so much money.

I had just been buying champagne bottles for every table, and I think I was just a mess. You were wanting to just be accepted, bro. You were just trying to be liked. Exactly. And I just didn’t know how to. That’s all that is. Yeah. And long story short, I mean, nothing really happened. In fact, I changed my mind. I was letting the girl go, and then we got into a fight.

Bro, if you knew my stories yeah, see, that’s why it’s great when you come on my show. Then we can really take your story will be a Boy Scout story, bro. Okay, let me just tell you, all right? I said that’s Boy Scout stuff compared to this. Exactly. I could tell you about the donkey show. Okay? I could tell you about the donkey show, all right? My Russian mom kept me in before I was even in the cult, my mom kept me she had her own cult.

I was secluded in my own room. She was like, Russian women are very strong. I have another friend, actually. His name is Steve out in Austin. He just broke out of a cult when he was 19, and his family turned their back on him. He hasn’t talked to them since. And it was a religious I guess some kind of I don’t know what it was. A Christian something, but very they had a community out west or something.

I don’t know the whole story but he told me the story, how he broke out of that and how his whole family turned on him. And these are serious, man. It’s serious. And people take it very serious. Especially when you’re like the one, the kid that’s looking for freedom or trying to break away. They try to make sure they will ostracize you, they will cast right you, they will kick you out.

They will never talk to you again. They’ll make your life hell. Yeah, in the beginning it’s all great because there’s some good listen, they take principles from other resources and combine it together. But then if you leave, they put some false principles there later. Like, hey, if you leave you can get killed, you can get sick. And then also if you talk to him, you’re going to get cancer.

So there’s some false even probably, right? But then they throw in this other ethics principles to be inclusive and be kind. But then there’s to a point it’s not a blanket thing. I mean, you can’t be kind to somebody who wants to come into your house and steal stuff, right? Got to let him be a robber. He wants to be a robber. No, you can’t let that and that’s one question I’ll probably ask you in the podcast.

It’s like you’re an athlete and you probably talked to a lot of athletes. I play hockey. Like if I elbow someone, they want to beat me up. How come they’re not beating up anybody? A male going to a woman’s bathroom, especially daughter’s bathroom. Why don’t they stick up for that? Dude, because they go crazy. Because you get mad at them. It’s the other it’s flipped. It’s completely flipped.

So now if you say anything, they’re like, how dare you. What is wrong with you? The equal rights. I mean, it’s gone off the track. Okay? Yeah, but these guys are like hockey players. They’re tough guys. I don’t know. I wish I could understand this. This is the problem is that nobody’s allowed to have the conversation. So this I would beg. Let’s try to put that on Ninoscorner TV because I didn’t want to talk about it.

Folks, you know where to go to find me. I just stay safe on this. And people know always selling out. I’m not selling out. I just know to keep the town square because of the thing. Yeah. And then go to my other channels where we could talk shit all day long on there. Okay, maybe we can cut that out. Then it’ll be edited. Okay. I’ll tell you, it’s going to change if they ever put someone in WNBA, but they don’t want to mess with the black community.

You put someone in NBA, LeBron’s going to come out, he’s going to switch. Some of them are questionable anyway, bro, if you ask. I mean, I’m a great basketball player. I’ll probably beat everybody. I love basketball. I remember maybe I’ll play basketball. There was a time in high school where one of the collegiate players, she was like, one of the best at UTEP. I can’t remember her name, but I was in high school, and she know, I’ll take you on.

I’ll play you this and that, and I beat the crap out of her, and I wasn’t even that good at basketball, and it just destroyed her. And I was like, Man, I don’t even play basketball, but I’m still a guy, and I’m still strong. You know what I mean? But I’ll never understand it. There’s a girl right now, there’s a woman champion boxer trying to fight champion men boxers, and it’s got to stop.

We got to stop pretending. We got to stop this. I look up to the sports guys, though, obviously, but everyone’s scared, bro. Everyone’s scared. Nobody wants to say anything. I just can’t fathom them being scared. Me? I’m scared. I’m Jewish. Brooklyn. Italian guys are tough. Irish guys are tough. I’m Israeli, so I’m a little more alpha male than most American Jews because alpha males are from israelis are a little more alpha because we’re in the army.

But I know they’re alpha males. They’re 100% alpha, and they should just stand up. You don’t see it, I know, but you’re seeing more UFC fighters and fighters come out and say, hey, man, this is wrong. Epstein island, that kind of stuff. You’re seeing that stuff, but really picking up the torch and lighting the way it’s just a few of us, man. And it’s got to grow because people are scared.

But I think if you do a survey with 95% of the people, they’re going to say, yeah, of course it’s ridiculous. It’s that 5% that’s using the Internet to make themselves look bigger, right? And the institutions are controlling what are being said. And that’s bad because that’s what’s going on in China. 99% of people don’t like what the government’s doing, but that 1% holding the institutions, right? So obviously with Twitter that’s turned around and creating that illusion that they control it all that’s that illusion that people are scared of is like, everyone thinks like this, and if I say this, I’ll get a brick through my window or someone will beat up my sister, or it’s just it’s gotten out of hand.

And the only way we got to start pulling this back. That’s why I’m hoping you and me can start the torch, at least with getting the comedians to follow us, because comedians, you guys can’t say anything anymore. You’re walking on eggshells and Jews in Hollywood. We’re becoming our own worst enemy. I saw this at the comedy show just recently. I saw it. I saw how they were all holding back.

Every single one of them holding back, be politically correct. And guess what? People don’t want to fucking see that, right? The thing is, if you want to say it within, how about we could just say whatever the hell we. Want to and we shouldn’t have any restrictions. That’s the way it should be. All right? I’m sponsoring you on my next whatever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? Remember that.

Remember when you were a kid and you learned that what has happened, man, I mean, dude, you’re a great salesman. I should hire you know what? When I retire, I’m putting you, uh what is it? I’ll make you the protege and then I’ll be a fighter. I’ll be your protege. We’ll do a works do, like a reality show. So, Vince, man, this has been a pleasure. What’s the name of your podcast? The shama guy show.

Just the shama guy show. It’s on YouTube. The shama guy on YouTube. Like I said, we have a couple hundred thousand followers, so hopefully we’ll catch up to you. You’re doing so well. I’m going to definitely go on your show. Come on our show. Absolutely. All I got to say, if I can give you any advice on that, is follow the community guidelines, dude. Don’t mess that up.

And have other channels. Have a backup rumble and have a have a, like, I have a Ninoscorner TV, so I know where to space my stuff. I know where to put my stuff. So my YouTube is I put the stuff that’s G rated PG 13 on YouTube. Everything else goes rated Rxx, whatever. Ninoscorner TV and rumble. Right? Nowhere to put everything. Guys are snapping out of it. You guys have control of that institution.

You guys are going to be better. Look in the mirror. Self reflect. You got to have both sides. I’m Jewish. I don’t even talk. Let him stay. Exactly. Everyone should be breaking bread right now. Everyone should be breaking bread right now. We should be having conversations with everyone. YouTube, I’m praying for you. You guys are going to do good. I think they’re doing a lot better. They’re letting things out more.

I know. The wokes are just the hecklers. They’re like one out of a hundred or one out of a thousand. Not even. I say one out of look, big, don’t be scared, YouTube. Do the right thing because we’re all meeting at the end. We’re all meeting at the end. We won’t have a body. We’ll see each other. We’ll see exactly what you did. You got to do the right thing because it’s going to be worse later in the spiritual world, better in the real world.

That’s true, man. So, Vince, thank you for coming on, man. Like, seriously, bro, you’re more than welcome to come on anytime, folks. Get the champau now he’s doing the champau. The shamwa guy show. October 5 is when you’re starting. Yeah, and I might even put the in the underground Connor movie that got banned in Hollywood. I might even put that on my YouTube channel. The shamois guy on YouTube.

What was it? The inappropriate the underground comedy and the other one was what? Yeah, well, the other one was a public access show which created the underground comedy movie that I was in. And then I had a lot of money, so I just made this movie with a bunch of stars, paid them a lot of money, but that was really all. Joe Rogan loves this movie. Inappropriate comedy underrated inappropriate.

And you can get that on Amazon? Like, I can order it? Yeah, you can get on Amazon, but I get the rights back there’s. Ari Shafir teaching Anna, Akana how to drive in the Asian driving school, and she slaps him and beats him up. I got to watch that, bro. Inappropriate comedy and yeah, so it was fun to write. And on inappropriate. I worked with Ari. He did a lot of ad libbing, but I put him in that position to ad lib, and he hit a home run, hit it out of the park.

Dude, you’re welcome on my show anytime, man. If you want to talk politics, I’ll put you on Enoch’s Corner TV and we’ll do that. Oh, all right. That’s for your website. Yeah, we can hit that. Thanks for all that info. That really helps. Yeah. And then, dude, I want to see you come back with flying colors, man. I want to see you just be awesome. And then don’t forget at the end, we’re all going to be truth.

Always prevails. It might just have a few dips, but I think the trend is going to come. It was 30 years of stealth, and now it’s just all out in the open. It’s just going to take a little bit of time, but it’s all going up with help from you because you’re ahead of your time in what you’re doing. Thank you. And I’m hoping hopefully I can add and emulate what you’re doing.

You’re doing it. And bro, listen, we all make mistakes. I made thousands. Thousands. Let me tell you. It was always alcohol induced. Maybe we’ll make a movie. Okay, you know what? I’m going to try to get an investor. Hey, LeBron James lives down the street from me. I might knock on his door and say, we got to make a movie about you. Film. I said hi because I knocked out his first cousin.

Oh, really? Okay. But he was tough. He was actually really that’s how I started. I was knocking on doors, selling solar system. That’s another time we’ll talk. Sorry. We’re getting too heavy. I know. It’s good, man. That’s good. This is awesome, man. So, Vince, thank you for coming on, brother. Thank you. Appreciate it. Was my first time doing a podcast. I think I did okay. I know I screwed up a little bit, but no, you did not.

You did not. You did great. You did great. God bless you. All right, let’s keep in touch. God bless. Take it easy. .



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