Republican Shills For Gun Control Days Before His Election Against Brandon Herrera

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➡ A Republican representative, Tony Gonzalez, is facing a run-off election after supporting a gun control law, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. He argues that the law, which has prevented over 500 school shootings, is more about mental health and safety than restricting gun rights. Despite criticism, Gonzalez stands by his decision, emphasizing the need for more action to keep children safe in schools. He also brought $5 million to a local school district for a quick reaction force, demonstrating his commitment to safety.
➡ Brandon Herrera is running for office and needs your vote to replace the current office holder who has been dishonest. Stephen Willaford, a hero who stopped an active shooter, confronted Senator John Cornyn about his role in passing the Safer Communities Act. Cornyn responded that the President wouldn’t sign it and that the Gun Owners of America, who support Herrera, have filed a lawsuit. The author encourages sharing this information, especially with Texans, and reminds everyone to stay safe and vigilant.


A sitting member of the House of Representatives shilling for gun control! He’s supposed to be a Republican, he’s a Rhino, and he’s been key to getting a big piece of anti-gun legislation passed. Oh yeah, and his run-off elections tomorrow. First off, I hope you all had a phenomenal Memorial Day weekend. Hope you were able to give thanks and remember those who gave everything for this country. That is what Memorial Day is about. It’s not about flippin’ burgers and dogs. Alright, Tony Gonzalez is a representative in Texas District 23 who just happens to be in a run-off election tomorrow, the primary, against my friend Brandon Herrera.

You might have heard of him, AK Jesus. He was on Face Your Nation, and he was shilling for gun control. I’m gonna let you hear it from his mouth, and then I’m gonna give you some facts. We’re joined now by Republican Congressman Tony Gonzalez. Good morning to you. Good morning, thank you for having me. So you mentioned that run-off election, and in this primary challenger you have faced, that’s the 28th. In the initial, you received 45% of the primary vote just short of that 50% threshold. I want to ask, because last March you were censured by the Texas Republican Party, and you connected that to the votes that you took to help get the bipartisan Safer Communities Act through the Congress.

Do you feel that some of the challenges you’re facing now are because of the work you did after those school kids were killed? You know, Margaret, you cannot be afraid to do what you think is right. You’re never gonna get it perfect, but you have to fight for the things that are important to us. Keeping our kids safe from being murdered from crazy people, that should be important to all of us. It shouldn’t just be talking points. We shouldn’t just blame someone else. We shouldn’t just talk about mental health. We should actually do something about it to keep us safe.

The Safer’s Community Act has prevented over 500 school shootings from happening, but that is only the start. We have to do much, much more. I’m not afraid of that vote. I’m not afraid of this run-off. I ran very hard in order to win this election, and I’ll keep delivering for my district. It sounds like you’re saying, yes, that that vote hurt your prospects in your district. I am in a run-off for a reason. On your point, though, Donald Trump is campaigning saying he’s going to appeal back all of Joe Biden’s restrictions on guns. There weren’t a lot of restrictions on guns in this community, Safer Community Act, but you’re telling Republicans don’t repeal this.

You’re telling Donald Trump don’t repeal the work he did. I’d argue there weren’t any restrictions on guns in this bill. This was a mental health bill that got spun as a gun control bill for the different, you know, advocacy so they could campaign against it or campaign for it. What it did do is it provided mental health resources and it gave background checks to minors. I’m OK with background checks. Americans should be OK with background checks. We have to do more to keep our kids safe in school. My kids go to school with a bulletproof backpack.

You should think about sending your kids to school with bulletproof backpacks. It’s not fair. It’s not the world that we grew up in, but something has to change. And it can’t just be words and it can’t just be pointing blame. We have to solve real problems. We have to debate the issue and we have to solve real problems by bringing money back. One of my community projects, I brought five million dollars back to the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio for a quick reaction force, essentially a SWAT team for the local ISD. We’re going to get into this.

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Give them a call today. One eight hundred two six zero five zero seven five again. One eight hundred two six zero five zero seven five or head over to There you go. Now before I tear apart what he said. He also in the beginning of it that I didn’t show you because it’s not pertinent. He also defended Joe Biden during this border crisis where we’re being invaded in the southern border by people from all around the globe who shouldn’t be here because they’re not doing it the legal way. They’re breaking into your home. He said that it’s Mexico’s fault because Mexico is undergoing an election next month for the president nine governorships as well as their Congress.

So he wants you to believe now his district is Texas twenty three along the border of Texas and Mexico. He wants you to think it’s Mexico who’s rounding up people from places like China. Come on in all the military age men people from the Middle East. Come on in. Military age men. And they’re the ones doing this and pushing them through. So their elections go better. Well Tony Gonzalez shield for gun control. He mentioned that five hundred number before I get there. He was one just one of the 15 rhinos who sold out Americans voting against the Constitution by passing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Bipartisan Safer Communities Act had a lot of bribe money for states to enact red flag laws which violate your second amendment.

Your first amendment your second amendment your fourth amendment your fifth amendment the tenth amendment and more. I’ve covered red flags ad nauseam and there are also some changes to some definitions that the ATF then took because that’s what they wanted and they then instituted a new rule on engaged in the business. The universal background check rule the force sit private citizens to get a federal license to sell firearms to sell one gun in their collection. It’s it’s crazy. Now we’re going to go back to that here in a second but that 500 number that he is saying where they saved 500 school shootings.

Well this guy is such an ass clown. He’s just saying that literally right out of his rear end because the 500 number isn’t people who were looking to shoot up schools. What it was was 500 he says miners 518 to 20 year olds who had to undergo an enhanced background check brought to you by the bipartisan safer communities act an unconstitutional extended background check on top of our already unconstitutional background checks. Which allowed them to go further into the background of somebody who was 18 to 20 year olds so into their juvenile records and stuff like that and they give me if you get into a fight as a juvenile.

You can then be denied a firearm when you are an adult. Now these same miners according to Tony their miners these 18 to 20 year olds they go to war for the country. They can get married they can start businesses. They can take on astronomical debt at any of these you know wokey type universities and stuff like that. They can enter into contracts so they’re adults and everything else except for defending themselves which is an unalienable right that shall not be infringed. So that’s the 500 how many people were actually denied background checks by something that popped up in their enhanced background check.

They’re not miners and Tony also didn’t tell you the amount of people who of that 500 who ended up getting approved because they appealed and thus it’s not really 500. They’re they’re fake numbers that they’re throwing out. So he also pitched this and saying that it was a mental health bill that was kind of bastardized by the powers that being turned into a gun control bill. Well you should have known that if you read the bill I read the bill here in my channel and told people what was going to happen and it did. And so this is the new messaging by the people who are in trouble.

Tony’s in trouble. He was censured by the Texas Republican Party the GOP in Texas and he’s in a run off tomorrow with Brandon Herrera. Vote for Brandon Herrera get this piece of trash out of office and kick him down the line so he can go back and be a dirtbag. Wherever he was before he came into office and just lie to people and whatever 500 miners to lies right there. Now where do we see this. How do I know this is what their new messaging is going to be. Well this weekend my friend Stephen Willaford a hero in Texas.

He hates when I say that a hero. You might have heard of him as the barefoot defender. Stephen is someone who did the right thing when times were tough. He took on an active shooter and ended the threat barefoot defender ran out barefoot and engaged with his AR. Stephen’s a hero an absolute hero. He had the opportunity to confront John Cornyn the senator who was the person who got his party to flip and create rhinos to pass the bipartisan Safer Communities Act in the Senate. So Tony was a key part in the House and Cornyn was the kingpin in the Senate.

And here’s what Cornyn said when confronted by Stephen Willaford. That’s not ever going to happen because the President’s not going to sign it though. And so Gun Owners America also supports his African subscriber. But also the Gun Owners of America is supporting them. We filed a lawsuit actually that got the judge to put a stay on the court Texas and Gun Owners of America also. So I think we’ll win either in the court. Unfortunately I don’t know whether we’ll get enough votes to get the court. We shouldn’t have to find it in the court. It costs so much money.

Unfortunately it seems like too many things will be decided in the court since it is successful. Well it costs a lot of money to fight over the court. I know. You got to keep moving I apologize. Thanks Stephen. Good to see you. Glad question. So there you go. That’s how scared they are. They’re lying through their teeth. Vote for Brandon Herrera. Vote against court. And I think he’s up in like three or four years so he’s good on his current bid. But guys we need to remember who did what against our second amendment and boot them.

And Tony Gonzalez should be booted tomorrow in the primary in Texas. If you don’t live in Texas do me a favor. Share this to five either five people or five locations like Facebook your Twitter your Instagram. So that people see this because people in Texas need to know what’s going on. Guys and gals I appreciate you oh so much. I’m going to do a video tomorrow to tell you about a lesson I learned while I was in Atlanta. One that I think people can benefit from. It wasn’t a good one. It was painful. But I’ll see you with that one.

Have a phenomenal remainder of your Memorial Day weekend. I love each and every single one of you. You are your own first responder. So be safe stay vigilant and carry a gun y’all. Take care. [tr:trw].

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