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➡ Jim Fetzer talks about news from January 15, 2024, which includes the issue of what’s happening with the Palestinians. There’s a plan to make Palestinians move to other countries, but this idea isn’t seen as lawful or fair.

➡ Netanyahoo tried to push out the people of Gaza for 97 days, but has only been able to affect 1% of the population. Buildings there have been damaged by bombs from Israel and the US.

➡ One official from Israel wants to create a way for Palestinians to move but is worried about how the world will react. They’re scared it might be viewed as forced resettlement rather than a choice to move.

➡ Israel has been accused by people worldwide of ethnic cleansing after a bomb in 2000 destroyed most of the housing in Gaza. Volker Turk, who works for the UN as the High Commissioner for Human Rights, insists that Palestinians have the right to go back to their homes.

➡ In a chat with Craig Murray, who used to be a British ambassador, there’s a detailed description of a big international event that people from all over the world attended. Many people believe that this event could be a key moment in the history of global human rights law.

➡ Inside the event, a team from South Africa described the harsh situation in Gaza in a calm and thoughtful way. The judges seem uncomfortable with the strong case against Israel, and might try to find legal issues to avoid ruling against Israel, the US, and the UK.


Keep it out. Got a good reason for taking me to it out now. It was a day trip up. One way to keep it. Took me so long to find out, I found out. I this is Jim Fetzer, your host on authentic news right here on RBM Live this 15th day of January 2024, simulcasting on speak free radio every report that net Yahoo has been beating the bushes that if I define some country where it can ship off the Palestinians, this is technically a transfer.

It’s not even legal with regard to innocuide population. Net Yahoo to Congo, Jordan, Egypt, Chad, Rwanda. Who will rid me of these pesky Palestinians? Antiwar blog after 97 days of his genocidal ethnic cleansing of 2. 3 million Palestinians in Gaza, net Yahoo has only wiped out 1%. It’s actually a tad higher as thousands of innocents lie dead under the rubble of over 100,000 buildings destroyed by israeli and us bombs.

At that rate, it’ll take them 9700 days to complete the clearing of Gaza for the greater Israel. What to do? Yahoo hatched up a plan to speed up palestinian removal symbol push them into other poor countries seeking financial incentives. An israeli official told the Times of Israel, the business is very complex. We must promote this channel, but be very careful of the reactions of the world and also the fear that it will be interpreted as a transfer and not a voluntary migration.

That’s why we work with close legal advice. Close legal advice or not, once Israel with Uncle Sam. The 2000 bomb blew away 85% of Gaza’s housing. Charges of genocidal ethnic cleansing began zeroing in on Israel from around the world. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk described Israel proposal, saying those 2 million displayed Palestinians have the right to return to their homes. International law bans the forcible transfer of protected person within or deportation from occupied territories.

And that’s why Israel does not have the right of self defense. These are occupied territories now. George Galloway is a very intriguing Brit who’s got an interview here with a former british ambassador. That is very comprehensive. I want to share every word with you folks. Just want to take a moment. That is not a single donation. Please welcome honorable Craig Murray. Craig, thanks for joining us. I hope your bones have thawed.

I’m past the age now where I can safely sleep on a sidewalk, on a pavement, in a sleeping bag in the Hague in January. But you did it. So before you get into the nitty gritty of the case itself, kindly paint for us a picture of what the whole scene was like, of what the whole experience was like in the egg. Well, it was extremely difficult to get in.

The public gallery admits 14 people. For a case of world importance, 14 people were allowed in on the first day. There were eventually perhaps 400 people in the queue for those 14 places. I had to get there literally at 02:00 in the morning and start queuing up. And that day, that first day, I didn’t have a sleeping bag and it was minus five, it was very cold. And I stood there till 06:30 in the morning when they finally gave out the passes for people to be admitted.

But it was a good atmosphere, all 400 people who were trying to get in. Every single one of them was a fervent supporter of the Palestinians, I think. I would say there was an excitement about it. People believed this was a chance for justice, a chance to actually do something, and a chance to hold the perpetrators of genocide to account. It’s also worth saying that Jeremy Corbyn and Jean Luc Mellinshaw both turned up to be in the public gallery, both of them slightly cheated in that they had somebody stand in for them for a while.

But they both still nonetheless, turned up themselves at 530 in the morning and stood for 2 hours in subzero temperatures, queuing to get in. And of course, once the event started, there were many thousands of people gathered outside to support people who’d come from all over Europe. People had come from. I met people who’d come from Australia, I met people who’d come from Pakistan, I met people who’d come from Peru and people who’d come from West Indies.

So it really was quite a gathering of like minded people. And there was a definite feeling that this was a major turning point in history. Either international human rights law and the idea of international courts and international justice was going to prevail, or we’re going to see that all that is a thing of the past, that essentially United States and the United Kingdom and their allies have destroyed the idea of international law and that the only law is force and the ability to kill your opponents.

And that was the real feeling of the event. I think this is an absolute turning point in history where the international community and international humanitarian organizations actually stand up to the United States or they are effectively finished. It was a red letter day inside, wasn’t it? I have seldom seen, witnessed an unrelenting, brilliant, unanswerable case pressed for hours by such talented counsel as I saw on Thursday in the south african case.

Did it feel that way to you? It did. It was electric at times inside the room. And I thought, what was particularly brilliant was that the south african team took a definite decision not to rely on emotion and theater. They could have produced literally thousands of photos of dead children, of maimed children, of mutilated children. They could have appealed to the emotions in a very direct way because of the appalling things that are being done to the people of Gaza.

But they deliberately did not do that. They didn’t show one single atrocity photo. What they did was very calmly and rationally set out the absolute horror of what is happening in words. And the words piled up one after another. But there was no theatrical or emotional delivery. It was reason, pure, hard reason, setting out the arguments, setting out the facts. The facts were so horrible in themselves, you didn’t need any more.

And certainly in the south african delegation, which I could see below me and in the public gallery, there were tears in people’s eyes. The problem is, of course, the judges, and the judges just did not look comfortable. To my mind, they looked like they did not want to be there. They’d been put in an invidious position where an unanswerable case really has been set out against Israel, which means against the United States and the United Kingdom as well, because they are obviously implicated in providing the weapons and support and intelligence and surveillance and everything else.

Kurt, I’m sorry, what are the judges to do? They look like they would love to find any way of getting out of this because they are establishment people. Of course. They face the difficulties that come into your life if you stand up against the United States and Israel. And they very much looked like they would love to find a way out of it. The only times they really got animated is where procedural questions were being discussed, where questions of jurisdiction were being discussed, and the question of whether or not there was possibly an argument that South Africa didn’t have standing to bring the case or the court didn’t have jurisdiction.

Those kinds of things were the only things that really made them animated. And it was fairly obvious if they could find a way to duck this, then they would. Craig, I talked to another british ambassador, retired british ambassador, yesterday in London, who incidentally recalled the days when he used to read your dispatches from Uzbekistan and opined that these were dazzling, brilliant dispatches, although, as he said, focused on human rights, which, of course, is what got you sacked.

You were over focused on human rights, according to the labour foreign secretary, Jack Straw at the time. But as a man so long in love with the idea of international law, of human rights and so on. And I confess I never really was. I always felt it was lipstick on a pig. I always felt there was no such thing as international law. Where do you stand now as much a dedicated defender of the international legal structures and systems and so on, or do you feel, especially if this case goes the wrong way, that it’s over, that all that stuff was for the birds? Three surprising reasons why you can’t go to the bathroom.

Number one, what? The skin and the seed. Sorry about that. Well, you’re right in that my entire working life and career, both when I was in the Foreign Office and outside, has been dedicated really to trying to make the rule of law, the rule of international law stick and international humanitarian law stick. The greatest blow was dealt, of course, over the war in Iraq, where the UK and US invaded Iraq with their allies, not only without having Security Council agreements, but in the direct knowledge that the Security Council disagreed.

After months and months of trying to get Security Council agreement, they could not get. And I said at the time, but what we are doing to the United nations is what Hitler did to the League of Nations or Mussolini did to the League of Nations when he invaded Abyssinia, for example. So I think that was a huge blow. Whether the structure of international humanitarian law could ever recover was an open question.

There was another huge blow when the International Criminal court decided that it could not prosecute Bush or Blair over the Iraq war and then decided it could not prosecute british soldiers over offences committed in the Iraq war, even ones which had been committed after the Statute of Rome came into effect, because their excuse about Bush and Blair was that their actions were before the statue to Rome came into effect.

So that was another blow. And I think it’s difficult. It’s difficult to hang on to belief in the system. There have been many ICJ judgments over the years which have been respected and does look, for example, as though eventually Britain is moving towards respecting the ICJ on handing over control of the Chegosar islands to militias, for example. So there are occasional beams of hope. But no, I mean, in this case, the case for genocide is so overwhelming, so unanswerable in logic, and this is such a major thing.

This is a genocide being carried out before the eyes of the whole world in an age where, despite their killing of journalists, everybody’s been able to see it. And no, I shall give up. If this court ruling goes the wrong way, I will have to decide that the only hope for oppressed people is in armed resistance and there is no effective chance ever of remedy through the international system.

And I should be very sad to reach that conclusion. But I do think that is where this is potentially leading. Now, the right to protect that bogus substitute for international law, the United nations and the rest devised by the aforementioned Tony Blair and Bill Clinton in the Chicago doctrine, turns out to exist for shipping containers, too. We have the right to protect shipping containers on israeli vessels or on other vessels going to or from Israel in the Red Sea.

We have the right to make war on a sovereign country, Yemen. And now we’ve had three days of relentless bombardment, almost 100 targets across the country, and today a port. Yesterday, the airport, the Sana International Airport, yesterday, we’re now at war with Yemen. I say we effectively, I mean the US and the UK again, because although there are one or two satraps acting as Batman for the occasion, the killing is being done by UK and US troops entirely without legal justification on an international level and even the rubber stamp of a parliamentary vote.

We’ve been killing Yemenis all my life, Craig, and all of your life. Yeah. I mean, it’s entirely illegal in international law. Vainly, there’s no justification for it. The Yemenis block shipping lanes to try to stop the killing in Gaza. And we respond to that by killing Yemenis as opposed to by stopping the killing in Gaza, which would be the more logical way to reopen the shipping lanes. And as you quite rightly say, this has a long, long history.

Yemen was conquered by the British during the first afghan war, in fact, back in the 1840s, and has a long and noble history of resistance. Of course, in the latest phase, for the last decade, we’ve been killing Yemenis through really using the proxies, the Saudis as proxies, but armed with british, largely aircraft and weapons and bombs, and supported by british special forces, and with maintenance of all those weapons systems by british personnel based in Saudi Arabia.

This is just, if you like, the latest and most blatant phase. It’s very horrible. I want to just move on, though, to day two of the ICJ hearing, which was just astonishing. I’ve only just published, literally in the last hour, published my account of day two, partly because it was so difficult to write, because the things the Israelis were saying, you couldn’t believe they were saying them. You just could not believe this actually was seriously being said in a court of law.

They said, for example, that the reason there were so many damaged civilian buildings and infrastructure and houses in Gaza was that they’d all been damaged by Hamas booby traps and the misfire of 2000 Hamas rockets. And it hadn’t been the Israelis who had damaged the infrastructure at all they said that there are now 50% more food trucks entering Hamas every day than were entering before October 7. They said they had found incontrovertible evidence that every single hospital in Gaza was used by Hamas as a military base.

And that’s just some of the stuff they were saying. And it was quite incredible. It was all Bobe sat down and thought, well, how do we tackle this? And then they said, well, let’s just respond with totally outrageous and unbelievable lies to everything and thus make a mockery of the entire proceeding. It was really six, right? There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. Corporate media dominates the american opinion.

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For the time being, Russia’s med has warned of a nuclear response if Ukraine were to hit missile launch sites within Russia. I think in general, Russia’s handled all of this with Ukraine exceptionally well. This may have been a mistake because they’re saying what they will do if something specific happens, that it would be very easy to arrange for hitting their missile launch sites if they want to precipitate a nuclear war and generate a nuclear response.

So I think it was inadvisable to be so specific. It is medved and not Putin, so there is a leeway there. But nevertheless, I think that probably was not the right thing to say. On the other hand, you obviously want discourage hitting your missile launch types. Meanwhile, the US embassy has confirmed the death of this wonderful dual us citizen, Gonzalo lira. In a ukrainian dungeon. He apparently developed double pneumonia.

He was allowed to die. There are philosophical issues about being allowed to die and outright killing, but I think there’s no question the responsibility lies with the ukrainian government and that this was all purposeful and intentional. Now, attacks on Yemen have led the Houthis to declare that all us and UK assets in the region are legitimate targets. And I think that’s absolutely right. These are fierce warriors. Here, let me share what Hal Turner had to say about them.

They don’t follow your movies and tv shows. They’re not bothered by your media or social media. Psychological warfare is utterly useless against them. They are natural born fighters. Really? No kidding. Their life goal since childhood has been to fight America. The last will and testament passed down from their ancestors is to liberate Palestine. At the very least, they have four or five years of military experience. Wars, actually, in various terrains.

They have all written or recorded their life wills in audio and video format. Martyrdom for them is a tremendous source of pride for their children, family, village, province and country. Their poets fascinate, glorify war more than any law, flirtation or romance poetry. They all obey their leader, the great Abdul Malik abander Aldin Alhuti, with absolute obedience. Their only fear is a punishment and wrath of God if they fail to support the people of Palestine and backtrack on their support.

They love death as much as you love life, if not more. I’m reminded of the saying, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight and the dog. These are ferocious warriors, and the US has committed a colossal blunder here, and we are going to pay for it. How have we responded? With additional strikes in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, which, of course, had been engaged for war with them for eight years or so, and finally worked out a truth because they could not defeat them.

And mind you, the Saudis have all the money in the world for all the best equipment, and then they were using american made planes, american made bombs and all that, and still could not defeat them. Does not want this to happen. They’re highly vulnerable. They have all their oil refineries ahuthis could take out at a moment’s notice, which would wreak havoc economically in the west, and I do not rule that out.

Meanwhile, there’s all the issue being raised about whether Biden has violated the constitution. Article one, section three, which requires a declaration of war. I have no doubt he’s violated the constitution, but he’s in the George W. Bush tradition, viewing the constitution as just a quote w a goddamn piece of paper. That’s how these people feel about it. They’re utterly lawless. They don’t give a damn. They don’t give a rat’s ass.

They’re going to do whatever they want to do. And remember, the american congress is controlled by Zionists by Netanyahu. So in my opinion, if you envision Netanyahu as our commander in chief for foreign affairs and envision George Soros as our president for domestic, you get a pretty idea what’s going on here. Have no doubt about it. Thus fears of a wider war being observed. One prominent critic has warned that renewed us strikes on Yemen mean not only will the Houthis not be stopped, but the broader war that Biden ostensibly seeks to prevent will likely become a reality.

That’s even from common dreams. And you want to appreciate common dreams is a left wing website. We’ll be right back. Look at all the lovely people. Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been. Listen. A dream waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door. You are tuned in to the Republic Broadcasting network. Visit our website by going to republicbroadcasting.

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Consultations are free and we provide a free title search to confirm if your mortgage has legal defects. Email tom@republicbroadcasting. org t o m@republicbroadcasting. org we have Iran lauding South Africa for its courage. And yet, and this is to me extremely bizarre, Germany is arguing that Israel is justified in defending itself. And yet, as I’ve reported before, the russian ambassador of the UN explained, these are occupied territories and they do not have a right of self defense.

They have an obligation to protect the lives and security of the occupied territories. So Germany’s all wet. Israel doesn’t have a leg to stand on. And frankly, I believe that the horrors here are so horrific, the evidence is so overwhelming, that the complicity of the United States and now Great Britain in these horrors, I mean, going after the Houthis who are standing up for the Palestinians, who are trying to interdict shipments to Israel when they have declared war on Israel, they are acting properly.

The US and the UK are not. And I’ll say as well, I believe there’s kind of a writing of the balance in terms of international relations after this United States is going to have no special privileged position among the community and nation. None whatsoever, in fact, is going to be held massively in contempt for the immorality and the abuse of its power here. The UK is going to suffer greatly.

Russia is emerging stronger and stronger. The Houthis are going to be lauded in the annals of history as among the greatest fighters for human rights that the world has ever known. I mean, this is all laden with irony. Get this too. Panic in Israel, Iron Dome fails massive explosion to destroy israeli oil rig in the Mediterranean Sea. I say it couldn’t happen to a more deserving population. Now this is troubling.

DeSantis doesn’t oppose Israel’s ethnic clean cleansing in Gaza. This is coming from the libertarian Institute. During the latest GOP debate, governors Haley and DeSantis argued which candidate would give more support to Israel. DeSantis pledges support Israel even if it conducts an ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Haley said. She has a record of fighting for Tel Aviv. This is just embarrassing. This is shocking. Neither of them is worth a damn, in my opinion.

I used to have some regard for DeSantis. He has, as Haley said when asked, could you say something positive about him? That he’s been a good governor? He has been a good governor, but in international affairs, he’s not just a mediocrity, he’s described himself as a war criminal. This is God awful. Meanwhile, and this is actually extremely interesting, Reuters publishes the specter of Donald Trump hangs over DeVos listen to this.

The most talked about person. DeVos will be nowhere near the Swift mountain result next week. That would be this week, as politician financiers and chief executives converge for this year’s World Economic Forum. Donald Trump will be 7500 km away in Iowa, starting his quest to win the Republican Party nomination for the third time. Even so, his possible return to the White House will pervade DeVos discussions on topics ranging from Ukraine, China trained to climate change.

Trump is not the only political figure absent the 2800 business and political leaders who made the trip, however, will hear from Chinese Premier Lu Kwang, French President Manuel Macron, newly elected Argentine President Javier Mila, secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Jack Sullivan. White House national security yet the specter of a second Trump administration will loom over many of these panels, bilateral discussions and drink parties during the week take Ukraine, whose President Zelensky is due to address attendees on Tuesday.

That would be tomorrow. European diplomats fear a re elected Trump would gut off american aid, support for the country’s war with Russia and they may follow through on previous threats to withdraw from the NATO alliance. Any longer term decision about providing financials for rebuilding Ukraine or what to do with frozen russian financial assets. Also hinge on who winds up about the White House. They’re worried about a Trump presidency, which I tell you belies the claim that he’s part of a WEF, that he’s some kind of globalist or zionist.

That is bullshit. I tell you again and again, it is bullshit. And whatever concessions or acts Trump may have made, I do not, in relation to deferring to Israel about the embassy in Jerusalem and all that, I do not believe he has in any way abandoned putting America first. He would close the border, bar none. Have no doubt about it. He’d undertake a massive deportation program. Absolutely, 100%.

Have no doubt about it. He would get us the hell out of Ukraine. He would allow support for the genocide in Israel. I don’t believe he would do that either. So my opinion is he’s getting a lot of bad press, unjustifiably. Meanwhile, get this. It turns out that Mark Milley, the then head of the Joint Chiefs, withheld the National Guard. Remember, Trump won a national guard there. It turns out that Milley, even though he wasn’t directly involved, uses influence to hold back the national Guard so that the Democrats could fabricate the events of January 6 to use them against Trump.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley is trying to hijack the New Hampshire primary. She’s got caught saying things she regrets. Here’s an interesting piece. Why Michelle Obama won’t help Joe Biden. And of course, we know Michelle is not who she is cracked up to be. Why not help? Because she wants to promote her own candidacy. She wants to run. So this is her way. Now she’s talking about politics. If she were really concerned about the future and tenor of the country, she’d be on the campaign trail with Joe Biden.

She is just about as concerned about him as she is about Donald Trump. This is her way of sending out a little canary into the coal mine to see if it lives. And I think this could be the beginning of her campaign. Every poll shows Democrats would welcome a new candidate, as even liberals believe. Biden is too old and unelectable. And I’ve explained, I believe, in fact, we’re going to have a Biden replacement.

We got others who know. We got an expert from JP Morgan predicting. Here it is. JP Morgan reveals Biden’s exit date. This is a guy named Michael Semblance, chairman of market and investment strategy for Morgan. He says Biden’s going to step down for reasons of health after Super Tuesday and before the Democrat convention in Chicago. And I’m telling you, he’s got a right. They can’t run with Biden.

He’s an absurd candidate. They’re going to slip in. I do declare Gavin Newsom and Michelle as his running mate, and we’ll find out if the public is eager to vote for a man with breast implants and a huge shaving bill. Meanwhile, Representative Nadler has let a quiet part out loud about why Democrats want illegal immigrants by the millions. And there are multiple reasons. Here’s what Nadler said about the illegal immigration crisis, or vegetables would rot in the ground if they weren’t being picked by immigrants.

By illegal immigrants. And the fact that the birth rate in this country is way below replacement level, which means our population is going to start shrinking. So evidently not only wants the migrants in here to pick the vegetables so they don’t rot in the ground, but to reproduce like rabbits. But of course, they’re also counting on these people to vote Democrat. And after having had their clock cleaned in 2020 and only being able to survive by massive theft of the election, you can well see why they’re motivated to bring them in by the Bushel basket.

Meanwhile, a booming southern population is being described as bad news for Democrats. The US census. This somewhat goes against what Nadler is saying, but it’s a demographic distribution that matters. Here released its annual population estimate on December 19 showing population growth in the southern United States is outstripping the rest of the country, which could have ramification for Congress in the 2030 census over the past year. And why Nadler is worried about shrinking.

The US gained over 1. 6 million, bringing the population to just below 335. Population growth was fueled by us migration returning to pre pandemic levels and the decline in the death rate, according to a press release accompanying the Census Bureau’s estimates. But mind you, they want to continue to kill Americans. The vax is a way to do it, believe me. Here’s a situation we may anticipate. KSM is going to be tried for 911.

My goodness, does anyone understand how absurd this is? The Department of Defense invite the media to cover pretrial proceedings in the case of the United States versus Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who of course was supposed to be the leader of the 911 of head, along with Osama bin Laden. But as I’ve endlessly explained, Osama was our man in Afghanistan. Osama was instrumental in getting stinger missiles into the heads of the Muhajadine, which they used to shoot down helicopters, soviet helicopters and planes, and drive them out of that God forsaken country.

He was an officer in the CIA. He actually was Colonel Tim Osman. And officially the agency visited him in the hospital in Dubai shortly before his death from his medical maladies on 15 December 2001, he was buried in an unmarked grave in accordance with muslim tradition. By the 26 December 2001, both CNN and Fox had picked up on his death and had reported it thereafter. While I was chairing scholars for 911 Truth, we were reporting on phony Osama videos, fake osamas, that they weren’t consistent with his manner of speech, with his manner of writing, with his physical appearance.

It was all nonsense, all rubbish. And then Barack Hussein Obama found it politically expedient to resurrect him and have him die again a decade later in a stage raid on a compound in Pakistan where none of the residents of community ever laid hide or hair on Osama bin Laden. Where the owner of the compound most certainly was not. Where it was all rigged. Actually, Leon Panetta was. Then the director of the CIA blew the COVID when they issued a photograph showing a group of Obama officials.

Hillary Clinton and others watching a big screen was supposed to be watching the event go down in real time when he explained there was no video coverage for the 15 or 20 minutes, which was a total duration of the event. Leon Banetta. Just one more way in which we’re lied to. Phony baloney. Unbelievable, awful stuff. Meanwhile, we have the caucuses taking place in Iowa today. If all goes according to Hoyle, if it’s legit, and in Iowa, they tend to be legit.

Carrie Lake is predicting a massive Trump victory. He was leading by 50. He had like 50% of the support. The rest was distributed among the other candidates. This is happening today. This is going to be worthwhile. But I guarantee you, way back when actually Tulsi Gabbard appears to won the Iowa, you remember when they couldn’t get the count right? That’s because the wrong person won. And when Tulsi carried the day, they had to redo all the numbers they had and hold it off.

We didn’t even hear about it after New Hampshire. We’re getting reports, by the way, that Nikki Haley is trying to rig New Hampshire. Here’s one of these reports. Is Nikki Haley trying to hijack the New Hampshire primary? Republican candidate has mounted a strong effort to steal the New Hampshire Republican by packing it with crossover democrats who claim to be independent. New Hampshire campaign based on attracting nonrepublicans to vote against Trump and its working unlike most states, New Hampshire permits independents to vote in the republican primary.

New York Times exit poll from the 2016 primary showed 35% of the votes were cast by independence. The current poll suggests with no contest on the Democrat side, Democrats are flocking to the republican primary and going to cast 45% of the vote. That’s significant since both CNN and USA Today polls have Haley beating Trump among New Hampshire independents. CNN has Haley at 43, Christie 23 Trump, 17. USA also has Haley winning by independence by a lesser margin.

Haley 36 Trump, 26 Christie, 23. For Haley’s support among independents, a manifestation of broad based electoral appeal, those voters are not in either party. It would be a show of strength worth considering, but it isn’t. Rather, it’s the result of a stop Trump campaign largely waged by Democrats and Democrat leaning independents. Their flirtation with Haley is entirely opportunistic. They just want to defeat Trump, and afterward they’ll go back to voting for Biden or actually Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama.

Meanwhile, today is Martin Luther King Day, and I want to tell you a little about his death, which is not as we have been told, but James Earl Ray was no more responsible for the death of Martin Luther King than with Sirhan Sirhan for the death of Bobby. Nor was Lee Harvey Oswald for the death of Jack. It’s just outrageous what goes on here. Oli Domagard has given any number of reviews about the work of William Papper was James Earlway’s attorney who has exposed what really happened.

That was a special forces sniper team there, but they had to move him out of a very secure hotel downtown, but was white owned, and they manipulated to get him to the lorraine, which is far less secure, in order to be able to take him out. I’ll be right back. My name is John, the founder of Blackout Coffee. And I started blackout because I really love coffee. I’ve always loved coffee.

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Even after Ray’s conviction and death, Pepper continues to adamantly argue Rey’s innocence, about which there really can be no doubt for anyone who’s actually investigated this myth shattering expose. To wit, the book the Blot to Kill King is a revised, updated, and heavily expanded volume of Pepper’s original, bestselling, and critically acclaimed book, orders to kill, with 26 more years of research included. The result includes dramatic new details about the night of the murder, the trial, and why Ray was chosen to take the fall for an evil conspiracy, a government sanctioned assassination of one of our nation’s greatest leaders.

A plan, according to Pepper, was for a team of United States army special forces snipers to kill King. But just as they were taking aim, a backup civilian assassin pulled a trigger, something you do not know or very few. Martin survived the shot. He didn’t die on the balcony of the rain motel and was taken to a hospital more distant than necessary, where a racist physician had declared he would polish him off.

And when he arrived at the hospital, he sent everyone else out of the emergency room and smothered Martin Luther King to death with a pillow. That’s how bad it is. Now, Oli Domagard has given a series of interviews relating all this and related to his own research on MLK. He did one with Project Camelot, Kerry Cassidy, for example. I’ve interviewed Oli about it. I’ve done interviews on David Zublic, dark outpost about it.

And I encourage you to track down one or more or get the book, because just as in the case of the other great murders of the COVID up was extensive, the patsies were blatant indeed because the shot had been fired from bushes in front of the Lorraine. They immediately went in and cut down all the bushes. They destroyed it just as they took away all the rubble and debris from 911 in New York City to get it out of the way.

I mean, this is just absolutely standard operating procedure. Jay Edgar had a major role here. Turns out that Martin had a weakness for white women and that Edgar would have these sessions recorded and then sent the audio tapes off to his wife, Coretta Scott King. I mean, many of our greatest leaders have their weaknesses, but have done great things for America, for which we applaud them. I’ll be right back and take your calls.

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We have several lined up already. Paul in New Jersey. Join a conversation. Paul. Hello, Mr. Fetzer. Greetings. Hey, listen, I want to call about, a little bit about Alex Jones. Then I wanted to go into Vivek Ramaswami. Yeah, I tell you, Alex Jones has got a problem, in a sense. He has an inability to assess character. He really can’t. He’s, like blind to the issue. Maybe it has to do with ratings.

Maybe it’s just to pat his show with guests. We need to remember back about. I guess that’s about 13 years ago. He befriended the HIV horror master and wife batterer Charlie Sheen. Remember that? He had a friendship with Charlie, and he’s hanging out with him. Sure. And then he dropped him like a hot potato. Right, which Alex often does. Then he befriended the likely murderer John McAfee and never confronted him about the death of Gregory fall and police, which to me sounds like he murdered his neighbor.

And the way he behaved after the death of Gregory fall. Then, of course, he lets Kanye west come on a show with a gimp mask and just got all behind. Supposedly Kanye was going to run this year, I thought, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. And now Alex Jones has Vivek Ramaswami on. And I really urge you to look into this, Jim. This guy is a greasy con man, right? You look back of how he gained his money and made his money.

He started up some little company called Axovans, which was a drug company. And basically they bought the rights to a drug from Glaxosmith. Klein sold very cheaply called interperdine for $5 million. And so what he did was he ran up the hype that this was going to be a miracle drug for curing Alzheimer’s. He ipos the stock. And before you know, it, it came out. He raised like $315,000,000, and eventually the company was worth the value.

Market value sold to $3 billion at $200 a share. Right? And get this, his company had only eight employees of this whole $3 billion valued company. Eight employees. Three of them were Vivic, his brother, and his mother. And I would argue that Vivic seems to be a member of a crime family, because I think that’s what ultimately went on. So eventually, what Vivic did in 2015, when the stock was still about $200 a share, he bailed that.

Well, he transferred some of the stock to a new company called Rio Van, and then he sold his shares for a nice $35 million gain. Right. Then, of course, in September of 2015, out came the news that the clinical trials, this wonder drug, was really just complete nonsense. Didn’t work, and the stock totally collapsed. And now it’s down. Like, I don’t even think it exists. And I think they renamed it and the company is defunct.

But he had already switched over to this new company. See how it works? So it’s an know, like, pump and dump driving up a lot of hype was on Jim Kramer’s show. They have an interview with him. And really, he is the Elizabeth Holmes. Remember her? Of the company, Theranos, the blonde? Go ahead. I’m not sure I recall, but go ahead. I got comments. She was a very attractive girl back around in the.

She came up with this phony company that was basically going to do blood tests through a computer, and it was going to do all kinds of complicated blood tests, and she got involved with all kinds of people in the same pump and dump kind of hoopla. And a lot of wealthy people, even Kissinger, fell for it, and some other people fell for it and lost money on it.

And so it’s the same kind of typical business, and he profited off it and then switched to another drug company. You can tell the character just by that alone that this man has scammed his way into making, they say, a total, about $950,000,000. And what he is doing is he is following the Trump recipe into the White House, which is, say, what people want and get elected because it works, because everybody craves populism.

Everybody wants the government to do what we all collectively kind of know what we want from government on our side, or at least in the republican camp. Balance budget, all government, actually, all the things Trump promised in 2016, border control. Right? And so vivic is basically following the Trump recipe. And I’m just amazing at the people who are not looking into his past, not looking at the shady financial dealings, and know, like, getting on board with this obviously trickster who, as I would argue, was not even a natural born citizen because he was raised by two foreign parents at also one other thing, he also was flown for many vacations in the summer back to India as a child.

So I’m just amazed watching my fellow white Americans getting behind this guy just because he’s the slick operator and he’s saying what they he’s. To me, he’s basically a kid and a newcomer. And I’m just amazed that Alex Jones and others among the conservative movement, in a sense, they’re so desperate for somebody to do something, they’ll just jump on a bandwagon with any kind of skeptical analysis or scrutiny about this man.

And I urge people to go to Wikipedia and look up Vivek Ramaswami and look up his shady dealings. And I’m telling you, this man is totally unfit to become president. And it’s really a shame this is going on. Jim? Well, Paul doesn’t look like he’s making much headway. I mean, didn’t even make the final round of debate, which was Justice Santas. And, you know, I think that worked badly for Haley because the more you see of her, the less you like her.

I’m surprised you model him after Trump. Of course, I think Trump is much more the real deal than I infer you do. But in fact, there’s a story. TikTok had a little video showing Ramaswamy modeling himself after Barack Obama, not Donald Trump. In another story that didn’t make it today, will be on tomorrow. Trump has denounced Ramaswamy as not mega. He’s pretty strong on him. It kind of surprised me because for all of his appearances, I’ve actually liked what Ramaswamy had to say.

Now, I know that’s part of your theme. He says things people like, but he’s saying a lot of things, people that are not popular, that I think are actually exactly right. But that doesn’t mean he could not be the con man you describe. And it appears Trump has reached some similar conclusion about Charlie Sheenan. All that and Alex, way back when. This is now, 18 years ago in 2006, when he had his American Scholars conference on 911, where he invited me to be the founder of Scholars for 911 Truth, to be the keynote speaker.

When we had the panel discussion, or it may have been the day before, all the four of the panelists, Stephen Jones and Bob Bauman and Webster Tarpley and me, were all members of scholars which Alex moderated. He introduced me to Charlie Sheen backstage, but Charlie does appear to be a dubious character. On the other hand, if you consider the number of individuals with whom he know, just statistically, you can figure there are going to be some that aren’t as good apples as others.

Shall we say, Paul, offer rebuttal. By way, your final thoughts. But, I mean, you’re raising interesting issues, and I’m glad you have called in. Go ahead, give us your final thoughts. Well, if you’re going to have any of these people on these shows as a guest, like Ramaswami or John McAfee, at least ask them the tough questions. Ask Ramaswami about what happened with that drug, the interperdine, and how he was able to parlay that into quick 35 million based on a used drug sold off the cuff by Galaxosmith Klein because they knew it wasn’t functional.

And then basically, that he as a salesman was able to drum up the cost of that company based on one drug to $3 billion and then bail out at its high before the crash. Sounds like obvious skullduggery. I would hope the financial people, investigators look into that. And also it shows his salesmanship ability, that he’s able to drum up all this and raise money from all these characters.

So that shows that he is charismatic and a slick salesman. But I think I can confirm that because I’m very skeptical about political figures. But I have liked his appearances in these debates, and some of the things he said were so spot on. Paul, listen, thanks very much. I’m sure we’re going to have more with the caucuses and all the primaries. Ramaswami will come up again and again, and I have a couple of stories related to this for tomorrow.

Thanks very much for calling in. Layla. Yeah, thanks, Paul. Layla, I’m delighted to have you here. The floor is yours. Yeah, I have to agree with Paul. I think Rama smarmy is simply smarmy. First time I saw him speak, I started out feeling very impressed. By the end of his talk, I felt like I just had a tube stuck down my stomach pouring in a bunch of grease.

I felt sick to my stomach. The guy. And what is wrong with Americans? Why can you not look to somebody who’s been here at least two generations, never mind the skin color, never mind anything else, someone where you can trace their background, find out who. And yes, parents, family matters, history matters, because you are influenced by those who raise you and you adopt their morals, whether or not you intend to, you should be here.

Never mind what the law says, that was when everybody came from the same continent in Europe, and most everybody and everyone had the same goal. Freedom, religious freedom and integrity and hard work and no welfare, no rip off. Especially a drug company. Come on, is there any drug company that’s legitimate? Even all these fake pharmaceuticals? Who do you think makes the pharmaceuticals if not another chapter of a big drug company? That’s why they call them nutraceuticals.

Or have they changed that now? Excuse me? They’re natural. They’re not natural once they’re pulled from the ground. If they’re in a bottle and they’re packaged and processed, none of those are natural. So anyone like that, forget it. But anyway, back to. I do have a question. I was quite taken aback by the intensity of Renee from North Carolina. And what brought me back to a more reasonable view was Francis, at the end of the last show last week, said, if one call is ridiculous, all calls are ridiculous.

I thought, ok, let’s give Renee a fair chance. She’s obviously angry about something and she may not have expressed herself well. I would like to ask Renee, you talk about white heterosexual men with such disgust and contempt. Are you white? Are you african heritage? Are you french canadian? Which I think you are. From your first phone call, it sounded like you might have been descended of the french Canadians, the Akadians, who were forced out of just literally deported by the Brits.

And it was a brutal act, and a lot of them ended up stopping different places along the east coast, in the US. Are you one of my personal information? It’s none of my right to ask, but if you talk about white heterosexual men, are you gay? Are you deprived of your privileges that way? I’m really kind of curious why you’re so angry. I think you have a good reason, and I think I would really like to know what it is.

I had an interesting email from longtime correspondent Beverly, who was saying she thought Renee had been misunderstood, that Renee was really poking holes in over know and hasty conclusions because one person in one category does something bad, therefore they all do something bad, which, of course is logically fallacious, and that she was just drawing a counterexample by if some heterosexual men do offensive things, and God knows some do, does that mean all heterosexual men are objectionable? I think bever, I think Renee knows how to speak very well.

I’ve heard. Yeah, I’m just. Layla, we’re not hostile to different opinions. That’s the whole point of RBN. I’d really like for her to explain why she keeps attacking white heterosexual men. Because there are some white heterosexual men on our show that I think really make RBN what it is. There’s something as a gate crasher and coming to a party where she’s not. Remember Layla? Layla? I really bumped her out talking about ideas rather than the parties, who was at the arguments.

But what I like about Beverly, she was suggesting that it was Renee’s rhetorical style, that she was giving a counterexample to over generalization and using white heterosexuals as the target. Because it’s so easy, so easy to over generalize. That was the most sympathetic take. But look, Renee monitors the show. She’ll probably call out later today and respond. I’d like to, because if she is of french canadian origin, then she should know that the French Canadians are some of the most, as a group, some of the most brutal.

And they’re white. And most of them, they were bisexual. Think of the french guillotine. Think of what the Quebec wa did in 1970 in Canada. So let’s hear what’s so great about those who are not white heterosexual. Now, on that subject, I have to really praise the people of african origin. They have done a lot to help build this country. They were stolen away from their homeland. Africa was exploited by white men.

Whether or not they were heterosexual, we don’t know. But the Africans were horribly abused. They were robbed of their countries, of the resources of their countries, and as a result, that certainly set them back by many generations in terms of their abilities to get ahead in their own countries, not to mention the disadvantages they had here in North America. So especially because of South Africa, I think what is great is South Africa has shown us what dark skinned men can do and dark skinned women as well.

I think we have to stop judging each other by our skin and look at our culture, because culture influences our value, including religion. Let me mention western christian culture. Hey. We’ll be right back after this break. Stand by. When I was young, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody’s help in any way. Now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured now I find a chamber mine I don’t help me standing six foot four, weighing 245 pounds of crime fighting, political science, analyzing broad.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Patrick Slattery. Mike, get off this anti cicada agenda. I’m a born again traditional christian, and my favorite possessions are right here on my nightstand. That would be the King James Bible and my 357 revolver. I’d rather be ruled by China than jews. Call it with the anti semitic remarks. Right? Just because you steal an election and terminate the republic doesn’t mean you terminate the people in the republic, because we’re still here.

I’m not taking the vaccine to you, Bill Gates. There was a way forward still on January 6, what needed to be done is to object to every single state. The Covid-19 virus was the setup. The vaccine could very well be the bioweapon. The Patrick and Jeremy show Tuesday at nine central and Wednesday at one central. Charles de Gaulle once said, actually, it’s difficult to envision in this regard any other criterion, any other standard than gold.

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So I’m going to put her on first, and then I’ll come back to you. James, Renee, join the conversation. Beverly got it. She got the point. I was only because of so much bias in one direction, trying to bring people back to kind of the center insanity because of the extreme. Know. I tell you what, you gave me the laugh of the day, Layla. You referring to me as angry? That’s kind of the pot calling the kettle black.

Okay, so the thing, know, with all the angry rants we have been listening to for weeks. So the thing is, I have to agree with Paul, kind of absolutely. Vivek Rimaswami. It’s not because he’s brown or from whole. His links to the pharmaceutical industry made him completely unacceptable. And I agree with Paul in what he says about telling us what we want to hear, that whole populist message.

And I agree. Part of his playbook does come from Donald Trump, as well as Barack Obama, as well as a lot of others. And, you know, being from here and being here for generations does not guarantee us that we’ll have a good man either. I prefer the man being in the leader. I’m 100% white and heterosexual, and I actually prefer being kind of submissive and letting the man lead, except when he’s gone the wrong way.

Okay? Their sense of entitlement, often that they get to be the one who leads and rules and controls everything. It’s like, whoa, buddy. Even if they’re immoral lion scumbags, okay? And there is. There’s a lot of this. God gave me the right, and I get to hit it. To sit at the head of the table and you serve me no matter how badly I behave. Yeah, that don’t play with me.

I really like it. And no one admires a good man that has a good moral compass, okay? And has moral courage, let me tell you. I so admire that. In fact, most of the podcasts I listen to are men, and most of those are white men, okay? There’s an occasional indian doctor. I like some jews, okay? Because I was glad to see that his name’s slipping my mind right now.

I can be terrible about that. Not Glenn Greenwald. Max Blumenthal. Max Blumenthal. I just found out that from Max Blumenthal that yeah. RFK Jr. He is not independent, because you know who’s backing him? Who’s giving him his money? Sheldon Adelson’s wife. The same Sheldon Adelson Zionist that gave Trump over $100 million. Okay? There’s no one good to vote for. In fact, like I say, oh, no. I was one of the big Ron Paul supporters.

I gave money, we gave time and effort and everything. And he’s been here for generations. And he’s supposed to be a good conservative, white man, heterosexual family man. And that little son of a gun turned out to be a freemasonic little snake that sandbagged. Okay. In fact, I’ll never forget this one time. John Statmiller was going on. He was going, well, you know, he educated a lot of people.

Honey, I got the phone and I called, and wait, I could tell after I said this, he was registering what I said, I said, let me tell you something. I said, you know what? When we biked Ron Paul, we didn’t sign up for the education tour, okay? We signed up to get him to be president, to do something, not for the education tour. Yeah, he had a grand little ride money, and he had a great time with all those cheering crowds and making money, and he sandbagged that little son in law.

His turned out to be a little scumbag. I think they finally caught up with him. I remember seeing a while back some article about, I think the justice was finally catching up with him. So that’s no guarantee either. If you all want to get a meme started that could maybe get us somewhere, is that people need to get over the fact we run on blackmail and bribery. I so enjoyed what you played at the beginning of this show, because people.

I’m sorry, the good old days were not all that good, okay? Our justice system runs just like a casino. They have to let somebody win occasionally. So we keep believing if we work hard enough and we keep trying, blah, blah, blah, we can get the system to work and we might get just. It’s kind of like winning the big pot on the slot machine. Mostly it don’t happen, and it was not good.

And exhibit a. I’m sorry, Renee. Take a deep breath and we’ll bring you back right after this break. Stand by. Here comes the. It’s all right. You’re listening to Republic Broadcasting network. Real news, real talk, real people, because you can handle the truth. Homeowners, are you in foreclosure expecting to be served with a foreclosure lawsuit or suspect your lender has coerced you? Into an illegal mortgage transaction. A huge number of mortgages made in the last ten years have legal issues and are possibly defective.

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com. And join the social media revolution. Up slowly. Got juice, you apple. He wants holy roller he got hair down to his knee, got to be a joker he just do what he please. I’m very pleased to have here. I’d just like to make a couple comments about Rama Swami. You can’t say he was just saying these people want to hear because no one else was saying them.

I mean, he was distinctive among those who are continuing in the debates and calling out January 6, avenging Trump, Ukraine and Israel. I liked what he had to say, renee. Now, maybe the guys go ahead, but that’s just it. They always tell us what we want here. I’ll be the first. But, Renee, the others were not doing that. He was saying things different. Exactly. And we love it.

We love it just like we loved it when Ron Paul did it. The point is, for some reason, a lot of white people have this double standard stuck in their head where they can see when somebody different, the other, which is referred to, does it, but when their own kind does it, it’s like there’s several blindfolds on them where they just can’t see it. Like I said, ron Paul, exhibit a.

Okay. And he meets a lot of criteria of what most people would tend to want to trust. But our system has been a fraud from the beginning because, okay, a treaty is a legal contract. Yeah. The Native Americans signed, like, over 200 of them. Okay. Yeah. And we broke every one of them. That’s right. And where was the justice system for them? Where was it? Right. I’m telling you, the whole thing is a scam.

It’s all a scam, the whole thing. I call it the Con job institution based on my experience. Based on my experience, because they don’t follow it. Based on my experience with a judicial system. I can’t argue with you, Renee. Give us a tie together. Give us a final thought. We got James very patiently standing by because I wanted to go to you first. Go give us some final thoughts.

Well, like I said, thank you, Beverly. Thank you so much. Because it went over everybody else’s head because of their bias. The point I was trying to make. In other words, y’all want to see the wrongdoing on those who are different than you, but you just can’t see it. And that until y’all do, we’re going to continue to get fooled. Like I said, it’s not Ramaswami’s color. Like I said, he is.

He’s taking the pages from the playbook of many others that have come before him. Because I admit I like a lot of what he has said, but I don’t trust him either. How, after I have been taken by, would I do? People keep falling for this game. And I’m sorry. I think a lot of you people that are the trump believers, I’m sorry, I think y’all are doing the same thing.

And you know what? This is funny. Know, I find it. Know a lot of these older, white, heterosexual men might look at a young man, he’s got fingernail polish on or something, and they find that really off putting. But they can go with a man who bleaches his hair blonde, swirls it on his head with spray net and puts on orange makeup, and they think he’s the second coming of christ.

Renee. Renee, who do you think out there? If anyone can do good for the country, who? If not, who? Zero. Zero. I don’t see anyone. I wish I had someone to tell you. I don’t see a soul, Renee. I love it. I love it. You’re so feisty and so articulate. I love your calls. I got to turn to James now, who’s been very patient. James in North Carolina.

Join the afternoon, Dr. Gosh. I’ve heard so much. I’d like to respond to, but let me get something in quick. I happened to see a news item earlier today that Lloyd Austin was released from Walter Reed hospital but will be working remotely before he goes back to the. We’re not going to see. Are they waiting to get a body double for him? They’ve been looking for one. I’m sure of it.

I was just curious. You’re certain that he is now dead? That’s my opinion. He’s dead now. I have heard another report, simply that he was wounded and he’s in the hospital, but not for the reason of having the prostate cancer. But it was because he was seriously wounded. I think he’s dead. I think the assault was so massive. The stories they’ve given are so absurd. I think he’s gone.

May he rest in peace. I was never a fan of Lloyd Austin. I thought he was a gigantic pos. But there he is. If he’s gone, he’s gone. And I don’t shed any tears over it, but the idea they’re playing out this fantasy scenario. You see, they’ve got a script now, James. They got to let him out of the hospital. And then what? Yeah, working remote. We’re not seeing hide nor hair of him, are we? No, not yet.

I’d say they’re going to use a hologram for him to submit his resignation with an abject apology. They’re doing something like that. I mean, this is just absurd. Go ahead, James. I know you got other issues on your plate. Yeah, I think you also mentioned. Well, let me just get this into that. Mentioned that I think you said that there’s probably at least one or maybe more body doubles for Biden.

He’s been dead for several years, right? 2017, by my best estimate, yeah. Well, I have no doubt about that. I just wonder how many others are in Washington. They’ve been playing games with Federman. They’ve got a new fetterman every other day, it seems. I mean, the Federman was virtually incoherent. Brain damage. Now they got a guy who’s very articulate. Something’s going on there that deserves scrutiny. Yeah, that’s od, too.

Let me mention one thing, and this deserves more time than I’ll be able to give it, but something that Layla mentioned, that the blacks who are indigenous to South Africa are now doing such a good job governing what’s going on in South Africa is one of the most vicious, violent genocides that has ever taken place against the mean. You can find it if you take the time. That’s what’s going on.

If you look at the speeches of the leader, what’s his name? Rama Fosa, I’m not sure there’s several others that have made just the most vicious genocidal speeches you can imagine against the whites who are still living there. I don’t know if Layla has looked into that, but she should. And like I say, there’s really not enough time to go into it. But I’ll just mention that for anyone who wants to look into it, and they should.

Good, James. Good. You got a further thought? A final thought? Whatever. More than one. Do you have a final thought? James, do you have a final thought? No, that was my final thought. I’ll leave it off at good. It’s good, tom. You’ve been real patient, my friend. Tom, join the day. Good day, Jim. Good day to everybody. There’s a lot to unpack here with the last two callers, Renee and last caller.

A lot to unpack here with this, but before I go, dad. Jim, I’ve been thinking. I was watching this thing about before I go to south Florida, the bomb cyclone. We’re going to talk about the bomb cyclone. But before I go there, I’m wondering, I’m watching this crap with these UFOs, and I’m saying, hey, they got these satellites on outer space, and they can pick up your tag on the streets.

They can read your tag, but they never have a clear picture of a UFO. How come these satellites can never find. They can send a telescope to tele. To look at the Hubble telescope. They can’t find what a real UFO looks like. Is it a triangle? Is it a pyramid? What the hell is it? Is it a real life? And they got these cameras on redwood forest. They put these cameras on these trees and they see how fast they grow, how many inches they grow.

I’m like, they can check out. Find out how fast the tree is growing, and they know pretty much how fast the light is going with a laser, but they can never have a picture of a UFO. But anyway, let’s go back to the real know. I hear Renee talking about white men. I want to remind Renee we’re the majority. The white males in this country were the majority.

They never intended for the blacks or anybody to vote. When voting came through for their founding fathers, the ones that were supposed to be voting was only white men that own land was supposed to be. Supposed to be a landowner, owner, and educated. Okay, Jim, can you hear me? Tom, remember Renee said she’s a white heterosexual, and she likes men who take the lead. She just likes them to be competent.

Yeah, well, she’s absolutely right. She’s absolutely right, Jim, but here’s what I want to talk about. Now, listen here, Jim. I’m going to give everybody an RBN, a little history lesson, okay? About this. Okay? I’m hearing about this bomb, cyclone. I’m hearing about all these people up north are freezing their butts off. Okay, let me remind everybody, okay? South Florida, okay? I’m talking all these from Broward county, even West Palm beach, all the way down to Key west back in the 1920s, predominantly run by 90% white males, heterosexuals.

Okay? If you were to look in all those counties, now that I mentioned South Florida, which has probably the greatest weather in the United States, other maybe than San Diego or Sedona, Arizona, you can look it up. But actually South Florida is a little better weather. All those white people up there are freezing their tails off. They’re stuck in their houses for days. And all these minority groups had brought Haitians, they brought all the Cubans, the most prime property in South Florida.

Was called the Magic city. Who allowed that, Jim? Was it John F. Kennedy? I know you like Kennedy, but was it the Democrat party? Was it John F. Kennedy allowing the cuban missile crisis to go down? I mean, why did these Cubans go back to Cuba and defend that island? Why did they stay here in the. Was a wealthy. It was the wealthy Cubans whose land had been nationalized by Fidel that came to the US.

I mean that had to do with, that had to do the domestic politics of Fidel Castro. They didn’t like it when he took their land and nationalized united food and economic copper. Jim, that’s the problem because you remember when Castro took power in Cuba and Broward county still got, you got some anglo whites and in Palm beach, but in South Dade county and even down there, they’re buying up all of key Largo.

And you have Chinese buying up a lot of land in Key Largo. Believe it or not, they had it in Miami Herald. Chinese are coming down here buying up all this land. What the hell is going on? I have to agree with know. White males are supposed to be tough. White males are acting like a bunch of cowards. Or either that or they’re murdering all off. They’re murdering us off.

They’re killing us somehow with DNA tests like Bobby Kennedy said. You remember Bobby Kennedy, who’s running for president right now, said they’re using something with the COVID to kill off the white population. You remember they told him to shut his mouth. You remember that, Jim? Yeah, but you know, he’s actually said Israel has the right to slaughter the Palestinians. Which really just blew my mind that a Kennedy should say that because he’s afraid they’re going to slaughter him.

Because I’m starting to realize this giant called ball and you were talking about Castro. Do you know who Fidel Castro’s family was, Jim? You know who his family was? Go ahead. They were the Fidel Castro. He never called his name Fidel Castro. He always went in school. His name was Fidel Castro. He went by the last name Rus. He was a sephardite jew. And Robert Reebolt talked about this years ago.

They are so powerful. That’s unbelievable. And you know what? You know who’s financing them? The bank of the Rothschilds. And you look at the whole scenario now what’s happened in the United States? White males are becoming a minority. In the next 20 years, 30 years, we’ll be the total minority. What’s going to happen then, Jim? They’re killing us off with all these freaking diseases. The white males are not even alpha no more.

They’re all gone homosexual or they don’t even want to have girlfriends. Well, with some exceptions like you and me, Tom, I mean, we’re not going that way, and there are a whole lot of others. Listen, Tom, tie it together. Give me some final thoughts. Tom. Well, my final thought. Know, we hear all these great callers, and you have wonderful callers that call you, callers that are great, never call in, which is very sad.

There’s someone that can even name all the great callers that should be calling in your show because they have such great points. But I see what’s going on with the white male population in the United States and how weakened it’s got. And I got to say this. I think I have to disagree with Renee. Donald Trump is the only guy we have that actually brought out illegal immigration.

He said they’re committing crimes. The gang problems. All these third worlders coming in here don’t care about our constitution. So I like to ask, Renee, what other white male, what other alpha male ever did that as a ran for president? Not even Teddy Roosevelt might have done that nowadays. I got to tell Renee. Renee, Donald Trump is the only one that I remember in my lifetime to say, hey, we’re being invaded.

This is a freaking invasion, Renee. And you know what? I am a white male. My family, more like my family. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, all these great guys and all bad guys. And you know what? I’m going to tell you all the great Confederates. Robert, I want Renee to know this. George Patton’s whole family are Confederates, okay? And he won World War II. Most of these white men lead us.

Most of their families fought for the Confederacy. Okay, Tom, I got four others behind you. Tom, I’d love to keep you on. Just close it off. Just give me a final, final thought. My final thought is, Donald Trump’s going to win the presidency. I want to see the massive deportation. I want to see 28 million illegals deported out of my country. Then I’ll tell Donald Trump’s on his job.

You and I agree. Tom. Thanks for another great call. Francis in North Carolina. Join the conversation. Girl, that’s terrifying. Young man, go ahead. Okay, how do I start this one? I have to applaud a lot of the callers and everything that I’ve heard so far, which is cracked me up, although I think the last part of Layla’s commentary about people from Africa that’s going to be considered blasphemous to various sectors of us, society, that’s going to be considered blasphemous.

Two. Although I had to agree with her, don’t get me wrong, I had to agree with her. Two. Oh, gosh, Renee cracked me up. She was priceless as usual. Paul, I think he basically recited what I had pointed out a long time ago about Vivek. Any politician, they want to get up there to attract certain people’s attention in various sectors of society in the US, they’re going to do what they can, make sure they prop various people up for whatever reason it might be, to get people in various sectors of society to fall head over teacups for them.

It’s unbelievable. That’s the reason why no matter who they put up there, I’m sitting back watching, listening and thinking, you’ve got to be joking. I’ll tell you, Francis, with these debates without Trump, Ramaswami was the only one who was saying anything interesting and important as far as I was concerned. I’ll give you that. Not a big deal. That’s why I find them absolutely fascinating, for that matter. Now.

Yeah, it’s unbelievable. Now, I do have this as a general commentary, so nobody can take it the wrong way, although they’ll do it anyway. If people think in society that the white male in the US is such under threat that they’re subject to extinction, then I have an idea for you. If you got a white broad, caucasian broad, that you want to have little white boys with, then knock yourself out and knock them up if they’re willing.

Meanwhile, come on, give me a break. Everybody, regardless of ethnicity, has a right to live in the world. I do not place any particular ethnicity over another. Besides, I’m the ethnic anyway to start with myself. And so I see the value of every single person as they are from their heart. And so when I hear this thing about that, there’s an extension coming on or whatever about a certain ethnicity and so forth, it’s like, oh, please, come on.

Not know. I realized they had the right to say that. But let’s get realistic here. If you want to complain about it, then do something about your. Give us your final thought, Francis. Well, in simple, I’ll have a shot of cyber for the holidays. Well, holidays are on next coming up. And my thoughts and my heart goes out to the folks, the Palestinians over in what used to be Gaza and so forth, and they need to be taking over the area known as Israel and not these fake, not the other way around.

You got it? Yeah. Thanks, Francis, very much. Alexander in Canada. Alexander, join the conversation. Hello, sir, can you hear me? Yes. Make a couple of points. First of all, this guy does not belong to rank for president. Look at all the Indians who are running for politics in other countries. Look at England. Look at the prime minister of England. Look at the mayor of London. They’re all like Indians and Pakistanis.

And look at the country. It’s a sir. The main thing about the person is the identity. If the United States identity is white, Christian, English, Anglo Saxon, then the man or woman has to be white, Anglo Saxon and Christian. That’s the most fundamental element of the country’s identity. And a person has to reflect Vivikor Mswami and all these people, when they run for office, they’re damaging the country because see what they’re doing? They’re promoting multiculturalism, which is making a country a mess, like it is a mess.

Well, I don’t have any problem with him running for office, and we certainly elected Barack Obama not once, but twice. I wish it had had better effects on the country. I don’t think I would. But Barack Obama, he’s a real american. It’s not the same thing with him and Swami. But see, sir, another thing I want to ask. You gave Renee like seven, eight minutes to speak, and she hasn’t refuted anything.

She hasn’t refuted what you said, what Leila said, what Peter from Los Angeles said. She said that white people killed the native Americans 200 years ago and so on. Can Renee live in the 21st century for a minute? She’s very feisty and adds a lot. Give us a final thought, Alexander, a final thought for today. My final thought is that the caller, Francis, she made a ridiculous call today saying that white people are being extinct, and she thinks that’s a joke.

No, it’s not a joke. It’s happening. The white population now is like 63%. In the 1960s and 70s, there was like 90%. I think it was Tom who is talking about the percentage, about the whites becoming the minority. But, Alexander, thank you very much for your call. I got a couple others. I’m trying to fit in, but thank you for the call, Tom, in Utah. Too many times we’ve not been able to get you on, Tom.

Go for it. Go for it, Tom. Just short, Jim. In 2001, I was invited by Coretta Scott King and Scott King, her son, Martin Luther’s son, to come to DC. Curiously, not too long after that, I found out that Scott died. Rather curious. Yes. I think was the family trying to sue for information on the murder of Martin Luther King? And I wonder if Scott would be a bit like John F.

Kennedy’s son, you know, pursuing too much. Yes. That’s not implausible, Tom. I don’t know the facts to support it, but that’s not at all implausible. More. Well, that’s it. I just was remembering that, in fact, there’s a photograph of me and Alicia Silverstone, one of my students, a film star, and the camera was in the hands of Coretta, and I just remembered that. But I was also curious as to why Scott died not too long afterwards.

Yeah, he was a young, vigorous man, Tom. That’s a good question. I’m glad you’ve raised it. Thanks for calling James in Vancouver. James, join a conversation. Time is tight. James. Well, yeah, Charles Darwin said it best. In the origin of species, all living organisms are in a constant state of struggle. Yes, and we are living organisms, ergo, we are struggling all the time. Yeah. I wanted to ask you, the doorman at the building where John Lennon lived, was he a regular doorman or was he a kind of a cut out substitute? He was a sub.

And he appeared sub in the shooter. Yeah. That’s very good. James. Padilla. I think it was Padilla. And he was part of Op 40, which was a team of assassins organized under Eisenhower that Nixon headed up. Bad, bad stuff. Something like what happened to Bobby Kennedy in the Ambassador Hotel. Yes. All right. Thanks, James. Thanks a lot. Thanks, everyone. Great call. Spend as much time as you can with your family, friends and people you love and care about.

We do not know how much time we have left. Thank you, James. Good show, Jim. Thank you. Have a good night. Okay, bye. .

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