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➡ Dr. Steve Turley talks about the Oklahoma GOP senator who voted for a border bill, which some people don’t like because they think he’s trying to mess up Trump’s chances in the next election. They believe he’s working with Democrats to slow down the momentum that Trump and the Republicans have gained on the border issue. Also, there’s a link to buy collectible Trump cards for his supporters. The article suggests that the senator is rich because he gets big checks, not just from his salary.


Well, there’s lots of questions here about the Oklahoma GOP senator, like this one from Ben. What’s your input in regarding the Oklahoma GOP senator who voted yay for the border bill? He is a slick operator for. He prayed at the congressional prayer breakfast. Oh, yeah. I mean, they’re all playing their christian coalition part. Oh, yeah. But they’re rotten to the core when all of a sudden it just goes to show how much more rotten he is.

Look, the Republicans were winning on this issue astronomically. Leading into this week, again, all the polls, Trump has a 25 point lead, according to the latest poll that just dropped the NBC poll. 25 point lead on the border over Biden. The vast majority of the country, 70%, wants the border secured. They want an end to the illegal crossings and the supermajority blame Biden for it. But first, gang, let me ask you, are you ultra maga? Do you want to show your patriotism as a card carrying trump supporter? Well, then before you do anything else, you’ve got to click on the link below and get your very own collectible trump cards.

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So naturally, a Senate Republican has to do something like this because we can’t have that because the donors that write checks for both Republicans and Democrats want open borders and the borders are getting way, way. The border issue is getting way too uncomfortable for them. And it looks like Trump is going to absolutely crush Biden in 2024. So we got to mess up this apple cart some way, shape, or form.

We got to mess it all up. So make no mistake, Lankford is working with the Democrats to thwart Trump here. Make no tear. He’s trying to interrupt the obvious momentum that Trump and the Republicans have gained on this issue. And he’s trying to slow the bleeding for Biden so as to be able to keep this thing from getting out of control. Trump could still win, but at least he doesn’t win by as much, right? Biden could still lose, but hey, the Democrats maintain control of the Senate.

It’s all about keeping it under control. That’s all this thing is for. Nobody’s taking this seriously. You know that. I was actually just reading a very interesting, I think it was on red state, I forget on which platform. And the guy was just like, no one’s taking this bill seriously. No one thinks this is going to pass. This bill wasn’t meant to pass. If it was, they would have already made all the deals in the back rooms before they rolled it up.

That’s how you know it was meant to pass. It was there in order to try to slow down the momentum that Trump and the Republicans have been gaining over the issue. That’s what it was meant to do. It was meant to have twenty four seven news coverage to say, oh, we could stop the border invasion. Al Sharpton used the term border invasion today. We can stop the border invasion, if you can believe it.

They’re talking this way. If only the Republicans would get on board with this bill. So this just obfuscates what was, up until today, a very clear narrative of Biden destroying the border and Republicans trying to rescue it, with 70% of the public being behind the Republicans. So Langford is a plant, as it were. He’s not plant in the sense of like a manchurian candidate. He gets stroked. Very big checks.

He’s worth 15 million right now. How’s the senator get $15 million on $100,000 salary? I hope you enjoyed that clip of my Monday night Insiders Club live. Join us live next week by clicking on the link in the description below and joining the coalition of patriots worldwide, building a parallel economy to return to our roots of faith, family and freedom. Click below right now. .

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