MPN Members: We Need Your Help More Than Ever! State Moderators: Vet Your Sheriff!

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Hello All,  
We are thrilled to see so many of you getting involved in the fight for Freedom and Justice. We are reaching out to ask for your help to continue our amazing progress of uniting our country one county at a time.  
Currently, we have approximately 80 plus state moderators who have volunteered and been accepted for the positions within State groups. They are doing an amazing job and deserve our highest praise! However, we have states with No Moderators and some states with not enough. We ask for your patience if you have sent in a request for a county to be created. We are no longer taking requests via support submissions because we have currently enough volunteers who are creating counties for every state. We have over half the country done already! 
We still need to fill an additional 100 State Moderator seats and over 6200 county moderator positions need to be filled! We can justify this by trying to capture at least 2-4 per state and two per county. This is a nationwide effort to Vet the Sheriff’s in every State, every county! We can do it! 
The current goal is to bring people together and get them communicating and working to grow this platform so we can gather the intel needed to find out the current state of the nation county-by-county. We want you to speak out and share My Patriots Network with your family and your friends, your neighbors, and coworkers. So many out there feel the need for drastic change but feel like the fight is too big and scary to confront. Together, county by county, Moderators from all over the United States will work to help counties unite and vet our sheriffs to uphold their oath to the Constitution and protect We the Peoples’ Rights. We will work together on a national scale, to bring about changes for our future and our children’s future. 
We need strong and dedicated individuals to come join us as acting moderators. When the tasks start being handed down to “take action” these moderators will be on the front line. 
We will also be putting up a MAP / Scorecards on MPN as the process of nationally vetting our Sheriffs begin. Get involved today!
Please review the responsibilities of both a State and County Moderator and apply if you feel you can be a leader, work with other team members, and support within your state or counties with others in similar roles. If you feel you can help in leading this effort, please apply for State Moderator of your state or apply to be a county moderator.   
State Moderator Responsibilities: 
You will work with 3 to 4 others within your state to help create county groups, oversee these groups and be support for those county moderators within your states to Vet the Sheriffs and help us gather the intel needed that MPN will display  on a national map to be viewed for all. The current duties of state moderators are: 

  • Help set-up counties within your state until all counties are complete. You would be given special privileges in order to create groups on MPN. This is a technical website duty where you would be given instructions on how to create a group on MPN and then given a template to complete the set-up.  (update: over half the country is done so not much is left).
  • Work with your co-moderators within your states to process county applications we will send to one elected state moderator per state.  
  • State Moderators will be given access to an encrypted team messaging service to join where all the state mods are meeting with the Team Leaders to discuss confidential information pertaining to the “Vet your Sheriff” goals and tasks.  
  • Work with other county moderators to provide support and get updates on what is happening in their counties pertaining to Vetting the Sheriff, County Commissioners, and other elected officials.
  • Gathering Intel and Data from County Moderators on a consistent basis to help in our efforts to place their Sheriffs position on the live national map, which will launch soon.   
  • Handing down tasks to county moderators, when the time comes to guide the national “drain the swamp” attempt for We the People to take back our country as a whole. 
  • Post regular updates to MPN State group for the public to view.  

County Moderator Responsibilities: 

  • To assume the Leadership role to take the initiative to work with your members within your county MPN group to help unite, coordinate, and build a team. This may include coordinating meetings together at a coffee shop, or other place, and meeting physically, or on platforms such as zoom.   
  • Develop ongoing and constant contact with one of your state moderators to report county action taken and provide results per task.  
  • Gather Intel and Data from group members and help in our efforts to place their Sheriff’s position on the live national map.  
  • Unite with your local citizens to take back their counties.  
  • Post regular updates to MPN County group for the public to view.  

My Patriot’s Network ‘Vet Your Sheriff’ Effort  
Our goal is to provide the platform for Patriot’s to come together and join others in State & County groups to begin a nationwide discussion on Vetting their Sheriffs. Our mission is to organize state by state and to lay the groundwork needed to gather information on whether or not their Sheriffs are Constitutional or Unconstitutional and the status of other elected officials in their counties. Our mission is to raise awareness on the Sheriff’s duties and Oath to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  
Required Training for this Position: 
There is no official training required for this position. This position is strictly voluntary. MPN State Moderators will be given a template to help complete all the groups in the USA, which have training videos provided on how to set-up the group on the website. After the whole USA is completed, no other training will be necessary. After the groups are complete, volunteers will then hand down tasks with step-by-step instructions on how to Vet their Sheriffs. 
The Duties Expected of the Volunteer: 
The duties of a state and county moderators will be to support their groups and interact with their groups on MPN. Duties will include helping in the organization of placing other volunteers into moderator positions to be leaders within their counties and have open conversations and discussions with other members of their communities to gathering information for MPN on the “status” of their elected officials based upon their Oath to the Constitution.  
Other duties will include gathering data from an official questionnaire that MPN, and Team Leaders will assign to an elected group member to send to their Sheriff’s. Other duties can be included as the project forms in order for us to create a scorecard for their county.  
The Time Needed to Complete the Task: 
Although there is no actual time frame to say this task is completed by, but would like to see the remainder of the year devoted to Vetting our Sheriffs and gathering back the intel. We feel that the nation is at a turning point and the faster we can get all of the organization in place, the faster we can complete the goals needed to get the information of the status of every Sheriff in the nation to be public for all Citizens of the USA to view and the location where the volunteer will perform the work 
If you feel you want to help in the efforts to begin draining the swamp on a county-by-county and state-by-state level and hold your elected Sheriff who is elected by you (We the People) to uphold their Constitutional Oath to the People and form their posse to prepare for action needed to taking back our Great Republic, then apply today. This is a volunteer position and much needed as the nation needs to unite more than ever.  
Help us in the ONLY solution to America’s deep state problem and that is to Wake the Sheriff and hold the elected Sheriff to their Oath to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. 
We need everyone! We also need people who are going to be members and not just moderators! Even if you don’t want to be a moderator, we still need you to be part of the team and involved in your groups and locally involved! Please join the fight for freedom today!
Thank you in all your efforts to help lead the world in showing America can and will take a stand (using our Constitution & Bill of Rights) to take back our Free Republic and drain the swamp as a united country using the powers our founding forefathers gave to us to be the employers over the elected employees of this county.  

Join your State groups here!
State Moderator Application 
County Moderator Application 
Thank you in all your efforts to help lead the world in showing America can and will take a stand (using our Constitution & Bill of Rights) to take back our Free Republic and drain the swamp as a united country using the powers our founding forefathers gave to us to be the employers over the elected employees of this county.  
Thank you,  
Stephanie Sledge 
MPN Support, Communications, & Intel Manager 
MPN State Moderator Team Leader 
Leah Mallow 
MPN Assistant Support & State Moderator Team Leader 



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