J6 Tapes Have You Figured Out Yet Who The BIGGEST Provocatuers Were?

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➡ The text discusses the ongoing controversy and investigations surrounding the events of January 6th at the Capitol. It emphasizes the move towards transparency, with video footage being made public but with faces blurred for privacy, despite criticisms regarding the effectiveness of this. The author takes issue with the actions and responsibility of leaders like Trump and Alex Jones, expressing concern over the impact on their followers, citing episodes of violence and apparent provocations. Furthermore, the author criticizes the harsh sentences faced by those involved, linking such actions to cases of suicide.
➡ The text discusses allegations of mishandling by the Capitol Police during the J six protests including firing upon protesters without warning and possibly inciting riots. Additionally, it asserts that the media paints a misleading narrative of the events and compares the situation with that at the Tennessee Capitol where police deescalated the situation. The text concludes by promoting The David Knight Show as a source of counter-narrative and encouraging listeners to think critically and question established norms.


Um, why can’t we know the people who instigated this thing, provoked it and so forth? Isn’t that a crime? Is that a crime to do that? Well, if it isn’t, it should be. So while we’re significantly expanding the amount of clips that will be available and who can request them, we will be blurring faces with respect to individuals who are identifiable, johnson wrote. To restore America’s trust and faith in their government, we must have transparency.

Well, that would include blurred faces that we can’t see. So there’s that. I’m glad that he’s moving forward with course, you know, Pelosi wanted to keep them hidden in secret and to cherry pick what they were going to show to create a narrative. Everybody knew that was very dishonest, but it was also very dishonest what McCarthy and Tucker did. It tells us a great deal about them. By current estimates, there’s roughly 40,000 hours that we will be making public over the next few months as quickly as we can blurt out so you can’t see faces.

Beginning on November the 20th, members of the public will be able to view footage on terminals in the committee’s office in Capitol Hill. In person viewing of the Congressional video terminals offers advantages over the online viewing room. In person. So they’ve set this up online and they’re going to be putting clips out there, just I don’t know if there’s any order to them or not. The point is that if you go to their in person viewing room, then you kind of get a map and it shows you different cameras, and so you can start to coordinate it.

And so you can switch from camera to camera to follow an individual or something like that, who has their face blurred out. So the in person system has maps for each level of the Capitol. The capital grounds are separated into zones of the camera locations indicated by small icons. Viewers can access the entire database, whereas the online viewing room, that’s what they mean, the website. The online viewing room will be stocked with tranches of footage on a rolling basis.

Did Trump know all this stuff? Right? Did Trump know this? All of this stuff happened under Trump. But of course, he’s not responsible for this. He’s not responsible for what happened on January the 6th. He’s not responsible for the Capitol area, even though he’s head of the government. Nothing that the government does to his supporters is irresponsible for. Just like he wasn’t responsible for the lockdowns. He wasn’t responsible for the federal government policies that paid hospitals to kill people.

He wasn’t responsible for the poisonous vaccine. Oh, yes, he took credit for that, but he’s not responsible, say his schizophrenic supporters, even though he bragged about that, even though he took credit for it. Even though he took credit for the lockdown. He’s not responsible. Fauci is not responsible either. Other people did it, not them. And we’ll never hold them responsible trump can tell everybody, send me money. He took in $250,000,000, a quarter of a billion dollars he fleeced his supporters for, said, go to Washington.

January 6, he gets up there, makes a speech, meet me at the Capitol. He disappeared. Alex Jones, who fired me for telling people this was a grift, who fired me for telling people, don’t show up. Who fired me because I told that sorry Sob. Don’t come on my show and push those lies to people, and I did it in front of my crew. That lying grifter. Why did people send Alex Jones money? He wasn’t even supposedly hiring any lawyers.

Supposedly Trump was going to hire lawyers, but he didn’t. So what was going on with all this stuff? The first I saw of January the 6th was I got Twitter notifications. People saying exactly what you said was going to happen, happened. Because I said it that morning. I said it right after Steve Pachenik started lying. Two days after the election. I talked about it. I talked about it for about a month and a half.

I got fired. I continued to talk about it because I continued on air, and I talked about it the morning of January the 6th. I said, don’t go. It’s going to be loaded with Agent Provocateurs. This whole thing is a setup. The whole thing is a setup. Here we are nearly three years later. Can people see this was a setup? Can they see who set them up? Trump and Alex Jones and the rest of these stop the steal and save America grifters out there.

Their biggest crime, their biggest crime was what they did to their supporters. People who have committed suicide, people who are rotting in jail after they fleece them of money, absolutely reprehensible the insurrection stuff. As far as the Democrats, it was all made up. There was no insurrection. And there’s plenty of evidence in this stuff. As we’re talking about this, we take a look at these people. Take a look at this shooting into the crowd.

And of course, it’s been and that’s a paintball gun, right? Except that when they’re shooting this, it’s got enough force that you’ll see the crowd is standing there. They’re not attacking anybody, and the cops start shooting into the crowd there. And as I’ve said before, look at that. That was a non lethal thing. Went through the guy’s cheek, went through his cheek, so called non lethal thing. Blood all over the place, being shot at close range with these.

I don’t know if it’s pepper spray or if it’s just paintball gun, whatever it was rubber bullets, I think it was that they were shooting. And as this footage goes on, this is some of the footage from the police cameras showing that they’re firing into the crowds. And I’ve said over and over again, look at the difference in the Tennessee insurrection, led by the Tennessee Three against the state House.

And you got this mob that shoves its way in, the mob that gets its hands on the state legislators here in Tennessee starts shoving them around. What did the state police in Tennessee do? Well, they didn’t put on body armor and fire into the crowd. No. What they did was they were just wearing their state patrol uniforms, and they used their bodies to try to put themselves between they didn’t push back on anybody even right turn their backs.

These protesters just used their bodies as a shield to try to shield the legislators who were trying to get to the floor, and they were shoving the legislators. They were shoving the state highway patrol. That’s the way it should have been done. These cops in DC were the provocateurs. You had hidden provocateurs, and you had provocateurs in uniform, shooting into the crowd, throwing tear gas into the crowd.

And these people were led into this by these Judas goats like Trump and Alex Jones. And what do they do? They get you focused on Ray Epps. I don’t care if Ray Epps, which side he was on, he didn’t do a tiny fraction of what Trump and and Ali Alexander and Roger Stone, the rest of these people, all of them making money off of this, off of their own supporters, what backstabbers, what Judas goats to lead them into this.

Yeah. Meet me at the Capitol. Yeah. This will not stand. We will not let him take office, said Alex. Well, here’s one of the victims here. This guy’s name is Matthew, Matthew Perna. And as you look here, he’s in the red T shirt. Look at this peacefully walking through. They’re being escorted by the police. Come on in, everything is fine. Just as you got some people who are in their pastor, a couple of pastors in their 70s had to go to the restroom.

Police said, Come on in, come on in. It’s right around there. Now they’re looking at several years in jail, which is essentially a life sentence. So there’s Matthew right there. They didn’t blur his face out. He was just walking calmly there. He pled guilty to the initial charges, believing that he would face six to twelve months in prison for that. That’s an outrage. Just to walk through there when the police are standing there not telling you, you can’t come in, not opposing you, just to walk through six to twelve months.

Only after he pled guilty did the Department of justice inform Matthew that they would seek a terrorism enhancement to his sentencing, which would raise his sentence to a potential nine years in prison. Four days after getting the news that they would push for this terrorism enhancement, matthew went into his garage, put a rope around his neck, and hung himself. Yeah. How do you feel about that, Alex? Get that on your conscience? These people you betrayed.

Yeah. It doesn’t excuse the Department of justice. They’re criminals for doing this. The Department of true criminals, the FBI, the DOJ, these people, politicized tyrants, and you delivered them into their hands. You didn’t know that would happen. You didn’t know that would happen. Man yeah. Tucker Carlson could show the world, but he won’t. And that was that shooting video that I already showed you. His producer, Greg Underscore re and his team at Fox were given all of this last year.

That shooting footage, by the way, that was back in September. I’d not seen that. I don’t spend much time on social media. It’s just now getting coverage from a lot of media because of the release of this other footage. But that was not just recently released. That was there. It got no coverage whatsoever. J six protesters fired upon with no warning. The US Capitol Police Chief Waldo where’s Waldo lied, saying that he gave warnings.

But you can see from the footage that they didn’t did not give warnings. So new footage shows the Capitol Police may have incited the riot by firing munitions into a peaceful crowd. They may have entrapped people by saying, oh, you won’t need to use the restroom. Come on in. He was in the Capitol. Send him to jail for five or six years. Each new piece of footage only confirms what Americans already understood.

Many, many, a lot of them believe the Weaponized Lying Committee. The few scant minutes available, video recycled by the media paint a false picture of what happened. The latest footage shows Capitol Police inviting protesters into the building as they peacefully assembled, assembled in the corridor. The same people who would later be prosecuted and labeled as insurrectionists, such as Matthew and the police firing rubber bullets, tear gas grenades, stunned grenades into the crowd.

Peaceful protesters before anybody tried to enter the Capitol building, possibly triggering the violence. Again. Compare that to what the police officers did. The state police at the Tennessee Capitol taking the deescalating the situation down because we don’t want to have any leftists be charged with insurrection or violence or have to go to prison or anything like that, right? No, it was all a setup from the way they handled it to the people who led them in the Judas goats.

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