Is The CIA The Biggest Sponsor Of Terrorism?

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➡ On 20th September, Ron Partain of Untold History Channel shares an overview of a past article on ‘Badlands’ about the history of the CIA, in particular the appointment of George H. W. Bush as director during a time of scandal and investigations in 1976. He also mentions an interesting historical fact about Gerald Ford being the only US President never elected, and hints at possible future outcomes for the current presidency. He proceeds to read Joe Ling’s detailed account on Bush’s tenure at the CIA, highlighting its controversial activities including assassination plots and mind control experiments, which were eventually revealed by the Senate’s Church Committee.
➡ The text discusses Bush’s impact by gaining direct access to the President and control over the President’s daily brief which gave the CIA significant influence. It also explores Tanya Ugaretz’s role as an FBI intelligence analyst and contributions to the President’s daily brief where she laid a trap for Obama and other administration members. The significance of the Freedom of Information Act and its influence on Obama and Hillary Clinton’s actions is highlighted, and the discussions about President’s daily brief by key FBI members’ namely Peter Strzok and Lisa Page is discussed.
➡ The text discusses allegations of improper conduct involving Michael Flyn and the Justice Department, with details about how the FBI potentially failed to justify related charges. It includes comments by former President Barack Obama and mentions a review of previous events tied to Hillary Clinton and her aide, Huma Abedin. President Donald Trump’s subsequent tweets regarding these incidents, the potential misuse of emails, and the connection to Anthony Weiner are also examined.
➡ The text suggests that former U.S. President George H.W. Bush was allegedly involved in covert intelligence operations, even before officially joining the CIA, and his oil company, Zapata Petroleum and its offshore branch potentially served as a front for these activities. Bush is hence accused of contributing to global drug trafficking networks facilitated by the CIA as part of its covert funding, with his business operations strategically placed in key drug-trafficking regions. This resulted in significant geopolitical consequences and conflicts, including the Vietnam War, which the text implies were primarily about safeguarding these illicit operations rather than their publicly stated purposes.
➡ The provided text discusses the secret war conducted by the CIA in Laos, aimed at controlling the opium supply, which resulted in Laos being heavily bombed and setting a new precedent for a militarized CIA. The text also covers Edgar Buell, a farmer recruited by the CIA to improve opium production in Laos, thereby strengthening the CIA’s involvement in global drug trafficking. Lastly, the text mentions the War on Drugs initiated by Nixon and later emphasized by Reagan, despite apparent CIA involvement in drug trade.
➡ The text discusses a claim that if drugs were eliminated in the U.S., many would lose jobs, indicating systemic dependency. The author reflects on how they don’t seek validation, but feel compelled to speak their truth, considering themselves as someone providing knowledge for those who seek. The author also expounds on their beliefs about U.S. presidencies, suggesting Reagan’s administration was infiltrated by deep state puppets and that he was unknowingly manipulated by communist fears, leading to global shadow operations.
➡ Reagan’s choice of George H. W. Bush as his running mate, his campaign manager William Casey, and their connections to the CIA are believed to have led to a shadow government influencing Reagan’s administration. They expanded the CIA’s brutal Phoenix program worldwide, training and supporting numerous authoritarian regimes in strategic locations, such as in Latin America. Furthermore, countries under these regimes played a significant role in the cocaine trade into the US, suggesting CIA involvement.
➡ Manuel Noriega, former Panamanian dictator, built a personal fortune from drug trafficking and maintained close ties with U.S. intelligence agencies before being ousted during the U.S. invasion of Panama. Despite initially cooperating with intelligence agencies, he was eventually removed as he became a liability, particularly during the Iran-Contra scandal.
➡ The text discusses the role of the CIA in establishing corrupt dictatorships, most notably the Samoza dynasty in Nicaragua and in supporting the brutal government of El Salvador. It sheds light on the CIAs involvement in drug trafficking through these regimes, as well as the US’s role in creating political unrest and dictatorship. Ultimately, the author questions the actions of people in power, arguing that the actions of a few individuals have tarnished America’s reputation abroad.
➡ Archibishop Romero and Roberto Deuzan were notable figures in El Salvador’s history for their participation in the deaths of many civilians. It was only when U.S. public outrage threatened the funding for El Salvador, stemming from particularly violent acts including the rape and murder of three American nuns, that the Reagan administration, inclusive of Bush and other influential figures, made a move against Roberto’s network. Key American government figures were aware of the killers behind the death squads and hints at their capacity to slow if not stop the tragedies. The same cycle of violence was experienced in Guatemala, this time at the hands of graduates from the School of the Americas. This history traces back to shadow governments and more covert operations led by the likes of Bush, including ties to the Iran Contra scandal, which will be discussed in subsequent pieces.


Is The CIA The Biggest Sponsor Of Terrorism?

And welcome, everybody, to the Untold History Channel. My name is Ron Partain. Today is Wednesday, the 20 September, and just been an interesting day. Been an interesting day. Had to get my it. I don’t get my mom a new television, so it’s been a nuts. It’s been crazy getting that thing all set up for her and whatnot. But that is now done. And sorry I’m a little bit late.

It’s about 530. It’s a little bit later than what I’d like to do. But anyway, the things you have to do. Anyway, so let’s jump into this. Today I’m going to be doing this is another Badlands article. Seems like I’m reading a lot of badlands stuff these days. But you know what I really, really like? What joe Lang and Ryan DeLarm write? I really had I had an interesting conversation with have a conversation.

We just chatted back and forth with Gordon gordon or Ghost of you know, we used to do the in the Narrative series, and we were doing a lot we’re doing up to twice a week. And then that just kind of just fell flat on its face because Gordon was being stretched. So I’m going to read a couple of the ones that he did as well. I think one of them he did was called Horseshoe Theory, and another one was about Arabian Knights.

So I’m going to read those too. But before I do that, I’m going to either get him on to where he kind of records a little message for you guys because he wants to be here to do some stuff. But again, he’s just spread so doggone thin, he doesn’t have the bandwidth to do it. So it’s not that he doesn’t want to get in here, but if you pay attention, he hasn’t even written anything for Badlands lately.

So it’s not a matter of him not wanting to do it. It’s just that he’s just being pulled in a multitude of directions. Anyway, I’m going to be jumping into the CIA stuff here today with Poppy Bush. And the first one is let’s see here. Let me share my screen. The first one is clowns in America. Admit nothing, deny everything. And then the second one is going to be School of Assassins and Dictators.

Is the CIA the biggest sponsor of terrorism? And then I also have the book, Behold a Pale Horse opened up because there’s a couple of passages that I want to read in here that are very interesting, and they kind of go along with the CIA, whatnot? So but let’s just jump right into the Clowns in America. Admit nothing, deny everything. All right, so this is by Joeling August 14 of 2023.

All right? The Central Intelligence Agency actually, let me adjust this up here so I can the Central Intelligence Agency was in big trouble. They were being investigated by a Senate committee, and their dirty laundry was being exposed to the world. It was the agency’s lowest point in its history, and its very existence was being questioned. The year was 1976, and President Gerald Ford had just nominated George H.

W. Bush to be the new director of the CIA in an attempt to save the agency. This would mark a major turning point in America that nobody could have imagined at the time. This one man would shape the future of the CIA and the world and not for the I. Before I do that, I think it’s important to note that some of you guys may be aware, and some of you may not be aware that Gerald Ford is the only President in the history of the United States that was never elected President.

He wasn’t elected in any elected I think he was an elected representative. In fact, let me look that up. I don’t remember where he was an elected representative from, but let’s see. He was the House minority leader from 65 to 73. And let’s see here. He was leader of the House Republican Conference. Chair of the House Republican Conference, member of the US. House of Representatives from Michigan’s Fifth District.

Okay, so wow. He was in office from 49 to 73. That’s a long time. But he was not elected President. He was the when Nelson Rockefeller I’m sorry, when, when Richard Nixon richard Nixon had a vice President, spiru Agnew, and Agnew resigned because of, I guess he was like, involved in some corruption or whatnot. I don’t know if it had to do with the Watergate or not. I don’t remember exactly, but doesn’t really matter.

The point is that Gerald Ford, he was nominated as the Vice president after Nixon had already won the election. And then when Nixon resigned, he became President. So there’s a lot of people out there talking right now that there’s a potential similar scenario coming into play with Biden, that Biden is going to bring in, that he’s going to kind of kick Kamala harris to the curb. She’s going to bail or whatever, and then they’re going know Gavin Newsom or somebody along those lines is going to be nominated as the vice president.

And then when they 25th Amendment him or he goes away, that there will be another President that was not nominated or voted into office in any capacity anyway. We’ll see if that happens. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but there are a lot of people out there pontificating that that could transpire. But I don’t know, man. I think we’re in for a really rough ride come this fall and winter and spring.

I think it’s going to be extremely crazy. I think we’re going to see things that we never thought possible. So it’ll be interesting. Time to be alive. That is for so anyway, according to the Miami Herald, george H. W. Bush loved the CIA. It was part of my heartbeat. He once said he was the only President who ever ran the agency and the last president who truly believed in its Cold War code.

Admit nothing, deny everything. It was a terrible time for the nation’s spies. Bush spent much of his energies in his eleven month as Director battling Senators, coming to the conclusion of their year long investigation of the CIA. They had uncovered the existence of assassination plots, secret wars, antidemocratic coups, and mind control experiments using LSD on unwitting human guinea pigs. Bush decried these revelations, not the facts revealed, saying they devastated the morale, or perhaps the finest group of public servants this country has.

Bush cared more about the morale of the CIA than the fact that they were breaking the law by assassinating people, starting wars and color revolutions to topple governments along with drug experiments in order to control people. They were hiding these activities from both Congress and the American people. All of this was being exposed throughout the also by the Senate’s Church Committee that had been investigating them since 75.

And again, we talked about the Church committee last night. Have you noticed the CIA hasn’t stopped a single one of those things that they were being investigated for? They’ve continued to do every single one. And far worse, Bush was there to make the investigations go away, and he would ultimately be the catalyst that would lead the CIA to become the most dangerous weapon the Cabal has ever controlled.

But there was something very important in this ongoing war against the Cabal involving George H. W. Bush and his brief time as CIA Director, and that I don’t think anybody really remembers. It was something that happened back in 76 and it even played a major part recently in our war against the Cabal. What was it? Cue post 4164 what farm born assets elected to Congress? What farmborn assets are attempting to get elected to Congress? What is the primary party to which they serve? D how do you control your own budget? How do you control agency regs? How do you control your own destiny? And then there’s a link here CIA Gov news Information featured Story Archive 2018 featured Story Archive george H.

W. Bush 2014 the 11th Director of the Central Intelligence HTML loss of Control define shadow government. Q shadow government actually, I’m going to pull this up here because I’m a little bit curious about this. Let’s see here 4164 see 4164 see what? That of course cannot be found. Interesting. Let’s go back to the way back machine and see if we can find that it is there’s. Not found requested page doesn’t exist.

The CIA has changed. All right, so all right, well I’m not going to waste all my time doing that, so I was going to see if I could find it, but to no avail. All right. Shadow government. The Farm is a reference to the CIA, which was doing everything they could to elect CIA members to Congress for oversight and budget controls, thus removing the oversight powers of Congress by infiltration the CIA was creating a shadow government unaccountable to anybody.

Bush himself was a Congressman for a time, and I think that helped him convince Congress to push CIA reforms back during the 1976 investigations rather than criminal charges, which is Washington DC’s way of sweeping things under the rug. Let’s see here you are on Google run. It’s banned. Try DuckDuckGo. Well, actually I was on the wayback machine there, Jackie, but if you can find that article on the wayback machine, by all means, please share that with me.

That would be fantastic. In that queue post, there was a link that revealed something big. According to CIA Gov Bush with President Ford at CIA headquarters in 1976. When bush became DCI. He insisted upon direct access to President Ford. He usually edited the President’s daily brief, or briefed at National Security Council meetings in order to convey CIA’s analysis directly to the President. Ford frequently included Bush in high level meetings for their regular briefings.

Bush brought agency officers to meet and brief Ford, a tactic that impressed the President and contributed to the morale boost at Langley. In 1981, Bush became President Ronald Reagan’s Vice President. He brought with him a deep appreciation for the Presidential Daily Brief, or PDB, and read it avidly throughout his Vice presidency. When Bush became the 41st President of the United States in 89, he made a CAA briefing, his first order of daily business in the Oval Office.

The reason I like to get intelligence from you folks is that I know you tell it like you see it, he said. You have no policy acts to grind and you are absolutely discreet. One of the biggest things Bush accomplished in his short time as CIA director was to get direct access to the President and for the CIA to have control over the President’s daily brief. An agency that would admit nothing and deny everything, was now part of the President’s important daily briefings.

This was a huge deal. It elevated the CIA within the executive branch and has given them influence over every administration since, almost none of it for the good of the American people. This war against the cabal has been a military operation from the beginning, and there were patriots fighting the good fight in this war. Before Trump ever became president. The PDB that Bush had turned into a cabal tool of control over the presidency was turned around on the enemy and used to expose their treason.

It was the perfect boomerang. How have you ever heard of the name Tanya Ugaretz? According to DNI Gov Cyber Threat Intelligence Center, tanya Ugaretz is a center, or excuse me, is a career FBI intelligence analyst currently assigned to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or ODNI. As Director of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, she joined the government in 2001 as a Presidential Management Fellow and as an all source analyst with the FBI’s counterterrorism program.

In 2003, she became the first analyst to serve as the FBI Director’s daily Intelligence Briefer from 2008 to 2012. As a unit chief and then section Chief in the Senior Executive Service, ms. UGANET oversaw intelligence products and briefings for the FBI director and the Attorney General, as well as FBI analyst contributions to the President’s daily brief. As Chief Intelligence Officer from 2010 to 2012, she also led the bureau’s cadre of Senior National Intelligence Officers and the creation of a 24/7 intelligence watch.

Tanya Uberdets played a key role in this war, and nobody knows her name. She entrapped Obama and his whole administration in treason. She’s a hero. Go back and look at her. And forgive me if I say this, but she’s kind of hot too. Just saying. From cupos, 1991 shall we play a game? Ms. Ugadettez oversaw intelligence products and briefings for the FBI director and the Attorney General, as well as FBI analysts contributions to the President’s Daily brief.

Who discovered the Chinese links to HRC servers? Who reported this discovery or the discovery? Who inserted the discovery into the PDB paper trail? Q. Don’t miss that last part. She inserted that evidence into Obama’s PDB, which created a legal paper trail for future investigations. Evidence of treason in the official archives, q often said. How do you introduce evidence legally? Can you imagine the shock when Obama and Brennan read that PDB talking about Hillary’s private server giving access to China? Obama and others within his administration were using the same illegal private server to communicate with Hillary.

They were using pseudonyms to hide their identity, or so they thought. Do you think Ms. Ugadetz didn’t already know that Obama was using the same server when she included that in his PDV? The perfect trap. I keep telling people that they all know what’s coming. When Mus Ugaretz inserted that evil trail into Obama’s PDB, he knew he was trapped. But that didn’t prevent the liar in Chief from lying about it publicly when asked.

Let’s see IG report shows Obama lied when he said he knew nothing about Hillary’s secret email scheme. And then there’s him wiping his brow. By Joel Pullman at The Federalist. According to The Federalist, in 2015, President Obama told America he only learned that his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was illegally using a private email server to conduct public business. After the New York Times published a story saying so.

Today’s release of a Department of Justice Inspector General report shows that that was a lie. FBI analyst and prosecutor Two told us that former President Barack Obama was one of 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact using her Clintonmail. com account, the report says in a footnote on page 89. Obama, like other high level government officials, used a pseudonym for his username on his official government email account admit nothing and deny everything.

It was exposed to the public in 2015. Guess who was behind trapping Obama and brennan by creating the paper trail in Obama’s PPD, which proved Hillary was selling our country’s secrets. Mr. Flynn. General Michael flyn. He knows where all the bodies are buried. Q revealed the trap to us. A portion of Q post 1981 from August 29 of 2018. What if a paper trail exists? PBD via no such agency.

Hussein made aware with no action. Why did POTUS refuse select PDBs during transition? Who knew? Threat assessment? Admiral Rogers Flynn. Why did Hussein plus HRC plus Admin plus staff, plus use private emails to communicate? Was HRC the only one to use unsecured servers? If access was granted regarding HRC private servers, can you assume access was granted regarding house servers? Re Awan. Awan to Pakistan Intelligence, awan free huma to Muslim Brotherhood, matters of national security? Q.

Don’t miss that important question that Q asks. If access was granted for the HRC private servers, can you assume access was granted for the house servers used by the Awan brothers, who would have to grant access to a private server for matters involving national security? For both Hillary and the more on the Awan brothers. In a coming article, obama was forcefully made aware of the treason in his own PBD and did nothing about it.

Why? Because he would have to implicate himself. He had granted the access for the private servers and was using them along with other high ranking members of his administration. Obama knew Hillary was using a private server to avoid laws governing the Freedom of Information Act that had exposed a lot of her husband’s crimes when he was president. Obama was doing the same thing and got caught lying about it.

The freedom of an Information Act is a huge deal. I really hope you appreciate the significance of this law and how instrumental it is in giving the power back to the people. The enemy truly fears it, which is why Hillary set up the private server in the first place and why Obama tried to classify everything under state secrets or Top Secret to hide their treason. That was only a portion of Qpost 1981.

There’s another interesting thing. In that same post, there was a link to a Trump tweet with an interesting connection. Donald Trump Hillary Clinton’s emails, many of which are classified information, got hacked by China. Next move better be by the FBI and DOJ. Or after all of their other missteps comey McCabe, Struck, Page, Orr FISA, dirty Dossier, et cetera. Their credibility will be forever gone. Interesting that it was on 11:11 P.

m. , trump mentioned the FBI and named some specific people. It was discovered that two people mentioned in this Trump tweet actually talked with each other about an Obama PDB. Guess which members of the FBI discussed a dust up about a PBD on the same day Flynn got fired by Obama. According to PJ, media text messages between former FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and his former mistress Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer showed that Strzok and then FBI Assistant Director William Priestep were concerned about sharing sensitive evidence with the departing Obama white House.

Barack Obama fired Flyn as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in April of 2014 because Flynn’s opposition to the Iran nuclear deal threatened the deal coming to fruition. Other texts from the same day show struck and page discussing some apparent drama involving one of Obama’s presidential daily briefings. These text messages were not released by the FBI but were made available to John Solomon back in September of 2018.

Solomon reports that investigators are trying to determine whether Obama’s well known disdain for Flynn, a career military intelligence officer, influenced the decision by the FBI leadership to reject its own agents recommendation to shut down a probe of Flyn in January of 17 and instead pursue an interview where agents might catch him in a lie. Coincidence that they were discussing drama brought up by a PBD given to Obama on the same day Flyn got fired? I don’t believe so.

Flyn had trapped them and now they were going to do everything they could to create a fraudulent charges or create fraudulent charges in order to convict him of crimes they failed. Now there’s panic in DC. Especially from Obama. According to Yahoo News, former President Barack Obama, talking privately to ex members of his administration, said Friday that the rule of law is at risk if in the wake of what he called an unprecedented move by the Justice Department to drop charges against former White House National Security Advisor Michael Flyn.

The news over the last 24 hours, I think has been somewhat downplayed about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flyn, Obama said in a web talk with members of the Obama Alumni Association. And the fact there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic non, just institutional norms.

But our basic understanding of the rule of law is at risk, and when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly, as we’ve seen in other places. Obama misstated the charge to which Flyn had previously pled guilty. He was charged with false statements to the FBI, not perjury. But the Justice Department, in a filing with a federal judge on Thursday, asked that the case be brought by Special Counsel Robert Miller be dismissed, arguing that FBI agents did not have a justifiable reason to question the then national Security advisor about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisliak.

Talks FBI agent and Mueller’s prosecutors concluded he had lied about obama used the term scot free to describe Flynn getting away with things. And it reminds me of a relevant Cue post. Give me 1 second here, guys. Sorry, just checking that’s something on my phone that I thought might be important. Post 3925. It was a Twitter post. Do people really believe the biggest scandal in a modern US.

History will go unpunished scot free? Back channels are important. Patriots stayed at the ready. Bill’s Wine what’s the biggest scandal that Q says won’t go unpunished? Here’s the Trump post on Twitter from that Q drop the Democrats and Crooked Hillary paid for and provided a fake dossier with phony information gotten from the foreign sources. Gotten from foreign sources, pushed it to the corrupt media and dirty cops, and have now been caught.

They spied on my campaign. Then they tried to cover it up. Just like watergate, but bigger. It’s much bigger than watergate. They tried to take down a duly elected president. Their plan to convict and disgrace General Flint backfire too. It’s all going to be exposed. And then they won’t get away scot free because justice is coming. Going back to post 1981. Big statement. What’s coming? Q why is POTUS pushing the FBI and DOJ on the issue? What if access to the servers was deliberate? What if this is known within the intelligence community? What if this is known within the FBI and DOJ? If known, why no action? How might this discredit the FBI’s investigation into HRC’s email? How might this open the door to Wiener huma HRC? Logical thinking.

Why was the information on Wiener’s laptop in the first place? D five q this post raises two big questions. The intelligence community, FBI, and DOJ all knew that access to the server or to the secret servers was granted by Obama. So why no action? Remember at the time, the intelligence community, FBI and DOJ were all filled with corrupt Obama loyalists who were in place to prevent Hillary’s prosecution or Obama being exposed as authorizing it? The FBI investigation into Hillary’s private server was concluded with no indictments or prosecutions.

Is that the end of the story? How do you open the door to all of it again in the future? Wiener huma HRC are targeted in brackets. Why? That is the evidence on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that exposes them all, not just Hillary. It will all be exposed in the future because future proves past. Why was the evidence on Wiener’s laptop in the first place? We were told it was being used by Wiener as an insurance policy out of fear of Hillary or as a bargaining chip to prevent prosecution.

The Hillary emails were discovered on Wiener’s laptop in late September of 2016, which forced FBI Director James Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary only weeks before the 2016 election, which torpedoed her campaign. She has never forgiven him for that. It was perfect timing, all planned. According to the Daily wire, within hours of September 26, 2016 search warrant, FBI technicians noticed there were 340,000 emails on the laptop between Clinton and her top aide, Weiner’s wife Huma Abidin, many of them from domain addresses such as Hillaryclinton.

com and state Gov. At an FBI briefing later that week, one participant said the revelation was like dropping a bomb in the middle of a meeting. But the discovery fell through the cracks because the top FBI officials were overwhelmed by the Russia probe, Stuart wrote. But Trump had posted something on Twitter a year earlier that seemed very prescient as we look back on this story. Let me check the chat here, real guys, because hey, what’s up, Dashling? Hello, suspense.

Let’s see. Good night. There PV. You’re probably gone by now. And hey, Karma, I’m not familiar with Luxel. Is that something new? Is that a new one? Because I haven’t even heard of it. I typically use Ecosia, but I will check this one out and try it. Okay. I will save it right up here. All right. It came out that Huma Abedin knows all about Hillary’s private illegal emails.

Huma’s PR husband, Anthony Weiner, will tell the world. That was way back in 2015, about a year before Hillary’s emails would be discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Ecosia it is. Eco S-I-A Here, I’ll just go right here. Eco S-I-A Excuse me. It’s not comics. org, ecosia or J. And they have an app. So there’s an app for iPhone because I use an iPhone. I know. Don’t hate. Let’s see here.

Where was I? That was way back in 2015, about a year before Hillary’s emails would be discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Just a coincidence. Or maybe a military intelligence. Maybe military intelligence who captures all electronic data and knew about Weiner’s crimes with minors and had already leveraged him. My bet is Wiener flipped long before it was exposed that he had all Hillary’s emails on his laptop, and I believe he downloaded them to cut a deal.

Trump also made an interesting statement in August of 2016 when news broke about Huma Abedin separating from Weiner. According to the Los Angeles Times, huma is making a very wise decision. I know Anthony Weiner well, and she will be far better off without him, Trump said in a statement, barely an hour after the news broke of the split. I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Wiener to have such close proximity to highly classified information.

Who knows what he learned and who he told? I believe this is Trump purposely trolling the enemy. He said he knows Anthony Weiner well, and Hillary was careless to allow him to have access to her emails. As if Hillary knew he had access. That’s great trolling, trump said. Who knows what he learned and who he told? We have everything. Hillary could delete all her incriminating emails and destroy her BlackBerry phones, and none of it mattered.

All the evidence was on Weiner’s laptop. And that physical evidence is awaiting the time when this war enters the justice phase. This focus on the CIA’s control over PBD since 1976, thanks to Bush, is to encourage you with the following. Trump and the military not only know the enemy’s tactics, but have turned those same tactics back against them. But what was the other big thing Bush did while serving for a brief time as director of the CIA? Shadow government control over the President’s daily briefing.

President’s daily brief allowed the CIA to control information to the President and would accelerate the formation of a shadow government. Bush supposedly had no previous history in the CAA before becoming director. Why did supposedly okay, I was like, what? Yeah, bush supposedly had no previous history with the CAA before becoming director. Why did the agency name their new headquarters after him when he was only director for eleven months and constantly lied about his connections to the CIA going back to the 50s? Admit nothing and deny everything? Why would Bush lie about his long history in the CIA? According to the New York Times, the Nation magazine, in its current issue, quotes a memo of November 20, 1963, from J.

Edgar Hoover, the Bureau’s director at the time, to the State Department about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In the memo, according to the magazine, Mr. Hoover stated that the Bureau had briefed Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency on the reaction of Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination. The magazine article, written by Joseph McBride, also quoted an unidentified source with close connections to the intelligence community, saying Mr.

Bush started working for the agency in 1960 or 61, using his oil business as a cover for clandestine activities. Stephen Hart, a spokesman for the Vice President, said that he had talked to Mr. Bush about the story and that vice president denied any involvement with the agency before President Ford named him as its director in 1975. He was an oil man in the early sixty s and in 1963, when he was running for the Senate, Mr.

Hart said, admit nothing and deny everything. He sure didn’t want anybody thinking he had anything to do with President Kenny’s Kennedy’s assassination, and that’s for sure. The truth is, Bush had been a member of the CIA since at least the early fifty s and was most likely recruited right out of Yale. His offshore oil company was called Zapata Petroleum. What’s the history of this company? According to Wikipedia, the company traces its origins to Zapata Petroleum Corporation, founded in 1953 by future US.

President George H. W. Bush, along with his business partners John Overby, Hugh Lideke, Bill Leidekey, and Thomas J. Devine. According to a CIA internal memo dated November 20, 975, zapata Petroleum began in 1953 through Bush’s joint efforts with Thomas J. Devine, a CIA staffer who had resigned his agency position that same year to go into private business, but who continued to work for the CIA under commercial cover.

Devine would later accompany Bush to Vietnam in late 1967 as a cleared and witting commercial asset of the agency, acted as his informal foreign affairs advisor, and had a close relationship with him through 1975. In. 54. Zapata Offshore company was formed as a subsidiary of Zapata Oil, with Bush as president of the new company. In 59, Bush brought control of Zapata Offshore, funded with $800,000, splitting Zapata Corporation into two independent companies with the lead keys still in control of Zapata Petroleum.

But although Zapata Offshore had only a few drilling rigs, bush shut up operations also in the Gulf of Mexico, the Persian Gulf, Trinidad, Borneo and Medellin, Colombia. And the Kuwait Shell Petroleum Development Company was among the company’s clients. Bush’s oil company was a CIA front company, and one of his partners, Thomas Devine, was an admitted CIA member who had gone into private practice for this very reason. This was back in 1953.

Devine became Bush’s foreign affair advisor while he was a member of Congress. They traveled to Vietnam in 67. That is a key data point. Can you remember any secret CIA operations happening at the time when Bush and Devine traveled to Vietnam? How about the secret CIA war in Laos to protect the opium trade? Or Phoenix program, which was a CIA death squad program targeting civilians? I doubt their travel there during that time was a coincidence.

And did it say anything about any particular time? Or did it just give the year just 67? Because 67 is also the year of the in June of 67 was the USS Liberty. Guess what all of those locations have in common? Does Medellin, Colombia ring any bells? The Medellin cartel? How about Pablo Escobar? Actually, I think I missed something. I doubt their travel there during that time was a coincidence.

Sapata Offshore only had a few drilling rigs, but it set up operations in the Gulf of Mexico, the Persian Gulf, Trinidad, Porneo, and Medellin, Colombia. A global operation is very specific in very specific locations. Guess what all those locations have in common? Does Medellin, Colombia ring a bells? Literally every one of these locations would become a center for global drug trafficking. And Bush was the one behind it all.

Remember, Bush took complete control of Zapata Offshore in 59 and was setting up these locations for his business in the 1960s. Gulf of Mexico Mexican cartels. Persian Gulf mujahideen Hezbollah trinidad, Venezuela hugo Chavez borneo, Vietnam, Cambodia borneo, vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Medellin, Colombia. Medellin cartel. His perfect cover. Bush kept saying he wasn’t a member of the CIE at the time and he was just in the oil business.

Boy gets repetitive, admit nothing and deny everything. What Bush is responsible for is the CIA global drug trafficking expansion that the entire world suffers under today. Drugs have helped fund every terrorist group and proxy war that the CIA has controlled, going back to the Vietnam War. In my last article, I asked the question, how did Hezbollah, the largest terror organization on the planet, operate the largest drug trafficking operation in the world for decades without the public knowing about it? They were protected by a shadow government, evil and corrupt at the highest levels.

The shadow government began to grow when Bush became director of the CIA and then rapidly expanded while Bush was Reagan’s vice president. Remember the trip that Bush took to Vietnam in 67 as a congressman with his CIA partner from Zapata offshore? What were they really doing there? Why were we even fighting a war in Vietnam? We’ve been told our whole lives that it was about fighting communism. Was it really? Since the end of World War II, the CIA has been profiting from drug trafficking.

Have you heard of the French Connection? The CIA was protecting the Korsakin mafia in Marseille, France, who were controlling the global heroin trade at the time. According to Wikipedia, the French Connection was a scheme through which heroin was smuggled from Indochina through Turkey to France, and then to the United States and Canada. The operation started in the 1930s, reached its peak in the was dismantled in the was responsible for providing the vast majority of the heroin used in the United States at the time.

The Corsic and Mafia and the CIA were getting their opium supplies from the Golden Triangle. According to the Office of the Justice Programs, the Golden Triangle include parts of Burma, China, Laos and Thailand. It provides ideal conditions for opium cultivation, which began during the 16th and 17th centuries. Heroin became a major component of the opium trade after World War II, and the demand for heroin by the United States troops during the Vietnam War helped transform the opium economy of the Golden Triangle into a large and profitable heroin economy.

Drug trafficking now influences every aspect of politics in the region. What’s the real reason we were fighting a war in Vietnam? It’s always been about the money. And let me go back here for a second because the heroin stuff really goes back into Paul Hallewell when Operation Gladio. So, I mean, the CIA has been involved in this going back into the 40s. When the CIA is not given any money by Congress to fund its operations.

It has to basically fund itself. People think that the CIA gets money from tax money, but it doesn’t. The CIA gets all of its money through black ops. I mean, all the stuff that they funded through Operation Gladio, all the stay behind armies, all the fighting communism stuff, that was all funded by drug money. All of it, every single bit of it. And it was all run through the Vatican Bank.

You can go through and you can read the Operation Gladio by Paul Williams. And he talks about that significantly. I mean, it’s all I know you’re going to agree with me on that one. Yes. Let’s see here. Let me check the check the chat here real quick. Joan Rivers. You guys have been chatting away here for a minute. Let me check here because let me go back gene, you use Ecosia also? Nice.

Okay, I like that. Karma. Karma says that you can filter out left wing propaganda. Let’s see. Homa is pretty nasty too, right now I have no volume. I hope you can hear me now. Benny just reported that new deets are emerging about Obama’s. Chef. I guess the guy was naked. Interesting. That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that. Let’s see. We heard about a vomit shift last week. Okay. Naked in 3ft of water.

I really don’t know much about that. Still to this day I haven’t really jumped into that. I’ve been saying about Obama. Yeah, Obama a gay serial killer. Guys, I’m just reading the chat. Pretty sure it was Obama since he came out with black eyes and beat up hands up incident. Lots of stuff going happened in 1967. Suspense. Yes, lots of stuff. Let’s see. Yes. And sling confirmed what I said.

Yes. Okay. All right. I’m caught up with the chat. I’m going to jump back in. I think this is probably going to finish this off here. What’s the real reason we were fighting a war in Vietnam? It’s always been about the money. Money is the keystone. And Vietnam would be one of the many wars that the CIA would fight in order to protect their drug trade and money laundering operations.

When France lost the Indochina war, the French Connection lost control of the opium supply in the golden triangle. And the CIA needed the US military to step in to protect it. Does anybody really believe the Gulf of Tonka incident wasn’t a CIA operation in order to trigger a war? It worked. And we went to war. While all the world focused on the Vietnam war and the toll it was taking on our soldiers, playing out daily on national television for years, there were several things that happened that weren’t getting much attention.

This war putting the US. In massive debt, increasing the power of the military industrial complex and also forced us off the gold standard. But there was something else happening that was getting no attention at the time and it has plagued the world ever since. The secret war. The real story that involves Bush and the shadow government was the secret war being waged in Laos by the CIA. It would set a very or it would set a very bad precedent.

Here’s a great summary of the secret war that the CIA was waging in Laos for the control of the opium supply by a summarizer tool on brave search engine. I couldn’t say it any better. From 1964 to 73, the United States air surveillance dropped 2 million tons of ordinance on Laos, making it the most heavily bombed country per capita in history. The CIA executed 580,000 bombing missions to support the Royal Lao government against the communist Pathet Lao, a force affiliated with North Vietnam and the Soviet Union during the Vietnam war.

Declassified documents show that 728 Americans died in Laos, most of whom were working for the CIA. Among the hardest hits by this secret war were the mong of northern Laos, with tens of thousands killed during the war and even more lost their lives while attempting to escape to freedom after the war ended. The clandestine nature of the war was by design, and it set a precedent for a more militarized CIA with the power to engage in covert conflicts around the world.

Laos was supposed to be protected from war by the Geneva peace Agreement that we had signed preventing any military intervention. That’s why it became the secret war. Want some proof? The CAA was actively participating in the opium trade in Laos? Have you ever heard of Edgar Buell? Who is he? According to drugtext. org, the most curious of this CIA trim variet is Edgar Pop buell. Originally a farmer from Stubin County, Indiana, buell first came to Laos in 1960 as an agricultural volunteer for International Voluntary Service, or IVs.

He was assigned to the Plane of Jars, where the CIA was building up its secret Mio army and became involved in the Agency’s activities largely through circumstances and his own God given anti communism. As part of his effort to strengthen the Mayo economy and increase the tribe’s effectiveness as a military force, buell utilized his agricultural skills to improve male techniques for planting and cultivating opium. If you’re going to grow it, grow it good, Buell told the meal.

Here’s an excerpt from a book that also mentioned Edgar Buell’s trip to Laos. According to the book, shooting at the Moon the Story of America’s Clandestine War in Laos by Roger Warner. Mr. Buell, who farms west of Eden, will be in Laos for two years. He describes his assignment as people to people work. I’m supposed to show them modern farming methods and at the same time, a better way of life.

This isn’t a white collar job. I’ll get my hands plenty dirty, he said. Mr. Buell explained that farming in Laos is 150 to 300 years behind the behind American methods. Such primitive tools as the hoe and wooden plough are used by most of the country’s land tillers oxen and elephants do the pulling. Opium and rice are the chief exports. The CIA had literally recruited a farmer from Indiana to go to Laos in order to help them improve the opium production.

The CIA was becoming the biggest drug trafficker in the world, and now it was willing to fight covert wars to protect that trade. This article was focused on the history of George H. W. Bush and the CIA in order to set the table for the coming articles. The next few articles will go deep into the global drug trafficking, wars and money laundering. It mostly focused on the Bush family.

It’s way worse than you can imagine. It will eventually connect to Prince Al Walid, who was Trump’s biggest threat when he became president. All right, let’s say here okay, I already have Wet. Operation Gladiator was great. I have to wait on the news cycle to catch up before I do think I think you’re talking about emails. Okay. All right. So I’m not going to I think it’s also important to notice that Gerald Ford was on the Warren Commission.

And the Warren Commission was basically the 911 commission of its day that basically covered up the assassination of John F. Kennedy. So he’s a dirt bag. And some of you may or may not know. I’m sure some of you have heard of the Betty Ford Clinic. And I believe the Betty Ford Clinic was named after his wife. Because I think I’m going to double check that again here.

Spouse yeah. Betty Ford. And Betty Ford died in Eisenhower health Rancho Mirage in 2011. It’s interesting. I didn’t know they did. They divorced in 2006 because she died in 2011. Or maybe Gerald Ford died in 2006. See? Yeah, he died 2006. So that’s why I’m quite certain that it’s going to say something about drug abuse. See? Let’s see. Betty Ford Center. In 1982, after recovering from her own addictions, ford established the Betty Ford Center.

Yeah. So out there in Rancho Mirage, because this isn’t too far from me where I am in Southern California, because I’m on the edge of the desert. So that’s not too far from me. But a lot of people interesting story. My father was a pharmacist who worked at tell this funny story because it actually is pretty funny. So my father was he was a pharmacist at a fairly high end pharmacy down in it was right off of El Paseo, which is basically the Rodeo Drive of Palm Desert area.

Or like that area in the desert. Anyway, some guy walked in one night, and he was kind of scraggly and kind of unkept and whatnot. And my dad didn’t know who he was. And he went over and he offered him help. And he said something about he was like, oh, what is this? This is a king and water machine. And he was like, oh, okay. He said, yeah.

Basically, my dad was explaining to the guy that it turns water. It changes the PH of the water. And he says, yeah, I know. I have, like three of them. And totally tossed through my dad for a loop. He’s like, what? It didn’t make any sense. It didn’t add up because the guy looked like he was almost homeless on a certain level. And why would he have three king and water machines? Because king and water machines at the time, they were like $5,000.

Anyway, it turns out he goes in the back, and all the girls in the back of the pharmacy, they’re like, I’m a junior. And he was they were like, run on run. Do you know who that is? Do you know that is? And, uh, he says, no. Who is it? And he, um it’s Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith. And he’s like, who’s Stephen Tyler? Anyway, but I guess he actually liked he got to know my dad pretty well when he was down there at the Betty Ford Center for Drug Addiction or whatever.

My dad said, yeah. He said, if you have any CDs or records or anything you want signed, have him bring them down there. I had a bunch of Aerosmith stuff, and I sent them down there with my dad, and Steve and Tyler signed them all for me. So that was kind of fun. But anyway, I digress back to the next article. So School of assassins and Dictators is the CIA, the biggest sponsor of terrorism? And this was just from a couple of days ago, like a week ago.

Joe Lang and there’s our favorite asshole. This is a follow up to Clowns in America. We’ve been fighting a never ending war on drugs since Nixon declared it back in 1971, and President Ronald Reagan emphasized it again back in 1982. We all remember the slogan that became popular and was pushed by First Lady Nancy Reagan, just say no to drugs. She toured the country visiting schools, trying to encourage kids to resist drug pushers, and it became a national movement at the time, it was a serious issue, and I believe the Reagans were very sincere in their willingness to battle the growing epidemic, according to Today in History, the War on Drugs.

In 1971, the Nixon administration officially declared drugs as public enemy number one, a sentiment the FBI used with success. The initiative was originally an element of criminal justice meant to rid people’s neighborhoods of drug dealers and users. Nationally, police departments established footings as tough on crime. However, when Reagan first won in 1980, his campaign took a law and order stance which carried over through his two terms. This stance meant a rapid expansion of federal power aimed at using law and force to stop drugs from entering the country.

He also initiated the phrase Just say no, which still is used in the US. Dare program, I think. I remember there was a Dare bumper sticker that said, dare to keep the CAA off of drugs. You know what? I’m going to look at something here because I’m going to play something. This is a clip from let’s see here, YouTube channel, because I have something here that this is very interesting.

Drug war truth. Let me pause it and maximize it. Mute this. It’s only 27 seconds. So I think you guys will find this very interesting. Ins, IRS, FBI, I can’t get a damn thing out of any of them because they all think you’re on the tape and you think they know. I don’t think they want this to stop. It employs too many people judges, lawyers, cops, politicians, prison guards, probation officers.

Stop bringing doping in this country, about 100,000 people are going to be out of a job. I always found that clip to be very interesting. It’s a tiny little segment from American Gangster. And basically he’s like, I can’t get anything out of anybody about drug. You know, he just came out with that statement and stop. You stop bringing drugs into the country and a whole bunch of people are going to be unemployed.

And that movie was called American Gangster with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. All right, let’s see here. Suspense says, I totally saw the thumbs up decrease before my eyes after I posted my last comment. Yeah, I don’t know what happens with the thumbs up. Sometimes people put thumbs down. I don’t know. You know what? A lot of people say the thumbs up and stuff like that. I think it’s cool when people do the thumbs up and stuff, but I don’t really do this for the thumbs up and all the prestige and all that other stuff.

To me, that’s not what this is about. To me, this is about getting the truth out there. Some people are going to like it and some people aren’t. And frankly, I don’t give a shit what anybody thinks about me. To me, I’m just going to have the courage to get out there and put out what I think is the truth. And I may be wrong. And if I am wrong, then I try to encourage people to talk to me in the comment section as to why they think they disagree with me.

But typically that never happens because people are just too much of a coward to try to say anything. So I appreciate the thumbs up, make no mistake. But you’ve probably never heard me ask anybody to give a thumbs up because I just don’t care. Because whether or not I get a thumbs up or not, which I think it’s good for the algorithms and whatnot, and I think it’s a good barometer as to if people are liking it, but most people are lazy and they just don’t do it.

So the fact that I went over 10,000 subscribers, I think is pretty awesome. So clearly I’m having an impact someplace. But most people, if they don’t like what I have to say and really they’re just going to be too much of a freaking coward to say anything, and they’re just going to run off and whatever. To me, I saw an interesting video the other day about having the courage to stand up and tell the truth.

And so few people have the courage to get out there and actually do something. To me, doing what I’m doing is my attempt at having courage to stand up and say things. That because a lot of stuff that I touch upon is controversial. And I think it’s important to touch on the controversial stuff because I feel like the controversial stuff is really where the truth stuff is. The reason that it’s controversial is because the stuff that isn’t controversial isn’t really true.

It’s because that’s what fucking everybody’s been brainwashed to believe. So when you talk about stuff that’s controversial, people don’t want to believe it because it completely violates everything they’ve been told all their lives. But they’re too much of a coward or too much of they’re not intellectually honest enough to actually examine their own belief system anyway. I’m going to get off my soapbox there. But I appreciate people you guys wanting to promote the thumbs up.

I do appreciate that, and I do like the thumbs up, but I don’t ever ask for it because it’s just people are going to show up and watch, or they’re not. Whatever’s going to happen is going to happen. I’m just going to continue to put stuff out there. And if people show up, they show up. It’s kind of like if you’re on a farm and you got 100 cows and only 50 of them come for feeding time.

Then you feed the 50 that show up. You’re not going to worry about the other 50 that are out in the pasture. If they want to eat, they’ll come eat anyway. The people who come to watch my videos are the people who are hungry to hear what I have to say. So I just put it out there and whatever is going to be is going to be. I don’t say that to be a condescending asshole.

Not at all. I’m a person. I have feelings just like everybody else. But I don’t do this with the idea of trying to get the warm buzzies. That’s not why I do it. I do it because it’s something that I feel needs to be done, and I don’t see anybody else doing it. So here. I always loved Reagan’s optimism and never once doubted his love for this country and the American people.

I believed he was trying to make a serious effort to curb the use of illegal drugs in the country, but it would be a failed effort. President Reagan was a patriot and an outsider, like both Trump and Kennedy. Here’s a portion of Qpost 350 from December 14 of 2017. As a backup, they install only those on the team. As a backup, they blackmail those that aren’t as a backup.

They define conspiracy as crazy, mentally unstable, and label anything true as such. Kind of just like what I just said. This works. Given most of what they engage in is pure evil and simply unbelievable or hard to swallow. The fix has always been in. No matter which party won the election, JFK killed, Reagan shot. This was always the promise made to those who played the game, willingly or otherwise.

I e. They would never lose power. Power of the three letter agencies, power over the US military, WW dominance to push against the nations and install, I guess, that’s World War dominance to push against the other nations and install like kind. These people are really stupid. President Kennedy was killed. More on that in a coming article. And President Reagan survived an attempted assassination that I believe was part of the CIA’s MKUltra program which used drug induced mind control for assassinations.

Reagan was a Patriot, like Trump, but he was at a complete disadvantage in this war against the Cabal back then. There were three main reasons for this. Reagan’s administration was completely infiltrated and controlled by CA deep state puppets. The Patriots and the military were not in a position to take on the Cabal at that time. President Reagan had no clue who the real enemy was. In my opinion, Reagan was completely ignorant of the hidden enemy controlling the world.

I’ll agree with that. He truly thought the real enemy of the world was Communism. I’ll agree with that. That’s what he committed to fight against during his presidency. The enemy from within knew that Communism was Reagan’s main focus, so they used that commitment against him. The Cold war. I’m going to pause this for a second and just check the chat here real quick. Yes. Thank you, Spencer. I appreciate you saying that.

She says, I’m so freaking honorable. Thank you for that. Karma says as well. Like you, you’ve got integrity and about a clout chaser. Thank you. Yes, the USS liberty story is very mind blowing. And if you don’t know the Liberty Story, you got to go watch those videos that I put up about a week and a half ago. If you don’t cry in those things, it’s something really wrong.

See, I want to start streaming so bad, but crappy Lappy just ain’t got the juice to do it. So I’m working my butt off to get a new rig. Just do what you can with what you got, man. That’s all you can do. Thank you. Suspense. I tried to be. She says I’m not being condescending, just being true. Okay. We do and appreciate you. I do it before I listen to you.

Thank you, Florida. Jackie. Appreciate it. What Reagan taught me, he knew we were infiltrated. Interesting. Well, you would know, Sling. You would know. Okay. The shadow government used battling Communism as their excuse to start proxy wars in order to grow and maintain global drug trafficking and money laundering operations. Most of it was covert operations that they were hiding from the public and congressional oversight. I don’t believe Reagan was in the loop on a lot of what was going on.

I’ll agree with that, too. The shadow government would go into overdrive during Reagan’s administration. Vice President George H. W. Bush was behind it all. I have always believed. Always, always. I always wondered why Reagan would choose Bush as his Vice President in the first place. I think it was a Cabal trick. Does anybody remember those primaries way back in 1980? Do you remember Reagan losing the Iowa caucus? I would argue that Iowa might be one of the easiest primary states to manipulate.

The loss triggered Reagan to do something that would affect the whole coming administration and never give control to the enemy. What was it? According to the Washington post Reagan’s new campaign chief. So far, so good. They have been telling jokes about William J. Casey behind his back during the first few weeks of his managership of the Reagan presidential campaign. First, Casey misremembered the name of the campaign finance director.

Then he misplaced the date of a key primary election. Finally, he cancels a series of airplane charters for Reagan without telling the press about it, leaving three network crews in Atlanta while Reagan campaigned triumphantly in South Carolina and Florida. But three weeks after Reagan dramatically ousted campaign director John P. Sears during their mutual moment of triumph in the New Hampshire primary, casey is very much in charge of Ronald Reagan’s campaign.

Reagan replaced his campaign manager after losing Iowa and then winning New Hampshire. His new manager, William Casey, didn’t seem to have a lot of experience running a presidential campaign and got off to a rocky start. Who is William Casey? According to wikipedia, during world war II, he worked for the OSS, where he became head of secret intelligence branch in Europe. He served in the United States Naval Reserve until December of 44 before remaining in his OSS position as a civilian until his resignation in September of 45.

As an officer, he attained the rank of lieutenant and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious Achievement as campaign manager of Ronald Reagan’s successful presidential campaign. In 1980, Casey helped broker Reagan’s unlikely alliance with Vice President nominee George H. W. Bush. He then served on the transition team. Following the election, William Casey was a member of the Office of Strategic Services, which was the precursor to the CIA.

He was the head of the intelligence in Europe. He became Reagan’s campaign manager and then would convince Reagan to choose Bush as his VP before becoming Reagan’s choice to head the CIA. Bush and Casey were now in powerful positions in order to give the CIA control over the Reagan administration and cement the shadow government control over the executive branch. Reagan was surrounded by a den of vipers, and I don’t think he realized it.

How do we know there was a growing shadow government during the Reagan administration? It was already being built by Bush before he became Reagan’s VP. In my last article, I mentioned the Phoenix program in Vietnam, but I didn’t go into detail. It was a CIA assassination and torture program of civilians, which went against the Geneva Convention. The Phoenix program would be expanded by the CIA to other parts of the world and leave many countries trapped in perpetual poverty and chaos.

Many of these countries are strategically important for the CIA’s global drug trafficking operations. Remember when Bush had traveled to Vietnam in 67, the same year the Phoenix program began? It wasn’t a coincidence. What was the Phoenix program? According to War is Boring, the Phoenix program became the primary counterinsurgency operation against the Viet Cong. Although Phoenix was ostensibly under military control, the Central Intelligence Agency often. Directed operations on the ground.

As is the case with CIA counter insurgency programs, either by design or circumstance, phoenix quickly became notorious for allegations of widespread torture, summary executions and indiscriminate killings through Phoenix. Though Phoenix was officially under the control of Cords and the MACV, the CIA provided much of the training for the Provisional or the Provincial Reconnaissance Units and oversaw interrogation centers. The program quickly became notorious for the type of violence that would typify CIA operations and interrogation in Latin America and elsewhere in subsequent years.

At times it seemed that gathering information was secondary to inflicting terror and intimidating the Vietcong and local populace. Torture tactics employed under Phoenix included rape, gang rape, rape using eels, snakes or hard objects, and rape followed by murder as well as more common techniques such as waterboarding beatings with rubber hoses and whips the use of dogs to maul prisoners and electric shock rendered by attaching wires to the genitals or other sensitive parts of the body like the tongue.

The airplane was another common practice for this technique. A prisoner’s arms were tied behind the back and the rope looped over a hook on the ceiling, suspending the prisoner in midair, after which he or she was beaten. And if I’m not I think Obama’s stepfather was like one of the lead henchmen in the Phoenix program in Indonesia. If I’m not mistaken, I could be wrong, but I think I’m right on that.

Don’t miss this important point. The program quickly became notorious for the type of violence that would typify CIA operations and interrogation in Latin America and elsewhere. Latin America it’s worse than most people know. For most of my life, I thought that some form of torture on bad guys was necessary in order to protect Americans. I’ve come to have a different view. What I have found is that when CIA is involved, there is a very clear pattern.

The CIA installs brutal dictators in very strategic countries and then train their military police to brutalize and terrorize their own populations so they can maintain control of the governments. These dictators are not only unpopular and completely corrupt, but many are also involved in drug trafficking. The CIA was training Vietnamese death squads and running torture prisons involved in the Phoenix program. The CIA then exported this training around the world.

Have you ever heard of the School of the Americas? According to Wikipedia, the institute was founded in 1946. By 2000, more than 60,000 Latin American military, law enforcement and security personnel had attended the school. The school was located in the Panama Canal Zone until its expulsion in 1984. The school is strongly associated with the dirty wars carried out by US. Supported military juntas in South America, particularly in the many of its alumni served in repressive undemocratic governments, and engaged in human rights abuses such as torture and enforced disappearances.

The counterinsurgency manuals that the school used for instruction were produced during the army’s. Project X established under the Foreign Intelligence Assistance Program in 1965 to 66, which relied on knowledge produced during the CIA’s Phoenix program. According to Major Joseph Blair, a former instructor at the school, the author of SOA and CIA torture manuals drew from intelligence materials used during the Vietnam War that advocated assassination, torture, extortion, and other techniques.

McSherry argues that the authors of the manuals believed that oversight regulations and prohibitions applied only to US. Personnel, not to foreign officers. Over use of the manuals was suspended under President Jimmy Carter over concerns about the correlation to human rights abuses. Training manuals suspended under Carter were reintroduced into the school’s curriculum under the Reagan administration in 1982. Phoenix. DA DA DA DA DA DA. Let’s see. We have talked.

I can’t go live. I’m active. Communism can be a red herring these days because China is really fascist. So is Ukraine. Yeah, I agree with that. Thank you, Sling. Appreciate it. We did. If we weren’t winning, that’s good. Phoenix is a bird. I’m surrounded by military. Karma says they tried to off me multiple times because family connections. Yeah. The school, Americas, that’s used as a soldier. The trick was they all thought G was CIA or they thought I was CIA.

When reality. All right. Bush and the CIA had been training dictators and their military in Latin America using the same programs they had used in Vietnam long before Reagan became president. Was it just about fighting global communism? That was a big lie. Bush used fighting communism as the excuse during the Cold War in order to set up proxy governments in very important locations. What country is the biggest cocaine producer in the world? Colombia.

One of the places that Bush set up operations for his Zapata offshore drilling company was Medellin, Colombia. I talked about that in my last article. Here’s what’s interesting. Many of these countries where CIA dictators took control all play by a strategic role in the cocaine trade flowing directly into the United States. Take a look at this map of Central America. Shrink this down a little bit. Okay, so you’ve got united states, mexico, guatemala, honduras, nicaragua, belize, el salvador, costa rica, panama, colombia, venezuela, cuba, haiti, dominican republic, jamaica, so on.

Okay, I lost my place scope. Okay. Panama, costa Rica. Nicaragua. Honduras. El Salvador. Guatemala, mexico. All of them had rulers, members of the military or police forces trained at the SOA. All of them were being controlled by the CIA. Yet the CIA did nothing to stop the flow of drugs into the United States. In fact, the CIA was promoting it. Panama. Does anybody remember Manuel Noriega? Did you know that he was a graduate of the SOA? According to Wikipedia, Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno was a Panamanian dictator, politician, and military officer who was the de facto ruler of Panama from 83 to 89.

An authoritarian ruler who amassed a personal fortune through drug trafficking operations. He had long standing ties to the United states intelligence agencies before the United States invasion of Panama removed him from power. Alma Mater Toriel’s Military School of the Americas manuel Noriega and Manuel Noriega, as I understand it, he was probably one of the people that was and I don’t know this for an absolute fact, but if you’ve ever read Perkins book on confessions of an economic hitman, he suspects that Noriega was a person who didn’t play ball.

He played ball for a period of time, but then decided that he didn’t want to play ball anymore and they couldn’t oust him. So they had to set up a military invasion to go get him because he stopped playing. So now I don’t know if he was being altruistic to his country or if he just was refusing to play ball with the CIA. I don’t know. But they may talk about that here.

Shortly, bush as president invaded Panama and removed Noriega. But why was Noriega removed and arrested by Bush, who had installed his admin to power in the first place? According to The Guardian, Noriega, who died on Monday at the age of 83, was right to be nervous. The October coup attempt marked a turning point in Washington’s attitude to a man whose rise to power it had assisted, who became a valued, say, a Cold War asset and go between in Central America’s dirty wars, but who turned into a monster US.

Spy bosses could no longer control. Noriega had outlived his usefulness. Now he was an embarrassment. So Bush made him America’s most wanted. Human rights and security aside, Bush had plenty of personal reasons for wanting Noriega out of the way. As CIA director and two term Vice President to Ronald Reagan prior to 88, Bush was implicated by association in often illegal covert interventions in the civil wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

During this period, Noriega, who rose to head the Panamanian security forces, became a highly paid informant and CIA asset. Noriega helped the United States to combat Cuban and thus Soviet influence in the region. He acted as an intermediary with US. Backed Contra rebels fighting Daniel Ortega’s left wing Sandinista government and with the Salvadorian government and rebels death squads, random killings and torture characterized these murderous conflicts. Noriega was also closely associated with the Colombian Medellin cartel of Pablo Escobar.

Bush had trained and installed Noriega as a dictator in Panama for the very purpose of being a conduit for cocaine trafficking through the Medellin cartel. They were using Panamanian airfields to fly weapons to the Contras and drugs into the United States. More from The Guardian from drug trafficking were used to buy arms, pay fighters and suborn government officials. Noriego later claimed it was his refusal to help Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North provide arms for the Contra rebels in Nicaragua that triggered the US.

Decision to drop him. North was the White House’s infamous covert operation, point man and central figure in the Iran Contra scandal that shook the Reagan presidency. Noriega’s knowledge of U. S. Operations in Central America was detailed and highly compromising. He was said to have met Bush in person on more than one occasion. It is clear that each U. S. Government agency which had a relationship with Noriega turned a blind eye to his corruption and drug dealing.

Noriega was allowed to establish the hemisphere’s first narco kleptocracy. The CIA didn’t turn a blind eye to Noriega’s drug trafficking. They encouraged it. It was only when Congress was investigating the Iran Contra scandal that Noriega became a huge liability and had to be removed more from the Guardian. The court refused to allow Noriega’s defense defense to present any evidence relating to his work for the CIA, his payments from U.

S. Government, his knowledge of the US. Subversion in Central America, his contacts with senior figures such as Bush, and their knowledge of his activities as Panama’s dictator. His lawyers protested, but in vain. In many respects, the Miami proceedings resembled an Eastern European show trial, with the outcome never in doubt. Bush got his man. Noriega was silenced. Nefarious U. S. Behavior in Central America was effectively concealed, and the concept of justified forcible regime change was fatefully reinforced.

Noriega had been a big puppet for the CIA in the beginning, but then became a liability, so he was removed. Costa Rica costa Rica is a very interesting or is very interesting because they had outlawed their own military back in 1948, so they didn’t have any military trained at the SOA that the CIA controlled. Costa Rica did send some police forces to SOA for training, though. According to the USA Today, guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are plagued by chronic poverty and violence that have sent a flood of refugees fleeing to the United States.

Panama has gained the unwanted title as a world capital for money laundering and corruption, and all of them, plus Nicaragua, face recurrent political upheaval. Yet amid this chaos, one Central American neighbor remains an island of political stability, economic prosperity and contentment. Costa Rica, the country’s secret, is something that virtually no other country in the world can claim no standing army. It has used the savings from defense spending to improve education, health care, and a durable social safety net.

In 2018, Costa Rica will mark its 70th anniversary since it abolished its military, and that seems to suit the population. It ranked first in Latin America and 12th in world in happiness, according to the 2017 World Happiness Index. The Happy Planet Index ranked it number one in the world. Costa Rica wasn’t completely controlled by the CAA like the other Central American countries, but that didn’t mean the CIA wasn’t using Costa Rica to transport their drugs to the United States.

According to the New York Times, the United States ambassador to Costa Rica helped secure initial Costa Rican permission to build a secret airstrip for the Nicaraguan rebels early this year and was deeply involved in overseeing its use. According to a senior government official in Central America. According to the United States government and Nicaraguan rebels officials, the ambassador, Louis A. Tambis, as well as other officials in the American Embassy in Costa Rica maintained close contact with others involved in a so called private supply network.

For the rebels. That was set up by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the White House National Security Council. A secret airstrip built to supply the contras in Costa Rica. The same Contra rebels who were also trafficking drugs in the United States. But that’s not all. More from the New York Times article. According to Costa Rican records and Contra pilots, the airstrip was built by Udal Research, a Panama based company that has since been dissolved.

The company was reported closely tied to other companies that administered secret Swiss bank accounts, funneling profits from arm sales to Iran, and that also set up the COVID supply network. The network was revealed when a rubble plane was shot down over Nicaragua in October. The companies appear to have been overseen in part by retired Major General Richard Seacord, a key figure in the Iran Contra arms affair. Remember that name.

General Richard C. Cord. He is going to play a major role in my next article that will focus on the Iran Contra scandal. The secret airstrip was built by a company called Udal Research that was dissolved. Why? It was a CIA front company that was directly tied to the Iran Contra scandal and money laundering. Why use a Panamanian company? According to another New York Times article, a prominent Panamanian lawyer appears to have played a key role in setting up three companies here that apparently served as financial vehicles and the supply network for the Nicaraguan rebels.

Mr. Kingo and two clerks in his office are listed as the principal officers or officials of a third company. UDA researchers, which authorities in Costa Rica have said built a 7000 foot runway in Costa Rica that American crew members use, that American crew members on the rebel supply runs said had been used in the operation. Panama is one of the leading financial centers in the world and, like Switzerland, regards strict secrecy as the basis for much of its appeal.

More than 150,000 companies have been set up here by foreigners representing such diverse interests as major American corporations, the central intelligence agency, the governments of Cuba and Nicaragua, at least half a dozen organizations that support the Nicaraguan rebels, as well as an unknown number of narcotics traffickers and wealthy Americans whose aim to avoid paying taxes in the United States. Panama was also at the center of the money laundering operation for the CIA.

Can you see why Noriega, who was a key puppet for the CIA, needed to be silenced when the Iran Contra scandal? Hmm. All right, I’m going to try something new here because actually, I just remembered that somebody said that when I check the chat after recordings or whatnot, that they don’t know what I’m looking at. So I’m going to move the chat to the screen so that I’m Dang Sling.

You’re just going off. Okay, well, this is just dominated by Sling. So I am going to just let you all go and keep on going. Actually, I’m going to pause this for a second, 1 second, and you get something to drink. I thought that I did that before and I didn’t. Okay. Nicaragua. The CAA was fighting a proxy war in Nicaragua. Why? The Sandinistas had overthrown the dictator Anastasio.

Someza de Bali hope, I’m saying that right. So the CIA built up a rebel army called the Contrast to try to take back power. All I remember hearing at the time is how bad the Sandinistas were because they were communists. But nobody talks about the dictator that they overthrew. Anastasio Samaza was part of a corrupt family that had ruled Nicaragua for generations. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the Samosas, the father, then his elder son Luis, and finally Anastasio, became a family dynasty that ruled 43 years.

They dominated Nicaragua as if it were their personal fiefdom, and in many ways it was. They owned large chunks of land. When General Samaza fled to exile, he personally controlled 22% of the agricultural land. They owned much of the business and industry of the country, including the national airline, two steamship companies, banks and insurance firms. The Samosas were propped up in power by their 12,000 member National Guard, which was at once part of part soldier, part bully boy when he came to power upon Luis’s passing in 1967.

There’s that year again 67. Anastasio strengthened the hand of government in ways that made his father era his father’s era look like kindergarten exercise. National Guard. Brutality became notorious. Opponents were jailed and tortured. Through it all, General Samosa enjoyed a life of ostentatiousness while his people lived in poverty, his parties were lavish, his wine cellar enormous, his personal life a series of women and excess. The corrupt Samosa dynasty, controlled by RCIA, created the very oppression that would lead to the Sandinista’s rise to power.

A very important fact that seems to be lost in history. I can believe that. It’s interesting that when you look at circumstances in countries, they always talk about, oh, well, we’re going to come in, we’re going to save the day. Well, what are you going to save the day from? And quite oftentimes the things that when they save the day, they’re actually coming in and making it it may be a bad situation, but they oftentimes make it even worse than it was from what they were saving it from.

Which, and I say this as an American patriot, I love my country, but I say this. I say this not tongue in cheek, but that is basically what the United States has become over the course of the last 70 years, really, since World War II. I mean, a lot of the stuff that we have done overseas through the CIA, through the council of Foreign Relations, through all this other stuff, we’ve just basically been sowing discontent and discord and death and destruction and we don’t bring democracy as this article has very eloquently pointed out.

What we have been doing is we have been installing dictators that use torture and draconian measures to keep power. And that’s what we’ve been doing over the course of the last 70 years or greater than 70 years. And it pains me to say that, it really does. It pains me to say that because we as a people are better than that, but we don’t question things. Kind of like what I talk about with 911, right? Everybody said people say, oh, the government did 911.

No, the government didn’t do 911. You don’t need the entire government to do 911. All you need is a few individuals in key positions of authority that can act as choke points to direct people to do certain things. That’s all you need. And when you have a few people that are in those positions that can control and manipulate all outcomes to happen the way that they need to be done because who’s going to question the vice president? Who’s going to question the president? Who’s going to question the secretary of defense? Who’s going to question these people? If they give an order, it’s obeyed.

If you want to keep your job, especially in the government. So it’s not necessarily know what we have is we have criminals that are running job that are in places of power and authority in government and military. So people aren’t going to disobey an order. Otherwise if you’re in the military, you’re going to get court martialed. And if you’re in a civilian job or if you’re a civilian working for the government, you’re going to be ousted, you’re going to be fired.

And if you’ve got kids at home, you’re going to do what you got to do to pay your bills. It’s sickening what we have done. And we think that we are a force for good in the world and in many cases we are. I think that the heart of the American people is very good, but the heart of the few select assholes that are in places of power and authority are not.

And they are the ones that basically give Americans a bad name around the world because we think they’re the ones that are in control of all the shit that we do all over the world. Okay, man, I’m on a soapbox tonight. I don’t mean to be sorry guys. All right. Honduras. Honduras has been completely corrupt and a main link in the cocaine trafficking to the United States from Colombia.

They were a base for contra rebels supplied by the CIA and a springboard for contra drug trafficking. Our CIA trained their military for just this purpose. According to third world traveler in Honduras, general Humberto Ragaldo, hernandez was trained at the SOA at the same time that he was linked to Colombian drug cartels. And the highest ranking officers in the Honduran death squad were trained at the SOA as well.

That death squad that General Hernandez controlled was notorious. According to military Wiki, Battalion 316, honduras was the name of a Honduran army unit responsible for carrying out political assassinations and torture of suspected political opponents of the government during the 1980s, battalion members received training and support from the United States Central Intelligence Agency, both in Honduras and US. Military bases. At least 19 Battalion 316 members were graduates of the School of the Americas.

The CIA had a strong role in establishing, training and equipping and financing Battalion 316. This group of graduates from SOA gave the CIA control over Honduras, and it has devastated that country. How bad is it? Headlines like these have filled the media ever since. Secret Report honduras Now Top Cop or New Top Cop Helped Cartel Move Coke by Christopher Sherman, Martha Mendoza and Garence Burke. The Honduran government was completely corrupt.

But I want to encourage you. It’s a war and Trump is fighting the good fight. Something happened recently that is a huge deal, and I don’t think people realize just how important it was. What was it? According to the New York Times, a New York jury convicted the brother of the President of Honduras on cocaine trafficking charges on Friday, ending a trial that offered a blueprint for the way drug money penetrated the highest levels of Honduran politics to buy protection and immunity since his brother’s arrest last year.

A central question facing Hondurans is how President Juan Orlando Hernandez could proclaim to be fighting drug traffickers while his brother was under investigation for allegedly running tons of cocaine to the United States. This happened in 2019 while Trump was president. He is waging a war globally. The Honduran President’s brother was convicted and given a life sentence that then led to this huge story. According to NPR, police arrested former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez at his home on Tuesday following a request by the United States government for his extradition on drug trafficking and weapons charges.

The arrest came less than three weeks after Hernandez left office and followed years of allegations by U. S. Prosecutors of his alleged links to drug traffickers. The President of Honduras was arrested for drug trafficking after his brother had been convicted. It’s war, and Trump is going to hold these leaders who traffic drugs responsible. El Salvador we were openly fighting a proxy war in El Salvador during the Reagan administration.

The government that our CIA had installed was another brutal dictatorship, and we were fighting rebels who were trying to overthrow the corrupt government. El Salvador is one of the worst examples of the CIA Phoenix program that was now being used in Central America. Bush was at the center of all of it. According to the Third World traveler, graduates of SOA have been among the most repressive tyrants in Latin America, and their actions have been some of the most cruel and violent in El Salvador.

In 1989, a Salvadorian army patrol executed six Jesuit priests as they lay face down on the ground at Central America University. According to the United Nations Truth Commission’s report on El Salvador in 1990, 319 of the 27 officers who took part in the executions were trained at the SOA. In 1990, in El Salvador, populist Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated. Three quarters of the Salvadorian officers implicated in the killing were trained at the SOA.

Roberto de Bouisan butchered that one. The late leader of El Salvador’s death squad was implicated in the plot to assassinate Archbishop Romero. He also participated in numerous murders, including a massacre in the village of El Mazat el Mazot, where more than 900 men, women and children were killed. He graduated from SOA as well. Roberto Deuzan was the leader of the deaths of these death squads and had direct ties to Bush.

According to the Washington Post, between 79 and 85, some 40,000 people were murdered by right wing death squads in El Salvador. Roberto, who died Thursday of cancer, was the most notorious symbol of those death squads, the offspring of a bloody alliance between far right military officers and one of the hemisphere’s most reactionary oligarchs. He thrived because American leaders who feared a Communist takeover in El Salvador deliberately turned a blind eye to the use of state sanctioned terrorism against Marxist guerrillas, their supporters, and suspected sympathizers.

The responsibility for this policy began with President Reagan and included Vice President Bush and UN. Ambassador Gene Kirkpatrick, together with Senator Jesse Helms, Republican of North Carolina, and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, at the time an obscure aide on the National Security Council. Yet only when U. S. Public outrage at the bloodshed threatened to move Congress to cut off aid to El Salvador did Reagan administration finally take the first step against Roberto and his network.

It’s always been about the money. The only time that Bush and his shadow government cared about the mass murders was when Congress threatened to cut off the money to El Salvador. Why was the American public outraged? Three American nuns had also been raped and murdered by these death squats. Bush was forced to do something. What did he do? More from the Washington Post article on December 11 of 83, Vice President Bush met with Alvaro Magana, el Salvador’s provisional President, and told him that unless the right wing slaughtered stopped US.

Aid would be jeopardized. According to a senior participant in the meeting, north, accompanying Bush, slipped Magana a piece of paper with no letterhead or watermark to make it traceable. The paper had the names of eight military officers and one civilian, all close Roberto associates identified as death squad leaders. None was ever brought to trial, but all either went into gilded exile or dropped out of sight. The death squad killings dropped sharply.

While Bush did not directly face down the death squads, as he claimed in his 88 presidential campaign, the meeting showed two things very clearly. First, the United States knew who the killers were. And second, when the real pressure was finally brought to bear, the killings could be slowed if not stopped. Bush went to warn the president of El Salvador that the money from the Congress was in jeopardy, so they sent these murderers into gilded exile.

The money was the most important thing, not the 40,000 or more people who were murdered at the hands of the people trained by the CIA. Guatemala. Guatemala may have suffered the most of all of Central American countries at the hands of the SOA. According to third world traveler in Guatemala, a country of 10 million, the indigenous Mayan population of 6 million may have endured the greatest suffering in Latin America during more than 30 years of civil war.

Tens of thousands had been slaughtered, with the total killed estimated to exceed 200,000. Most of the ranking generals involved in the numerous coups and acts of terror and murder during this period were trained at the SOA. In the 1970s and early 1980s in Guatemala, thousands of political activists and opponents of government policies were assassinated. General Manuel Antonio Cayes. Cayes, chief of the army intelligence at the time, was cited by the United Nations as the individual responsible for most of those murders.

He graduated from the SOA. One of the most vicious tyrants in recent Guatemalan history is Jose Efren. Rios Mont, general dictator and a former presidential president from 82 80. Rios Mont was proud of his political philosophy of beans for the obedient and bullets for the rest. He was also a graduate of the SOA. I would like to share something personal. I’ve been to Guatemala, and I’ve met some of these indigenous Mayan people.

I went with a group from my church to build two houses for a couple of families in need. Simple little houses. It had a huge impact on my life because many of these people are literally dirt poor, but still were the happiest people I’ve ever met. This genocide still deeply affects these wonderful people who are trapped in poverty and have no power to change things. It’s a sad history throughout Central America that has been plagued by the CIA and a shadowy government set up by Bush.

Did you notice that many of these corrupt governments in Central America have connections to the Iran Contra scandal in some way? Coincidence? In my next article, I will dive deep into the Iran Contra scandal that will reveal Bush’s shadow government and lead us to massive money laundering and connections to Hezbollah. I will also go into the Bush ties to drug traffickers in Colombia and Mexico. All righty, guys, that is that so let me check the chat again here and see how much Sling has posted, because he’s dominated this thing.

Looks like. Sorry, I meant to say that SOA was used on the business cards that stood for Soldiers of Allah, bad guys who knew the way. Antech Brand. Yes. Makes me think we have a good chance. They’re worried. Yeah. And I’m guessing two by four. You’re talking about Russell Brand. Oh, Reagan gave you a fitness word. Interesting. Okay, let’s see. Karma. You guys know about Cody snaugres? He is a black ops whistleblower that came out a while back.

And have a real good video ron could present as a real boomer. Okay, let’s let’s see. I make you remember a lot. Sling. Okay. Sarge on Icon talks a lot about soul sovereign all the time. Okay. Follows moral orders only. I was congressionally appointed. Okay. That’s the plan. Interesting. Problem reaction solution. I think you mean reaction solution. Suspense. It’s problem reaction solution not to be unless you deliberately meant to say action.

I would like to see DeSantis and Kennedy to go head to head for presidency. Okay, yeah, I’m going to disagree with you on that one. DeSantis is dirty. I do not like DeSantis. But that’s just me. We can agree to disagree. Sling. I know your feelings on Trump. RFK is like Gary Hart. RFK lost me when he’s like, dude, he’s all on board with the I like RFK for what he’s doing with the Jab and COVID and all the stuff against Fauci.

I mean, that stuff is fantastic. But he’s all for late term abortions and climate change is real. And yeah, I’m not on board with that know. Anyway, let’s see. Love Guatemala. I’ve never been to Guatemala, but I know a lot of people from Central America. I woke you up. All right, guys. So, Aaron, you very well could be correct. I don’t know. I don’t know that. But that would not surprise me if he did.

That would not surprise me if he did at all. Everybody. Well, it is 730. I got a late start tonight on the video. Just because I got started late because that’s going into the super echo mode of the video. So I’m going to turn that off. So I will be back manyana I’m going to try to be here for tonight. I would try to be here at four, but that just was not to be.

Ultimately got here. It was about an hour and a half late. But I will be here at some point. So that is a guarantee. Well, actually it’s not a guarantee because if I die, I won’t be here. But let’s just hope that that doesn’t happen so I can show up. But tomorrow is not guaranteed to anybody. That said, everybody, I thank you for your participation tonight and being here.

I thank everybody, appreciate all you guys and I look forward to seeing y’all manana and you all have a great night and I will see you tomorrow. Have a good night, everybody. Night, everybody. .



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