How the Trump Shots Create Hyper-Progressive (Turbo) Cancer

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➡ Hazmat workers are active again in China, spraying a chemical substance throughout areas for disinfection purposes amid a disease outbreak. The situation is seen by some as a form of political control rather than purely medical response, with ongoing and recurrent lockdowns being part of the strategy. Reports argue that the rise in viral illnesses and hospital admissions are being used as justification for these containment measures, including in the UK as they announce a new strain of swine flu. Critiques also question the authenticity of patient numbers and the role of different publications in instilling fear.


They’ve got the hazmat workers back wearing their white suits. Look at that. And got this kind of like a leaf blower, but it’s spraying out some kind of chemical substance, like a fog throughout various rooms and down the hallways. Who knows what’s in that kind of stuff? And this is what they’re doing in China. Hazmat workers is disinfecting streets, disinfecting hallways and offices and buildings and that kind of stuff, just spraying the stuff everywhere.

You understand that the disease that we’re looking at here is not anything other than tyranny. And it’s going to keep going both there and here until we change some things about our government. There’s not any changes in the works for China, but as they locked everything down with their zero COVID and just did it a year or so ago, about a year and a half in Shanghai to teach them a lesson, they’re going to do it again and they’re going to make this a regular basis.

In the past days, China’s state controlled media have reported on hospitals in Beijing and other northern areas, said that they’re at maximum capacity. I said, when all these things were coming out of China, I said, do you believe anything that’s coming out of China? They can say anything that they want as they were sealing people in their homes and doing it. Beijing’s Children Hospital loan reportedly admitted over 7000 daily cases, said one report.

Again, isn’t that true? So people are saying, here are these they call them Dubai, which means big white figures because they are covered head to toe in a white hazmat suit. And so they said, they’re here again. Can we really say that there won’t be epidemic controls again? Said another one. Well, of course there will be, because it was never about a disease. It was always about politics.

The disease is political. Another one said, it’s almost 2024 and the scene has returned. I pointed out that it was just a couple of months ago in Shanghai. People were dressing up as Dubai, as these guys in the white suits, as a Halloween costume. Because if you really want to scare somebody, you put on one of those things right there’s. Mass murder and imprisonment and open air prisons and all the rest of the stuff.

That’s what those Dubai costumes represent. But of course, they did that in the United States as well. I remember very clearly they said, well, here’s somebody who was exposed to COVID and they took a long shot and then put it out to the media and they had all these guys in a hazmat suit carrying the personal possessions of this person and putting them in isolation. That was all PR to push this MacGuffin on us.

The surge in infections has been attributed by Chinese health authorities to a confluence of typically mild mycoplasma, pneumonia, adenovirus and other seasonal illnesses. So this is going to be something, the seasonal illnesses, the flus will be interpreted as COVID-19 was, they’re going to be interpreted as some kind of a pandemic. Send them into the hospitals and have the hospitals use the death protocol as Trump did. The surge is exacerbated by children’s reduced exposure to these illnesses during lockdown.

They say this is not anything other than a pretense, just as it was the first time around. The UK has detected its first case of swine flu strain. So you see how this is happening. We have all these different publications now starting to try to scare people with it’s. In China, they don’t even bother to make up some new imaginary novel flu. They just say, well, we’ve admitted a lot of people to the hospital, so we’re going to use this to lock everybody down.

So in the UK, they’ve got a new strain, they said, of its first human case of swine. You know, if pigs could fly, we’d all be worried about swine flu, but they can’t, so we shouldn’t be worried about this. This is coming from the Guardian, leftist Guardian, pushing one of the big pushers of both the COVID MacGuffin and the climate MacGuffin. I guess the question is, who guards the Guardian’s news? Right, well, we know that who was telling them what to write.

50 cases of the strain have been reported globally since 2005. So therefore it’s a global pandemic, because, I mean, we didn’t have that many people affected in 2020 when they locked everything down. And, of course, this is over 18 years. The person infected who has not been identified, of course, has had a mild illness and has recovered. But be very afraid. You should be very afraid of the medical dictators who are going to be coming after you.

Not 14 million lives saved, but over 17 million dead, says Robert Malone. And of course, every time you see Trump talk about this, whenever anybody asks him about the vaccines, as Candace Owens dead, he immediately talks about the millions and millions of lives that he saved. Millions of lives he said he saved just in the United States alone, but all over the world he saved lives. No, he killed people, but she backed down.

She didn’t really want to challenge any of that. But we know that is now the truth. And how is that happening? And they’re still killing people? New evidence is showing the mechanism of this again what they call hyperprogressive cancers, or what has colloquially been called turbo cancers caused by the COVID vaccines. They now think that they found the mechanism that does this. They call them the IG G four antibodies, and they said these antibodies are usually created in response to persistent irritants, such as worms.

Unfortunately, repeat injections of mRNA COVID vaccines are perceived by our immune system as a persistent irritant and it causes these antibodies to switch on. The persistent irritation effect possibly occurs not only because of repeat injections, but also due to mRNA gene expression. Never stopping in half of these vaccinated people. That’s what I said from the very beginning. I said, so they’re going to in his little dog and pony show, he’s got everybody lined up around the table.

How long is it going to take you to do it? How long is it going to take you? And he had them all lined up in decreasing time amount, and the last one was, of course, moderna. They said, well, we’ve already we’re ready to go now. We’ll turn your body into a vaccine producing thing. And so I said at the time, if they’re going to do that genetically, what’s the off switch for that? Well, it turns out that in at least half of the vaccinated people, it never stops.

It just keeps producing this stuff, the spike protein. So are these antibodies harmless? Do they have any effect outside of our immune reactions? Is there something to worry about? Unfortunately, a 2020 study published by the British Medical Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer suggests that having more of these particular antibodies again, I think it is the IgG four having these antibodies of any kind enhances cancer progression. The study was done two years before the discovery of the mRNA vaccine related class switch to these types of antibodies.

So these mechanisms are now being discovered. But we knew from the very beginning, from watching these crooks, liars and politicians, I know I’m being redundant here, we knew this from the very beginning what this is about. It said local application, if they apply this particular type of antibody, it accelerates growth of breast and colorectal cancer. So they have a substance that gets accelerated. The people who are vaccinated, they know that that substance, they’ve already proved in the past that that substance increases cancer.

And then they find two years later that, oh, and the thing that increases the cancer is increased by the mRNA vaccines. So it comes together. But don’t expect the mainstream media to talk about any of this. The daily skeptic will, but the rest of them won’t. Pfizer, by the way, is suing Poland because Poland isn’t going to buy any more of their trump shots. And there was back in April of 2021, if you remember, Ursula von der Laden, the European Union president, had been negotiating the biggest contract ever and it was a sealed contract and she was negotiating that with Pfizer.

And there were some text messages that went back and forth between the Pfizer CEO, Albert Borla and Ursula, but the texts then disappeared. They were flushed down the memory hole and Poland says, well, we were concerned about this because it looks like there’s something shady going on with this purchasing, so we’re not going to buy any more of that. So now Pfizer is going to sue Poland and tell them that they have to buy this stuff because Ursula von der Leiden signed a contract on their behalf with the European Union.

Slovakia, meanwhile, will not be entering into any international pandemic agreements with the who. They’ve learned their lesson. They appear to be the only country that has learned their lesson. Slovakian prime minister declared that his government will not sign on to the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty and they will not ratify it in parliament. Of course we will have some bureaucrat who will sign onto it like John Kerry did with the Paris climate accord said well we self ratified it, we don’t bother to take this to the Senate.

And of course Mitch McConnell never called for a vote on the Paris climate accord. They’ll probably do the same thing with the World Health Organization treaty but other countries say well we have to have this approved by parliament and we’re not going to do that. They said we’re not going to approve it because it’s a project of greedy pharmaceutical companies. The David Knight Show is a critical thinking super spreader.

If you’ve been exposed to logic by listening to The David Knight Show, please do your part and try not to spread it. Financial support or simply telling others about the show causes this dangerous information to spread favour. People have to trust me, I mean trust the science, wear your mask, take your vaccine, don’t ask questions using free speech to reminds it’s The David Knight Show. .

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