Gnostic Illuminati Demands Khazarian Mafia Surrender

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Benjamin Fulford Weekly Report February 15th 2021

The city of Jerusalem will be “utterly obliterated” unless the Khazarian Mafia surrenders, according to a Gnostic Illuminati source.  The destruction of that city is needed to “put an end to messianic delusions” held by religious fanatics including U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the source says.

Any move against Jerusalem would be part of a massive worldwide counter-attack against the Khazarians following their recent offensive actions against Russia, the UK, the United States, Japan, and other countries, multiple intelligence agency sources agree.

As a part of this offensive, the U.S. and Japanese military are ready to respond because the recent attack on their forces near Mt. Fuji (fire at base of mountain on left side) has been traced to that city.  This is in part because Kiyosu Takayama, a self-declared Knight’s Templar, has been traced as the source of disinformation about the February 3rdattack.  He claims that in the attack the “U.S. Navy destroyed the world’s largest adrenochrome factory.”

In fact, according to an official in the Pentagon’s Space Command:

“The Mt.Fuji fire was caused by a directed energy weapon very similar to what was used 2+ years ago in Paradise, California.  It was a warning by the dark forces to the U.S. and Japanese military forces conducting joint exercises in the area.  The very top brass in both countries knows what it was.  There is a gag order in place.  The Chinese Communist Party was involved.  The 7.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Fukushima on February 13th was done with a DE weapon as well.  The dark side is throwing everything they have at Japan to stop them from breaking free from the Khazarian cabal.”

The fact that this message appeared on the Telegram messenger service on my iPhone, but not on the same application on my Windows PC, indicates that Bill Gates et al, –including the Rockefeller family– were involved in the attack and subsequent attempt at misdirection.

In any case, Takayama’s source in turn was a senior Mossad agent in Tokyo who reports ultimately to the Duke of St Petersburg, according to the NSA.  We are now trying to find out who currently holds that title but apparently it is no longer held by a British Royal family member, the sources say.

Russian FSB sources for their part directed our attention to the following video showing then U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo standing in front of a model of the Third Temple to be built in Jerusalem that does not contain the Al Aqsa Mosque. (minute 1:01):

The sources also say the link below shows a “photo of the Super Intellect Logos, in the underground Synagogue 3 Temple in Jerusalem.  Super Intellect is a golden shell was dug up in Karabakh.”

Whatever this item may or may not be; what people need to understand is that these messianic fanatics want to build a temple of death where living beings will be murdered as offerings to Molech, Ba’al, Set aka Satan.

The White Dragon Society and its allies will support the creation of a third temple when this war ends but it will be a temple of life, not death.  Here offerings will consist of pledges to promote life,  i.e. like environmental protection of vulnerable species that will support Earth’s biodiversity not destroy it.

In any case, the civil war raging in the west involving these fanatics has now pitted MI5 again MI6, and the CIA against the FBI among others.

In the UK, after MI6 triggered Article 5 of The United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights in both Great Britain and Ireland the head of Britain’s Armed Forces, General Sir Nick Carter took the side of…


MI6 when he went on the record on February 11th to say his nation was about to go on a war footing:

“What you generally find with a crisis like this [Covid-19], which becomes an economic crisis, is that it then undermines the security and stability situation as well.  And what often follows a very significant economic event is a security challenge.  If you look at the Thirties, that started as a very significant economic crash and that acted as a very destabilizing feature.”

(behind paywall).

These public comments by the current head of the UK armed forces are tantamount to a declaration of war.

The UK is not alone.  On February 12th Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia is ready to sever ties with the EU if the bloc imposes new, economically painful sanctions.  Again in diplomatic speak severing relations is one step behind a formal declaration of war.

What is interesting is that just as in World War II, the traditional enemies Russia and the UK have found themselves allied against a common enemy.  In this case, the enemy has taken over the EU and is waging economic warfare against both Russia and the UK.

In case you missed it, the EU is now Khazarian Nazi-occupied territory.  That is why “Goldman Sachs asshole” Mario Draghi has taken over Italy, P3 Freemason sources say.  France, Germany, and Holland have also been taken over by Satanic regimes, the sources say.

What the criminals who took over the EU fail to realize is that when Russia and the UK attack the EU and attack they will, the United States will not defend the EU or the NATO pedophile murderers holed up in Belgium.  This means they would be defeated within a matter of weeks by a Russian, UK alliance.

There was also a declaration of war in Asia by the Japanese, the U.S. military, and patriotic Chinese against the Khazarian Mafia and their proxies inside the Chinese Communist Party.

As a sign of this war, former Prime Minister Yoshihiro Mori, the top Khazarian Mafia proxy in Japan, was removed from power on February 11th, National Foundation Day.  This means the Japanese Imperial Family and Shinto priesthood have taken the highly unusual move of intervening in day-to-day politics, according to Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.

Officially Mori was removed as head of the Tokyo Olympic committee, but unofficially it means Japan has declared its independence from the Khazarian Mafia.  That is why Fukushima was hit with an earthquake weapon shortly after this declaration.

The attack on Japan was also linked to the fact the Japanese government refused to sell itself to un-named “private interests,” as can be seen on page 30 of Japan’s annual report submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on August 6th, 2020.

The report notes that in 2015, the Japanese Parliament passed an act allowing the Japanese government to maintain a veto-wielding “in excess of one third” share in the Development Bank of Japan.  Furthermore, it states it will control “one half or more for DBJ’s special investment operations.”

Since this bank basically owns Japan financially, it means former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for all his faults, refused to hand over control to the Khazarian mafia and their proxies like KKR Japan.

By the way, we noted the United States Corporation has vanished from the SEC listings and has been replaced by the “United States Corp Co” with an SEC CIK#000101575.  The SEC noted, the “United States Corp Co has not filed any forms with the SEC apart from initial company registration.”

We did not have the time to deep dive further but did note that entities such as the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Mexico are also registered with the SEC.


The Mexico corporation:

Also interestingly enough we found a registration for the planet Earth under Earth Co. and that “Security and Exchange Commission registration information for Earth Co.  Documents include ownership statements, and insider trading documentation,” and that “Earth Co. has not filed any forms with the SEC apart from initial company registration.” Our own sources tell us it is the Rothschild family who claims ownership of the Planet Earth.

Now let us take a bit of a deep dive at the sort of thing the self-appointed “owners” of Planet Earth are doing.  The biggest business seems to be mass mind control.  Take a look at this picture:

If that is too esoteric for you, then look at what they have done to so-called news on the corporate propaganda.  Last week they staged a fake “impeachment trial,” against “ex-President Trump,” (never mind how you impeach an ex-president).

It looks like since the previous set of jokers who used to appear on the “government” reality show have been rounded up, the show was staged mostly with a whole new set of actors.  However, two people who were not there were the accused himself, and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, whose refusal to preside meant the whole act did not even have a shred of legitimacy.

They were also forced to end the farce after being caught using fake evidence.

MI6 sources noted:

“The January 6th incident at the House gave rise to the impeachment hearings that were infiltrated by ANTIFA (Soros for Rothschild et al.)  A second impeachment would rule out any possible future second term for Mr. Trump.

In Illuminati speak this is the ‘stay dead card;’ never enough to simply do a person over once; they put a few extra shots into the coffin as it were.”

“I think that the American people, like I said, I think they’re just absolutely tired of everything that they’ve seen in our political establishment,” General Mike Flynn said in an interview with the Western Journal.

Flynn also noted:

“If there’s one thing that I have personally witnessed and the American public has witnessed throughout the last four years, was incredible levels of corruption inside of our Department of Justice and the FBI and other elements within our U.S.  government…

But as we all know and have seen throughout the last almost three months now, we’ve seen incredible levels of election fraud, both foreign interference and homegrown [The job of the military is to defend American’s freedom and]…one of those freedoms is the freedom to go vote for whoever we choose to vote for in a free, fair and transparent system.  And we clearly don’t have that.  So we will continue this fight…   The relationship between Big Tech and big government that now is in every aspect of our lives.”

We note that Flynn’s brother, Army Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, was assigned late last month to be the commander of the U.S. Army Pacific forces.  Hopefully, he will work with the Russians, British, Japanese, Taiwanese, etc. who want to finish off Khazarian Mafia rule once and for all.

In any case, the Khazarian Mafia is beginning to totally lose control of its “Covid-19” justification to vaccinate everybody into permanent slavery with gene-altering CRISPR technology.

As proof of this, Pfizer has abandoned India rather than submit to safety tests for its vaccines.  Pfizer executives are being actively hunted down and killed and will soon be an extinct species, WDS sources promise.

Furthermore, riots and demonstrations against the Covid-19 fascism are breaking out all over the world.  For example, take a look at this unmasked crowd telling police to choose sides.

A general revolt is also underway in Israel, the most brainwashed nation on Earth.

Even China’s Chief epidemiologist, Dr. Wu Zunyou, says: “The Wuhan virus has never been isolated and that is the problem.”  That is as close as he can say to Covid-19 is fake.

The WHO is trying to keep up appearances by pursuing a useless probe into the origins of “Covid-19” in Wuhan.  The Chinese Communist Party does not want to admit they killed millions of their own citizens with a misguided 5G launch despite being warned by Western intelligence services that 5G was an area denial weapon.

In any case, the Covid-19 campaign is now being unwound and will be over by May, Russia’s FSB insists.

The Khazarian Mafia will go down tooth and nail and appears to be carrying out multiple acts of sabotage such as destroying a German power plant and trying to poison Florida’s water supply.

They also apparently used a space-based weapon to destroy 500 gas-transporting tankers on the Iran/Afghan border.

The sudden polar vortex hitting Texas is also a space-based attack, U.S. Space Force sources say.  That is why, as one trader memorably told Zero Hedge about the gas market: “We’ve officially hit ‘Holy fu*king $hit levels’ here.”

It is no wonder an increased number of observers note the U.S. establishment has gone “crazy.”

On a final note, we wish to point out a couple of growing hints at some sort of imminent disclosure event.  One is the massive earthquakes prompting Antarctic base evacuations.

The other is disclosures by the Pentagon that they are testing materials taken from crashed UFOs.

We are definitely in uncharted waters now so keep your feet in the boat.



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