[EVIDENCE] Dr. Shiva Exposes Deep State Corruption & Shows You Exactly Who Is Involved!

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Want To See How The Deep State Silences Speech & Attempts To Assassinate The Character of Their Opposition?

Watch this video from Dr. Shiva to see and hear how they’ve been using it on him & how he’s using it against them in court!

That video is originally from Dr. Shiva’s YouTube channel here.

And have a look at this Deep State picture, so you can research and learn more about these nefarious connections! 

This is actually evidence that has been submitted into Dr. Shiva’s lawsuit, so everything you see here is based on facts.

Click here to see and download the full high res image.

And please be sure to contribute to Dr. Shiva’s legal defense fund at http://WinBackFreedom.com and contribute what you can because Dr. Shiva needs our support! 

You can also see more of his work at http://VAShiva.com

In case you didn’t know, Dr. Shiva has been exposing the corruption of the Deep State since the plandemic started.

And he is in Massachusetts, where the Deep State swamp is so deep, he couldn’t even find a lawyer to represent him!

But rather than quitting and taking the loss, Dr. Shiva decided to step up, learn the law and defend himself! 

Is that the story of a legendary Patriot or what?! 

People will be talking about Dr. Shiva and his historic lawsuit for centuries! 

So let’s all do our part to help Dr. Shiva WIN!

Contribute $1 or more to his campaign. It is a show of support that is much needed right now.  


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  • Do you really think you can use the system to convict the SYSTEM…? …when the DOJ and even the Supreme Court is a tool of the Deep State…? …when they use ‘the law’ to hammer us into submission….?

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